Guest Host Jeffrey Wright with guests Eric Hasseltine, Bill Bender, and Kevin Pelton

The Eric Hasseltine Show
Wednesday, March 13th
Segment 1 -- Eric Hasseltine joins the show to preview the Grizzlies-Hawks game, discuss the play of Avery Bradley, the roster construction for next season and beyond, the NBA schedule, and more.

Segment 2 -- Jeffrey and Connor discuss the OBJ trade, Paul Pierce, and the #LeoLaw during Ring It Up, and Put Three on the Board.

Segment 3 -- Bill Bender joins the show to discuss the wild day in the NFL, the OBJ trade, the Browns' expectations for next year, and more.

Segment 4 -- Kevin Pelton joins the program to discuss the play of Avery Bradley, whether the Warriors are in trouble, draft prospects, and more.

Segment 5 -- Jeffrey and Connor close the show discussing The Headlines.