Guest Host Jeffrey Wright -- Hour 1 with guest Dave Schilling

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Friday, February 16th

Jeffrey Wright begins the final show of the week by discussing his thoughts about the latest developments in the FBI's investigation into college basketball recruiting. Next, Jeffrey Wright welcomes Dave Schilling from Bleacher Report to the show to discuss NBA All-Star Weekend, The Black Panther, Uncle Drew, and more. Then, Jeffrey and Devin close out the first hour by discussing the Jamaican bobsled team, AJ McCarron, and Peyton Manning during "Ring It Up, and Put Three on the Board".


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Aren't Animal Planet sending money needs great. On the destiny fifth anniversary is going to be perfect. And send and receive money from just about anyone with the US based bank account. Wells Fargo building better every day. They're doing dishes appliances ulcers are pretty early morning services LLC was OK okay. The radio it's. This tomorrow. Happy Friday and I mean that in every sense of the word. He added one more day on the air outside judge Jeffrey Wright. Pleased to be hanging out with you for another couple hours. A boy Devin Walker's whipping. Crosswise I'm glad he is here as well. Well let's you know let's come up here on the program. Me talking. He gambled big NCAA story here at the top but coming up next segment. Dave Schilling of course of Bleacher Report masked man show for the wrestling fans out there he. Covers the NBA for the bleacher forty doubt at all star weekend he is also were. Already seen black panther and more importantly for DeVon. He was at the uncle drew press conference today so we'll discuss NBA all star weekend we'll discuss the NBA. Was Dave will also discuss those two films I think is probably more appropriate title. Also don't know if you solace DeVon but now reportedly the WWE is considering. Five our paper views. That is the worst idea to have him. Like the authority hardly euphoric. Yes in serve that will avoid. Lately de Hoy today. Also coming up on the program John Martin's gonna join us at 3 o'clock. We'll discuss. Tyler harris' recruitment the ongoing recruitment of Tyler Harris. Again a little bit of news today. The news is that Baylor is the leader in the clubhouse we'll discuss that we'll discuss what John thinks of the chances you'll also get John's thoughts on the final. 26. Games Italy for the grizzlies I think by the math are 126 games for the grizzlies was guess that would giant 3 o'clock he also got a new puppy and I. Think he had his best tweet ever. Last night and I don't know if ever ensemble discuss that would John when he. When he joins showed up 3 o'clock we'll go across association at 325. Parry Irving was on Jimmy Kimmel and also one of my all time favorite broadcasters. Kevin Harlan had a fantastic. Fantastic. A moment last night. During N. In my broadcasting. There was. I think it was two game the last line item awesome to think ridiculously Christine because we're just fuels he had later seals in Minnesota. They it's it's the one point. So we'll discuss all that during cross association did headlines and the and we will get out there that voice of course that you hear is that. My boy that walk Credo is follow him on Twitter at DeVon walker or should they DeVon underscore walker five cents today buddy bye daddy here and have a beard man's Friday fills a defrauding which introduces Ronan. We didn't. Kuerten if it was picture today with the tutors picture today of Phil pretty confidence and I crashed at thanks so call yes there. Yes adding data can attest that you put us. Look in to get ideas are always started out all right so yesterday. The the big news yesterday afternoon from the world of college basketball was the story that he fame all had that. Discusses the developments that we've seen in the FBI case against. College basketball fuel and armed. The developments I think were expected. No that kind of the big. I guess the big takes added there were. I believe up to 36. Coaches or schools could be involved in the in the second round of the story you'll believe Matt nor Lander last week on the Jeff Hawkins showed described it as. If if the very first. Story that broke. Was a bombshell. This would be like an aftershock on. It spirit the first was an earthquake this would be an an aftershock so. Not quite as big but it will certainly have impacts and a couple of takes inside Pete Campbell story. Work. It's unclear whether or not further charges. Would be brought up against certain coaches that are out there. But it certainly seems as if there are people that will lose their jobs here because of so that seemed to be it was unclear whether or not it would be. Crime. Or whether or not it would just be all a loss of job and I think. Most people out there can accept the fact there are things you can do to lose your job that. You shouldn't go to jail. And so that's kind of the big the big question and so. Of course that leads to speculation of OK who worsen these names because included in became a story are. Well he saw the top sixteen teens about half of them. All are rumored to be involved indeed the next round we'll see at a later date to be determined. And so because obviously the the fact that it DS was prevalent leaf involved in the FBI's investigation the very first said charges that we saw. It's led to widespread speculation that you know. Perhaps Bill Self is included as well as other big name ideas coaches but Kansas is probably the biggest Indian school in the country since willful has already. We are real global involved so. If you look at it should have maybe I'm looking at them succeed right now and there is. There's only Warren. A deed note there's none there's nobody school. So even even further. Arm. And this is what I what I've been told from people. Around the coaching community. Com it was not a surprise. That indeed as. I guess this would be a way out for as it was not a surprise that if if people were ever going to get caught was not a surprise that indeed this was the first one to get caught because according to a couple of my buddies. They were far and away the sloppy. Yeah and they were just not good at. Listen people also told me if I were under armour I'd be sweated out tick. In two never took to that point there is going to. Issue under armour schools in the top sixteen. So Cincinnati in Texas. So debate all her arms yes Auburn is on to me that's that's kind of aside story of it here because to me. The crux of the whole story in this is what I have the biggest issue. Are we read Pete story. To me when I got done reading it I was left with the same questions are really had all along. I always known. That this type of quote unquote pay for play and it was against the NCAA rules. Idea that. May be mistakenly maybe naively. I did not realize this was a chronic. Neither and the reason I didn't realize that it was a crime is because. You know right on it differently if if I wanna give DeVon thirty grand but they don't have thirty bombs start but about it DV thirty grand. To use your last year old's ability to go play. You know come play for my street ball team. Lake. I just didn't think of that as a crime right punishable Rea Y I you could make yard is a bad business investment we're gonna bomb. No offense you just in general like you're not probably going to be paying you back here. And I'm not really investing it in in a career that can become lucrative. And so. That was kind of my first big issue. And then. You know when you look at it from the legal definition okay here's what most of them have been charged they've been charged with. Bribery fraud doubly money laundering. And cut the prosecutors are all. Much much more versed in Indy legal system than I am so I'm not gonna pretend to sit here and make a legal argument against it because. They clearly know applause and they charged them and you don't usually get to that point if you're a prosecutor. Unless you feel like it's a slam dunk case. Like open shot dine moving off. Well I wouldn't take this too weird this all begins. And assault begins. With a man by the name of Marty blazer. And. Guess I should technically say allegedly. But did laser is pretty much a true criminal this is a man that. Was. Was committing basically. He was running. A Ponzi scheme in which she was technically a financial planner and he was using athletes. And he was trying to basically run a scheme in which they were investing in. Which appeared to be like a movie companies a production company like they're investing in movies. He was doing was running a Ponzi scheme in a Ponzi scheme for for those that don't understand it's. I get a bunch of people to keep giving me money. I take the money and I ate the money on trying to get more and more people to keep putting and I'm showing bogus returns. And I never actually investing in anything I'm just running. I'm essentially and it always runs out win people eventually stop paying you money or you get found out and here's the result in a Marty blazers a bad guy and probably criminal. Well he's saying like a bird and he agreed to become an FBI informant who. But here's what the fishing party is there was an FBI informant. On stopping the Ponzi schemes since he basically was told like he knew he was caught boom dead all right he's like well. There's this whole world out of underground pay for play in the recruiting role like he was going to this entirely different. Universe if you are you just are just like it surges you're going to go and anything at the wall here and. This is. This is where inherently I have my issue. If we are going to. Essentially start charging these people and treating them as criminals under the idea. Of upholding the constitution. Which I'm cool with I'm all about that. Why can't we ask in CA to uphold the constitution or more importantly. What we do in these players these athletes is just the constitution. It is the only profession. I can honestly think. When you are. When you have enough skill and enough ability. It is your pressure and I can think of where you or. Legally prevented. From profiting off your skill your talent no point called. I don't like using that because. I don't like using the S word on this because. I. I understand what you're saying you know Marbury modern day labor it is more now it is too old point of free labor I do look like I ate. It's not slavery extras at that Rizzo I don't like to say slavery like that is because. Debt. Come on buddy for the hospitals and morrow and Eric I know putting guys who live report because but they all are what they're not you agree with that there is. They are in there is an exchange like. Whether or not to these guys to someone someone like LeBron James. Like sale LeBron James comes ten years later here. Newfound you know the body who have been. Edgy of that one sick that six months but he's gonna spend it wherever it was Ohio State or whatever school he had to go to for six months the value of that education. Is essentially knocked. I I agree would you of that why. To the lion's share of division one athletes. Eight 200000 dollar free education does have some bout if there is an exchange of good there now the difference is the difference all the difference in America as it normally Darby. End there'd be an exchange in which you would agree to terms. All of what I should be what you should give me to play for but there would be an. In America we have decided that we value the week put a we put. The only way that we can technically have an objective criteria for valuing human beings in America right now is it. Currency money I guess that's how we've chosen to do it thinks I should be against just that's the way the two days so. My biggest issue is that we know. Hit three inalienable rights in America life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Liberty means that. You should have a level playing field and if you have the ability to seek to go and prosper you should be able to prosper that government shouldn't. Within legal means like you should have the ability to legally pursue. Exactly what you wanna do to try and make it for yourself. The NCAA categorically goes against that and this is why I have the biggest problem ball went. They hide behind this idea. Of being. The guardians of the game we are the ones that are trying to keep it fair it is not fair. For Ohio the University of Ohio to try and have to. It's it's not fair to Ohio if Alabama has all of these recruiting advantage is systematically. If it's not fair to them if they can go and afforded. Essentially pay each kid a 150 grand because Ohio can't do that. Well I love god and those recruiting rankings right now this systematic advantages are already there. Now all we're doing is just making this thing a sham and here's why it continues to be shipped all the guardians of the game maturities of their game. Their game is you turner CBS. The playoff everything it is eight. Multi billion dollar business to business it's a multibillion dollar business and wage. Executives are extremely well paid and they're in on me in Ming mine in the backs accused. And. What is driving me insane about it. Is this idea. That they are hiding behind. This was side of where doing it for the greater good to do it for yourself. That's always been my whole deal. DeVon. It's how I always like. If you can if you wanna learn how to be able to read people just ask yourself this one question what's in it for that person here. Well what Jennifer the NCAA. Is this this is good. Arc when nobody keeps coming in here right. Putting it apparently. An apparently it's (%expletive) you're just trying to stay ears like keep yourself in power like there's no. There's no real argument against this. This idea that. It goes completely against the American value system. Like they're using when you when you do a job in them in America yes you do a job you compensated yes by the NCAA rule you do a job you get pay with a piece of paper. Which it was has nobody they didn't want kids. This is also what drives me insane in the other side of it okay. Now the schools like well they're making money for the schools in the schools are reinvesting it. Yeah any coach kids. That's how did saving it's eleven million dollars and I'm not saying Nick Saban doesn't deserve eleven million dollars. I'm saying the reason why they're able to pay it signal a million dollars. Because of that they've but I don't think it's I don't. The facilities are powered you know ice stadiums are to be renovated. Let's let's let's get victories. Why he keeps warning and eighties and risk his winning has improved the University of Alabama since Sabin has bid at the University of Alabama. The school itself. Has risen in almost every single metric whether it be. Whether it be. Except as rates whether it be. Standings in the rankings. Buildings everything the school has prospered from knicks say it. And that's the entire didn't think I that's and that's a separate argument like I'm not here discounting that but my point is. I cannot stand. When they snared above well we just can't afford it. You can. You're just picked sixty million on a brand new football pretzel to. You've just been 150 million making yourself and don't look like you're nor did. Zone. It's it's more of we don't wanna do exactly. We don't we don't wanna be elected the powerless powerless. To keep people in power with our Mike said. If if if it's not been hitting them like you know what you said is not been keeping them so locked while helping kids when has not been keeping me in Iraq. And in fairness to the NCAA. Is like especially college basketball. Especially in college basketball the reason why the one and done rule exists is not an NCAA rule in fairness to them. That is an NBA hero. And guess who made the NBA year old. NBA players. The players association made the rule why because they have veterans. And it's just like any other business if you have guys that come in are cheaper. And are probably as skilled as you are. Maybe not as experienced but maybe there is skilled. But more organizations as the time we're gonna go with the cheaper option I wanna get girls got to get paid they wanna be compensated for their abilities. And it's just it's the same thinking about the F hasn't even better system because. The up has minor league football here but they don't have the big fork. They broadcast these games is this fourteen playoff on on networks. You trot these kids around. In the give teachers were championships in what are they get for a T shirt. Is just cut the college game is the development assistance I mean would go to wiser notable an awful fully implement it short it's a money loser developmentally lose money. Why would we why would he take on a losing product when we had this awesome system. Where I mean now the the NFL game now Mears college football more than ever. From late from a schematic football standpoint. Any issues to me this is just. The entire. The entire thing needs to be. And if you really want to call it college athletics if they don't really think if they really are serious about. Making it the purest form. Make everything legal. You wanna if you watched program in Alabama what's the pay a 150 grand to go getter recruit you to pay her fifty your free marketers. Are absent. For cry out as salary cap. Upstream for mark about this negative just make it and get her to even go lower you know. The flicking tip the bay rays with a I got. Forty million dollar payroll were in the World Series one plate he can it's not like it. It's our. It was already so many systematic advantages over group of five schools and to begin with. Again this ideal the rich get richer if you're already. He said the idea of these years since about his idea from the from the start. Well it's it's about it's all about keeping yourself in power and we like the way this thing works that's America forward and it would just be moving on his. Rant ever went ever really have some follow when we come back a promise they showing works for the rights of the Bleacher Report he's been out NBA all star weekend. He also was at the uncle drew press conference today will discuss that blast him. Is it possible. That uncle true avoids the same fate that the original Geico caveman hat. With our so that I don't know if you remember this tab but the caveman had a TV show for like six seconds on. Now controversial idea commercial premise great commercial like wanted let's start let's try to turn this into something bigger. And last Dave if they can avoid that fate shot out to nick crawl we come back right here on the air cast such a nice kind of found ESPN. 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Dig out on iTunes available each and every Wednesday dabbled thank him again today on members of best in sports. Enron he's he's. It's still an all man. I don't collect everything gone I'm so glad to be what you delicately that shows my second home. I'm glad to have you here and this is why it's your fault for answering your phone just saying. Yeah that's that that's that's your problem. Let's start first year NBA all star weekend in LA. Is this a need losses and no LA's you know everything's bigger English here but it does feel like a huge weekend out there world's going on right now. And you know this this feel like the biggest although we can never it is there's so many people. On the streets. Traffic is terrible. I'm going cross town every couple owners trying to make unbeaten bend it's just it's wild. It's really wild and I think dot they're ready and it's Friday even in that it strike it always do what they can. Boy you did to say this bill along weaker boy here has is is quite the understatement but I would want to ask you about this so. Hurt obviously it's your job to cover the all star weekend but. We're in general if you if you are having a working at where is your general interest in all star weekend just as an NBA fan. I mean it all starts Saturday night person I think that the most fun. It you know competition deemed as opposed to you that this sort of exhibition. It'd be altered in itself. I looked at three point contest to slam dunk contest at an aura and history about it. And you know oftentimes wouldn't it make stars Blake Blake Griffin to the world or you they're beautiful moments like the white wearing Kate. But they're there you go a lot to look forward to watch Saturday. I feel like Sunday and the game itself it's just a lot of pomp and circumstance that would be like it to you for all with this deeper bowl. But instead of getting to heed to that Indonesia value add to what the Coke all after the two weeks I. Didn't sound fun doesn't it. No no I interact and do silly hope. Hello held jobs do you feel that we didn't get to watch the the two team draft. Well I think it would David told the paper that is the first unit union and LeBron I'm equally on the road trip and our captain check out unnerve. Dioner aren't interrupted network area that they should do that trapped on Saturday or on Sunday announced that it Saturday to crack. Worst start practicing and doing your media availability. You get everybody on the court yet the key teams. Get trapped didn't look at the captain's pick it played it and then broadcast that on television I think that Cheney it doesn't matter. Who's on which team. Except for that like the fighting gained about Anna I think it's a collapsed and you know just to remind them what not but there's no height. Beating out two became about the key. In my opinion took it in the moderately or keeping them off camera to see inflate your ears biting themselves even looking an opportunity to some cool and relief fund for the social media age. To me it feels like the same situation where it's like OK it's the same joke like. What do they call the guy that finishes last and med school with these so called doctor like. Even if you get picked last on a team in the all starting pistol for analysts are at odds that you'll get your daughter. At the same kind of get people like that's something to talk about it it it eat it too right. That debate showed him in drive time radio in an article in podcast and all of that stuff. We get the something to talk about and their are interesting story. With ETT. You know I used to play together guy to a clinic in each other famously. In the play. There's there's interest there but wouldn't that be fun little book on each guys say. When there called. I'd like LeBron taking kindly to anyone at peace the book on their hatred of or UT I don't buy that on paper you haven't been 3999. Like in the old that it yet day. To watched LeBron James Dockery picked between. I mean I completely agree because to meet. Does he think that's the most wrenching story curry and LeBron right. A 100%. I would just stagnant Kennedy type re a part of an uncle to crest day and you know he's really excited about this movie and whatnot but you know be to see him open up like that barely opt in if you get the regular champions. Kite re you're paying that guy. So that little moment of reality you see him get paid by that you may not I. Thought of course with Dave Schilling writer large for the which port does an outstanding job covering the NBA also assure you listen to them on the masked man show. Each and every Wednesday available on iTunes wherever else podcasts can be found. Initially the interview with fiery. Obviously we we know although although the jokes and the flatter than every level she neared the can come up with the when you interview him and that type of setting what's he like how is he has an interview subject. He did you dare he engaged he's paying attention and yet it now they're looking at cell phone or something eventually the questions. He did good faith community subject and he's very eloquent in any in cheaper engaged. You know he was very candid about by what was going on this summer eats on the in this movie even crawled out of date. And keep find out. That he's going to opt. Well he's on the part of this movie any glaring all the makeup and whatnot. I think the press conference where he introduces you. Dev box since April. He doesn't have appeared in people made it big thing about how he got that appears to want a fresh start and you have a beard because they were super cooling. It's a bagel it won't be on every single back. Stated that if it continues unity and commitment to find out you know what really makes it looked to be done on the court. So he's telling me that uncle sure didn't have fifty million dollars to CGI. Of beards like Superman did and what about what was last largest watched Justice League I don't know what was the terrible when I was like yeah. So 88 they CD CGI at his mustache but now I mean they they're they're Clinton. It's fake great beard on its face everyday included are. Our way to ask you this about uncle drew. What it. Does DeVon I've been discussing it and debs. Does all in he he's all then and I'm willing to be all and if I have nothing better to do a guy I've seen as someone who say avid fan of the fast and furious franchise like I've seen plenty worse. Then than probably anything then anything that this could be even on its worst day but. How old is this movie how can they avoid. Having this movie be like. The caveman series shout outs nick krall whose ironically gonna be in both. Wolf boy I don't know I needed to keep many things on pro level like four episodes. I don't I'm glad I think it literally got canceled like in the middle of the second episode but they have like. I think they have a figure I'd be good for in the cans like it just had to they just put on one TD. The thing about that uncle through movie that I think is going to be trying to work. In BA fans people who love basketball. Is two feet checked and Kevin Garnett Nate Robinson and at least so last week and all the people in this make up in this weird world it's sort of been at the end not cookie. On that level for a late people who who worked out but that bullet myself. Whether or not it's crosses over into mainstream audience in the late at 8 PM bit. If you lead it's a lot of questions on the table I'm in at that I don't know I don't know I don't think it gonna be even a popular train. Well I haven't mountain that LeBron James movie but in this movie. How held the whole project come about because obviously the commercials were worst super super popular bit. You know we see lots of good commercial premises that don't translate it don't translate in the movies how did the entire thing about. Well it is kind of re put it he got. An email from his agent. Saying hey. There's interest in doing an uncle drew movie. And Lionsgate is it's getting it. I think there's involvement with at eight with a brand. But it was just something that he had on me on his docket and he said yes to that he didn't. Have any input and scripts over the development of the idea or how to make its commercial character. A movie character. He had to take acting lessons. Not the time he said he cut sound but not a to be able to do that but you not like. Like LeBron LeBron is creeping films answer is hands on and hat is key you know the people that keep track. Even rich called no matter Carter's the world it's more hate. You wanted deep and it was an inexpensive movie to make it charted in Atlanta over the summer. There's not a lot of big movie stars than it does not actually. So. It's it's that's why not and I think it'll probably make you money back it up there be a thing like they can that crosses over into the W camp that it doesn't have. When he keeps and Zurich under that. They are monsters and you. No the I mean and yeah Bugs Bunny made yet a franchise built in franchise to begin with Dave. Schilling joining us here on the program he's got an NBA all star weekend. Red carpet for the celebrity game coming up here in just about twenty minutes they will be on there before we let you go for that. Got to ask you so I'm headed to see the black panther morrow. I it's gonna rain here in Memphis so I'm thinking I'm got to get there like 45 minutes early December is going to be like jumping out of the skin just looking to do something. All right you have already seen it correct. And you gave it a billion stars out of a billion right. I thought it was great I mean I don't picket that greatest movie ever neagle or did you know it's. Even after the bad article movie but it is a great film you can enjoy it. Brave the weather man don't worry that the rain bring an umbrella you'll be all day where it will poncho. Don't do it. I'm listen this is how big of a Sissy I am like when it came down to college decisions. I'd basically like circled like entire basically just Southern California on a map and was like it doesn't rain there it's never cold I'm going there. So wouldn't says he doesn't go far enough but. As it seems so so like other marvel movies. And I'm in. Little weird camp like I like the normal movies but I don't like them as much is ever enough till it should like that I don't feel like they're. They're really nice pop like popcorn movies are enjoyed them. But even as a comic book nerd like I'm not I don't. I muscle and we're all in them. However what am I going to enjoy the most in this like I did you mentally prepared because right now all I can think about is going to bat. You know I would say that that the best thing about this movie is. It's really timely you keep that battle issues that people are dealing with every day rates in in on eight. You know. Racial. Animosity. And in society and how we had a real get along had to make the world a better. Equity to battle and. And not be action scenes are our heads can't tactic in and. Mind blowing and you fact in the period Q did move I'm not sure that each and you know eye popping into the visuals. A lot of the time. It's a really Smart movie in gonna make you think in the enemy to feel good when you're locked out and there aren't a lot of movie did. I lucked out at that and I think down and I feel better nights are nights like I I used my time wisely. Share and then lastly. Are you ready for five hour paper this is that it's so. None knows it's not fair to eat. I have a problem with that I don't care that everybody out what about what it does to meet in my entire in my head. Have a newborn son and I lights out. Not going to bury myself eight and watching wrestling progressed like that and general. OK so I'm I'm going to mania in you've got to give me your protests I'm legitimately worried about staying awake like what is. What should be my plan that. Is I got all weekend where you were leaving Friday. I'm going to do Pritchard live on Saturday fired up about that and then Sunday I am actually worried about. Like staying awake. Give the thing you don't you. Do not have any alcohol during the show I know everybody can have beer and it's gonna be active. Don't do it have a coffee. Try to stay away it has an hours long and people that they're peeled eating him. It'll be killed in that you are down but left here in Orlando people were killed EU could be reunited and stadium that you know made it. Or 824 hour period don't do that as you all week. What bet did you go you know when you're going as a fan do you go in light. I'm gonna see the very first pre show imagining win win or you getting in there like if take away the fact he if you had to talk about it but if you were just going to watch it when you get in there. I mean if you get it going so hard you get in there. I would say it right after the show and you have got accretion that's probably not going to be that excited let and let the bad. It would say cruiser lit the match areas are. We're we're a few times sort of you can look. You want it either airport a big matchup in the big matches acting or hours into the show. They're huge Russian getting in I I had I was ready they are to keep an open Vicky. And if you inflict. Didn't smash Maureen and coach didn't show. I think it would be Ricky steamboat that was cool but let's not worth it just got new. Lake righted the shadow of the Pakistan proper. Is gonna be you know there's star spangled banner in America the beautiful to connect that to. Yeah I just figure all. Since I'm a degenerate I'll probably see most of the good wrestlers in Harris anyway so like I'm not all that worried about like. Getting there like early enough to kind of see all the fabric that is feel like. I got I've been told like there's a 100% chance I'm gonna see Sean Waldman at a blackjack tables some feel pretty good at that but yet you will. I'd but he appreciated enjoy the rest you're also we implement. Here he is of course they've Schilling make sure you follow him on Twitter act diva underscore Schilling. Listen to his podcast the mask and showed available on the ringer network as well. As iTunes and wherever else podcast we found we come back Maria put three on the boards to trials and the Aircastle chip. Can't move the air cast I'd share right here on daddy do none of them is via. History window you listen to 929 FM ESPN member. My goal here ray Girard and Khloe Kim Seoul Olympics winning goal at the age of seventeen. What's next big story come out of South Korea or have complete reaction Monday morning. Can lingo weekday mornings from Friday until now. This is sports station nine TI. CNN. Gonzales sports heroes go. Okay. Dealers showcasing them. Family cruises. Taste. The kids and things from. Release similar as we. The right thing to tell. Jason Jennings. It is Mozilla dot. Sports and we'll show. You were 1617. And eighteen. Control freaks we know it's not me. I mean sure I think spontaneity is overrated. And I hate when gas pump stops at twenty dollars and one sentence. But as long as things go exactly how I want them to. Totally flexible. That's why I love how region's market lets you lock my regions personal cards win it and how I want to wait just a touch of a button. So is San wanna control when I shop online. 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It's ten farm dot com. Most of the grizzlies and the Eric Cassell tonight show. So no. Knows where gas simply. Lenders Nissan phone lines on 929 FM. ESPN news today's special guest host Jeffrey Wright. John large is of course. One of the coast of Jason and Jon showed. You can hear right before this program each and every weekday eleven to do he's gonna join us at the top of the three. Last year about his brand new puppy. And wolf also. Give credit where credit's due I thought he had an outstanding tweet last night's we'll discuss all that when John joins us at the top of next hour. DeVon now we've reached the forces show where we gotta wring and up let's put three on the board. These same. Ring you know. Syria. Is ready teeing. We know 82 nines very castle and dad. And really been enthralled in the Winter Olympics right marketers are here and get enough of it marked everything why do the story that I think you could probably get behind that big this is an outstanding. Fantastic story Seth Curry drama. Filled few days the Jamaican women's bobsled team now has a brand new Bob sled for those that don't know their coach. Owned their bobs like protect their coach quit. And took the bobsled went. It was a take your ball and go on situated just take your bobsledding go on well good news everybody on two fronts number one. The Jamaican women's bobsled team has been a bobsled yes and number two red stripe is still apparently a company. As an out there who didn't. You're not actually know what they're sponsoring the deodorant. No no no no no red stripe beer all going to be editing a red spot you finals by our old spice red stripe I've let those. The beer companies on the ball there okay let's make your company offered by the women the news sled after the coach quit on Wednesday and took the bobsled with them. Is expert it is believed the estimate that the bobsled calls safety grant I can not we. It calls it a new Tahoe and a rare political direct chart. Stock cars are narrow up a wolf. Here's the here's the I kept wondering so I used to always remember red stripe beer well that -- guys. That was always they were like what are the original sponsors of PTI and around aboard air back when like we've all watched each data around the horn and now mainly I am working so I don't like Europe and ice will you watch all tied to him can I had a homey right on that was that was we did put bunnies PM it was just. Again an instinctive reaction so they were a big sponsor they were I always are on that it. I've not been seen in red stripes have lately so it was this was a great story for a two front page. The ladies of Jamaica get to compete yes and being I do I can now confirm red stripe is indeed still in business or business. Enough capital on it and pay a fifty that. I picked out about like yeah but I have not seen Richard in stores or how little a little gasoline yesterday American can confirm that I did not see red stripe. In the load your section in fairness I can't. Comment on that because I never looking for a track. Because shoot us an album looking for here you can only let you recognize the raid but they have in my opinion of the very forgettable packaging it's like white and red and the book the bottles are small also very few double takes yes well that's what takes you just can't exactly. Yes so it was nice to see that. Indeed. Red stripes still in business good for them shout threats right also shout out to. The ladies of the Jamaican national team and our next story comes to us from the world of professional football now and I'm curious about this DeVon because. I think you might advance when we are discussing and all the air you might have actually answered my my initial question. So. AJ McCarron won his case in arbitration. I believe it was yesterday afternoon he won his case in arbitration. And that meant that he was greeted immediate free agency he is now an unrestricted free agency. In a year in which a lot of teams need quarterbacks. And I was surprised given the fact that AJ McCarron was. Basically one of the most sought after. He was always like that the backup that everyone wanted to trade for and because the big Eagles had a lot of because The Beatles or asking the Borough a very high price for him they never moved him. So. He eventually wins his grievance yesterday essentially because the basically the deals were playing him because he is a rookie and so he wasn't roster in technically they're trying to keep him Ford an extra year. The arbitrator said no he was healthy he was able able to play. That your should count you are now on a restricted free agent congratulations your free summer you want. And I told you all the air like I'm surprised. No it's making a big deal out of this because. Well believes thoughtful like crap like. A bunch of great quarterbacks if he's kind of a sexy name and a sixty day I'm for God's sakes Mike Glenn and got three years 45 million dollars so this. I would think big play. But you basically. Such ago although you proved my point oh UUU. I guess you made the point that I'm missing your life. Dude it's like you you're like who cares. You Fitzpatrick. And who's seen his chest at duke. No I've not heard Google AJ McCarron awful catch him or you know did. You don't get in her contracts and just actors and Taylor owner of that I think that knocked him down a spike I think that kept him from getting it again like fifth round like I think that kept improving and the world number I don't know it's a good look to admit. Yeah come on yeah surprised there seen that. I'm surprised to see that he didn't care what it's like. All the he's actually come out. Is broad and Ronald Reagan all us I don't know no weight in oh yea grows there yet the president's doesn't have sleeve now yeah. So welcome to sort of chess piece to log yeah I mean it's a good look to other Prado. He does not deserve it for contrary he has pot smoking garbage is Izturis such as you. Mentioned. In the NFL he's a 24 year old twins general quarterback Chris that's different. 64% completion percentage and six touchdowns or Hartford. Attempt four yards per zip or harsh fact of elite league Kobe look ladies are yards per carry four yards per attempt is. How could you. What Drew Brees average this year per attempt in Drew Brees just set the NFL record for completion percentage indices exactly. Holy cow you're gonna get a wrestler one fact about a big play Jimmy cared first a big play. He was yellow light every single year you have to guide you hate like in like sports the most news. Big play. 20122012313. Like the fact that like. He legitimately believe like the reasons why Albion was winning was because you're playing quarterback here like. They're Jake hooker won a national titles like. They marble like knock it off. Blight yet he is on my all time sports hate like he's gotten dates so easy tip. But I am surprised he feels like if the browns don't take a quarterback in one in four that that feels like the browns' starting quarterback. Can't wait to add big pledges and an oral arguments yes I was just got to the and therefore porn on your attempt contests and he is however the last L biblical. The last sell them a quarterback to win a starred in the NFL. Did you look at me get to junior Jimmie got artifacts from what give me a little trivia Wiltshire area that got myself. Still can't make any money off its. I sort ever three sticking with NFL but going now to the broadcasting side. So of course Devin Monday Night Football needs a new needs in new color react if it has junger and found a way did. Six half million dollars to call a game for seventeen weeks. Thyroid. Ten years hundred million dollars batter. So junger it was off generators and baking sheet. Well. ESPN feels like it needs to make a splash in Monday Night Football. And did they've decided. That Peyton Manning. Is the guy that they are actively pursuing. In addition to Monday Night Football fox is also. Pursuing Peyton Manning to be the lead analyst for Thursday night football which pop fox paid. Basically the national budget. To go and get the rights to having Thursday night games even though ever was making fun of them but apparently they've I think the lights X sixty million gain. So like that and think that it's more than what. CBS pays for the entire year of SEC than SEC number one game of the week which is usually. In the top ten most liked most watched college games of the year these ever accept and they're paying sixty million total for that ridiculous. It'll skiing Beirut. Now here's the interesting aspect. Payton turned down fox last year moon and he is leaning towards turning down both fox and ESPN this year because he wants to do the Elway Iraq. He wants to get an ownership stake in the team prepare and then be the player personnel decision maker the god that builds the the entire team. It does it seem like at this juncture that that will be happening next year. So last you'd have casual NFL fan if you wanna see. Peyton Manning and bit. I think he has emperor presents a game or intellectual white collar Tony Romo he's spotting before before you can see it. I think integrating the Booth I think you Bjork kind of give him a reason I don't watch an awful lot but how would kind of poke my head and watch couple Monday night the payment and. It also be nice to have some consistency so you go from during the commercial breaks are always watching Peyton Manning to now you just seemed really into the like you know I did that confusion of like a patent on every commercial but now home go to football game he's not editing now there he's telling his. Nice consistency. He's a great if Obama and I he would agree to borrow money seems like in. You don't urge great job on the broadcast a Marjorie go. Kind of public outshot the ducks are Mike Weir okay see the likes of Mike will be taken over some affable not this year probably next year it appears that Al Michaels we back on central. So there must have all launched a Rico is next in line to be. The Sunday night guy that is the number one broadcast in all I think that's a direct appeal if you've watched so they're going to percent to get paid to do it. You might give me maybe OK it's good team might make in the year. Turns him and they sound and Malia okay so if if you start doing you might give me maybe. Three games. That's it patent it's really more than five years ago three loyalists who have survey that so I NFL just picture race they.