Guest Host Jeffrey Wright: Hour 2 with guest John Martin

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Friday, April 13th

Segment 1 -- Jeffrey welcomes John Martin to the show to discuss his opinions on the significance of Tyler Harris' commitment, the job performance of Penny Hardaway, the 2018-19 Tiger basketball team, future recruits, and more.

Segment 2 -- Jeffrey and Devin discuss the Grizzlies' head coaching position, the NBA Playoff First Round, the latest on Tristan Thompson, and more during "Across the Association".

Segment 3 -- Jeffrey and Devin close out the week discussing "The Headlines". 


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Yeah there's a long history of big personalities and big blue and it not going well. Yeah he quote Toledo if they had that was asking about his passion for the game. If I didn't have pledged I've got it now I'm sorry they got me to feel. They got me to feel me it's personal it's very personal and then a fan church bright back making sixteen million a year didn't give media as you need to perform. But your district getting your feelings birds will give you got a heads to which of course does for the staff that's gonna let out one hand. It's sad if if you thought I just played for the money. And then yeah. Made him he was later for an area and I mean right exactly does that mean you only play for the money back. Major is basically goes on these are reads it did another affair news when you retreat all the people that. Love you yeah. Always I don't doubt that all they retrieve pucks love element I am me and Dez Bryant have something income. Again the big news of the day Tyler Myers has committed to play for the University of Memphis the court would guard made it official this morning we'll speak with John Martin Jason and Jon we come back right here on the air cast Russia now he's got to Femi as camp. Officials. 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Do a great man you're right you know conclusion well there are out here yeah and did everything comfortably beat Barack. If it's kind of relax. So let's start first year of course and around 1040. We get the news that that Tyler Harris has indeed committed to Memphis. What point for you did this become. An expectation for you. A person law. Welcome. Because without the efforts of Jason I don't I'm certain that they have. So I'll go I would like to go away get the way our and so that is you're welcome we probably get more work on that in previous that. Secondly. If what I've always kind of set in doubt about it that it has never left and so I kind of attack no. You know I know the way it skated harder. Always been difficult to leave it another opportunity to lead a defense. We've heard about basketball player you know somebody they grow up your bet there's see how Craig Heatley gets over thirty or can it not been our should be. On it harder could ever consider going somewhere else to play back. Did great here you know you're accepted it. You know. You'll ever have to buy three get get and I mean you get your low. About are bigger and Daniel route through the walk on. Or you're hurt you know the crime dropped. You put it that. He community if they welcome you what you'd probably turn up and especially if your purpose and so. That back. I didn't structure there is an internal pressure I think if you're a bit but get this helmet that. You know the track and you know I think in the case of totalitarian. Push products. You know you but look I think what what happened over there if you got a guy out slow taxi. They're on the up in all of our global diversity in their. Part of what coach B can you really look at that and say you know what I think Baylor is a better opportunity or they even with the candidate today. And that's what we are like that that I that I give I get tired all the credit in the world for that decision because. It was a competitors decision. The easy to hit it ought to be you know it the credit they kept it and they're get started it again product or whatever ended up in doubt look pretty and keep him instead. He took the interior harder route to boycott. Quite. Good. They'll act and then have a guy that could exist. He loved the equity group on the table what article I'll I really do carpet. Operating that this is is it a great day perk of the program the city. Tug of course we John Morton. Let's. Read some issues that John's phone so let's try I'm on a different line. I think maybe that's ordered. But again will do a quick Kris every try to get John back on that bull line again. The big news of the day of course is taller Harris has committed to the University of Memphis ranked as high as 66. In the nation for the class of 2018. According to you rivals dot com he's been listed as high as a four star. But it is a nice addition for Penny Hardaway staff again now according to the 24/7 composite list the tigers will have. The second ranked recruiting class in the America athletic conference they've been as high as. I believe 42 in the nation nationwide team rankings in the composite rankings right now there sitting about 55 so. Really really nice addition as Jenna Jordan said earlier. When he joined us here on the program. It was say that this was ideal best case scenario. Four you don't wanna say that it was ideal best case scenario. For Memphis when he found out it was Jimmy transition class but this was pretty darn good at it welcome back John Martin to the class and so that was what I was gonna ask you next John when. When you think about. This this transition class for Penny Hardaway. Where does this stack up or in terms for you of expectations of you know obviously there was a lot of time he had to make up a lot of ground obviously you can pretty much insulin Alex Lomax but to me this is. Or a sale like ideal best case scenario but this was a pretty darn good job as in terms of the transition class. Yeah I don't know how it could have been better frankly they're so that I haven't you know. You know another transferred so they're not they're not quite done yet but I doubt go Saturday. If you have a better can you guess. Yes there's this is this is a billion times better. You know you want to go to you what it's going to get harder. They don't. He political and that this book or kitty got the job. And even win but he got the job you know a lot with Beckett out over Akron. Again their position Ecuador this kind of spoken Fortier said he wasn't sold which it. Outsiders say they will we get lots of obstacles. Are overcome here and you know I had undoubtedly pleased. You know because. Keep it that he put to work in each state equality into an empty. He's good at bottom are quite apart. He hit those banks because he believed. And in Tyler believe they're compiling. The best out of the city that they offer so I just thought I'd get the equity side and that side. Ethical culture to let their ticket actually the only way that this could have possibly been better but. You know. A big difference between the fact the court to rival dot com city. In three weeks on the job and with only Warren report Barbara sit there has already put together recruiting class models better than any Tubby Smith collapsed. And that's the credits his work ethic and their Arab leaders have the ability 'cause. To recruit and do this job he's delivering. On every comment that you made so far which was the Italian border it is a backward to debate armored sorority account and he did it and that's I think what. How to interpret that it was just a soccer victory at leopard coat you know I called Linux was able to gain Hardaway is family. Are tired of the ticket you know he wasn't supposed to yet either I was on deputy a lot of ground to pick up some would say. I would have been too much going on an island within easy. Every critic say you know what they are got a cap my garden an Anglo. Jeremiah come back next year you know. I'm not gonna you know. They're they're article on the docket or are they got thirty minutes a day and offered to actually compete without instead. He convinced. Tyler his family that hey there's a way that can work at the university of ripped open. What you don't have to compromise your client cock this can work and dedicated a fantastic job of doing that never looked you know proportionality. And he said it seemed like there. The article in the recruitment booklet. They look at Franken said you know. I will not let you down did you give me a chance because will not let him down their rhetoric I can. And here we are today so looked at the glorious supported debt and not in the city level. Do you think given given all the circumstances that you mentioned knowing that you have Alice Lomax already locked up in. It's not like that this is a perfect roster it's just missing one score why do you think it was such a priority for penny to make sure that he or taller Harris. Well because like that it I think pretty sloppy just get out power like is it bigger network later you know what they can be issued or maybe it'd gotten into the act according. Again I mean partners and eat up our got averaged thirty gain in the in the city back it's. Or Stevenson I think Grady Culpepper went back when added yeah like every cards got caught in beat the guy like our heritage and then all of them. You know I think the key you know current period staff now all of a corp all look like you got. Kenny who has been guided mine you know you got my bill we're gonna be our. They actually hopefully soon. He got you guys you're gonna have to sort of warmup. You know a single file line up you know the priorities are that could be the biggest challenge for this effort that it. Everybody got a call connections or whatever I have Gerald they're a guy. You know let's file size and we need it most but you know and how it just seems like there's that glass is just didn't get all the talent Paula volatile especially here at the to figure out direct player topic at our approach. And of course was John Morton Jason and Jon weekdays right here on nice Jonathan ESPN eleven to two. As always on Twitter at John Morton 929. And then. As we kind of turn towards what's next for kind of this recruiting class and obviously it's no secret that this team could use another big. How realistic is it that this team adds another big either from the ju co ranks or from the red transfer market it is there's someone else out there you think that makes sense. And someone out there that's realistic for the tires. Immediately at that another day at least I mean. You know they've they've got my parts and you know keep in Davenport broke. That's about it every bit there you know it was you know billion consistent laps it now didn't show Barry Bonds didn't get a lot of opportunity I like. Still you can't say all that well of course they off the bench you know so direct and edit they get some depth and they're bringing in the six inch touch it and I pay at pump them. Is confident that we can learn an official visit six and you know two shot 49% from Perry's teacher you know decent depth but yeah out there and bad. Yeah they're gonna have to add another bigger you but the truth of the matter is also. You know you got up there with their values specific big man about Serbian current date Chen's wife and slap it out at ninety. Back out there that really too concerned about. Finding their big bad of the future to create because they've got it right here that urged. Are there they hope in 2019. So yeah they're they're got bad quarter too just for that part of the that they eat because you know Chara took a battery. That does not always seated together at the vehicle he's eaten. Because you're looking back you know an experienced team. That oh wasn't good enough but it's at a guy like air act outflow expect you graduate career there. Are there are going to be picked to finish second third. The pin on the left the way they may even be picked to finish our I don't know what they're going to be in the proper you know the conference without show without. And so there's no reason why. You know you can't. You can't go to that either go like hey. We can make the target so you should you should occur about like that and usually I act accordingly thought that they aren't you realize that this. There are some talent on this plane and you know what you're beautiful authority on the roster with. Alex Womack who's you know got a bigger gonna be a sort of they wanted to build like running back and then your input awkward guy. Our senator Jeff I have got a healthy again. You know look he can about a throw away by any stretch of the imagination. That's so yeah they've got to have another big. Sort of see dapper. You mentioned James Weisman and really the only thing that's certain about James for next year's the fact that. He said he will be he will be finishing high school but obviously that's still be to be determined. If your Penny Hardaway. What is what makes you sleep the best that night. In relation to your chances of landing James Wiseman Ed terms of what James Watson's next year looks like. Well what about between democratic leader Tony that are reclassified to seeing. I would be like not leaving the city of Memphis that would be you know I beat him here. That he constantly aware of what happened that universal peppers he's probably going into the game you know he's taking on a personal income and they're. You know he's right here in my backyard sort of what Ed. You know arms to reach our dugout without but it that he may need me eight years ago. You know he was gonna leave their desk. To go to Oak Hill. An after party was you have ability for the that this happened. And I don't always pretty alarming Cordero you don't you don't want the coaches according to ever queued outside of your line of sight because. They don't productive in war all he's he's sort of he's removed from the situation and it. You know maybe because of different outlook. So you do if you want to admit they're surrendered you know obviously can hardly does. Are you wanted to stay right here in the not a wide eyed delegates to campus you know we get to a family core rapper. You know any other go to the other sort of academy mark or whatever you know you got a lot of different agenda that you got different coaches let you know. You can't sort of be open you know you can't beat adult of everything that you would otherwise be a productive future Memphis so. I'm and that they can't keep him. If he can he do their bit but I gotta go about our. But obviously their best chance to land and it would probably just beat him stating that this court seen here in addition our DR or wherever you're down. Elisa of course the air cast I'm sure right here in 99 FM ES TN joined now. By John mark and he of course of Jason and Jon show eleven to two. Right here on 99 FM ESPN and then today it was made official that Mike Miller will indeed become a system that's what carriage for Penny Hardaway and. There appeared ready ready I had a person I saw all the tweak and everything so I presume that it is official less yet again I somehow got a look into doubt and it was official cracking got bamboozled I got bamboozled you know something is not official I've gotten even. A cab night and the look at net regardless. Imagine what would you have your caddie talked about it Buddy Holly if you don't doubt if the booklet got to be a bit post audit. I know I've got Gary players. Who is that what happened what do you get what I'd or not there I did now I will say this I didn't re tweet it. But it scroll across my Twitter feed that I've made so look for it spirit of full disclosure this is how your your boy does crack research you can. I make notes of things that that I see on Twitter and or stories and so it literally strolled right across my feed it. I wrote it down that went back to deriding the open. So I clearly I got I got catfish the Ener1 I don't know despite an iPod I got they tweeted whatever you're. Now I will say though the key is the way I didn't. I didn't read tweet it what was Geary on on and was it. Oh it was a trade deadline. Okay loads pick things like also take a moment. Person that decides that you're gonna be. You're just gonna go on Twitter and make your entire profile look exactly gauger order house keys like in the night have one letter off like. She kind of reevaluate your life. You're little or. Yeah but I mean they're allowed you know unfortunately there. The sad reality of the world that there will be out there yeah sat on the Internet allows us to be a little bit but unfortunately okay Iraq without doubt. You know they get together to go with a bat. OK so but overall this was gonna be the point that I was gonna ask you about it. We we mentioned earlier we Joan the fact that. Mike Miller obviously. In 33 is an Adidas program and meet. I'm not saying that's the only reason that you would hire Mike Miller because we've all gone through the list of reasons you hire Mike Miller obviously he's extremely. Of extremely personable he has a big name he loves the city I can easily gone lived anywhere he's live lots of places you could go on to bigger and brighter pastors. Each has come back here he's been here we all understand all that. But this can hurt right. What are your what what what are what are the fact that the fact that his age you were sorry he's grassroots program. That is an A is indeed a school that helps I broaden your your your pool if you will because. Pennies obviously gonna be and with the Nike kids and now when you bring in Mike Miller like it opens you up like you're exposed and you can get. Your foot in the door more with eight with with the these kids which. I guess ideas might not be opening it to the doors currently given and certain investigations but to me just seems like something that couldn't have hurt. And I did I hit it I don't know like exactly. Yeah I think it will complicated because like. You know my old age UT you know it is. A heated and they're gonna be going head up with you know can easily you changed I. Well but but my canal at my school. So it what would have been preferable probably repeated what is stated Mike what could it be cool I felt like. Like act yeah I don't know like occur that actually. Hero material I think what that looked like I I think that they think what Mike is not necessarily be ordered either because there are my key to the packet like it eight years. Around the lead in and you know alleviate his brother obviously being college. And you know not a revelation that he I can't connect and get it out Eddie don't people attached to kid. He knows you know if BA people so he really cool at all ankles and and I and I really believe that that is going to be you know this could be eight you know watershed higher would look back on the could Hardaway area. Whatever result or are your big Mike Millard contribution at the beginning you're gonna be a huge part other open get off the ground that god I do believe he's going to be. Your battle recruiters are they got another act like them. Mike you're not gonna beat a guy that recruits a bit stuck and can't serve but he easily the big picture got lucky Kodak for the best kids. Battle that they that's harder proposition than it is it is it out. It is. ER or he is batting average will probably be a little lower because of that blood got there that you could that you don't you know people you will get to a cup that the kids. Two young whether it turned a lot urge you to Q where are the political thought about what you can have you get those I'll have a good eight. But it became a look at this yuk it up shot so. That's the biggest thing migrate the debt is now it would be our leader also connections. The great national record. In terms of events that have occurred since penny has been hired so whether it be. Alex Lomax is decision I'd heard you know out slices signing a letter of intent whether it be tires for the mid hire Mike Miller. When you think about everything that's happened after penny has gotten job. In your opinion what has been the most significant. The outer occurred on and I. Are a big bet heard that message. You know we're we we all are. No longer can you confident that their. It feels like you have a prayer of getting a get out of here unless you're saying it is my consent skier bill though. Or Roy Williams like I really believe that there or dark out there divorce and I go to the now those of the day. And could still recruiting year. Our journey to the detail that goes orbital that your. No I don't even bother. Because this is cow pig is not let these kids get out of open an account it. And I think that. You know look this decision on our calendar today it like Beckham at the latest piece about it but again like he would not I don't think he would go to go to at this. Really up until people getting get this week you know and then again at the type of it too. Pretty Hardaway hit that he bit. You know convict him paperwork. Showing here hey I want U I. And let the other column that doesn't happen it looked pretty hard way it is working you know I'd expect it would have been like. That could attribute it to their been aired at about concern why won't work. It is all these idiots like they call all the pot but it is one of the battle of I got to plug it back and beat the tally your commitment you got it up with a cluster I have to bet because that's what he had to do. It is not a bit with multiple products that they try to battle like despite my creditors because. If he was there as well he's been there is that the way it could take. Or three weeks he got to be felt. I I think that today that they that will be. You know it it'll be it'll be approved to be a huge moment. We'll see how good pilot Eric did we get to that ought that he. I think he could have a very good career collegiate school with a ball of precincts. All talk all the small car working at the college level. But I can see it's also a bigger but they're still. Everybody else throughout the country that it is about ball back at a bigger company here and they get negotiated that bit before. Out of this year period or rude awakening. Yeah I mean I don't know if Tyler necessarily has the purer. Fast which quickness. That staff moody had but step but he was undersized guard me tell you what he had no truck no trouble making. Making his presence on college bass before meaning he got almost a win it's interrogated I didn't that's that team wasn't that good without him but he doesn't. They're talking dribbled around college basketball you know sub six footers they don't have any haven't happened period let. Chris you know this is that it is I think in our air or are. Bill Perry definitely you know are not watching what safety on the first yogurt just commit that Florida golf out of the clear and yet he could. You know so. It can be delighted if they don't quite a bit I don't think I held you back. And that they're really it will challenge will be just pity I got what exactly the role is retires and I think it's great that greatly from their best. I'm you know we all can do they get better but I always say is they've got Larry brown and it might urging Saudi Arabia and all the road. Is that dead as a door nail. It. Our and then lastly going to ask you one more thing for a lay ego. In terms of you mentioned that earlier when you're talking about wells is paying just gonna wanna play golf. In terms of the narratives that were considered you know like question marks and negatives and essentially reasons to give for not hiring Penny Hardaway. Other than the fact that he has coached an actual game yet this far. Is there any narrative that was against him that he hasn't just proven thus far. How are trying to take. Not only they don't want you hurt the most work it out. Does he really wanted to there's more than that the glamour of it you know does to you that there are welcome to what I Eric actually. Don't think that was out of balance that they can the Mercury on the job like she's. He he shattered that you have like he's got. You know we gotten he's put together required to attack the visits are invalid and he's done the work you know we got that played a bit old kid. You know he's been a tightly so. Thought I think get out of that may want to look what it is by the that was discussed how badly actually want to do this and and and do the work the other stuff that everybody got the but you know their commitment harder and obviously shown that he series about works out pick it up brilliant you can keep your first question he was you know. It is best case scenario I think it's pretty damn close united that it had multiple you're old they are lawyer before they get. Yeah pretty much better be as good as anybody could ever period. John great stuff enjoy your weekend not cried strives all I'm. Let's see them describe what what's today cat kept crawfish as what it offers president in our area to Crawford specials and hot wings of course are on next week's show. Believe we have a look at we have all kind of like fell got quite. Well you know we have a marker reassessment woman that. Sign me up for that and do we got a lump sum everything up a lot of light a flurry of. Troll I got to artery. Now what is out there that's where that's for sure John degrees joyous George try to romance are about yeah. John Martin called Jason and Jon gets a quick break we'll come right back. We'll discuss more from grizzlies need able discuss all from the association and I'll get my daily update. From DeVon on what's happening with Tristan Thompson dude is a hot. Super hot Callaway will finally come back right in the air cast such a nice none of them is you know. The father of Tyler Harris newly committed university that does tiger islanders whose father played here. Hundred underdog on paper you don't beer about it I don't recall removed part of girl very future of our business. Jason in July and May Day is 11 AM until 2 PM. Maybe 2:9 am EST yeah. 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Think eggs did you Jordan and to John Martin for joining us here on aid Tyler hairs Friday. We mentioned it at the end of the last segment but there are a couple other things that I wanted to get to. Right before we get into the playoffs and whatnot from the NBA born to more things when he gets here from a grizzlies exit. Exit interview date if you will yes and another of the most striking. Realizations that I think we saw yesterday we we discussed. About Chris Wallace and how the biggest take with with Chris Wallace and the front office was that he's getting hit a shot and rightly or wrongly. One thing that I did enjoy about yesterday was. I think we heard less of the whole. Thing to create and group decision maker and you heard Chris Wallace basically say you know. A man steering the ship and this is Stuart I time and I do you think there are some merits to the argument that say. Well based on past history. What is with the grizzlies having this important of a draft pick her. Maybe it's time fresh blood. I do tended. To agree with that I will throw out the caveat that. Essentially their plan is and I think that this was also very key I'll like the fact they identified their plant their plan was our course Mike and mark yeah. We're gonna travel more time with the score you know around that and in fairness to Chris Wallace that's his core. Now. I think he's 100% deserves blame. Four other then after the after he signed Tony Allen he never really added a legitimate long term peace. To that team I do think that. That cannot be discounted whatsoever. Given the fact that. That this is his core. I would almost rather say. All right let him try to do it is way and then after that that market get that's when you blow it up yeah and then you start a little fresh. I think I've been pretty clearly east all on they have clearly stated that overall I just think that. Given the given the evidence given the resonate lines like he deserves to be on thirty's there's he thanked any. Deserves to live but I completely understand what the grizzlies are doing they're trying to Italy isn't a word regal does that really rebuild a three. As a result of of if you're the grizzlies went what is your priority list going into the draft lottery do you wanna have a head coach about a draft lottery. Oh raptors and that was going to be my my next my next big take away and so my next big take away was even though wasn't announced yesterday. I think it was pretty clear. That Jamie Baker's staff. Unless barring. Barring unforced scenes circumstances to me it seemed pretty clear that JD vicar staff was going to be head coach and I mentioned yesterday. Solely based on his job performance I thought he I thought he deserved the gay. And we saw today now there are the issues that Steve Clifford gonna be available here others and thoughts that do you test the open market. And I think given the fact that next year is such a do or die you know if you will. It's essentially like a game seven type season yeah because it's last ditch effort with a seemed. I don't think you have enough time to kind of Shakespeare men and have big new coach really an in built here. And the fact that you heard to a man and it was seemed genuine to me. The B Mike Conley on the mark solidarity. Till Brooks or whether it be Andrew hairs and it did not matter who the player was. They all two persons supported Jay Bakker staff in the fact that. You already have. Despite it being a disappointing season now. I think the most difficult aspect of a new coach should be building the trust the locker room building and all that and I think. Even though would be technically a new team coming in next year. I think he would have I think that makes that sets that team out for the best chance for six. Fredricka I agree with you murders took a city yesterday. JB lord has relationships with the guy yes so a lot like he's evolved Sanyo and I don't exactly the vets is let it be the young guys all of it seemed like Beijing newly it would receive an entire season they all seem to genuinely like him. Yes smudges Abbas start with a clean slate when you can just kind of piece the pieces together for my style. Or you play the game. Peace deal before I found a soldier started I have fear of buying and and I was also told because. I I always preface that by saying I stinky call of duty. Yes earnings there weren't terrible fairway from that was idol I've been advised by multiple people don't need to suck this you and I'm already so far behind. Everybody else is so much better it's impossible for media caught in the sport yes but yeah I would do reporters go big piece it together and do what you can action committees that is the last Iraq is the last last chance ever to put that made the playoffs with a squad you have now. All right so now let's go across association though we we have given our final thoughts there on the grizzly is go across it says seriously it's the playoffs than we are. We editor Tristan Thompson updated. Associates. Aircastle time on the you can be compared to only association. Now I'm not into nine FM ESPN the business. You station. How did you ever ascended as last night that target before before it gets of that effort by so. You come on a very good investigative arm of journalist at heart salutes and throw cook. I prefer the term detective period I'll have better I think it's much more serious authors in the program and I was looking for the girl that Justin Thompson Jeter with. A powder answered irritates us so her third president for writing guesswork. That tells him minutes ago television except to look for McCain's. Someone emergency Durham it's creeping. Apparently heard just for 2000 been Kendall law you don't says they want to LA Dodgers game together oh yeah SO. Aired some from some bats have gone on so. The last my situation yes Richardson talked that's you know keep that in mind ready to Oman and keep that in mind Diego yes footnote. So. On the car dash time. Boeing has forgiven Tristan Thompson are all right yeah she doesn't believe he was cheating she says it was just a little kissing yeah what. The entourage as they call it off and never blamed for setting Tristan Thompson little second part to it though. It's so closed at RG mall cinema played this team is the kissing photos and you say he did have sex with the girl and his hotel for a weekend. But was only given her. The Dow way. Spiritual guidance that that's what makes us Chloe believed what. It doesn't who doesn't go and stay in a five star hotel. For 48 hours together and not just share an intimate in fairness to them they were getting to know each other in the biblical sense area. A very religious experience so that's that's latest chapter in the actress Sandra yes so that begs the question. I've ever been more convinced about how right I am content because you're the other thing. You always mention the car dashing curse song here's one thing that you always think liked to have. You what the neglect remember about the cart bashing curse your. It always occurs right around the playoffs because that's when the new season start I'm sure. So I always creeps its head at that point because that's when they start to show. That's true so yet again I've ever been or convince us. How right I had that this is all deploy about the show homeland talk on our future business relationships mines and Wrigley. We got to get into the playoffs yet they haven't come up with a a couple of categories I first. Most intriguing first round match up in the east. Are in the east I am most. Curious. To watch. I'm taller and I think it's Cleveland and Indiana and dealers let's say I think it's Cleveland and Indiana as. I want to see if anyone else can play defense on Cleveland other than LeBron. I mean we see real spending big that's the biggest thing with with coming in the class LeBron. If Cleveland can't get Cleveland needs him to be the entire defense it's a problem he's going to Wear out yeah. Quite and that's and that's what we never seen just never seen so it APS to be the number one defensive option he's also at that it would limit his scoring so. To me that's the most. I think that the team almost treat to watch like still stink probably the matchups Boston Milwaukee. Because what am I missing on this Paulson is still favored in this series. I mean there have anybody right. And Milwaukee had this young and old now and not only that would work for seven before Milwaukee is filled with Boston this year. Yeah and another one I'm looking for and eat your investor out there and you can find your local sports but. Bucs are plus 140 a series I love back. We're about Toronto and Washington I want imagine we know we've seen Toronto man in the playoffs and seeing playoff Kyle Lowry. We've seen Toronto lose game one sport for five years in a row. What is really your targets over the hump like game one for them with game seven for life. I think they're fine in this on my think's gonna be interesting is when they have to go against Ron Brock you exactly what was he put up calorie has league. That that is my thing will we see playoff collar show once again. My most intriguing match up is not. Oklahoma City. My most intriguing match up is all to see Anthony Davis and is coming out party in the playoffs and great pelicans pelicans. And the blazers is my most interesting match up. In the words I'll do so you toss. That's of its August or farms area. Give rockets against Minnesota and Obey. The Rockies swept into the regular season yet but I wanna see cat and play our party I've got rockets plus 178 this week. I don't know how Minnesota scores. I mean how did score they they're however would battle for third almost as limited as their browser do what he'll do work. I'm all in Woolsey we'll see either your refunding series but. We'll see. Boy your boy it sure ought to be FF I don't write your roi. Us about some of all your boy you say you're old sincerely a heck I love you dearly but I hope that your raw. We come back green get in that wasn't gonna make wave real town we gave her show right after that figure around. Let's they are cast unsure right here in 99 of them ESPN uncommon. Oh. Harris that he's going to be risky game. Thank you lord come. An event ESPN Memphis sports. Gary Parrish and I can tell you about Cooper systems for years the amazing. You work deadly long Cooper have been doing tackle persistent over the mouth while office park in fact for eight. Plus years because Cooper says that was a good response to the Jerry pair shows since day one and they never left that's a testament then it's a testament to you when you've heard me tell you about your great work they're doing it Cooper systems for a a long long time now it's time to hear from you guys. Got a great deal on an Apple Mac from corporate citizens literally have deprived of the big box stores values dirty before they heard about Bloomberg sports. Ottawa and one day I love have gotten a bit more freedom down Zach viola always file proper help there will be able to retrieve everything all he. Feldenkrais make my computer faster and better than ever I want those people stereo you referred news they're looking up stuff you're not supposed big guy here here here badly because. Computerized trooper could take care of your life he had says they won't judge you for. Persistent column 360967. I'll. He took a medical persist in backup. 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Download your coupon today Kroger dot com. It. Led to the voice of the grizzlies and the Eric Cassell tonight show live from the Sunbelt rentals studios where guests who beard. Oh the lenders Chrysler dodge Jeep brand phone lines on the but ESPN. He's special guest host Jeffrey Wright. Blair's day rolls on here at 99 FM ESPN if you missed any of the conversation that we had. We Jenna Jordan during the first hour or John Martin that we had earlier this hour you can catch up on the podcasts will be up shortly after the program ends. Howard averaged a portion of the show or getting into the headlines DeVon fired up. And Devin and analysis from there. As the times' headline on the audience none of them ESPN's Erica sometimes you. Five before you dig knowing I've got one and I'm curious to hear your thoughts this is just popped up. So now from the world of college football. In CA panel approves several rule changes for 2018. To lead being. Teams that signal for a fair catch inside their own 25 yard line on kickoffs will now be awarded a touchback. According to rules changes announced Friday by the NCAA. In CA playing rules oversight panel approved the fair catch proposal as part of an effort to increase the number of touch backs. And limit injury risk on kickoffs change will go into effect for the Tory eighteen season. Before the 2012 season kick off removed from the thirty to the 35 yard line. And touch backs allowed teams to start possessions at their 125 yard line rather than the Tony of course the reason why they're doing this is a lot of times. Skilled kickers no duds are back kickers that just can't get it into. That's not really what these are for because you can still you still have the choice. But a lot of times he that is really skilled kickers they can hit the high hanging kick off the air they'll be taken in the corner. Like the five yeah and by the time. By the time that the kick returner looks up. He's got the entire kickoff team on and at the ten. And that becomes a big time collisions so now obviously with this is going to encourage is. If you got a high hanging kick off right there can. Tenure at the five to spare cash and you get the ball to 25 is what the way and that eliminates more head on collisions. He'll get the hot cakes that they're gonna eliminate the kick off in how many ever years whatever is 4030 fire or whatever or not mean you have blood usual traditional. I should call this because I do think the most exciting play in football is the onside kick yeah. It's is that a hammered its tossup cease still have that option. And it. I'll also. I don't. When you've got though there's nothing that drives me insane more than the guy that can ticket fifteen rows out of bounds they just hits it straight up Didier. Airtight. As presidents and but we'll speaking of collusion line perfect Segway Brett Favre whole thing. One of the best quarters ever play the game but first a border interest are now Brett Favre yup he's come out today and said. He's had he has had thousands of concussions Jeffrey Oman not not not hundreds not tens of thousands of concussions not chance. Not hundreds and hundreds. Als thousands of concussions or Houston on the. Don't ever gonna mistake Brett Favre for. Shall we say Einstein that's your light bill is gonna sit back and look on all the years of endure all the great things Brett Favre said. Because he also say I think my stubbornness hard had this instead Kennedy is what allowed to play for Tony years. But it got a little shaky think you have thousands of concussions. Those might be related. Overall though I do think that he's mistaking getting his bell rung for concussion. Polite. This either Wear bright light sometimes you get hit hard Iran that's not necessarily guys tonight getting. If you got a concussion every time he got hit in the head. Like offensive lineman would never let exactly so. I'm not diminishing. Ingush I think it's safe to say Brett Favre probably had a lot of concussion but also remember. Take it with a grain of salt is also Amanda says the top of that can change your life and death wells who's saying this this is the guy who's the spoke up for cover for national and what was that that's a leading. There's like some type of race. Basically all the commercials that run on ESPN EU yet between the hours of light. Like prime time Cinemax hours but you're watching ESP and you elect basically is what Brett Favre on commercials like the next four hour. So hunting for get their money out. Yeah I Bayless and I've I'm not. Pointing the finger. Yeah so shout at him before also sparred stripes is tonight Jeffrey Wright bright eyed stretch 6 o'clock for the tiger the clock for the charter or 7 o'clock. Kick golf albeit there hopefully the weather stays nice yes so afterwards and mobile for about I think it should be OK until it looks like later senators like golf game him in trouble don't tell. I'll be there out of playing well I'm a hot right now. Rob us for the hots mountain for uniting for Europe BC. On team that made history yeah every so we're used to it on this we are put up a banner to come Olmert commemorate. Their best picture of Virginia. Yeah compound that you did over there is the first did you have something like Iowa like the colts put up like wild card champion Anderson. Polite to the first sixteen to be a whiner you actually did accomplish something that no one else had done if you want to commemorate that compound. I hope my thanks of course to Jenna Jordan to John Martin I think the devil walker for great job each and every day all week. If you wanna weigh in at two tickets to hot wing festival again it's coming up not this Saturday but next Saturday. 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