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Tuesday, November 14th

AUDIO: GP ON THE MEMPHIS TIGERS (from Monday 11/13/17)


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We all we also basically my brain you would when we all agree and said this of the game they should win and then they went out they didn't win and they lost by double digits what happened just. Rule they don't have a player and it's against the players and even Clinton an Alabama team is missing portrait upset behind semi crippled tape from Friday I thought. Even though Memphis isn't cool I mean EU should be able to go skiing LP I mean you should be and not get a team that have. Unranked in the eight people admit I think for the top seven players including its lately he could get not gonna let. Coming you don't Wear a Memphis uniforms for crying out loud so I thought that it might happen at a shot to actually win the game and they obviously had no shot whatsoever being Alabama in or just don't for their top seven players including. The best player missing. That they're leading returning to score missing. He or Whitfield took twenty fouls in the past Edmonton has stolen big like that it like how do you have to beat. To beat down to a team. That would call took twenty fouls in twenty minutes and it also bit in port its count several players. And a quarter and it could have just getaway in the 8270 final score Philip double digit loss in the opener that was what they want to the reaction what that was Friday night or Saturday. Screaming on the radio station early today like. I just can't believe meant that it did is in this position like portable looked like I try to document in the position to Atlanta they put. Like when Dietrich K get lost and transferred. And it was evidence that is the coaching staff head made a decision could not. Try to prevent that from happening in the you have to do all along would get killed off in the job that he was tired to have at and T improperly and you never lose. Keydrick you never lose deedrick can KJ law that you're two best players. I don't care what people think of the cooking cage lost them. They were your two best players and they would be the two best players on the roster by like me yet might. They were nobody is on the current member roster even close to either one of them. I'm speaking as somebody who's not even like a big cage it long and it. But like Dave liked it clearly would be you can bet it. So we and you don't when you make the decision not to do whatever you gotta do to make you laugh and happy garbage can keep two bit player like I thought that was nonsensical. Not to mention that you're on the water and brother who you can't recruit anymore. You can get the dead wrong. And there's a nephew doubt olive branch out to consider the consensus top fifteen player in the country. You can't recruit any more because you've alienated uncle from your program so long live I just thought that was insane. DiMarco Crawford I can do is recruit impact the school to make him realize. Stay we didn't try to get deedrick can take a stable we want you'd take your guy you're the one that got a two year. Don't be the next members can believe. You've got to be demented kids to stay in the other ball going to be in your hand you going to be our league school will put John billboards data to try to even try to recruit more to a proper I had like what mark up Crawford in the middle. You like eight maybe after he announced he was transferred. Told me that the coach he expect. Did the coaching staff to try to document of staying. And it never actually happened at that point when you combine it with that whole lack of effectiveness when it comes to recruiting. It depends what you get I mean I hit it a million times. You cannot win at the high major level in this Derek college basketball with a rod to pull the junior college players and freshmen sub 150 prospects. That's what the method frustrated you you can live with freshman dukes could do it here and you gonna do with DXQ when would these kind of a freshman sub 150 guys like. They have not it'll hold a week. Top 150 consensus. Prospect since Tubby Smith was hired. Talking about a McDonald's all American nor top fifty Kettering and a couple hundred get a top once deeply contentious. Prospect. On the recording the 24 sevenths sports. As they have not gotten wind. There's not on the roster right now and there's not one committed to come do you feel like right now. Where the middle national about a period and sixty tied to different schools kept it small. We compete type different school have at least one commitment. May top 100 deep prospect according to one point separate reports I mean obviously it's Kentucky and duke and Kansas those types of gold. But it also Princeton northern Iowa Rhode Island don't quote Georgia State harper Saint Louis Milwaukee's south Alabama. But it has he broke. They want commitment right now. Make kid whose point outside of the top 300. Give John cal Perry a judge pastor even looked at somebody ranked outside the top two or 300 it would have been embarrassed and only. The commitment that meant that has right now. In the class of 2008 king to the current roster speaker there's no evidence that there's good players on the way. I know Robert Woodard is announcing his decision tomorrow night. And some Memphis fans are excited about that possibility but I talked to multiple national recruiting analyst today people who do this for a living. And in the literally nobody I think that Robert what is going to Memphis. Probably Mississippi State if not Mississippi State Alabama when I have bolt with the recruiting analysts I talked to about members. State that Memphis has quote no shot to no shot whatsoever of the good news they come in tomorrow either insult. This is a state of the program like it's bad and it doesn't appear that there's any evidence to suggest it's gonna get better. And if it took mentioned stands or other people in the media this long to it figured out. That's fine but we have figured it out now figured out in April they're picking it up now. Hang out at about to follow up questions but heard about the first regular play in traffic onto afforded that was just super depressing. Explanation of where we are are so to back it up wrote what I always kind of like reset this and you've been pomp and it. And and explain this repeatedly about short or. Long term short term. Things were not going well then with the loss in dynamic last year right in the whole team fell off the cliff once the story well I don't wanna back up as they once the story came out. Once the stores around though about Dijjer potentially gold called all that seventeen to six winds up whatever was nineteen at thirteen. Short term for tubby. Suck it up for one more year with the loss in write in named and you can kind of reboot the system a little bit knowing that the long term is. This is going to help me succeed here. War very short term I'm just get a reboot the system and obviously he shows reboot desist film and this is then where we all. It looks stupid now it seems stupid at a time and it's a pretty simple game is the teams with the best players in the win. Why would you not want your two best players anymore I don't care how difficult they are can be wondering if you could take at McDonald's all American at your program to replace it with a the McDonald's all American or topic to get our top 100 kids. The other staff inherited a lobster U could say whatever you about just after he left roster with pork and since it. Topped 100 players on it for consensus top 100 recruit. It was deep deep or glossing cajun loss of market Crawford. And nick oh Chrysler marks the next month Marshall writes the consensus top what do prospered settle left behind. Now they have zero consensus top 150 prospects in the in the program. And I don't give I don't care how difficult deedrick and KJ might have been. I don't care what the dynamic might have been like with Cuba Lawson I just know that you need players to win built to guide to players I guess public display. It's big old self and can't think about it. I'm gonna pay you how are you putting your program if if if you AP age it may also help who has won thirteen straight. Big twelve title is an act of hall of Famer in his time. Think that he's program can benefit from having Detrick in KJ loss and that probably means meant it to benefit from having Dieter contagion a lot of and I heard a million types of Memphis event. They say we didn't have a winning anything would deedrick can do all that crap because deedrick contagion law that you don't win anything politically to the beat are contagious Lawson. Like like did that be like the pit bull that they want we've never won anything without coal into town and it would call into account. What they call it they told us to do I mean she acts like you. Equality county that wanted to look at pelicans that we never won anything with Anthony Davis. Cup anti David that the good people entity David hit it like it defies logic to pick. Well we've never won anything with AP David until we should get rid of Anthony Davis I know whatever it again. But I think it's just it all the time with leader can kick you off but we never won anything with Peter can KJ what good are they don't get it. It is of course stuff like you went whale has put out the menu won't let them even if you can win enough with dumped. The problem would never be directing data loss and the problem was the pieces around deedrick continue to laws and and if you don't believe what I that a before you probably believe it now. And I'm not trying to pylon Tubby Smith ring like federal reacted terribly after one game got my timeline was filled with that by the way but I would say. That also one of the coaches primary responsibilities. Is keeping kids happy slash satisfied slash what ever in order to win games like not every single coach news flash not every single coach loves everybody on his roster right critically guys may be. That are a little more difficult than others but they sure all love to win and I found that to be comment in just about every coach have ever come across. They all like to win a lot. That there's got to college basketball coach in the country. A good one who doesn't have somebody on his roster who he can it stinks so. I got is it targeted a coach couple weeks ago and he's good you know its teams ranked in the top 45 right now. And. It is you ended heat had a couple of guys have some problems and can I just in recent years. And I we were talking about. But not meant center there at this exactly but just sort of talking about that headaches that go along with being a division when I go to and you end. She was exaggerating I painted. But he entries in my opening video to keep things I'm capable you know like you know you got to the dumb I sound like me you're media hate the ball like you know like it's. Like they're frustrating my daughter few new disk golf that I have to deal which would be the media told. The you have got like they're going to let you know they and felt like you know I I get paid a lot of money away games then. So let you know you deal with that you make it work and so like I meant about what could make it three billion dollars a year. Who doesn't have a consensus top wanted to prospect in the program. Again like that capital the second right now in the class of 2018. At six feet by eight different schools have at least one of the top one safety prospect committed. The big boys also Princeton northern Iowa on the island. Polo Georgia state auto Saint Louis Milwaukee. Helped Alabama. How can help Alabama Georgia State. This Saint Louis buffalo Milwaukee get something done in recruiting that Memphis literally having gotten done wants. Since this step took over yeah. Likes to explain that to make try to justify that try to make that not sound ridiculous if data to poke a bad bad place I've been saying it for a long long time. And they have nothing happening right now either on the court or off the court. That that you know that that makes anything I've done through like I got. Don't look back import on the FaceBook page over the weekend can somebody said hey you know you usually are being negative about the program like I'm not a problem with the program. If not I'm pat Geoff Calkins is not a problem with the program. Jason and Jon aren't the problem with the program. Aircastle time not a problem with the program this radio station about a problem with the program I'm not right about everything all the talk. Boy I have been all hundred block that right about everything as it relates to the Memphis basketball program. Over the past year literally. Everything if you can find one thing I've had one thing I've written. That hasn't turned out to look at it didn't seem accurate in time and with the benefit of hindsight look even more accurate than it did at the dot please pointed out to me. There was something great to say I'd be happy to say it because it doesn't get old bloodied and a bad bad place right now. So here's the question and what this let's let's go back to the word that we use a lot during Josh passed through the end of his days the toxicity around the program. Okay did doesn't seem like it's letting up much a lot of frustration built off of Josh his final year how to coinciding with tubby then for the recruiting numbers that aren't there yet. Then losing this game the way they did that have been much better off if they just played regular Pamela. And got smashed by fifty I think ever really know tank but to to build it up to where. You're playing shorthanded team and still get beat not good so the question is where do they go from here like this is game one. You know we got we got what 4849. To go like we. The land is playing what happens next. The schedule is sole fault in certain spots that I mean they're gonna examined like paying at least I don't think they're gonna lose tomorrow night like I can I should have I think I don't believe they'll lose tomorrow night but I mean who knows. But overall like this is going to be a seat and that doesn't meet anything close to what Memphis this historical standards suggested acceptable. Com there you know to edit byproduct of some of it's not being able to to retain your best players and not being able to replace them. What is anything. That looks anything like. A typical quote Memphis player. And I'm not even talking about John cal Perry years everybody liked to holed that talking about the Josh passed a year or Larry King each year or the David you came the year in my lifetime. Because the war in Memphis roster of my lifetime. And I'm not eleven year old. Jumped forty. It's AD. Like I put it on cal Perry would obviously at a different level. Every mental coach a every Memphis coach in my lifetime has been able to recruit more effectively. Then their staff is in recruiting and it's really what it comes down to is not a personal. Hey I didn't want to be mean. Tubby Smith is a gentleman who had something resembling a hall of fame career. And he has been magnificent. And magnificent at different point in his career and knocked over but respect for him a vote Leo. Equates to the career that he's been able to put together. A blunt the edge EU but it's not happening in Memphis. Like gates is these two statements do not contradict each other Tubby Smith is a great basketball coach who has headed incredible career. He's also not doing a good job at the University of Memphis built statement. And like I'm the guy when he was that Texas Tech world could eat. We're doing amazing things and deserved to. Took attempt to maybe be an in the in the conversation for national coach of the year. Like you know when he was doing amazing things that Texas Tech actually was doing amazing things to Texas Tech but put a replica of the Methodist historical standards. He'll do it at bat. Like there's really nothing. That can be bought into a pot and they don't seed in ticket sales are at a historic blow. Attendants put that at 35 year low last season going to be worse this season. Finished ninth in the AC. I have only east Carolina Tulane at South Florida. They'll recruiting is like nonexistent. Like like it in and and also like nonsensical. What if all this time along Robert water. A Mississippi kids whose parents what the Mississippi State. What has ever what are the staff ever accomplished. To make you think they can go when the Mississippi. And beat Mississippi State for a kid whose parents or went to Mississippi State. Like are there any thing and in the history of this step no matter where they've worked that suggest they were going to be able to get that done. And yet for whatever reason they trick themselves and they can they'll be able to get that out we'll just wait Lamar and I. Biking on the executive gonna go to Mississippi State and it'll be more where everybody always assumed he was gonna go. Don't just be another big swing and and another big man since so. Like eight it hit just like. I understand tiger fans frustration. Them because this should not be acceptable at the University of Memphis to expand they invest too much money. In their program to have that program operating at the level to operating right now back to that belonged sort of.