Guest Host Jeffrey Wright -- Hour 2 with guest Jordan Schultz

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Thursday, February 15th

Jeffrey Wright begins the second hour of the program by welcoming Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports to the program to discuss Jordan's thoughts on some of the biggest draft prospects in this year's NBA Draft, the big stories in college basketball, and more. Next, Devin Walker fires up "Across the Association" and discusses his favorite stories from the NBA with Jeffrey. Then, the guys close out the show by discussing "The Headlines".


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Acute curry can can get to hire you oh. Coach how can you not have a successful teams he got a former I'll plead not blind he didn't know how about no I knew you'd like Valium and you know definitely open for literature to a guy. We'll bring them out of right field. And have barely getting hurt her force and now. So you know east peace or Qualcomm also I'd always want what you guys we also do that action got a couple of those torrential. His major official gritty never. They're just so excited he never gets too low he is cute sport won't accept all mentality that I sort of like. There's really appreciate your time best of luck this weekend and the rest of the season. Every parent Dario white guy Trenton lowers get pleasure out you can't coach is that Darren shone rock of the Memphis Tigers we come back Jordan shields is out in. LA for all star weekend we'll talk some all star weekend we'll talk some NFL when we come back ready on the air cast censure or ninety on FM yes and. 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That today's special guest host Jeffrey Wright. And got a limb and guess nine out of ten that Dennis do not suggest you brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack but nonetheless. Naslund banger from my girl catcher rose. Jordan shields does an outstanding job. Covering basketball he writes about NBA yards of the NFL he writes about it all he's out in LA at all star weekend. You know is followed Jordan on Twitter. At Schultz underscore report he joins us now Jordan thank you so much command to take at a time out force how are you today. Your run out. So all star weekend in G you've had some big names well portals don't have world even doing you mentioned Kevin Hart won poles don't have what what are we got we got what are we are going down. Well you know all all star weekend obviously all these are actual every drill than and then you throw de LA element to it it. It's it's served pretty crazy just did never goes to see Kevin Hart and Michael B Jordan would be great. And some oil accuse about or but you know you gotta. The celebs are around you got retreated efforts. And then all. We're asking about this because. Now being here in Memphis basically out Gilligan we have to look fortune right now while watching grizzlies basketball is where they're gonna finish and more importantly. Who perhaps we can have dreams of in the NBA draft you've heard about several of the guys I wanted to ask you what were your thoughts when you watched the Andrei Eitan play. You know what you see in him. Yeah I hello hello I mean he's he's got me every potential opportunity could be. Our current president of player I ever saw last week about it east. Now it's 611 he's got the 78 span. He can shoot it. He can he run the or he could switch on. The cards he plays are no ability doesn't really have yet it is a consistent reported Trevor Graham Sharpe but. You know everything else is there any he had a great would be jumper just eat it extend the rainy so I I local people on the leash either love them that I talked to. And up people to gauge that he's going to be I don't speak anything lower than a than a top three pick just a matter. You know concerts and potentially badly and you know but he he's right there. Go about evaluating gala dodge is that you're not seeing him going up against American players but he is playing in in one of them. The very best leagues in all the world obviously the NBA but he's certainly playing in and probably what this is second best league in the world. When you watch him at that level how do you go about evaluating him. Well he's kind of like this one for a couple players in Mexico City. Why might they use use that it is hard to evaluate but. He's also been you know the differences you're not wearing colloquy playing against pros guys that are older. Are there ought to be Real Madrid last week and I song played I figured it translates really well in the sense that. It can really handle all the old stuff. He's unselfish he's released are there that you'd want and a potential local law picked it all there. The issue with him is it our focus go it is that is he going to beat. Well I. A superstar such and we dropped the number one that's what you want but I. It's really hard to evaluate him over who's got going up it's called where you don't see every day. But there are. Plenty of people around the league the big is the best player available best prospecting ninety. He's a worker so overall pick dates but it not restrain way to receive guard play every week. Course oddly Jordan shoals of Yahoo! Sports is an outstanding job for them covering NBA NFL as well as college should talk to them right now. About some potential draft prospects that the grizzlies might be looking at in June. And Jordan I would ask you how. I understand he's a lightning rod for four I guess maybe for our business but when you see Tracy young play what do you see in him. Barlow. Beer yet we don't like yeah well and finish these other guys I like it now that the grizzlies kept Tyreke Evans. I'm basically just torture myself because I'm looked in all the players they might not yet. Yet. Like triage you guys that is Kennedy you're better in the NBA there's the more open G. Act that he'll be able shoot pretty warm or the handle on meet the biggest not going to be as well as cute he's wanted to buy. In his body you know we'll say 61 half 19105. Period. The outing of a definitively. Is he going to be. There it up and barely speak and is it correct reached chop or six or at the pursuit of the ramp which is. Look 10% below the nation average of the book dark shirt there are. I liked the acrylic and look at all the positive which is you know to control. Our quote shooting he could ask he's got a rocket fuel for the game. I expect it to about or go. And he says that he did ruin golden gate Paris that level that curry. And he felt like are you got. But a lot well there are some of that bear the difference with very good news or your guy. And you know a little bit or probably a little bit better all but there are a lot of glared. Talking of course Jordan Schultz of Yahoo! Sports and then kind of back into college basketball in general. When you look at when you look at the landscape of college basketball right now. When you see a team like Virginia a team that. Is obviously extremely talented I should say just a very good solid team they play a lot of one possession games. Does that worry you hadn't in the march. Virginia is there's like they're the last sort of what you granite yeah I don't know how they do it there the editors know because. What they do. I think it's great and determined that since the defense effort. Battle travels to overcome a bad or united. But for a guy who was who would let's beat Pete Kirk 49 or eight years ago when he and our departed in seat. How good they could be I mean you know they they block grows older the broad interpretation. You know they've they've lost a lot of players constantly are about reloading or rebuilding out terms of like. Constantly staying in the top fifty by playing the same way or another so we haven't arts archives. I would like that now the argument is urging him tournament has been been outscored up and that's why they if they lose. You know early like we can't they can't make it up or. I don't think they're talented enough to go on record this year obviously don't have quite the sure fire Choi young are top ten pick. It is not the Euro dominant she. And if there is gonna be your talent that having great talent he gives you football or bill. I would be used to be your back there won't be gossiping doesn't worry bidding wars abuse are they. Patricia enough offensively. And when they go up against the team that really wants to run and they controlled the pace but they're very good. And then on the other end of the spectrum one of the teams that is extremely talented but at times has been inconsistent. What do you make of of duke right now. Yeah I mean. The air. Just tried think they're they're the best in the country yeah clearly in the saint John's game where I've I've gone back and watch today. I was laughable they're their effort was just awful. This is an up or what you have. All all up. And stops where recruits when they're 1819 biggest own Kentucky's basis to. I think you goose when it comes down to our audience that he'd concerts. The combination of Beckley. Breaking down. All the fact they have like ships beat. And I think the most. Underrated player in America as little harder I don't know why or spot start or upset pick he's an attack they're. Well you know effort. It could see just this one game and determined and figure out and the reason I PP do ultimately is the bet he'd right now at least part of the normal outfit. But the created big but might just sit back there's enormous. Imagery to why they can just don't go to that at least. To be eight took on importance in the tournament that makes a big difference I I built bigger that the. Talking of course we George Schultz of Yahoo!'s sports issued bomb on Twitter actual underscore report our immediate tossup here who hates his team more right now. Bill Self or John cal Perry. I'll go though still felt without a doubt that the yeah. Cal Perry is used to that and to have that you would prosper but don't play every night and he's he thought a lot about like buying it and if you guys. Understand they're happy every night I'd probably turn the core rapper West Virginia. And I am also go to the Vanderbilt you know they're. You know all over the best he we could not be the most talented he appeals soccer ever had to deal with spinach. I quote nonchalant and it can be honored that they are back out that nobody in the past they've always had. Are really great player I'll grant is good they used good. There are good cheap but you know you saw them get hammered by watch and see them lose you know it is barbecue currencies it just don't happen. Author and again it goes back to effort they it is our landmark particularly better than they can't turn around but this is so I would say. This saw this can this team I've ever seen articles so. What do you make of what do you make of the SEC right now because you know according to the to the guys that know what they're doing that you know they're looking at getting perhaps eighteen into the tournament and this is a league that. You know I I was covering it when they were getting basically three. What do you think they've done to improve their stock. Well listen all over like that. And you are what they've done the unpopular her first tunnels or here or all. Is it all the coaching. You know why it is Florida crawled all over through Vanderbilt. Obviously cal Perry you can go down the list. And be dedicated to be at Mississippi was weird and obviously. You know that's that unfortunate program but it's utility. You know. How in this state it's great coaching that you look at all the great coaches and your seat for football and then you play you have any brand coaches pretty good programs and at sea battle finally got that provided they want bigotry that. Yeah. As someone who covered Ole miss it. It was a it was a sad it was a sad day for me because. I love Andy Kennedy and you know I'm someone that's opened up or are ill woman have opened up a record book and I know what almost his won loss record is before Andy and I know it is after Andy and it was almost that double edged sword where. Eighty candies such a solid coach that he almost ends up being his undoing because because almost tied for organisms never gonna get. Stud talent and you know a lot of times you do in the island of misfit toys and so. He's good enough to get them. Right to the precipice but then inevitably there's a let down and so therefore. It almost becomes your fault but I would ask you this all along the same lines. Is that the lesson unless you're at eight a destination tight job. At anything about more than ten years is probably too much of one place. Did you all know we've been hounded delayed all of our written policy or sort of pop. OK so we've got urban spark what typically a we're the number one confident level. That we need to have more on just every quality some turnover. That's like thank. In Russian export but why are also politics. It will be ultimately this can play. Yeah I mean hey here's a clue what I'm also talking to players. Doing what any beyond what the administration. You know the top result of the world coaches just be used those so very very rare shouldn't hard to do. Jordan you really great to join us we appreciate enjoy all star weekend on LA moment. Any time they civil appreciated. Again George Schultz of Yahoo! Sports make sure you follow him on Twitter. At Jordan underscore shields are down we're getting some didn't some Twitter blowback and if I want to clarify this this is not a I don't I didn't want answered on Twitter. Because I'm I'm I'm twenty. What is the newsstands. So traditionally at 3 o'clock on the Aircastle time show. We really safety dance oh and oh yes now we haven't been doing it now I I'd I didn't know if the stance that changed. Because when you're dealing with me plays a fair I you know what do. Celibate yeah so is is this stance of the show we are no longer doing the happy dance at 3 o'clock. We are student safety they have the world we have a certain point list anyone that very well Jeff rolled through so. The officials into the air cast I share with safety dance is if DeVon wants to play something else he's buying something from his secret that's the stand out now just declare back. Album playlist that dale and additional dollars on states and was today's or by Thursday we have a third day. A cross between is an everyday thing now because I think. Might get a West Coast of a west because when things are there's better hand interest Friday. Monday to Monday Tuesday's open to go. So Q what are your safety did say the second powerless in the air gap sideshow on Mondays and Tuesdays we come back here across association. Devin and I discussing that in his favorite stories from the NBA when we come back right here in ninety I have done has been. Johnson here and we've got an incredible match up Don who's taken on. My guess definitely MetroPCS. And their star player the iPhone as C 30 dollars I think this team cannot be beat. 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I had a Michael must go with the east of Moscow a rookie we sell homes for a flat fee of 500 dollars up front and 1% commissioner closing tickets out admit this house owners dot com real simple real savings real results that's Memphis house owners dot com. Social Security case golf pound five to nine on yourself. How wall that's all breezy George dress with today's purge deal a sixty minute Ricky session and that includes an essential oil foot massage for only thirty dollars get yours and get my perks dot com. So soon do you really want the need for depth now. To the voice of the grizzlies and the Eric can sometimes show. So I don't know. Heroes where guests who appeared via the lenders Chrysler dodge Jeep brand phone line. NO 1929 FM am ESPN. That today's special guest host Jeffrey writes yeah. Each and every day here on the air pass on shelves we go across association DeVon wants fired up a map. Associates in fair test of time on the NBA cares only association. Now I'm not easy night ever on ESPN good business. East Asian. Go Jeffrey I don't know if you heard yet. Or I don't know if you heard. The idea I've shared office and you're not hurt issued a all of the ball. Big ball dropped an album today. In hand and you've heard a lot of this morning office. Do any satellite to a friend that called the association delegates are Bolton. On this one particular track okay. It's called. Lamar. A lot of with the subject this. Interest not bad not bad so far so good or so far that once ascended Judy thanks. Hey guys do you tell the basketball. I'm just glad it's another. Or its. Campaign has come milestone yeah this one is still on the western values no. Yeah its. Cool and just happened. Brandon Fields who was about as soon. To bring go. Cops were there for leave to. Its. Findings. Religious ones. Doesn't pressure you know I'm dumber. As. I'm now questioning if you're dumber when people walk. Down this entire thing heat this entire thing is just old. Infomercial about the big ball very sums him marketing her jurors you're Smart guy why not you know not. So dumb idea of very small brains of the mortgages so but all top mortgage your brain at all has tagged green. If you have a seventeen track album about the big Bulgarian. Call me call me hipster artist really what I used to think music meant something very thick and I'd ten years ago it up. I thought today it stood for something now that my best part of the best the best bar and that's all. Was my brother sixteen in the Lambeau the other Warner shooter but he trapping up the band. Okay here's my problem drops tomorrow. He can't rat. Dead and that is take that is an album that first up. How many people do you know right now in your life on that could have done better than that I'm a whole lot. That's a point but I give I give all the current benefit of Duncan played bounce every day though you give launch of the did the doubt because you've had decided to die on ball mountain. It's which is like. And listen as someone who respects a good digging in stance on like I do have. I do fully support. Your digging your heels indigenous peoples out yet you might even be bringing in the bulldozer cleared out clear out of moderate box out maybe. But I feel like this is your reaction to you. You've now started to question of all are happy that it's safe so now you are grasping for anything. It does though do we condone the photos and its budget pictures bigger now and I'm. Moved the goal post hold it hold it there liquor bars LeBron they are old polls have been moved. The plot doesn't turn over a diet British comedy British television Porter just to be motivated go to games starting outfits it and now. And I just. Well I'm not get a coupon album I and I enjoyed most of it is all right but I do think if I was given a power rankings of rappers any minute now. They lose to will be number one guy he's. Borrowers or borrowers I I did not if you would have put day. If I close my eyes and don't know is Damian Miller I you have that could be Oprah exact at what point are closed eyes and I get that guy sucks we'll let blondes. See I go to a number one uncle mart shopper number two. There are no longer an overture. If current NBA players know before I had a little. As a once halter top forever K a year ago current. I you know I'm finally Damian Miller and finally my Shumpert. I'm gonna go. JJ Redick and any other white guys mediated over not missing any other guy over. Over Alonso. Can perform so. I think I would rather listen to Sam Decker rap right and listened Alonso or while can still. Least. At least Sam Decker would have been out since most self awareness social movement afloat I was. So what he does little to show Chelsea had it's like it's like of Drake with a deeper voice you know that means. OK now we just hit it the other part of it if you. Your other your other dream crush I majored majored or no you like tricks music slow music go ahead of a person. Oh we both agree Drake is what happens when played. The nerdy artsy kid but it sounds like one of the biggest arsenal were exactly like he's serious no I like it. He's got spent his whole life being cool now a school so it's it's an awkward transition for awkward art wells and so Roberts here on cross association last night the NBA. Of course were at the grizzlies game oriental and Oklahoma City. But last night in New Orleans and how little brouhaha broke out there in this was after or comparable way. They Davis tropic casual 31 in the first half gets casual there's not a very desperate. So I think at Thomas Alando hanging below here last night if you remember raise our own Rondo is yet Ozzie it's how it did not deserve his tribute video game. And so pushing shoving going on and Rondo in the game toss of the atomic said he didn't deserve it. My question user effort. Is it all referred insensitive or did they deserved at all. I think on that going. You can Paulson because if you if you may need gas. The officials were listening for 48 minutes of listening to Rondo and Isiah Thomas yes go on about. Literally if you're probably in their heads doing the thing I think relief hiding averse to contribute video. Is that what they're hard yeah well like a tribute video but hasn't even happened. And now about that chromium Butler make it. Here's what here's what a bit there it talked about a Maury show and in this is up I'll pose the same question you. Who we heard Ford and that's because. Here's idyllic ice tea. I hate. So why risk. Like the idea that you walk into a locker room with LeBron James and you try to fit in you try to convince everyone your the number one like part of me. Does like that here figured idiot Blake it. That's not understood that that really a good Mir looked yeah. But part of me part of me does it quietly. Maybe your you know what. Got to tip your cap because. He doesn't just walk in there and think that he's the number one option he walks in there and know he's a number what I should act in his mind I'd. Hey LeBron your gonna be a nice compliment to me when wind blew it could win the entire defense sucks up on me a ticket deal or even enough to even do it you can get some nice clean wants. Which I do got they respect. Embedding at a good point out. Well Rondo Qaeda has. As the reputation of being like teen killer and like ultimate he'll assists go for yeah. Did a good point. Rondo. Is actually truly the epitome of a human being that does not care. All of dimes anything he does it carry you think you insecure I think doesn't care Paul Pierce thinks what saint Thomas Rleal legitimately doesn't carry England thinks. And I think I'd find myself now like is time's kind of gone on here photos of kind of quietly did not know. For your. Yeah to defend Iran like you say you. Look administration just look like what you don't wanna mess that you'd like that's not a guy you wanna basically wherever they are five of over five not a wooden massive us taunts. Yeah he's a Melissa got you don't fight. So all these are dark galaxy is a model are any guide and we've had the currencies and got MBA whose body non and under and they've been fighting on the line but they got they they got like Nate Robinson right but where. More because they are team that didn't bodies although like those in the nut guys you wanna thank god the Bulldog and exactly you don't wanna fight part of my dad that's how they. That's how they may valueless for example yeah so they play the prison last week right in what all the good short on the court. I'm like you know what I don't don't poke fun at the short garment I'm numb and on sweet I'm all in on your spirit so. All I don't feel I'm I'm on Osama on the situation about think it was a pity fighting was very very fair pay your bills to Gaza be beaten over you don't ever did a it's a told Dennis you're reminded me of remember when Seth Rollins started the feud with staying over a statue of yes. To that of access. So they're about to be out there ever right well as much as it is starting a feud over a statue of us. I love this I heard it goes mobile like this is good I don't know my this is the greatest thing I've ever seen I'd as the equivalent so. Oral or headlines on passion apparently can. Appreciate her about this. Hatteberg who will care beefing. A cat so will Cain has some comments on the first taking Abbas in turn things are that you currently we have got him we twit at Stephen A Smith. I'm convinced that will Cain knows nothing about basketball nothing just reading stats came tweeted back. He said he respected his game but he wasn't backing down on convince your good player pet so I guess it should revisit that in the meantime only shot 22 games into infinity. So as of early continued of business and this is quietly. Gorge I I understand it's only February this. I'm willing to revisit this in December say this is going to be one five favorite moment that of sports this year is that will give feature packs not just that's because they're different if you know what I mean. He tweeted I did in order for you to come to a conclusion you have to factor in everything that pressure off a guy after trades for the good first start since I don't have to be. Because it's other. All of that is what factored nothing to do with stats. So we'll came tweet about a block so on the location are looking guys who called him yes. This is this is why. This is my favorite moment of the year at her Beverly call if they ship. And this is what. I say today that you like will has no like you always talking about. Are you about via. Their character and I won't. Matisse. Okay no hold on. This is the let me say something if I were taking 1101 if you ever hear me say I can take pat Beverly one on one you're like you should lasted me in mock me out. But when it comes to what I say why I say the reasons I have behind it. I know what I'm doing now so. I don't sit there not a lock to win the east and I think that's a really. Vary reasonable conclusion the tax I mean the cavs with two games and the bells is new lineup tend not to be considered a lock to win the east. I'm ugly and and and I have of course some outlandish or unable to be I have she had. And then any any bad all the players do you know no matter what pain. And you know and it's hard for us to say and is an example but it is called what to say adequate at best talkers not to recall could recruit. Any came LeBron James Zahn is this is a little while to come out any loan. Had command you do sound like a fan come on LeBron James and a bunch of plenty nobody's. Except except for the worker the worker their current that there are going to go from monster putt. The only east and you have to give every came out their due the respect like Brad Stevens got a hotel Boston. Toronto's a planner plan national flag immediately it's a lot of good came to you know let. I mean you you know that is LeBron tank. So our question future fans what are you forty stare and we're athletes say. Gaza never played the sport or aren't allowed to talk about I think it's the ultimate cop pal it's the ultimate I don't have a point to say and so. You year old hot with football coaches who when they get criticized for usually being wrong here. And then my favorite though is when you'll get those special games where ESP in or whoever it is will do like the coach's film room. And you'll watch this final cast broadcast us with coaches. And their second guessing the entire time. It's like one of my favorite like just I ironic moments ever to watch. It's just the ultimate I don't have a reasonable point to make. So therefore I'm just annoying to him as two under attack you here instead of attacking your argument and. I do. Kind of like. This is the worst of muscle kind of agreeing with both of because I don't think it's an outrageous claim in fact it's kind of wishy wash plan to get. Are the hot take is the cavs are not a lock to win the east. Whoo boy whatever rather than I thought it wrapped around a fire suit up because that might that might know your face with a take that hot plate. I do also kind of agree. With Beverly it's like. Put him out there with mean you could keep what brought out there with. A reasonable roster he's gonna ago it also at this until I'm betting on every time exactly failure he might await the final but we don't was going to be in the situation. I still think we'll bronze greatest achievement was that 2017. Even though they got swept in the finals by the spurs but when you look at that roster they'd all gotten to the finals. Old old squad old broken down tabs era tax. The senate and seventeen but that was not a good team put retirement on hold because of dignity and prayer he cared governor Ali I don't think it quietly. I still and that's something like he'll get killed for losing finals. In this week but it's like the team was in the final act is a testament to O'Brien starting at that they're between now on the and is he as young guys accused what it would younger guys now. I guess governor energetic Jordan Carson rod muted. We know we signal got licked his recent pentagon and Dwyane Wade Shane Battier. Morial homers a. We're usually see him playing with guys he could count yeah. And that was always his deal like he needed guys. If they maybe not they maybe weren't the most talented but you know. Bosh and when bosh and wade worked in their private close to it if they are not really a bad two and three options eight if you if you will but you're right it always. He you know Mike Miller yet he's big guys that they all had roles they accept the role in I need to be able to depend on you. Now you're right falsely he he really has and I get it it's a small sample size but it. He really has the last few games but he is completely looking like a different player and we love me you love respect and we'd like watch I. You are loving every minute this case I like watching 23 for the caps wideout Mario. So last our report read it to break Charles Barkley. There's always a good quote boy sound Houston Jimmy commercial manager free air on I don't know if he was drunk on the show me. Yes and comments about him being drunk playing a password. Are big but the lakers are the biggest here's to you almost played for the Leahy were almost. No that actually got. I got traded to the lakers. So I get a call from my agent 1 morning. These things. A favorite got a bill. You're going to the lakers. So we have to a ball boy does at about 1130. Hornaday and what you're ISIS'. A somewhere to be at eighty subtext here today don't I would say 99 is somewhere around late eighty's okay I was so excited. So memorable was when I was Sullivan's organs ought to know what a base hit that good at. I was so excited and at that my dad called me back about throughout ladies at a six to pull out the bill. We've got a game that night. I don't remember ever. It'd take about Baghdad is. First I was so pissed. When I was so drunk and fell. No idea what happened next. You always know you're stats yeah I do not be remembered a game actually I don't know about a lot of games are played but that debris was so excited I was getting out of Philadelphia. And I looked blasted out. We have a lot we've been doing shots and everything was that the only time you played while intoxicated. No. If that had been reported that OJ yeah yeah that's right and raised no no. What's all the time I played intoxicated. I see among I have played humble opinion and which technically you can not to say yeah I know they're not that's not to say about the pilots are not quite like a threat ordained you think. Sir. That's right it's specified animal with a different we have declared try to clarify what's the difference. But what more impressed buck. Complain hunger over. Kim playing drug or not remembering that the game at all old not remember any game based on taking shots 1130 feet and drinking straight till three. Don't think that should really clarifies a shocker yeah like of course he was blacked out lights. Say what you put a basketball game. Well we need to do better as we get stat line from winning the Rio we have basketball story to go back NTELOS. If he played that game. It is that is wow what woody woody turn of events can you imagine being so happy. That so happy that you're getting off of eighteen. That it's 1130 you call the boys it's celebration time authority Todd. And then at three. Your phone rings again. Valve that. You're a part. Billions of plated night we didn't eating church you you're just stuck there. It died in the past it's all part of me always gives the group quo blight. I think. I'd say overall I think you still have to say it's more impressive. That he played drawn down again I need to see a comparison your leg because obviously Charles Barkley just billion on the floor. Eight we did as a business they've got sells tickets like John Battelle and the sixers you you're gonna watch sir Charles himself. Yeah I mean when your plane hung over you're just basically tired. If you're tired you sweat a little bed and apparently the flu game without. We get that's though though that was they conspiracy theory take is that Jordan's flu game was Jordan's whenever he's had court. Delayed performance or of course and supposedly David David Wells does that there is perfect game on ever you can make the argument when your hung over you more focused. Because you know exactly right you can not you know you're limited to I. Yeah me eat you know they figured out play over the fullback. Art on surge Charles. We come back quoted in the headlines will make way for real talent Digisette that you're gerchas stick around roles they're cast unsure right here in ninety none of them is in pastry we know you listen to 9290 FN DS. In Memphis my goal here coming up Friday we had Jimmy Buffett super fan Jeff Darlington work Kirk cousins might end up next season plus seventeen year old. Snowboarding phenom restaurant. Joins the show both and we go Friday at Lincoln lingo weekday mornings from Friday until Manny emphasis force station 929 FM ESPN. Ram truck moving great deals are waiting on the one truck designed to make sure your true. Like to ram 15100 was an available. 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The studios where again. Vietnam lenders Chrysler dodge she ran full line on 929 FM RE SPN that today's special guest host. Jeffrey era a time there. I don't care who knows that I do look soft and I don't care how Giffords I don't care look even better like. You can throw it every. Frat boy stereotype in the world you want I mean I don't care when Darius rips into that final course of wagon wheel. He does and harmonies and what he'll do real life. Yeah. You don't like dad you scream. Need. There. When my mom who. Yes they gave it home. Yeah you stay rooted in its mouth and into desperate he's involved. Yeah Darius Rucker. That guy basically like lives my favorite lifelike you listen like Charleston, South Carolina plays about fifteen shows a year. And that does nothing but play golf. You can go through the pianist who he's doing well. It's confusing B yes they used to be. That is that he's always get upset if people called to duty but it's technically neither yes sir it was that basically it was he. He basically put his college buddies like they at one point at one of the biggest band in America are like that's kind of the dream. The dream for anybody thank you for your college voice. But you. Your four best friends are basically saying here you like that's got in and we got rich doing it. That that's a dream his instructors crowds Darius Rucker and he made the cut at the Pebble Beach pro am was his first time I think in ten tries making the cut knee was he's pretty fired but that's a grads to Darius Rucker nice to see out a rich guy finally get a break every half an hour that. Let's do deadlines. And analysis from there it. You know I have been ESPN's Eric has sometimes it's there for out of. If he's seen the movie I robot. Scenic pleasure thank you for reminding me pressure yes well it'd been promoting your world and if you knew that but the robots they become to take over the world. And Paulson dynamics. On have you seen this video that I mean I name three out of video of the dogleg robot hand. Figuring out how to open the door and letting his phrasing it so there was mortal robots walking into a room walking crawling. In moving it and of course you Jeffrey. How long before. We get worried. About robots can. You're not worried now. Now late there was one disorders like a supercomputer. That the that the government was using or something that it started. It basically started communicating in a language that the programmers. Didn't understand what large to think and start speaking. In its own language so that the programmers. Wouldn't interfere. And that is actually the definition of artificial intelligence. So it's happening sooner than not pink. It's already here I think I think it's just one of those nice things that. That basically people are like we're kind of ignorance is bliss on this air now. The mechanical dog on. Shut up to my dog Carly I know she's listening right now and a course on sweetheart you're on blast for her. You tell me this political straight. My dog who. Is a doubt it's either hurt or. Her adopted brother my parents' dog. They are. Without a doubt the two most pathetic he liked living beings alive if gay. Oh ticket in idea. I have Carly is it lab mix she's in my but she's a lab mix who does not fetch her to pay you like. Doesn't affect you like you throw a tennis ball zero interest them whatsoever. And nothing to do with that group. Didn't you complying if you compare her to mob dog revel. You throw a tennis ball he does run after go get it he's pretty athletic. But any just sits there he goes thing get up about sits down although here's how he views it I'm Witten got it you come get it back now. Elect him oh he's Smart and all that dog. That dog is said by or bet does not lack self esteem if he's very counted themselves. So you put your dog on blast because you crowbar to open these robot dog opening door and walking right. They like let's hope. They still make a joke like her theme song is I still it felt around looking for and that's referring to. Somewhere did did drop a ditch. Because we will spend an hour and a half or walked just for her sniping for apparently sniffing for Narnia the because that's what that's what she's looking for apparently instead of going to batter which is really nicely in a winner. Awesome so watch out and watch out little about overcoming yeah Sartre it's so McDonald's Arthur reported earlier referred questions. They're going for help your happy goes hand. They're getting rid of cheeseburgers and chocolate milk for their hat and we'll continue to effort to cut down cut down on calories. Sodium saturated fats that make kids fat. This is gonna help or hurt the situation. Mean I'm gonna go on a limb and say it's not gonna help because instead of getting to happy meal now people are just gonna buy the cheese Burke. The regular right people. Last I checked out you're not going to McDonald's. In all charted the grilled chicken and McConnell is accurate and other. Yeah both had no problem meeting topic a idea ever 200 dollars a note to be the healthy Josh would you commit to going to McDonald's you wanna there's an understanding. Another three to the tip the kiss me you will be the six piece chicken and had mill will now come with a kid sized Fries instead of the small fry which are lower the calories and sodium mofaz I had. A bottle warmer while also be added to an optional after may also get to be able to water now. They won't have so shouts of people kids in their cars they're gonna score right now being so these teams are consume all McDonald's. It's just I just don't know I don't get the point you know. First up it's not like whatever the replacement options gonna be Israelis is healthy exact site so this just commit to an announcement also try. Yeah this feels like to name. Milk was getting expensive. Q dedicated right and then they're cut down on the amount of Fries later. This just feels like it cost cutting measure in the year figure out a way to spin it like Goldman wealthier errors on the Donaldson lesson for you out here such I don't know if he's that Edger for a U a stretch out. Begrudgingly so who has your phone updated the loose after a recent. Yes and I almost deleted that Jack you all the latest such a young and up only one members of the petition Almonte right now and that is reached one million. And the change snatch it back to what it blows. You think it's gonna chasing Thompson because change dot org Tyrod removes that type of days started by altering user has one million. 100. In 81 signatures. Right now. It's about changing thing no to me you know I thought you know the first thing I thought of when. I saw the update yeah. They're just trying to like I was walk on it I think they're tried. Is it to Graham basically pass them on. And so I think they were just try to generate some buzz and get people talking about that chat Ray Emery is that Chad exist look at you and they wrestled her own money in your man out. What's the link I'm not big about like that because. While fought all the dude seriously I can't watch my story now I've not like it it's I. I am. I am I literally don't even though like remote connect it now it's like all your friends are and why I got any it's ridiculous you know what you're producer also has been so guess what when. The star checked. Are recall on Wall Street yes I asked on pricing and god are no no further questions your honor back. No further question prizes going to honor just adds that it's got out there they got they got some headlines while it's. For all of the money that's being answered everything. My thanks of course to run blast to go for joining us Darren shone rocked the head coach of the Memphis tiger baseball team again weekend. Match up with a western Kentucky no game tomorrow they're trying to play three on Saturday and Sunday. This go tigers go for more information on that Jordan Schultz joined us at the top this hour my thanks to DeVon. They are important for keeping this thing rolling my thanks to you from listening to the city of be up on the podcast followed Devin on Twitter at DeVon underscore walker five for the playlist. Right after the show however now I gotta make way for real talent your fair share coming up next. He says okay he's never once forcing UW in the past. W in the best interests broadcasting mementos 6 PM on the dilemmas at online in 9290. Its sales. Sports heroes go. You can see. It's there's so much. Premium dealers showcasing them. Healing bruises. The kids and face from a. 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