Geoff Calkins Show, Friday, June 22, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Chris Herrington on the draft for Segments 1 & 2)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, June 22nd
Geoff Calkins Show, Friday, June 22, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Chris Herrington on the draft for Segments 1 & 2)

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You know woo blue there's four guys you made he implies there's a top four in this track for ordering you're one of the four and we were wondered eight you believe that being who were you talking about right. I think a he believed it will be he was talking about reporters went for the top or the strap that there was central these are not able to stay in that for right and I think that was not a consensus. Throughout the NBA teams and throughout you know people. Who moved to focus who write about so the NBA in the draft for a living there without a second sentence on what the order of that for should be either. Yes and I'll tell you that and I said this before that but. Mid year. I heard from a grizzlies executive rather enthusiasm for Janet Jackson. And so. I don't that was back when he was like 789 on the blogs why is everybody was shooting up it was one was originally is up and it was like this kid is second at the beginning of the beginning of the season if you look at sort of those projections the marks in the big board put our. Miles bridges was the highest ranked Michigan State player he was like 78 or whatever and Jerry Jackson was my idea and whenever. I ever have recovers it and governor's executive. In January you were I was saying they were being oil and I was able to Jackson's about a lavish estate amounts bridges and it ended up flipping. I think it's entirely possible they had a higher than for an abort I don't know that but I think it's entirely possible that's the case I think there are a lot of Indian team's head chair Jackson higher than four on the board. Right I think Atlanta was one problem. I we're gonna take a break from combat talk. 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For bird causing germs for your chest if you are three point 9% subject to credit approval for just being editions only. Nice to nine FM 688 and 929 This is Jeff cook is you know on the 89 years. What ES TN. Then it's. Shown. I gets junior seems to be familiar with Memphis music. Here he was. Let's see here let's see his rendition of this he did ridiculous suit saloon where you Lou. Maybe here and I think Marvin back with a better flow I hope. We hear Jackson's got better games. It's just some of the things that the civil complaint scripts let me read some of the complaints pass through one of them is. Does this fit with a fifty win playing him. It doesn't it and when I wrote this morning is that you should be angry about that you should be relieved to correct that that. Whether they took the right player or not will remains to be seen. But this draft they needed to be about the of the future of the post Conley. Post assault future if they want to shore up their ability be competitive this season like focus on the mid level exception and and and ended trade stuff for whatever. But this pick had to be not about the best player next season had to be about the best player over the next eight seats or ten seasons or whatever. This you'll have the you'll have you'll have the ability. Be strong ability to keep this player you select. For the next probably eight years at least the way everything is structure and so you needed to take the best player on our. The player who could be a cornerstone for you after Marcus halls gone maybe even after Mike Conley he's all. That it would have you believe he will. I do believe he will played this year anyhow formula Ford defense did play and he can like doesn't matter to you whether he beats out to Michael grain. I don't think it it does not matter to me and all of these the open he's an opening night starter. I think need to be in the rotation this season yes booed as he eventually take or a starting spot. I think that be great if he did better the compared to force that okay. Another objection is the one we talked before. Asian trade ban. And actually Chris Wallace said some people were aggressive with me that allows some people were aggressive with them this is the process thing we did Brad doesn't like me talking about. But at your chance of getting the best players involved not trading down picking the guy you love. If they if I don't know what the offers were at there was an offer to trade down where they could have still gotten either Jared Jackson very unlikely or window court or. And something of meaningful future value I might have done that. But. In the absence of that and as far as we can do the same for an iron in to take who I would take and who they took can share Jackson and so. I'm not angry I'm not mad they didn't trade down I might have traded down opinion on the offer we don't know the army general efforts were okay have a that's one. He can't stay on the floor he's foul prone man I I do there's two things I do not care about what dormant statistical indicators. I do not care about foul rate for young bigs I do not care about turnover rate for gunpoint courts I don't care at all. Arm that's the kind of thing that if you have talent sort of works its way out over time and if you don't like that that's not him that's not gonna be the reason you're not good to be other reasons or target. Thought Iraq that. At all. Public list. They haven't solved their wing problem got no shooting and by the way they got to pick and second round can't score either relatively speaking as an NBA guy doesn't listing care about swore. Well that's all true but I mean you'd have a player their Forte could fit that bill if you didn't take. Geriatric unit unit well. He got a clean billion press corps he's going to be stuck. Yeah yeah if you take trade on your real good about seeing you shouldn't victory on if you think is best player should take him. But they knew the real decision to make about how you you might Carly co exist. Or whether they coexist. This college three years left on the deal try young is on a plug into a major role mr. even go that's a separate conversation. On the wing it to the three you know. This is that player wasn't there if they hadn't taken Jackson you're part of a window part of Obama whenever I'm in the bigs were where where the count was for the most part. On in the second round. I tried to bar Goer because everyone watched her on our impossible night like tonight guys it is literally the most fierce player in college basket body and I'm like Tamara who loves loves about Carter and I don't. I don't hate the date is I think he's that it would be good. But there are several players I would have taken before him in some of those would have given you more armed positional versatility or shooting except for a but I also don't think that's a problem solve this Arabic either. This really bring would you pick and yes. With the art we're testing Johnson who was your second outing Aaron Thomas but also deemed to amount Melvin Frazier in Jalen Bronson among the backup point guard. Carter's a better defender of the Bronx somebody Branson's probably a better pass or deep shooter. And so like -- -- if he went to see what the rate expected Dallas that would be interesting comparison next season and their rookie years who's better troubled daughter goes to ripen they're both from Chicago that played on the same AA team in record time another picked one of one pick apart because it's about their June Bryson and decided to go another direction that'll be something the grizzard judge on next season because those are both guys who have that I W right away either lose you don't even re already that is someone new who needs to be playing right away so but to get back your question about the weighing in shooting and scoring yes it's it's a major concern. And that's why he. They're mid level exception. I think this I think what happened in the draft. No matter what was gonna happen in the draft it was gonna impact what they did they're big and the stress to look at our church. May be united in trying to bring her tighter Tyreke Evans right may be that wants to you need to shift a different direction. What you did what you did you need a score with that in Al Lee. And so I would be trying to bring back Tyreke Evans and I can't bring back him on Freddie someone else who is a score a loaded double digit score with that they'll. I. I have talked about in in a little bit more intelligent Jackson Hewitt. Other things that worry you about him in other words are what are what what worries you that there's no one in this draft who's a sure thing at all. I personally blocked artery tentacles to that. But Jerry Jackson is not a finished product is the youngest player in the draft release the youngest American to win three youngest player of note in the draft. Idol so Chris Wallace is at its moves in my notes for some I watched him he's a Coulter should play. Jeffrey you watched artery Eitan and he is like fully formed physically coming into the NBA. That is not the case of Janet Jackson he's still a little bit gangly little bit cold fish puppy ish would everyone say you concede that his physical development. Is still old there's some school somewhere to go with that right who has a right fully formed. Arm and so he's a little bit Betty or projection and there's risk in that right. Or that column a couple months ago about different sort player types available success. The ones who had the highest success were the Bagley eight types who were light always been good all eyes were good Silverberg president outright and so. Ordered the darkest super productive overseas. The Jackson tight intrigue or you may be book 'cause he is so extreme in some production areas may be deserves to be of the Bakley. Eight grew but more than likely he is the kind of player who. Is over drafted a little bit based on your projection of what they'll be going forward and that has a mixed track record but the guy similar to that regard from a different position and this is what I wrote about this morning. Is Mike Conley. Other than the fact he's a different position Mike Conley he's almost carbon copy of my property in terms of you know take for us. A guy who mom was not expected essar would be one and done wasn't expected be drafted as high as he was but he wasn't 100% ready when he came in. Sort ride ahead of schedule a little bit. But has but has a wide range of basketball skills on both in the before or shuttle. Fundamentally sound good have a good head and shoulders good family background good pedigree. And the question isn't is all gonna put together calmly took a long time. I hope we'll Jerry Jackson was it won't take that it may I don't think he's got along that you get a seat in November of this year but I hope it's not forty. I took a long time people were remain. Cold. Hey they nearly traded him nicely indeed it was he was widely derided as a bust. For a long time unloading Jackson has gone form is not a point court write it any easier not to resident point on he also doesn't have Kyle Lowry trying to destroy. Right I am in my in my at all times. Do you do wonder if it's interesting. The staff. That they have assembled. What it is it done. Pretty much all offseason law. Is a bit about as boring as you could possibly can be like camp. And all probably all good things there was no there was no ownership turn over the ownership stake Chris Wallace David picker staff who got the sexy high I was tired. And today diagonal 42 I think for a little doubt that this is the first Shrek two years they don't make any kind of draft card period and yet maybe he. That shows some sign of maturity and that it this staff would pick a staff and the assistance they brought in the people talk like I actually think the don't develop players thing has been a little overrated. With this franchise conniving they've made bad picks who couldn't have been developed period of most the time it right but but. It's had in various circumstances it's a fair criticism and I do wonder if this is in fact quietly they've put together a staff that is. Up that they can develop diskette. Always held at bay is sort of a. Odd situation because Mike Conley sort of arrived into legacy and how were they teammates for what briefly maybe. For the most part Collie right into like I think being rebuilt from the ground up rent and the grizzlies are sort of BC market still a year away from doing that. If you do have to sort of co existence of you know I think Jerry Jackson is ultimately to be a center in the NBA and so lose the sort of him and Marcus all sort of crossing paths in the NBA night kind of thing like how does that work out. I think it may work out really well I think that I can be no more assaults teammate for a year or two or who knows maybe more I'd be good for Jerry Jackson. I think and I think Jackson to meet one of the biggest differences giving Jackson a window Carter. Is Jackson has been the reason Jackson has more upside among other reasons he is much more foot speed I think he is better able to guard. Outside the paint and because of that reason I think he can play with Marc Gasol in a way that I don't think Wendell Carter probably. It judge Owen Carter is is that the end of games you're not going to be had to put united will play him like and they're big playoff games blizzard is that it really dark and that is never going to be the dump. Richard X I am curious and not just. How will sit on the court with mark but I'm curious as to how their relationship will go markets then you have people would say a like I think bagging what did you remark crazy right there because he can't after the game guard. And you think Wendell Carter would have been he would love him because he's fundamentally sound and Smart and supervise her children to share my hair out here it's kind of in the middle you have. I'm still sort of seized just. Okay how do you think this shakes out in terms of the bigs now on the roster because there is a surplus of sort of hang on bigs get ugly. To migrate is one year left on his contract to Michael Green it for the moment it's penciled in as your starting power forward. On if they still want to be try to be good that season and I think they do it'll probably be your opening night starter at power forward. I think he'd be willing to move in the summer I'm sure there was a good deal to be added I don't think there's some sense of rejected your Jackson's now we have to move to mark Marino that's the case at all. I do think. Because of his impending free agency after next season. And because of he's probably unlikely to restart with Eli I think if he's not he's got traded the summaries arbitrate candidate at this data Iowa. We probably goes into the season just sort of power for that issue with the with the young ones the DR today was I gonna grab. Drove mourn I mean my sense is that your Morton is just barely hanging on as NBA player eerie it matter what they did in this draft. He's under contract opens up a little bit last season. So I mean unless they have some Rosser carts they they need to free up a space will probably be on the roster going into the season but I don't I don't have a lot of faith in the future they error. I can grab like they just hook. So there's still a lot of investment in him they seem to be high on this impromptu at the moment to get it to Korea to get on the court as the fourth click yes to either grab I think you still. Fairly the south that was solid places to live as a developmental big on the roster. But I don't think there's room developmentally for Jackson ran into yacht today it was that they did I think got a Davis is the one. Who has put on an increasingly hit ice based on this draft does he have trade value or is he just. I I I it's hard to see much straight out. On them now. And that's too bad because in the end they did for us on that big of a publicly clippers for trumpets let the potential for sure about it prudential for some good food on hand for him okay. And then in terms of point guard. How do you see. That plane I don't at all think what there was some question as to whether this means the end friend or there's not at all not at all not at all now know that they add that to me that's silly indeed. You did you got fifteen roster spots right you're here to carry three guys who can play point guard Bryant on the question is and they've been down this road before. We comfortable going into the season without a quarter important veteran backup option. They injure persons reached the point where he sort of beyond battered anyway and so I think Andrew Harrison Antoine Carter. Are competing with each other to be number two on the depth chart at point guard. But because they are such different players and offer different things having you know Jabbar or a true point guard acres in the 66 sort of combo. Because they're different types of players there's room for both of them potentially. Potentially a rotation about every night over the course of the season I think they're both comply. Kobe Simmons. I think Kobe won't be back on the two way again of the contract that he signed with the grizzlies was a two year contract on the two way. So they have a team option to bring him back on the two way contract next season. And if they keep him on the to weigh it all next season he will be a restricted free agent going into the summer 2000 might dean. Given how young he is unless he is so good he really forces the issue. I think it's gonna be eager to see a repeat of last season were you doing to keep them on the two way. Which gives him basically sixty players particularly in the NBA. And they'll use him a spot to get his full 45 days or whatever. And embattled beat it as they bring them along unless he is so good he forces the issue of of them need to bring him up on the Red Cross are I think given how young he is. Like stringing along the swamp she can't keep on the two way all next year that he's a restricted free agent next summer. OK and that brings to the wing situation where there's again beach and the Parsons yet there's seldom. There's. Dylan Brooks. There's been Mack a little harsh on Brooks others Marchand books and yeah in tires and complete an innocent completely. Mom. Some players there they obviously need help mom and if Tyreke would come back that would make a huge difference they have gotten whether Tyreke or someone else they've got to use that Immelt Lee. Ordering winning score a good two or a guy who waited too tired tires more to wind. But someone can play at the two or the three. And can score that can shoot that it's got to be their focus it creates. Yeah so it will suck the wind is just gonna be a weakness of this this is an alternate reasons. And so I think you're probably looking at dawn Brooks starting small forward which I don't think this is ultimate role. Is it Tom. Giving ten weeks. I don't know I didn't I got poked around that yet I don't rule out a lot of people rolled it out because of how weird went down last year. But I think he's on he's an MLB player somewhere or he's gonna do to go bigger than that. And speaking come yen and at and get so get lots of minutes a lot of shots on the scheme and then it's a matter of how we talk one years with the team would be assassin vice Versa. I would not all role. And it will but does that that go get a better player will bunch too expensive. I think will Barton is more likely to get a bigger deal than Tyreke Evans is I don't think today. I don't think it's a given because I think it's going to be a buyer's market not a seller's market this summer and lecture like dude though he'll be leak of the elite. And so I would die I will Orton certainly should be a candidate for that. That is fun I'll bring daybreak will make a backward talk about the rest of the NBA draft there was a whole other NBA draft last night. 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They once before anything to defensive right that was the machine that beat. DeMarre Carroll Sam Young. Themed defensive draft right where they got the rim protector high eighth and then they got the junkyard dog later. Let's hope that this rim protector slash junkyard dog turned out to be more successful than back. Yeah at least this idea what I like he stated leg goal robredo before a queer partied like defense Ryan. Yet now they they took they thought was the best they thought was the best player and it's it's I I applaud them for doing and I understand that. Joseph Jackson get a lot better jump shot the machine to beat it it's funny IDF he does I do understand it's funky here is that wacky jump ship do you theater that it is not textbook industry knowledge it is an ugly jump shot. It's. If it's a little I think we are there is little PT SD over past draft selections by this franchise I think that is simply true army brat brought up. Our Rodney hood abilities that's great why the other past front office or the past I've league for all by the central office yet and and it's funny because there are a lot of times when the fans. Have been more right than the front off so you have been more regular front office in my Gary has been on here before so immensely guide now I would not the big demo what are running good. I would not unaware as the senate. Of course world rock like Gary also said he liked to a local four runs and Connell Anthony bounced right and I'm not like. Kill for that like it everybody from other everybody all the time and so. I don't. Yeah I had eight. Let's hope that the people who hate this one and I know there's a lot of you out there are wrong this time okay. In terms of the rest of the draft. It went. We'll certainly according to the pretty much according the way you thought. What do you think the IFC Dallas makes a big move to get ahead of presuming lady get ahead presumably to get ahead of busy so low we don't know the grizzlies would have taken down just glad. They get down Jewish and German bonds that's kind of a nice it looks like a nice night for mouse yeah. I'll be I'll be interested to see how well look at cartridge and did a Smith junior were sort of paired together in Dallas com. Because Smith I look good as tens I mean evidence suggest Lucas is better with a point guard. But did ask a Jeter is such a bald dominant like I and the guy kind of point guard and so are our arms are curious how valuable. Set up. But added Luka. To that team on the waned so basically would be tempted to be between give us better Harrison Barnes. And I think she'll Bronson is gonna be good right away. I think Dallas you know got a lot better this will be questions in the front court but. But Dallas is definitely one team's health consult most I think I'll start. I like the suns at the other one both in the way behind dream and then that they made the deal for Mattel bridges and the need of the French point guard that. Literally. That's the draft. I would happily so how sloppy goes draft for that draft. I think Jerry there there is year. I think miles bridges. The only thing I mouth bridges much help we'll just charges at that Mattel bridges. Given the right opportunity could be an all rookie first team all rookie next year I think he's going to be good right away. I just I didn't want him so wondered out there is they are actually loaded on the way they've got. Devin Booker the Josh Jackson who did just last year the lottery yet you Warners is small forward and then you add little bridges and rush or how are you playing all those guys. But if he gets the opportunity I think the coverages will be really good next year and I don't know about about a Cobo but. Oh we knew the stuff you read on him sounds very promising and that is a position of need for them. A sorrow like that pick at the top of the second round so yeah I think they had the best traffic overall one they didn't betray your pick to get the count bridges and I'm not sure. They traded what might be a pretty good picks I don't know about bad alternately in terms of what they did themselves x.s and yet the one that. Lot of people parading about and I have questions about is Atlanta. They obviously got a exactly new executive came over from Golden State and they drafted train young cattle herder and a mark spelman if feels like literally they're trying to draft. Stuff curry that would be train young. Klay Thompson has kept her her and and and then in my Spellman is. It's India is there modulated immigrant. Sort of yes sort of a bootleg warriors a little he's down. But they are all they are all shooter should that's an image doesn't every shooters and go you know if you're gonna get a better on a skill. A in the in this NBA shooting in fact a pretty good skilled at all and but I. Spelman seem to be too high. I think the perpich was foreign war that was it nineteen train young is a little boom or bust like I I don't trade young because I think he used. Legitimately. He's potentially elite at the things that he most needs to be a lead that. But there is there is a lot of downside with him too he's the guy who. I think no one can really feel comfortable what he is in the NBA when you see him in the NBA selected you'll either which way yeah. Michael Porter junior. He fell falls to four team. That reports on this for just not good this idea that that. He that he made just not play all next season and because he came back in play. NL is almost like with the commission's order Adams or somewhere short items third and got injured. Almost out a long time and then he came back and he played a game. And then was there than was like gold again if they make you makes you wonder plea makes it should he have played that game. And so I I think I mean you know at at fourteen in this draft what it's worth taking a shot on especially for a team that the stated we need immediate help from the fourteenth pick. But to meet Michael borders a scary situation there. Clippers girlfriend Jerry West to Rome Robinson and miles bridges. No they trade about British and poured it yet there is among Shea our families and in fact it. And those are two guys who. You know three months ago were not considered lottery picks those two with a higher risers. And so that's sure what sort of gourd rattle him a little bit especially with Jerome Robbins and that roster is so crowded right now and they got Patrick Beverley they've got Austin rivers they've got. A new ST dosage they got Lou Williams I mean they're just so many guards. I don't see how old guards at twelve and thirteen how they sort of fit in immediately because at the sorts of stuff out. In theory looked at could be a backward the future is Alexander's a defense first. You know big point guard ignored the ones into true robs a hit at the end Lotta people think he is CJ McCollum level like shot making ability. And so the way they sort of complement each other and so who knows him maybe that's the back or the future for the clippers Lonnie welcome falls to disperse. I'm I'm fine with that where they picked him come as sort of sort of the range I had him and myself. There's service people to serve I'd make this assumption that anything dispersed touch is going to be gold and actually not the history with their recent draft stuff there's plenty of misses in the draft like calendar since nothing special lease on the roster but. So I don't I don't have any particular. In that. Strong feelings about whether that'll hit or miss things perfectly okay picked big upset and that the Utah Jazz for the white guy our personality had to reach a little better. Because I that he had given sends a good seventeen of her what nineteen and so. At that point you sort of had to reach its wanted to white guy but they were able to do that they're able to dig deep and and get ready to validate what he's war and I. I'm sure the pacers at 43 were disappointed that outcome they and we went there and holidays. I Jenna Holliday though I love that that's a good fit for them he he may be there are backup point guard right away. And if you know if he's good he could work its way to the starting lineup and expect dole depot the facility though. Is good enough you can have a secondary. Guy at the point guard with them I thought the Celtics got lucky the reverend Williams John symptoms and yeah yes sort of rich get richer a little bit late the first round is Robert Williams was was a lot of you'll all be late lottery pick on he has that sort of click the Palestine Howell. You know on the rim running shot blocking sort of come big band kind kind of game. And Erin Baines and Boston is just go back out there is ever going to be more than that Al Horford. It has started to move into the latter phase of his career and somebody may be robber oil and this woman can develop into our consider the teacher that's likely possible. And then take Bevan who went to create the warriors. That's just the rare case of like a title team that actually has a lot of opportunity. Available for players because they are not deep night at all. So that's the kind of guy because he ease he's he's experienced college guy. Good program and played our positions at the end and he could he could jump in and quickly noticed right away on our title thing. Meanwhile the grizzlies the follows the grisly should trade with the bulls for their two pit bulls as it turned out. Got a big guy away and they got him their other than and they got one dog cart would you rather have went al-Qaeda mentioned and announced charges and or would you rather have turned Jackson junior. I'm not a channel Hutchinson guy etc. I would have taken at 22 there. In the you know everyone's. The people's champ Dorothy Davidson's I was already off the board my. You know I probably would have taken Harry Thomas are like eating go to him to take number 38 you go an idea what it illustrates is that in this draft and particularly. A lot of grass in this corner really. Tony threw forty. Like whatever like the stone in the air and go to any order or you just ice so we eye of the beholder and so the value when he vs the value of forty is not necessarily that much different. Meanwhile we had Tom. A couple little themes unfolding. You had men wearing very short pants. I mean I do I met the guy you should be yeah. But the simple answer to actually my realm. I'm I'm a jeans and sneakers guy but I'm not a failure though the short suit the short suit or the mothers are shorts in the news is short legged sue the boards actually shorts that you said. Ankles Yugoslavia now that's down now I'm not big on that either wrecked it seems to me could you read their could worsen the it was Abraham Lincoln who once said. How tall should you well was it whether anyone sent out closer to me MB when puzzle might be to all of the reach aground or something like an impaired should also be probably correct on that long. The the other I chaired the actual good. The entire inaugural shiny jacket here's my thing I do believe that liked in the end. If your boss your boss and nothing can say if you like it doesn't matter if you could be as charming as you wanna be. And nothing can save your people one of love Antonio Burks he wasn't good enough player or whatever so. But I do think that for different reasons. These two players could be very popular. One because junkyard dog all of that stuff grit and grind get in your face all you know will be very apartment and their Jackson. He came across is totally charming he is he's young herb but it's like Dylan wrote that he seems like a relief Serb bright much her. Or just isn't likely will say a lot of stuff there Brooks is more buttoned down I think air time but yeah I like the silvery suit he was working we're JC Penney. Of course on his serve is edit your JC Penney. But I thought he came across that. Was until recently commandeered by. Your seed Memphis graduate JC Penney that's a masters existence exert direct. So yeah and then you had the bloated spending. Which was just weird the way that played out. Older some rain on the parade will be on that Iraq I think roads will sort of underperformed its concept as a starter repeating himself after awhile Diddy. For de Bilbao now. The idea was that. What's that agent what are our ski typically tweets out everyone's pick. Before the pictures actually announced and I thought was is that ruins the drama on television. And so now that will load she is with the ESPN NE SPN has the show. They didn't want him to ruin the shell and so there was an agreement that he would not root tweet out whoever won his pit. He did though likely eaten. He basically tweet out using fancy language reusing funny language like a guy so and so is laser ring in on so and so he just simply a Lotto is that they're focused oil and they are right there focused and work. Amber will will not pass on the I wouldn't say what do you call it 41 the call jazz are crushing hard on grace and Allen yes and that would have been good ironic how to play a walk on the beach with community and learn how to I think it was Rosie has said were tripping all or someone suggested he said a tripping all over themselves to editors an alum are commissioning a one act play about drag and hydration so. So that sort of evolved. That was the only other John among some of the evening okay. So for the grizzlies. I feel about the offseason. Well the off season is just because far. I think they are. I've had I've had so many of these discussions on the radio on Twitter whatever I'm pretty tired of Iraqi trying to explain to people. They're a weird place it's their service schizophrenic place and so people ask me they try to win now are they trying to rebuild and the answer is yes. I think that they they are in a place where they're trying to sort of transition. Form one to the other but for this season. Do a little bit of both and it's it's an unsatisfying place to be but as the place they maneuvered themselves and to and you think it makes cents fundamental yes. I think it's not what you would want to be but it's where you are doled where York and so the chair Jackson picked. Right or wrong is it take for the future should it take for the future. I think the drug should make more Decugis 32 which are gores I probably help the next year so okay. It's now the rest of your all season you're looking that what you can do with the limited resources you have to do to try to help make yourself more competitive next season. But not in a way that they're discounts your future and so do you think I'd grab could be part of the next great group received the future like don't don't don't trade on just keep development. On the if you think. You know drought Morton can't in the eating free for roster spot for sort of help you Warrick season fine go ahead and let him go and whatever. And so you're Emily what they need to get at the need to get and that's going to be at most a three year deal probably less than that. And so you get the best winning score you can get whoever that is Tyreke Evans of the wall Barton. If it's you know Mario whose own you know what ever who is the very best wing scorer weakened side still get that player. Armed. If if you think of someone can help you more that you could sign for a vet minimum we will help you more than big Mac or more. There's a buyout bid medical more free for a spot to go get that guy right or stretch been my quibble. And so I think the rest of the offseason they don't have much to work with an issue we focused on how we make ourselves better of the season while the. The thing is is that I mean is that you talk on this weird place there in. And there incentives to be good next year both the 'cause of release and I'll be terrible. Both because of the traffic also but relentlessly job security of the people who work there one of the fears. Maybe the biggest fear I had going into this draft. Was that they would be so far focus on that somebody actually year long term I think would ignore the long term lightweight again they did not iPhone app that they did not say we are going to do anything we can to make sure we get a wing player who's ready to step in the that would have been that that would have been the most offensive thing and them and they're both short sighted thing they could have done. And they did not do that. What is also clear that you know we don't know the offers are so Libya they couldn't do it but I think it's pretty clear that. All the media stuff about they are insistent on getting off the course of I dragged they weren't consistent I think they wouldn't certainly willing to do trade jail or some obviously. But they're they're they're gold the night. You know the the top item on their on there and other goals of that I was our original purchase contract it was get the best long term player week in git. And so that's what they did good for them. Chris thank you very much for your extended. Appearance here today. You tell them into nicely. I'm sorry wasn't in town next week I am I'm in town for one more week I believe and one someone like me doing well talk to you on Monday that as Chris has now been rented a bike back animals just blockage and anything and a from his days Michael do listen. Name midnight to night FM ESPN Memphis. It lingo. Coming up Monday all the latest World Cup stand up data fancy draft rankings plus we'll recap our leadership retreat at Pinehurst. 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It's because he does not have a bed from sleep most guys Michael's alma if he had a back to like change from sleep easy by Michael cell learn. I would feel better as a wife would feel better sister would be sprightly be working out for people had to drafted in the top five. There is it it was simply haven't crazy oversight that the does that. I have a bad from sleep easy is buying. My goal Zelman. We get the same met guys gonna need this this dumb by the way we get the same beautiful mattresses did you get anyone out the best matches in the world. And yet to 58% off. The price that you find a department store or add a chain store that's why I made the disease has one commercial deals most most award for best smashed store. For years and that's why is that in rating from the better. Business. You're also you don't want to end up falling precipitously in the draft or whatever you do. Over to sleep easy isn't telling you heard about on the Jeff Hawkins show you'll get an additional 10% off. Everything in the store that's 10% after the tellem have heard about you on the Jeff Hawkins show. Think they look at Doucet and I know Kobe wouldn't road Bartlett corner of summit avenue right next to Hollywood big. Well 90169262. Hundreds that is CPC's by Michael's on the drugs via now. All these those closing argument. They're ready to relax now they're always right side developmental stuff doesn't make a good case. Four Jerry Jackson relaxed and you're not persuaded after the two hours of of of inside from god totally persuaded at this point is that's the pick up and that you they made the pick they wanted to. In. The other day there will be and you want there will be a press conference at 2 o'clock pat bed at 40 haven't where we're we're apparently want area gas giant it live up and so will be able to hear from a the two newest grizzlies Javon Carter and Sharon Jackson. Junior. I do if he's good. He will be. Well he's an evil people lost perhaps enable doesn't Vero Beach yes that's what people love Phillip Brooks on how will you get so bad Celebrex is like. Oh my god he's definitely this is since it's a little demographic who's got a great honestly is draped in the world. Love. Sports fan numb. Having a promising young player piano is one of the best thing Larry it's no cause and you can imagine stated good now on what they will be in you're gonna happen for awhile and so. Having a good young player is fantastic. And Natalie that he does he comes across as incredibly charming. Last night and so he will be a fan favorite. It was it was weird as I said he was booed initially. At FedEx Forum when they made the pick last night. But then when they carry the interview with the family. And the turnaround. Yeah they turn around people who they thought I saw today people are turning around people talk to people because of a breather though there's no actually there's a reason not to general just to talk yourself into it. Men and so yes I desperately hope that these two will be good. Jesse Jackson junior and Javon. Carter in other news. Is he Kevin Bacon wasn't that yes I did see that yeah I heard that they like popping up all over everywhere Kevin baker are was at cross town is a great opposition motherland and yeah it is here for some musical reasons now but Kevin Bacon was in town so that was sort of fun. And then in other news and RJ was Winston. Is going to be suspended it appears I saw that two or three games by the and that path home now and you begin to think. Jane this Winston might not be such a good business. And you know obviously that's right no about it is certainly we know about his. As the Celtics are the stuff domestic stuff out of both there's sexual assault allegation asked about a bad. And it at Florida State. And now he is alleged to have. Us reached over and grabbed a crouch down. And Wilbert driver. And it didn't appear like it was necessarily going to go anywhere but the NFL as we know they do their own investigations they have their own power they do what ever known and the NFL has been. Investigating this and supposedly James Winston. Will be suspended for our as much as three games so that means Iran Fitzpatrick. Our debt Eddie and I bear. Is going to be in their particular swing at it and netstat. What's next year's there. Bunt of the day this is under perish if. Big men Jarron Jackson. Gary Parrish one. That the grizzlies should not draft Jarrius Jackson defaults are they get. I don't like it I'm not gonna pretend that it can't work out. You know stated I think that them potential and I understand the other side by any season where one freshman. A great young bowl bomb by. Disappear all the so what you are doing your Memphis with the fourth pick and what most people ball with a pretty loaded right. You're selecting somebody who. Really helped Michigan State being great this past year so I don't know how he's helping you and your asking him all that would be something he's never been. Which is a superstar. The oil was just. Children like. That was certainly feels like it is absolutely true that they are swinging for the fences here. The the and they are going on the projections and when they go on a projection. That is scary not only that if you look at the grisly history. Projections. It has an art when they've won they've set are and we're gonna take a swing swing and we're gonna take a big swing tip they took a big swing it OJ Mayo. Instead of going to lift the safe. What what felt like the safe pick up and Kevin Love they took a big swing path where. Machine could be they took a big swing and where. Honestly lady you'll go you go right down the line made it did they have typically. Gone the full war. In the drafts they've gone for big slowly swings rather than just production. Right up and it is not necessarily served them well now. The other ones were way Baldwin. Was sort of like big athletic swing right yes Tony wrote yes Tony wrote there's a perfect all that Arnold. All the potential out of the potential and they don't they took him instead of dream on it was just an absolute. Sort of Q was crack addict yes and so that is the argument and I will tell you this. If there's one thing that gives me pause in all of this. It's Garrard. Just because that's right and and here's the other thing I think part of my view is stylistic Gary every day for our side. As that again. Gerry Gerry lied to a local for more than Garland and I'm with you and we had an analogy is that I don't everyone isn't right all the time there are about a percent and but I will say Jerry watch is more of these dudes visibility to under that any of rocks yet as he watches more than me. He watches more than Chris Jenkins he watches more than you guys he has watched them more than any of gas and so. When he doesn't like it that's. That is the thing that that's that is the thing that gives me the good. That they gives me the biggest target right now. It's weird though like you youth. You talk about production Obama was. As I said before was he also mosey on awesome when he was on the floor that he was on the floor for Texas. A poll they shot 48% from inside the fact that bad team do when Janet Jackson junior was on the on the floor. Opponents shot 36% kept. And and won Michigan State by the way it was have some of the agenda when he was not before you should remove much better than 36% mr. consistency and also. Once it is what he was on the floor guys weren't nearly as good but but they're better with him on the floor in both cases don't that is insane side. They were better would buy the bit to the team around him when he was a little bit better today but it was definitely don't look at. Anyway this guy this guy insatiable continue. I yourself what's next here's what's coming up next we're live from the way you're at 11 o'clock till two it's a grand opening of the Bartlett location Jeffrey. So go see Jason and Jon out there at the wing you're looking forward haven't graduated stop by and I might like I if I'm playing and I'm going to be about the stress definitely can the president has led to a class are still up Brady Quinn will be armed with them out of the press conference yes Jeff will be live that is too and then we'll also Joseph Mullen aqsa T 35 to talk grizzlies. Campbell can join scary at 420 Gary will be live from both hours a day from 46 back in studio. Coach Tom Izzo Michigan State coach will join us probably around 525 to talk about. His lawyer Sharon Jackson junior Jeff bottles turn the channel we will be back here on Monday I think Phyllis and I workers left. He is ready to nine FM ESPN radio dot com ask listen anytime anywhere and favors us today on the surface and at least one Bartlett. Tell them fast Memphis is a sports station. 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