Guest Host Jeffrey Wright -- Hour 1 with guests Geoff Calkins, John Martin, and Dan Devine

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, February 21st

Jeffrey Wright starts the show by welcoming Geoff Calkins to the show to discuss his thoughts on The Commercial Appeal's story on the declining revenue of Memphis Tiger football and basketball, Mark Cuban's comments about the Mavericks' need to tank, and the best moments from the Winter Games. Next, Jeffrey welcomes John Martin to the show to discuss Cuban's comments and the declining revenue for Tiger basketball. Then, Jeffrey closes the first hour by welcoming Dan Devine of Yahoo Sports to the show to discuss the allegations of sexual assault against the Dallas Mavericks, All-Star Weekend, and possible changes to the playoff format.


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The award winning Jeff cook here. Geoff Calkins you know hey here. 8209 S. ESPN. See you wherever you may be temporary right sitting in board job Dawkins. Joining me on the show today about harder ground across the glass is begged Doug Bennett could dead body what sounded good to have you here by god that he had no usually. Strap it into the chair he is I'm glad to be kept it all where they Iron Man with a 99 Iron Man. Let's let's say oh don't appear on the program as we mentioned. Jeff Hawkins in young John. South Korea who's gonna join us here momentarily we're gonna discuss. A story that margin not a has update commercial hill dot com about the revenues of the football and basketball programs. Of the University of Memphis will also Olympics will also get. Just thoughts on the fact that Mark Cuban. I got to imagine is basically saying exactly what he wishes. May be Robert pear wood six. We'll discuss that when he joined this year momentarily. We'll say what mark even set exactly John Martin. Is the co host of the show the Ben is the executive producer of that is Jason and John Kerry's. A role in here about 925. We'll talk some groups with John and more Dan DeVine of course it does an outstanding job covering the NBA or Yahoo! Sports. On Twitter at your man nobody's gonna join us at 945. We'll talk all things the NBA would Dan what it stands thoughts on the big weekend if we'll get Dan's thoughts also on the comments from Adam silver. About the possible playoff format as well. As he won and done that format Chris Harrington gonna join us. At 1001 as he did each and every week day for the 901 it's a no one will talk. In be able thought 901 need music fest lineup is out we'll discuss that with Chris as well and then excited. To have Joey brackets on it 1025 Joseph and already gonna join us. During the bottom part of the second hour we'll discuss all things are Brack analogy with the professor and self but now Bennett. Your mind. That at the Olympics on impeached it. Yeah an abundance. We now welcome on command then did. He commercial bills leads or Thomas is the host of this paper every day. Always on Twitter. Jeff underscore Paul gives Jeff good day sir how are you. Well I was just there are a lot of press but just I'm just running for a posh. Had McDermott bobsled. And it's midnight came and I was. Well indicated by the shift and so I'm. So they got I'm. Revenue basic Olympic athletes. You do good road that I realize Layden LA I didn't whom we we can't together it was. And in instead of you're discussing like you could exercise that you need to lose weight like I could exercise. Mortgage rate that is god awful like it was like some little soil water and l.s like. Now I don't I don't actually consider those sorts. Of blood if you want the thing is that. If you're gonna do it you gotta do boat. They equipped you were you. Idea I've ever been successful look. I mean. I think thank you just society to lose weight is in saint. You have to work out because illegal hand blush because then you feel better about. This year yeah I you know but you're more likely to you welcome your children or whatever so. But this is not my peak right now they recruit at a time that if you look at bosh it's been best. And a half hours at a time screens near and so anybody who they are overweight adults. Very well what are discusses the year is the barge hit out of Purdue program. I stated beat writer for the commercial appeal he has a story up a commercial deal dot com right now. About the revenues of the Memphis tiger and Memphis gerchas an insider football team and that desire rational team now for those that are are. A little confused is the B. Financial year that ended in 2017. So it did not include last ball all season it was the previous holes. Basically nortel's first year and it's also cut its urged. Correct right yes that is that is yeah. So basically an and the news is essentially that. You should read this story to really sort without star clusters. Revenues were down of football. Which we do. And actually not because of it's really can go listen navy did come but yet. I'm beautiful or you'd hit a huge sellout sure. Listen and you had to say pretty near sellout trinity and two years ago. That was not a signature game. And so I think more than anything that's why football that would hurt out. And then dunked the ball revenues were down on how I am. 'cause the contribution. Actually rent battle revenues were up. 'cause of the NCAA swear here and so travellers they got a lot of NCAA money. But contributions. Were down one point one million dollars. Which in an email and it was explained it was because people. The contributions that are associated received a church so basically. It's what we've set when you hired new coach. You're supposed to get. Eight ball a bump and enthusiasm. Upon the ticket sales. A bump at all that. And Wimbledon. And that and can't be good not resulted in a new pump. He's resulted in one point one million dollars. Will come decrease in Lebanon and contributions to. So loudly the guts of Australia I think it was an opinion about it was that they. So they still to come on credit they still doubts about chip. Which is remarkable. But they get it largely. Out of my numbers correct. More than fifteen million dollars in student fees. And and director institutional support. And with the potential players like universe but could you not getting. Forty million pound yes Nancy stage and it took very different. But I do remember a time when they're dealing portrait in million dollars. For cash that university. Like that money all that. Could be going. Look at all their factory implement and that department of physics and then out but that's money each that news and you know students to use. Justin's really wanna be paying you know can use to sports football program but real to you now. And address institutional support. Obama that's just you know you look what she's concerned for example that the numbers are dramatically. Or march. In terms of their characters as usual and social sport a lot of that is just part of being a program at this level and not having met their conference Shaq. But it's still as I can understand why you know we expect remember I know. I know some of them who listen to this show. And it's got to be sort of galling to them bit. 59 dollars is being poured into. Athletics that extra money that could be going anyway. It seems to me that there are the most troublesome thing that the triple thing was a product of schedule high. I don't think it was really a product of decreased enthusiasm. One point one million dollar last and in contributions toward Russia and you duke you do that in a cup of you know the money that they're not getting from the summit horrible east. And pretty soon you're talking about real box and it's when you ought to get outspent them make a change you want to gain of Euro blah blah blah. But it's when you do the math oh. How much it's costing us verses how much would it cost did not come. That's when did you begin to see that a joke at a. Actually I've the other thing I thought that was. A little bit worrisome is the fact that. Both tiger football and tiger basketball. The programs are operating at a huge deficit that both of them like. Probably football. League football may need. I think so I think it was six million in revenue. Her gums are five billion revenue and then it they spent fourteen million in the basketball may I think six million revenue spent by like. The fact that both of them. Our operating near to build thousands forced to leave that really like shows to your your your larger point of interest. We always what. Always will but close you've got to pay for. 85 scholarships right and so all the scholarships surcharge is expensive studio. Oh so you've got to ignore this level of expenses and football that you don't have. I. And then. You know I'm and they just don't have an stripping cook so that. Oprah but you're certainly no SEC chat but there's also that they can't guarantee. 60000 people whatever so football is and always lost money. And the key there is to just try to lose left. Ready to try to get the position where you're losing last year beginning hopefully over time if you continue to win. To come closer and closer to bridge either. But the calculus argued to beat at football lost money and ask already this month. Right up until argues today until the the big changes in basketball. But it's no longer raking in money and and a probable cause it was the Boca it was a financial bulk cash it was it was touted I don't regret and obviously. Okay. You of course listening to Jeff Hawkins said Geoff live from John John. South Korea Jeffrey Wright sitting here in studio and then speaking of losing but the good kind job. Did you see you like Mark Cuban had to say about. What he told his team about tanking. I didn't. It was really have oversaw those. Mark Cuban has long supper probably should fumbled astonishing story by historical on. Culture. Central harassment. Which was just done. About something because this is a little bit totally none of this stuff he appreciated every line of work whether it's. Show business or whether it's. I'm finding and so whatever it is baby badly. It's still fairly. It was the details of the story or thriller comedy. How grotesque the level of harassment want. So. I'm I wouldn't be a little we'll have to. To praise. A Mark Cuban to dramatically. They have all day. And yet what it should that was remarkable. I actually kinda hard to believe eSATA. Because they're gonna podcast and as he is saying he's got Adam silver won't like yes but he made it perfectly clear he says. It is our best interest attending an anomaly that. He said he told the team that is you can't keep our whole team guy. Better off if you lose a game. And I don't accrual. Yeah him. Telling the team that. Other team he meant players. Hourly improvement act like I. Look at that we've got a long I don't think tank unit but could apply it there's. So. And I'm sound she treated me that out loud what. Having had that. You're absolutely right. You can't we've certainly can't hack but he's absolutely right. It is the best way to get good now on a it and it's just sort of striking. You know Mark Cuban. Clearly. Be a little too obviously. About what the best way to improve it is. Making the grizzlies and not just on the opposite. And I'm glad that I hope that they do the opposite. In their dealings with creamy ultimate problems and so hot bet is to their credit. It it's it can pitch and it just more or we go along you know how come. If speaker of the American. They can load them. Try to be good and so whatever for whatever reason they're the elegant if still in it and. I don't know are we to believe but looking at the groupings. Profits history that they had a single smartest thing in employee. Or. Are we maybe to believe that. If Mark Cuban and there. He recognized it as a way to go on it might actually Buehrle got off and I would suggest that probably haven't. Close to the true competitor that I don't stop she says there's glumly if you get that are typical totality. Of their patents that made public people here. Yet at this is this is all on the house call with doctor. Like I just had dinner with a bunch of our guys the other night and here we are you know we were competing for the playoffs I was like what. Losing is our best option students that I ask Adam Adams sober would hate hearing that but at least. Them and I explained what our players were going to beat this summer ICU and I explain what our plans were going to be this summer that we're not going to tank again. This was like a year and a half taking and that was too brutal for me but being transparent. I think that's the key to being a kind of players' owner and having stability. I mean it's true I'll ask we hold that the players. Should be enough. And they shouldn't be. But it basically. Because. In the end it is a competitive that are. But I will tell you knew that if I were a player on the go Blix. Cable but what about a donated about our economy. I wanted to win and I mean I don't. I understand battle albeit a hockey team forever. And though. I I you know I. I had to go to get a irritated my teammates brought up to seventy strictly ordered result of it I only go to. But I wanna be good in the and better and certainly under the that it regardless of the got. I guess that's the only issue like I've. I think for me it would be okay well how long is my contract. Because it bottom line and expiring deal. So clearly it's your year pure play out that yeah a totally different actually but I. I'm here for the next year's dominant. I'm in complete agreement he because to me the things always are even the least favorite teams that I played on where the teams that were just. Like remarkably mediocre. Because. We just weren't going anywhere it was just like. To need that fell. That felt way more on that that was way more like disheartening and playing on the bad seems like at least I knew the bad teams like okay well. You know this as an end in the night and we can hit a reset button or something and even worse as the B I got that just wildly mediocre teams so right. How would I would at least like to have some hope. And the best way to have some hope. Is to lose. So good players and good players showed. That's why it's so striking. That the group we've quotes on the same topic. From god all of jerk. Things but other teams are willing to do that or not only to do. I guess the question would be why. I'm like why it is. Two major dollars since eagerness to me is not all just comments are either one of two things I don't really see a middle ground to meet they are either stupid. Or. There like completely disingenuous because. Either eight like the fact he's like well we don't think they you know we don't think what we're right there we're tied for the fewest games and you are right there. There's two differ I think that that was pop up. Comment. About how we're not willing to do stuff. The comment that they don't think they can get to about. Open the subset of that is is that we don't think we are partly because we're not willing to do what I would change or will it today. So what do we make about part of the quote now if you are gonna defend it you're excited. To Egypt believes. That there is. Who lined you don't cross. And in the interest of integrity. And be in the interest. Creating a culture of winning in your organization. I guess that's how you would decide and so we don't do what we need to do in order to be really. I cute that I know there are some of our listeners who believe that. I think it's complete craft. Today. Of all due respect by. And now I. What's they found out quite calmly on the or clicking in the play. I think they've got about what does little else. Yeah because because of other considerations. Where was he political integrity of that right. Could they wanted to. I'll I'll two whether it goes long term they thought it was good at April Mike. To be hot streaks. And before. I just feel good about those organizations that they otherwise in orbit however much. So they shut them that they could do everything they could do that greeted. So why do what I wonder what the result is essential sense that we think long term. But the alternative may be best stuff for the really helped create happy my account should cheer you make the same calculus long term or best stuff. Without cricket dot from the trapped this year. There's a difference to me this integrity they could just poppycock. And then three. A bit more poppycock is he winning losing culture just complete crap. It's it's what create a winning culture. News. We players awesome player personnel. You know you know it's A could A could be part obviously triggered that the San Antonio Spurs. I have. Debated couple losing culture the year that they finished. Low enough in the draft draft could not get or to do when Tim Duncan got spared the kind of change the culture. It's how we they won't do what I can you change the culture the next year it's really out and get a. Let's start player seemed to change the culture. And so getting stuck players is a way you. Change a culture why they're the Cleveland Cavaliers were really really fast. The bit about your brother yet they drafted a broad Janus did not have a plan to aid came and that culture change. Yeah and you don't know it happened after after they pick number one like two years in a row they got LeBron James again. And it turns out that after picking number one in the year before Jeff. They went to the NBA finals the next year. You go culture changed its custom made their. They've been able data left it to carry number one movie and yet they get good players and a culture magically improve here. Just incredibly weird how that worked all that losing US all of a bit about why I hope it doesn't actually make LeBron saw. Or curry saw it just makes you get. Who currently expect a love for the first time abroad it's just become a regular world so. It's infuriating and it does not surprised. But but there you go out so. Is it does show what you're up against and it shows why in the end. What did it would carry was fatally stupid I would literally standing get beat by a whole lot. Last I need at a reporter from the Washington Post ask a why didn't Google did not trick every guidance. Does that I had no after standard and South Korea has. But I just I just shattered dollar judgment explained. One year ago Harrington. He's got white sedan six. The good and there's no you know there's broker groups. Okay everyone let's say ought to ask you about because you're a hockey guy and I really do enjoy the crap and hockey I just don't have a teen summit like this weird spot. But last night my country's playing so I find myself rooting for of course the three letters US and a it's it it was a muscle like thinking like I understand they're the best players in the world but they were extremely likable bunch and it was. Like I I also their like alternate artist what you saw there was. They haven't been able to play basketball sent. And it's it's a and now it's. It actually reminded me and I covered go Olympic baseball team. The year they wanted to go at all. And there were some. Metric birdsaw yeah we can't we've sort of would have called it just sort of this. It's sort of fun they scratchy you know group of players. And out of guilders and the Czech Republic band you could sort of see that throughout of course the game but they go in a position to win. And. O'Neill hit a crossbar over it looked and it beat the goalie clearly. And cleanly and you know that would have been that. But I lost and took a and it locked in a shoot out and I don't think it's an accident that I didn't act. In the end to shoot outs in hockey and light shoot outs and so satellite in goal in soccer wasn't your actions underscore retire network finally get it it's hard to order beatles' good how to sort of brick what is going they're big and yet but yes cut the that is little wanna little sleazy people talk about all the time IQ what are usually people that bigger. The typical way that Barack search Edmund pat back search and argues corporate bought a boat. The the those being shut out and the Czechs got one goal. Actually came. Twenty years after and a very favorite game the Czech Republic where governor how Russia can about Canada and and a in a shoot out. Chris poor crew place for the US it was all the other shooters. Last night or earlier this march for me. But his debt rape or move on the shooter on the Canadian team that was stone by Dominic Ashbury district barriers. Is it perhaps not the metal. That's not a hockey medal even if they want to make it look at Olympic gold they were so much force Russia but it blasted by the rush. And a semifinal that baby they would want to grab a project. Hockey game that matters is the game birds taking place. For me tomorrow oh first pretty Hewitt and I could tonight. It try to navigate its tomorrow we'll wait I got it till 1 o'clock yours are what you want. Years futures and I know I'm in the future but it's 1 o'clock my time. But noted it's like oh yeah yeah yeah like at 11 o'clock tonight tree you. Yeah he's hello apart from that and. Ten he's usually when the yet I bed that night I think the hockey isn't usually starting around 10 o'clock our time PM. That's that's what I did Serbs to Montreal if you. Tonight at ten pan. The 'cause it in the end it is what I resent about. The current production is still look at should be. Got back to what is this the best spot slaughters the best. Well that led by athletes the best spoke ordered a cap pipers best wherever how it should be about. And for lunch like you don't have anything close to the best year. If you got it if you're going to do not looking NHL a lot of what you should do it's what they do or soccer. Which is that the best in under. If you look back and that's what they do now for permanent sacirbey look at our belief that they had like it's a disk it's what it under its. There you have the best of somebody anyway for the best play and others. But anyway so for the win then you've got a box like it's a battle ever. And it's this incredible rivalry. Between Canada the United States and IE I ain't it funny tomorrow today that I am. Spoke with tiger long after Dale Earnhardt junior yeah. Grateful that I'm missing out on the theory that whatever I want to have a sport and and it's gonna be painful for me illogical verdict or Canadians are gonna work. I would love of the American eleven oil and I educate better there stress mother as good as the Canadians so it's kind of cool but they have. It's been twenty years who took the last one what it would shut up shut out the last eight world check which we get well yeah and yet they don't when the gold medals themselves. I think it's cool for them not to Wear them. I think they are an admirable clutch I'd very much want it to where. And and it will. I'm I'm up I'm kind of happy at going to be distracted followed. Tokyo bureau. And the bobsled track mean this where he could debate so. So that's tomorrow. Well we thank you for your service in the your country thanks you for your service I heard her hair back. Geoff Calkins live from Yung Chang South Korea we come back John Gordon as the host of the Jason and Jon chill that's just thoughts on the decreased revenues that we are seeing in tiger athletics and more when we come back right here in the Geoff Calkins shed 99 FM yes in. 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What did you make of that court and admitted that he straight up. He's straight up told his team and you know he's on the record now is saying I strip told my team and losing is in our best interest this sucks. I don't plan for this to be a long term thing here's my plan we're gonna we're gonna tank this year but here's how we're gonna get better what did you make of the fact that he was actually willing to admit that. It's Smart like age you know for the bad it's the only way Aruba they had. Eighteen win. What's like the but the grizzlies. And baby are trying to maximize their drastic which is what the grisly should be doing I would love Robert pear to have that same of that conversation. With a bit is currently put. You guys know they think they have a lower. They think they have a ceiling and so. You know they're gonna just they're gonna play Tyreke and they they they didn't have confidence that they would be able outtakes became an. You know what maybe that's true but all I'll be in favor of giving them around their money who have been greatly hurt origin lived up making seven hitter Chad. Just because that everybody else that being the boulder starred some god never heard. Or guard obviously the sun and I'd get it out take your I got out thank we came. The bad you're not gonna give you get past. You know kudos go to have a weapon that show. Yeah bad I mean it's you know this is this is what happens when you don't have CIA. Warns Peru sort of one accord and bush degree we've dealt unfortunately. And you know you can excitement content that set up for in and perhaps it's a blessing. So yeah I'll keep watching the Florida mini gives them like they're not going to worry about like the playoffs the worst place to be. In the NBA. If the bill the lottery is big nose and to be there. And for slate tablet that's where the groups are going to be that they're bad they're picked a great player like Michael Porter junior Margaret bag clear. You can dark or somebody like fabric roads and end up with you know. Kevin knock. He did big shot there last that I decided it big second half against Arkansas. I I didn't want no part of Kevin hall. What I want to. I don't know how big this was not these are not my words but I did find myself nodding my head and agree that. One of my buddies who is a big big Kentucky fans said Kevin Knox feels like big guy that per share. Is out of the NBA in three years. That was that was his sort of got side. Yeah it what do you do a lot of the Kentucky fans like this guy right I easily. Yeah it feels to be like the gathered that Al I would ask you this though because all those same lines. Really starting to find myself like getting not just irritated I'm getting the point where I'm angry when I think about the situation because. To meet John challenger's comments agreed though thus sealing the floor comment but we need to put that to meet that comet is irresponsible. And it's irresponsible because. Eight your whole idea is this say long term vision and it is this idea that well we're just gonna try and it's not thinking about doing what's best for the franchise. It's it's this kind of idea of well we're just gonna kind of try to figured out as we go. That's that's a big problem and especially when you consider the fact that the grizzlies ownership has extreme questions about it. The rosters aging. He considered the front office issues like all of these issues. Like that's a big problem to me the fact that there is no long term vision into the idea that is irresponsible and the more and more than they dig in. Angrier angrier I get. Can you talk me off a slight. Yeah I would say you know reloading I'll tell you that in that event locals say. You know that's what the Sri here you know I'll think they anywhere in. Near expected. I have Mike might to be in a position where they were firing David says bail. You know I've just don't you know where he had. He had march relationship got off. Operate the port where they had to make a choice to die nobody ever expected or anticipated. To be here especially when you get that are always evident for. And they were being held in the the first 23 weeks we've seen and it looked like one of the better games in the NBA league. Well I don't start 51 start I think there were seven and four with. Yeah wins over the rockets on whenever those of the warriors yeah. Yeah I mean so like I mean it looks good you know what might look healthier or at least played. It looked like you know I agree completely. You know Bob Dylan Brooks you know coming up the bears their second unit was terrific it looked like they were working in their you know. As plain terms how can happen the bottom bog out yet to make some decision then. In LBF fire is built so I can I can. Art in them or not necessarily having a a you know long term play and you know about this year because. You know you you'd yet they have revised I doubt I will say though once it becomes clear. Which is it is it became clear to date what they fired David Goodell. You know it might November like your best option now this even without it LB might ugly. It could just take entered the food every day of the rest of the season because again you're drastic so few and far between. That the when you do have this sudden this summer you need to capitalize and make the most. Bad. You know and lest they just are so brilliant with where they pick. Which would be you know in the first round. You know a first for the gravely. It's going to be tough to see that happen it. I think my biggest problem is I completely agree with you like I understand the fact that hey it's it's difficult after the start that they had. And when you consider EO Mike and mark and you you're seeing is taking you know like I completely understand that they thought they had this plan. But my point is. You were given this golden opportunity you're given this opportunity. To have an out liar type season. Where you had the opportunity to put yourself in a tremendous spot. To get a franchise type player. And now you are seemingly. Making moves making actual intentional decisions. That are. Hurting that an Aggie makes no sense to me it's like being given a lot you know being given a scratch off lottery ticket. And then you know somehow being like well one. I want 45 grand. But I think I can sell this to somebody for thirty grip like I it makes no sense to me like it there's no decision making process and it's just. That's what's driving me insane are now. Yeah I mean like they are they are to where are I think part of that apology or say yeah I didn't hear it I heard about it. But. I think part of that Rodgers totally step right yeah it's great diary like they've they didn't take the deal out. You know you have to justify that rationalize that somehow some way and that that's how they did it every bit they're there at the floor could have been. You know I came away and if you trade Barry you know I did eagle I got a good idea what you're bored out of what you make it you can major or whatever day it. You don't widget so you're Staley but you definitely control your floor. The group which could have done that they could have. They could have turned what would have been you know 4345. When whatever they end up you whip. Echoes Beckett got shot on eighteen their future retiree. We're Cusack without a shadow of about. But they they did and they could and yeah regards that. You know that that that makes a bit more essentially they've been like that. Yeah. I did in the last thing on ask you about so. Marciano has his story out today. About tiger basketball revenue and the big the big cat that nugget from the story is. Basketball. Ticket revenue donations giving just the overall though the people that pay the money. You know whether it be to get the better seeds weathered need to adjust to contribute to the program that number is down one point one million. Under in tubby Smith's first year we don't even have the number for this year John that. Man when you think about that. How how does how does and we're talking about spends and how does Memphis and that's. I'll they Bangalore graded schedule and where. Had to wait it out as a year you know they get Najaf hard disk and you gave out. You know that's even getting better. And you know I just can't get behind back then you know why you let this. They're sixteen and eleven. And that's better than anybody would have ever expected them to be I think people most expect them to be educated well the detention or sixteen and all that. And so yeah I think thought you know. I love how you look at this seat and not think amazing progress in the bag. And I'll actually. You know I'm not worried about the money. I'm not worried about that bill the deficit about making money on your one Fayette yet a department that. Can ever be profitable are a lot wayward but that would outlaw about building a culture. And they're building a page. You know proud good eight PR foundation and and you know recruiting guys that may be otherwise when they're at opportunity to play at an NBA facility. And that's what we do admit that's where hospitable and very giving community. And obviously if it's that. Hannity so if you're worried about money. You worry about making money about the book god that listen you're you're you're you're not thinking about it the right way it has been about money okay this is about. Doing right by the kid. In progress. And that's exactly what's happening at B version did it take. You have to give so obviously at eight years. Or you can think about even talk about making money so. You know it's a day I guess I'd argue that did this mean clearly he's ambulance chasing journalism. You know I've been trying to. You know I've been sort of BD DR I dare all things back a hair and an artist and egg hunt I've always acting in the interest. A text. And in previous story. It may be wanna get Tubby Smith a five years it's so it out if you give the guy eight years to turn this program around. I think that put up taught everything sorted that totally unfair. Sadia agreed to join us we will be listening at 11 o'clock when Jason Jack they saw blood and it's a moment. Our target probably tomorrow can't wait John Martin on Jason and Jon again weekdays eleven Matsui come back in Nevada's an outstanding job covering the NBA. For Yahoo! Sports last in his thoughts. About also we can we'll ask him his thoughts about. Whether or not he'd expected a donor to flat out admit hey we're tanking last month that we come back right here on anything out of them ESPN. Yeah 78 at 9 AM today at 118 at twelve noon it's yeah. From Tuesday until 6 PM it's. Getting that money get to go fast. On Madison hotel every element is my decision. A dozen here and we've got an incredible match up. Don who's taken on the way politeness definitely MetroPCS. And their star player the iPhone as C 30 dollars. I think this team cannot be beat. You're right Don they're covers is impressive MetroPCS is the network that covered. I mean 9% of people in you. West you know it gives an edge the iPhone SE for zero dollars on truly amazing network water and T know. 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For your link to a plot with the special interest rate discount just text radium tipped you forced 6810 that's a word radium 2246810. Such a court approval ratings are one functionality just got a double bogeys let's look at article funny traditions one after secretary got a Christmas Tree.Com for important mission governor Thomas launched into mr. recently. 680. Don't make guitar riffs like they used to do that. And the mind as an outstanding job of covering. The NBA for Yahoo! Sports he does come on Twitter doorman that I enjoy this each and every Wednesday at this time Dan good morning to you sir how are you. I'm well Jeff I got. Until well let's start here first with the and we're gonna get to the all star to the all star game in and some thoughts from the weekend in a moment but. Did you ever think you'd see the day when an NBA owner. Admit on their records. Yeah we're taking. Now I don't know I think it's it's a really surprising to me that that was video Mark Cuban was pretty pretty clear about that. Be nice if we get the kind of thing. You know everybody you know are not everybody but you know when you're when you find yourself out of the mix you know you do look you don't really talk about it and that's. A very pretty bold bold and clear statement that you know that I think is probably might follow the weight that a little bit considering community coming out of Dallas right now. Shirt now when you look at. When you look at the Sports Illustrated story about that the culture and the accusations against the former. The former executive for the mavericks. When you when you look at the landscape of this entire story. If it goes worst case scenario for the mavericks for Mark Cuban won't where does this wind up. I need and I think that's a very it's a very good to end deep question that we don't know yet that Indian decent in the aftermath. Sport so the publication Sports Illustrated investigation last night. The NBA. Released a statement saying it's going to be. Closely monitoring Matt the mavericks internal investigation into. What effect called day a corporate culture. Because they've predatory behavior sexual misconduct and harassment. You know price primarily focusing on the former CEO of the team and then also. It's situated to that dot com beat writer who has has since been fired and page NHL executive who has had been fired. Do you now I know the mavericks tried to get ahead of that they released this statement last night before at the inside story came out saying you know this is not. We were only recently been made aware of these things then totally unacceptable and so on so forth. And the as I investigation suggests that just recently learned about this eight these strains credulity to say the least. The NBA has shown in a variety than in the past that. You know just sort of letting these investigations play out or even know letting. You know political legal system comes up with something and then you know somebody maybe plead guilty to a to a domestic incident but doesn't. You face significant punishment bill that'll still be suspended because they took a significant fines. Although he did is within its rights in this situation you. You know pursue more serious remedies after the fact if they if they you know they feel what came out is it has been one thing in the the other Arenas so. Hi I don't know I mean we haven't seen any any and we haven't seen something like this. In this kind of particular to sort of storyline to it would have been no regard to issues of sexual harassment sexual misconduct. Domestic violence these sorts of issues. On a franchise level bid and we didn't see that the draft spot by a the heat got to this point so I think where we get to some degree an uncharted territory in terms of the scope of this. But I think you know there's very day and even the debate question Ximian I think a lot of people are kind of what did Mark Cuban know what Wendy you know let and I think. There are going to need to be some very serious answers to those questions before we can figure out kind of where punishment called out. Obviously dance old a different situation then like say with the Carolina Panthers in that Mark Cuban is not. Specifically accused of of the of the misconduct but right. When you look at it. Is it potential that we see that type of situation where hey Mark Cuban is gonna have to put the put the mavs up for sale. I think I've seen that scene which seem to be sort of be. Indeed the atom bomb scenario. We are now in an end in a landscape. Where they're we have seen. And instrument be used. At the end the year in the NBA to force an owner. Of the franchise that happened with Donald Sterling had four years ago. That was unprecedented that it never happened before the donor had been banned from the league in forced to put it came on the block. I would imagine they give and that differences in any case then kind of you know we that was you're talking about a specific order being caught on tape. Saying something that ranking you know that that that ran counter to. The AM because it is pretty decent believe and you know best interest of the game and those sorts of things. If they're written if nothing like that exists here you know there's no smoking gun very good excuse for lack of better term indicating the Cuban. New things and Speedo. Soccer shoot them our play you know like in the hide out or whatever. That game we had we just to be talking about the into the I would imagine he'll be difficult beer to to power oust him but. I think we're states still really early days that that you know where you know hours after the publication of the that these this report and I would imagine we're going to hear a lot more before this can have all said and done here about who knew what and when it's. Bury it all we know for now is that yet usually get it which Eric didn't and Carolina and with Donald sterling and the in LA that there this is now is now possible. You know that now whether or not did you do this would rise to that level learning to be seen but. And something that you know a handful years ago would have been unthinkable you know what you're the owner you have to sort of the broad leeway to do it got to whatever you want. That's no longer the case so Saturday night I have to imagine that Mark Cuban and released to consider that possibility of that. In the end game is not going to force dollar closed off and he. Potential options before they know a whole lot more about what happened. Of course listening to Jeff Hawkins show right here in 99 FM ESPN's Jeffrey Wright sitting in for Jeff. Who is still at the Olympics covering the winter games we're of course talking with Dan about a dozen outstanding job covering the NBA. Or Yahoo! Sports picture you get my follow on Twitter at your man divine. And they don't like to ask you about all star weekend. Let's start first year. Obviously their views have been pretty positive from the game itself. What did you think what was the biggest moment of the entire weekend for you what did you find the most interest thing what was the most interesting aspect of this weekend. I really good question I mean it's to me as I think the fact that. You have the star players really. Take it seriously. To some degree you know now not everybody gets its I think it's fair to say. I'm not sure how often at such James Harden goes inside the three point line. You know. Stepped curry it's it's giving like this help in time that has seriously secretary take it like. You contributing your peripheral and like lefty hook no look passes thirty feet out of bounds. It helped again but the like you've done that in the playoffs so that they can be cut out sometimes itself whether he's actually got that sort of the nature of the game. But if other fact that you're talking about an all star game that we. We didn't want it to concessions from the pulpit and then for the last few minutes was you know actually guys trying and came down to a defensive play get a little pot possession. That's so that's different and that's notable and everybody seemed. Happy about that excited about the fact that there was some you know legitimate. Used to became toward the end there so I think that's a good thing could steal the fact that. They'll be seemed intent on building on that you know these guys had to be even further both those moments immediately. Actually televise the player traffic here we stick with the format because people seem to be excited about that. Found it generated interest not only among fans the media and among players and you know this seems to be a movement that had to take that forward I think that's exciting. The further they go deep writ large I think it's the fact if you come out of this is sort of a star in the making also in Donovan Mitchell and you politics guys do. You know was what would it been successful going into the all star break has been the jazz kind of but I don't moving back toward Republicans and direction then come out when the dumb concept shows out there I think start game stay put now all of whom Nixon national profile for your building another new. Kind of player that for people that such a lot Chauncey at 52 interest again. I think you know these these are our offensive or any situation briefly got to build the interest then built you know built these are OK you people looking kite keep carrying the brand forward I think that the starting point for him. And then attacking the tactic coming out of it but the big story you know not able that you had national news about this weekend right you have LeBron jeans. Talking about you know it direct reference to the issue with blood pouring them and end it comment about Donald Trump. You had it been this good outlook injustice sports story you know get out if he's going to cover those gun that was in the bronze from that I wrote about that story but like. That's that you can get a crush of attention and I had coverage no matter what that. This wasn't just you know front page of the sports section this would be made lead story on me a lot of you know this sort of broader network and things like so. Bound and end at some form located. You know the athlete comes out there looking at. I you know asserted in a steadied and meet at reserved and measured news comment and getting the full backing of the NBA's commissioner saying he's proud of his players are speaking their mind to continuing to speak intelligently and issues that matter to them. And you'll widespread sort of public support from you outside. They. A sort of hardened based people who could not be your typical of comic in the first place I think. The and he comes out of that kind of small like roses on a few different levels. And then lastly you'd mentioned out of Seoul hurt kind of in one of the throw away strums that you're mentioning. Kind of a comment that he brought up was the idea of perhaps receding the playoffs one through sixteen. As did Gary Parrish you show on Monday we had ten bon Temps on and he basically said listen. It we did that took us all by surprise but I don't see anyway. Tactically. That that's possible when you think about the idea of receding the playoffs one through sixteen. EC a situation d.s for CI a time when that becomes a reality for the India. I think it's. It's since the end of the practical matters are the ones that are really power outages that right now to do is talk about travel Reagan and wind up with. You know they get they edit I think we're pretty Ricky Farley from the defense hypothetical you want to put like. Portland Orlando series your car be entirely confident basically. You know that's and that's a difficult thing or corporate Portland Miami but I got the really difficult thing to kind of part. How are you gonna do that you got three kind of mysteriously gone back and forth between truck or Morton added that if there's an early value at 221102. Got a 2111 that kind of thing like that. Hard to figure how that's gonna work out so. And then especially you know the more though he paid attention to you know how you have travel impact players physically until the united let guys they're getting in. So it is the issue then that can come around without a team without being non starter for the union perspective as well. I think there's interest in getting the best teams in the gut player on the biggest did you think for short that it. That it's something that we want to continue to keep an open option to either Scott but found that strikes me as something that. Did you still think that the actually chip Dickson got getting players and teams and media and everybody complete the place. Might you know render kind of debate are difficult to do now. But you know I mean this to add insult to continue to talk about lake project in Mexico City franchise than Europe yet. Keep continuing to beat these things on the table not take anything off that because you don't wanna. Oh you know eliminating potential revenue opportunities and things like that I think that might serve as I took more interest but. And every type but those it's about also about how it makes sense logistically how we can actually do it no wait it doesn't feel completely upset the apple cart to delete. Maybe this is something that would we know if you have a shorter regular season fewer games less travel in the season. It makes it a little more palatable to do that you can stretch out the calendar at this theory take longer media that's part of it but. I think exist right now I think it's tough to see that one getting done right now in the near future. Daniel great to join us we'll talk to basic lament.