Guest Host Jeffrey Wright: Hour 1 with guest Jonah Jordan

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Friday, April 13th

Segment 1 -- Jeffrey Wright begins the last show of the week by discussing the news of the day that Tyler Harris has indeed committed to play for the University of Memphis and gets some color details from Devin Walker, who was live on the scene.

Segment 2 -- Jeffrey welcomes Jonah Jordan to the show to discuss Tyler Harris' commitment, the significance of the commitment, the future of Tiger recruiting, and more.

Segment 3 -- Jeffrey and Devin discuss the Memphis Grizzlies and two stories from the NFL during "Ring It Up, and Put Three on the Board".


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Crossing mall which fits your gas from. Right in the middle of some of the best shopping and dining around noon to their kind of allocation this year did these channels serving Starbucks breakfast dinner and evening around curry are dining area and carriage crossing into how your down to learn more about our group breaks in to make your reservations call today 85 939. The radio. As PA. Friday the thirteenth I learned that. This morning lawlessness Geoff Calkins show I had no idea DeVon those Friday the thirteenth. Or use our use superstitious at all not at all it is I don't know a thing yes that. And estimates that's true which we'll get to it I'm just glad when I know. It is Friday yeah exactly I. I'd especially like I had a week where technically I was a didn't work Monday morning with that question to work Monday afternoon. But that's survey are not been a lot my days not that it is Friday the thirteenth that you're superstitious. Out there I feel sorry for you but don't hurt yourself you get up to. Ciba to benefit. Let's say let's go up on the program as Kevin mentioned DeVon was a court of high school he was there. Fur. Like this speech from users from Puerto ahead catch. Quite a speech quite the promo if you will help Kosuke outlet and all our man has skills there. Reached the point where I'm not sure you're put him over a hundred Iranians play at that point that we it was getting so long but we'll discuss all of that is DeVon has a great story. From when he knew he started to feel pretty good. About where Tyler Harris would be committing Jerry Jordan gonna join us during the next segment as always. They sheep follow him on Twitter at underscored Jerry Jordan may she go read and subscribe to his website when he foursome sports go tigers 24/7. Job market and join us at the top of the second hour blocks of NBA player Els also later. During the second armored of course was John will this be discussing what is the big news of the day. Right before that of course will bring it up and put three on the board and wow a couple of big stories out there first of course Dez Bryant gets cut and I'm sure I'm sure you'll be. Shocked and edit Dez did not go quietly into the night Odom we'll discuss all of what does his bit up to since getting cut. We'll discuss the more NFL news. As well as an outstanding Tiger Woods story that was told yesterday we'll discuss all of that we bring up who put three on the board but. As previously mentioned it's time to get see the story of the day. DeVon was that Cordova high school Devin he got there what about nine or strip around 9 o'clock it is not a part is not fifteen is you're one of the first people there of course they laid out the nice table. Yeah and the pictures he took really set the stage the only problem was I could not tell that on the table. I did not know this until Geoff Calkins give us a rundown on on the show. It was literally covered corner to corner with Blake Tyler accomplishment if I were okay. Pictures I just it was the whole crisis just cover to cover yeah nothing would tire stop. So of course. The entire schools in there. And we streamed it we've stream the entire press conference. And when he announced that he was going to Memphis. That was quite the pop do. It was like a light hearted warriors esque pop very very very good reference there here's my question now is this is what I was starting to wonder. Is that you think you would have been the same pop it he said Baylor you've got to get his hit the question is was that pop. Not just for Tyler. Is that pop also because Tyler is going to Memphis I think you. A little bit of both I think people occurred over half received commit. And they were even more excited to see commits the University of Memphis. I think there were gonna be happy the way because he's Tyler is a guy that's a record over as one of the best players accord that was history he got his Jersey retired today. He pain in the midst of co skills is speech he retires there retire his Jersey. Right if you didn't if you miss it straight he missed that events at feet. When the state of the union from coach skills finally commenced. They did announce they are tires is number one Jersey but. It was so like you were so it was so draw it was so dragged out at that point today America around their appetite at Kapalua what Ali active like he's off the court that before all while. Although I heard that era because he knelt like he. I think my personal favorite moment in the speech was. Listen we're gonna support you no matter what no matter if you score 1000 or 2000 points. In college houses they might want. I mean not it'd flake but most exclusive club in the world here. Twenty dollars is an accomplishment. One the best Porter said the best player courtroom this history commit you know newscasts are where the nebula is just like everybody else we'll. IE I think he enjoyed the moment as well so let's get we'll get to the overall. To the big picture just a minute but debt then that. Maybe going into the admit you were just a little uncertain end. I can understand why here's what my all time bare moments so what I was covering. Recruiting and recovering. Are covering us sports for Ole miss down for Ronald suck com. One. One big recruitment the mob boss had covered right before I got there was one of Qaeda that there. So. All this kid's word and we always operated special we are traveling to recruitment ceremonies. We knew anything could happen here. But we usually got word from the staff pago be there via. And they were gonna tell us say you'll be there if they're knocking you right. So. All this pretty darn get. And Neil felt while about Boston McGrady said he felt good about spinning the money to go and cover it yeah. Until we walked into the jet. He's better right what do you what do they Jerry does although. Something JH yeah this poise not go no mess that he gets that is because that we started up called the Arkansas people see if they needed. If they were gonna need whatever quotes used it because you ideal of Ole miss that point there and of course had changed in course kind of mad and committed to Arkansas. And so. For you know there is. Outbreak got all week. And you walk in there. And then it there come a moment occurred where you no longer had to wonder yes and why it was. A hotel harris' cousin approach approach me wearing a misfits pull hook. In all of the thrill gone. Here's like I'll live with so many years like over with the polar figure man's good deals there are OK okay sir not sit. Not to poke holes in Diallo's story. Put that seems unlikely here good thirty minute and a Belichick and thirty events endless love I don't hold him do his words. And that is what could have happened is he could've called Baylor. About thirty minutes and finally informed them if he's he said he said he arm I diners let them know that thanks for the opportunity and things like that. But I don't think the decision to take a while longer than thirty minutes I promise you that it just felt like when. Cunningham who was accrued that was in last weekend. Maybe even now Oz now advice there was remarks last week. Was that the two legs aren't all collar crowd checked tragic tragic sorry Connor catcher got a Crabtree is in and then laughed. And essentially they said his daughter issue in Memphis yeah. There were some people that spun out like a Lowe's sees that only they want. And my first thought on that one was. Now US on up the stores are. All. They've they've brought him and they said Dave Brock tried out an embroidered. In that so and Akron right Conner got a country at that point did what was best for them here again we should do they're hurting for us. But at that point I think that was it started become more more obvious how will met precarious. When he put out the there's no sharing the basketball essentially there's only one quarterback. That it caused some concern believed in us we know Frank's Sherman. The reason or they're going to be frank is the show would not showered and drag this process sometimes you cannot his show I applaud him on the alum but she moment. But the end result is that indeed how layers and LC is committing a Memphis it was a big moment it was a big moment the station I can tell you that as. Someone who has access to production numbers it was a huge huge moment. But let's go to the overall big picture here and and here's what I think is important on two folds. First. I think it is very important. That Tyler Harris. That all the set of circumstances that now surround Memphis yeah. I think that made it easier for Tyler hairs to commit here's what I mean. When he met that was for so long because there were so there was so much. It was a negative news but there's no news on the recruiting front for Memphis. It all the sudden became after out slow mice had which Allstate it became Tyler hairs or bust you and it was almost to this point where Tyler here is became this. Honestly this savior type figure that. I'd all of this pressure was placed on Tyler hair is. And let's say that he wouldn't wouldn't have been able to live up those expectations. Buddha really forget hard to live to his expectations. For example Joseph Jackson had a hell of basketball career dude. But for whatever reason. It almost feels like at this point it. Which is now yeah you wouldn't love Hewitt top seven and score and you don't want to insist even yeah story here. And senator Lou for your her. That's awesome yeah let's just not for your careers like there was a lot of accomplishments. That were achieved during that career. And part of it. Part of the issue was the expectations for Joseph coming at home and for Tyler. I just felt like it was reaching this point eight. Around his recruitment. That he was. Never going to be love able to live up to the the excitement and everything the hoopla surrounding him and so. I honestly thought it made sense when you every week appearing Baylor Bears like. I could move. Tally. It comes and lot of playing time put out warlords and everyone in Waco is not waiting for dollars to get there. That your main area That's So Raven that is not that's putt there from town set episode easy to exit best of what you're the point is that. That would have been a more favorable situation a walk into. Now. Now that we've seen everything that we've seen the last month and a week where is 28 days here. Last 28 days ever since Penny Hardaway was hired as the head coach. What is all the buzz about. Getting Memphis gates but more importantly it's all been on here. And now. Tyler hairs walks into a position where. It's not on all him he would say acres now pin you if you will and you can judge you can judge whether or not that's right or wrong that's your pride and I don't care. The truth is all you do is look at all the excitement the buzz around Aldridge isn't John between the word penny. This single word pinning any got lot of bonus for you can't throw it at that that's not. Truck and that's and that's all they only had his lewd tickets. The financials everything yeah that's what matters so because of that situation. You've got greatest you've created an opportunity for Tyler appears to walk in and all the pressure's not on it yeah. An even better because pennies approach. He had another ball distributor. It's probably gonna help you with your volume shooter moved probably gonna help you get in much better position. To shoot the rock. Q. You talked about to go after him. Actually committed by he talks of the guards and that is how they cannot I don't like playoff of each other and they're just one guy has the ball. When guys bring ball before or is in possession. Villanova shown you can pledge regards. Clinton northern BC is sure Dario said they show you can employ a lot of doors for us dead so he just said I easily taught Jeremiah. He talked a loan he talked to previous nervous gone about being successful. We're aware of taste beer garden successor of the so ultimate man you make it to make it work to make it work limit to make it work. Then finally the other reason why this is in my opinion this is. Are they too much of it are. Well why when you consider like he also want to make too little on. At a certain point I think there can be negative people lose go well duties only ranked 66 by arrivals are all the people who don't have in the top 100. Yeah. I agree I'm not I'm not ignoring facts here. But the truth is this just closing don't know that's exactly so what eleven days and fourteen days here. And this is a kid that their work very there was essentially. Was saying no ties to this that. We do is basically starting at square one here. And that's they have had a lot of catch up to do they play catch up they did it and they want are creating doubt. And they want a recruiting battle against Baylor and you conciliatory about programmers. Well African accessories a baked in and well I don't think Scott Drew is what I wouldn't necessarily say a competent basketball coach. He's bigger career he has a lot of wind solar hurting trend news and very few losses. And this is a big win and then more most importantly. He kept some he kept a kid. Inside your backyard you kept him an out when someone else came from outside. And at every opportunity in fact probably. Let for most of this process now and yet Doug you are hurting out. And it to me that is not something to take lightly. That is a big big win you've now moved yourself up to where you have two of the three best the two of the three best signing he's. Any American athletic conference and even now position yourself to Wear next year. Knock on wood with a healthy Jeremiah. And you presume that you're keeping key Mon. You presume that Alex and Tyler going to be good to go from day one you position yourself from where. It felt nice to finish fifth or sixth in your own conference to where. I look at it and the second or third generally yeah. For sure I mean in a league that I don't think you'll be a stretch to get we saw this year to three beds I don't think it's gonna be a stretch. That it I don't think that you can sit there and act like this can't be affordably. But you the thing is with that though you have to add two more bodies. Now that you have come a big that your eight adage you go god that's going to be in for a visit. Strict strict beings were pain won't paying orchestras they've got to run the floor. In fairness everybody here everybody matures bloggers outlook the big law athletic guy they can they can also score your in your loved ones of those so I mean you're there is little one of the should were purple road America but I when you look at it like we look at the team now Mikey but he's in the backcourt solid yes you got brewed and you've got parish at a low. If those guys but the front court we have problems you have a what's it all your holes. EA holes feel that's that's I spends Aaron you're very nicer period I Spencer we don't have problems. We have holes it Blake's face if it with the opportunity to not hire attorneys Baird for a hundred series. The tigers played rent the land of opportunity or your baby in the land of opportunity we come back we'll discuss it Jenna Jordan makes of all of this again. Here's the point guard for court the high school has committed and he will sign his letter of intent to play for the University of Memphis next fall. We'll talk about that and much much more surrounding recruiting as well as we. Maybe figure out who will get some of those opportunities. For the tigers make sure we come back with Joan up cigarette less than air gas Russia right here in 99 F on ESPN. Tyler has. One of Memphis. Yeah and. Now though. Nobody schools Tyler harassment June eligible Max and Penny Hardaway yeah University of Memphis thank you for kind. With 929 FM ESPN. Do you ever wondered western side air bags. Hi this is Lauren Jones heads air conditioning heating and plumbing new fuel one and many who suffers allergies especially in the mix now. 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I hear yeah. Thanks here. Jordan is lead writer for your tigers when he or seven. It always foam on Twitter at underscored Jenna Jordan. Down let's think in the CNN today the best in sports. Oh and he's you know. ES. Congratulations and nice little I have to presume as someone who's your. Who's run a team site before much it was a good day. Can I do any good good good date. You been good to forget during the six week sir chip. Yet of the Islamic relations always on her out of there or I'd be all excited that we can go. Because I mean the quality good ailment that it admitted it did even better they would make it one. White power air wouldn't typically. More necessarily in all you can already weeks ago it didn't. Until now. In the doorway so yeah I've turned it didn't carry and that senator this is the way it supposed to be also the way. With the weight in the past and start tonight. Think when you mention net you know three weeks ago that the odds were clearly stacked against them. What do you think turned the tide in Memphis is favor. Good question you actually going Arnold on it without seeing him. Convincing. The air so they are you going to do right by that time that. This wasn't going to be a situation where it stayed home and that can turn around that you take home and ably terror creditors and stay home and they didn't win are you concerned what will use. Correctly because even greater clout that statement. What was a week or two ago that they wanted to be. A quarterback they didn't wanna be entering what other quarterbacks so. So we promote her. To win them over make them feel like they we're gonna play that I'll play. That you're comfortable where that we're gonna shine here and make their support going to be a situation where you put them back and bring you're saying hey. I would have been better ordered. And of course we Jared Jordan of 24/7 sports picture ego and subscribe and go tigers 24/7. Also apologize on Twitter at underscore Joan not Jordan nor ask you this when you. You mention it. Imaging kind of the idea that fans or maybe the city would would turn on a player. I really thought about this indeed mention that bit. Is it possible you have like the ultimate. Card and back and I'm saying light not the actual position on bass off for blight. The altar like security guard now the alternate bouncer in Penny Hardaway. Because it feels like if at any point the tides maybe start to turn on a kid like we've seen in in the past occasionally. It just feels like Penny Hardaway is guilty got a stop that it just stop that immediately to that but. Anna and Barbara I'd heard so. How about somewhere that. Then but now the new number one spot. For every local man that kid. Out there they're they're not going to be in the clear I don't like I needed to native Memphis yeah sure but now I know one. That doesn't have that six well. All of them but did tonight that's a that doesn't have been bitten they're top spot between the Penny Hardaway I don't believe they're single person out there and they won't be that anyone that shouldn't be able to get. And quit that'd be kinda mean that'd get a little inning including a being dumped or he. Laying ground work put a fence around it that's why I don't. I think the best comparison I can make the one that immediately pops in my white haters gonna Larson thirty so thirty recently is what by Amy does. In football Miami date. The girl made the difference in Miami and there are great Calder you're acting that well Kinney it's starting to do. And that is because of the name that is because of who yet tallied operator in years. Do you think. Especially recently when we saw all you know and I'm not. I try and it did just actually you know crush tubby but. When that when that coaching staff really bought into the idea that I have is kids don't wanna stay home. How much do you think that that was a result of perhaps the fact that some of the kids that had stayed home didn't have the best experiences. And you know it was it was causing him to thinking about going to greener pastures. I I'll be stripped but I don't think that police had. Ever actually bought into the idea that urgent. I think that. Yeah after the kids. I think he missed the Olympic kid because of an at bat that stability or current. First Olympic table are worker I just view that are critical cooling and and then. Jill lesser degree at Saint Paul had ED get brittle you have Cooper and then it switched to adjusted security at their anger their boats but couldn't clear solid. I think it is but. I think if they'd gotten all the advantages they want to let's be clear they want to blame double the day didn't or Robert Brown. You let go to Wichita State they said he I think there were. It sort it main thing they're not. I never think they actually believe the idea that don't include this gentleman in more finger they could do in order they are quite that I think of joy did you know. Had been recruiting the little guy for a longer I think you gotta lock up or I don't know I don't think yet what they urged the they did never. They didn't read it didn't make the relationship but they needed to make adequate wouldn't. I heard countless song called. People you need to know in and that struck the best. An outside because it didn't. Didn't return phone called jingle out of the way I like Josh it like John cal Perry did so I just think that that's about in many ways. I guess that's probably fair explanation the end once. Instead of admitting defeat. Obscure reason and rather than aired in mountain so they would say excuse that they would get there's a reason type of course with Jenna Jordan here on program Jeffrey sitting in the for Eric. Of course the news of the day Tyler Harris has committed to the University of Memphis he did so. At about 10:45. Ish this morning Jodi you're there. Is that a scene unlike anything you've ever seen. Com. It'd eighteen likely out of the net and too bad that the white men go to bat bulked commit that's what happens when a local kid can hit the local university. That is how it's supposed to beat and hadn't been like that all 34 years saying. Batted the reassembling it yet we needed to Baylor in the reaction have been totally different. Instead they're standing ovation cheers people walked the towers are acting in part plate. And what you wanted you are and why you chose Memphis because he can DL I didn't hear and that in that really the only reaction. Solid day and boy she might dip. AJ go quietly decide that you not from near the immediate adopt you ought to look how good he is all about it yet or they recorded it. They need to site the day. It won't be even better reaction at the cut out the post eight. By the course would Jenna Jordan and the going to ask you this when you think. You know in general transition type classes and what I mean by that. For those that don't don't follow recruiting exclusively. Transition classes are the the signing class the east side when you take on a job after coaches you have been dismissed right at the end of the season. They're typically. They're typically not your best class. But all things considered. If I would have told you that this transition class included Tyler Harris and Alex Lomax noted told you that. It will but I'll say within the first three days of Penny Hardaway getting this job general would your reaction have been. I totally shocked and the other but it eagle when he took the job everything you heard it was Baylor Baylor Baylor Baylor and that would shock. Now. I mean I a year wasn't the bat speed scenario but it was in the best case scenario at. Ernie answer honestly. By. I have been shot and it did a great. Great star pitcher that you look at Tony midstream did so glad you called it. Solid to Mario rivers pretty timid and young corners yeah. And dobbs obviously the third time now speak that. You know encourage your left and I mean Jermareo rivers looked solid it up and down at the start of the art I'm here. Our last two years but I mean. They're not about Scott oral I think. I mean we're any situation I know people ate it I. I don't know sir you either because the power outlet where a huge racial paying our way and a record early. Every teenager girl now for the foreseeable future will be compared to other increased it to you sir because I mean. And it includes a link pat we're absolutely cal Perry is the way it is you're gonna be compared with Greg I mean or and considering how to do it era when it. Things are gonna look good for me it's about. DeVon was mentioning at the top of the program now now that the guard position has been solidified. Of the biggest question marks over Maines the Frontline. And emissions and junior college prospects that from your opinion what are the most realistic Frontline options at this roster for next year. Club Leno doing brown has been out there a lot let me let airplane that extremely closer that I don't think. I don't that meant that we pay our way it should hold that. And there's any doubt that. Cool coal and North Carolina targeting at all it only that it can he actually does want you know that you waited so long to get all. Because that. Black apple would begin Montgomery. Boehner bill to cut eat. Archer. All the schools and you'd be unit are also Internet. Maybe might nor will turn the side maybe you'll. Maybe they've been involved assistant jet goes. Bomb they're addicted I am sorry that they decorate her name. Working out of debt should be taking an official visit the Olympic out of date. But I mean you have creamed. Are you have you been dad or Al might spark they need one more guy realistically they get a big. Being you'll have probably put it in order to starship but I don't think they knew wink I don't think they need another winning the help all. Shell stand. Cheered them three dot think there's another additional debt or. Devin told us that they're looking for an athletic stretch big they can also score. Yeah nobody thought that that or not. We are just happening that literally DeVon was actually like guys they did big athletic stretch big that they can they can score like. Does everyone thinks that everybody called bad guy. What an idiot he did for the instead. I I think I I honestly think got a guy that played at freedom and athletic. Wayne that played at marine with four. That is quote in June college basketball. Make you look. Even more ordered guards so I think that's something out of guilt or. And though I ask you this Jenna is Jenna 220 for some sports is joining us here on the program at underscore. Jenna Jordan if you'd like to follow him on Twitter and highly highly recommend you do so. What aspect that was pointed out earlier today and say it's a sole reason but I think you would have to fit into the category of it can't hurt. The fact that penny is so closely tied to Nike for obvious reasons and it is is grassroots program has been. Largely Nike's program. Mike Miller's visit Mike Miller is an. That almost just seems like a no brainer. Home or eat. Obviously. I chatted about in my lower scheme it is a goal Canadian gold got a team. I think that probably did play a factor because we beat any Purdue you know like you did bite that's. Back at you won't be able to building night school being nice program in an audience. Now Mike Miller. I'd sit in it depends how heavily you. Is it eat it doubt. Not not a hundred per cent certain data about what we're subject to any issue affiliation. But yeah did you shot and edited guides which is. Somebody in its early and at lately. You. Two local guillotine. Bat and early this kid. Urgent demand it play it to assure aura off their shirt or they they are hurting very. You know. That'd agency should welcome onboard but it. The name already of course like we saw yesterday at all that in home builder reported a new law clerk who. Are within 33 a little bit as you guys is to name home. And the two guys that the new dirt yeah sure they were at. Yeah you programs and then the court that you hurt all the guys are tired. That the coaches I'm not sure what the issue relations that. And then of course the other the big story. What to do that third assistant chipped it does seem highly unlikely that Larry Brown would accept the consulting job and it never say never that the door has been closed on the alum it seems like all signs point towards. Penny Hardaway moving forward trying to you find a third assistant. Where where are they currently on that mean art and interviews. Almost essentially been re fired up well where exactly are they right now on finding a third system. So I think he'd always been able fourteen arteries. In order brown still not a lawyer brown. Always been the number one option that's stacked nobody can dispute that. He's still done other tertiary work on other assistant I don't think you that there had to start over which is the fear. When it looked like where Carl what are you going to get the job. By yet he'd done he's got several rained out there and I won't put out right now. We go to our names up on the board over there are of course and yet it yet he never read on the we'll look at what we did. 8 o'clock. ABC baby ABC baby always because. Great we could put a couple named I don't know how all Longoria did you I know they've. One former aide go through it could pick a coach at some level. And it right now all your clothes and then donate Earl out period they need to get it done in. Some people argue that they don't I understand that but I think. Considering the situation. With the program that teeny bit too much experience are all right now. So you need to get that. And lastly how surprised were you that the labor brown situation became. Not only not only published. But that it played out in the public for as long as it did. In bitter irony we are. Owed up to the how deep state get in. Europe and just. Or go oh OK here's. Yeah we thought we lost to we think the deeds we thought the deep state guy we thought. I literally thought we thought they Ira I was I'm not saying those gonna make combo and our first suspect but we were certainly considering it right at the top. No I followed data is that there are a lot of good reporters and assess stroke like need to eight John Kerry. You didn't get an editor at the moment compared to her affair and look at the it really difficult for situation like that out play out public saying it is something that been going on prolong I'm surprised it wasn't. I'll something that we don't troll a little longer so you want to shocking to me it played out publicly like it. Paired up is Jenna Jordan generally appreciate your time a man great stuff is always enjoy the rest your weekend. It. Judge Jordan again of go tigers 24/7 again. Because subscribe to and become a VIP member he has names on the hot board for the third assisting your make sure you check that out. Exclusively for VIP members we come back we're going to ring it up we're gonna put three on the board. Two great stories that I saw one of switching balls the greatest. Piece of agent work I've ever seen in a contract and say what that is would come back right here on the air cast censured 99 FM ESPN and and. Piano. He's going to a university here. Nine FF ESPN. 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There's the back of the fact that I feel like that's not a glorified it or should I give I know it and other guys get a get to degrade it still depends dependent. Another all business here I don't hooters free upload your literate so big exit pay just like grilled cheese stuffed up your coach that's a great. Lot of people didn't like currencies today it was a good today is a good there's always a personal so of course John Martin's gonna join us at the top of the next hour he does so each and every Friday right here on the air cast I show will ask him. His thoughts. I'm sure John's going to be. I'm sure John will be nice and mellow they'll be no enthusiasm from John Paul of course you have linger actually all we might be my beautiful coma and of course swing you're also had wings act Cordova high school day I missed out on not that's onion. That's that's Sonia. A paper talk a room. Who you know what note do not have to think about the dark about so taco bill governor of the natural Frans. Already do you miss. Upload to the drop Dresser hey Karen you're not surprised sorry sir we're government. Almost certainly not surprised almost as my phone faster than attempts must've been in the failed test all right well let's rebels to print more. Besides you really need you know. Gloria it's really keying. Are we 92 nines very Kessel yeah Clinton able to get into it too much although we did get into a little bit odd during yesterday's show. But no I just briefly discuss. A more assaults comments from yesterday because I thought they were. Poignant and I thought they were very revealing. And I wanted to pose a question to death and get Kevin's perspective and so what I thought was very interesting about mark was. IE eight and again mark I've always felt like is very good leaving bread crumbs without just straight out. Saying it in person but he he more or less lets you know when he was very straight up yesterday about. Just what exactly would occur he's going to have a meeting. Ala Robert pear he's going to find out he's gonna answer very he's got that. But we got sick neighbors that he's going to ask very specific questions and he expects to get very very specific answer because as he stated. Our prayers always and very straight up with them you know and the thing that was obvious to me as I was watching his comments was. And that looked like a guy that as long as he heard one or two things which it looked like she was expecting to hear you know I think a guy that was all. Yeah and and if he's all in unless Paris tells them or try to re do. Right and it's only when we're more will we might have to see Morgan on the door and I just don't see that because when you talk about a rebuild. Or rebuild doesn't include. To your your two best players when you rebuild you get rid X so dark and we don't acknowledge him back are you for sure so. I just don't end to me I can't see a situation which. You. Get rid of mark and keep my against presumably the only option would be. If you somehow wound up drafting eaten your argument beyond the only scenario also. Mark you don't you'll see mark trying to leave because it's he's tied to the city you know that was my big that was gonna lead into an idea that was my next point is the fact that you. You notice. His deep deep love and I asked this question to Jason earlier and as I was kind of thinking through it I think I stumble across the answer when I hear your thoughts. Why do you think. For instance we all know mark snooty and marks mister ware on the sleeves. Suppose Tony. No Tony was I mean you know got a big input in the starting lineup moving through his defense and you know Tony was very emotional. Why do you think. We never held that against Tony. But we do all the get Smart because it does feel like that. Tony would it shows it's just CA RE VA I think that's wanna I think it's a part of the Tony Allen experience you know bridge when you look at mortars all mortal souls or your. Quorum call star players and I respect him so that. That was where that was kind of what I stumbled across here is the idea that. Tony is a flawed player yeah of course is particularly offensively yeah he was a flawed player and so. Actually don't think the frustration from mark stems from whether or nine. Whether or not. He loves the grizzlies whether you know because bush said he feel loved Memphis. I love you back ago that's always been the launcher and whatnot and I completely agree with that remark clearly loves it here. And analysts say that. Mark's got a lot is very obviously is here below market just like if you're raking the hierarchy he feels like. Of the core four Iraqi might be there before them I could be up at best he's there yet but. Realistically could easily because the chances of mean when Mike played with a busted face we look like went into it a can't count on is that it depends on who you talk her book and to the point that. I think I in the end this was kind of what the thought. Was when when I was thinking through it as good as we are discussing this morning I think the bigger issue is the fact that. We have higher expectations of Marc then because. He's boards helped us with him again he's sorry that quarter of costar and I think but I think even further I think a lot of the frustration stems from. You seem games where he goes off for fifty there's what does he do that every game. Pets. Or he gets fifteen rebounds Jeremy gets three right in the neighborhood what's wrong that's. And I understand from march respective partisan Democrat obsession against the whereas he signals on if he thinks that there's a game where their only chance to win as he goes gets fifty by god he's gonna try to get fifty yeah but if he thinks that. If he plays a certain way it can get everybody else get better shots the teams to score more points he does that. But I do think that I think that is partly it and then Vance lives on Twitter also made a point and this is another one hour and ask you. They had this theory is there's still some power residual. And yes. I think so just the fact that it's glass slide names Gasol when did Atlanta's beautiful imagery that could lead to hoard it but there had that pathology in order. So the fear they still have the does that assault DNA man like a lot of things a lot that happened this season run double would have an apology since last year you know. He did not quit put at a certain a lot of things Rondo out DeMarco marker asked to be traded. But a lot of things happen man that have will power what 2008. That they moved the ES. But in fairness to Powell. That team was powder salt and not terabyte nine deeds. It was a compliment yes. We definitely could especially when they're running the ten man there aren't in the Augusta and they got minutes who will got a lot. Yeah well it got all. Our story never say it comes to us from the NFL I was told me about this debt outside of the death. That I saw an unknown believable contract and unbelievable contract a got. Former all this trouble former Baltimore raven. Former Pittsburgh steeler Mike watts yes I'm not be solved it couple weeks ago he signed a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles broaching. Will now according to field Yates. The reporter for ESPN. We got a couple of those contract details and source. Eagles wide receiver Mike Wallace who is listed on the roster at 200 pounds or a massive. 580000. Dollar incentive. If he weighs less than 250 pounds on Monday when he offseason program begins. One now how does is he wearing now so he weighs 200 pounds currently here this is my favorite aspect of this entire story. When Mike Wallace was drafted yet he weighed in at the top line. 199. Doubtful well well so and basically a decade. He has put on exactly. One pound. And one pound so whoever is aged kids. Holy get out because my first question is there's still some accounting reason that they're doing this like it has to be something where. If he earns like this type of bonus there won't count to get something there has to be some type of accounting explanation because if the Eagles really did just give aid. Look generally give over a half a million dollars away. First someone who's never even weighed within fifty pounds of that number. Holy cow routed to listening yes Brad if you're listening. If I would I would like to signing bonus home and a year that if I way. Let's make it real goal here if I away under a 185 pounds I would like. I'd like an extra ten grant buried. I think I'd sign. At a care. Well who's who's the agent to be deleted and I don't know you know we need him or you. To me that's clearly that's clearly it clearly to see if he wants to get into. It was to get on the ground floor could that be like to get there or go visit like he gets an IPO. In the Davida Jeffords visits were but they were sold stock or your wares solid all of the stock. And then lastly. The other story from the NFL for you to John Martin Dez Bryant. That is was officially released today. By the Dallas Cowboys. And you're sort of figures put away her treatment of Floyd did not go quietly into the night as this to be expected. Let's first start. Reflect what you and the veto it and drive it away from them so that facility there but there uncapped. What was the issue is startled where he started read a quote three people okay if you. Let's start first with is says the news broke. Let's start the process let's start the process hash tag on bothered hash tag throw up acts. Other Barrett at a level that's a lot though you know what if that. If that's where this ended a home recruit. Studio cut of level one right. Though you can posits that you can always do what my favorite movie is gonna get cut I'm just really been looking for starting free agency process that's that's always on my favorite. I then. Uncool that's. Cowboy nation. I need you know this wasn't my decision I'll always love you all forever Dallas in my heart that will be that's number OK no more now. Well I still go there. He just what's in fairness you know tell the truth tell your son of the store rubric of the ladies Carol because it's performed pigs yes. And this is where we really start to have some fun. Mike Fisher. Alert an official cowboys released Dez Bryant no obligation to know post June 1. Does his intentions to find a way to play against Dallas and 2018 question mark and and best quotes waited question mark twice. Question mark now let's see. Obviously that being your Dez is completely open to playing. Inside. The same division. He goes to the giants man imagine there's Brian Bilbray and they get that caught her son. Syria out loud and listen you're says Brian Baja in Odeo Baja if they can give objects. Aha are you booking a reality Schilling I we're designing football team I'm Brooke zero I relish okay. Dump out of that however that's my football team headed a team so stop. Server two we don't exactly how did you like we don't exactly do well with big personalities.