Guest Host Jeffrey Wright: Hour 1 with Geoff Calkins and Jason Smith

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, April 13th

Segment 1 -- Jeffrey Wright hosts today's show and welcomes Geoff Calkins to the show from Cordova High School, awaiting Tyler Harris' recruiting announcement. They discuss the PGA Tour's official announcement that Memphis will host a World Golf Championship starting in 2019 before they turn the conversation to the most important comments from the Memphis Grizzlies Exit Interviews.

Segment 2 -- Jeffrey welcomes Jason Smith to the show to discuss the Grizzlies' exit interviews and the impending commitment of Tyler Harris.


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The official who. I never ending years. Commercial. Sports columnist time. The award winning Jeff. And Geoff Calkins show. 8209 S. ESPN. Special. In general Manuel. Call good morning and welcome. Then he has introduction mentioned Jeffrey Wright. Hosting the program here today have no fear that we're gonna speak to Jeff Hawkins here momentarily we're gonna tell you just exactly where he is. And then we'll get into a plenty from the big war should say plenty in the big day in sports. Here in Memphis would say it's got to be on the program Jason Carroll on here about 945930. Wolf forced discuss. These huge huge announcement today. Saddening a recorder with him. Later in the second hour actually have Tyler hears is an ounce or history that or you. And then our shortly after there whether it's 10151020. We're gonna have Chris Harrington join us to of course discuss grizzlies media day. Howard out further do we bring on Geoff Calkins jet. You're clearly not here so where are you. Permanent part you want a record of I execs. Could be Tyler Paris I'll be well placed on out here. I'll be heading in there to look into the carrier's announcement are not at I have. It's okay if it is. If if I get mixed feelings community does school signing ceremony. Because on the one hand. It's it's a significant guy in other words if I don't think this pilot decides to go to Baylor Saturday. I don't think it's a huge blow to penny earned it and now. It is the logic suggests that he will why would he go to Memphis to promote sort of but watch him but given what I guess. You only want one quarterback to that sort of thing. If you could tell him however. I just think symbolically. To be able to come in and swoop in and get. Both point guards when Toby got we're gonna get neither. It is really extraordinary. So it's clearly significant significant debt a and for that reason I'm here. That both bought by the for the radio station but also all of a good column but it probably. By the allowable. Like we say huge. It's say if this should I mean if there's been a lot of crew were talking about and and even at that level. I have always. What I penalize schools signing ceremony are you think of all the that you can let high school. Who are going to college grew are getting academic scholarships or official scholarships or beauty scholarships or whatever else. And how well wacky. Ridiculously out of differing ideas packet we are excited ceremonies. For high school athlete. I'm not thrilled at the white it actually has a some bigger than that they differ academic shelter as well. So I always feel a little as a grown up as a grown adult who valued education. Are you feel a little ridiculous being like a good signing ceremony I think about what. It was one. Google was. Ku. It may have been markets Moody's obsolete hack and packed and they assembled everyone in the gym for a like all the other kids were came into the gym they shut down and watch markets Moody's found that college paper on like. Really really. But our envelope marked as well they use great care. And so but I like it kicked out of the pro program which acknowledges significant which is big business and everything else. This is a significant day and so I'm here. And we will be as you point out. Thank go to Tibet and will be attempting to live stream this sucker alive at 10 o'clock so I hope folks looks. Do we have any sense. Of which direction he's going. I don't. There's if you know there's there's on the one hand the argument is. Thumb. Why would he be doing this big ceremony. If you weren't from around him must be going to Memphis. Otherwise she wouldn't do it. I don't why I understand that logic. I think first of all like that much coral football players prepared mentally tired. The court of a football coaches and assistant they're thinking was. You know perhaps to get those football recruits signed anticipated exempt sightings ceremony at Tennessee like. It doesn't stop people. You don't have their funny ceremony at that map that we pledge assembled all the time but I also think. Kids are sufficiently self inflated these days. That brittle like they can beta service sightings ceremony no matter whether or electric up quite. I'll only do another problem Memphis. The question is simply be tone deaf people if you not during that first gasp I. It would near high school and when you're stopped her. It had become perhaps miss. Let's cheer leading signed with LSU on the square in Oxford. Grown tired I. I mean yeah yeah yeah I have not done that LSU on her left or right so any any I don't figure out what people got a second. Right and so bad the other problem was. You know we talked about just two days ago. Another tweet it. Carrot ya. He created it yet I would partner you don't reroute regularly and her progress for America of course is the guy laughed and settle. Embed that young treated back and I don't let anyone you know force your decision ballclub all show up to me suggests. Oh well a ski station saying the fat hey if you can do that I worker. So I have no clue I don't pretend to be very recruiting polished. Mud by. Various skill but it did not want and show. I'm gonna show up and see what happens. If it's mattress. I think that will be a good day for the Mets decided to for the university Baptist. And it's not Memphis. I take. Titled BA still OP debate Tyler city is. China the fellowship bad and it looked like basketball Arab and I don't think by any stretch it'll be devastating. To mount desert shield for people occasionally were treated at the yesterday. What is called him to return our penny orally is to do his solution lies and call could well turn around any. Well two things about that. First I've said all the law that I'm not gonna judge penny by. Certainly by James lies arm which would be if you get the number one player in America away from Turkey gives it enormous. Success and at an upset. So. Though I don't have that expectation of him pack. It's certainly altered your language would anybody if you fundamentally to cancel it because people are the building does he go to tournaments or people we know what Alberta he doesn't. Until then there'd been ultimately. It won't be all critical turn on him it'll be that it'll be all right is all right but it hurts example. That's what I always do it all right are just like Derek. I never quarter corporate turnaround just prosperity was great commodity this year they actually had a rough second year are the court about Barrett and he laughed at. I secretly block or the way he left quite. I'm hopeful the attorney Sarah is. Is as good as up to its extraordinary. Site. And a and and I'm out from the bar coding or anything on one particular recruit that would be a giant curtain coach that circumstance could pick two pick anything I'm more particular group. It is sort of interest bearing bad at the end. It was. His uncle it was chatter about golf. Tony. Who oh who represented the end for Larry finch and you could say that that one recruit did see a layer of tension straight. But it would only because he got most of Robert Kelly. Or Brad. It was it was the last straw sort of saying. If a player but it is interest and here we are all these years later and it could be that the next but maybe the two most beloved. Players. And better basketball history they both are trying to sign hair brush. And I was able signing ceremonies and speaking of you know be agreed. Tony Harris said the signing ceremony to go to tennis. He could have won just pretty blunt about that there's no rule that that you need to be quite a mantra started I think Jamal which I think people all the time and he's learning their money's gonna put other the so. So basically how to unfold Italy Altman should be to have a graduate and a pocketbook epidemic lock. And we will be live streaming. At 10 o'clock and if it doesn't happen until ten can I'll be filibustering until that so it should be they should be a different sort of a show but fun. Geoff Calkins is out at tiger putt Cairo court the high school. He will be awaiting it it Tyler Harris announcement and then Jeff the other big news of yesterday it has been known for awhile remember you mentioning. I'll on this very program last fall the reality that. That this would be indeed getting a World Golf Championship Robert was made official yesterday really nice here running out of Chile farms and as press conference it was attended also by. Defending FedEx Cup champion Justin Thomas. What did you make of the but the overall bit and he wrote your column for yesterday but what did you make of every. Soledad it's it's where Leslie's credibility hugely significant day for them dressed. To have all the one of those after the majors. It's it's right there with a duster and other. It's the daughter of our after the ages one of the five biggest terms. And so I mean it's fantastic it is it is transformative it's fantastic I thought. The most revealing thing. Or his exact. This story that. It was told about how it comes to pass out in the car because. We talk about that action week I mentioned yesterday and it would be that this is all about that. But in fact when they would tell destroy your heart came to pass yes you guys. You've really got to clear sense that so they came in here they're they're talking at FedEx to re out. Contract for the FedEx Cup. And in the course of that particular. That if that particular clear they've gotta like yea yea yea we're gonna do the FedEx Cup. But how can you prove guilt about it in a statement like that there instead product yeah yeah yeah or at the surged up but what can we implement and that's where their attention turned to read about that margin at a certain that the commercial real. And and that just speaks to what they taught them how they conducted themselves. There are people outside of the city. Who complain about it through. Who complain that it's FedEx choose edit it we're back at the big twelve but it didn't work. But there were people who complain. They're trying to exchange and it's awful. To. Get things formats says that Memphis would not otherwise have. Well yes that's true and we are all the holes or it should you should be grateful for. It's how the world order. It is. You know it's it's it's Ottawa it's one of what it is it'd great to have a entity in the city. They're not only. Employed a lot of people and is responsible for a lot of the a economic. Activity amount pressed both before the FedEx doesn't have all the companies that deal out of FedEx earlier because of product. By the company that is committed to. Mom making the community of more vibrant place at all kinds of ways and that could be by doing what they do in connection with the university are not talk about sports are being generally. Or it could be. It is it dark could be we'll take it occurred at a greatly here. And what they do for the culture and at a golf tournament is. Absolutely transformed. And it's because there's going to read and other products such as saying yeah yeah yeah. We have great ball I'll open the FedEx Cup. But what can you do for Lucas then it is involved that this is what they can do from my past and I think it's going to be spectacular in Italy it's a separate interest in general this year because it'll be yet the Sox. It'll it'll feel like the last. Sort of fear or deliberately moving into a much more Major League here. After this that are not of this tournament's going to be drab already saying. But it'll sort of be a celebration of this incarnation of the FT SEC. And it will be moving into the new era. Next year they didn't say exactly how long it's formed. Just so people about the. I don't want your bet that they long term contract. I think that action the up for the FedEx Cup you're 20/20 seven correct so let it whether this goes to the 20/20 seven. That would make some sense but I don't really into that but either way it's long term this is not awash. This is what is going to be happening Damascus. It felt for the next who knows maybe a good decade shell. It would that was a great day it was actually it just prelude day overall because while that was happening to the grizzlies were also having bear. There and the year interviews. Which I thought it and turn ugly pretty reveal it. And it. Let's let's actually get some audience let's let's get let's actually here's some of the audience we can get exactly what would. Three I found that there were. These things can't be drab dull and whatever and I found that there were three fundamental. Point take. And they've had to do the future of three of the future Chris Wallace and the future of Marc Gasol and the future of attributed herself for others there's others as well the other questions about the tranche of the future Tyreke Evans through their political want but I think fundamentally. Those were the three most important question let's let's what what do we know. About. The future of those three and I think going into it. There are people who fought well you know what they'll really get as saying the right and yet I don't think that really we had a very clear picture murdered. Because of all three and I think the clear pictures and all three will be sticking around. Let's start with Chris Wallace first. Chris Harrington masks and basically whether Simpson Robert Kyra saying happened. Whether he has heard anything about his own job security is a very short answer but it was earlier real. Have you gotten indications since then. Our employees will remain OK. About not having those type of discussions but I love to. Back at bull about it just being a change and he was just so matter of fact about it. I know there's this there's this what round Hillary later called. A groundswell. Of people who think. Chris Wallace should be jet pack I don't rule out the possibility that I suppose he may not know it yet but he's going to be can't. But he was so confident. In the way he's played that. I just don't is that it is going to be changes. I don't think he's going to be care but I think it's very clear that they are going to put drafted his hand and put the sock this summer. In his hand. Well until it is is literally the last question truck crashed and set yellow there's a lot of people who think you should basically shut there's a lot of people who preach you should be fired. What do you say to them and Chris while touched a monster area. What I public spirited defense just Chris Wallace. What's your reaction to this thing going groundswell. Among a segment of the fans something here this is your time up here then you needed your place. Well I'll 03 wood that I understand the frustration over this past year. We'll take so credit for their strong. The all the teams have presided over one the first ever days and introduced franchise. It's been seven traders are playoffs. Can we also have brought in for what I called the extended mount Rushmore or six most important players in the history franchise there are confident. So I think one year away from the playoffs. Doesn't necessarily mean you're out of touch you know large cable to a job. So there it is and and that is I think he did a I think he gave the essence of the defense. Chris Wallace and it is it's not without. Some manner the defense is that. I built the best team to the tragedy and adversity. I built a team that is transformed the city. Not just but for the basketball franchise civilians someplace transformed the city that treated good good guy and one can sort of it's always been true which this team. But one never knows exactly who's responsible for what to. But in terms of those four players that were acquired. It is one you can argue that Mike Conley which is that happened right after her. He was installed that was you can argue that that was a marker at around Nikkei occur so I think that. But in terms such as Tony was unquestionably our Chris Wallace operation. He that in fact he would he would trade it for a new brewers' first. Year at a political pressure on coach Ronnie Brewer and then. Said you know what I can I couldn't get cold hitting my dad told me that might change every so people of other don't want one of people of people total to rescue people. Myself get a morons included. He went gutsy book equipment knowledge of the trademark that was about it obliterated. Any Powell it is to the mark become back in the the I lived so what she did all of that it was set it is in the playoffs and that is Ol Al. Absolutely true. And Dick relationship that I got a lot of it would be particularly if this group is coming back which seems to date. Do logic would be okay well you just give Chris forward. Or let him finish this run with mark and Malik said. And he worked skip it but you don't fit let him go ahead and finish this up. It was his creation. Or are you of the counterargument and everybody knows is what traffic come with the exception of Mike. Draft picks have been. The disaster that goes back to stop the age ten he had he goes back to. Eight CNET and dealing goes well it everything you can on a I don't really blame archer to be a topic that much stage indication that he wanted to be I think that really was more about. Hi Lee Collins. Operate and even borrow me out they wanted. Machine so. I don't so much blame him for Hershey and could be but every draft pick basically and regularly wrote a moment yesterday when when. Mike shady was asking him about. Aspects and is that ability to could be headed the first round. And he said he quality you know let's not prepare we expect Mike Conley at number four. Welsh in 2000 happened. Yes I work out to 2018. That's a long way to look back now you just don't proxy got to get credit for that there was some other picks along the way. They're out there and Greivis Vasquez some like they pitted appealing now. Well too early to our Carol I've also turned out to beat Kyle Lowry like a bit worse their offensive piece of bubble boy who they've dealt. And I'm not it's so but fundamentally the draft picks have been a problem and everyone knows that and everyone acknowledges that it meant. It's that that and create street between Chandler Parsons. But that McLemore obviously another. Coaching staff with data fidelity that mistake arm of the ticket buyer can't get the ball away so that was his operation that was his mistake and then. And then beyond that. You're going to be trading. Jeff Green the retreating given a professional pitcher Jeff Gray. That was stupid demand right that's the first round pick for the right to draft. I guarantee data and read a rot they got that. In the end your personal pick for well let's stay that's basically a fresh topic pretty outdated societal I don't think people would do that yet so. Compared people other record I don't have to argue better so that they that the question is whether you. I'm whether you. A sense how long can you live off of the court for leg basically. And and it's pretty clear there it seemed to me they're they're gonna give him one more shot and Canon. And I'm going to get a bucket to keep beat the job I think I could have written a column today Alltel about one or on a decision not to do that like that's. As I've stated my opinion I think most people agree edit percent of which probably time I think. You know Kevin White thinks it's time I think you think it's time I think I post people who are observing just think it's time and also. The leadership issue I will say this. Chris is gonna be invested with just power to continue to run the franchise. Station put it all there are likely to mr. yeah it's a little bit like. You bet I bet that but then beat beat the face and there are. And I am a guy who is talking about division of this franchise that was one thing I actually liked yes to what we got a sense of deja you may disagree the division I don't as it published. Revisionists let's give it one while it market might hear let's split an assertion okay guitar pop where there didn't play. And they've got that might not orchid in New York but as you're about be satisfied although election knows he's day to let our bill. Could double in May not be satisfied with to squeeze an intimately chief for one more here ladies and that. Yeah I think here at this place to make I agree with their fundamental vision. And so if you're going to have that's a fundamental vision. And Chris is going to be our content the man charged with west. We have making their vision come true or let's put out there and have a talk about it now that it created a week on the radio studio but. Either visible voice of Patricia Cooper had a big war and troubled I have to be more and I get disagree with what Chris said yesterday. I've already stated it forcefully. And I thought he'd be eighty get themselves for a paper in the way he stated several. So I slowed Chris Wallace. That was because wall swarm and I think. Again if we may be surprised but I think it's spit it looks to me. Like she is spark coming back the second one man was. Marcus hall and people wonder OK is mark I think this honestly to me heading into the earth with the biggest thing is market percentage having two of the year. Indoor that you HH finally each. I've had enough education go on another direction and I can't a couple of reasonable chance that he would say the if you why if you're mark you quite a bit. It is like it I might I let it sit back I look at these teams that are assembling. Great groups of players I've really intricate and Ed in chasing championships. It is the thing everybody does now in the FBI. And I really think it speaks to march devotion. To this city it's what are market but people get so shut up what mark I just say he's the most extraordinary player he's been the center of what this team has accomplished cash and luckily. Q is unbelievably. Devoted to this city that's French art and I should count for something to eat it I think most people of the state I think I would ask. About it like give me the hell out of here it's just okay I've got a great round action. You guys what direction outlook that I got a couple more years left she. But he doesn't why look at the franchise is that important to him at the good aptitude that import job we did I did not play this clip. But at one point he says. Just go on about how much he loved princess and he says he you know they can take because he's away from me diplomatic methods. And Bachmann of trying to put it just. What should count for something that he is at a time when everyone laughed and get Iguodala a year it would be treated like she's championship. I just want the lakers are just go to. And and and he didn't say that precisely. What he said yeah okay but we will reaction about. What would happen going forward is essentially he said if you want to sit down now that the terrorist thing is clear. And they got that happened because of bottled level of clarity everything yesterday that we would pat. But the the comparison is clearly wanted to sit down a parent and discussed. The future of the franchise and then it also appears Markel back. Having been through the what you've just been through this and do you credit scores for nothing does not seem to see if anything Vivian you know. Reassuring almost everything that we've done over the years right. Anyone here. Onward and knowing the rubber passport control UN NN excuse for a committed. Knows of juveniles from seating which. Big bets this huge. Google abuse team plays in the studio thanks. Well known that you wanna know through which would guess we we headed would you know would you wanna this movie fun. Oh continue to put together and what. Good morning you're broke try this player you're noted for resist. And then and then you planets only and tries to off. No it helps him on me you know. Division they have to war and Hello World I love playing all that so obviously didn't. We're here what would she just as they were they understand how would be wonderful about it. We'll have not heard your clear since the don't you think you get a sense of what does this is going forward you have not yet decide how my dad would always will. Well it was enough references this. There give us the details. That was damaged. It's okay. So owner. And obviously you know all the questions I'm having an action movie we have a true honest relationship and you just pretty sure he doesn't turnaround so. So that you can. It was. How do you think you know what. Forward how you feel. It's terrible and I think that he does does displays do you understand what do you James Williams and what they wanted to move. We'll go from there. Do you wanna hear essentially that it's. Athlete in order for you give our. That's what it's obviously are we going to do everything possible. It's a obviously we're going to continue our retention manager there's a lot of things are gonna go right. For that to happen understand that but you know the biggest ever sees you time and our know how. We'll just send and I'm hungry children and you know I know he's especially got what you thought you might not. You hear much I don't know he follows every game and he's you know he's a basketball facility. He has his own radio off out of those things are so. Unfortunately I'm I'm I'm used to seeing what you know how you can help you know this is why. There is mark on the NN I have no reason to think that that conversation all goes well we obviously got a mutual respect for each other. Roberts can say I wanna start winning. Right away again back to the organizational plan that fits with what mark wants to do. So I don't expect that arc will after that meeting come out say getting a lot of here I expect the market that meeting also I. Great let's do that much you were complexion and the last thing beloved sort of mystery. Why is Katie bicker back and that was the one that is clearly no longer a mystery the endorsements for javy because staff every single player essentially endorsed. There JP should be back problem for Mike Conley who didn't extort you basically just. Came out to be absolutely deserves this job. Lark said essentially the same thing Chris Wallace praised him. That I appreciate you pick her staff was universal. At one point cheek he was asked to state their case for himself. In terms of returning in bad this is what you consider. Yeah I'm confident in the job that we did as a staff. Execute the plan. We discussed that we didn't front office. She has to happen any resource problem. Home into a player development. Yeah young guys experience in making them better basketball players and there's not one of those young guys that I look at announced today. They're not better than they were initially put our hands on. So from that standpoint if you were addressed to do. You should we feel like you should get an opportunity to continue on the path to where. I think I think that's I think that's true that you know it's funny you should about a way to beat each shift. To shift happened people. And and it addiction he talked about so explicitly that when that shift happen whether it's our priority of the organization changed because not a bit more clear there was a specific time. When they shipped out and I didn't give it everything given look at other that he has the respect of march and Mike and a young kid. Add the GM. But he could not they just glad to not get out like they could about the day for you are all I care about under the might as well JP kicker Doug is coming back. This is not going to be another surge of Olympic press conference at club. But some. One cricket coach like that is bill it's going to be JB did herself coming back to continually give him a shot. With a full back and see what he can account. We get equipped later that we could play other let's say that we can do it another time up bar talk complained about the track. A little bit I ask you about the begun judge and he had some saw a ghost he's played against him. But what were your thoughts on all of that I mean my clearer pressured us debt. Everybody's coming back and I think if you brought if you told cook he goodly trip down. I think. Mo I think in I think it would be wildly in favor of JP Patricia got it back yes I think it would be largely in favor of Arkansas comic action and I think would be who I. Wildly in favor of of Chris Wallace not cut it. So I think they're Dewey two of the three. Packed their things packed and one unpopular thing but I think the direction is pretty damned clear which is they're trying to get back into the black ops yeah putts. Yes I thought that also the other thing that I actually lights and I don't know if Beatty was in a response to criticism or. I don't know if it was cac they're not that the one thing I did like was. Somewhere in deep interest in Chris Wallace's comments. He did say no crime I am the guy get input what not did it did seem like. He was taking more of the responsibility. And the role of actually being near the quote unquote. Number one decision maker and so. I did actually like that because now like to me in my opinion now whether or not it was his decision I'm going to you treated as such like bats I'm going to view. Though the building of a roster it's all his decisions so I thought that was. Could be here. And then. I get asked about the way I think this unit or in the hand. The answer that all we don't know I. This had been playing at a different time a different ownership slop bucket and a shell or whatever we ought to Parse out what we came to the metal. In them Robert terror era. Simply a love you got camp Chris Wallace is for the job and it got an answer to turn him to say. Well and you don't otherwise I don't Hologic or shuttle soft or showed any problems that I I think it's pretty clear like. Then just let it was quote can't. It's also isn't chart everything is on everything and being collagen it by everything that bad spot that she came up. 'cause he was talking about what we're gonna do Wear it everywhere and there would have been coached my (%expletive) she. What David just feel tired you made it clear that what you're higher here he has been to Las Vegas that'll end. And and I think it is also going to be your priorities and what we are two things cooperatively but yes Mikey got what they treat certain that my name is on it on everything we get. And I've been. I think. If you wanna put the heart to be playing in a separate category that's side what should change that like whatever that word but crackle or or Tyreke. That they're good whether it's. Whether it's decision has his tail whether the jets green trade whether I felt all orca Chris Wallace at the you don't seek it is that's how he should be judged and the problem is of course is that. It's very clear this leave it works your putting that we have a great summer which is great or will not and it doesn't. Then you'll feel like why that like why did we waste finished last shot with Chris Wallace our current. I don't like Kelly gets it right but it really blows them more than anything else should. It blows up the draft pick although that is JP took steps that it. You get to depending on how the draft pick if you who it is there could be shifting they're going to be you have to be a balancing of the roster but that he basically if we get a big. Which they might well. We're gonna have to figure out what we're too quick with a roster might you might take some resources. And shift them to the wing Petr flow. But with you I think it was good that they Chris. Put his name on it and I think he has some putting. And then one last question for you I. I also agree with you on Jay Bakker stepped but now Steve Clifford has been let go from a from Charlotte see that some other. So other coaches that have had some success there now on the market. There were I her I had some people asking as shady you think. That it would be more prudent for the grizzlies to at least test the waters and see you think you gonna prevent head coach or wolf what would you respond to that. Now yeah. It's just it's just we just went through. Seeing that it's not. How Smart a guy is necessarily cryptically that this group. It's it's it's a tenuous time of this franchise and be equipped. Just so market should tell how wrong it could go yes there's such that they Hamels how the hell could you if you had to coach who's being in correspondent mark. Who is being endorsed. Currently emphatically by my. Is being endorsed by all of a young players how could you possibly say you know what I wanted to throw it over and are martial arts but it is critical sense to me whatsoever. They're not gonna do it today. They're they're they're gonna continue with JP and if it doesn't work. Dad they're gonna take dynamite to the whole thing JP Chris Wallace at peace and that will be an about a year old ourselves but it's. Hulu. Continuity blows and people might be like what I was let go of the message cute about that though the second worst team blew a year in the league why it was that. Because they had why is that. The message but that is the message. They are building on what they have they're breaking people. They're gonna just try to stay healthy at a first round pick in the playoffs if that's the if that's the torture taking. You don't start with a new head count should start with all right that's it would go on let's go ahead and see where this takes us. And if it doesn't take this final scramble start afresh. Our Jeff we'll talk to get around the top of the hour it joy there your terrific minutes in Cordoba. Geoff Calkins from Cordoba high school again Tyler Harris the announcement will be roughly around 10 o'clock we're gonna stream at forty here. On the Geoff Calkins show when we come back we're talking Jason circle talking Jason about his thoughts. About the grizzlies as well as all his insights on the Tyler Harris recruitment. When we come back right in the Jeff Hawkins showed 99 FM ESPN. We control for the summer starts now if you don't get the pre emergent down now the weeds won't get to this summer one we'd can produce up to 101000. Seats. 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Saturday Kroger 124 final piece of Osaka spring water is 199 with your plus Cardin digital coupon. Download your coupon today at Kroger dot com. Hand on the can a lot of 829%. 6088 and 929 AC is. Is she yeah. ESPN. Today's special day. Jeffrey Wright. Jason and shot. Always says faces. 99. On Twitter. Good day sir good day to you sir what a day it is feels like. And feels like the culmination of a lot of work so don't wanna start with tomorrow to wanna start with yesterday if you will. Let's start with. Let's start with let's are what ultimately what's yesterday OK let's start first with what did you make of what did you make of the fact with the grizzlies. It's more or less how many does seem to be the theme in the theme was. They were gonna get this one last shot it's basically going to be what you saw well. All right if you go long lash out and given Chris Wells the draft or kind of stuff then. Moron that is it is let's let's give JB the shot to. You know you know Chris did a great job yesterday of both kind of saying what he done wins when he was looking at me you know. Asked directly what do you know what you think your job performance where you think people that say you should be out here and did a great job of saying basically I got a pretty good resident. And you've had one bad year here. So. I feel the same way I am much more strongly about javy on who. Look inherited a terrible situation says he actually had a harder jobs yet much harder job is exactly why I feel more strongly about it. Much harder job he did and from as best you know. What was best buddies in an epic fizzles and his wedding. Anyway. Look at the roster. As inherited. An impossible situation I think he's got a pretty good job with that I'd like to see him with a full deck so we were it my point. If you're keeping Chris Wallace and by all accounts and is confident he says yes that sounds like they are. At least sticking with wins or not. It's get a cup is a bigger I think the personally the most surprising because while police were led maybe so maybe so if you're doing that in India sticker that I think you should stick with JB two I'd like to see him with a full deck. That that are that that's my biggest take away you know it if if Wallace I'm with Geoff Calkins of if Wallace. If Wallace doesn't. If he isn't back pacers sure doesn't feel like he's been told. Coming out I don't see how you only got like he has an inkling I should say obviously brought it out wouldn't have been told. But doesn't seem to have an inkling of that he would be it feels like he's back and Arnold JB vick's status back as well. What do you make him the idea is that. If if if the most important aspect of trying to root. I guess somewhat rebuild this team on the fly guess they retool this team right is probably the better word he's not rebuilding whenever you bring an activist players like and so that's a rebel boats. You're you're trying to retool. What do you make it the idea that Chris Wells gets one more shot with not only a first round draft pick that are really forget Ireland. Look I'm one of those guys too that just says. There's no waiting to miss them so. Like solar let you gonna hit on the right want and I I didn't that the definition of insanity is well seriously I go back to ma ma ma my good friend just pastors talk about shots drop in certain law of average is necessarily a drop and sooner or what you feel like. It's sunny and good luck thing you just elect sooner or later to make the right pit right writes only the back of the injuries the bad luck I mean. Falls he's not drafted in Kansas player Jennifer. I'm not sure that he can screw this one up. Yeah you're sounds like it's shall I know and listen there are many ways you can drop down to five you don't know you don't know the tribute to you don't know that should be a three you don't know where you'll be so sure you you drop the further you drop the more chance I think you've got screwed up to fewer team. It's pretty simple needed Don shoots her or Marvin Bagley and again I guess you could screw that up you get your. And about but they hope or mindset not the expert I'm not the expert on Jackson I don't know I don't. I don't know if Obama should go top three I don't think so for me it's dodge which are Bagley if you're two or three you're gonna get one of those two. Hum and maybe it's even better that he doesn't have the one pick. In the sense that OJ exit. You know. He could have won there's a there's fewer ways to took to screw up but it but he could you could you could still get it you could still give up and I think that's what John was the most units because then you got all your options on the board. You know what it would it would if you get Aden and you know wait a new ends up with with knee issues or someplace you never know I don't up. I I kind of liked the idea of where they're at the tour for a spot because it's just a choice between bad wind concerts I think it it simple prospects. I do think that was what was. JB's comments I think were pretty telling because obviously if they had the wine it sounded like they were about to get Nate in. And we go big man that was when I think they were discussing whether or not there would have options because. If you get the young big man K obviously one of the more attractive pieces you're gonna have is definitely going to be mark and you and I don't know I ice down I just found that striking because. To meet. Mark. Mark deserves to get the one vote them if he wants the one more shot he deserves. I think so with the way he's. You know I've criticized him with Tisdale what happened there. I'm also served as though clearly had has partnered you can't let allowed that relationship into where it was when you are. They're coach when you are players' coach you're allowed to get there. That said. After that I think mark's been pretty great. Just in terms of being engaged in terms of art and you know he doesn't partition we can't stand it you heard some of his comments this is not what he's about he's about winning. I don't wanna be part of a long slow rebuild with a lot of young players but. He bought in this year and and you could tell there at the end of the season weather was not commenting on outplayed in the fourth quarter whatever you know coming out a locker room with with earphones after that but that Tommy did obviously didn't. In Brooklyn got a coach fired but after that it was your phone he's not talking after those arms. But more importantly it all before you could see he was more into the guys didn't guys the ball developing guys are not yet he bought in and I think because of that. And I'm down Ford looked yet kind of that you passed and you don't trademark to solve the town's past. At this point so you're you're all in with him you use you would have already done it they should have. Already he's looked at at offers for Marc Gasol work past that time now he's got he's got next year you've got next year's trade are indeed he's got the option. So of course sure all in right now let's see where it is at the trade that deadline next year because looked on in the is value is only going down at this point you're just actually go to so you'd better believe girl and Omar Gasol and an end up and come down with the because of the way he finished out. If he feels good about it again you're didn't he's getting his man back I mean my car is going to be back healthy you hope. You hope you don't on the draft pick you hope Chandler can give you what he can give you. And you hope he did did it Tyreke Evans back on mid level or Arab you do it. Hum a cut others a shot that there's a shock. Tariq I don't feel confident about at all yeah. I'm actually negative on the outcome I've been negative the whole time so not. You should have traded him for the biscuit you just trade him for whatever because if you had to trade and pay for the option any of this it. And again. He may not give an offer above the mid level because of his injury issue it is injury history because of votes that. It there's a poll of wing guys. Mean you've got the top tier guys excuse my phone you got the top tier guys. LeBron Paul George all those guys but then you've got the will Barton's of the world young guys like that in don't have injury history is you know injury histories. They're gonna get money to sell. I don't know that he's gonna get far but the middle. But I just know if you're Tyreke Evans you look at the situation and at one point they pulled you out of the arena which about their hotel because they told you about to charge it to a contender. And Elway and elves and I'm back you look at yes now the ownership situations. Looks a little more settled. But you still look at you know you look at this roster that if if you're him I don't know how attractive it is out however. I go back to what Brian went more sick of the bad situations in the NBA in the grisly certainly were one of the worst this year it. This is the best one this is the one that has the most potential for quick comeback so you're Tyreke and maybe the other offers aren't they like to hope. No maybe your back by default. And glasses where it's at towers. Why do you think. What do you think mark. In particular because whatever and as well marks moody will TA was movie. Mom and played street and yet when I want to play extremely Murti one and no doubt and now like that and more disruptive at times and then mark was could be why do you think what is so obviously you hear everything that mark says and if there's. There's this extreme dedication not only to the grizzlies. But also to the city like almost everything the guy talks about like eight you can tell how much is placed in some and usually. When we get guys like that. We can't get enough of them. Well why do you think it is such a roller Christian than it is with fans would mark it's a good question come. Other part is just because he he wears it mostly again I think this is part of things on a better job with this year he wears the most flawlessly even when he's down. He lets the entire team know he let space where the arena and everything. At 58. And I realized that. Then you're damn good kids walking off the floor for the game's even over a lake of her plate. I mean he could Wear it when TA didn't wanna give you ought to present he lets you know when T went and that start a lot of you left town you weren't enough votes and but again. I think there is a look we've we've all been critical of more but I I think were mostly in the as as a fan base were mostly in his corner. For most of us I think we black we've we've appreciated the way he's. He's handled this should aren't there are those of us that thank menu should harder probably push the button on this and they look to which we got for market maybe got a medic yes. But what we appreciate about about mark though is that. Look when he's engaged it's a beautiful thing and I think he's earned it to this point. In no way. To take a game off to have a rant or whatever now I don't think it should go as far as it there with is I'm not stated that but he's earned that duties it. He's been part of the greatest years we've we've had with this franchise and he's. He's armed. The benefit of the doubt he's earned our respect and and yes it's a roller coaster with him. But I think for the most part we still treat him with like we treat to get it T still below are you seemed out there would be here at saint Jude you tell him. I mean he looks just as a pre not just them when he's with fans when they're all over it let's just has appreciated to TA with me I know it's it's it's a roller coaster with him. Hum perhaps it is this those thing about it. Perhaps it's because we knew routier's. Basketball limitations. But he knows that he's not a great should just know you just kept it lets you knew that so there was. Quite the expectation. And with mark we see more games were if more decides to dominate our offense you know meeting go for fifty moon again. I think maybe the frustration stems from what did you do that every game well. Yeah I saw fit to channel and and you can't it's not as he's you do when you don't have Cebu record Raj I mean. Let that that was the thing this year is everybody. When he was down low he was hidden plot out there everyone was over and I think that's part of the reason why you Sandra outside so much should shoot more threes and he's ever shot. I mean he he was getting killed yes. So it's it's much easier to do that and still dominate go out and get your you know twelve and and 25 points. You know when you've got Segal when you got more of Raila. He didn't have that opportunity this year I think that's why you saw the field on numbers as low as they've ever been in terms of percentage that company. He stripped and more outside he can't do the things he used to do is they'll be thirty Ford actually January and a lot. He's got to be that guy after out for sure and then honestly with Tyler airs the big announcements going to be here 10 o'clock yes. Will be strain it and gonna be additional charge appealing is you see in the news Joseph Jordan don't walk about Sweden and halos over their. I think my man though Billy Richmond have over the wing who Rua do little deliberate hoax. All think winged ones overtime our own thing wing gurus could cut up chicken for a guy had the Baylor. As that's what I guess so and I putted great deal moves what I've what I is my mouth drops before he says Baylor no I won't be shocked when I. I think it's meant. Arctic they put in the work and they got you'll love. I presume this will be the topic conversational partner you better believe it Jason's got coming up eleven to two when we come back we'll be live streaming. The announcement Cordova high school hairs so to make his college decision stick around hills tonight Jonathan ESPN. It's the rams street sales and you know our work is about to just a little easier thanks to ram fifteen I'm. Was available to level four corners suspension would. Can film. Could raise up true nature is making. Corridors of light duty trucks financing get 101000 to fifty total values between eighteen ram 15100 before. USOC. For a cure for hepatitis C. Preachers and HIV treatment and multiple sclerosis and diabetes yeah. 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