Geoff Calkins Show, Thursday, August 9, 2018, Hour 1 Jeffrey Wright hosting (w/Geoff in Seg 1 & Eric Edholm from Pro Football Weekly in Seg 2)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Thursday, August 9th
Geoff Calkins Show, Thursday, August 9, 2018, Hour 1 Jeffrey Wright hosting (w/Geoff in Seg 1 & Eric Edholm from Pro Football Weekly in Seg 2)

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Real tough time masters and anytime anywhere and favorite us today we have the best and at least one Bartlett tell Memphis Memphis is a sports station. When you know. Download the radio. They return to kind of turn ESPN's. Hi good morning it is the code or grow text road GR OW. 2728. It wants him to make it joke about Jeffrey. Text the word grow to 728813. Chance to win 1000. Dollars you'll have sixty minutes he's self. And get your Thursday morning starting here in 2000 bucks to block text grow down GR OW seven you've. Eighteen wanted to get another code word coming your wages for Chris comes on at ten. And FM ESPN presents Memphis is biggest sports columnist for. HT award winning Geoff Calkins from the daily mintier. Geoff Calkins show. He's too nice NASA. ESPN. Today. You were ever you may be happy NN every season that had gone games what do you where everybody I'm lusting for a little ball. Yeah I mean I know my friends are lusting for a while on ES their pride lust impossible balls we can get some big real football today. Good for all of us they're Christmas miracles there. Brad practicing today. OP viewers three have heard bird too and when your scores start to resemble. 810 handicaps weight when you're starving and it really handicapped and Daria don't make. Don't make judgments about redheaded gal region are flooding handicap on the I think judges about. But I'm just saying when you're blogging I China a PGA championship that's not a great start listen. More wind died in Germantown friends or call the whole scene that so everybody does very tight off the easier you can make a lot of big numbers everybody know not hours. Let's go up on the program just Calkins is gonna join us he is on the road headed back. Here to Memphis will talk with the jet. Here momentarily Eric I don't does a fantastic job of covering at the NFL. We'll talk was there about the big day as well the big time story lines and more in the NFL. The bottom part of the hour than Chris Harrington and Brad mentioned wolf. Join us right around 10 o'clock as the introduction or. So eloquently says we'll also give you another cash cared for the radio dot com cash contest. Right before Chris comes on and then Jared Jordan get a poppy in studio today to talk to some tigers. They've now without further do we bring on an enemy plans his voice this is very program. The of course busily sports columnist for the daily meant the end is Geoff Calkins Jeff good day sir how are. I'm Jeffrey headed back to. Play people on the other machine get underway. Back about this and a bit and it could be a beer it'll be good to be. Back. Who'll. Very much be excited to have you back here Warner starts first for these big news from the homeland. The NBA announced yesterday that this grizzlies would be included in the MLK day celebration games and more importantly. They would be included on Monday or your thoughts. Oh I think I thought it was Hitler but he thought Jews should be good for everybody pitched edge particularly obvious. We. There was obviously the Alba was where it was moved briefly to Sunday. In exchange for sort national more national exposure she. Now what the truth about great people like I don't blame bigger for you should give an oral. Last year was really true that there's obviously what they did last year. So. And actually got beat you reminded people of the significance. After it shut up about his role at the other ship. Analogic all of that and so that's good that I thought I'd like Pete panic of Tweety treated out. You have to do is involved and that's good. But Atlanta should also be involved and I think that's. Equally true there are two cities could ever occur connection. Predict Currie who stood okay. And it would be. It would be best of both teams shortly gigs attitude matters a lot of their goal the warriors out Eric. Bronze. You could make those games games that people want to watch could you could just. Get the warriors could get that little brother gives them leverage game they've become that way. Instantly watchable. Or at least actually appeal of April we would watch video but. Pelicans currently I'll be there. And I'm glad that that they're doing it also it ice. I like the fact of the schedule is dribbling out could address the actual little interest security it shall get horrible released what it what it looks like. Two of the group late they open where's. How I think to start is going to be really important for this team radically really important for. Course at a community more foul right you do you don't want to get in the position where you start too would a picture and people are really talking about. Your retail would get what you just and I so. I'll be really it should be actual schedule comes out what to start looks like 'cause I take. You want people to know that last year you want to feel like last year was an aberration. And so they can come out. Michael based Marc I'll play straight start strong. That you go eager to secure border the first can't. Job would be okay these recruit they are so. Yeah that would clearly aware infer from a personal way it should vigorously. But I appreciated. Not a whole general gonna play out it is very difficult last. You mentioned that. The kind of the way fans feel about this team and I'm curious is Chris and I discussed this yesterday but we didn't really get to oppose the specific question you. When you look at this roster. How'd you like how are you feeling about it like for instance Chris and I both talked about like coming into the season light. Were both at this point where they feel like they've raised their floor so much. I don't see them unless unless a catastrophic injury obviously Evans to Michael mark I don't see them really being. All that bad but at the same time like I don't know my hopes are that high coming this weird spot with this roster where. I don't think they're going to be a bad team by any stretch of the imagination but I just don't know how high the high the ceiling it. Well our. What you're seeing sort of bears. There is OK. You know actual acknowledged that. What secretly do at this upper big sense of a lot of love sprite I think we sort of there's not appreciation okay. Apparently there. All of that straight. And yet there's no what site. That they're any emotional excitement it's over Jared actually there's some. Just to be shocked by it. Are all equity tribes. Adding that can get each other at all but what you get to. What let's. Would tiger is right out tiger basketball it is just it is fall. If it bit at this question as intellectual about. Good but it crossed over a Jew. Or easier Suze Fiat or are. What is to what might be ticked up almost irrational exuberance and they talk about that start are irrational exuberance which and it. And it can't that it that it post. How all chilly whatever else what you edit their super. And it. Their color irrational exuberance that these groups what they've they've. They can break they're old they create irrational or it. All let's slowly built best trying to tank to create got a appreciation. So. I think that's another reason that it. Yeah. It developer Europe batter but it back a drive that I think it's. Time to order the group is the last. Look here they've sort. Right era so so that the effort between them. Meetings so that it out. If that person. The Earth Day. They're all a lot you know yeah it's a quote part that adds I think he looked at the is that the double I don't wanna like I think there's I think that. I think there's there's there's yet read into what you think about it. Your debt. You think OK this is good. And ask each other hard. Errors not anything yet except project that's near Tikrit what they let that Ers. It's got a heart beat fast and I think that it. Get a heart beat fast and that are directly into the period is the clearest way to do that but winning let me a bunch at the outset. Beat it beat it I liked it too. I know we talk about Jerry Jackson being on a learning curve but 11. Real big thing about him now I'm really glad he's going through right now. After Jerry Jackson had this summer Jerry Jackson where he acted yet he celebrated he was on it on cloud nine. I was really glad that he immediately got a penny treatment got buried down the news cycles that doubt way he can at least you know it's a learning curve is all about experiencing being early in your career and so I thought it was really important for him to get a taste of that early. I don't think he probably. But he prize blissfully unaware of what we're talking about. We're Chuck Berry or is great at where he is on the up on the totem poll of thinks that. The advent of sports fans stocks are so I'm not sure that's the comeuppance would you imagine it to be but. But I do picnic there Israel potential excitement there had so. Yacht club baker got in the duck on the on that Monday and hope that while we get to that well today. Grizzlies will be in class act that would be that's a journal won that game comes around. Between the pelicans and the grizzlies took it means something to recruit please beyond. The fact that it is this debt. That is so should Patricia passed. Yes and other than as you said one of the two or three games a year that that they need to win from your perspective yes would like it to actually be a game that. For a lottery since the grizzlies need to when talking of course is Geoff Calkins. He's on his way back from Michigan he'll be in studio. Tomorrow here on the program and then our second topic of the day comes to us. Yet again from there the NCAA. Jeff according to sources they're new rule about whether or not players can hire agents. There are now store us stories out there including Adrian worst aroused he story that says. That story completely blind sided USA basketball who would be in charge of determining. Which players could record not sign an agent or your thoughts on just how the way this entire thing has played out. Well I mean it's it's got a call either I you know she should elated to be out on NCAA occurs. Everybody does it could be as we. Most people out into your life is not urged it not I think it's a collection about the university just what I did not say it's our separate entity. The universe east speaking through Saturday and of but having said that. You're developing a laurel I mean geek so what happened and obviously they're anticipated. Jets they wanted inaugural world changed they can't change it took that out because market with the FBI about what they take it. Tickets for colleges cannot force player to go to cal. Now I have to be at the at the end when it changes that'll be the EA treat it took we will pay people told Larry you're out article it's. But it anticipation of back. They are changing. The very effects including. They're letting some players. Who are not drafted returned to school. And got their legs some players get a major. They are your question is why god they're not but why don't you just like every player get a page of every if you want to get if you wanna talk to an agent. About your future. Why not let everyone talk to thank you about their future she and if you want to. If you look at college students. Ridiculously. Pathetic that that a player could declare for the draft should not be drafted and yet be excluded should go back to school. Why do you limit that to certain players or depravity is it okay we're gonna do this well while we're doing various. We are going to maintain control insists it's all about. About maintaining control what day. Of OK we'll go to Qaeda may be press do their part. You can order the Soviet control what they've got a bit limited. To a number of of players in order to be one of the players who goes through that who could return after college. And after it after not being drafted you have to have gone through to come by got it done all ordered the one of those players who talked with a huge you have to be identified as little lead apple. Which is just stupid large states but on the second super part of you point out. It looked like OK who's gonna I could ever be irresponsible strike got to find BI the electable like it USA basketball. What you look at basketball didn't know that we've got you look at our basketball. And it hit like come all I like you could not. You can basically could not make the NCAA. Look at any doubt whether that makes itself look on a routine basis and so. It just can't shake it it makes them look at what is if you look at basketball got to tell you which international players. Can get a candidate Jim what what the heck they're USA basketball I have to do with international players. But international players who played for USP side they like an awful I hit eight of a radio talk. What the world it's based set all will be USA basketball doing this without worked out what you're about. It's just typical of ambivalent and it's why no one knows I don't really know like. Is Derek more blows. All aboard an organization that more. Uniformly considered incompetence and a farce. That seek the IRS people Jerry you know a lot like ERS. But I don't think it's you know. You can say it was sort of the IRS from an emotional standpoint. But at least the IRS is very effective at getting your money. They get that leg of the Seattle I don't think they're they're seen as well yet whatever the people relate to like about error as they watched it turn to call. But second of all. This little jokes like on that really got Iowa. Like a little of the organization that is or you have formally. Incompetence. But it's hard to take out any NFL obviously you generally. It's pretty much ridicule right in the air itself for its investigations. For its. It. Bungling of the air but issue one way or the other how clever you feel about it the other fellow also she does on the Natalee. Talk a lot but I also get approach is not a sellout of the NCAA at all. This gains scored an incompetent because people that do it solid yes well at least. Crusher that I can maybe each opportunity I. So that. I've here in L Reynolds I think in the pale the NFL handles controversy poorly. But the other thing about the NFL like it'll. There's a mental fitness well customers who Corley is as well yeah if that's probably right. And so in the other flip side of it for me it's because the NFL's the biggest business in all sports particularly in this country. It gets scrutinized more I feel like if the NCAA I. If the NCA were on level revenue terms with the NFL I feel like the NCA would be. Infinitely more scrutinized in the NFL because there that would. I assure you the call saying that during action we have the ideal course which and that it. To go there you are you're against the great threshold your big a reactive as opposed to rock. Band and the way you react. Only shines a light a different account that it's up. It's astonishing bit again yeah of course it's not as harsh edge. And so their you have. Though what surprises you about this though like purses this is another thing that's always kind of driven me insane. The NCAA. Has. That they're the ultimate slippery slope thing like well we can't we can't allow someone to buy a player hot dog because. Then that hot dog turns into you a state dinner for the big schools again there that the there'd. Mr. slippery slope argument but that's their that's always their whole deal. Yet now they're coming up with they're coming up with a separate rules based on whether or not a kid's good or not like it. Are they aired it in order in order to become very. Slippery slope there's such as saying. Go you could do it like it's it's it's it's. It gets hit the wall but won't simply relinquish control over the rest. So that's slash that it won't sort of ultimately about. I think you're exactly right what they do is retreat this stupid superstructure more rule eight we edge top Soledad. Doctor Brescia combo there. A week ago. And he talked about the rule books. Coming out on average about 15100 pages or whatever that you are here we Dahlia all separate subsection. May. You know subsection there W. About how you get to be one of the players to judge that well well what swallow having players talk stage. Why would you want a player. Who has. Entering into a contract with the university among other banks are in terms of type a letter attacked why can't they talked a special a special about it. They made if anyone needed guidance of more than a young athlete who might not any kind of experience what sense at all. What actually real life skill you can make the argument getting. Getting any experience. Getting at I bear out yeah. Why would she want that are there are several quietly war. Way. To not be drafted and not be able to go back to college addiction it just just. Let me get another hour right there are that point you make great there's another thing that drives me insane. We also have different rules for NCAA athletes based upon what sport they play. For instance if I'm a sophomore at comic draft eligible sophomore in College Baseball. If I get drafted in the fifteenth round and I don't like what kind of money and getting get. I get to go back to school no penalty no nothing and then if I'm a junior I get to do it again like. But yet if I play basketball or are played football and I enter the draft and they'll draft where wanna be SO you know that under. About sure that it out of barbecue circuit at about eight. We know what it protecting should their future and constraints. OK gotcha Joliet caterpillar itself. Andy streets. A university that affect. I speaking speaking of the NFL. I've always wanted this. Urge you to actually care about pre season games how do you feel about them in general. I loved it meets him I loved them I don't love to be clear I didn't trick was preposterous. And I couldn't afford to do about it. And so I'd be happy to cut it down to do yeah tiger and and I don't love that did make people pay full price. The cheap tickets that's ridiculous as I. But just emotionally. PI and the opposite of the U Dicker. And that's what. You and Gary debt in part. I understand the understand that he got. Is it to create more cute still more excitement more. More on the line and Jerry or did we watch the game if there's a click on a lot. I'd be out of it I don't like that tension I don't like Jerry I don't like I don't like it could lead to enriched it. And you can and you can boots I don't like I can't or whether it's a king losing be losing money like that now I can't deal weapons. Sings I don't like bad thing. To pack the truck. A so I don't like putting myself in position. Where bad things. Just have to cry and so. And so I would I would never affiliate years ordinary game couldn't make the age I'm happy if I pod oops. Like fill out an NCAA bracket trying to reach she and then add the beautiful thing about exhibition game or appreciate it if you've got to watch your game. With absolutely nothing get stage. There is literally. Riding on the outcome of this game. So I get all the Florida State in I can't get it better or whatever and IG IT a player's. Budget what they've IP it. Whatever without any outreach pension. They might lose a meaningful and it took for me. An exhibition game preceding game whatever color. In the basketball world out in the fourth quarter are already the second half for these games tonight. Whether playing players who we literally all ever why are up interest there. Exactly and got a young quarterback. What it said yeah. It out she'll plug it into actual plot to blow holes like why they considered that but yeah watching. Two free agents since Chinese you'll never like that that particular interest but yeah watching young probably players. Is on an edit it. But it all candidates can budget about sports actually the opposite of the way you guys do you like actual bounty game tonight. What actually juice on eight games. I would never occurred years duet but it I don't like pension. I just don't like conflict over TriBeCa what it's why I don't actually ever but we're just fortunate at oral people I don't want Mikey. Because like I I care too much knowledge had a hunch. So I if I agree I graduated coups all putt. I do sometimes like I I forget what what walker I'd I'd I'd like you usually don't watch. If lucky usually don't watch a tradition that there's no question. I would if it weren't driving. And if I had access to the bills game tonight between the editors. Josh Allen ordered Shia studio looks like Earl Bennett get this wide open receivers literate it should. And also hit fifty though it 50% of them. Yeah. They are you got a rookie Garrett let you know I I'm a pretty good but I would absolutely want that. I watch their opener what I watch their opener. I'll probably watch broke her until they go down by a touchdown and then I'll say yeah did you take that turn up. Check it later an elephant or close it shelved if they actually went. Every minute of the post game show every stupid caller. Okay to talk about whatever and I won't look as they loads. We all trust that worked there are quite. And I do it as that highlight our thought process but how many games you've got to. We'll get legislatively before seen deny. It under priced starting at 5 o'clock so. If we get everything straight up like play at the start I'd say probably half. Now now that doesn't include like edited audio. Right what do what do Isiah halftime and it is jumps out at me did you sense that yeah this is a winner I gives. This can't lives. I have to kind of tradition lie it's beautiful. Now will clarify. I I do agree like when your what are try to describe the reason why gamble for the extra Jews. That's an added element but also another big added element for me as. It makes me way better at my job because you all remember so many players so many names you'll form opinions very quickly and whether or not someone can or can't. Yeah it is well I mean yes I do agree with it does make you a better job. But it you up or are hurt million dollars a year yeah two should not. Workers sports media can't usually bigger air freight and your inner orbit or get it out a lot yeah. You would so careful what you. Yeah I did do that yet so it's not any parts of the guys at all. I reject that call that I'd get all that I've got jittery. But I think it's a better job every. OK speaking of gambling and it people's jobs Buffalo Wild Wings reportedly according to Bleacher Report because they are the the country's largest chain of sports bars it seems like a good fit they wanna get the sports betting business. And I don't know if they could pull it off but if they could Jeff this is revolutionary. It would be. All right it's a little pot. Humor there I had. Those that are allowed or where they're controlling. This just to get people but they won't let got a flat for that appointment. I sit so they had that they had the overtime Biden in which like someone was breaking away for a for a open field touchdown and and the guy turned on the sprinklers. Do you do argued back right there could be a problem if she got eat if you get your hair over some wild got Gilbert pass by so. It could be problematic that respect it. Of course is awful lot like if they get what would you do more lucrative. Challenger at one or. Collect our upper third of every dollar that. Org or order work. Put all their respect. Who put all the respect to adjust is empire. I've seen the casinos I city casinos in Vegas I think sports betting appears to be a little bit more lucrative. Of course but all up there. Don't know how to do this. Airport didn't give them bad. There's still a lot of atop where I want it there's so let me. How does a delicious Mexican restaurant that I eat the ivy no other way more than I. I got here at the resolution is the one eagle and I know zip Winchester hacks cross. And they'll go what might get short get better and better get down oh. Our daughter was it better breaks. Let the the story does not say they're dead or. Yeah. This state this state shall regulate sugar yes sports betting news. No longer. But it is now state it has sport but it bears stay. They'd try better circumstances. Of that sports addict and so. I can't really imagine a day or they're gonna say listen can be the key notes. And a whole lot late. Right up there that story itself they talk about out. If that there's got to be. They're gonna have our current wage hey are you being operator in order over Saul. A little burst back I'll keep watching that sort of current operator to beat partner. The couple out idiots bought it out there really is it that sort of raise the question. Walk I or where should force that it beat. And why should you look at ejector seat I like jet wandered down the year got such a and a place to go wager or want or. If you go we're. Other countries. More exports but every. Team. In the stadium itself you can bet. I want it you want fans if you want fans to seek out throughout the entire game put sports books in the stadium until they can't they can't. Cash out into the upper. It aired over here. Yeah go. Or the white beard a surprise to us pullout would want your. I think it will be a little while all buffalo wild where. Does it if it ever. I and then lastly speaking of really bad quick food. McDonald's is now officially the least popular. Change up passage chaining and now. The country only 28% of people say that their actual fans of McDonald's this according to reader's digest. And act. It could barbaric they did it that picked up by the cops as a stigma of it back. That some other who played two. Back fairly. Christie. Or should. I guess the question. But could go out very clearly. Argue. We stop it stop or stop it up what I thought it up. Just recently I think they're delicious. So I out of play up there are stopped cheaper but I need to get JJ look at all about. I don't understand what the outlook that's America whatever else. I think that 28%. It's. A product. You can't don't want it allowed to say they'd like double digit. You're not exposed to it's just like that about something you're allowed. They're the good shepherd without ocean go up upright and out. Whereby. You can get a goal rigged up Omar the coolest. One lucky winner who get all the battle scarred. It occurred frequent bouts Ursula. Eric is a very big question is it that corporate data future certain. But I've ever heard I thought about it you have where at all he ever by the well okay. Voted to this you can anything you want it. I have not. What is called dark at what you want as but it at the restriction. What you actually want. Can I sell. Now now. Now I'll believe it would make me go to McDonald's or yeah I know I shouldn't have a total. And mildly is late. I used so I I'm not even trying to like be at McDonald's hater because like I can understand time and place for everything. But when McDonald's clearly either they change the oil that they cook the Fries in something clearly changed about that French fry. I would ever ever Evers has changed just lost interest. So we'll let you know that that the guard Kirk would ever go after you let it get a huge tree right what part you're both there. Have a slight I don't. Okay here is they're soft drink mixes art is good I guess I'll stand by this they're doctor pepper does not take it. Headed for the or else. They're pretty cricket adopt. Yes the doctor pepper at McDonald's does not taste like doctor pepper. She permit it well it would not think that that would. Yeah what are they get tricky with the IOK let's jump up a couple of days. It was created. By. It might happen but I'll go ought. I go out there. You know maybe once a month. If I could get like if I had breakfast got. Here about our object Peter object Smart. But I doubt I saw mother why would I want that's. The only that would want to break it to Bible go back I take it and expect there would get there are without water. We my. Appreciate it up and appreciate our budget without. Notre panel Erica at all and there and then Chris I'm not at all correct but I produce CO tomorrow. Geoff Calkins live from the road again Jeff will be back in studio to morrow to join the program to host the program I should say we come back Eric I don't does fantastic job covering the NFL for pro football weekly will discuss. All the big story line is we head into the big kick off day for pre season football and more so be on fantasy draft coming up indeed guide. Maybe some some interest. For not pressing or maybe takes to win totals in the NFL discuss all that would air we come back right in the job market share 99 FM yes. 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Very got home covers the and a number of pro football weekly he can follow on Twitter ad aired underscore again. Hole means you. Now you've aired today sir are about what that would have meant that while it's been awhile I got to ask you how do you feel. I've got kind of a get butterflies today now don't have the same butterflies and I'll probably have weak one but it. I don't know man it's just kind of exciting how you feel. Yeah not me it's obviously as the we've got Y twelve game tonight or something like that I'm in their body through a lot of stuff going on Gatt. How we got it blocked returned to the field we've got this John Watson get healthy per for the pack and you know a lot of players that we're coming age. The fee for the first time without doubt it it's great to break out here right. You know pre Q who put all my hatred can weigh in after the first quarter but. It out I did do it I've met him that he had to global brief glimpses. Obviously the owners have probably more to say about it than anyone but. If you if I may June. The commissioner of the for the day for the NFL what do you think the perfect number of pre season games is for our for interest for the sake of players what do you think the perfect number as. I'll probably say Marie but you know I'm. I've heard some coaches say hate begin looks to preceding game that's why. So we need you know the same amount or extra of champ car or. Boy wouldn't it be cool if there was some sort of way that's a mandate not mandate actually they quite. You know geared you can have joint crowd surged that would simulate. Back how wide look situation and you. I've been to a few of these things I'm going to tune actually can go to Lyon the giants and gored in the cold and I did feel like those here are very valuable thing arena why the patriot the database virtually every year this year than there. There how what the future but. They're viable so I I know that doesn't increased TV revenue but it there was a way to. Abroad up that are get some sort of interest and and some sort of broadcast potential out of that. You know maybe there's a way to kind of upset but that's such a big money maker of those ticket prices don't don't pay for themselves you know. It is weird that if we just put practice in the stadium. Will pay for it yet right if it's on the practice field. Which I don't know what to deal with the you know the angle from the cameras are weird we don't. Really living for god sakes and seizing game is just a scrimmage breaths I mean that's just it is so it is funny how. Just putting it in the stadium kind of changes are complete opinion out. Absolutely I mean right it. People are willing to pay for that you know and yet when team try to charge for parking or or were. You know training camp practices like the redskins' big years ago. Everybody ball up in arms about it but there's something about the the feeling of the game and everybody in their full uniforms and all that I you know the crowd spilling out I. Yeah you're absolutely right but you know it's it's kind of like our newspaper bears bit her bag be businesslike. You have to wrestle three on the online which wants a trade or bond well get out outfit bad metaphor subway but that that kind of relative. Well no I mean it that's just what it is I don't know like to me like there's an expectations like. If you somehow I have the opportunity go watch practice there is some weird idea likable practice should kind of be free doesn't count for any things therefore. We showed a four for free but. It's the same thing would like it's once you start giving people stuff for free Digg dot. Once you start trying to monetize it you better be creative and how you monetize it and it better not just be straight up. Hey well your just gonna pay for a ticket for this because then people seem to really push back. Yeah I think you're right so right it did any reduction. To the pre Q and schedule the future army. Look you know I'm a good look at all the junior thank you so much money on the think there's no guarantee that that NFL games they're gonna continue to be sold or offended that I. You know 85. In 95%. Level or higher for most scenes you've got to find a way talks that that revenue itself. You know for now these ticket holders part of the package at the preceding year the paper. Two game big you may or may not go to U baby they go to the mailman you know the tickets but. They are maybe they go to friends urged how. Our lives our children that but I GAAP. You've got you have to find a way to walk that that revenue that you're gonna take away preceding gate. Taught a course that aired at home of pro football weekly and I was treat this story and action network care bills Monday or Tuesday that this kind of took me by surprise those curious if your thoughts. According to Las Vegas the team that has the most money on them and obviously data counts for offences some people may be seeing value out there so therefore they think it's it's worth the risk but. The team that has the most out of money on them to win some more right now is the Green Bay Packers. And obviously last year the fact of Rodgers getting hurt in the record probably being less than what it should have been so that kind of affects scheduling and whatnot but. Did that surprise you to see that. I mean this is that's that's short money essentially that are on the Packers the win. Yeah I mean Kirk saw they are actually active getting our signature game you know it Packers cowboys patriots. You know those are those are now kind of a marquee franchise so there's that. There's something about that even if we thought the jaguars were the most talented team it's probably unlikely that they would have the most money come in on them if you remember back in that I'm told the odd change. You know the St. Louis Rams for a three year stretch were better than any scheme of football yes they've made Super Bowl very you know. But they didn't always get the sharp money and I think that would come they weren't necessarily marquee franchise very historically marquee franchise so. I think that had a little bit of a value to be right. I think people are so they're saying hey if they were seven and nine without air Rogers short track this season more than half he would. What's it say they couldn't be called him for eleven at five with some improvement on defense well Rogers back new defensive coordinator. But. The flip side of what they haven't played the play the vikings quite hear a lot and we're competitive in the bear a much better on paper so. You know winning that division going to be a grind no matter who does that not that part of your attachment of did you doubt me Q Packers right there. And then open up kind of the. He does say retread quarterbacks because obviously they got big deals but. Of the Kirk cousins of the case Keenan's. Which guy do you think his acquisition himself. To be on the best team. Well I think Hudson who's on the best team. You know and I also think that dollar for dollar sum real like Alex Smith Gerke Keenan could prove to be more value. You don't if you look at what you did during the right rusty black jury he wished brilliant creative cute actually. The more I would back and watch what you did last year she. Don't voiding turnovers you know I'm not settling for field goal too much and then having more positive drives weighed more power to drive the negative ones. He played really high level football for thirteen gave the what the story in the in the playoff low ultimately probably led to him leaving you're talking about. It opera cake Keeneland a miracle worker cut the router do you rate the borrow more Q and did the regular C glad you're actually heart. I don't think they're gonna win thirteen games again this year even a third quarter gold better team. You know they are fit the guard defense we know they're receiving crowd Robin Cook is back at me. In theory they should be more potent but it doesn't mean they're necessarily gonna win more games this year so it's kind of you know you how old get through that land there are taking a step back if they go to Lebanon five that you're necessarily Norris saying. Sure and then another sort ask you about it as some local interest with with the Dallas Cowboys and you look at last year and they're just all like there was I don't know that I would. There's always drama around the cowboys that Lester felt like they never really found kind of a groove and literally found stability and then. Obviously did act that a slight step back and I just kind of happens when people start to get film and stuff on you but. Where he can see them coming into the season because obviously now does seek Elliott suspension is is kind of done and gone with the birdie can see them going forward. Yeah there's no question that that Eliot sort of up in the air static flat cheered and in not a court. In and out of the lineup you know that but the question about. He be suspended archer newspaper Sunday did you know that was hanging over them all even popular reported acute overweight a lot of shake then you look the same player either mean. You know he had a game in Denver that we really never seen out of him for letting go back the college she never saw him look so. Sort of out of it you know that that really did kind of hang over the team her first big chunk of the Kingdome technically when in doubt they are. Just a much better here I mean they were there. Their point differential was way in the hospital with him on the field and it was very much in the negative when it came off the field so. You have to say look they're better team though sacking your different quarterback is going to be better. You know got all the jock so light you know without yet Bryant that sort of thing that's bigger question epic. You know we offered the line in good shape the defense and Erie should be better. The talking to get a read on because we know the eagle leader because we I suspect the Redskins are going to be a more competitive games shout I think the cowboys should. BOB and that there at six range by. It's pot a bit of you know a giant Merck gonna be happy anymore I think there's there's there's a lot of talk flooding out there. I think they're not gonna beat the giants are going to be as bad because they've decided that yes you do you actually have to block up front polite. That's still a team that has so many holes like that. I still don't understand not taking the quarterback this year I I just feel like. And that that's the thing is like I like cinquanta Barkley but it does this really had to liken it to let you know I mean is that is that our. Lou. Yeah and we see more running backs go in the top five and anyone who says that vision been devalued because that thing. The bigger picture which is now especially at the tight early got Europeans seem to be boring just been getting those multi stop their running backs but it you know I still think there's. A lacking value in the short term it probably won't hurt I think you let me etiquette could have a decent beat them they shared. You know older holdup pick tackle it will Hernandez is that they want starter John floppy oh this kind of journey man who'd actually had a really nice kit can be their senator got off the battle solidify things a little upfront about it. Yeah I mean long term about foolish to count on Bandar all right they're pretty good but in the short term. Are we could give them a special weapon you get you get O'Dell backe gets sterling Shepperd back from injury. Editing room in your view all the that you have barely got weapons nearly got some options there all the sudden and I love James bachelor decent record there I do think he's a super sharp mind he's going to be head coach one day and he got repairing preparing but it said. He was my choice to replace me a head coach in Arizona that was one that that he was shocked the team didn't didn't follow up on. Well as a lifelong Bruce guy so I guess I have to support that bit of giants the other the other big question in training camp is. What is up with a O'Dell's contract Z here's some people there are varying reports on how far apart they are. Does this thing actually get done for the secret. I'll give O'Dell a lot of credit on the thing because you know we kind of saw him at the white wire guy and we thought okay. You know Pete you could be prone to outbursts and had an emotional flare ups you know the first couple years of his career ever. Even at best behavior I mean he would show up to all Perry stuff. It showed up things you didn't have to go do it been there and here you reportedly have looked good and is working his way back in and should be the weapon that we remember. So are you sparking doing everything you could ever out. It out in at that but it do it the other holdout corner on the NFL but if you have a team. Don't you kinda have to reward him for that. Whereas it as late as march. You have the owner of the giants' John Merrick saying we have to make sure we're prepared to to to make that investment and it because we don't know about Delk. Since that point you turn over a relief well I I don't know by. That's the underlying approach you know ground work there from. Today if he wants to be the highest paid non quarterback in the league referred to taping live. Hello Mac and air Donald and doesn't look big number around that quarterback tight money. Or non quarterbacks especially wide receiver which is. So wholly dependent on another position. Getting him the football that's the biggest issue with that position giving up big money Arctic. Well especially when you're undersized. And let's be real even since college you've been injury per. Again. And I I do you also understand like you do kind of what a reward the guy for four behavior at the same time it's almost like. He's been in the principal's office this entire year it's almost like question again do you. It's almost like because he knows he knows the eyes are on MG given the benefit of the doubt at the same time you don't want him. You don't wanna sit there and save like we don't believe that your change pursing is your contract negotiation. I don't know like it's. It's such a complicated matter because he told the judge could trade him for like a right tackle a second rounder I would almost think about doing it. Well I'll I mean do you think the other element to that I don't think a lot of people talked about outside of New York for much that. They're in general manager Dave gentleman is going to cancer treatment right now he's been in don't take care to help. And we want to obviously but you know that has probably slowed down negotiation the little bit too just a mere fact that he has. You know how to take care of the issues as well so it's not as easy to kind of you know make these things happen it's set up meetings and get sustained hot day after day that sort of thinks edit and river cattlemen when using Carolina but get this you have. If franchise tags Josh Norman and then refused attacked and let them walk to the register and turn topic I mean. He had a history of telling star players that we've got to go captain mark get a little bit and sell their spirit there that says we don't exactly know. Gentlemen. Are placed in the opening. And any mission the AFC south was when you look at obviously know the jaguars are Ers certainly talented beyond all belief. Yup the colts bring him back there franchise quarterback the titans coming off a playoff appearance. Has the AFC south kind of gone from like a punch line to quietly and one of the best division the football. Very competitive top to bottom I think you could say the difference it would help big block between the first place team and a lot like steam. Mike is smaller than almost any other division I mean I I might have said they would be a rookie out. Tragedy in the where it's not been suspended conduct thought they did some good things we offseason but yet it clear he felt they kinda reminds me a little bit. The NFC west. Back when Pete Carroll came in and yeah Harbaugh was buried it. It feels like it could be a very competitive division for a long time. The shot Watson locker theoretically in his prime. There's jaguars defense an NL thirteen kind of built collapsed with you know a lot of starters under contract that could foundation in place so. You know what happened did tell it Seattle now but in theory. You've got a young quarterback McNabb floor one of the best offensive mind coming in Michigan how can kind of get on track they've got young count there as well but yet it. The pro division the it can't be too pessimistic about eleven. It QC manager Lockett is going to be back in May be back and pull out. And then lastly. When you look at. I believe there's a staff blaster in the Eagles won the championship that was the seventh time in nineteen years a team outside of the playoffs. From the previous year it had gone on to win the super mobile following year when you look at the teens that kind of fit the mold this year and obviously. When you consider the fact that the patriots have been in that NEC rolls or won five times like it's even more so to think about right but when you think about it team from from outside the playoffs last year whose duty you think fits the mold the best. Well I'll say that it if the chargers get good help they ever really talented team by Ed. We've already seen them lose two key starters or Henry the tight energy amber at the corner. Yup we know that bit of the recent years they just have the worst luck with the injuries is that. Is that a bad medical aperture rating that it be just pure dumb luck I don't know. They've got they've got to make sure they stay healthy but they have to look rivers you know I think still performing at a high level. If they do a couple things number one beat the chiefs can they block a road don't. Number to get back could help number three improved their kicking. What they are like the the worst team in one scored in the last three I mean it's crazy how many close games they've let we'll do the prisoners. Because the water Q mistakes submit field goal that sort of think. That's the difference between being decent and electable OK I know it only have a home field advantage because. Small stadium you know ban bait kind of in limbo a little bit. But how bad defense should be a monster and the skill guy they have cute and Allen Mike Williams set big camp you look what you Grady go former number seven pick in the draft. Melvin Gordon it's that are they they should be pretty darn good idea to pride they've worked a double digit win team. And maybe one that had an eagle like quality who have. Eric lug your stuff is always know when I appreciate your time. It Erik taught at home of pro football weekly Chris Hague says spots in the studio we come back an Iranian Comcast stricter chancellor 1000 dollars. And we'll talk some gray is in more with caress we come back right on the Geoff Calkins had 99 FM ESPN. He is ready to nine FM ESPN radio. It's an easy time anyway and favors us today we have the best and least when Bartlett tell them fast then this is a sports station. 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