Guest Host Jeffrey Wright -- Hour 1 with guests Eric Hasseltine and Mina Kimes

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Friday, January 12th

Segment 1 -- Jeffrey Wright hosts today's show and welcomes Eric Hasseltine to the show live from Denver to discuss Divisional Weekend in the NFL, the Grizzlies, and more.

Segment 2 -- Jeffrey welcomes ESPN's Mina Kimes to the program to breakdown the Divisional matchups in the NFL, the most interesting storyline about the NFL's business, Mina's Seahawks, and more.

Segment 3 -- Jeffrey and Devin Walker discuss the Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving, and Charles Barkley's new iPhone during Ring It Up, and Put Three on the Board.


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Or visit business stuff Comcast dot com Comcast business is still resistance others wondered when he came for. Clinton available owners and the one voice and available only me compass is as fast. Can nations we pledge requests on campus and it's an additional feature to the Texans he's ever attempted to change helping customers according to the entertainment industry sitting down what's. The radio. Do you are. Some people out there to have here Friday it is for other people. It features this go head. Nothing beats. Saturday when now you're that age so I shots all of them have they have enjoyed their day I'm fired up to be here. I'm fired up but also got my man behind the last. Is get disconnected here because. Fred talked it Aircastle time right here at the top of the program okay well we got coming up here. On this Friday edition of the Eric castle fine show you kind. Of course recognized her from ES inches senior writer NCR around. Foreign. All the great platforms that ESPN has seemed to enjoy as Liz gets the NFL with her. And about 20/20 five minutes from now really excited to discuss divisional weekend this is always on my favorite weekends of the year I I always go back and forth if it. If we're kind of ranks for me it's I think it's my favorite football weekend of the year. However. Now wild card weekend is really making a play because in addition to the wild card games that you have got all these Saturday LA suddenly NFL. We've now had national championship Monday. Right after in national championships last three years have all been awesome also football games that's bag that's been a great weekend but historically it's always go much fear we can the football course Labor Day weekend the opening of college football or football officially backs. Always a fun one but I still think. Everything's playing for second because the NCAA tournament the first Thursday Friday mean anyone if your sports fan a days just unbelievable even if you're not. Really a college hoops fan it it's just tremendous. Well after a talk to me we will bring it up we'll put three on the board. Tyree Irving spoke all high and JJ Redick podcast that I gonna discuss that as. He's where are you on Tyree now Devin. I was just that they're aware of that was just that Jason Smith of course the host of Jason and Jon Will join us at 3 o'clock Cameron wolf. Who covers the titans for ESPN. Will join us at 325. Or they have a huge huge divisional game this weekend we'll discuss the titans in depth. When we bring camera on around 325 we'll do the headlines and will make way for real talent when he Aircastle times show. Obviously your partner in the higher gas such as says goodbye and the year fair share of kicks off but now welcome on the man that lends his name to this very program need source the radio. Play by play announcer for the Memphis Grizzlies radio network. Is at castle that second day on an hour. Well I was great Jeremiah Robert gene here it. Jerry Steele. Turkish. Here you'll Pepsi Center that wanna work. Yeah it is is always difficult when your position we become. Too dependent on technology if you could soak plea of one thing doesn't work we're just kind of leave our hands up in the air forever and a lot. So what is that so I I you know like about the team Alltel. I think yesterday they got all my work done on the flight out here or trap treat it I sort of reached oats stock. You know we are sponsored dinner last get sponsors on here guys it can't nickel. Some of those folks Rick make it possible for us you what we feel. And so I eat my site she used it a little bit without definition. It's are sucked all we got us. Good Internet clients like pop in the Hoover and I had this. Who would do overdrive router in. The dude actually put it voice is. Audience. You'd like Mac OS so whatever it felt terrorism plot until Saudia. Let's just say Obama has got soul any service sixty so solid state like cracker right here and they get this perfect radio was so like Ella as it. So we had a great time and then I can't hear. And I flogging and that's what the Internet at my computer you're a couple they speak that you're ready to show network so I think they got a problem that plug it into the upper. Belt. He can't connect their Iowa I Jeffery go here there's I appreciated that that are so quick. Had a good happy do you lobby talking to the great city Memphis here on Friday. I ask you aired. Over into the grizzlies a minute because the big medical more tree last night was was outstanding and did your thoughts on that in just a minute but for you. What does or does in the NFL divisional weekend rank for you. But yet few days of football. I suppose we are qualities couples sometimes it doesn't turn out to be as good as we think it is but I love and I think it's. You know you got injured the wild card weekend great fear because there are are good wild card changed now also. Other teams they very well could be division quarters and another occasion for. Because they play it immediately NFC south this year. A that you were so I love it I think it's. Absolutely a blast. I I think it's it's we get all eat out if church that it has soda. That Minnesota. The world's New Orleans gave it to be shipped out to get thinking early. You're stuck at about great quarterback great offense against great defense and energy into actual like. In Minnesota was probably the most balanced team they're the way keeps you misplace the receivers they have. You know Kyle Rudolph was the site edit and you very good backs are all right it's. And Octavia Spurrier says that defense we all well I sure Minnesota you can look at these court order or forage probably when it. And they're at their offenses that good enough where they're not just ground of how they opener out at York. Had a great even those we all felt. You know he got others that farm gate you get otherwise pursue this there's so. To me they're the most complete team the Atlanta games can be really itching to get married a lot of people expect because of Outback Bowl instead. The Atlantis is gonna go and there are a roll out on the mount. You know from what I read I heard that they get skeptical how about Atlanta. LA game because about the sharks basically said you got to see the angry got to keep it's not better that's sloppy Ford of achievement. And it's it's all about young guys there are well armed and access open and we saw what happened so. A lot of people grapple point lucky we've got that. Of Stratton went astray or was it a bit. I don't know though that Philly defense is really good so we'll see how that plays a lot of silly crowd it let me ask you. Obviously you're about later with us insight. As they add up to Chase Utley what the patriots. That's going to be etched into introducing the all this turmoil. Oh it all comes down to it the patriots so patriots in general will be able are you. Or about that that the big task Marcus Arianna and then he's got. You know that he got Pittsburgh game. Coming up as well and plug II just think it's for all yearlong expense. You know this team that I look at as art when they're on when it collects. I don't know that I don't know that the patriots beat that's what they call it now that the problem we see that now. Quit what steps at different times so. You know this is a situation where a lot to get huge you you kind of assume you think we're gonna have. Outlook that's very it will initial routes Jacksonville's defense may have to say that this brigade that's. I don't think it's for his forgotten helping make the subject spoke earlier this year and I think it all they're gonna want a little tobacco are subject. Yep I think good look at that game the thing that strikes me the most. Obviously we know the day that did that Big Ben had that day I mean that was when we came back on Monday and that was after being gave us the comments about whether or not you know you can shoot as it anymore weathered on his tongue in cheek is beside the point he clearly. Played very well the rest of the season but. To me just seems unlikely that you're going to be able to force been in the five more turnovers. And I when I look at that came in I just. I just really have a tough time seeing how Jacksonville scores and I don't think the Steelers. I don't think they're gonna put up an explosion on this jaguars defense but I do think that they're certainly going to put up more than seven points and Jarrett watched. Yeah I age itself not think that as good their offenses their child L brow. You know wish lists. You know our. Weapons they have I think it's I'd had that they have people who all of ought to out. But they're really goods. Well is it get you due to use issues yours first off the street third they're just they're good you know there's two ways about. All four of these offenses can do something a little bit different Kris. What does character. Or salt set up so. Yeah look at I think probably what you see is they'll all teach at the edge decidedly bad. I have to back with. You know so once that that that these questions probably Elliott all the I think you know Minnesota obviously doubles is really good quarterback accused priests. This you have there and it's always wells keep it looked at each of us. Speak of course of Aircastle signed the grizzlies radio network play by play announcer is always on Twitter at. Aircastle time Eric if you're downtown in May be I wanna get checked out the grizzlies game if you want you check out a spot that maybe some grizzlies people would be maybe if you're did Georgia square. What's a good spot that they can go and catch the game and I. Oh yeah I know that he you know okay. As we are joking about it quite quite yet 28 months it's 7 o'clock but this but local ears open I Trent. And they get their full menu there at happy hour all day. So head on down the local bald spots that show little Britain action that the offer of 8 o'clock central practice site. You can enjoy some delicious food and great Cedric specials as well local at the few spots for you. Which are again on now bat since. It over to square that on main street downtown at a local always sets up for there should their hatred. Going on that so local pick take a little. Less pressure off of your wallet things like send out orders appear update at dollar up models wanted a fresh pizza on Tuesday due dollar. Bob here two dollar droughts all they walk up let's say I and then of course of Saturday Sunday they're terrific approach. That as bottles also starts. Suggests fifty. Dollars now they've also got a great event coming up on January 16 this limited seating at. Doubles back on your dinner local introducing the genius award winning locker brewery doubles that also laureate at a party to do it. It's a convict allocation and over its squared. Fiji an amazing chef driven many silver while Bridgeport what's a eight years they're you to the area Tuesday night January 6630. At York since we're location. You locals FaceBook page urged the nation ticket. Cassini is well that it. So he had everything going on our local and guard during the that's where. Everybody's racing to distorted your bread though you could have the local. Nice bite to eat that local church. Where shall of course big when they're cast on again the grizzlies and nuggets tonight we'll discuss that in just a minute or start with the tweet from last night. Believe it was might Skoda sky auto ugly was name any tweet out that. Essentially the grizzlies were shopping around. And Matt Moore ESPN later came out with a report that is essentially the grizzlies are basically shopping everyone with the exception of Marc Gasol and Mike Conley. Place shopping around gen Mac more right now how is that any different than when I used to go to the best friend of the super hot girl and ask what super Hydro thought of me. There. I don't know that it is is it offers are jumping off the charts yet. Play consistently obviously you're start with the injury for it just it was really frustrating. Because she was looking at this is an opportunity to really jump start a career. That never got the only way people wanna keep your Sacramento up in the first got drafted. Idol you know jealousy. Basically I think what you're trying to do what else is if he's not going to be a real. Fire or part of your future you see what you get for at a. That contract the here. Do you think oh how you're shouldn't bring him don't believe I didn't get he got shot up. All that epic are the only guys or after the eight this guy out there X. I don't like it. I. We'll try to get aired back on the line here clearly on. Guess is that the subway there's a subway in Denver. The more you know I did not I just none of them going home there there is there's something on the background a little bit of a connection issue we're gonna get aired back on the line. But again get them remind you again tonight. The grizzlies and the nuggets will do battle. Again you can always hear that game right here on 99 FM ESP in the pregame show will be at 730 so. Denver on the mountain time so pregame show will start at 730 there will of course have the tip off. At eight so Eric we we cal lost you jarring you know you're your answer about the Mac more obviously he's not having the type of season that he wants to have but. You know when you. When you look at. In fairness to him he has Ehrlich. He hasn't really had the opportunity got a knock off the rust it was almost like. Come back into the lineup we need you produce and there really wasn't the opportunity to to knock off for us than we started playing poorly obviously. The grizzlies had to go elsewhere I'll sort of tried trying to production. Is. Two year contract and then Mac more salvageable for the grizzlies. Well and that's that's our subject is well not sure I cut off their the other out of high school basketball games so. Intense you know that go on the air and and it certainly wasn't due to local media the press center gut. Where I was saying look it's it's really weird because you watch them practice and you know obviously the injury being grilled the opportunity to get comfortable with is peachy make. Increase heat sink you know look we need we show our practice. There's athleticism and and an effort was jump shot that you see so smooth that sows so. It'll so easy to go into the basket the way you get to the rim. You don't wanna try and full court trials but that he would come into the game and endless mistakes were made the right place actually running the right off. And it was a trick here coached that way at times and you know that's such a decision as JB Vickers that that's great if he doesn't feel like it. Calendar and a commodity during the PG beacon to duke it. Why am I so. The question becomes is someone willing to take chips on it yet it was his first trumpet it's still very very young you know we want it done it the chip that it's only 23 years old. In other still a lot of basketball left in them. The kiddies get you know it's got to click and sometimes it just takes guys a couple of times it's bizarre. You know here in Denver they know all about that they edge optical one point Greg before chuck. Chauncey Billups in Minnesota. And then he went to Detroit gets started Japanese became a multiple all start the Turkey but also what that was probably the blast. And you know that they're they're guys that it happens like that for a match or to compare them back porch out you don't see that are hurt badly out. But sometimes you just need an opportunity. Differential won't want to average out for. True parent this just it's just doesn't seem to be clicking each not part of the rotation right now they're on Brooks as Clint. Look at repairs and play obviously Tyreke Evans is playing at home. And for the grizzlies right now. Well you're thirteen and 27 tonight the midway point negotiations. If you win tonight which is very difficult has the knowledge of fourteen and shot let's just say. The nuggets went to let. You're on pace if you duplicate this first out. For 26 points. That Turkey if you at the bottom of the pack there's no two ways about that. I know I I heard all the they've put up outlook restricted. I was listening yesterday any select fifty plus percent are all about PA go out. Player tails off don't necessarily tank but hopefully most night's result of a loss or you can get one of these young started covenant. Other people are all in her you know salvaging as best you can achieve huge you know what at home we resolve or whatever it may be. But you've got to shop pretty much the whole roster and see what you can get. Because like you think if you could if you can make a trade right now. And maybe move a couple of catcher actually Brandan Wright steel spires I'll probably not gonna go back and re sharper Indonesia be arc a baby eagle somewhere else. Then you start thinking about hey even if we trade Tyreke Evans we may be able enticing to cut back. Because no one as is Bert writes. And get money plus printer right Malik well let back of course Wally and you got something there and show. I think it'll be very patient issue what happens in the next couple weeks obviously there's going to be some dominos to start falling in some of these teams that need help they need. A wing or garter are going to be not how to restore beaches they have a couple that are available out there. One it a lot of potential the other is clearly healthy for the first shot at a very want to have a much receive them Tariq edit the original one or two games so. Get rich history it really hit it vigorously shoulders going to be ready. And listen. I'd hate to put it that the pressure on like this picture that front office these moves are critical right. They've got to make the right deals moving forward you know the spotlight is on them. They've got to make sure that they they're giving. Asbestos valued they can't what you don't want it out apples is what capital Sacramento where they churned out a few deals for them to market struggles. They then make the deal with the world that everybody just destroys. This sort out straight to mark it's the body yielded a ticket well what are. He gets walloped gonna get anything else heard it market can you can't beat them anymore extract it make it work it work. And expect apple are at stake well they try to make it work. Asia regular seat in trading before the start and that's it. You know these these general managers around the league there knocked out. They know Ricky 80 so if they echo what they have the upper edit the negotiations say they play their court order. And then lastly in you mentioned you know what you're gonna have a trading you have to have a trade partner so from that perspective for the grizzlies what do you think are or. Tell the most likely candidates guys to actually get moved because. Either either their contracts appealing to someone or obviously their talents are killing someone. But say that again took the day it started playing a buy out or get the woman's basketball get cold up. Who would you think based on based on actual need for other teams. If you ever looked kind of project based on likelihood what do you think would be the most likely grizzlies guys get mayor of. Oh Carrie get it is just topped the list. I'll you can point to Minnesota you can point to wash it ought to be. GCC help a backcourt I don't know that Boston each sexual attack aviation area where he says Carey Janet off your back. As possibility you know. Any team looking to take that makes a Toronto with what happened to Kyle Lowry hit back at all. It may be in the market or somebody Judy -- what she should just draw well these are the teams that you know we're gonna finish at the top elite signaled to them. Your first round pick it up that valuable Tibet. They're active they're in the mindset as these were it. The last seven eighths. Our draft which is what this world won't worry about that later but we get a cheap we're well. Now let's action boot what makes the oak or try to get out Al here's Tyreke is we're start that expense treaty IP credit right it treat it is so he. I don't over the grizzlies won a little ER eight it is it is others duke it is development issue like he -- he takes the the necessary steps and put in the necessary that all court particularly by air. AV AJ Dennis Garrett got experience. I don't know if it will you might will be reading that possibly the awkward about that the I dollar contract to look what he did. You know against the falcons everybody why your attic she couple markets like that there might be some pictures there's so. I think he you know the guys that are not going to be disasters are more than likely you know Mike Conley for obvious reasons Chandler Parsons for obvious responsible banged up. Vigorously Gettelfinger really willing to sit listen to offer to market saw possibly a very equitable. You don't share offer that that would include. Hi first round pick. And some sort of like expiring contract that he's only eighteen. Beckett making any sense remarked assault you'll for the grisly sight would be equally. Because they have Brooklyn tech. They have a a contract whether you know how big they look at all the big interest of I think and then you know just insults and probably a lot of it should vigorously but wait there's the tea structured right now that he just think about what he dared the way that you are out whatever GP. He'll let it ride out of such a big egos aside the lakers Soviet coal region. You know Lyndon LA lady walk out of but. That you'll eat at you like she even. Remotely making headway look at this distraught as somebody brought up about it also that's what exactly is it. There were rerouted it unless you're talking about a heart first round draft pick. Don't even bother asking me about Arkansas because mark assault will be just flying. Next year and although we Beijing with Mike Conley with a high draft they. With guys that they've seemingly won't be on the same page I also if the draw just wanna sit down the margins in disgust. Where we are what's going on what's going on in his mind what it is what it is because like it or not Egypt let players run. The team put you have to get their input when they're as valuable UT got off the soldiers that she's why they've earned that in my opinion and that's what I would do it again I'm not getting. They'll sit legal decisions are being thankful reflect about just watching it all gave so I'll. In addition police and I don't know that they're gonna want only apple that that quote quote it because they're here is that the bronze age. Papal entry agency to keep all that LeBron James. But she got the top. A top three pick for the number one pick. You know you can put some back out there it'd necessarily those portrait that wired but it carrier. It structures talks Utah or fiction that it still could make the playoffs until LeBron James is back so. I don't know what their mindset would be at this point either so it's an idiot speak seat. Who does what first Geoffrey that's usually eat. What dictates these great. What she thinks what boot first who goes out and start the archery shoot goes out tries bolstered their roster their bench. Better than the other guys that that's what other T start follow eight you pick a higher price because if you let their equal with the Johnson's. Is there cast I get a game tonight 8 o'clock right here. On 99 FM ESPN air we appreciate your time good luck be safe and obviously get back. I knew I had to pay about sleeping eating I'm not sure do adaptable. So you cannot or not. Yes before you do Dina tells costly disease. Well I need to tell you that hey listen I got a good night's sleep last but it the likely I serve I upper change site mattress and not all of that I got. Right Eric sleepy. XP every day low low price. Which was almost a thousand dollars cheaper in the sale price of the local department store that's why dads were peacekeepers bit frustrated with the Better Business Bureau. That's what Michael Douglas and that is true. And eighteen years as customers know that they're gonna get the best deals because only sixty to 80% off retail crisis. You get an extra 10% when you mention are. They do everything from bad start out as guiding won't shut living room furniture. You name it they've got a that the BB BP can't be on the show or certainly create on that 42 which he talks. 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He is Eric Cassell signed right here on the program we come back we'll take a short break we're gonna come back with ESPN's mean at times you've probably seen her on around the horn you've probably read her work. In ESPN magazine or discuss the NFL playoffs and more from sports we come back would mean a right here on the air cast unsure 99 FM ESP and how you. Teeth look can affect how you feel about yourself and what today's advancements in dentistry. It's easy to change that appeared in just a few simple business yes you really can get a whiter smile and less than two hours and you won't ever. Re going to the death anymore not after you check out the smiles and there. At the corner of poplar and Kirby in the form buildings while senator it is central to everything and it's also comfortable and convenient this is Gary Parrish Tanya. 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Experienced fine dining and a casual atmosphere with today's birds steal 40% off fifteen elegant cars to police is Suzanne restaurant in downtown Memphis from. Inspirations and all of this out from police is Suzanne showcases seasonal ingredients. Every Tuesday sir beard down home stables releases childhood receive food from both the Gulf Coast in Charleston low country traditions. To be infamous move his soulful barbecue style. Supplies are limited so don't miss out on this opportunity. Get yours that you might burn stuff down. Yeah no more sugar. Today's special. You need at times where he's from Sierra on around the corn and other ES in multiple platforms and definitely. But they couldn't finish today. Still in sports yeah. Oh now he's. Any kinds of ESPN's joins us now need a big day at appreciate it take its time for us on this Friday. Hey I loved good music. It's big choice Friday of survive by touted executive producer Dan Walker has taken or the music and so yes the theme for every day so he had people submit her. Iran submit us listening options they double was that. All night about big boy they got the more in Atlanta mayor Dana let's start here the visual we can for me is always from a favorite football weekends of the year but. In your opinion what's the most interesting story line you're looking at this week and. A game that ever run both its site about is. Every night your home pack patent game but that it can't yet say it I think a lot of within the team could go easily win this Super Bowl so it. Clearly the best matchup of the weekend and could that impact arguably good bad that I bet you bet in the clay out. Bertha card could be that the Beckham back eight Matt. This matchup I mean obviously that the vikings defense has been one of the stories of the year but one of the other big story lines coming into the weekend is the fact that its he's Keenan's first playoff game. Host of big deal do you think it is the fact the case teams playing in indeed his first playoff start. Big deal with Kate clearly. Ongoing question of when they begin to go back to being keep it sure I can that they kind of the like Cinderella story. He thought he would welcome Korman. For so long that if he owed. Current fair amount in question at this point by partnering him I think they'd say one good shot in this game is he actually. A little bit more down to that you're likely wipe them injuries are out of line and collector more and he relies more than excellent lightly either so. Coming up all of that level he owed them combat during the even in the play out on out. Think about civil the terrific players he profiled Aaron Rodgers and the likes. We're Drew Brees stack up for you in just kind of interesting figures that we've seen you know he gets essentially left you know he's cut it San Diego and now he finds its way to New Orleans and it's such a great story saves in a moralist saves the team. He sent in the city and now almost just feels like because he didn't does any touchdown passes they share their aunt for like a better word we we forgot about break. Or did you what do you haven't seen from Brees this year in the playoffs. Well I think it and what happened in the wild card round woods and yet they're a little bit again. Think incredible run game and yet I will review I did that cold right do you agree to hope in court I guess if you're tight he can kind of fly under the radar to. I breaking but concrete bunker that it acted immediately to our record at the apple way period he could you explain the different. Did you looked south and showed no signs decrying the site you need. I never thought about themselves. I think it between the Minnesota had the better beat Clinton Carolina. I don't think they had you are against the run but the point up in the third Edberg it would be good way. I've made it didn't look I went after the announcement they relied on more. Think when the kinds of ESPN of course you can see her on around the horn also read a word yes in a magazine you can always follow her on Twitter. Act mean at times and then onto that to the big story of from last week from your colleagues up quicker Shannon was a fantastic read. On the story on the patriots. Impact do you think weathered the it was definitely a big story that was discussed. A quite often you know but in the likes of radio waves TV land how much do you think it's a much impacted its gonna have on this game. If I'm a pilot plant and I would CNET story. Caught my head down and and now because. But it and other you know basically thinking that it appeared that it involved. Can't handle it god could you. They'd rally around this they love me again you really gonna let the world right so if that came out. I look like prediction than that I communicate them completely lit it up this they're predicting that the yard between the way that we operate and the culture that area. Speaking of course would mean at times of ESPN and and onto. Kind of a record setting game it's the first time that number one seed in the divisional round as a underdog at home. Obviously the Eagles now having to play nick falls and so personal when's it's been a very very different team in the falcons have kind of become more or less the sexy pick what what are you looking for out of that game. Yeah I look to see if when I see it Philadelphia don't really got me really happy with it. Yeah I'm keeping it under eight gullah between. Yeah nick opened up and playing well at all but. If they have various ticket again during the regular. With cart what I didn't help either Qaeda threat a cart web the got a great group of earning that respect it I got the final game it wouldn't hit it. Act are quite so. It's ironic I can't say anything to do about the field could either run game. Without them. I I would do like the game and I I think they've been underestimate don't let that heat or because there has increased so much out of grad I makers young talent. An alert patent quarterly Craig there it looks like we'll start. I'd like you that you how good they really are unique because the player they called the rebel group or that we showed a wildcard round. Speaking in mean icons here on the air cast censored Jeffrey in a four Eric. Grizzlies to unite at Denver 8 o'clock right here on the station and then the final game of the weekend. It's Pittsburgh and Jacksonville mean I ask you this simply. Is like the portals cutter back. You bet there. And well is he and crew who much in the back passively he let. I am led after one of the best quarterback in football in late November and there and the former and then. The Google could go way back to being great the great border be if I can work arguably actually over the last. Could we kicked out. Actually though he then I regret it I hadn't gotten by the that a but he adds that I would I would expect him back got a particular. The pac. The past couple unbelievable. Even you are not good enough. That level it but luckily the web part in our complement not compliment their running game you don't haven't got the heat to heat up. Speaking of mean at times and then ill lastly you have a background writing about business and obviously about sports when you look at. All of the the narratives that surround the NFL and whether or not businesses being herder whether or not ratings are. Truly up down are they down are they are they now just. Are people watching the sport differently to you what's the most fascinating. Aspect of the NFL moving forward as a business. I think it can be dealing with what you had described within the rating count by the way even if some. Would it not work NBA ratings college football does very well in the NFL. I my purse talking and he tacked on to the people get an Atlantic Obama got it on. My third agreeing that an appellate the most mainstream caught in the back row except. The water cooler conversation across America it is like network television. I never held in the ratings are up into the crowd support of the right here reflect technology in fact I think. Back alleys building dying in the room but because they're the guy you're experiencing some of those that he. And then lastly we I know you're Seahawks fan. Is it is it time I hate to use that is it done as it finished but. Where are you on on your Seahawks because obviously not the in that they are looking for an almost Olympic bears a passing of the torch moment from the Seahawks or rams. You know I I do think that Iran are probably the leader at that the next year I look that I'm a bit more about that. I'm thinking that if you had told me what did you get guys that. Something like pork IBM global have been injured that you really can't can't bear became chairman Clint April oh linebackers the running back got an idea I would. Not expected to need to do it either even they couldn't ask. In that regard but the fact that back at how they deal with identity that he thought how did replace some of the car the wanna get let go and I would agree that the new offensive coordinator will be even. In looking at the middle of the corporate world. You know we really appreciate your time enjoy all of the sports this weekend and we will I talked to Donna right. She is mean kinds of ESPN and any toys are on Twitter at Mina kinds DeVon. A Yale educated. Human being. That is fantastic we have one Harvard educated I'm on the station out of I don't know if you noticed these odd double Harvard an oval I don't have double our sergeant that. Wheels are separate out its case. Yeah whimper and universal time and shocking around liked when he 28 do you get Memphis graduate are always sort. Ergen and yeah yeah and van wilder make an app. Sam Perkins will. I change coming up next. Rib Sam Perkins reported. A bigger hardware that's important airport Samberg is at 340 were closed the show with Sam so little bit of a scheduling note so instead of doing the headlines we're gonna talk with Sam. And maybe law out where's the headlines and at the end want to see with time constraints are about when we come back. As we mentioned at the top of the show carrier Irving was on the JJ Redick podcast. And why. Renny get into that and we bring it up with rim or right we come back right here on the air cast a share 99 FM ias and pastry we know you. 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And shores Friday rolls on here is tear gas sideshow as the intermission I am sure the right going to call me on Twitter. And Jay Wright 99 ESPN my partner joining me behind the glass is Kevin Walker is always on Twitter at dead and underscore walker five. Shout out to DeVon because we take away votes. We are in the middle jam packed show and I know oftentimes you'll hear people now. I jam packed show and then. It's not but we've got a jam packed ship if you missed any of it of course be up on the podcast right after the show we had media kinds the opened the show coming out. At the top of the hour re talking Jason Smith of course of Jason and Johnny had a big interview. Where David in the Tosh if there is they'll all discuss that with them. As well Mason tiger hoops when Jason joins us at the top the next starting Cameron wolf. On EST and he covers the titans were discussed the big playoff match out. That wall occur tomorrow. Between the titans and the patriots we'll discuss that with him. And then really excited to have Sam Perkins on with a sea of course. Former north Carolina tar hill played for the mavericks played for the lakers played for the Supersonics. Way back when in the NBA. He will be honored on the in Arcadia celebration. That comes up on Monday at FedEx Forum when the grizzlies will take on the lakers so we'll have him. At the early around 340. Or have him today so really really fired up. Big big show shout out to my producer Don walker who has just really hit the ground running did an awesome job to show books and really looking forward to talking to. Every single one of these people but now we getting it restores to enable it to you probably won't delegates here. A three and outlets for. Really you know. Gloria it's. DA. He's now 82 nines very Kessel began big story last night on the AT&T early game. The cavs and the raptors. We're doing battle of as apparently were not. Interested in putting up much of fight they Gelb a 133. Points against Toronto it's the most points allowed bile LeBron James team. Since 2003. I believe that was his rookie year the year 2003. LeBron has never lost back to back games by 25. Points or more. And of course the big news was hill scuffle on the sidelines. Of who is going on I mean any time to get your butt kicked obviously there's frustrations are running high bit. My fear part was. EU ECB camera panned in the bronze doing LeBron things. But the best part is that like tiger and lute is nowhere in the shots and I wondered if I was like where is he didn't but Coke can do it takes. Just chill out there that gets you look. Guess you'll. Rod Derek is big again as I've always mentioned there's the three hassled by you have player LeBron yes of course coach Ron Harrison GM LeBron exact so I guess last night coach Iran or was it was getting into it is apparently player LeBron. One and nothing to do would it. Of course this carries happens and so. We gets pitching post game comments let's first hear. From tyrant Lou after the game here was what he had to say. About how the makeup of this casting. Guys have agenda that's. What's that mean and I heard what I said. Guys have agendas. That's what I mean. All right. With the woods in his BS. On this team this is he met guys have championship so what would elude and his beard this. I would think probably trying to make themselves as attractive as humanly possible to get out of town. Year absence I mean that would be my idea so obviously. Oh team basketball's probably not the same here I mean. I'm not I'm certainly I don't want this he'd taken the wrong way and clearly Tyreke Evans has a different image in the breach yes then like a Marcus all this year and Tyreke Evans has every right to add that agenda because Tyreke Evans that while my favorite things in sports that they you'll see players do from time to time and he gambled on himself. And guess what. It's a gamble it's gonna pay off knock on wood there's no injuries from here on out and he's going Q. I'm really really get paid in the best way can she took a gamble on himself. So the question being is what are and what are the agenda because. Obviously LeBron is that the point where he's no longer chasing a title he's no longer chasing rings he's not chasing. Accolades he's chasing. The quote the goat he's chasing the greatest of all time oftentimes these kind of chasing ghosts because we seem to change argument for. Each every time but the only way he's gonna chase that dream is though by adding rings so. Obviously his goal is to make sure this team is a championship team. It's Kevin love's goal. To make sure this team's championship team. Things are I think he's rerun of that is that objective number one thing now. In JR Smith is that object he got paid talking as there is it is it is an actor Isaiah Thomas. I think he's either an objective to prove yourself. That can Alston. Oftentimes though that can Alter Atari games thing I can combat the idea of what Iran's agenda is so let's hear from. Let's hear from post game LeBron. Post game LeBron oftentimes wears off three athletes let's see what LeBron had to say and the mole I will see if we can dissect. Plus we are very accountable you know for Ashley McConnell for our report on how we could always play well we don't want another. Its employees. You know that we should. Maybe you should come alert me you should make. You know when you lose them you know you tend to not want to make those plays or ten toothless employees get away from you we can't afford right now we're playing ball so. Shawn holder of our economy going. In and move won't introduce. Hold everybody accountable. So Devin as the torch bearer of LeBron James. Oftentimes though whatever your LeBron say we're gonna liver and accountable. What he means is I'm holding everyone else accounts. X I mean. All right here's the deal. I've fallen to this mouse trap and I didn't fall for it last year amnesty acquitted this year here's what I mean I'm a strong. It's January yes that's that's the thing that's. I've always thought this little brawn James LeBron knows he's chasing championships because he's trying to add as many. Titles as many accolades to is. Very very worthy resonate here to say that on the greatest all time. You know and restored early in the season I wasn't one of those Ohman got rid of panic because no. LeBron aussies to. I wasn't in a panic. I was. Concerned because of how bad they were defensive here and the other the other issue that I thought what is interest thing about the caps is when they played good teams they were it beat consistently. Even games and they're trying. I decided to. More or less shelved that concern on Christmas Day even though the cavs to loosen the warriors. I saw what I need to see saying okay they can be competitive another word wonderful strength but. I I saw OK you can see. If this team gets there that they're certainly they're not as good as the warriors but they're certainly going to have a puncher chance yet again. But it's the same thing each and every time it's the same conversation we always have to January February what's wrong with the caps what's wrong with a castle Harlan castle solid cap. This is what LeBron James teams are like this should they are they're going to. Not play well January February honestly even in a march and last year you can't really convince me otherwise I think there are posturing for the two. To try to avoid older years when I empress they want and that because. The truth is I know Boston is the sexy pick for Iran and especially if Hayward and them coming back and and looking like. Anything remotely similar. To what the Celtics paid for here obviously it's going to be a threat. I'm just I'm not I'm not here in his playing for him and I'm just not like he's still the best player alive and he continues to be the most confusing player for me from a you know if you are on a fan percent average for just watching because. When the game is being played he's my favorite bass player all Mike he's just electric watch I say that is that a guy figure out. Loving Michael like the resolve battles Michael Jordan but when you watch LeBron play like you can't take your eyes off of him. But as soon as the game stops he is someone that I cannot stand I he is literally Miley size the progress there passive aggressive it's just he's just. It you know races this is exactly what is he's a guy that's been told he's the best. Since he was by thirteen years old which is ever right and the rest and it backed up but it. He just continues to is I'm not gonna fall for this master mouse trap I'm still thinking the cavs are the best team in the east until proven otherwise. I story number two. Tyree Irving former Cleveland cavalier. He went on the JJ Redick podcast. And he told JJ and that he learned about. The earth being flat from. None other than a social media instead it's just our luck and hook and it's figure. NCA ice that begs that begs this question. Story trolling yes. I think at this point he really easy because he was talking about Holly Hughes on the spore page injured there was like worst what do voters were placed her for that come up. Here's what I just go searching for these kind of pages and as do this and do that just has so many theories that he is a different domains as largest. I don't get me wrong. Like every like every guy that has lord curiosity. You could always sign me up perjury conspiracy here you will both of us right. We all got all of you are just some of that dispute when he won a hard piece of evidence are quite it has to be legitimate or not. They just like oh okay well we believe that the lunar landing was just state TV studio and and I think that's not a slight. Especially when we have. Like billions of satellite pictures appear Scott flat but that's that's gonna the issue usually are really struggle with how I read that. Think got to carry Smart. It cuts could could be good defense perimeter he does so pretty things where. Does Sony things where you listen to them talking you're like he sounds he sounds very educated right there. And so. I'm inclined to believe he's just trolling. There's also this other notables to this weird. Do just where he also had heels had other comment on podcast about all seeing guy and about spirit alchemy is a hot he's huge in right. Is this. It was very you talk about the guard kept a Taco Bell at that salary now he's like. People are taught control to be afraid they'll cut off. Four I've not known what pausing actually mean it comes from historically SES Astra yet is different from people to be stirred up I don't wanna deep dive into but it's a part of a lot of I receive all seem to offer about six months now. Course the other all the time the other issue on this podcast on when we were getting into conspiracy theories JJ Redick. Also admitted and he knew that it was going to be a headline grab it that's why he went through it out anyway as he was finally his. Yes yes questions. JJ Redick is not sold out of everything the so he had a judge about odd little interest in her and I would certainly say it it was interest. I then lastly a DeVon up on the page year. Our good friend Charles Barkley. Ever once everyone's favorite uncle crazy uncle that's. On he met Siri. Apple's Siri for the first time. In person well. We've got to click here this from a bully goes from Kenny from Kenny Smith it's the tablet there on the page what's your outlook Charles Barkley. Let's years' experience of meeting series from the iPhone. What he's doing it like this. How serious how how long. That distance until I. Let's hope you don't have to do it introduction Davids I've talked to suit our stars those children didn't do yeah. It's like what do you do at. I don't know news series but I don't know what you did you like to ask the question you don't have to address as Syria border to Iran is from. Oh Vegas to Phoenix. Okay. There we go. We're really doing this death but there was to drive. From. They always babies. Since Phoenix. That drive is. See if they don't lose. Directions boondoggles and good get yeah. I don't know what your hours and 48 minutes and what the dollar Texans that I'm not drive it now. I live a little ball. Omar regards. I did well though and big. I speak either part of it dot is its not the introduction of which she gave a talk us here Charles get up. It's the fact that Charles was putting on like his white voice right is just to talk to series. Others those Byrd throws a tremendous. What has that all who are told bodies at the same reunion we have the teaching our youth and just just all the best you know he's a one finger texture to a you know one yes. We come back Jason Smith had David in the process is dale on yesterday's program we'll discuss that also discuss. Speaking of conspiracies. Get into them of a hole awoke on these shirts on the fire Jason and Jon and after about how does Jason Gomez Jason there been any updates on.