Guest Host Jeffrey Wright: Hour 1 with guests Geoff Calkins and Dan Devine

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Wednesday, July 11th
Segment 1 -- Jeffrey Wright hosts today's show and welcomes Geoff Calkins to the program to discuss Adam Silver's comments about potential changes to the NBA, Penny Hardaway, and LeSean McCoy. Segment 2 -- Jeffrey welcomes Dan Devine of Yahoo Sports to the show to discuss Adam Silver's comments, the Grizzlies' roster moves, and more from the NBA. 

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Anytime anywhere and favorite us today we have the best and he's more or less. Tell your best Memphis is a sports station. ET nine FM ESPN presents Memphis is biggest sports columnist. These these award winning Geoff Calkins and no Geoff Calkins show. And 929 after. ESPN. Today's special guest host. Everybody. For the Wednesday do you every. The introduction suggests that I damage every right. John dive right cartel on the glass good day sir how are gone on how many radio shows are we up to for you Jeffrey so this'll be number by. Excellent we were gonna get hit triple but I decided as yet been this afternoon at camp rowdy. So we got we got multiple vacations and we have three felony hoses vacations that leaves you in me pal that's good week. The radio station this luckily we have cell phone technology so we can talk to these people in Zimbabwe. Guess the V radio station guy deny any consists of. You producers and. Bad ads. Brags to Jefferies fifth and phones. You would they say that you care about that I'll play by baseball player he did care about as we got an NBA news. As the grizzlies it did play last night and that's your view. Does occur fantastic event let's say if you watched you may not have cared one way or the other because they would it would appear on the program John Martin can join the program below those wonderful cell. Jonathan about forty minutes or so Dan DeVine is good showing you of course covers the NBA for Yahoo! Sports. We'll discuss all upbeat comments Adam silver made. Yesterday hot summer league we'll discuss that with him when he thinks that means for the league moving forward for same thing and join us. As he does at 10 o'clock. However now we want them on the man you can JC in the house pass. Yes. Then this program ecosystem pocket at just underscored Hawkins on Twitter. John good morning sir yeah yeah. Good morning Zimbabwe lovely gets out here I really should otherwise known as well. All of Illinois the you come back tomorrow that it makes them okay that's actually. Quote attributed to pick you got to exist. Do double ships are like yeah. The seat belts it's. And then the other day and noted that even now I'm wait wait yeah. Yes. It's a little I guess aren't well I don't know they'll play at all now and I still issued yet. But Chicago's soon bed the armed don't know why did say. 800 yen and nearly 850 mile drive but it should all look easier to do it dry tires when it. When their boat dogs and no children but it feels almost exactly. You're used to driving 850 mile would dogs and children. It in real adept at stops are complicated every couple Kate whereas when it's just you and radio and podcasts end. The new radio app that we can look to the 92 not you. Radio dot com. Bennett like debris just feel like out. Till I get a credible vacation I equity all Doug if you're going on 8900. Mile trot yes. Which rather be alone. Would you rather be with another adults. Okay. For me it's it's like he would not an adult or you like them that's a big get a good class here's the problem for me if it's if I'm starting to drive in the morning. I would rather be alone because I know I'm gonna be fine staying awake and whatnot. If flights say say you're doing the drive where you do it you're leading after work didn't wanna take the extra vacation day you're leaving out the work is driving through the night. I would prefer to have the adult just to keep talking. I I added that's a good answer actually. It. We lost salt kick coverage in Mazar I don't know if a guy out there right now we we lost if I guess we get our organic hot site. So that was my answer my answer is in the morning out rather be alone that is the podcast that. So my wife is mastered the art of letting me do my thing when we're driving I am an only child so it's not multiple kids so in theory now he's ten so he can be occupied. With devices. And books and he loves to read which is helpful and then my wife usually does work in the car. An and so yeah I'm I'm good either way but but yet if that weren't such and eat great arrangement that we've discovered with just the three of us. I'm with you I think most people would say even if they like the person and their love with their wife for they got the best friend or what ever. I think most people would say solo would you agree Jeff. I don't think so I think most people it's their hatred a fourteen hour drop. Shape they would rather do it which there are significant others. Now to explore that you grab him but I didn't create huge. Now there's a lot of that either let's be clear I'd rather go out. Com. And it took a break they've got them. For the battle each anti social unlock I buy you quoted the source unity. You know what it's not you or you can't stop anyone stopping to look at what you wanna listen to ebitda I don't. I wanted to force but I'm a person who feels compelled of the conversation I voted just happily at the site at guilt and who the top of it all told. On now I don't know I don't really physically there to tell us is Dave Yeager got pulled over listen on the show when you're interviewing. Now these so far Bedard got blew a few free agents Gary look at tagged out but he got Colombia free kick out of now. A bit yet median but what cap so looked alma. But it like now I am I out. Yeah I feel compelled to talk to people when they're sitting back today and you know the conversation and exhaust. Until I would rather do that I would think you check the best ever had a good. Geez yeah I've yeah I'd view it a lot like commercial airlines view. Like you only technically need one person to fly the plane. You have the second verse in there to make sure that the first person doesn't do you good analogy actually person doesn't screw up falsely make they make mistakes. My natural sound exactly like you my natural like it. If I could have ideal conditions need to guarantee me down like I'm not gonna doze off that I'm not gonna. Do anything stupid. I I would much rather do that thing alone I however that I. Fifty cent it's like later. All that's like this is that's also tricked yeah. For me. I won't love me. Because I don't revealing little mustard I think without a lot of blood glazed. Up at all. You just maybe ought to put led epidemic should be helped Iraq it's. Juicy yeah I will say this not to like to call. I'll call eight is also that is entirely selfishly motivated I like I don't I don't want the other person there I need the other person because they don't all about it how well total truck or the radio dot com that not a. Plug our our radio dot com had a bit like I seriously for dean get through six hours listening to local radio in a car in the middle of a cornfield and Illinois with the with the new technology stuff like it does make it easier with the pod cast. A lot of radio there is no question. I did you stop at Cracker Barrel did you like. Rent out a book so you return the book for the same price back to your local metric Cracker Barrel. And let yeah you can pretty much flexibility or whatever so should not know I'd prefer it be. I prefer this draining a crowd and took it that. That typical I didn't I was Jeffrey in that truck alone that I. But have you done a slap yourself went before like just literally as daylight shot but I Laker. I he's always when I ECU is. I would buy it every town like whenever I stop the bathroom out by huge thing a bottle water. Invited bill must of dozed off a splash on salt water. Oh god I was layers the thing that I did find that was the most effective wives suck chewing some of our seats. It's chewing credit RT. You'll actually yeah I ate peanuts they're a little bit after that it is complicated Al Katrina drive it well so what that I I do eat peanut. Childish in the shout yes I'd like to joke itself shell get in the show. And then you're out loud music window open I've done that for all out. And adult adult terribly dangerous anyway the bottom line is is that I will be back here are their city. Tonight I look forward to it and I'll be back here tomorrow and I thank you were told to not look for a while ebitda. I most certainly am looking for that. All right Matthew so. Yesterday's summer league before I get to some of the grizzlies notes from some early I thought one of the most inching aspects. Of some early yesterday was the fact that Adam silver was. Would not only spoke but he spoke like fairly candidly. Candidly he spoke not only about parity spoke about the the one and done rule he also spoke about the playoffs. For what you saw Jeff what comets it will come a struck you was the most interest thing. She bought it I act I think that. The stopped or going back to eighteen is we know right it's like. So like that it on the way and so it's just confirmation that data off Hawaii's John strongly about that. And that it should be there's really no reason. It could mean that added an entire page if you wanna be attack that let you go straight to be offered stricter go to college if you wanna be eight. Wanna go straight the issue be Iraq musician you can page particularly it in inching have been involved physical talent and idiot you know so why in the world are we making these people got a how to make those that are taught. And the leak Shia makes no sense whatsoever. To make these kids go to college that it means. Educational institutions and conference put her in the great golfer. Eight months at a particular stand and even to be spent that we believe that they get if you if you wanna be to try holistic but what we're getting something out of their. I bet that it's almost charge do that in June equality closer at all so. I alternate route that it out presets but it Egypt. This compelling. I'll urgency for the privilege to get rid of the Austin pit sooner rather that later. Because they're at it means there will come a draft just like a couple of years ago it created two people are. Kevin Durant on the Golden State should do what this one yet when there was an extraordinary about a camper. And and that would never be duplicated again by the good lead squandered that year object par putt that I can't answer the right there will be one year. One that there will be a W fantastic trapped us little people the players who were forced to go to college that year. And then it'll be that the players go practical be adept there is literally. Yeah sixteenth pick that year would be age cricket another year. Right best start encrypted is the bigger kick back here and double right so. And so you need it looks like it's probably gonna be like ought we are sure you need to make sure you have your pets. In that draft particularly in a city like just one at a franchise like us where that the only way ideal that the best way to get. Great talent. So Ali in its new but it does seat at the sort of general planet secretly or why it to court shouldn't be done with certain. Draft application now. It's the order that that second take me which is. I think the biggest. Challenge facing the end yeah I. If this use of competitive balance. And away he's afraid city that I don't entity to be competitive dollar budget that he'd beat. Competitive opportunity. Each of course that's true you don't you don't need there to be outreach team it's not a elephant great. If every team is eight innate right you don't you don't just let's take a leak. Evidently you don't want every team to be 888. You don't want whether you're at Jacksonville are. Buffalo. Our Ed. You know pitcher and a Tulsa page you want another if you do things right you have an equal chance to equal opportunity. To get to be. To get to be a couple old joke sites you don't want. You don't eat parity as. A equality. Why you need you need you do on eighty equal opportunity Craig took that opportunity. And that isn't that in the league right now. There's simply isn't there and had a drought. And if you want to what he heard that little Mark Green did you actually go whatever you'd draft smartly about critics you have a absolutely as good a chance at the Dallas Cowboys or she that you should I look bottled mediocrity Cabrera democratic race. They've been incompetent it's purely they'll look out. It's almost directly related to your competence as an organization there's very few. External circumstances very rarely do you see players. I've got a really need to go play in New York wanna be a New York or very rarely used I wanna be allies what coach a a bit that the indicating that Latina LA opera. So it. Again when he would say that I need to go play for the 49ers. They didn't compensate for the last thing after a. I don't think that I need to know we need to beat Tom Brady had you know or great players. Get together and go play he got a stroke of half that there's bell. It's really surely franchise competence at DePaul and it is almost a 100%. Equality of opportunity and that's why the NFL is. Easily. The best and most popular league in the country despite spotlight to talk about how much India is better look at live personality. Trawler. It's war ratings and everything else but he had a I'll eat a lot. Beat BNP eight and it's part of the function of. There a way to gain more one player has a bigger impact. Sure the NBA is simply it's got quality out of there because. Players are not gonna clustered up close. And because. There's there's there's there's not a hard cap. There's a shot catch up as a team can go richter resign players should I they're hoping is that there's nothing to do to be doubled as a bit. Players make so much money. They'll pick a little bit less money to go do such order but very rarely out. I don't eight what did you hit it beyond its 4920. Million deputy NBA he ate so much money that. Oh there are I'd rather go. To article states so the question it. How do you achieve anything like. Equality of opportunity in the NB yeah. And as long as players. Are willing to take dramatically less money. To go cluster play with each other. To the open to be done about Saturday DD could argue that there's even but we're all about. Even when we would normally apply players circuit about winning over carry about artery and so. I do make it work if it were if it were a get me. I think a hard salary cap would be the way I would do an outlet it literally everyone get all these six money. Gary Indiana it would be a matter of Oklahoma City are already that would be better at the Golden State decided to play just have to tax. It would be a matter any of that it would simply about a few do you get so much money so the dollars spent the after that. You're dot. But probably that is really twofold one it has. Something to make a whole lot more money in the NB because of it the national contract and has bigger below and the actual contract and it left out make much more. Mean there's there's such that there hasn't yet. The only way team can have a teen contracts for the pre season let's face it you're not rich after pre season TV. You revenues came revenues in the Indy there's a much greater disparity between revenues. In the city. NBA that is in the NFL and so to have is that they chartered two but. Out of the knowledge that disparity. In in the edge he should matter is is the attraction in addition everything else. It's also a way of giving money to poor tee yeah 'cause if Golden State is going to catch. Back tax it just gets distributed. To the left is greatly. Look at their out of taxpayer and so they not attack they they're get a share so. As a revolutionary purpose to it as well. Act one problem of the second problem bears is that. I can't see any lag in which the NBA players wherever great to art cannot. And so I don't know how you solve this problem and it's it's why I think. Strategy says he doesn't really see it as a huge problem downplayed the problem because I don't feel that problem going a laugh at a because some people who tell you don't. But strategically politically sacred political say play. Oh every year is its time it I think it's fine in terms of the national. Television. Entertainment. You do wanna be stars and all of us. I think it's not find the perspective of how individual franchises that are that it literally true third side. In the NBA. Have very little chance of ever competing church are. And I think that it all the help they surely as it's why attract. It is it's another reason why as much and I loved because it's. And love what this country centrist think that is totally transformed an amateur as to why they had a problem but Arafat. Lots of reasons I say more people can afford to go look at the almighty. It's your home game right people could comment for the weekend what. A hundred dollars a night 41 games a year. You're not competing with the local soccer basketball program. Ask. You're Italy where you have a chance at a championship instead of being an early but he go to their right now we're in a cycle Pinochet checked each other. Where the goal kitty it'd be to try to squeeze into eight place. Or if they're really got to go on on. To try to make eat some day you know naked at the top three enact enact conference adopted when we got to pay to make it into. What you got a semifinal or lever or are back at a BS while it's. The other thing that a bit Eddie talked about was. Receding playoffs want to succeed but. Well I think back to the postage to claim that. The player stuff we knew was coming eighteen year old stuff we knew was coming to that was pre application that I think authority or apple totally. And that may be insoluble problem totally teach you how you create parity opportunity but it I don't think that's possible. It seems like the only way you can get them the players to go along with a hard salary cap is if you eliminated. The ceiling on a contract therefore there's no such thing as a Max deal he probably keep the minimum but there's no such thing as a Max deals of their four. Theoretically. You know one player can take up you know 80% of their. But I had to get a weed out. Actors out out of the bit bronze might be under the world might like that but that would if you have a hard cap and no match deal. It's gonna totally we got a little clients and so almost players like being. Yes a few players might profit but I don't think most orbit I don't actually think the players would go for that either. I just don't hear universe which players go try hard jab. Make it interesting that doesn't think because then you could have like. The grizzlies can essentially operate like the Green Bay Packers either Green Bay Packers don't ever build teams through free agency. They build teams through the draft and they have to your point. They give a crap ton of middle class players now they also happen to have the most talented quarterback alive but that help that help keep them relevant. But I do you like I almost wonder if that is worth the that is worth like the thought experiment. I think it's a fireball experiment alpha players ever prayed about it and yet so you can like yeah that's our job for baseball. Never ever ever will do it so. And then you also would have to bend figure out a different play out. Of revolution because each back the other part of the bridge where ignoring isn't that the hard cap would be that would technically. They're ready in large cap would have to be set at a place. What might be more than a really wanna step church there and and and because there's a little bit better cap and a fool you don't have a cap you have to spend within the Pena desert band revenue. And right now literally bigger breach yet are being weaker last year when a stretch him out about it at least losing my. Right yes I forgot what it's that they reduce it would hurt it was a ridiculous storage. But could detect the early blots you look at it the. It was ESPN's story and essentially what it's. Seven million dollars if you don't account for revolutionary. All why would you do that like that I don't I lost a lot of money if you don't come our regular salary like I saw they. Yeah I could count so it was what other that they it came at eight wildly. Artificially. Dire picture of the good grizzly situation but it could ever get revenue sharing money so. And and honestly. It is now a convicted a great job with their new local TV media PL. Back really the I I I don't have the number two economy could he be so curry Kurt Busch is now let's say they were asked you to get care revenue sharing their last seven million dollars last year. Basically got a great picture what do. Yeah immediately at a nine million on the media deal. Right so they're there they're their their position that they basically break even out so they're doing fine but partly they're doing fine. 'cause three. Revenue sharing that they get as a part of the transplant and so. If you got rid of the transplant even have to either do play out. Revenue sharing what you get right now I don't play is bridge that big market teams don't like get a letter they all anxious about it. That's where your reference felt like he came straight from the desk of James Dolan. Well that means that bad it certainly yes that is certainly true that. That election electors to the world sent. I'm happy to ship and beat two. Applicable for Nader there's another way you could do refuted they're looking to install a lot of you teacher at best GPL split it up yes between every team like. Let's take all revenues and split double I think that the vast majority of revenues in the NFL. Our shared equal yes and so local media a local media are. So. You you can't take this Little League if you're shocked Los Angeles Chicago. And a and an LA. Year and a billionaire like that he's only met fourteen quite good stuff ahead and do that. But. But if you're going to have schemed everywhere. And it should everywhere. You need to make sure that DPR. Competitive both financially at all back or right and now particularly if the real problem in the battle stake if you didn't I'll do it yourself. I don't think you could say it is a bit about that they couldn't get anywhere close to equality of opportunity. When it comes to. I'm competing and it we just saw it took them draft pick would know who had bill. They over where they were going to go out they'd literally just a bit they didn't want our government and interview a couple of us let's create a so. A so that was overspent a little bit I like the dollars deal like. That's about the creation like debt. Slope while you know like who they overplayed it and slow mile and so. 'cause competent to try to get players talk about. And so I don't know how David's product suffers a solve that problem but I could it be technology. Pitted at the problem but you you simply can't say that there's equality and opportunity they appear. And then another thing when asked I guess Chez Penny Hardaway of course held aid. He held a media opportunity media availability they head out to peach jam but I thought kind of the biggest aspects yesterday is. In a Penny Hardaway time after time after time he is not backing down. From is is comments of they're going after the top players in or what did you take from what penny had to say yesterday. I think that that it's just try to exact. Com she most. Most coaches. How should it strike they talk about five year plan to let talk about where to try to win the debt could put Alcatel Jalal I mean so. So so we could wanna be better tomorrow that we are to Jack where building something it takes a long time. Brought them to share or what I took over. Or a bit we're trying to what I hear from the incidents that were built up into the long term I'd all the big part of billions got so every coach got us out. I think just the opposite. Ed show eat eat talk about national championships he talked about getting back to Google. And so. I find it refreshing. In all though you hold there for example that if James why couldn't it going to Kentucky set up there's you hope it does it create a sense of disappointment. I'm not going to be good so I will be be disappointed format just the program. But I will I'll be disappointed. Why it is on the program if they don't get james' wife. A lot to support beyond doubt expected. Something that I think. Is it should be a threshold to get get that literally the best player in the country or else you are failure. Anymore that I think they're. They're going to be NCAA tournament this first year or else or failure odd that the is that proper measure hurt but he had a lot. But he shut these things for himself. And it scared create Ottawa treaty gratitude you have a I think if she and took their sense retreat. I think a lot of people that missed out on a penny how unbelievably competitive and that vicious PA on behalf of the program and how. Eat just there's. Absolutely fiercely determined not to fail so. Like what the world back to that whatever jet pilot has at a twelve different level recruit we're talking about now. Like the application would ever to get both looked up it was to maybe get one up and he's just a bit and I did it bulk of. And I thought about a ten day period. Right of any dots an so keep such expectation is that if it seemed what most people packed. Even fair path out what we're glad you can't let that. At yeah that niche in the achieved and so what we've seen so far as remarkable and you just don't often see a coach. Who has bigger expectations that a bad you hear coaches Sidwell. Nobody cares nobody wants that or for the program bid but we do they say that all the time but I don't openly shout hey. That they they don't openly shut expectation that high error then. Then. Yes Adrian don't rule as a general rule even coaches that are successful. They generally try to temper expectations. But part of it bit it's on page three book quite a temper expectations. She. And he'd and you see your own expectations. Right that's exactly right have lowered expectations. Feet below expectations. Get paid again they they should blow liberal law that you can't. But once the expectations get to be pay interest. It should talk to me that yes you know that's when by the way people tell you joked that got correct and so instead. And when you do it again and record somehow got fired a commitment I'll I'll look at it literally took opposite so much about it a bit different. The other coaches why wanna that's another reason that this is fascinating about. The way each typically talk to different. The way you look social media is different. I had very little doubt that he'll get at least. Want the high profile player it'll be interest bigotry. And all those who now how many of he had guy yet but it is de ya it's it shapes up but the fascinating time had been. Yes this summer anyway that I think about the last three Summers mean talk about us. It wasn't able to recruit well and we talked about really could it was confident about our or the players that were being recruited edge and now. But we were told that if things are different adapters you couldn't get that this kid anymore let's let it outside about a silent march and company that I look at about the country sought by the they were fraction. And then B I just want to I do hope that bit if every outcry expectation isn't met. But it doesn't set up. Penny and and sense of disappointment. I do love the thought of maybe we should consider old school coaches. Are just the coaches who have come in in lower expectations. And tell you late game deal like this anywhere you can't do it like that anymore. The new stretches of the ones that say why not. Penny Hardaway says I need to and he just goes out and by the time after time it is amazing to watch Iowa that got one more thing. So yesterday of course. The news started to break. According to ESPN Georgia police in the NFL are investigating a home invasion Tuesday. At a house owned by Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy which is estranged girlfriend was allegedly beaten and robbed of jewelry. Police in the Atlanta Serb suburb of Milton said they are investigating the incident and not named any suspects McCoy who has been training. In Miami this summer denied accusations being on social media by a friend of the victim that he was responsible for her injuries. He said that he has had not had direct contact with her. In months obviously one big aspect Jeff I think makes it just really really terrible outside just the act itself but. We've always seen in the NFL when there's video there's pictures. Of the victims it always seems to go worse when you think about all of this from a course future in the NFL will work where are your thoughts. I thought that would hurt more than Obama caught air has had it in some light because. Better they're pretty it. Had traded if I go about it there's pictures of them people are allowed to I'd I'd lie to file. Is just two words you know it did we we get it you get a true yourself justice. Sure justice when there are pictures which is sad that that's their. But at the fascinating. DL gruesome but fascinating because. It but he's got what he shouted I haven't had direct contact noted arguing I don't click. At least from what I've been bailed out a shot McCoy it was over eating well out of work writes that appear to be the case. And so that that denial isn't. Mike I think people understand that what do you welcome Blair. If he's sending illegal means to collecting jewelry would she says she hasn't given up. I'd. That you gave her previously recorded their stories and a sort of cal that. People who went in. And did. Or asking for specific pieces of jewelry. While that at the very least should Wear the idea that eBay offense. And if you send them. She will and should never play in the league again. And that's pretty clear. And so it'll simply come down to. What are you can't. I got. Outlook look this is an. The prison you don't send out some of the jail based on. Mice what you some oddities from. No evidence at all I'll literally go call ends and our supposition. But. The world. But still it. It's incredible to think he could like that that effect the narrative fit. The tiny bit. He's mad at this woman you want to jury that he sent somebody that the but it these artillery. Get beat but I'd bet all seemed to effect right yes and as though it does seem like a logical rendition of what happened I put it also owe the public just drew these decent jewelry were housed those. Whatever data they clean house or march and they told her you know politically doubts told someone who is that they do these beat Victoria there had. You can imagine other scenarios about where invaders act specifically Missouri they don't involves. The boyfriend. But you can certainly imagine scenarios what they do it all exports and I imagine that they will prove just one way or not I don't you think I I don't but does that seem. Like you're going to be at some twenty Italians are now amongst all the church I think they will follow it. I think we will find out if what Shawn McCoy was behind us and I'd get flu shot Michael it would bind or people that are plenty of Soledad yes he just never played it yet. Because to me either. There's really only two scenarios in these people are connected eagle Shawn McCoy as you mentioned because they know they're going and looking for targeted. Or you'll be able to very clearly show that there is no connection prince's sages. Say they they were going in knowing that that book the victim. Put on social media that she wears this gaudy jewelry in a scene and they can. Identified as worth a ton of money and they know where they don't have houses like. OK you can go in target thank you can find out if there's no connection to LeSean McCoy one way or the other if there's a connection LeSean McCoy. Not only won't he play an NFL again like I'd I hope he goes to jail for very long time. Right yes so did you feel as if there is a connection you will be a gel should did you so. I think I look at epic if there is no connection. And I do believe that. But a lot of times when people accused of Frontline did very well Detroit saying that they were involved blog page. Seventy to stage one would look activate it either absolved will be. It'll be very public that he was a doubt I don't think Newt. It is not a palpable but I don't think your reputation will be tarred forever. I think it'll be clear each either will be conducted at their table be connected with the we will find out one way or another. If I were I don't bet on domestic violence that's yeah weird but I was easily do it. But but I do. I imagine they would act I guess what being the ball to get fat but but it will without and and it is just. There's the weird ending and gruesome story and yes I do hope they solve it and I took it well. Yes I completely agree Jeff we really appreciate your time I specifically. And looking forty being back in the shared remarked I'd do I'd say. Well yeah you've been to show today it's is. That's like Las Vegas Lou you're working like you or how las vegan but let's. Although unload four hours of our shoot shows split between team parts of the day if you think about that right. Are trying to be positive already ointment mark next to share to share rapid. I he'd yet thought about this we are going to you because her because they're good stuff with Jeff we are going to move John Martins of the Mars that weighed. The very first person that. Jeff can see other than me again as buddy John is as good as buddy John Graham Johnston Amare we come back for ads in the body of course covers. The NBA for Yahoo! Sports will continue this conversation of what he. He makes of all of the comments Adam silver made whether it be. Opportunity or should they period opportunity out whether it be the playoff receiving all the stuff that I think is really interesting and definitely really matters. Here in Memphis especially as it pertains to the future of this franchise is they are in. Somewhat of there's someone at a crossroads right now. So we're talked to Dan about all that more in the NBA we come back right on the job caucus united on FM ESP NS just cookies no. Networks pollen and how do you sort through the. All of the great yeah and I will only tomorrow. This whole goal of making the future. Over who you're gonna be okay. 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Sports is an outstanding job making your read his stuff over Yahoo! Sports background also lets you follow him on Twitter at. Had your man divining joins us that he does each and every Wednesday as he is. Not only your man he's my man he's the man David Acer. Hey different attitude that. Still while buddy art or start here with you yesterday. Adam silver made the comments of he would like to see parity of opportunity. With the NBA. Obviously he's he's ready for a lot of reasons A it's negotiation be he may yet know exactly what that means himself but. When you talk to people around the league what what what what's the best example that someone can give them what parity of opportunity would look like. It's interesting questions appreciate your way it's interesting turn of phrase I think you know the idea that DA the did you give everybody kind of the same set of rules in the same. You know the same general salary you know rubric I think financial realities and say. Well you know you know I doubt on you to go make the best roster that they're not BC market size is going to be. Different situation near certain ownership groups in certain markets are going to be better capitalized and able. It's a luxury tax Sergio is sort of how we handle those those two situations because. They've got you know better TV local TV deal there that happened to that revenue stream. They've got. You know they're they're able to generate higher gross that they did their own buildings that it's because they got brand new buildings that because they've got more money in the area and there's also there are different doctors there but. Generally speaking it's like what we got. This you know multi billion dollar sort of you know pipe every once JJ getting equal sort of sharing the if you're not paying until luxury tax you're getting revenue sharing from that from the team could do so you're getting got financial booster got to keep and everybody at a level playing field generally. And it prevents everybody an opportunity to go out of ownership. You think that they've got a chance to have a winner then you know they've got to make it can't that'd make a trade to pay for it. I think that's general mediate feel like he doesn't it go pick out and so there's never going to say. We want seemed in big markets to be bad either make any sense you know it is there's always. Always always gonna draw attention to your always gonna draw attention Chicago's always gonna draw attention. You know Golden State NATO that it dated may pick up at that sort of destination all the luck at full years quite. These big markets and a lot of people paying attention you used to be a good example that you might have he became that would abroad but. I know there's a lot of people paying attention. There are to have some dislike level of advantage Ortiz and slaughter taxes about it without the state income tax haven't quite had to turn to get it and but generally speaking as long dated this blog just setting up a system where it's not. But totally uncapped and like you know in their mid Major League Baseball where the Yankees which are always at the 800 pound gorilla competitive advantage. Then I think to prevent that that's had its US market you're smartly managed Dynegy got ownership willing to pay when you get the opportunity. And good service galloped out real basketball product. You know that you put yourself in position to succeed you know we'll all look like maybe Oklahoma City. Keeping Paul George as opposed to having him go to LA it's kind of a big win for Adam silver in that regard. Obviously not because it's not really about him the developer look at the chart all George may but. It Paltrow just goes there for one year. They go to full court press on value money organization that he believed to go to LA anyway. Then I think that makes it harder to further the lead to credibly make a case like. Well I think that's a small market doesn't have the giant you know my mug of millionaires in the front row every night hasn't had the same level of sort of widespread stand out and support oracle global brand recognition and the lakers do. But they kept the top fifteen players and owners to free agency without even get a meeting somewhere out. That's shows what can happen if you got the way imagine a place to get the right sort of culture in place I think that's kind of what he's talking about what he's looking for. In your opinion what do you think Adam silver believes is the biggest issue facing his league long term. I mean I think global expansion is really the thing that he seems to be most focused on us you know even like. I think there is growing a BB perpetual sort of you continual. Extension. That events in Q leader entry into Europe during the appreciated their regular keeping gains in London. Deed over extension you know further into Asia with unit with teams going over their pre season are you greater service. Tapping into markets 88 other social the social media community immediately readership and following an Asia and then also in India as well. And the continued expansion of suck quite that far without borders in Africa you know the idea that. There's going to be I think there's this final sort of moving toward getting you know more and more do you appreciate you need to think like that what he's in Australia and Europe indeed the type deal that. At this every radio and T can plant the flag. They want to plant a flag in part because in the 82 decades down the line that becomes a new pipeline of talent as he's seen. I thought the Medicaid Europe. Look at you over the course last couple of decades if we can connect to dream team. An and also just. Your ticket there's several billion people who would who might watch the game. Do you wanna keep putting the game in front of them that you want to keep putting your stars in front of them I think that from the business perspective it's kind of the biggest thing that you want to do. And then you know we'll work well to hear more you hear more about priority now like. If you're do you usually get rid of one and done in the couple years which you've been very pretty reluctant or resistant about now. Guys that either he seems a bit if you believed Andy's ready for that a couple of years time. You know that's just. Rude little reducing or eliminating whatever barriers possible to get. NBA caliber talent and as much as the best talent and that there is available whether that's. You know eighteen years older guys that are good product somewhere else around the world to the best talent possible into the pipeline into the lead to. I don't think that's valued at that that's probably what you look at certainly the most popular but when you've got the best talent as well. And you can sell it as widely UK and the that you're gonna get as many other more abroad than he's ever gotten that you're going to be able increase the revenue even more. Talking of course that Dan DeVine of Yahoo! Sports make chief bomb on Twitter at your man behind your of course listening to Jeff talk and share. Right here in 99 FM ESPN Jeffrey sitting in for jobs and then out. One less interesting thing that I thought from his comments and I'm curious is says know your opinion. Are you surprised to hear that Adam silver was as open to the idea of receding the playoffs one through sixteen as he appeared to be. I know because I think got a silver is big news. May do pretty well been over the course of his tenure here the last few years to. You know if if there is widespread. This sort of public interest in something to at least to review it on YouTube to reject nothing out of hand it to steady at. Because it. Edit really exceeded that kids should just remain open to change in the possibility that. You have the wind the other way to be done things for 5060 years doesn't necessarily mean that the best way to do it you know they might have been the best way to do it over the course that you brought you that it but maybe not right now. If he may decide similar sort of comment last GI bill last summer believe what we said. And there's nothing nothing magic about 82 games you don't get the understanding that that's how long the NB CNN. But media doesn't have to be and yet there would be also took questions about what that would do to. You know and I numbers over the course of time and record that historical thing PSA and so on and so forth but. You know Major League Baseball with a 154 games for a long time and admitted you know being a 162 in other sports and that's similar sort of shrinking expanding a god. That calendars that. We did release a short time games like that's the thing the Miami Dolphins team at fourteen and up. That's exactly right yes we know it didn't give people figured out over the course of time and are you know the sport does not implode. How did that aid in helping out those competition might even make it more than go through divorce duel argument you can start. Continued arguing you know whether this guy was better than not dedicate that got played more games or fewer playoff games or whatever. With a taser discussion about going from best of five dead and efforts right around the player to that seven all the circuit except I think in general that idea that. You know we we we're looking at you know what sort of what he'd. What's the best way to get the best product on the on the court. For the widest number of viewers and their followers and it would fit that we know there's enough motion that might have belief that moved receding want to sixty their respective conferences does that. That I think that's you know something to be booted it'll be worth considering these people are willing to become the discussion about. I would not say that he knew he would need. The overwhelming support of the ownership and I don't understand necessarily yet why Eastern Conference owners would throw their support behind that if I mean bad. You know they go from having eight guaranteed playoff spot in Haiti for any given year or you let them that some depending on non conference and balanced maybe they wouldn't do that is a particularly good. Could be a piece of business for them to do but. They did you do remain open to the discussion. I think sort of seemed in keeping with that and so his tenure so far. And then it. What did you make of the grisly citing slow mode they have added a Al Anderson was at an earlier 37 million dollar deal when you saw that deal come across the wire what we're initial thoughts. I had this good good Christian thing that I thought I'd like all of this is kind of perfect because our colleagues in the player I don't feel like I've been able to figure out. Throughout his tenure in the NBA body that. He didn't feel good. I've got them constant sort of in between the understanding that him and at the end so like that the player there was that. Does that look like not a little over nine million annual average value might I can't tell us that look for the little more than like the taxpayer mid level exception is right. Is that. The right money put limits got a little too much fun and they're very good do you want to act like everything about it can also make. That meant it's okay what it was so wet windy people can debate it cannot really issued but if the plane victories. Sort of weirdly effective defensively we didn't see fit into this team doesn't quite. They've met this rebuilding our big guys try to go let active player straight up to everything about it what he's sort of a wrong footed not balance which I think all things considered. Maybe he's kind of the perfect. The perfect understanding good player she let it roll etc. right. Why is literally get permit from the initial boom god sort of the shot lead into shock but the official official. In fairness we all added to say don't don't feel like you put yourself on an island and we went I don't know at first my first thought was really. That much money. But that's also like OK that's not that's not even though appreciable way more than he thought reached hours yeah now you know it's not it's just feel like. Nine million dollars feel like lots of automotive and it's also not crazy right so let's. If everything goes three Canadian market where you'd Marcus Cousin gets fired but like generally speaking but that's not. Beirut isn't as crazy as you would think especially if like what do we what do we know he does well. We know he's a gay you know. We don't they gave pretty good defender immediately go there certainly seemed likely he should be given his physical sort of it is athletic shortcomings it's not. How did it right negative about the need to slow mode than what they're illegal and you believe that he accent explosive quick twitch athletes. But he's Smart he can defend multiple positions he can you know sort of forced turnovers to get your arms around all the that you could you pick conduct. The flood stage and then contest shots and weird ways. Guys don't necessarily seem to be able to get a good beat on him when he's playing defense. I can't defend multiple positions so you can play. Up small brought out for keeping guard and guard if you wanna play big. Keep the good playmaker are really good playmaker great court vision great sense of peace when he's when he came on the ball. So he can sort of one offense but he can also be a cut complimentary sort of secondary third ball and before you. And he doesn't shoot the bulk weight but he finishes well inside Asia scoring all 1012 point 84 if you think complementary player. And you if you believe your belief as a franchise did right now without a few markets on how do you Mike Conley. And whatever we're gonna be together Chandler Parsons and so on we are we have like. What we competitive lower tier I of the west cooperative play up to your core right now. Ted we believe that we're gonna go back sort of be a more ready more defensively capable by adding Darren Jackson junior and bump hard it. This is the kind of guy you Bridget goes to world to what I can help you be continuing now he was more important part of that's pretty much of that neither player has acquired being up and I think a lot of people realize. And you know I think I gotta consider to be consistent high floor baseline play as you move into whatever the next generation which he meant. The more soothing to the further I get away from it the more light. The fact that he doesn't make sense kind of makes sense for the heat that he might make sense for a couple of different reasons now right into the future. Yes it's almost like it's NBA inception like you've got the idea to have like apply their polity get down to fight them. The more and more you get out the travel all the more Mort makes sense to you even though maybe initially the premise that makes sense. And that give shape to be. It's possible that I outside the cocoon at San Antonio we've seen it and the four guys that looked good in the and that contact when they get outside that context don't look at that we've seen that you know I believe Brad Stevens in Boston got to leave other series got guys that look great next to LeBron put him somewhere out in a look at it it's very possible. But that's not gonna be a pan out but I think interpret. If what you're expecting their twentieth if you got you know forty years 77 million what you're expecting isn't going to start if he's not Chandler Parsons. Celebrated not what you Secretary General partner that would UK corporate Gemma Parsons. That's okay because you're so you're basically saying and again a mid level throughout that you kind of contract. Obviously matters more in Memphis we try to get you there there's already so much are on the books with a solid on the apart from that you're trying to get maximum value added every dollar but. I think the possibility of him living up to receive that contractors hired them. You know you might expect from a player with that kind of backlash that. And then lastly the grizzlies did not play without Janet Jackson I missed yet is a massive debut but since then he's. He's got to come back to it is kind of come back to reality a little bit what he's seen thus far from Jerry Jackson the you know course in last night. So I think that you got bit. Obviously that would we're not going to be jumper you know they identify.