Guest Host Jeffrey Wright: Hour 1 with guest Eric Hasseltine

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Wednesday, July 11th
Segment 1 -- Jeffrey Wright guest hosts today's show and welcomes Eric Hasseltine to the program to discuss Summer League, Adam Silver's comments, the Grizzlies, and more. Segment 2 -- Jeffrey discuss three stories with Connor during Ring It Up, and Put Three on the Board.

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Hey man the people in my life I used to hear in my mind at the door but it's the law enforcement officer. I have to get news that people never expect. That's the one not always true it. There's it and lose it a message from the Tennessee highway safety office. Host of the Memphis Grizzlies. It's. The end of yeah. We'll it's good. I do is they still are. The introduction suggested I am at Jeffrey Wright enjoyed my partner drive me the executive producer. Here on the program. He's got a dotting these ads he doubting that no one on Twitter. Not a good day of a man today sir are you good day sir I am doing well indeed look playlist coming up on the program momentarily. Air cast that's gonna join us fresh off his international broadcast debut. We'll discuss that we'll discuss everything that happened in some early as well some other news and notes from the NBA as wells the world of sports for air here. In just a minute. Felt better of course covers college football college bass well he's a columnist for the sporting news get a joyous and free foxy does each and every Wednesday. That's got this weird story out of air force where the air force academy has defensive coordinator. Yet they will not reveal his name. That's created so we'll we'll discuss that also discuss them. Other things of the world council or too far away I'm always hopeful as a football guy I'm always looking forward to. Malloy is looking forward to for football. Getting your sooner rather than later Brad Ross ski of course writes for hoops Hyde he's part of the USA today networking is dangerous at 3.5 will discuss. All locked from the world of the NBA with him when he joins us 335 will be the headlines of course has and will make way for real talent. However now we welcome live from all Las Vegas. He has the mandolin is an end this program he's Aircastle tied Erica Dave on man do you feel like international superstar. No. No not at all but it was fun it was a it was a great time and. I was very lucky to have a really good. Partner and Kelenna Azubuike. On the call and so. Eight it was. Indeed it was seamless saved it felt great and it. People in the NBA team to be happy with and I think this is. A format that you know obviously I'm competitive. The grizzlies long term so. But they're gonna run some games on this and they said they. They're really looking forward to exploring what I didn't realize was as big a streamline as it is to China this this ten cent thing that I never heard of it. And the minute that it's a lot of people that are tech's second iPhone owner of that massive. And so click OK won't that school you know I did just kind of. An example it up like I had no idea they had no idea so it was it was a lot of fun and the game was tight. For awhile and then just Jenna. Opened up a little bit the second half but we got we get some great moments grace and Allen had a couple of donuts and spam out of bottled at a couple of big plays and so it was. It was it was a good game to call. Other than perhaps maybe not having one team they obviously intimately familiar with when you are the radio announcer when you're the broadcast announcer for one specific team. Always ordered this because I've done it at a lower level than you but. I've never really felt like any broadcast was different other than just how you prepare like here maybe you got out there that are flavored. What's actual broadcast starts maybe got a different partner but for you I would imagine that's. Somewhat easier to deal with since the grizzlies used kind of a rotating system for color analyst for you I can't imagine there's a whole lot. Different other than age is two to fourteenth. Air you know that's that's kind of look. That's kind of where it goes as you view this. For me it's it's a big difference for this was TV and radio sure it is as you know and in TV you wanna. You eat less is more a you can tell more stories sell. Not a prepared. I'm in a similar fashion I would say not the exact same way because. You know that most people watching this are watching for players that they know so sir we kind of focused on all the stars as they say play the hits. But you know into kids like young man like I wanna move who probably a lot of people must follow you and LB basketball don't really know much about. He was there he was a big part of the game yesterday like some of the big the big names were certainly. Factors you know Duncan Robinson who played at Michigan and was in the national title game and personality was the first round pick their model bio was first trumpet. When guys attack it going to use you kind of go their back stories so it was. It was fun it was initially interesting camera angle a total vertical view the camera like flies above the cork and others could see that in Connecticut. The unfortunate thing was dead as dual promo for this. NBA they are apt or you literally can walk through portals. You know they got a camera that big time in the event like the finals and it feels like you're standing on the court looking through your phone. As we're doing that it's. But we missed like two monster contract. But you know we added we get a promo to do and that's the major TV and analyzed or so we're. Collette and I are kind of laughing about it there's a lot of good guy I did everything I could not the screen moment got to DC that. Good and you didn't condemn you are doing the read. And so. That you know it was it was a good time to say the least we had a we had apply Austin and I was thrilled to to have the opportunity to say at least. Is the idea behind the vertical camera angle kind of give it the video game type field is they understand. Yeah that's sort of what. I think so I think it really did it was football too and I thought it was gone so also the kind of try to give you more of what the players see. But the difference in football has its repeal. They each year you're looking through the court you try to look through the quarterback's eyes more than a basketball the ball moves you're not gonna have a camera that's going. Around the way the basketball moves through passing so. You know you don't attack a football. Field from the side you you're you're you're going yourselves. You know straight line and and and basketball and obviously hockey and it's more you know circular because it you can use all. He's a whole area that way so like I thought it was me I really did I thought looking at some of the camera shots we got a thought they were content. You know I I I I was who looked like I was putting he's very early on when I met with the Ed director. And the guy who you know that gave me the opportunity to the NBA came in and talk to me says no we're ready to go I'm really excited like I don't think we've ever been this ready. For production like this because we we knew how to get it's set up this time so. As I heard him say that now obviously he wasn't doing it for my benefit put there to say that I was like all right this is this is gonna go okay like we're we're going to be fine so. At that point additional C game called game. I know who the players are as best you can casino located. There was lead toward the players on those teams that I had never seen before socialized it. Quickly is after they took up their warmup jerseys intact and figure out whose face was too. And don't like that so that that's the difference you know go to an NBA game where you know the roster and you don't have to look at. Guys numbers are generally you know maybe there's a rookie year not that familiar with but for the most part you know the guys in the rotation in the summer league. I'd never heard about these kids and even more than half let you know it was easy to figure out who they word. I think he you know I've been lucky we're at. I'd been able to remember those things over my career so. That was my biggest fear and it was you know fairly fairly easily put to rest. In fairness you had to get some decent practice this year from the fact that. It felt like Perez about a month stretch for the grizzlies have someone new in uniform every single night. Well that was more the the year the last year de Jager. Is 128 players and I joked to people all the time at that season we handed out B. Proverbial hole my name is stickers when we got on team flights because we didn't even knows get on the flights anymore so. You acknowledge it but again. You see those guys in the end you. Generally you're signing guys you know who you know you either see him in training camp but you know let pitcher late percent. We sign big Xavier Mumford and and I knew I knew a little bit about recounted Weber. But wanted to hear Mumford walked in our hotel Loews lake. I would have no idea had not seen. You know a bottle release from the grizzlies PR staff. Because he just is not 69 guys execs want to reduces looks like a regular dude. And you know I was walking and they're like all right well. You know maybe the other thing is when these get him in London to act like you've been there before it. There's some great stories that heard over the years and in terms of baseball because those are generally average sized guys work. Rookies get called up. And something happened and some security guard they don't get their credential or they'd leave their license from the car solvency security guards but no he can't command. An end to cancer and explain that he's now playing for the team yet they have never seen before in my life and not let you went and had to go get personnel that the clearly guys so it's. Those stories can be funny but I'm sure the players a little frustrated. Oh per share are of course an air cast on he's live out in Las Vegas he's been covering summer league. Last night grizzlies take on the kings and aired for you he had to see some familiar faces on television we got a good look de Jager and Jay Bakker sat at night so that down. Did you get to have any moments for yet to talked about Noah for New Year's and Dave yea your. Yeah exactly and that's going to Geithner and before the game in the in the game I was going to is Collette and I were on the game break before. On the same court and they came over during one of the during one of the timeouts and mortality master with a little bit weird kind of joking about that to get just stuck to it a little bit if they help Bob Gordon. Former assist a little bit too it was his birthday yesterday so that was a fun to be able to look different with evident and that. Those two teams are always gonna have that tie. When when you know those. One on those guys are still involved in the programs and it's worked in the franchises saw Zach Randolph and his wife and their kids and so that was really cool it's it's amazing middle that it does. Randolph family has just grown up like every certainly grows up I remember doing a commercial. Was that two years ago for actually a furniture. And his daughter was part of the commercial. And. And I saw our name as she shields grown up young lady you know honestly don't remember to do you. It's kind of look and she's had no sir I don't let it sit I sit I was on the commercial what do you. For actually fraternal Soro the announcers is all we have now I remember I choose and even doing that more he's still doing commercial acting nice and I was the radio voice of the teams so. It but it was great it's always fun to see those guys and obviously for me coming from Sacramento there's still guys involved with that organization. That were there when I was there you know twenty years ago so. Being able to catch up and that that kind of talk was was great although once the ball pit stops in the air or on opposite sides. Sure. It is interesting to think about. Is there are other two teams in the NBA to have as many connections as the kings in the grizzlies. Not that I know. I don't think so I mean there's other coaches that Joba. These are coaches that were recently here and then you look at players you know back and forth you've got. You know last year when Terry could there that you had two former kings. And Tyreke Evans and then back a more. On the grid many ads actor goes to controls and Vince Carter and can mean those guys on the kings' roster national coast yesterday to what he's doing great and said he loves to people Memphis and said tell everybody alone. And then to get to coaches switching back and forth so it's. It is the it is an inch in connection and it you know week week. Joke when I thought my friends out there they call themselves the grizzlies of the west and we you know we should call ourselves the kings in the of the eastern side of the the country itself. It would be nice Serb. Actually beat the kings of the eastern guys actually be in the eastern audience yes rather than actually having to play in the last that would be nice I actually would sign up sign up for that. I don't know it was funny last night I saw a couple of guys that soda from the box and and their PR stuff my body again and then. Ran into Pete Myers is to go to the Chicago bulls and I think we've got laughed with a menus that yes you guys just got the break the ball breaks now. And so are they they all understand that the door. You know other Philadelphia certainly going to be Gooden. Another guy we ran into Jerryd Bayless and everybody doubting yourself and he's playing for the sixers and in all the Eastern Conference teams are extremely excited that LeBron James decided at west. Bulls almost like a lot of those teams I feel like one of their probably their game plan was OK let's not. You know let's waited out a LeBron is not gonna play forever let's not mortgage the future in order just to try and beat him once and it almost feels like maybe there may be the sixers maybe the Celtics led Seattle pep in the step thinking. It came a little bit sooner maybe didn't even they had anticipated I got to imagine that's kind of an emotional lift. Yeah I think so and hey do you think a lot of teams. I. I do you think a lot of teams. Kinda held off and then didn't wanna. Make that run and I do think a lot of teams are surprised that he didn't go back to Cleveland maybe for a year two or that it didn't work output. In other started unravelling Cleveland for. Whatever reasons and yelled I think there's so much more of that carrier restore it and people really know when I don't doubt that Carrie wanted to you know an opportunity to. To be your go to guy but I also. Don't think carried just completely forces and without LeBron having something to be you know without LeBron either be an okay with it or saying something so right eight. And I I talked to carry a little bit about it and the way I understood it was you know they do they're just seem to be a little bit of a mutual disagreement in the days so all right won't trade them. Gunman carries he won't trade me trade me that's fine. How it actually went down only they'll all actually no but. That turned out to be a huge blocked. For the gaps because you traded a guy and very undefeated team played them early on that this team in the playoffs insult to injury. Be carried out perennial all star for a guy that gave you essentially nothing that you flipped for. You know role players out of Los Angeles who land there okay but. You know it's not the same group and so. I I think when you look at teams and these were kind of figured at some point. It'll be that this will happen like you said and I just think it it may be capital sooner than even they thought but Boston was prepared. Clearly the waited out for another year to Philadelphia's prepared clearly waited out. For another year to an antenna take the reins Toronto seems like they were horrible and at the win now but does backed group I have enough for it they're threshold where their act and they can't get past. Certain round and that's always a question about team's most positions and will all find out because there Achilles heel always been chasing LeBron James in these. Don't put them out of the playoffs last couple years or what or apple Toronto downed. Milwaukee's team on the rise to be honest on the Cuomo and then then does solid group there are so. It'll be it'll be used to watch what happens in the Easton and how many people actually pay very very close attention to it will also be itching to me because there's no doubt where the bounds of power in terms of the star power lies in the in the NBA in the last. And of course an air cast findings out live in Las Vegas he is that summer league he's joining us here on the program. That Lindsay is named Jeffrey sitting in the captain's chair as air would. Say here in Memphis and I wanted to ask you about this so the grizzlies finish up the pool play portion. Of some early they lose by fourteen last night to the kings' owner Jerry Jackson so it almost felt like interest level. Almost as soon as the news came out interest level lease your locally kind of subsided a little bit it is kind of fun though. To actually have a young player to be excited about here but Odom from what you saw on the actual war I needed an instant analysis after the game up. Over on the team's website but from from what you saw person or your initial big takeaways once the game and it. Well I mean they can't use the tired legs excuse because the kings were in the exact same boat. I just felt like Sacramento out work them in the second half. Yeah was tight back and forth in the first out in Sacramento just. Took advantages. Some. Poor shooting and really worth the more aggressive of the two teams and yes that Merrill's debt we forget they had 31 round picks on their roster last year Terry Giles didn't play at all it was essentially a redshirt year. But they had you know the Indians fox isn't there but we forget about Justin Jackson was a big part of that North Carolina team that. Is that Thomas so as stated in east you know clearly. Taken steps and so. Even though they had lost their first two games and Marvin Bagley wasn't playing battled all the grizzlies were little overconfident. I don't know they were just a little bit fatigued by it. You know that the fact of the matter is true do. Equity. I get a you know I don't always agree with that I get it though like them the mental factor of if your wings seldom that you this the second year you come out here and clearly that one of the best players on the floor click OK what do what Mort let me show you. But no one wants to play so. He's just evaded didn't. Really execute yesterday and I'm not gonna over they get that thankfully. When the schedules can cook when the schedule came out. They got a day off today so they can rest their legs and you know now it's now it's for real and you know in terms of if you really wanna make it a statement here. You've got to you got to play well tomorrow against Oklahoma City Emanuel play against Saturday and it's you know total domination from an. Make of of of Kobe Simmons because obviously. I thought Chris hicks admitted inching points day. Obviously when he plays off the ball it it seems to kind of free up his game. But I do think that I tend to agree with Chris. In given given co besides. If he's into guard I feel like it is somewhat limits is ceiling as a player. And makes them a little look less interest staying. Then if he's a point guard deep Philip that's a fair assessment I'm not obviously trying to. Cement the guy's future but it I didn't think that was inching point that he made this morning. Yeah it is. He's on point but here here's what else say that. It's the NBA now. Guys guys have the ball on their hands and are essentially political point guards. Beat you so he can do both. I don't think you have to peg him as Warner the other but if he's going to primarily playoff ball there's no question he's got to get stronger. He's got to get he's got to get bigger and if we shouldn't be beyond. Titles won and done they went undrafted you're on McDonald's all American played one year to Arizona expected to get drafted didn't signed a two way deal. And saw significant NBA time last year right situation for him. In terms of where he was able to you know get some valuable time on the court and these. He's played well he's played well out here look like he said there are those moments there are some moments where you look at them and you go OK you know you concede it. You've got the it'd be athleticism but now it's it's a little bit like charity it's the strength it's that. It's going against guys that are that are you know just more mature body lies that you are. And that makes a difference you know my coming at the learning how to absorb contact in the NBA and finish play. A for the longest time if you bump to multiply that that that was it wasn't that hard to do. Those very detrimental to what was it about to transpire from from a height so. He got stronger he got his body right and you know now we know he can finish would either Brandon and you know when he's active and healthy. He is very go dictate completing plays and show. I think for Kobe that's the next step but I think you. I don't think he'd try to pigeonhole them one way or the other doesn't put a lower ceiling on the career he's just a two guard will be out because he's not a pure shooter is an athlete. So I think he's been going to be better served when he's either creating more working with the bonus scandal that more so. It is seriously what are you what what transpires with Kobe look forward. With so many young guys on the roster I think one of the the questions was with so many of these guys is when's it going to click for them. You mentioned Mike Conley and I was curious from your perspective was there a moment there was there. Some point in which you realize flight. Obviously he wasn't you know the finished product but was there a moment that you realize like. I think this guy's gonna figured out I think this guy's got more than just one contract honestly. Yeah I I really. You know when he early on there's I felt like that watched his jump shot and every so we can achieve a great long range just yet but. I'm watching this can work on that shot every day in the form has really solid but it is is not broken jump shot this is a strength. Learning how to use your legs in your shot shooting from a longer distance and you are shot. And figure it out which he's Smart enough do. I just saw him in his early stages. And when Lional turned. That the team over there essentially betrayed calorie. I do right there. Knew that and Aaron and the way he was you know at first Tenet deferring to the teammate to make you gotta tell them. They want the ball and Mike would you don't okay I'll do that unhappy you you know they might just want to keep everybody happy the problem as yet. At that time OJ Mayo wanna ballroom he gave one of balls that ran up one of the ball market so who didn't necessarily. Craved the ball but didn't certainly wanna be left out and here's pour my turn to figure out how to distribute the basketball at the different guys in I think it I saw him take the steps and really kind of take a leadership role and you businesses you know he's he's better than people were particularly on it and there was a lot of people wondered if he was. A real NBA point guard or not and seen him come out a couple of Summers in a row and clearly. Working on his strength working on. It is conditioning his body. To be. More NBA strong. That that initial that he understood what he needed to do it now and to me at players not only understand what he needs to do but it also sort clearly willing to put in the time in the effort to make that happen. And that gives you did did the belief that as long as the talent there that you can maximize what he's got. And of course an air cast time he's out in Vegas covering the grizzlies for some early as well as a few other. Gain so you can now check out all his Twitter feed at say that we'll give you the best indication of what exactly are games he'll be calling. Throughout the rest of summer. I'm not doing any more severe on the. On this governed under is now. Not just purely as a calf a month my apology. Now and that's fine I would I would I told them I would be happy just unlimited. This same man there we're gonna pay you but it's. There's not a ton in the budget so this low haven't did I do like five extra battery giving me so good. I care about getting paid that is tired I'd relish the opportunity to do something like this and so I'll. Additional relish the opportunity go to Vegas. And I am. Looked at me. I love coming out here and you know one of our listeners heard buddy Josh is in all of that you'll you'll love going out there you may love about what would you look to be able to. I could literally be in Vegas for seven days never played a card game. Slot machine and still it'll blast and the watch a lot there to do a lot not sure I can hire I could do an umbrella not to do it that way you know. I I really could not have an issue with that and so like today. Obviously I'm enjoying watching the world companies Wimbledon matches that are unbelievable Roma quarterfinals. And Israeli go to little poor me you know hang out a little bit he. And then figured out be considered steal a lot of guys have got to cut this is debated the travel day in and out for a lot of people some people cover in the second half. People you know you don't getting out after the first half so it can't be it's kind of moving day here. In Vegas so everybody's got an influx of understands kill. I actually I was the other Zurich is up only been to Vegas at 21 years or older and I remember thinking like. What I do have power nineteenth because if you. Vegas with a fake I. Yeah that's not that that's that is. I'm terrible spot that but I believe that it greatly figured out. Art it's almost like they don't they may be made bitter they've been around the block once or twice. And you know they're not they're not protecting a bit of a multi billion dollar industry. By following the rules you know. Yes he's the police think like I. I feel confident saying that I could not do what you're doing if you go there might ease the that you could have a pleasant time like. I I need I don't I don't want those tables I don't want that felt I need that felt I I need like an iron my lungs like I beg I don't even know what I would do. I think is the day so we got done yesterday and obviously that I began before arson and had arguments I've been out there for awhile back I do enjoy watching that. When the lakers play it becomes system and all. There and I came back and I was just sitting down watching baseball this'll be good deterrent I ordered I just ordered a draft. Domestic beer is good that is kind of wanted to decompress and think about what it just happened there was an obviously in front of special night for me. So I have cornered the obviously I ordered a medical trigger those of you wanted to visit billed as a twelve dollars the helmet and I you have limited about it. Mpeg. To see me so that deters the little bit but like this morning this is what I love about this morning I went to the breakfast with. A friend of mine who I've known for years true. Eventually. Because he was a college basketball player but became an attorney can very valuable commodities and usually works for the new loans pelicans. In their front office and so catching up with him on a different level and we talk about what would only talk about you know. Having been friends since college and need help we met through mutual friends and so that's what this is for me. Them the most fun like we can't. Young man meant to cement shipment is now of an NBA player's agent who. You know listen I went to grizzlies games and listen to the broadcasts and my shows from the time he was in high school and I watched this young man grow up into. You know what I think is something he did for his agency be very proud of a really good agent who's a really good person ten. You don't pick to be an Andy's overall pay you know watching quiet place and so. I'm just run over just to hang out with him for a couple of games just as the chatted up because that's that's the name that's one of this form it. As a result it and of course I I like to get one that never made it all about that I. I've worked on casinos for four months one summer night it was bad I grab the point where. I didn't know what actually did it again but I got to. I caught a lucky break he got tired by the radio station Sacramento and I left funerals were right here right now probably not here but. It was a. Might actually Vegas now let you might not. Carla yeah do you wouldn't do them that nobody and they don't know where I believe it was a it was a fun yeah and I I enjoy playing cards and and. Get to play a little bit last night with with a couple season ticket holders are one of our season ticket holders and. I get done and then we just looked down and had a a little bit more than we started with a new realized we had tons per hour and so. And let's let's not sell off in the older skill level will go chatted up a little bit so. Yeah I know you needed I I would I would actually love. To just don't follow you around one day like invisibly. And watch how are you just to maneuver through the casino scene here. Oh no I've I told my friends the last time I was there. I got mad at him because someone's supposed to keep two eyes on me at all times because otherwise like I need babysitters because otherwise like I just disappear and and so I need someone like I need one of those. A tailoring a deal because those leash like those least things that we did not for Kidd added. Yeah. I need one of those and it's like to be attached to the responsible person because otherwise. There's no responsible people on it and they get sweet talking about there is something that. Happens here. Customers. And relatively well there's no responsible person relatively light to human beings but. There is one person in your group they can trust more than you trust the rest year joining. Now I don't trust anybody here in the best place for whatever reason people come here and it's what I so like I was jacket and come out looking around at listening there's some huge convention here I think it's it's. Haven't really ticket book binders Brooke fighters who now gets in the book binding but whatever at a convention here and I was listening to these guys talk. Like 90% of a minute Blake never been to Vegas. And started talking about. How they want to go about like next five days in a like. Almost all civil let's just go drop back and we'll just go up go start out a couple of drinks felt like oh my gosh you people are wrong. Longs slower paced and got no idea what you about the deal and have been the guy. Gillick wants to force again that's a great idea how might all while. The blind leading the blind here we go. And so it just email it's amazing people people grab their bag until they're blue you know baggage claim and apparently checked their mind did their duty they just a mountainous. Lose all sense of the reality and human decency and so it's it's funny to me because we've done that so many years now it's like you are right he held. I'm not I'm not here just to acknowledge the ways to read some of you talking art institute at the trip and it is an absolute trip. What are the other story lines from summer league and all that solar heat course makes comments yesterday. And Elena June to sit translate for me because so far. I understand. What he means by purity of opportunity. But I don't understand because he seemed to me like he was suggesting that they would certainly look at changes during the next collective bargaining agreement to try to make. The legal little bit more competitive across the board but. When you hear purity of opportunity. From the NBA and you know that. Let's be real hard salary caps probably not realistic or at least I don't I don't really know how they'd make it work but he doesn't seem realistic. When you think parity of opportunities and changes what are some realistic things that the NBA could do. Well stay out of bump ever again and they can cap which you know of course they'll probably have a bomb at some point. But if they had a huge lift again they've they've got to. Bomb. They've got to convince the players that if you don't if you want parity. Did you can't just you can't get that salary cap increased. Temple but that here's the thing. If you're the players can complain about it but they're partially to blame. Oprah yes sure. They should agree to dismissing provision. Well right yesterday they certainly want to get paid and I get that because what you have the problem is what you have are players that know they only have two or three years left. So all those players don't wanna waste. Further like hey what do you think about. Up gradually you'll still get your money but so players that are only gonna beat their 34 more years and I can't see the benefit of that and I think they couldn't. They could not care less. That the player behind him is gonna make more money then that they're more angry about that sort of this talk of former players about salary is gone now. It's hard to figure out to both players are a little envious of what these guys are getting. So they're partially to blame and so I understand what out of the state. Here's the thing this has never been one point free agency finally really. Became a viable NBA I think we'll think about back we're not talking about that long ago. We're talking about. You know a span of. From forty years when magic and Larry really came on the scene a little you know less than forty years ago but right around there. And then if we had 1984 Michael Jordan and. All right H portrait and and he's got the finals were still taped delayed in the eighties. It's a very long though what does it once magic and Larry came and it was it was more live action but you know again. Doctor. ABA in the and then Bill Walton and those were those were big steps in that it was. Larry and magic and Isiah Thomas and then Michael came along and boom the NBA this viable thing. Bloodied and in those days late teens we have free agency so he stayed together only when you made moves was made traits. And you know I'd I'd. Got on TV browns great side when he came here because I told me you know you guys broke my heart and actually traded for my guys Bernard King. And the lawyers and an even you know because that Lumpur are Kenny welcome because you love Bernard. Well that's how you've got players backed. Guys didn't just jump ship until the end of their personnel McDonald some free agency started and you think about it you guys were like OK well like if Michael Jordan were played today you know I players would take less money go play with them. If they thought they could when the time everybody talent pool in the quarter. Right console bats. That turns not necessarily young stars have always have been doing this was San Antonio for years. Some veterans that or former all stars. I think it's still go make money somewhere else take a little bit last go to San colonial because they knew this first we're going to be in the makes every single year there ready at fifteen went bust team. And don't have a chance to play for a championship more likely. So this is did it that's. That's where it's all it's never bad really so different whereas now the difference is today we we talk about it more because social media and the coverage outlets are so many. There's so many more ways to consume the NBA. And people dislike it looked the same continued on the finals actually years all one has the best player in the world and the other got a second best player in the world. Because owners got a Brent struck back up to their door and the players wanted it right away and so everybody had tapper. And Kevin Durant what he liked the decision not sided. It was more important to him to play for a championship. They're trying to win one on his own and he enjoyed playing was that can play in that well for team USA itself. Why not give what is a great part of the country to live in a chance to go be a part of that you have to be blunt if Francisco's so. There's all kinds of factors that are vault and today it was it was funny because Kelenna Azubuike who you like you know to begin with yesterday works for. Golden State broadcast and I can't let them a message yet must be tough go to work every night you know that seems so hard to cover you know can we are talking body just. People don't realize though that you know these people aren't forgotten how bad they were for the year's team when I was there SNL he made playoffs 181 time and almost twenty years. So it's into building it up once you build a team that has the foundation. And they got incredibly lucky. You know stepped Curry's kinda low money deal because people were concerned about it ankles knees one mistake clay Thompson was willing to take you know a little bit less Serbia. You know to play alongside staff and make it drink Margarito the second round and all of sudden boom. They're unbelievable. Just like it or Adam's coming from but the fact of the matter is the year that we got. Eliminated by the Golden State Warriors I looked around and yet they're used to this they're gonna win a lot of games and they're going to be a lot of NBA finals the next decade. And that's just going to be the case and I don't think it's bad for the lead I think some people like all its already predetermined not. They could have easily been ousted this year by Houston and there are certainly teams that are better and it is not the NFL where you can turn it around in a heartbeat he just can't. That's just the nature of it that's guaranteed contract and that's never going away so. Don't know what that does solution to those that criticize it is but I do know this. The ratings have never been higher. The ticket sales have never been higher salaries have never been higher and I don't think the skill level when the game has ever been better. Did these guys are ridiculously skilled basketball players now where I think they're playing the game the right way and this uptick in speed and patients basin in all it is is a good thing what they need to work on his understanding. In addition contact still involved in this game and that every time he missed shot did you get fouled and they can curtail that I think back of the real some people back into it. Killed and on the fact is people get frustrated watching it gets even complain about every every single play. Oh yes and then and then lastly the other thing I thought was interesting was. Adam silver mentioned that he was that he was certainly open to the idea of exploring receding the playoffs one through sixteen so I guess my first question was. Was he discussing the possibility of getting rid of the eastern or Western Conference in the displaying an NBA schedule many take the top sixteen teams. Or was he saying we'll keep the conferences and then we when we get the playoffs it's one through sixty. I I think he's seeing more will keep the conference is the the problem with that again as this. If one conference is better and it's an unbalanced schedule you know he's a team that wins 43 games in the last. You know if you think oh will big east is weaker you know that may be the difference between 345 wins so do you take the top. Eight for me treaty just to you know. I think he's saying read seated once playoff times start as you go along the way the NFL does he try to get the best two teams or the two teams. Playing the best basketball. Committee. And it'll be NBA finals but here's the thing without again. Yes it would have been more beneficial. For the lead fitted in Iraq it's lawyers' final. What other sport does this the NFL has two. Conference is the difference is the NFL has teams on both sides you don't like. At two conferences. But the team studio in the NFC and AFC it's not based geographically. Correct baseball. Has. The teams on both sides can't be NBA is the one that in the NHL duke duke where it's geographically based media have American League and National League teams. All over the country so this is yes so like why not do it that way you know why not do it that way if you think this is soul. Brutal you know you've you can balance it out better the way the way it is you don't find a way to make that work. If you have to be NFL always that they are going to compared to be you know replace him on against politically based or does he had two teams in taxes now all of a sudden they're both in the American League. Last one at one point almost a nationally woman in the American League teams in the Bay Area one of the national warmly in the American. If you have two teams in New York police want to know. I don't know will be the way every wanna call every one name on the the national in the American basketball conference what every one of the power he wanted to say it and and principal mop up oil and which we've drafted a problem is that that the games the travel days. Because you're not playing three game series you're not like the one games that it it's a little bit harder on other teams that went. So that's why they think they've done it and that's what Syria Iran into. You know if you're asking the balanced schedule where you don't have conference's and you establish thirty team league. And you know is it fair for a team on the West Coast to play. More games on the on the East Coast than another team and then as seemingly the travel affect them. Who knows I don't know that these are the finest conditioned athlete that I've ever been around. So when they don't give big deal but I'm also opt not out there. You know running up and out and NBA for a declined five hours in there and I can't imagine that the simple that either yourself. Everybody's always trying to figure out if there's a better way to do things and that's what they go about out of sober he's willing to explore. Opportunity did to make things better but when when I break it down to look at it go I'm not sure it's gonna get a ton better than what it is right now. That's very fair air we really appreciate it Tom I'm enjoy the rest of some early and we look forward talk anymore. Top doctor Gamal Brothers on game day. Aircastle time live from Los Vegas we come back ordering an open three on the boring at the three stories haven't able to get sued cigarette is an air cast pressure right here in 99 FM ESPN case they're castles and the ninety united and ESPN and I'm here to tell you about tackle what I told you. 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Are you up for the challenge the didn't come to FedEx Forum on Saturday July 28 and help AARP foundation and local volunteers packed 500000 meals are struggling seniors in Memphis they could really use your help sign up today at the meal packed gallons die or. Participating students will be eligible for service hours. The new tax challenges made possible by the AARP credit cards and chase and brought to you by ARP foundation. It's amazing the difference and you can make a side note bit Il back challenged dot or. Now back to the voice of the grizzlies and the Eric Cassell time show line. From the Sunbelt rentals studios where I guess severe via the lenders Chrysler dodge Jeep grand phone lines on 929 FM RD ESPN. Today's special guest knows Jeffrey Wright. No lender of course covers college football's well as. All sports at large up in the higher areas enjoys at the top of next Darrell see how Cleveland is responding to the second time. That LeBron James has indeed left. Also discuss a few of his early season predictions for college football we'll discuss all that when bill joins us in about. Ten minutes or so Robert Connor an average divorce they showed negative three stories and able to get table three an outpost for. Besides. Bringing the I'm ready CAA. We now 82 nines Barry Cassel Mike honor this is this is when you get to explain it to me. Cracked so. Yesterday. There was the Mike Conley video of and dunking a yes and it was going viral on social media room because it appeared that he was getting essentially like his head over the rim. But apparently. There was first our claims of it was a hoax so first our claims that it was like the Michael Vick power aid commercial. Where Vick would throw the football out of the stadium like they're like claims like that can't be real. And you claim that you claim that it was just a perspective. Yeah this was all about perspective I think I'd I mean there's no reason to fake that video I mean he's. You come under an NBA game in DC my colleague and we'll see him jumping on points of taking the video does nothing for all right it's all about NFL stadium you knew that Michael Vick couldn't go out of the stadium so called seat on our people or not aren't we're not leave back in early two thousands never now. But for that fir dais. It was it's just the camera disks he's that the cameras are away from the basket OK it's at a very low angle. Which means your perspectives gonna be off so whatever you see where you see his hand he he's there he's not actually like all the way above the rim. If I had to guess his forearm my beer above the rim but his heads out of there is he's not and Paul Vince Carter dunk honest. It's very impressive and very good news for the grizzlies though is you still see how high his feet get off the ground like. He's just not Vince Carter earning. Like he is at Vince Carter's article basically. So this is the sports media equivalent of what the scam districts put with a bigger girl doesn't she takes that picture from up top. Oh and in a what is like band BRI underwrite only get out there we get fat fish to eat at. They though a bigger girl. Tricks you into thinking she's not damage relationships this where he had a split ions I'm not on the media down for well me like. So and then in fairness to the ladies out there they can get pet fish which is when a guy has yet. Every got a good looking it's loved all the Mac future Becky Shia and good looking did they medication takes up its yeah. So that would have its own this is. Active I'm down oh really is the camera light that's why you can use. When you see pictures you've got it kind of take your degree assault begins remember that's probably the fifty expectation that person's thing and and the video like. I think the video for I don't think they're planning for it to look like he was jumping out of the jam I think is just one of those things where it just hammers these fans saw it and they are like. Holy crap. This is really get news Jimmy's got a sided bout in which I don't blame people for up let people be happy let them be excited for you care. No I heard about it unfortunately Connor I don't Latinos the world we live in today you were not allowed to do you have we have to. We have to have relentlessly tear every single human being down that's what were your words. Okay this story to overtake comes to us from ESP and more importantly Zach Lowe. Well we've been in free agency now let's see today is the elevenths we've been free agency eleven days so of course what's that mean Connor. Let's get into some winners and losers yes let's get into some winners and losers of course that close first letter from. Free agency care to guess who it is counter. The whole Eastern Conference the whole Eastern Conference. I don't really have a problem with that note now the question is is. It's it's the ultimate like if a tree falls in a forced late. It's like if you win the east without LeBron. Doesn't like did you do did you actually accomplish it. Oh yeah and and so and that's on that's on fairness and I've I have weightless faith in the team for instance. The cavs this year I had little to no faith but just the sheer fact they had LeBron James made me go maybe. They stolen game one I could envision a world where at least got to six there isn't. Boston doesn't scare me. Billy doesn't scare me like I'll have weightless faith in billion boss even at Boston that full strength against the warriors that I would. Anything that LeBron went on I think give it light is to be completely honest I think. Lashed last year would have been the last year he would've won in the Eastern Conference anyway he's awesome would have been Boston Philly religious and better like they're towel to conduct their maturity were to come up. Maybe let I mean they have a healthy hiring a health helping Gordon Hayward back cavs team just wouldn't be able to stack up against and so I think. I think if Austin or in Philly wins the east I think it's more of the same I think it's more OK that was eventually happen anyway I don't think it's necessary because LeBron left. I think it definitely helps helps them a lot that the bronze gone but I still I was still going into this season if the brides stay in Cleveland. Assuming that Boston is ago championship next year it's not just that it's not just that LeBron left it's also that GM LeBron and also left Cleveland with. Way too much salary. Let's be honest not Berry get not a not a really good roster yet like. He guided him and he made he made the cavs take on all the bad contracts so that the lakers could have a good contracts yet. In good position LA quite a tidal. As a funny story yesterday that said LeBron got wariness here and during Carson traded to Cleveland so we went had to deal with them and LA this year. It's all part of plan B it's all part of the place he he endured he dared an entire half a season. So that he indeed could. Could move on to LA course the lakers are the winners kind of the problem like you wanna take your cabinet like congratulations you got LeBron. But at the same time it's like I still don't know what you're doing with this roster yet. It's almost like you've got a team that LeBron kind of remembered once upon a time like these guys are tough for him in the playoffs like once upon a time and now I put them all on the same team in LA here to slight. I don't think LeBron watch is much of the league currently is and we think he talks I truly believe. As they LeBron stand in follower for now my entire life for fifteen years now I think LeBron is going into this season not caring if he gets the finals I think this season is for him. To to help his body to get healthy fully healthy again. To just rest the talent the young guys do they what they do that that's why I mean they can't I don't think the lakers should trade anybody I think you wait until the offseason go Nikolay because. Crews making room and mom's a ball are gonna be something. Very soon. And if you have LeBron there and you can pull quiet free agency this year plus those three at your starting lineup right there and that's a very good starting lineup so. At the White House auditor that was extremely concerned that I don't like little hole that. LeBron in July. Is very different than LeBron in February. When he made. For instance LeBron thinking LeBron can be patient in July he can sit there and say the game plan is okay word and endured this season. And then we're gonna make it up we're gonna make it out. Coming next free agency. It's a completely different thing when he's watching staff take over every single highlight he's watching the wars abroad is so petty when everyone else starts getting the attention ever starts forgetting about LeBron. And let's be real if LeBron just stands pat. The lakers are just gonna kind of endure this season kind of weathered out be like the five or six in the last. That's not really what LeBron into it does really in a LeBron we have their member of the LeBron taking a break is the bronzed not claimed 42 minutes a game. Like Avril played 32 minutes a game 35 minutes a game that's. That's what's insane about right but that's my favorite and I taking a great my point is I think Jia LeBron can hit the panic switch. I don't know I really don't know magic Johnson's different easier to get a long history he entirely take on a new team that at that midway gesture but heat but Magic Johnson is I think. The first person he's been an organization which that he truly respects not at around. Located at right back. When he was in Miami he wasn't really Jim LeBron in Miami located at GM exactly. So that's why I think he's gonna take a backseat to magic and let magic it was then I'll see I'll believe that night but what does it badly I got to the point so that's all that was extremely concerning it and today that I had no idea about once a ball shot 45% from the free throw line last year. 08 and why isn't that talked about. Because no wants to talk about people. I've been screaming about this for a player how would Y. Report card will would ever want what would everyone kept saying unsecured all of our ball security and other balls I don't think don't click the stories and they don't consume anything they do. And finally people caught on if you quit paying attention to them. People they keep shoving old quit shoving them down your throat because we are in the ratings best yeah and if they'll pay attention we're not gonna talk about. And then finally. This is a story just for me. Kevin Durant chirping. On NC Graham had someone that was chirping at him. Ever change Kevin Durant was a kid like seventeen yeah I need course set that's called about your cormorant. Yeah tonight at. Kevin it. Can't even grant he went with the ultimate you didn't play Ari he never made it rational point backed away and he just started immediately attacked in the attack and it's important to be completely honest what the kids said was completely fair he just said that he doesn't play he said he acknowledge he's the best score elite two way players but they don't elevated team quite like LeBron and staffed due to their play making leadership deficiencies. He included Kevin Durant yep. Included coli. And he included Anthony Davis. I think it eighty remains to be seen on political bogey in there. That is aiding those papers there but and then Kevin Durant stature Dedham middle school hash tag knock offs even end. And then the kid responded where you know it's true that's why your.