GP Show AUDIO: HCBC's Ernie Kuyper on 92.9 Monday Talked About Summer Basketball

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Monday, July 16th
GP Show AUDIO: HCBC's Ernie Kuyper on 92.9 Monday Talked About Summer Basketball

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Who's and a lot of amateur basketball. A broke yesterday who said he basketball club in her right here remembers. His. Out of some players for the next two evaluation period first of all day does that have love Vegas the big name James Weidman. Paid channel lost the man who runs the city that ballclub and Ernie piper he joins me now are any it's scary right now men. Well you're good everything's gonna pretend to be there and congratulations. You. If you run an awesome program every July but to be able to add players of this caliber. For the final two sessions that's a big big deal lets them a lot of fun right. Spot can be a blast works cited you know just we have the opportunity. Yet that's going to be great or or wrought by the duke said he. No doubt about. So explain to me how this goes down obviously James widely channel blossom played for bluff city legends they've been a part of that program for a while. They finished thirty YBL all circuit at peach jam this past weekend. When did you know you were gonna be able to add the the number one player in America and Tim lost and as well. Well I guess actor you know blocks at least legends. Schedule you don't. Quit they're being you know switched out planes so I just went to Albany you know dished district I don't know how we handle our business and what we do and you know and how Cooke city roles and she might wanna be a part of it now or or history based. How about how much has that changed things for you because suddenly you are. Traveling with with two highly regarded prospects including again the consensus number one guy in America. I imagine that that that's gonna leave Ted to more eyeballs on your program it's gonna lead debt to more text messages and you fall. No doubt about it football ops though it what you want market cheered the program to have the opportunity. And now we're in an unbelievable opportunity and work aged adults you know do the bats are so good in a second rate player we have. You know what scalp in the past and we're sluggish fired up you know to have this opportunity and an apology great players you know around. Talking Ernie carper from hoop city a basketball club dramatic 29 FM ESP yet. Let's talk a little recruiting because one of the guys you goddess trend in Watford who was a five star prospect heavily involved with the University of Memphis in fact there's been reports that. That he's actually trying to recruit other players to eventually join him. At the University of Memphis would you consider the tigers the leader for him at this. You know I I really don't know bat but I do know you know our our relationship what can go back sixteen years kids. Hit a great player great kid I know ol' Memphis and then heavily heavily in the match what or where expand. That I don't know by its very happily mimic nerve damage great people are engaged. It'll or just excited that they have moral restaurant. Eat out unbelievable player you know break yet. And then let let me ask you because the big topic today has been the channel Lawson universe to Memphis situation Chandler. That's what it over the weekend that he does not have an offer from the University of Memphis Q loss that was on radio earlier today. And and confirm that that is indeed true it appears that Memphis is is not actively recruiting him. Do you have any. Any insight into it into why what happened between. Chandler and the University of Memphis or the loss and family and the University of Memphis. Tactical question GB I don't have any that I absolutely. The got a great relationship coach ought sent in PGA law and I mean great drama great people. On the bat well you know aren't they out of you know that any unit that scandal that might ish you know states from under which are. Our labor laws and or that it you know try to make some noise in. I think most people listening who follow basketball. Know that EU or the cousin of your Mike Miller's cousin so that means. Your cousin very close cousin. Palm is a member of the universe to Memphis staff I know that you wish. How often does that get brought up by other steps that they're endemic to all help how much do you have to hear that that. People are fearful and you'll be working or or buy them for pity and for those guys. All the time all the time that I tell and I tell all culture exist there at all ops judo you know that cheap PR is. I want these kids become an that they need to make the best decision toward their drama where we're bats that they still it's Memphis break it they pillage. And talking great chance this or whatever at all. I guess. I did or didn't you know the lap or treat it right. You know try to try to teach or some disappointment responsibility. You know about like what Kirk ready to you know to take on it in just mope or what they now. I'm talking Ernie carper from hoop city basketball club you can follow of that at hoop city BC on Twitter at duke city BC so walk me through it does schedule over the next couple weeks you're going to believe LA this week and then Vegas the following week. What events you got every play and. Cracked were quiet Coke in LA were remedied this summer chip this ain't gonna be like the old registry beat like the super six or basically. It now mean change from all over the country weren't super pull on the main stage Wednesday night which can be awesome event. Date that that 6014 term it's starting Friday night out out her out LA and then you so he played a 6014 permit you know starch. Friday night after your true purple so will play Monday at one game army Wednesday one day. Our first day you don't single game and then Friday duke game go to permits starts and we crank it up and win or go home you know all the way to Sunday. And then the Las Vegas. Yep mainly cricket over lost basically in a lot of great drive and a in the hoop city class that. A whole week out there and lost baggage check and we prepping court battle high school so you know all I thought great about the author sure. I'll be there ashore in the gym so I'm assuming you guys just don't even come home to just stay out on the West Coast the whole time. All gas cap so well. Will Gold Coast Sunday falsely you know the goal is to go when the whole tank after we won the championship all LA or you know got the better. Get over new lost a different. You know I got a brand out there ordered to cook out and go to smoke surgical whatever may be taken a baseball is crucial port which it can enjoy it you know and they get ready we like it back up when that developed all of Wednesday. And that let me ask you about the dynamics of okay you're bringing in. You know James why he's been chain in the loss and on one hand that's an amazing opportunity for the other guys in your program. Because let's just be honest they're gonna be more college coaches in the gym for your games now. You'll suddenly Kentucky's got to be there Memphis is going to be there. You know north Carolina's going to be like the big big school they're gonna have their eyeballs on your games that creates exposure. On the other hand it does come at the expense of of playing time for for certain players I don't know who I'll let you guys figure that out but I how do you handle the dynamics of that. Anchor it's actually at bat went from a program more eyes on it because. They. In Austria last week reported in the silver in you know there's GP either sprite. It fifteen cultures arcade wreck well actually there were reporting on the main stage Wednesday night or on the main court beyond footballer TV hole arched. 15 PM and 8200. Words could be cultures in the gym and even a bit. They say it's get the hi Robert we you know all they got. A separate cultures who are they can catch up it's just a big network you know and they'll talk they'll be like are right so let's get off our better get. Six minutes instead plain Opel employees injection manner and brought up you know 200 I would wait better way to. Know how you're out in the. You're exactly right I like. It to you if if if you were a parent who were who was frustrated at Jane's wife and her channel lawsuit about the take some play time away from you get. Think about it in exactly the terms you just explained. You are sort it all about being being seen. And even if your son is playing less minutes. He's playing. In a jam what we're James Weidman and channel lost their plan you gonna have so many more eyeballs on him in it even if he's playing let's say ten fewer minutes per game he'll be seen by ten times as many college coaches. Over the next couple weeks that he otherwise would have banned and that can only do I think be viewed big picture. As a pop out of the exposure that adding players like this grants. I'm everybody else in the same uniform is a big big deal. Huge huge huge it's like when we had in Moscow right only added we get sick kids get deep division one college scholarships that's what it's all out. Exposure in the summer Egypt scholarships and better their lights a huge basketball. You know get a scholarship go back to your life. And that's that's what to try to do that game company you know you've got Tyrell Jewish pat arbor got a law icing on and on and on them. The other kids are gonna have an opportunity you get an intersection minutes later bought all or badly stretched and we get on bill. All not good scholarships. You know you play guess that's that's what it takes now. That is actually exactly how it works that's dirty diaper from hoop city basketball club Mac could be happier ploy yet. To be able to add players of this caliber at this stage like you said. A 100% I will see you in Las Vegas and look forward to. GP ever I've bought YouTube that's Ernie Khyber hoop city a basketball club on Twitter at hoop city BC and so it. Every once and a while parents to reach out to me about it advice on what to do with their kids in the summer and my advice is always been this. Be on the best team you can beyond. Even if you come off the bench him because more people are going to CU. You know I can't toe you have many stories I know. Where coaches are in the gym to watch somebody. And then they see somebody else. And that person ends up getting a scholarship offer him playing for for that school. You're better off playing ten minutes a game for a high profile team would other high profile players and you are playing 26 minutes a game. Armed 4888. A program that's operating you know in the auxiliary Jim's mostly off the radar and you are you explain that there. Like last week they're the plane and trying to. 25 coaches this week there in the main jam. Prime time. They'll be 200 college coaches including the big boys because they're now. They're a big stage there with these other five star players even if you're the three of the four star player on that you bring in James Wiseman ends that John Kelly area basically going to be at every game you play Alla getting Hardaway is going to be at every game ten. You play your games and so yeah it's come off the bench you're you're getting seen by some big time and yet you probably if you're one of those players like I just described. Ewing and end up and make it into two ya gonna conduct anyway. But yes you you do not know right. Like I actually thought that the should of offered CJ walker awhile ago and it's CJ walker doing that at peach jam. On the stage that it provides. Has as. Literally changed his life you know I talked about a talked a bit about not talk to mentor about it tomorrow on the show. If C a CJ walker was hurt last summer so he wasn't able to play impeached him. Boy he was able to play this year and you get every high major coach in America. In the gym at some point. And you play the way he play. Balance C athletic. Making shots creating shots rebounding. Playing hard. Schools that he probably would not have had an opportunity to attend a week ago and he can now go there if he wants to because he. He didn't just play well he played well in front of people he played well with an audience. And now all these other players. With hoops he basketball club. Guys who the audience is just going to be larger now even if you're playing fewer minutes the audience is going to be larger and the opportunities for you to impress somebody. Perhaps at a level above you've been impressing so far they're going to be there every time you step on the court and the truth is a college coach doesn't need to see you play for 45 minutes. Our I've watched I've told the store before I can't remember who the player was. He ended up being. It was Jeremy lamb making it up when you cut he's a sub 100 player at some of the Texas system way back when Jeremy lamb was impeached he said. He's it was text and Rick Artest when ricks the head coach texts. And he says and they were in gym three a what you come through this case of Rick comes over he sits down with us. And Jerry lands in the game swear to get he runs up and on the court one time and a report said yep good enough offer. Yeah it's Tim. Not just one tied up and down on the court defense off but look I mean it was below I mean it was back and fort okay. Not good enough they don't and the loss they don't need to seem much oh hole like they're like it both ways they can see you yeah unlike stretched and go did he not that's not it is not about making shots missing shot night. It bounce it'll add lettuce is a whatever how you move how you run what you look like that's a lot of this they figure they can make basketball players at a B a it's the other stuff that like stay on it or give me that it will work with that and so they don't CU are 45 minutes. They can see everything they need to say and a handful of minutes is just about the way you move on a basketball about the way you get around a basketball court. And so on there's going to be tremendous amount of opportunities for for the young people who are now going to be teammates least the next two weeks which James Weisman and channel Larsen appreciate Ernie cut pro hoops he basketball club to join them.