Guest Host Jeffrey Wright: Hour 1 with guest Michael Pina (5/22/18)

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Tuesday, May 22nd
Segment 1 -- Jeffrey Wright gets called off the bench to host today's show and discusses the NBA Playoffs and Penny Hardaway's latest comments on the Gary Parrish Show with Devin Walker. Segment 2 -- Jeffrey welcomes Michael Pina to the show to discuss the Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron James' playoff performance, the Western Conference Finals, the future interest in the NBA if the Warriors win another title, and more. Segment 3 -- Jeffrey and Devin discuss future interest in the NBA, Brandi Chastain's HOF plaque, and more during "Ring It Up, and Put Three on the Board".

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For a chance to win a grand from ninety to not eat. As its peak in the well. Radio voice. The end. Special. Scariest moment. Here in. Right grab your helmet. Absolutely not the three other desperate. When he got to get into the hole depth tonight. Traffic has got a call right. That leads to take you wherever you may be surprised after right. Back here nose in the air at halftime show. Airing it is. He's gonna be on the DL for a little bit there's some thought wrong pastries sit near your season needs your well wishes to Erik Pears courtesy again. We carry I'll stop I'll stops that you can own privacy but our boy. It really does think you can beat father time doesn't earlier. He's going to be reliably and I hit 90. Yeah he has got edited beat tore that Achilles he knows he can still make that all started or doesn't think. You know those. Readers are boys our boys hurt his knee against I would presume he is. He is very very much. It'd doctor I would presume in a lot of pain yes but nonetheless. I at we got we would we read it called the bullpen we return to the bench and realized or backup quarterback was hurt. And fortunately we had to return to myself. The voice on the other side of the glass the executive producer of this very program. Is Devin walker DeVon good day says a man I am not injured I am here New York, New York bully you're healthy or how the world right now or even. Or even playoff form or Ike are you argue 100% or you just. You like in playoff form rightist presume everyone's feeling crappy ice you're never gonna feel well but it's the playoffs your display in Columbia mega. Abandon their support takes hold in the season to get a toll on you now if you're a hockey player do you have an undisclosed injury that once your team finally gets knocked out of the playoffs each Auburn paid out. Acts don't -- planner broken leg or not a broken hip like that is not fair to hockey may have. Undisclosed lower body injury and then afterwards I doubt I broke my ankle penalties like. No that's true but I also don't wanna argue with you put so or as you. You healthy. Or you just pointer winter America trooper a resorted to reignite that that we are. Let's say let's go to appear on the program opium of by sports will join us at 225 you know we will be talking about there was a performance last night. From the king Specter all came manner he was piece last night. Who'll discuss all that also discussed the Western Conference. Finals like yes we can call that the actor who got his preliminary is. The NBA finals I guess that's it gives it bottles then I got eight it is double exposed. Yeah they had I mean Monty has Kevin Durant and I agree I also think. I do think we have to be a little careful this year and start using. Teams' records as a sign of greatness. Because so many teams were tanking. I think it inflated ever with numbers up so high because there were legitimately eighteenth that we're trying to lose games is are we. So I think you create a situation where like you receive eighteen it was probably sixty win team. When 6760. EE like I'm taking I'm not about the guy saying Houston was not a good basketball team but I don't think that they were. Did I don't think they were quite I think there are good I think that is straight into the word monopoly or anybody runs towards swept you know there's a question on I mean. I see David this what. It took LeBron James is singled. Greatest finals we've ever seen X it also took a hero performance from carrier being. It took a hero shot. From Kevin Love. It took in injured staff curry. And a suspended train mine green I've sharpened her her during her for the warriors to lose if it took all of it's easy it's just for them not to win the finals. Without Kevin Durant crazier than you dad Kevin Durant and obviously. It's just it's just isn't it's not do conflict candor always be awkward step child with the Warner's but I feel like you don't hear these championships. I think Kevin Durant. Actually think history will probably be kind to him. I think he made the calculated move love. I don't care if they're cheap drinks at the end of the day hearings at the end of the day we'll start reading my resume you'll save four time five time what every NBA data well my kids are kids who say Karen you're right oh yeah he's you know. Will remember the moment we river how Chico was. Light I think he's doing the the long term hey what it's all said and done. We decided to championships are all that matters here. Basically to say I don't know. So championships are all that matters and we are trying to just determine if LeBron was it exactly. That's up she has witnessed from the old heads only best friends are only are your it didn't raised didn't matter for Bill Russell or Derek Fisher right right it was just. Well we are changing the goalposts for LeBron that's what we decided what matters and so that that I do think. I think derail it took the I think he took like kind of the long term approach where. A eventually it'll start reading my resonate don't you read your resonates just listen accomplishments and there's no there's no explanation out. Perhaps the cheapest champion. Yet. The history of the NBA like you play with a two ministers in NBA history to play this 73 when team there the year before the court. Just like I don't know in the great scheme just think about this like this the well look at the wars you have the gusher in Everett and Seth Curry. Any economic chart click talk and make a shot you get into the second best player in the NBA. To make shots you give it to argue. Not a lot LeBron is not about number 23 and a cast this as a basket carrying out you know hi Philip have. You're arguably give it to the single greatest cheat code in the NBA I agree with an uncharted Toma from them for the longest. He's 71 yeah like a guard can shoot. It's taken two steps to get to the hole it's ridiculous in the Canon it's unbelievable keys perhaps the single greatest Chico. LeBron James is in general the single greatest creative player in a multi I would the only test removes a major war. He's the single greatest kept the sewers trade a player to. For just an offensive basketball player get under its cheek oh yeah and so. That was up what was so disheartening about game one win and win the warriors beat the rockets. Step was average yes clay didn't do very much. And they still blew them out on the road warrior effect. We'll get into more of the NBA I just a little bit. Also coming up at 3252 part of the hour will of course talk Mike Wallace's Tuesdays and that's grizzlies analysts Tuesday so I've got a couple of questions for him. Largely stemming from. Spoiler alert Dylan I watched the Euro easy baby I watched the Euro league final four holes there. Record that's exactly thank you it's very it bully ball. Yeah how much a pleasant and warm when it's well analysts say they're on athletic and it's just it's also RO it's it's. It was also difficult to watch because about 30% of the game was broadcasted auto ref cam. It's literally like they've put a lapel light except it was a camera. On the guy's chest. And as Oprah sitting down for this it was not a great angle are only imagine. It was it was it was electric watching that broadcast we'll get into that. A little bit might get into that Hillary output through the board will get into you all get into all of a what I watched from. Luka over the weekend we'll also discuss more from the draft more from the offseason of course Mike Wallace and he joins us what is the headlines at the bottom of the second hour we'll get away. And will make way for real talent your readership by let's start here. Guard Devin first and foremost of course being artery yesterday was all. The gear repair show. And it is it is weird and he even mentioned at the bass organ focus on the one thing guy do you think is always interesting now. Legitimately Penny Hardaway is in this situation where locally. Any sodas anything it's news are you all used to the courts are gonna news on another source it's crazy. Yet for years that's like. I don't have to tell you because Elena it would get inflated sense to grand numbers of anyone can manipulate this your note your clip pager your Berkeley and the guy. Hey kemba die attitude phase in batted you Wear proudly through badge of honor your baby usual pin numbers. What is best to be a weird situation. However. It's also not as if he's just create I. Emphatically trying to create an agreement so exactly he's honest he's answering questions honestly yeah it's super fresh and perhaps maybe it is because. He didn't even though he's been a professional even though he has been largely. Honestly a face of a city. Since basically be coming out now on Iowa 26 years you know five years ever gonna Tony five years. It's got some constructed near him but he struck and so. He is getting truthful and there was one truthful answer that I wanted to discuss review because I've found two things interesting and import some talking about. Is opinion on the student section of course everyone. It feels like every fan in every fan base whether unless you are. Seat ushered duke basketball. And may be Kentucky basketball. Other than that I think every single band oh Ziegfeld evidence that other public does every single fan base thinks there's been sectioned stinks. Yeah they don't get here early enough they're not the road that was leave early early in the duo like heck. And we have our best guess golf. We urge you aired a watchable are not. You're of course it was better back red wing T eight you're not all the all it's not as well increase. Although the mayor has been out what it's well three things can happen but when you're around it only one. Shoot run the ball. Well the older heads all southern old. All counting the takes like sometimes you won't put tape recorder went just just call at least I won't listen you've just got. Of course every single fan base thinks they have the were students yes. When he says that seems to be a factor regarding a picnic here. So at that normally. He's at your criticism about a student section. I tend to feel like okay 06 with a grain of salt however there's really no denying that. Right now in Memphis games this judge in fairness. This is it pointing the finger students are. This whole buildings here to do you know what it's about blue hairs here but I would imagine if he did aid if you don't lying graph and you showed. The relationship between student section attendance and in game attendance from. Ever world's imagine that's a pretty consistent one there were big that seems to be I think that seems to be fair sum up the type. They also put on the students but. What I thought was telling about pinning Charlie's comments work. It really revealed. How invested in this whole job he has because one thing that I find interesting every time he talks about this gig and this is really are asleep. In my lifetime this is the first time I can remember this feeling. It's a lot like the grizzlies when I talk about in terms of the amount of people that are on board and here's why bring this up. So for instance I was in high school in the early parts of my college senior that was all Cal's tenure the and obviously most everybody loves a winner. This is this. A lot of people here Memphis that love the city Memphis they did not of the tigers. And cal was basically numero. Uno. You know period like that grease ball off the floor there EE I mean like it is it's and he greatly as we allegation that would be in that it was just like you know there are people that. There are people. On the city it's even if they didn't have ties the school that. Don't think casual tiger fans. Cal rubbed at a look those people the wrong way here and created very divisive note still it was still a majority of clutter pursue eighty MB 8085% there was a small minority of but now with penny there does seem to be this element of then sever its on board because regardless if it. You're even one that the study types that you know uses tiger high and you're one of the study tides that. Does that leave the I can love Memphis but I doctorate with tiger he joined those. Pretty much Chevron's like I really hope this guy wins here at one thing I think has been positive about this is the fact that. Almost time and time again he shows his consistency in the idea that gets you like. Because what I thought was dishing the fact that you consider how much attention to detail he's paying to accept with a student section. Could kind of be taken as micro. Micromanaging. But it's not micromanaging when you hear him explain it this our nation and the kids all. He's getting other people's ideas micromanaging would be I've got to do some of student section here's my plan here's the deal is exactly. That's Sony's doing what he's saying is. Welcoming everyone here I'm old port out on ideas. And all of the best ideas to go into this. You know the day. A matter because here's what's gonna get people in the building. Affleck could tell it does so here's to Iraq a dog gets in his first 10 it's I'm telling you wanted to see Iran you know it's gonna get people in the building wings' James Watson. A tax hope but I thought dances that you know. Already he's gonna get people in the building because of open right now. Is 100%. Tied to expectations here and right now tire razzle expectations. About two Annapolis together couldn't be lower. It's amazing how quickly conflict with just a bread crumb of good news. When it becomes more than just a bread crumb of good news when it becomes. Arguably tutorial you're arguably the two best players in the city here. And occurred signing class and then on top of that. More years start to see names become involved in recruiting for the next two years names you would never oversee. It creates a wave of momentum a great positive energy and that's what's gonna get people on the building. You're yes wins but wins are directly tied to hope they're all I'm saying is initially. It's gonna help that much honestly and help it is. The smartest thing they did was. Hey when it comes this schedule. It's of these local teams here the day it goes back in the eighties say in Arkansas on the schedule we've got to get we've got to get. Four or five other games on the schedule that not only are people care about. But there are people care about and more importantly you and I'll watch wrestling. There's nothing like seeing that a good Beatty face gone against a good he'll yes sir it makes the crowd electric and that's it all comes down to. But I think inevitably what. Well I think has made so much of this positive is the aspect of it. That it's created almost everything is in positive like it's in a positive direction. In which I'm watching more and more people kind of get on board and even people think that whereas their first. I really do you think he's basically at this point. Other thing coaching basketball games when she's not able to DXZ isn't afforded the opportunity. I think urgent national games he's basically measured up to each and every criticism. Skeptical question many had up into the sport on the job and he's. Basically pass supply and don't forget about the whole. It is madness part two does when he's heard talk about expectations. Given the disagreement is mad as if we've encouraged the game and expectations judgment is madness over and be ridiculous. Can go up until he's gonna put a legitimate show in Memphis maps. Yes I think that's I think that is more than fair says yep I think I think on that when he's playing he's played his cards close the rest. You and me is he's not let anything go man he's he's putted I think on that when he's guy I think he's got some ideas on now. Yeah he's he's come micromanage that situation not just think he's already got a plan in place I think he's got some commitments on I think he's gotten my roommate has some ideas. And when he sees. Because here's a height element to it. But also I think pennies pretty calculated Alia we still right in the last winter months I don't think. I think penny delivers on what he thinks he can deliver and I did think that that was. I didn't think that was another inching part of his comments from yesterday. He didn't mention. Hey man this is a disappointment in this yeah I think he didn't expect you know hey you know we tried to hit the ground running immediately on recruiting. We had some notes here. And you didn't say like hey you know like oh I'm harping on all of us because. He was grateful but I do think that it was interesting to hear him say. You know I. Basically like those for the first time in in this part of that I've been here now here. 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I sports joins us now Mike good day sir how are you. Area so while men are wanna start first here with you. When we look at the Eastern Conference finals both teams have held serve. Thus far at home with neither team looking particularly good on the road although. I guess we saw more effort from Boston last night. Or when you think about the course of the series. If there's going to be one team that steals one on the road who do you think it's going to be. It credited cavaliers just because you have they have LeBron James says. Lou as that a lot of that in his career. In Boston and try to win mad that he missed you know. A lot of guys that meant seeing them in their core have won a title together Kevin Love. Tristan and shares led the guys know how to play and really difficult that mysterious. There's other finished I mean we don't know the injuries that they had that they're also just incredibly young and yeah Al Horford is basically they're grandfather of that team. You know there are incredibly location may play disciplined but as we've seen throughout the post season bloodiest. For whatever reason to not look at the same group on the road whether it getting back in transition and executing switched agents seem to screw up. In key moments on the road and you know they're also just not getting shots which I think it's just more random blip split. If it via a little bit of that doctor trickle mr. Hyde situation for them on the roads I would I would side with Cleveland into question. When you think about. What he could not really the stark contrast really between shooting between each team at home and on the road. Is it really just a comfort level where Palin when you're at home if you're in the gym you're familiar with the it. And there's just kind of more buff up comfort level so therefore they're shooting better Rick. Really it's just ridiculous to kind of look at the shooting numbers for each team. On the splits because it's really just on the way coming you can almost chalk it up to that's kind of been the difference. Yeah I think you know players will talk about. You know having a routine being able to sleep in your own bed the night before Canas and make things they did it's slight home court advantage is such. A coveted thing throughout the regular season. For most games. But that there that I just think a lot of it is also. Just kind of random that's. I have no other explanation which is why that's my answer. If it incredibly small sample size you have guys were a for the Celtics. You know Jalen brown who's a streaky three point shoot it. Did this year is a streaky three point shooters and you know I've been in in the the Boston Garden. When they get it going out there should market Smart horse deterred other. And I I don't know as it impact and you know their confidence level and let the ball go. But it may. But I have no there's no like scientific evidence there it's just got a guy out deal. I completely agree you because. It does drive me insane whenever you'll get a I I can be an analytical guy can do it 100% take data apply to situation draw a conclusion. But when people try to argue there's no such thing is like getting hot. And that there is no such thing as like a hot street I'm like that's you're just completely out of like we've seen it with our own eyes and even he played like ranked sports you know what it's like tap water to go in just makes it so much easier. On the flip side you also know what it's like to miss one or two you and then you feel like you can't make anything like I. I to me it's always has been one of those fascinating. Fascinating debates amongst sports analyst that's kind of always driven me insane. I don't -- of course of by sports is joining us here on the program Jeffrey filling in for Eric issue US in your well wishes to air carriers tweaked the knee again so. Oh we need him to you ought to get better soon I wanted to ask you this when you when you watch this series. Is it a situation where. Do you feel like Cleveland has figured out what the rotation that's the most effective against Boston. Or do you feel like it's a situation where hey man I just kind of played her the last two games. Yeah I mean I think. Going back yet and going home really helped them obviously. You know they started to make it three point shots which is a huge part of Cleveland's success offensively. I think game one in Boston has a really weird performance O LeBron Canada's he has one of those maybe. Once every two or three or four years. It's. He can check that out until it is I think that you know put anxious incontinence that are that actually get minutes ago or certainly the big adjustment by China lute didn't really worry in game two all that well. Oh so this and that in my neck and below it in games three and four. President than just a monstrous speaker of the presidency and he takes a little bit away on the offense and then it is an ability to space the floor. But I think that that they're the cavaliers are winning that individual matchup. Definitively. I think in this series they are plus twenty. Win Al Horford interest in Thompson on the floor and then when. When Al Horford is on the phone without. Tristan if there might have stated so it's a pretty big disparity there. And and that's among yes. But besides that I mean you know just you know not playing Rodney had not really playing Jordan Clarkson just go in with guys that you trust. I think and your question I do think vehicle that got settled in here with a reputation that they can lean on Palin and give them some pretty good minutes last night as well. Now be just on the Celtics to the public and basically taken their education as well you know there's random Greg Monroe minutes and have a salad and a popped his head out. From underground for no reason. They're nice side I think they have their patience that is well and yeah game that is going to be a very interesting matchup. We think about game five LeBron usually in Canada games he has to win like when if you look at the course his career game fives in swing series game sevens and swing series. Usually really good if you're Brad Stevens then you mentioned kind of in game one a felt like Abramowitz a little confused early on. In the set kind of subtle little bit you really settle any game to Richard Brad Stevens and thus far ye even pushing a lot of the right buttons what buttons you expect him pushing game five. Look I mean there in game four I think the third strategy in the half court to switch. There this year until LeBron Amanda. You know stay home. Not that they were very you know there's there's there's coverage and a very violent very solid. Expecting him like this today and you know they it's five. They had their shift like they had our it's much fight in the switches. And you know I thought that they had. I have you know there was a few air LeBron just kind of duck the end and got there and then there's really nothing you can do there. As I thought that rouge air particularly you know he shot really tired. And you know staying home on the three point line where she Cannes where they had to do we have it like deputy grams which is where cherish you get over there and then before they can kind of utilize them the mismatch and take advantage of that they'll kick out. And on the Mike and being in their outlook for the switch again and you know in that split second well LeBron is going to pick you apart and there are few corner entry is not what. Knocked down by yes men and how quarter. Last night they were from those actions and I think you know the other thing to be extremely tight when they do that and their stratus which got double brunt of these systems Smart absurd but. Yeah they force commanders and tough follow it that he just hit sending the guy is. Even made him when he had their shot there's literally no defense unplanned and to stop them. This thing is they destroyed and then the day is that you know the lawn choose will not fall eventually. For a stretch where you can kind of make it up on the offensive end. But you gotta stay on the people I'm glad that that have the Cleveland Cavaliers will go on NAFTA around the middle just carry it. I don't mean of course by sports joining us here on the show. May she follow him on Twitter at Michael BP you know make sure you check out his podcast the Big Three. Podcast and then I don't put words in my mouth but I kind of sensing. And I kind of since he feel like this series is turned in the cavs favor. A little bit. I mean. Again they have LeBron. Yeah I mean that's what makes it so difficult not only that. A week do you feel it until we've never seen him this good it's insane to watch. So it's it's completely absurd. You know last night I don't even they had 44 on 28 shots. And a lot of them where contested difficult fading away just ridiculous. He didn't really gonna accept the three point line last night. I think he was thirteen for sixteen in the pink pill I mean. It's it's insane. Generally low and you know it was probably one of the 1520 best games of his playoff career that would have been the best game they just about every. You know 99.9 percent the NBA players have ever had. How. Already players if other players had that in an eastern conference on our western powers out. There can be like a thirty for thirty short made on it like that how good that you underperformance was ever images like. Yeah he's pretty good looks like. Now he is marvelously made at the raven type about how he's ramped up on the defensive end either. Which is something that you know we didn't see tremendous regular season. But he bringing it and that's the ball as well we've done game three just ten completely annihilating Jalen brown digging united again. So look even now they're adding in kind of help offer market Smart quite a bit that there was a stretcher and Batman game where ratio hit two threes and a major split. LeBron on him and that is that at a disadvantage if I'm. Exactly so abroad as it amazing that it's over a minute I just looking at it logically. You know I think that the youngster is in Boston paid on July and Rudy Gay I think those guys can have big games and guide them. But I mean if they don't win game five obviously the seriousness you've negotiated so that's kind of a must win for the so that's where they think they're. You know LeBron can if they can lose that game five win in game six and then you know. LeBron in game seven where he's playing 47 minutes or whatever it's going to be in that. It is not going to be. Yes and then on to the other side. Tonight of course 7 o'clock local here rockets and warriors but eight and a half point line in favor of the warriors. Is there a scenario that you concede it's realistic that plays out where Houston has enough to make this that a TT series had next Houston. I think it all that and I am Andre Iguodala is neat and Indiana and I know he was upgraded to questionable. If he cannot. Start and and cannot even play and I think that that you know the bond money. We'll have to I would assume that cop comedy we'll start. And or maybe Nick Young well who knows but I. Note that the warriors are low key not. A very deep team right now. You know basically playing seven guys and they've shown an extent and he gives them good minutes. Every now and again that yes you know that defensively and keep it just does not respect. Shaun Livingston melody you know and they don't really have a lot of outside shooting either so land. You know in the first two games that that it Katie basically made every single shot eight ball and then again. And game and release. Yes that's okay the second anxious to go nuclear. When that happened that is done I don't know if the warriors are beatable team. That that anybody would. In game three woods just massive early on his energy is quick feet up the floor. They had a couple tip dunk. And that he's guarding James tired of so he's a huge part of that community can't go. That kind of changes a lot of what the warriors wanted to do and they have to go to their bench and guys to just you know. That would. Just don't have that just I'm very did Padilla. I I think it Iguodala doesn't play I got eight Houston may be pulling one out you know winning an article in the playoffs is incredibly difficult. But they need to in this game so we'll feel that it's. First let's imagine that Houston's unable to do that let's say that the rest the series moralist is to chalk in that the warriors don't release what they want it in five I guess you can say maybe after back to workable when it six but. Imagine that then imagine that more or less they win the finals in four or five games. And we start to kind of have inevitability here inevitability stink sinking in as it pertains to the NBA. You did that occurs with the warriors moral less is kind of running the table fairly easily to think the NBA's gonna face interest from six year. I think LeBron you industry agents say. You know that has the power can't help but everything has it. Usually does she still that game we just tackle that and believe and that's yeah I mean a key feature as duke. A lot of interest in things that he can deal obviously you know he could go to Houston then that just completely filled. The way that the league is looked at right now so. I keep saying that you know just. Looking at the league isn't what I'm looking at as a fan and I love NBA basketball oh you know. I enjoy watching the lawyers play I enjoy island stepped goes I think Kevin Durant is one of the most unstoppable out of the players. We've ever had. But I just I don't really get a lot of GIA Abu. Knowing that they're probably going to win unless someone on their team delineate that it's just it's not very fun to be honest. So you know there is the hope of we'll run. Finding another super team where he can kind of making than just saying that it now I don't really know who out there has gone to. He. Able to compete with them you know I would like to see LeBron and collide trying to tangle something somewhere that would be very fun. An interest back and have people talking. Throughout the hot seat and then and and throughout next year. All right you know I I just don't know how realistic that is then she until then we're basically left with a a team that. You know there there and their dynasty interest nowhere in site. And then lastly is there a situation that you mentioned is there is or something that moral SE exists. To the point where is it decent thing OK if we add LeBron to this. That's a viable threat it's not just the threat it's a threat that they are a seven game series I think this team can win is there a situation out there usually is realistic. Bill brought to go to. I think he's gonna semi realistic. You know I didn't think that could spark because there's just so you know I'll just say that it's unrealistic for LeBron because there. They can keep the Palo. And CD and obviously hired and and add LeBron somehow. I think that that team would be just. But obviously phenomenal. Like you know beside that they've forgotten about it realistic path I don't. Think there's anything out there and he could obviously go to Philadelphia. I don't think that that he knew this would be close frankly do. I'm seeing the lawyers they just don't have the shooting. And there's a young. But yeah I the fact that I just unseat. Anything really out there that it's realistic area I suppose seek game. Somehow make it somehow figure away from the get the San Antonio and with co Lyon and Gregg Popovich because. Where his magic but that's just there that's looking less and less and less likely by the day. So I just. I guess I don't know I keep them definitely the last though the other. Mobility at worst would skywalker. Support. The floors. Like we appreciate your time a man love your stuff and appreciate your list of prominent. They I have been out of course of by sports we come back we will continue this trade discussion because all Boyd DeVon walker almost broke his neck yes. Vehemently disagreeing. Was whether or not the NBA could face an interest from us a tailor my boy is wrong we come back we Maria put three on the board sicker as they are cast censure right here in 99 FM ESPN. National contest it's pennies from heaven you apple it's an easy. Brandon thanks team had you get serious. We'll get a chance to win 100000. Pennies is coming up at 3 PM. 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A no led to the voice of the grizzlies and the Eric Cassell tonight show clients from the Sunbelt rentals studios where guests who appeared via the lenders Chrysler dodge Jeep brands full line on 929 FM am ESPN now. The top of the 3 o'clock hour when. God willing seven won't read you a new pennies from heaven Castro. Of course she'll text that word is 7288171. For your chance to win 1000 dollars to have with three doubles with her on the board. Besides you bring in the three CAA. We now 82 nines very castle Zagat. 7 o'clock tonight rockets and warriors. Currently an eight and a half point line in favor of the warriors. The over under is 225. You wanna bet on an over under. By all means go ahead because there's nothing worse than watching a warriors game where they score like sixty points in the first half. And they decide to play defense in the second half million down yet that's just the absolute worst like you think of all man Muni cash and a bad boy just no effort at all. And then used in the entire fourth quarter just crying tears of unfathomable sadness. I'd be here's the reason why I think tonight's pivotal for the rockets. As Michael peanut mentioned last segment you missed any of it again be up on the podcast shortly after the show ends. Obviously Andre would dollar is is question questionable it would from doubtful to question also is questionable for tonight and pointed out before and I don't think this is anything new but I. The warriors are not a particularly deep nightly news here. OK not to be deepening EF four potential hall of famers. Thank you can you can kind of afford it maybe all of it shorter bench maybe maybe fear may perhaps. They've made perhaps your seventh and eighth guys are quite as good as maybe you would hope that they would be you can get your afforded that luxury. The reason why I think it is very it's huge tonight for the NBA. I'm telling you DeVon. The reason why the NBA's and a different position now than they've ever been when we seen that when we seen kind of super teams we've seen. Dynasties than ever before there. This one feels cheap and whether or not you can sit there and go oh I still like bass on the wars at least play good brand of basketball there's no denying it. You can appreciate what the warriors do offensively and honestly. Let's not be cheap to them what they do defensively they're enormous defense will be all right let's say they can but at least like you can appreciate the fact. The very very good basking here it is not here change the fact that Kevin Durant could not hold on to a 31 lead buster. And he could've gone to Boston cannery Salo Casey he could go on virtually anywhere and yet. He decides to go inside with a 73 went to. It's rubbing people the wrong way and if you keep. If you keep just going with the sense of inevitability. Eventually apathy sets in an apathy always reveals itself in the same way rebuild itself last year tiger basketball there. You don't care who did app that's why he's heading into in the early two thousands on the lakers are dominating. OK other than trading. Other than trading for for Shaq and no one put a gun no I got the magic head. Dylan when their. When them when the lakers are winning three straight titles was was the advocate said in the end. Portable auto loan losses and the lakers are gonna what I'm saying that's why this is different this is different because the super team to dominate team was put together in a really cheap fashion there's the second best player on the planet. Just decided this because I can't when there are gonna go very easy way out right I did I didn't entries or come knocking the ratings are higher than ever did their powers and they've ever been even that only failed what does they were hired this year well. That's not entirely sure that the deputy out through the first round. On average blood that high could it ever being a semi. The rays were hard issued and were washed right but that was largely when you look at it that was largely responsible because of the fact of the primetime games yeah. We didn't rest this year Wynne Sewell and running in the in the fashion that was and so primetime games had more interest comes in my dorm the ratings as a whole have been higher than they ever been for the NBA right. The start and India are bigger than you ever only partly taken total ratings are talking about as a term of just general sports like ratings. Oh overtime that's on saying they're actually not. Like if you factor in local broadcast yeah actually factor in the total viewing ship here. The pretty stacked until the playoffs let's mark the progress she's. All the playoffs the playoff ratings. They'd been OK they've been average guy yes this is better than less he's. Now they're right there were but they really work ago look at. Every every rating thing Ghazi says the ratings have grown since last season that's always seek Aussie rings have grown since last season. So much thing with the NBA as well it's been growing it is a more popular sport has ever been you look at the ESP roll fame rankings how many MBA players on the list. Or thirteen immune personal right that Indian. Is it doesn't pass and she's been. I'm I'm simmered if you're up the sport growing is not gonna just because of the super team we're in the real live in the age of super teams I don't live in the gold bracelet basketball. If you actually like dig into numbers. The NBA's very much at a crossroads and here's what they're very much at crossroads they have they have created. Through collective bargaining what not they've created a situation which they have. They got it direct influx of cash here and they decide to spend it all wants us. Now. TV ratings like the NBA as an actual television package. It is when you consider value for what you're Turk what the four white. ESPN and turner paid for the NBA career vs viewer ship for actual games here it is not been a good investment. So what have what are poised this is why the NBA's at a crossroads. The NBA is the only sport. All of the major sports like look at this now getting up this year in the playoffs. The jaguars can wanna Super Bowl this patriots could won a Super Bowl us. Eagles obviously to have won a Super Bowl Arkansas through vikings saints yeah about thirty Maria the falcons here. At sixteen right there there were in the tournament that you can you can edit and I'm not reaching to say that those teams don't want you look at the NHL playoffs. We haven't expansion team. Not here to nodding your three your heart of the greatest experience you won't time right. Exhibition team that is in the finals to the point which they're probably gonna have to address the way that they did expansion draft. And that's that's how big a that's a much parity as we see the eight seed regularly went. Regularly and hockey if you look at baseball wild card teens went all the time of the World Series win that the one thing that has always been. One thing that is always existed with the NBA. Has been a lack of parity. But the difference between this regime. And the other ones or this dynasty vs other ones is. This one really rubs people the wrong way because it was it feels cheap. Is it if it isn't proving everyone wrong way to look for because for like per basketball fans it's not it's not like. For me I hate hated because it's Katie but it's like yeah we'll get it were in the golden age of basketball like we have more superstars and we've ever had. What's the problem. Because that's your point we have more superstars than ever and wind changed keeping won't win and that's why aren't I am I Madonna will dominance like. Probably don't. I'm telling you this is going to breed injured apathy. We single thing we've seen the last three years all across the board reconsider local television there we consider total viewership. People don't care right now because it feels inevitable. We will see just I just can't I just can't because I knew. Four as a bass our perspective when you're watching the games and us when a few people say all these games are boring. They're not only are you watching the games are not really boring there they're we have the fortitude to the world playing bass all right. Let's count the good let's count get India playoff games this year just because there close and I mean. There murdered here. All great in game one of the less government files that is being a blowout does if you watched that that was. The first tablet hybrid yeah yeah third third quarter was competitive are really third quarter was when both take the phone about what not deemed too boring game three boring game four Bork. I was scared of the Eastern Conference there. Finals game one was boring game to his boring game three was born gave Ford got a little interest skiing yes. But it got a little interesting because LeBron decided to play with a spit. But let them off like now compared to back in the match change I didn't ever wish you don't hit I don't has hit the matches changed though. Think this is the camera shooting more threes than ever when you shoot more threes and never under hitting more threes the margins. Give bigger. They're they get bigger and that's why don't have a problem with teams when the fifteenth when he points catapult the 41 point game. That's only one out of pump less time granny got game. For instance game one game one of the Western Conference finals that's what you are talking about that was that team that was trading punches. And then once seeing goes cold or any other team we have done. They're hitting three. She's in the mat change I drink you on. My larger port might larger point is. When the wind all feels inevitable and honestly hope. Because one thing that you're discounting or say I still watch the NBA star CNB SRC NBA OC you watch the NBA or phone. Not sure what you're on TV you do watch the playoffs but when it comes days he gave season. Usually you see me Jeffrey notes you lie I am watching on my laptop you watch these games yes I agree with you on that I'm a while watching the game tomorrow. Why not legally stream games a month and a little cult label commentary track. I created so one other story quickly disappearing and up and put two aboard the deep too deep sitter or your. All right this spring HS they are black two. Politicians are like expel the new rorschach test and here's what I mean. You literally ask yourself what do you see when you look at this animal somehow reveals some type of Psycho analysis about about if we hit the tip led the one disappointing aspect of it is. If I ask you what do you see when you look at this Brady chest pain Bay Area sports hall of fame plaque. Your answer is not gonna be Brady chess game. Maybe you're trying. All I looked like.