Guest Host Jeffrey Wright: Hour 2 with guest Chris Herrington and Jonah Jordan

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Thursday, August 9th
Segment 1 -- Jeffrey Wright welcomes Chris Herrington to the studio to discuss the Grizzlies' schedule news, MLK Day, the brief tenure of the Oilers in Memphis, the NBA, and more. Segment 2 -- Jeffrey welcomes Jonah Jordan to the show to discuss Tiger football camp, position battles, D.J. Jeffries, James Wiseman, and more from the Memphis Tigers.

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The word I was so enamored with this national outlets that Chris Davis from Todd Snyder and become what is ours credit CR ED IT you can text credit now in the next 55 minutes is up to anyone 1000 bucks. Tech's credit. This 72881. Back to you Jeffrey Christmas. Nashville by Todd Snyder a song about Nashville from a former miss here in which the first first is actually about Memphis. I've over the past this tradition and he had hit perfect. Period to talk about that live is the president get us beyond you there's a story usually Yahoo! yesterday about the whole titans being the sort of brought back some of the old. Old and current national vs Memphis south audio play. What AB beautiful if he's offering to outsiders he got to do it. Broader brought that out. I do like now. The titans are sort of the oil mergers is to be here for two years right and then. Parties just like screw that now there was no let's play a couple of them like the couple that like the vision of one day in the language what we Democrats do. Thank you pay them like I'll give you a bigger check everything colonial allow if you decide this and you move out of the house and this week. I will pay you more to get out of your leg it was just it was like you know and we does is it work eagle it's let's not delay the inevitable. Just move on I forgot about the thing when the Steelers came out it was just all Steelers people in the arena which I think is hysterical I thought that the parade story was rather interesting where they Gary told yesterday on the air about the fact there are gonna have a parade for the team to try to drum up interest on Beale street and like nobody showed up and went and the team one of the barges started drinking. Yeah yeah into this game was the most attended game. Really wreck. It's the Steelers fans yeah I mean I I've ever to a lot of Steelers fan that was. As one of the games that my dad was trying to take is to my dad was a big time scalper. Is a good future if she can't she's got to act this explains a lot as shout at the data do I get the angles around the home hard shaker. And every kid down there we get down there and he just looks back at the guard has boy that'll pick or go to get a couple of days gets. They bag is like while it was like already full of Steelers fans it is like. Chris is gonna get the other ten dollar ticket that has a messy and with the NFL they talked a lot about this yesterday about the NFL would have taken off if they really had a real chance of of getting and I wasn't here at that time I mean and I love people say they would have had a chance Jeff contends it would have been a full house I don't I don't know if that's necessarily true I don't know I agree with Jeff on that point. I am I wrote. More than ten years ago at this point I did and I did a fake Elvis obituary from a supplier ya. And in that it is subtle but in that there's an alternate history with the sports its orders drug goes by. And it we re route we were cal degree Super Bowl in which arguably villains and the town dogs in the Los Angeles laser all right some you know in the in the dramatic in that almost went over time. And how all how because of elvis' connections. On to get the myth has hound dogs here in Memphis. They had been lead the State's only professional sports franchise own and got so to have bugs that existed there were beaten Tennessee Titans because it was already an adult theme in the state there are we don't Memphis Grizzlies because of Memphis wasn't gonna be a multiple franchise by only one leads and international hockey team. I don't itself so to have folks who come here I think it would be to relieve their B don't tightens the grizzlies thing I think works. What well not perfect but when they're operating righted it's certainly fits the city. While I'm I'm I'm a basketball Parsons I'm glad we have them it's mostly what they would shoot in and backing which is an NFL team over NBA team and I'm not want those people. It's interesting dilemma because to me it was. It was either like all left and I can realize like this is a non starter like Jacksonville built a brand new stadium Charlotte built a brand new stadium it. And we're Shia based that we did was we put out. A Saturday skyboxes on the Liberty Bowl it's like it or not it's sort of the cost of doing business exactly like national already if you go visit that stadium it's already way behind the curve even twenty years later like I edit it if I go to where I didn't have to re upped and Nissan's stadium or redo it or even build a new one I imagine what goes out in Seattle where they don't lose in there who. Exam grades the Key Arena NBA is working and I'm right other social thing like. When when people keep playing as Seattle Seattle it was like they're getting a new arena always in the first first there is in. No they are just renovating an arena I can't exactly that's like how they built a new arena. There was this player will be much more pressure on gently there's this Carlo warehouse district that Seattle a big kind of they'd play Alec okay they can put it here again I think bill back. Yeah it's game on with they're just really clearly and that's usually the up the NBA has shown more. Historically they have rewarded people that build new Arenas if you read can handle it. That may be a mean good good for Reppas I guess but in her in retrospect audible boom might look at that favored that would benefit a mistake but a hundred years it and that has been the thing yeah. Words and then you look at like the NFL. If you're comparing it. I don't like to me it's it feels very similar to light. Jacksonville liked it the cities are roughly the same size. There's yet demographic Jacksonville some big big things you success always in our guys they're good trying to move that team to London yeah. Did you like you look at it's like a cable now they it's it's all dependent upon how good the roster is now like. When the jags are three in thirteen nobody goes they have to put they have to heart the upper deck. Well last year when they're eleven and five they get people show up like. I'm sure there are a lot of com lot of talk yesterday on that on that article I only have one thing I could have to think so only one thing alone when they don't want to say. Like you have my country vs blues that's fine it's in met this really it's it's not a one shot or Vegas blues and soul and rock and roll but whatever records blues will do that or what they'd let slide. The idea that hot chicken burgers barbecue a somewhat equal paradigm. Of the men the barbecue like Texas barbecue like Carol Carolina barbecue is a real cuisine. Developed over decades it is a real long standing substantial thing. Our chickens again let's not put those two things are equal but he could describe the Memphis Nashville right now two things on that point. Number 11 off gimmicks are thing that's so wrestling thing gimmicks or us step away Daschle number two hot chicken. Like bear insistence upon it to me is like just that nice little metaphor for what actually is like. They have something that people get all of like back. And then they decide what we're gonna make that like some kind of their whole lives and we're gonna let it turned the gun is as hot chicken essentially that's what it is just well fried chicken well like ice yet yeah. But is that one they don't promote it is all right. Validate brought it is their own right it is say 00 oh lord it city we have pro will move wasn't culinary history exactly everything. It's like that basically what went into a writers' room and they're like all right we gotta we gotta decide what like what is our what is our culinary history like let's write it now we have nothing that defines as well let let's come up with something like they take ownership of Elvis and and many of those got Johnny Cash like when you go to Nashville there's a lot of ownership of that stuff until we get along you know they've just climate. So offended by Johnny Cash record ever is between the cities actually is that. Memphis may be as true Greta says it's likely look to build a fifth round what we got it right Yi and Nashville just will claim everything from track because there aren't enough it is. Is a very good point and throw. Yeah I think both cities huge could probably learn a dictator yeah. We got right now are by our boy DeVon it DeVon wants to light hate on Justin Timberlake because he thinks that he only claims Memphis when it's convenient like. Got to wait and wait. We got we got basically one of the. Another entertainers in the world let's. You see it's not the case once and a member of the road is disappear because commercial till things disappear the donut on the Internet anymore. But I wrote a little thing about America's first national early on Ross First Lady right wherever they're not gonna national home you know I'm not my preferred. Not the first time I was a bag on and I noticed that someone walks on records T shirts yeah. Analysts on Broadway and I was like you know I'm not gonna hate on that I'm gonna say look let's ultimately pearl hats and yes like boots yes or all mobile let's just let's do the other way you guys from NCAA had cowgirl hats whatever you feel bad faith or will absolutely let's move on outsell leave us stoutly dollars on the table. Okay wanted to get it to a couple of your thoughts so. There was I guess so with the Martin Luther King game yet last year they didn't give it back to Monday for pregnant frog game was on NB ATV. No no I usually don't they get to the national if I remember correctly. So three of the last year to three years ago was when it was a noon game on NB ATV right brands. And then the next year they moved to waste Sunday night game what ESPN for a lot of disagreement before mad that it was only smoke a day eating more and I was like good on national TV in prime time right there at noon on NB ATV and I was I was among the other white of that and then last year they sort of righted the wrong we it was basically the same as this year with the lakers. It was the first of the year believing three every wrong or this or the air right it was a personal triple header or AT&T just like it is this year. And would we rather it be the 7 PM true primetime game sure but I'll take it for thirty. In AT&T or whatever national TV good opponent. I don't I didn't like it on the NB ATV edited market like it new moon until it was basically kills the whole symposium ardea because people didn't wake you up. Yeah yeah that's it singing like that scene and you got anti Davis is going to be a good opponent it's I think it's great a more regular I had I don't complaints about this apparently in I. I'll take. And then. Among NBA cities I mean obviously you know it was an Indy team in Montgomery where shouldn't career began. But Atlanta was was skiing somebody that's led the weirdest search visitors can senator Baer. And so in terms of the civil rights like to see the two NBA cities that have the most to say on that subject or Atlanta and Memphis it's not just Memphis. And so is my belief that both those teams should should host games every year much are big in the NFL bust for no good reason or Detroit Dallas on thanks Elaine. That said I have ever seen much evidence Atlanta squawk about it a lift this cares about it that's actually crow raided the whole thing. The idea of him okay yeah they had his own raising tea let's get started with Memphis making that happen until Mathis caters. I think Atlanta should be part of it too but if they're not gonna squawk about it than I mean why should I squawk more than mated and isn't that kind of Atlanta's NBA existed in a nutshell I think. I think they only sometimes remember the hawks exist yet. Yeah I've never exactly that that is that better that franchise is not a central go to their civic identity obviously if that is the grizzlies are our spare. Think of the hawks. Deciding when you had a fairly competitive team obviously. I chipped it caliber team but certainly Isa very competitive team what did you think of their idea basically looking up looking around and get. All right we can't like there'd we can only go so far with the steam is blowing up. I think it was fine I think it I think they could've gone either way with it either path would have been defensible. On the difference between them in the grizzlies is that they get a team that was successful but like we were just saying that he had not gripped the community right sure if those poor people for the boat. People warn us tied to. Now we got to keep Al Horford and Paul Millsap together or whatever is asked SP one Memphis and Errol. I ousted bath let's let Tony Allen a saccharine off go there was a limit. But you know my colleague mark assaults go what in the range of their crime unit I think Mitt more in Memphis then. Al porphyry Jeff heat or whatever did did an Atlanta. What do you think the differences between because Memphis Atlanta there are lots of similarities between the two cities and other than obviously sighs and then business but like you like. It looked like history and whatnot there are. There are some similarities but what do you think it is about the NBA team that kind of captured. The city's imagination here where as. Need to be it seems like an NBA team being good in Atlanta would be good for Atlanta but it never really yeah it's always. Odd because of Miami is a beam me. Any NBA have a lot of business in Atlanta actually in BZ TV stuff is headquartered in every it it's the NBA bright areas are Atlanta. And in Atlanta is one of the largest inner cities in the country without a vote with a heavily black population of the NBA sort of trends and that and that way. And that's part of it is that. And has also been very much a transplant down in a lot of ways if it's a little more scattered you know less centralized. And they do have they do have an NFL team and they do have Major League Baseball and they do it is more I think that this is somewhat of a college football town Atlanta is more ready. Are horrid SEC country college football kind of place. If so for all those reasons and I and I am also give the sense that. Partly because of all that but. The hawks don't grab the whole community in a way that the man describes the whole community. I think I think the core of the grizzlies scribbled community Chris Arsene is just like beat. Course city Memphis team they're seen as this as a team for the entire metro area so I think the grizzlies are gathered brawl better or. From suburban areas chair largely white largely upscale suburban areas then I think the hawks view within the context out of Atlanta and the demographics of Atlanta. In fairness African artist has written as written it department in fairness to easily land and it all in fairness to people from Atlanta. You know it's one thing to drive from tire wheel hop on 385 did you get forty there's that it it's 35 minutes I mean yes we think of it is a long way here like that's. Oh my god that's a long way from downtown. But it's a completely other thing if you're trying to come from Cobb county and you're sitting in traffic and all the sudden it's an hour and a half two hours and I do. I can at least I intellectually understand the that is a big difference. There now amid the size works against you to some degree and I went yes but I do think like your larger point of it's kind of one thing like when you go to any realized like. And it's big city that doesn't have like a consistent five to rant I mean I don't know oftentimes see that in places that have transplant. And all I ask you about this so. What are your thoughts of India and presents the NFL and they released their schedule they basically make it like appointment daylight here's the data we're gonna released at all 32 schedules here it is like. Big day you obviously know that the Super Bowl champions gonna play on the first Thursday sometimes we'll announce that one game early but for the most part it's. They make it one big day in the and they try to own that day and how to run do to win loss records and schedule things that we would do. What do you like the way that the NBA does that where they kind of leaked out certain marquee games first you kind of find out little bits and pieces of a little bits and pieces of the schedule and obviously there's a big difference for an 82 games federal sixteen games scheduled to. NBA does. Yeah I don't mind it I don't mind a meanwhile in the middle of August and September were sort of looking for reasons like. Think about and there's across talk about the NBA a huge doses should show parcel and stuff out stretches about though we plan to solve this is just come sooner it's probably good com. You know give portable bites at the apple. And they're not out I don't prom with the way the NBA does that. It infamy purse I personal reasons why we should ranks who wield a longer on the whole schedule. Are important because every place to to public at the moment. But. My under and and with the whole schedule is not as really no bearing on white predictions he wants it right. It's more of a planning document four or forty US a pain and that it is something that's credited her what you it's gonna happen during the season a mark in the NFL. But I'm I'm ready for the whole schedule now that we've seen Leo this little little little little bit here. Arm I don't they've announced when they're gonna announce that the Mayo to grizzlies they thought it might happen tomorrow. It's be it seems like the only thing. I guess it made this is your point of planning the only thing that you'd like to see from the schedule is it's not like a football schedule wreaking go down a college football scooter get on you pick twelve games. WL Padilla. On eighteen game season you can't really do that but. It is kind of nice to know like okay we'll win our orders got on well. I do what I've done for the last two or three years on the dude again this year but I don't know. Exactly when and exactly where yet because I don't know why I don't think I can wait a we'd like since September. On the daily and at the end but I do a consumer's guide to the homes got on what I do is I'll take all 41 games. I'll do one paragraph on on the game and I'll do sorry you want to force ours and it's not about winning and losing it's about entertainment value yes it is about. If you're gonna bicycles single single game tickets or if you have season tickets you share someone you do Michael little internal draft like the lottery and you want to install look at like. You know obviously I look at Friday Saturday night's purses vs weekdays I'll look at whether teams are coming to town once or twice. I'll look at you know special occasion game's opening night in the OK except truck. I'll look at in a playoff potential playoff implications I'll look at conflict like this this and it's just on eight. College football Saturday were the tigers error play and at home. Is clear is there a particularly notable like tight or basketball road game that's at the same time. You know. It will be a couple years goes election night was ruled there was a game on election night you know and so we don't. I sort it all those factors in the play and try to have on what that's all right that again but I may wait. A couple weeks to do it. I know Lester is not really a fair comparison because of the way that the season played out but. In general as someone who watched the NBA and someone who consumes the NBA at a high level. What did you make of the changes the schedule last year Odyssey starting a couple weeks earlier they did I do feel like they were largely successful in getting rid of the resting problem as so they believe. Oh look at that and as did the NBA needed to scale back the back to backs and the four things of our diets and all that the 45 game road trips. They needed to scale all that down and the easiest way to do that would be to code to shorten the actual scheduled I don't we did wanna do that. And so who have not actually shortened number games. Added a couple weeks into the season and then adding breathing room I think was the right thing to do I prefer that. Then these same schedule is shorter guards. You find yourself quite. When they win season tips earlier in October like for me it's always been. A big time juggling act especially. That's primetime like when fought all based like the middle October's when football really steps up their game they basically give me one game every single day for right. A month and a half straight. It really was like typical for me to kind of get in the NBA especially. I'd are the grizzlies warriors game the thing the first one home was on like a big time college football Saturday and you're kind of going back and forth and so for you who supported focuses on bass well it's not much but it. Maybe not as difficult a day of proposition but did you find yourself when it started earlier we still. And a well ready to go for me it's other factors that partly be a parent and partly being not just people aren't sportswriter so used to be more arts and culture writer as well. So I. To me I always hate that the timing of the NBA season. Because eight would coincide with Halloween a lot of RS and like I got kids are trying to do what bat out and that is to like. Five games on the first night it will also have backgrounds with multiplier be the week it would be the weak dollar right. The week after her bed in the Memphis home that's why every year yeah I find myself having to do the grizzlies preview Soria in the Memphis review story like literally at the same time. And try to balance those two things and so for me personally I'm glad they moved it up it doesn't interfere with those two things in my life. And that I you know I'm anxious for the season we giggled anyway and so I'm I'm all for the the NBA I think mostly you're around activity they did. Although leak was running the risk of kind of becoming repetitive and almost inevitable. It is weight with a few of the shake ups we've seen this year is like OK I'm at least curious to see how some of these things look where is that I don't think had. Had some of these moves that we've seen in the offseason incurred I don't know if I would I don't think anything is shaken the idea that the warriors are just like in Ireland or or. Or beyond everyone else may be even more so. But I think there's more regular season intrigue going into the season in the last season. I I think the pool of teams. That could be in the finals has gotten bigger. I think you have you know LeBron James the best players generation of change seems. Why Leonard who both for last year was a top five player in the league is change teams and so. I think this is a more intriguing regular season as we approach it did then maybe the last couple years. Appreciate your time Chris look for any back tomorrow with Jeff when Geoff returns to the studio. After six and of the daily meant in we come back. We got big time Daley met in second hour energetic towards a step in studio were taught tiger football tiger basketball and more generally comes in here. Right on the Jeff blockage or 99 FM ESPN's. It's the final days of the power might fail as a match is burned. But some of our best selling that Jesus had unbelievable prices of the beacon has incredible savings on you. 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Military members are eligible to receive a discount off Cornell and Cornell services contact Kordell and Kordell to schedule an appointment with one of our firm's Memphis and turn this on line and Kordell Kordell dot com 6000 poplar avenue suite 225. Memphis Tennessee 38119. What makes a champion. Who makes. Changing too. I'm James Andrew Miller bestselling author and host of the Dodgers series Arjun Singh. And I'll disease argues is back. Newest chapter margins in the gym it's saving and Alabama's crimson time. Mean this three episode eventually I'm brings you inside the mind. Arguably the greatest coach in the history of college for. Career look into seems journey from playing Peewee football in the hills of West Virginians. We can troops. We'll open up seeded bag of tricks including a deep examination political process that's ongoing it's a working. Progress all the content you'll find this incredible shocker when you search margins for James Andrew Miller an apple podcasts or wherever you download your pots. Margins for the champions premiering August. Six domestic. Still Stewart body shop is the best body shop in town. They've got the original location of 2916 summer avenue and they've also got Joseph Stewart collision collier golf family owned and operated since 1969. And they've been voted in Memphis most best car repair shop. For the last five years running their certified by Mercedes-Benz BMW Acura and Honda but they can work on any make or model. Take your car for Joseph Stewart body shop because taking your card anywhere else would be an accident. Still mouths watering array of voting guilty he's he's he's a good yeah I don't I don't think his restaurant only fifteen dollars. The best place to get right thing. Is that may think this is the director is Google TV studio this. Isn't a legendary dad tears cause he goes through regions assess their. Submitted bids from their home this trip and Christie alimony and on the Tuesday in Sante dairy drinks and he feels he can look good start tone. Now 829 FF 688 M 929 Yeah. Today's special guest host Jeffrey. And showed it Jordan joining us in the studio downtown Houston cover the tigers forget tiger when he forced them. As far. On the daily meant the end should be starting here in the next month or so yeah. Entire football practice he's always on the drive on tiger recruiting. Does the almighty god against idiot it. Yeah I'm crime by your haven't lost our first time in studio. What does he do I was learning how he did have plans to Jordan in the flash intensity issues like. Did you go to get a studio and I. A muscle like it's like out invite only procedure hello no no weak U. We do the flow and just so. Because very usually third Mac and all we're usually begging people please come on there's got to do please come on the show and it's. How men that it becomes like it becomes a burden I was reading that Germantown news this past week in the road they've got RW will publish the jet Sunday or day out of date they were really disappointed at their sports editor left them for the daily meant the end and oh yeah I mean so they lost a real talent and Jonas move down to the Daley men I love the Germans. Cash outs and a so congratulations on the new gig we haven't seen you since that's yeah I didn't even know is allowed to come in Sierra being here almost every spot is not as dawn. No we always just a phone because it so young men like specially when you're trying to be like. Okay we need you bet ten when he married EJ nine Tony five they liked. You never really know where he would schedule C just end up doing you know doing Foner just because it's usually someone can at least carve out fifteen to twenty minutes. For someone so we usually have been valid and certainly not a it's certainly not a invitational this has dotting. This is not exclusive club are let's start first year of course we'll get into organs and tiger hoops news but. I've been seeing a lot of people on the interwebs occur they're. That they're craving. So tiger football news into mean I'm pretty much the biggest quarterback play. Snob in the world so obviously to me the biggest question for the tigers coming to coming into the season is what exactly is. The situation right now the tigers quarterback position. Welsh Brady YE right now he's nor were the ones alive. He's a really good. At times then I think you're right now they're showing consistency in those spots wrong when they do moral really good he said yesterday that he hasn't been ingrained in settings. He's had his moments and I think he's been a little harder on himself a pretty light for the most part have been the better or so far and and then yesterday. Even more came out had a little bit better practice on freeways being. He struggled and some reds and stuff but he bounced back pretty easily I right now. It's a real competition people keep asking me hey is this like oh today promised free wiped his heart is a competition. My general sent it in heat he's going to wait to name a starting quarterback until. One of them earns it and neither of them were averted yet. Yeah I think oftentimes. People. Fans and what not think of recruiting is a little different than it is for instance I find it very hard to believe. That knowing what I know about my doorbell he went into Brady YE and said the jobs yours. Now I think my doorbell also knew quite well and I'm not trying to consult any young man. Because of his knowledge of Brady why I think he knew if he got Brady white to come. The odds are overwhelming that Brady white was going to be as quarterback because if not. You risk way too much drama bringing in a kid. If you if you're putting and it puts the kid in a bad situation in my or fell by all accounts seems to really like Brady right away from the field even but not so. I can't foresee a situation where he put the kid in awkward position the same time if you're my doorbell you know when you go to get Brady white he's going to be your guy. Let's break light comes inning and is it your embryos like you're putting yourself in position in that study that's not the same thing as saying paid. The jobs of course I just don't. Think there's any coach in the country who's more familiar with pretty light then keep on him and RO. Those two guys no way he. And you minority candidate and I might or recruit them there's a good knowledgeable with him then Herm Edwards probably that's what her lord high. I don't know what this means like they look at the Jefferies for his terms there I think there is a good luck. Good luck quit date. Mean his quarterback coach left and it was. You're prisoners from French peer maybe. The holes that I mean I mean all seven to turn over and he didn't feel comfortable so I went to a place he felt comfortable. And they no way he can do but I also think they're comfortable with enough with it more to say okay. If this guy doesn't work out he's an immense talent we can mold them we can do things with them we've also this I we've been preparing for three years he's very intelligent quarterback. Who maybe a little inconsistent but opens up the playbook or what more can move all of a better. He's he's really fast he can make plays on us the history he 120 yard game and will like you should have been sacked so. I think that they were comfortable there options but they also create competition that is something they want it every single position no matter if you're for your starter might. True on tape. My girls had 22 days ago that two run tape is being pushed by Obey has it for search. And he's been here for a time. He started for a long time any plays a lot of snaps so competition. It's only maker that's why they brought pretty light and I think. And in fairness. If you're Mike or well. You need there especially to be like when you don't have I return. You need it you need everyone to feel like. There was a clear open competition in whoever got the spot. Everyone can sit there and everyone's in agreement because ever on some practice ever insult scrimmage as a result ever that agreement and yes he should be playing. To meet one of the worst like almost like unspoken things that cantata tiered team apart we always talk about like a locker room cancer something. To be one of the of the things that. They can really tear team apart really quickly is when a coach decides that one player is his guy. And doesn't really. Let the play of the players decided and then that causes ate whole line. A friction between. Especially like just in the players because then you start having some guys think this guy actually played other guys think that that guy should be playing. And then ages that can really rip you apart. Mean that's what happened with that. Or was it when he thirteen Memphis Tigers team with over Sherman's a nice lunch I mean I've heard stories about our guys right. It characters are factored in should be starting and then. I mean how many Puente was proven right in the end but I think that definitely was something that intranet team throughout. Season wolf there's a cushion especially if you're you know if your fifth year senior and you've survival Larry Porter and you realize that. Hey man we got some better players on this football team this isn't as bad as we have been. And you know that Paxson was coming in and Paxson was taking his launched a young quarterbacks do. If you're in your last year I can see easily Wear your life. Man Jacob doesn't turn the ball over like I don't know of Jacob can make all the throws faxing can in fact Jacob probably can't. But I can completely understand where they're like man we just need like just play Jacobs so we can win six games in May be. It's old ball game or something just give us some type of good taste. In the end like you also completely understand what Justin Fuente did like it was way bigger for the program. To have packs a lunch take his lumps becomes the first rounder and now you can prove to other quarterbacks in the country doesn't matter right. Paxson doesn't mean you don't want to be successful in the NFL you can just sit there import two quarterbacks like you can go in the first round if you come here and to me that's more important work hurting anything. Yeah and that's something they still point eight. Actually my interest here he went on to be a first rounder Riley Ferguson was here. He didn't go on your first rounder but look at the success he's had like news here as well it's funny that yet it happened. He had a hassle it is here and he. They you could argue news statistically one of the better quarterbacks in the nation this year I can't believe you didn't get drafted honestly because. I wonder. And they had to be something that core I hate that not only are like inside shoulder something I think a lot of people right now are bumping and this correct the other but it looks as if there they're saying okay. I saw a quote the other day from abroad as offensive coordinator. Of Paxson when trying haven't learned eight plays well as Memphis that's why he's on. And it's time well Riley Ferguson didn't have to do that it was a it's a lot different underwriting or well. But I think he's pumped into the same category of OK this guy he decreed he's not going to. He's not or we will learn the playbook because he went to Memphis. Or it's also weird. Reality NFL because like when scouts decide that someone is something. They kind of decide that so Princeton's. The same knocks were the same Knox and shared off. They did the Knox for Jared golf Dick never called a play. Chertoff never called a place starting an eight great I never called a play throughout high school never called a play throughout. Throughout college. And then no one just raised his hand it was like a gold CM in the pocket like. He stands pretty told a pocket he throws a really good football like. And everyone just kind of starts to have to just think all these things matter in football that don't end. When in reality this may say less about someone's knowledge of an office and more just about. So they actually it's like for instance like Paxson lynch may just be a different bird the rally Fergus yeah like I it is it's you know I just always dieters figures it. The height thing a lot of people suggested that no quarterback over 66 is ever really. Had an apt and true successful long run well NFL here's the promise. XX and so immature this Brock onslaught at all. That they do a good 67 Beverly that yeah but but he didn't Isa active. Yes but actions actions biggest problem that that was started out that eEye knows our I'm sorry packed reason room there and Tyson's biggest problem is maturity he'd rather now be doing stuff off of those friends and in doing his public that's always been a knock compacts and he's been an out of town people up until he got as someone who is very shortened attempted to play quarterback. Being tolls not the problem being short is a proud Papa and let me say lighting sets a good point you are being hole isn't a problem like now. You don't have to for instance if you have a tall quarterback you do not have to structure your offensive line. Any way different like for instance you don't have to have shorter guards are shorter sinners because you need to create throwing lane I get it and you don't need to have. Different types attacked a prison if you can just who everything the best available tackle as you can get that everything the best available guard isn't it that best available senator you can get back. Guard on the other side attack what you can do that. If you have a talk quarterback. The problem is most of these guys that we've seen that are really tall really suck yeah and they really. Like guys taller sucked in college like. I mean do Roethlisberger out of these 67 but he's every bit as 66. Like he seems to have gotten by. Again I just don't think I it to me like the only thing it's like you noticed with. You always heard this would breeze like when he talked a football people they whenever you have breeze and your team who I think is still the most on quarterback to watch in the NFL. But you do have to build eighteen differently dike yet to have different guards like the weighted the way they build it fried. But you're willing to do that is yet reports so speaking of degrees. Strange you bring up. Brady riding over any bribe he has a freshman quarterback that now. AM AA they really see him as a true beauty breeze like telling you all know shorter by ten out of eleven dot. It can really rip and it must now going to be as good it is Drew Brees and he will one day beat anyway it's like ease the kind of guy. In that vein. He's a shorter guy. They think he's really ahead of weary should be for freshman it's wanton way is on for Texas writes from Texas top and Texas are respect that they're going with the Drew Brees compares and that way they get it out early on. You get out early I think your way expectation you avoid joining hands all comparisons and you avoid bigger mayfield there's hot and I like that party affairs and soft baker head since. Back is in the amended the running back what's really got yet Darrell Anderson had a couple long registry he added about when you're thirty pounds on to help them break tackles even though he was one of probably the best. If not the best one of the best. A running backs after contact who gain yards after contact last year so he's just trying to get better and better. I think he's been unstoppable Patrick Taylor's been great. He had a couple long walk wrong all broken runs the other day. Tony callers look great I mean that it's the usual suspects the guys from last year on an inch on the ice has really come on. He can monitor in the last year was going in use yes AC AC championship game he was fantastic and now he's you know even better practice. All right now let's go on to basketball of course the big news of the week. It appears. It appears that not only is James wise an a role that he's he's now taking classes as these course we always know. The big news with DJ Jefferies officially be committed from Kentucky. It isn't out there is a visit will be the weekend of Memphis madness. When you look at when you look at both of those two events independently what do you think is the bigger news for Memphis. Managing staining of staying in Memphis is a big deal and I never really thought he leave I know some other people are sort of boring you hear that. Always prep schools still wanna Mullen is admiral or in the nation but I really do think he wants to be in Memphis right now I think has been only once and have been emphysema moved here from Nashville. Why I moved here from Nashville right if you're just gonna send them across the different private school yet living Sox to yet moving is terrible it's all lower staged this even if you're living in town still sucks is its guests awful so why shoot him across the nation. Win you just moved here. But I mean not you'll hear it. You'll hear hurry classifying thing until it's too late for artery classified you'll hear at a prep school thing until he either does it or it's too late formed to go to prep school. I mean I DJ Jefferies and wanting to take in Memphis visit is a big deal let's way formed it is scheduled because right now. No date has been set for Memphis banners I think they're planning on it to be dead. That October 17 through nineteenth date but there are waiting on the grisly schedule. And vineyard once they get that schedule you hear about a bunch of business because I'm pretty sure they wanna bunch of guys and that why wouldn't I answered going to be huge event. You or more up to date on NCAA rules that I am because it's been and got a superiors at our record. To me I've always. Just kind of knowing the way that any views the program understanding. That any knows that. Momentum in big moments or huge especially if you're trying to get a a program off the ground. What a hard day for instance it always makes sense to me that they're clearly trying to make Memphis madness one of the biggest things possible. Green tea leaves you don't seek it from Kentucky to get all Mets don't. I why do you say almost as good program Kermit Davis is one of the better coaches in the country. He's he he would have gone he would have had a chance to go to Ole miss any if any Katie were still there. Almost would be in Hungary spot and a reason Memphis is it an even better spot we have. DG Jeffries is it I don't know man who has been there. I agree with you but at the same time. It's close disaster as it is facility at the same add K you're giving all the reasons almost will get. I would also say this like if you had the opportunity I keep your gonna go play in the SEC you know the opportunity get played Kentucky. Well here's what happened with you saw what did you seeded Kentucky needs it yesterday they got they got they Newt as as scary I believe said eloquently they or plays DJ Jefferies with a five star. Yet and they get a loan and all of and they were getting those guys were there DJ were there. I think that's fair those two guys are going to be Kentucky alongside Vijay Jefferies why not go to and almost where he can be a star. Why not why nine term because oil is always busy you know who else will be there. He should have a top thirty point guard who is going to be there with them on his visit if that's sold its work out. And he should have in our column if he goes if he goes almost for those story why isn't one of the better programs in the SEC. And they did you consider the same thing for Alabama and Alvin he's gonna go another five are with you enemy's cities say he's gonna go to fox arson. State there's definite question Howland is done and I'm Alice Peru and saying get big time players but most of them have come from a deed is programs and so. I just look at with DJ. I find it very hard to believe. All believe Ole miss starts landing three great players don't want to say. What I see it and there's two reasons why I'll believe that number one I've seen it yet. I've seen a lot of coaches and number two. I don't think that almost has the full commitment to basketball necessary. To land I think that. A lot of people Mississippi one seat moments. It's been that way for a long time and he has been. And ever Ayatollah auto several most people. He is the guy when you guys okay V one out of Mississippi they are able to get the ones and he's ever since 2014. Mississippi State has gotten a warranty one at number one and number two prospects of this in Mississippi had been dominated. Yes and I've been since I would I think I got there and 2013 and they'd absolutely dominate once they got so early governor gray they doubt I think it's gonna I think they're trying to change narrative they could trying to change of a DJ. I get an idea why you say that but I think he wants to find the best situation possible and that it include playing with other guys are very talented and I did not say he's not going Memphis I think he's forest say he should go to almost aren't as I just think people shouldn't discount them because of who they've been in the past and they should think of who they could be under Kermit what he's trying to do. I agree with you on that it's just when you also look at the meek Kermit Davis and Andy Kennedy are very similar. In that they've all based. Kermit been better. But Eddie was kind of very good at. Putting together a team of toys that didn't fit. And Kermit has always done that in TSE like you look at like what he's but he's very good at that and so to me like that's. One of the big reasons why I think all missed our current Davis is they realize you know it TK 83 or four times is basically one win away. From going to the NCAA tournament and if he would've gone to the NCA terabyte twice. We're right having the discussion of who the new Ole miss coaches this year like we won't it would have just been Andy Kennedy. But I find it very. I find it. To me it just seemed in India you can tell a moron like you appears that you think that DJ Jefferies. Is way more open in this then. Certainly it. Maybe the perception is I think that they are. They've taken a step back and they're going to evaluate opportunities present themselves I don't think. That's necessary say Memphis and you can I do think that the seasonally but I don't think that somebody could never take them. Anything can happen on official Elizabeth something that I'm people anything else really hurt her realized that's why. When train and offered to rice's visit he's going to take your visit to Alabama anything can happen on that visit he's gonna take a visitor. Who who those are also take his visits but I know probably I'll be able to wonder who knows what happens angels take his official losers who knows what happened. Things change very quickly. And one more thing moments. We in cases that as the greatest coaching duties and watch just he did that he did. Wonder radar he what are you gonna header Jared Jordan of the daily meant in at underscore Jenna Jordan we're back practicing up Brad. Yes let's let's do that I needed a button or we yeah I Bulger does this in the break com. A scan someone's gonna Nash who wanted to go ahead. Let's go to that stuff like Jay said edged down to get a full program here on 9189. F and ESPN. I could pull up the right thing about I did this but now. It's those closing argument. OK so let's go to next go to expire Medigap. The ESP gamble join Jason and Jon at 1145 Paul I'm bumped to talk college football chat about 25. It's a detail what we're about Myron falsely five for ball. Fun indeed did I should failure asset shaded area Ryan Glass-Steagall coming up from us the big lead series back out. Is going to join the TV showed 530 it was Jeff that it's 5 o'clock. If you had its target for Brad. For Brett Carson for Janet George for Chris Cairns and sport Baghdad Holmes sports Geoff Calkins is Jeffrey rice and I can't make way for real valid. Jason shots coming up next. The official ready to nine FM ESPN radio dot com Matthews and anytime anywhere and saved us today on the professor and at least one Bartlett. Tell them best man this is sports station. Strayer university when you're already there with you so get it America this destroyer that edu. 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