Guest Host Jeffrey Wright: Hour 1 with guest Eric Hasseltine

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Wednesday, July 18th
Segment 1 -- Jeffrey Wright hosts today's show and welcomes Eric Hasseltine to the show to discuss the end of Summer League, the Kawhi Leonard trade, and more. Segment 2 -- Jeffrey welcomes back Eric to the show to discuss Eric's thoughts on Josh Hader's Twitter account expose.

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CS teams had a few winners in this is already you can be the next one again village VI LL AG eTech cinema right now. Descent into anyone's good luck. Okay. This thing. Well let's tell it every Wednesday it's deal or every may be we appreciate you taking some time out here was us. As the introduction suggest that I am Jeffrey Wright as always at Jay Wright 99. ESPN on Twitter I'm John in my partner crown event each and every day on this very program. He's at sea guiding not a one on Twitter gotta get dame a man believes there are you doing well may have fired up about today's show of course. Air sea and enjoy it here momentarily we'll get his thoughts on the coli Leonard it. DeRozan traded as well as he the it Twitter moment last night where some Uzi I couldn't tell. So losing she's little four or something I don't know Eric he download get off my lawn last I doubt you'll get some clarification on that also discuss that with Eric. As wells of course the big news today require Leonard trade. Bill Bender is gonna join us at 3 o'clock also don't forget. Make sure at. To the program because Connor can give you another cash cared for your chance to win 1000 dollars you'll do that the top of each and every hour. During your workday than Bill Bennett of course is gonna join us he's at SEC media days we'll get his thoughts. On air and Murray's comments about Jerry prove it will get his thoughts. About Dan Mullen shoot choice and all the big headlines he could tell big stories out there media day counterfeit big big stories. Oh yes definitely big story big stories out of media days. So get all of the highlights from media days when bill joins us at the top of 3 o'clock hour. Then I don't know if anyone sought out there but today is the ten year anniversary. Of the Dark Knight. So who better to bring on. The wall one lot is that is what her parents are now just bring on a lot of swap her for the ten year anniversary of the Dark Knight. Of course get in that get into that as well as more from the NBA. We bring on rob so again that's what we got coming up here on the program build entered in the second hour rob breads. Of course worldwide blob during the second hour we'll get some headlines in the won't make way for real town with Gary repair show. Right after we finish all of that however now. Let's bring on the man that lends his name to this very program is that Aircastle time on Twitter he's an of this grizzlies radio play by play announcer Erika de buddy how are you. You don't Currie this was this was a wonderful trip him. I'm Serbia that was going to buckle on alerted that we will fortune slot machines at the airport by Greta are you so that. Well I was gonna ask you do you now feel like. That's a heck of a longtime anchor you're resident now. Now play I did you know listen is this something to me about his post this. And when I checked it and I kind of shook my head was very worried about people were checked at around me they were there. A convention and many of them their first time the Las Vegas Eric. I think of course I heard was. Due to our first obviously compose this sort of drop our back. Yard double corks are quite you are not make it you're encouraged our other. There's one thing about Las Vegas is if you go on the strip there's always someplace opens or more ago. And it goes all night and Cheryl. Thankfully this news you know multiple cards here for me and I was out last night because everybody's gone at least I went across the street good. In my little. Most bottle Mexican restaurant that I like go people are happy hour. I've got no bunkers they're so we had to ditch outlook long term we are not good luck. You know all the things come to Vegas and the raiders and Al Golden knights didn't want down and attic that got a little operation in I've found something that'll tell I had no idea existed in what six worst flat bread which is it. There's also tweeting about this and this is an important I feel like. Because I'm I'm an agreement would you go would set it up. So I I I go to I'd never been an escalation I walked by. 500 times it feels like it will be good enough all way. Well when we add BD it would be NBA that that's where the meeting rooms toward its. It's a real and it's a nice place it's not like ridiculously overpriced it's at a casino so it's not cheap but it. I looked at it myself I just look at the menu the other day go to the porno flick. Where a lot of source flat Brett okay society dinner around like look at some sweet sound good title Glasser red line and smaller slapper. From the couch right next to me with this in your body. They order like for many cheeseburger like force lighters yes good but they called Betty burst their. And they order what she's going to be kept its tiny little piece of cheese. And comment on cuts and had to. And unlike Cokie you're much easier super strong and he can only useful little bit of the multicolored ball is in his outlook before. Illiquid what what do you two would be like it was it was very perplexing to. So I even wondered if a Imus like to be judgmental each their own or worry you could slide I think people there. Eat burritos. That don't have what I saw some of what they're wrapped up rehearsal for America or so look for connect. Oh look it's just steaming hot or Chicago deep dish out I don't understand us. Consuming something I love it I didn't get back. That would be articulate Cuba Blake chattering content and happy and then literally putting both pieces home for the media what did you do Iguchi who can't get it. Yeah. I always wondered because. I grew up and household bullies and like. Well I went to private school but what all my friends we're going to get silly and I was too busy playing baseball and white yes in the Italian stuff and so like. I know. How to be like I you can take me into public. But did I do wonder like are there's societal things that I'm dumb about like good etiquette like that but what it. Does this thing is dedicated in Vegas like I don't like I can understand if you were at a I can supper club in the upper east side. We. Recognized now this place is might think you're not an extra it's relatively dark and so. It's a lot of line that the wind barker saying it. You know I'm not a big I love. Why and I've really grown to really like good wine. But I was let go on like a wine art. Generally I only went there can let bishops Morse leopard Lee meet. It was worth every minute I spent there I didn't think people think back what she brought out that'd be a rock that thirty or they are like. Well I can't go back to an extra hour or so on the track record this is a the act. Yet not supper what you said are we Warner. You know take it are all equal eighty and solos like a hurricane late maybe I'm missing something that's what that's like put it out this leopard out to the Twitter verse. And what was the initial reaction from. From the very sophisticated that your Saturday. Which yeah that I observed that I am totally caught a bit but not bad legged people. I know that they jumped on the it was. I don't know I guess so valuable trip and I really didn't I I guess he's didn't. Well lately well all year it was he dipping their cheese and anything. At all. But they decided there's I don't understand I understand if you're cutting it well and you're good you're dipping it in and sometime a delicious sauce not. Even the even the bartender looked at me and I was like. It illustrates America's luck you know my voice carries. Probably I creepy or is that weird it's sacred that we've got so that shouldn't suck. At which you go to bed same actors she dishes about into the well and they want me to feel like I'm crazy and Richie told him crazy so. I don't know so I don't know you know I realize though. I was here nothing days. And did very little social media posting where most people come out here and that's all you I feel back electoral assurance that some pictures this is probably my favorite. Some elite experience of the through forty years I've been out here whether deeper meetings or whatever but it is. The NBA has just taken this thing tool or Motorola or. And the people can't see out here at the opportunity I got this computer game McCormack has a spooky it than just being around our guys. The people that that they come to cover the other teams and then get there. Actually you know get it to talk to George Saddam all the Communist the end there's just a really good dude. And really loves the NBA and works his tail off which is process and just say you know it's all production was just terrific. So I. I get I kind of feel like I should be shared a lot of that I don't collect those share. They head to head a little luck. A little eat certain end here before the like eight year let's go the wiped out a lot of Marco it's a great way to start date and I am just goofy like chair and look what I'm Eaton drinking water ready to order to help. And I'll probably go couple. Yeah. I was sitting there like yeah yeah. When people look for like an excuse to day drink uneasily actually the guy that. Looks for an excuse not to a catalog and on the weird guy like I don't. I don't particularly like drinking on the golf course like. And on the. I'm not you have what you now are more likely among emote you'd. That's pretty decent player so yeah because of that light. I've I'm trying to score and you know I did you guys will say some swelling all but then like you know if I'm gonna get somebody else's member guest and he wants to treat that as a three day trip to destroy it like. I'm gonna when he's pounding when he's pounding make string some get them out on white but like I'm certainly not going in. I'm not jumping in the deep end like he is but I'm also not gonna impact guest. And I dagger in and it look I'd I'd I'd love you know I'm of the cold on the course like not a coal. Eight I'm of course and Marcus. It does you know it it's not when you're frustrated made sure that double that but. You have no right. I made. Per actually is Elliott Perry is there a way to get my work done early lately. When it's not a game day so I the I was in bed last night at Clayton Boris side and people like are you crazy leader lastly what is it had a BP airport at 9 o'clock sure you know beaches. You wanna make sure you're here early you never know what it's going to be like it to charity even though I have the TSA creek check. You know you'd probably people are going to be here click. Give me an hour before your flight is one of them who risks so I won't hear in hindsight I got a good night's sleep. We get much summer so tweeting all right. Maybe that was Detroit is that the things going on around me including media that the show. That it legacy again it seems a lot of friction action recruiter what in the home yeah. And I look over a bump talking with a bartender. A collection pleasant and I look foolish Ford trucks within that doesn't look. I know what you got strong when you when you have Ford trucks all at once stoplight either they're all going to the same place or your just. You're just hammer in the market and the guy actually tweeted me back. That you know but he treated recognize you need to do any computer show amount of oil would have a few more you know dark on Tuesday night. You know your dark you only go Thursday through late Saturday I mean I am one hitter or hitters on their but it can't quite yet. I can go when you're not want to welcome next here. Yeah I'll I'll get back and I is that the best gig in the world flight. Being a resident of being that being the Vegas resident where they are the win used to fly guard then. I think they'd fly and then on Thursday afternoon they send this in a private jet to go get him. From his ranch in Oklahoma they're flying in Thursday edition Thursday night I think needed to on Friday two on Saturday matinee Sunday. And any flight blackening and I think he made like a hundred million a year. It eat it it's their own new wave out here according everybody. I'll see all their shows although they comedy show there also hurt you know. Eat everything from you know. Won't she release seat. You know. Good looking girl shows June raunchy comedy cute. Richard little and in other elections look at the main thing is now Israel's ambassador but he battle order. It Cirque shows are great once you've seen her. You know a lot of people repeat visitors since you've seen him and so there's. They're not like those guys blow me away and hourglass on so are we were to negotiate all elements. I went on to read that negative reviews and see what the actual complaints were here that would be something that would bother me and they've worked so. Are we saw a couple of those when Chelsea was out here but there are. There are people right now that are curt are. Just lining up to see their favorite stars when they are either. And so the the casino look stupid they know what's working so well I carry a concept that ball aren't. Celine Dion except that ball over cheaters and so now everybody's a race to get the next. You know the next residency at The Backstreet Boys are doing the rest they're cheaper spears did residency silk. Is that and it seems to be the next wave of the future could he shows they're. You're gonna come out here and it's it's. We artist when you think about it. Okay come your work forties we cannot travel around the country and basically. You're probably playing that. Read five balance sheet that you're depending on what it is maybe last. Additional amount every night. Purchasing a little anchor nurtured good 200 bucks a ticket per cookie budget that. Here in their casino he made these same temperature bear it generally when you beat there you're going to stop but he cable or a bar or great restaurant and so the drive and out. Business that way and so. It can efficiency make the people that start you know ditching go on tour that I've yet have a new album you need to go on tour. I think they're gonna it's gonna expand and more than likely they classic rock bear slick in the country. Equating he's doing now heard what the bears used to be Blake played here right now referred on the south on right here because when you are guitar then you take out your guitarist you don't sound the same. But they're doing it. You know and so it's given the kids' book they're. The next generation you know thirty and forty year old daughter you know thirty year old is listen to different music so. The image of its image little sock or literature. OK well get into the news of the day it is now beneficial pending physicals the San Antonio Spurs have treated quiet Leonard and Danny Green to the Toronto Raptors for DeMar DeRozan. Jaco pearl. They protected 20191. Round pick the spurs announced. When you saw all the move. I know you you look at Vegas lines on these kinds of things like I do in Toronto the last about a week and a half or so it really become the odds on favorite. When you look at this deal. August it's either sweat. Are you OK with Toronto making this deal if they only have quite Leonard for one year. Yes that would be a key. I think when you look at this I don't think there's any doubt that course probably because I think wished this signifies to me at my my. They're I'm not sure how many years to tomorrow have left our contract went gases to re. If they were ready to get off that contract. Thing you still love the yeah so they didn't think that the mark Kyle Lowry combination was Gordon you. Get them where they want it to go. I don't really like duck hurdle I think pearl took. Huge strides forward so. I think it's. I think it's but he'll work Batman and opiate east it's Eric O'Neill. What sort of pour out those little trick Americans eat you'll be there are and I'm coach Bo Derek. Fire you know that I I wonder if it doesn't go well how long break up bridge you know and daughter and says I or Rico that he made to say what about a rock. We're gone. Why assistance are leaving was you know you're by a year to keep losing my best assistants just. Good job which is you know what can happen and so do I really wanna keep doing this at this stage it. All the things that happen and so I you know I look at it and I think pop maybe you know if it doesn't go swimmingly well this year may is look at this and they'll look that are. Or the energy to try to rebuild this and and well I doubt this warriors waiver of dominance. And now look what brought an LA so this this may be Iraq or. I think integrate up Connecticut can't can to make encourage people don't realize how really also let serious. The problem quite a different bird. It just occurred urgent and so. If you want to be in no way. A lot I don't know winners not exactly. Similar to Al likable otherwise out Coulter was almost out. But that's you know if you disrupt because all he's got further and so. Eventually I think it's where the Rolodex is that you do your job that when those open. And you're you're you're battling blocking your balance filly who didn't bland look on. But they're gonna have more money again next year repeat crop. Blocks in the outlook to be able to move guys that they want at a a big piece and I think you could try EC this is your opportunity to go forth and so why not. I think that's an upgrade for a hundred tomorrow good player he doubted the three point shot goes in a quiet Leonard did a in my opinion cops its quarterly well portion. And so you now put him alongside Kyle Lowry you also get any green is a very good wing defender. And I think they're I think they are I think they're looking to be honest we're all what Boston and Phillies close. But I think they're they're looking to beat them so. It's it's finally Jeffrey you know eat pure trouble. That's exactly what a great cities in the world if you really feel like you can make big splashes in the free agent market ever they really. They drafted DeRozan they treated for a while they console. You know Lowry when they got more and more all star. We haven't seen a lot of big meeting go up or let the record every guy because occurred while losing all of us. There are reasons they don't picture America bountiful where they're attacking and achievable birds so. Distribution watch this Richard Morse from there to say the least I would I would put Toronto right there Southeastern Conference or ballot. Without a broad it was than their Kryptonite. This may be the window they were looking Puerto try to work. Move it forward with in order I head coach nick nurse Luke has been honored and true while. You know it's very similar to what apple debut here while all these. And handed the keys to you know to a luxury cars also a lot of coaches they give the keys to a and economy are usually so this is this is gonna be and should watch. One thing I keep reading is that. One of the biggest reasons coli wants to go to LA is largely because he thinks it will. Improve the value of his shoe contract you know give him on the level of the major superstars with a shoe contract. It is our guest is that. Because to me. If they Max steel in front of you that's 219. Million dollars guaranteed if it if Toronto does put that far and then presuming that. Why would qualify for the super Max. I can't envision a scenario where the shoe deal can be as lucrative as that much guaranteed money or my I'm in the wrong. Well let's not say maybe get a ten year. 300 million dollar deal which you've got to record thirty right here. A right around that number that's what the governor Rick Scott that's Jane's heart I got that's what some he figured guys are. Here's the problem what what what is facing right now. Those guys trouble personality. Goes just thought talk those guys savidge following an entry and based. So that it's not just because look senator I got this. Yeah it's good Kevin Durant was the good guys like everybody light and wanted to succeed could you resist smiling. You know kid that it was ridiculously awesome basketball. And you can look at you know it was it was always an ecstatic at a brochure that means doubled but OB a nice anymore we as a parent you know people look at it abandoned loose and it got side it was a little bit some of the media that is now I think that's. But why is coming in terms of getting a deal like that is why I. He's always there and world competed at a train to be ought to ask all you want any part of what you have these so it won't be out. Is there. Tore a hole is the biggest city. We can't let us not even close it's a lot like New York City. If you going to shoot it he could diplomats also appear Edwards and Boris. Embrace the community. Embrace the city. And be out there and people local beat public. That's shoe contract and got it that you would have to be an ally. And if you can embrace oh hey that's hard court an air will recede a little lakers you know warships are article on most of the clippers like. Yeah you don't get it. And the people around you are not helping or. It is I don't want our you know disparage this camera or like he put people around you trust us. Some guys Europeans and better advice won't get because is not just about what are you plot. It is not just about who you know who needs what city you're at because you look at a picture I think of without weapons. Ask anybody that's been an LA that's been really good shook our major you've got a straight yeah case. The cup case it Kobe because Kobe was Kobe Kobe was also. Vocal outspoken. Did the media runs given his life you know basically the major ones Larry like on local radio and LL put you would he would. You get quote he quietly when it you're. We'll do it doesn't. Sit well and it cost and you can't seem to keep going through the motions although I want her back to. Or dark but that. Then people want to Kabul or you're not actually our our our. Weakness shelf. Com I'm what you I think what EP don't know if you are incorrect in that. Did the money an issue Davis is almost equal contracts it's just over a ten year period. But if it requires one that you can market. While America more marketability in carrier ring he'll. Then LeBron know then. You know I not better than LeBron was put on the global equities there. I think tunnel almost occurred. While Marco encourage our or marketable and carry the remarkable and hard you know. Not he's not one more (%expletive) you're reasoned opinion will work out contract yet or people like him. She's a fun guy can do you get to get it like it doesn't work hard literally locked out of character and some people law. What are you wrote a letter about how he should be also are they got it in every okay whatever. But the guy is put himself out there aren't always good for a quote you don't hit part of the match is not a quiet that's fine if it's not who you orbit that you can't expect. You know who built the rewards to come your way. When you're not. Making yourself marketable because that's not who you are and so kind of double edged sword you want that country are about change a little bit of his personality. To be more open and out there in. Should companies certainly love they pitch their lot in athletes but they like it sort of athletes that are actually gonna book so she's a require a letter to cut spot right. No and ask you this it if you're the lakers you eat at this gamble last summer in which you. Didn't make the move to go get Paul George you took the risk that George would sign with you in the off season. If you get it in years that you're a similar exact situation and you know. Loyalty emotion and whatnot you can only go so far a certain point if someone puts a Max deal in front of you. I always feel like it's really difficult to say no so eight if you're the lakers and you really did. Zero win Nikolay Leonard you think is the guide that you don't wanna get them you don't wanna give up these young pieces to go get him a bigger risk is for them. That's the bigger risk because. What you're talking. An extra year yeah 3040 million dollars. Or zero loyalties lie ahead and wives. Yes circulation and about which you subtract utility subsidizes a lot of had good let. I don't generate the electrical and they're not pocket 3040 million last and that's the big thing they're putting orders about their situation is. Eight ounces is gonna try to take lessons because in 5069 why why wouldn't do it. A there's no doubt it will all the money these guys are making but I've yet immutable and millionaire that looked at sixty million dollars potentially and probably more now don't need it. I mean are there you know I've talked about this you and I've known a lot of really rich guys. Then they're not really big on leaving money on the table that's kind of why they're rich guys. Now and I've and give your current example my buddy the good old mortgage operate on showed. Problems domain and the corporate family also a mortgage company that's one of the biggest crowd of your mortgage company. End. In in the in the country. And he did it was like the force something like one but the bottom dropped his last words company standing and he had built that capitol on back and thankfully there. To make it through yet. And he went through when he took it to another level. And to make more money you know eat eased. More common than in reworked contract and had guys work and foremost smaller. When it was more DOD basically create opposite way. I love your yen and was trying to lose a love you but I'm going what someone who is an old. Situation. And it paid them very very and I do. Go get another job elsewhere. Happy go lucky saw an opportunity where he was gonna make that is more money. You know substantially more money out. And look at you and did written and nobody blamed him one better so I want whatever they collaborated could not go to LA. If the Max offers what are they get so that the. The thing like you said you know we we don't really rich guys and they don't tend to leave money on the table because that's what a rich didn't sell out and arm. It's you know eight is one thing lottery tickets and money frivolously and not let that so illiterate and who grew globally it how to make it. And it's probably people at risk and that this is the thing that they're. A lot of NBA players seemingly forget for whatever reason. When you're down. They don't speak Pena. Checks stop. Your body don't know quite yet not much about it on it and you bureaus are which I think the stretch out feel as the Smart athletes solely. Our. You know it does come don't have and so. The only get a certain window to make as much as you possibly can't encourage like why collect exit is not. Really making himself as marketable access. Post career than personal TV complete lineup they have choir of abroad yeah. There's no companies why not to have quiet theater a spokesman could not one I'm fine it will complete lineup come to a there. Strategically that's not what he's interest of their. And that's how I can't walk to get another got beat you know you're not the only guy out there and that's why my note here is you're worried about you deal. You might just wanna sign that match you're sort of bigger school lakers in my opinion. It is this but also a pile of money. And our apple bought and then the question becomes common people actually you wanna play what will go on record the thing about a may very hard on it makes you are the play well. Same thing when Michael Jordan but Michael Dorn got a bit more electric than. It's so different like it let Michael play that they were free agency wasn't effort. So make traded on draft microscopic but he was there and and they got guys along wherever or are you. They signed Dennis Rodman could afford it and like Bob harper getting PGA are chomping baker act by the way. As quick you know two compact. Which you heard it all in trouble. For guys work. Happy to have enough during the winter I could not out there you're always works or. Exactly it isn't so I I look at Atlanta spirit. You know. It could see if you own the actual garden you earn your right trait that is but if it does not orphans drop. Yeah as miserable he clearly let them know I don't there's your champ car resigning. I don't know whether raptors are I think he angle. I think you dangle at the deadline. To the lakers to make sure that they'll get up or something all a lot of Woolsey. That's like they can be really should watch as well because if he does go up there at a blanket and let's play with Kyle and likes being an amendment law well and we're excited to show a little bit and that's shoe deal count especially if they go deep in the loop to the playoffs and into the NBA final set you deal comes. He may end up staying and the lakers are just like with the broader bunch of young guys and Woolsey. And then on terms of of San Antonio if you look at now they've got the martyr as he saw LaMarcus Aldridge they still have. The league's more or less the exact same team that they had last year that that 146 games without coli littered I think played nine last year. Where does this replace them now as we look at next season the last. Initial gut and then this system is such a thirst of their their coaches. On the greatest coaches that's ever coached in the NBA so they'll be good. You know barring injury the bury their relying on a young point guard. You know they're gonna give you are going to do shopping and learning which looks like they're gonna do. The game during the debate piece that anything was a big piece of what they did Alan Anderson really help themselves. Guys we have step and you know this is not a team that had a lot of high draft picks but they never happened the last twenty years on the way to make the work let. You know actually got wire go to San Antonio Duncan all you have that's all. And then go to the star point guard Tony Parker that was making this go one on and one of the best. Either you know when he started or just essentially a six man in my original well it's a good good time is up format. They have Aldridge he's really good. And now they have DeRozan is really good and now going to be OK on the system Janet Clayton got the same what is the thing and all of Robert upsurge. If he doesn't feel like they can do what they've been doing in terms so. I think it rolls up I think there Alcoa another year I think it all up in the template that I have that defense presents quite wondered what they may go back trying to outscored. Could make it back a few years back when Duncan will get older and court I was good but he wasn't. Good you know he was getting better but it didn't have a good enough low post defensive presence to the to be more defense aborted so they want to say where or look quicker or vote or pay reshoot or threes. I have got to do that so commission issued what what kind of style Iran's. He's not one that's afraid to change. He never certain as well which is one of the brilliant thing about Greg Popovich the lyric watch out he's willing to make changes were a lot of coaches are so. I'll be good at and that there's still the scourge most of whom it might. 51 years of existence of made the play forty tried speaker 46 starts. I guess what I found interesting about it is we see like with Oklahoma City and we see with San Antonio and we know locally here the importance of just making the playoffs if you're any smaller market and while San Antonio is a championship caliber team we've seen them. Maybe Donnie Moore but that we've seen them win championships. The truth is since Sony so very much a small market and they're still business element I think to exactly what they do. Does it fine and I thought it passing to to the a look at this and I look at this movement for them it's like this is their move to try and stay relevant for the next 45 years and to try. They know probably the championship window might have closed it this is there this this is their move to make sure that they're in the playoffs for the next. Through your. Dad actually is of course is gonna leave now you get a guy and girls in the severe restrict. And if you think his game can be ordered to what you want minute or so contest I think I think consumers are. It's just hard decision to disperse because a lot of teams we're gonna low balled up with a car that in some about shall not give in Europe are to return that's where the lakers were ever. Trying to go he gave no relief and of these go to resettle us equal so what I try to do everything in return draw so okay we look. Well take all the guys like Oklahoma City they're gonna screw all the guys would commit to stay that we wet. If we golf that more often DeRozan contract anyway and we got a pot of money to spend in the biggest you know on another great free agent crop next year. If I offered you a thousand dollars to bet on which side rule in the end. Come out on top on this trade which side would you pick. So many. Trucks. John I think if she I think it quiet. And go on based on gore if he embraces it. He could. He could get everything welcome or there it's not. But it is a wonderful city. So I I I would lean towards straw because I think San Antonio. Is going to be. Looking at how they're gonna make this work and it shouldn't Russians see it again I think they will but they're you know extol. Certain you know you're certain that it bet at and that everybody was looking forward to finally come 98%. Curse here. Basically quite years they have a launch it games. Not considered a viable threat to Golden State Warriors right now or the east market so. I don't know I won't talk or too bad I don't choke. I'd I'd look at all went around in it's it's a little over a little bit annulment of their coach I don't know much about nick nurse so I heard great things about number. He's gonna happen or beyond or no two ways about it that it not gonna point the finger right at that. And say we we've got right guys or wolf but I would I would I would mean we're. Aircastle ties joining us here on the program he's on his way back from Las Vegas where it's a quick break we come back we're discuss Eric's thoughts. And more about Josh cater the all star game in the tweets that. Came to light that we saw last night stick around you listen to air cast my chair right here on 99 FM. ESPN OK it's Aircastle sign out here in Las Vegas for the summer league and I'm staying cool and fresh because I've got my old spice pierce port. And a first for an Memphis heat is crazy hot and humid and old spice pierce port and a curse for you can keep you feeling fresh and clean during that heat. I'm telling you right now this stuff is fantastic it is the best sweat protection you're gonna find on the market old spice pure sport campers went. Pick some up today and you will not have to worry about whether or not you look clean or look fresh it'll take you long into the night so if you. 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Guests who appear via the lenders Chrysler dodge Jeep brand phone lines on 929 FM RE SPN that. Today's special guest host Jeffrey Wright. Coming up at the top of the 3 o'clock hour Connors gonna give you another radio dot com cash cared. You're detects that cash cared for your chance to win 1000 dollars to 7881. Again that's coming up at the top of the 3 o'clock hour shortly after that will welcome on bill Bender he is an SEC media days we'll discuss. Aaron Murray's comments about Jeremy Pruitt and everything else that has been going on during SEC media days and more with bill but now welcome back Aircastle tied to the program and Erica when does. Ask you this we've mentioned it at the end of last break last the all star game Josh hater. At his Twitter account I guess Expos. From back when he was at seventeen years old. It's unclear to me clearly had some rap lyrics that were closed but he had a lot of ought to homophobic tweets. He had a lot of races tweets it was not a great look one way or the other I don't think he can I'd I think Josh hater would admit that it was not a great look one way or the other. He has since apologized that. When you when you look at this situation and now that we're living in this day and age where. Guys can have between a solid Dante di Vincenzo like people and he's I was younger than Josh hater but. You know people are going back in and scroll entered your Twitter and whatnot. What do you what are what are carrier instant reactions because my first thought it all this was. Hey I'm not condone owning anything that he said he tweeted you know I have no idea. There's so many yes I'm not I'm not condemning that bit. We're still ice agent because to me if I'm agent the first thing I'm doing what I've got a guy that I can no that's gonna make some money. I aim I'm completely cleaning out his Twitter account. And I'm cleaning it out armed deleting yes I'm deleting it and tell them look I don't care how many followers you out before. You're now a professional athlete a marketable commodity. We are starting an important people woke up. However there is people will follow you won't get them back. That's the first thing that I mean I don't care I don't care it was the most innocent. Joke between you and try and if one person can think. It offensive and it's gonna go on a crusade like people like bill. Then. Yeah rhetoric just delete it all just delete it all isn't it but I don't it was. You know what felt worse or was blunt okay yeah I was looking like the alt lurking in the answer questions about this. And he's like look I know they are eager get. What he said his reprehensible but I you know you look at the earliest. All of you and your problem when you were seventeen says something that people found out about it it would be just as it. All the best and this is why don't what are. You could myself included at seventy. We don't think about how hole. Un educated we really work and help. Blush we could be thinking well we know everything right chairwoman. There's no doubt. That it didn't exist without going to be another word I don't know. When I get I've. Attend it is not. Tweet about that like last night was really into black metal to blues and I predict that I tweeting about the telephone but I can see where. Yeah a couple of drinks you see you there comes across the wrong way and old you are in the cross hairs because. Built in and that police will pitch in and airmen at the beat. Always good amount group it's out there that is looking to just crucify anyone perk and east and it's out there now looks beyond. Well he says represents. Absolutely out of Nolan and that the older. A Democrat but not make it involved about what you should edit. Deserves to be crucified there's no two ways about it. But I also look at it this. Your sanity. What was it really know what he said what was rap lyrics what was this what was back but even men that each quarter when back when an adult when you're seventeen. Even though what was. You think you do you really don't and you think you're being taught me something I think it's only at night even remotely. And so. I think EVE got to got to know the guy. Now this what if he's genuinely. Remorseful and says hey look. I. Stop. Edit I should say is that I don't believe now in concrete we'll change the police is that we're seeing what you believe in when you're seventeen and now you're back there or I'd never. You know believe it Matt or back about horse now work checked out or now that that's critical now a photo Richard sold. I hated for the kid in one aspect. Because that's a special wallet this family there and that earned nurtured and inside out and people are just barbecuing MB to pick tickets. They're right so which I don't agree with that either. You know we've all. But he also said things. It opened that door and so it's partly on air so. You know special moment that he may never have a brother also you know in terms of what position he plays that you and I both know. I'll be in its elected. And even never picked up another game and air and it may end up being one of the worst pitchman it is it is baseball career what can happen tool. We goes into opposing course people get a little. Oh. A little boost altar of a few Beers. And just go on a Rampage this guy is killer is gonna feel the sting of and I agree with Cuba the agent then that's a person that you'll get the lead at. The leak where it got you have what you started the makers so I promise you. You'll not only get all the followers back but you also get more so let's just do a new official page. And just keep good example. If you wanna make a personal statement about something go on the country want to just and that's fine. But think before you do it let's let's not just grab their own type of a 140 whatever quarter to eighty characters talent. Fire options and state. And it didn't know people are also. I think this is where people's. Inability cute purr yes oh and to look at people's ability to change comes in the back. It was seventeen years so. And Michael Randall came to an independent locker room to the media. How many of you are seventeen and be honest with yourselves. Said things that if you look at him outlaw or was I down. What I don't want to I don't think that would let them say that whatever they beat you I know I did. Now why doesn't generally based and reassure. Her almost all comments the things they did it says you know don't. Lapel while junior high school so. I don't know I mean this is just such a sad situation. For the unmanned that it you know there's Karen unfortunately connecting. What's been a really good season or that organization not walk a lot of people didn't really think they'd be there that they're playing great British. They get shot or leave the NL central. Becomes social Eric and you know the cardinals are trying to clean house and you know get back in those many expert you know Milwaukee them very and he's been on boats of course we want is Hillary didn't like so. I I wonder how much effect it had on him why are. This we saw all those guys with their problems. Yeah everybody ethical guise of a problem he blew whose and I can get drug pulpit so you know if he had he is all well this is great Jim. He's probably trying to out of office. Much of that content. I go on line in Portugal and then go out there on the mound trying to draw pitched to an all star that are you may have split we support. It became sick with the hard fast Larry. Did it against squads. Scherzer and say I'm outta the commercial light they'd like. Both of them or unfair like when he just like you watch them dance and their neck and they both give up bombs are dead that's what that was our laws like. These guys are so for good. And not just bombs with Aron judge I don't think it will land it yeah I think you wouldn't or might. Get might try out my trial. It's just just at a quarry pitch. And tattoos. On Saturday. Let's let's we can't let it consume you make a great pitch those guys get so you're not your head's not cold we unit and you gotta also support play. But that that's probably not good and well and it didn't hurt greater and and so. I ilk Woolsey what the backlash is that you and I both know generally when there when he. The crusaders you'll also liked us there at this is neck and that this is not heard just all the sudden disappeared her from you that's it's unfortunate in that. Although he says I again reprehensible stupid. Be armed you know disgusting looking at what about their. But. Also seventeen it'll. Just how. And yup and it's one of those touchy subject he used I don't know how to quite approach because. You know he's you're you're like well I. I can't while they it is they used a while I'll go out. We are because they need to would be in the position words like you don't wanna defender racism and homophobia elbow I you don't know what have fallen that. Yeah at the same time like. I don't know I feel like we're just we're forced to date and make sweeping. Assumptions and convicting someone like for instance. I know some of these are rap lyrics also know that. There are shows that kids watch that I have no idea I. I have no idea he's quoting a defense your television show the body and popular movie that I don't know I'm not trying to make excuses formed a final deal is. I would rather wait and try to figure out exactly. What was his original thoughts vs what was he Corning because to me those are two separate things and there's so much out there like this kid you know. He's grown up in this age where we have Netflix where a billion shares are on like there's there's so much content out there that I don't know Pete was quoting something or not. And I don't want them. Like crucify the guy if it turned out that to me like they're a vaccine should put it on Twitter. Like they're a big difference between quoting something. And it being an original thought. I think that there can you imagine back in a day of Andrew Dice Clay court order is a book and and five years later. It is quote rendered as colleague joked well. You would you reprehensible. But you think it's already there are people have seen it get it but people haven't opened ever. Five years later here all the sudden and a much different position in your life like that was probably should not a bad out there. But you forgot all about it well and that's the thing you that you cherish for gay. What they put out there and then someone goes they get it can change. The code is contribute Twitter feed. Four years ago I watch what kind of what is going on there like how does that happen. Always can girls I'm always convinced that someone that. New UN high school in Haiti UN high school. I think that's fair and based opponent might have an active guard and I'm gonna get even look at Jack or this guy didn't jerk me. You don't hear an error in my girls or lottery out so orally or are memorable a lot of laughs yeah so when you look at here this guy. You know why you guessed it ginger a local key here whether it's out there itself. Again reprehensible sleep eat column. You're that whatever you want a all I can guidance. It's it's it's unfortunate that. Went away but it didn't in terms of how quickly just this wildfire spread but also you know the harder it is so. Object that would be my ticket agents rather it's that you immediately get murdered and things get worse you couldn't reprehensible very quietly as a teenager. Believed to Erica. Restart it was almost the same handle maybe they'll be number one or do something else but clean it up clean it up. And we appreciate it looked forcing you back and see anymore. I can't wait body I appreciate you pull it down for me. Aircastle tie a live from Las Vegas in air we back in studio to Maher the host the program we come back make sure listening at top of the hour. Caller's gonna give you a no other radio dot com cash because they make sure listen title takes that to 7881. We're in talks and SEC media days of bill Bender we come back right here in the air cast show in 99 FM ESPN. Hey it's Eric Cassell cents from ninety cnnfn ESPN and I'm here to tell you about tackle what I told you. You've been working hard lately and I can help you make your life easier that's simple all you have to do is download the tackle act it is here to help you make life so simple. 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