Geoff Calkins Show, Friday, June 22, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Jason Smith in Seg 2 & Chris Herrington in Seg 3 NBA DRAFT SPECIAL)

Producer Jeffrey Wright
Friday, June 22nd
Geoff Calkins Show, Friday, June 22, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Jason Smith in Seg 2 & Chris Herrington in Seg 3 NBA DRAFT SPECIAL)

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Matthews and anytime anywhere and save us today from the office and he's more of our list. W a best man this is sports station. Now 929 FM ESPN presents Memphis is biggest sports columnist and editor. It's the award winning Geoff Calkins and then Geoff Calkins you know. 829 FM. ESP yeah in this. The men here. Ring ring. Bud Day. The day after the dad. Joined by Brad Carson. Doctor right. Easy thing to ran. Over annoying. So we were they'll last night. When the announcement was made it with the enemy a draft party at FedEx Forum. And I'll just take it live here is the announcement it was. The the grizzlies would forfeit the draft. The grizzlies so lack. A Michigan State. Jarrett and Jackson junior. I was on my. And good line. Eleanor. Those touted her on the bubble and so we get along and used our Jeff is that he is riddled technological makes us that I I'm it has yeah rap all glued to this guy felt that. It was not the correct action I was I think it is that the number I'm sorry but we have the do we have we actually have be Janet Jackson reaction here and we got this one Narnia only answered yeah. It's. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah the actual reaction if you were there. You would say it was. A mouse out there was a mix. Of cheers. And boos. Before the selection. And the first thing who's going to be who we have Jason Smith general won here in just ruled that we'll talk to Jason Smith the man. Another special hour long. Did pretty well on his my draft with a yesterday we atom an impromptu. Mock draft and he did pretty well including. Including mail laying in. I Kevin Knox to the sixers like I was pretty impressive he got the first. He got the 4100%. Absolutely the right. And so he got when Bill Carter the bulls that was absolutely spot on and nailed it got sexson to the cavs. That was spot on the attorney Darren well and so we will get Chris is reaction at a later on at this hour. And for an entire hour we will talk to Chris. About the draft. But let me say this. I got no use for your blues I got no use for your booze I got no use for your. For your depression some came up to me as I was walking out yesterday. An eight bit it was a it was just it was weird man who'd been drinking. He said I would beats him he said aren't you pissed. And I said. Juan another pass so they just sat there and pick Janet Jackson junior. And I said yeah. That's what they were supposed to do they were supposed to sit there and take the best player available I'll table. Here's the arguments that I had absolutely no useful OK any arguments that I have absolutely no useful. I have no use for the wolf this doesn't fit with fear win fifty game plan argument. Because two reasons one. That was a dumb plan when fifty game it was it was never a real plan it was never something that people actually with a brain expect. And honestly there was no way that once. Three players the three players who were gone were gone there was no one who you could plug in at that point who physically. Let's let's win fifty games unless you wanna cut Lendl Carter who that's fine he might turn out to be about a player but he's not a perfect fit either. And so no. The the plant was stupid to begin life. And the an and so and so no I have I have no objection. On the basis of the fact it didn't fit the plant that was never down with the play. I think they did the right thing and pick the the player who they thought was best available. I have no patience for a V. Com. For the why didn't they trade down argument. None. No patience for that argument first of all we have no idea what they were offered penetrated down seeing speculate all you all that but we have no idea what they were offered. In a trade down Chris Wallace is that a that a presser afterwards or play you say just from that and he did say. That they weren't offered. Packages. But we don't know what those packages worried would be utter speculation at this point to say what those packages war here's the truth. Your odds of getting a stud. Are better at four. Then at five then at six and at seven minute aid and a nine minute ten and eleven minute twelve and one or out. And so they sat there and they picked the guy that they thought would add the best chance to be a stud. I'm you work very hard sell for a long time for that number four pick so that it turned the fort peck. Into a 720. Boy or whatever. Is is devaluing. Your chance of getting a star by adding watt by adding a pick and the twenties were by and large. They don't pan out pitched in the twenties so go ahead and take your best shot at getting a stop. I have no patience whatsoever. For the people we didn't get rid of Chandler Parsons argument. As I explained yesterday very little value in getting rid of Chandler Parsons indeed possible that this year in free agency. They would have more money if they keep Chandler Parsons that if they get rid of Chandler Parsons. The only way it would have any impact at all in free agency flexibility in spending. Is that the end of that next year. At which point. At which point who knows where the goods are going to be in any position to try to free agent anyway. So I've no use for any of those argument the argument that I actually do have some use for. Is the argument from their trash. Dudley is that good. An end to listen if they and that one. I can't sit here and tell you trust the grizzlies a 100% because they always pick the right guy because in fact they tend not to pick the right guy. And so. We could've sat and said trust the grizzlies went into Jordan Adams that we would have been wrong because that trust the grizzlies when they petitioned the beer we would have been wrongly considered. Trust because it is when they pick out the 800 and we have we would have been wrong and you could go go right down the list. Of times they have been wrong. So I fundamental argument which is that they should have changed beard and the administration along the go I do believe even that. But given that they didn't I will tell you what I want my administration to do. I want to depict what they think of the best why it. It is what I want them to do I don't want to did diminish the chances of picking the best player but trading down and picking seven instead of picking faux. I want that to sit there and take the pledge that they think is the best player available player that they think has the best chance of becoming a star and it was interesting to watch. 'cause this war is all well this always happen. There was really and you couldn't hear it necessarily in the actual first reaction to the grizzlies. Picked. It'll quite a lot of boos and that in that mixture. It's. It's. Very admit to mixed mixed green and it sounds. Okay this by the time they then played the interview with his mom and dad yeah and they were totally adorable yeah. Adorable is not a reason addressed some but by the time they played that interview he looks so happy yeah to come out of Memphis you can tell how incredibly charming he was. The parents are the dead played in the NBA this kid was born literally. The year his dad won a title San Antonio the Mamas lawyer. Who works in the business works a double client NCAA or a word she had to work today NCAA now sure to double. WNBA holiday association lawyer so. They're obviously. A good family looks like I. By the end people this what happens against me starting Douglas of OJ gallon of them for the rebels Daschle for the bills. People will start to talk themselves into this as they should they've they've apple for that you you might as well. But it's not just because. You might as well it's because there are a lot of people some of whom have been guests. On our show who will tell you. Think he. Was the best player available and DeDe had the best shot. Of becoming a star. Or as good a shot as high ceiling as anyone. In this draft on you go through the numbers and the end and the numbers are. If you pick the right numbers they're very impressive. When he's on the floor. When he was on the floor permissions stay. The opponents. Inside the 36%. Did bumble for example he's supposed to be an unbelievable defensive presence right now monster shot blocker or whatever when he was on the flawed. Opponents against. Texas instead the art shot 46%. That is dramatically. Better. He is. The youngest American player in the draft he doesn't turn nineteen. Until September. Any isn't truly the only player that you can I've ever heard. I've ever heard. Who shot in college. Who shot 35% or more from 375%. Or more from the free throw line he shot 80%. And blocked three or more shots. A game in terms of the modern NBA. He is your classic. Bit he can guard he got to the rim he can switch hitting guard one through five. And he can stretch the floor pressured and stories. Two Y know that he is going to develop into a stark. No. Chris Harrington thought he was the best to act Chris like the pack I respect percent to. So listen you think it's about 6040 whether he will be better or one dollar Carter will be about it. Yeah I could have made an argument but and one belt outages but it can debate and I don't forbidden Jerry Jackson. But very clearly. He fits into the modern NBI and he was bare. He was their best shot I actually look like the fact. If he doesn't quite fit with this crazy let's get good next year plant he will play next year I will tell you that he will play next year. He's not like a project who's gonna sit on the bench for two years and annie's gonna start playing he will play next year because he'd get on the court defensively. I don't care someone asked me also last night is an academy deflating if he doesn't beat out to Michael Green. No I don't actually expect him to beat out to Michael Green to Michael grow it if he plays. Whatever 1520 minutes a game and makes a contribution coming off the bench. I'm happy with that and ultimately replace his two Michael Green he didn't need to have to beat out to Michael Green for me for this to be a success what does that happen. It's he has to be when I look up and forty years he has to be one of the three best players in this draft. If he is one of the three best players in this draft in forty years. That it was a successful track. If he's not. And it looks like it wasn't as successful but I'm also heartened by the fact that. In JB bicker staff and his new staff of assistants. They seem intent on. Developing. Play. They seem intent. On the developing players so no I tried to tell you that this is a 100% guaranteed gonna work out gonna be the best that ever. It's the grizzlies make the pick and the skepticism that goes along well that has been well armed and I understand it 100%. But I don't mind that they sat there and took their best shot and I don't think the irritation. Over there is that it's not even irritation it's on for many people it borders on flat out anger over this pick. I don't think it is warranted. I would have preferred. That they end up with Dutch. Now the way it evolved of course it was sort of funny 'cause as a as a lot of us expected. Dallas traded up with Atlanta. To get. Don church and so. The way it played out was. Atlanta text on church. And the trade is contingent. On trade young being available there that's who Atlanta wanted for Dallas the picket fop. So there was this sort of oh I don't know if it's just completely screw this up and they train young forum and then they can deal where fraud with. Then they can deal that a little bit odd balls a very Smart that would about this very salty thing today slowed down. The problem is I don't think Atlanta would have done that. But this idiot here's what here's what Detroit here's what Dallas had to give up in order to get bad deal done. They had to give up a future number one draft pick next year's number one draft at top five protected species can't do that. As you don't have that one of the 'cause of past mistakes they don't. Have a draft pick. The first undrafted that they could've flipped to Atlanta to make that trade happen so then you separate trade down and you would love that this you love train. So you would have been happy anyway we we won the worst in this scenario sources say you get trio. They don't like Trey young nearly as well as Janet Jackson oh they don't like Trey young so so baker they'll like it nearly as well estrogen dogs they don't like Trey young. Period we don't know that they they didn't pick him he was available. They don't like her young they do they not Michael and al-Qaeda. They pick somebody else instead of just that means they like them better you have a better pick in the people who pick those people it means they picked them better. Lately they've got good manner they could somebody else I may series they don't like him. No they like somebody else better it's okay we've David because they like ginger and thus did you pick the other player right. They light brands that is bred by the way symbolizes all you people who are mad. Brad is now. I I figure fence riding I think it'll totally brilliant idea if I'm understanding that the right thing they're not saying your opinion on the player you're you're giving everybody else's opinion and saying you like it because they picked the guy they like I'll look I'll never tell you they picked the ads that read god that's not my I don't really answer that it's because. You're not. Trying to be a fan of any player. Because I don't know much about any plan but I'm telling you try to do. I'm talented to not have an opinion on players just need to rip this pick is stupid. I that's my opinion my opinion is stiff and that it. That's not an opinion that's an opinion on a process that's not an opinion that's what that's exactly right in my opinion is on a process my opinion is that that they have different they did this exactly the right way. They did it exactly the right one I don't disagree with they did it exactly the right don't disagree with and upon a process I before I I will play that's. At the Georgia Jackson Andre Young. I forgot to tell the judge simply got it right there you got what I'm not right now you're saying it. I don't have to have the same opinions that you have brand I didn't say you had Evan I don't I don't have to have the same kind of opinions that you have I usually do Kournikova me I was waiting for you to say we just said for me. Yeah I I'm not tell you he's gonna be just aren't enough. Theater style I was just like you said that but not please get me a bust and I think that if you have the big east thinks I doubt in my opinion might think is the people who tell you he Sox. I stoop while way premature weighed premature to be angry over the strait is moron yeah York. Pause for a second let me finish my thought. IBM like the fans in that sense and I think the fans the rational ones yeah. Are exactly what you said there with you won your process opinion Jeff there with you on the other and most bulls fan I will touch down most fans wanted him to trade down okay. I am with you on that. But I can still be the same person that has the opinion that's different than them on on the pension you I don't know I respect that and you had better and I would Gary on that. That's fun and I respect his opinion on that till I ger to get out here I think what fans get frustrated that it I'm just telling him I thought like last night what fans get frustrated as people that. That I agree with the process but then don't get any opinion on players they don't pick the fans. I was there I would professor at their trusted at the pit. They were they are frustrated they were frustrated. That they that they didn't trade down. Most of one of them straight down at that point it was among wild disagree with the pay. They wanted to trade down they want them to trade up because here's what they think they don't trust the grizzlies which I understand and me they didn't want the grizzlies. They think that basically once you got past three all the players were the same so you might as well pick select assets right so aids in what the tech. And they really want and betrayed them they did not want him to take him at four that's my understanding of of the sense of it and and and and I actually totally contrary to you. Think the idea that you should be having some devout strong opinion on a player who you've seen for ten minutes is that a call had. I don't know I mean that's I don't like plug Portland that's far more fun of the draft well. Well I'll do irresponsible fun I'm I don't I don't do it. Irresponsible it's called faith found the flow rate stays open so I'd do. That's fine that's all fine. I like what they did last night by the way the second the second guy they pecked I'll play this. Today the sudden got to pick and Javon Carter. They doubled down now if you wanna argue with the grizzlies it's like. Do they not like scoring. Like well that's just a direct question do do they have something against Goran I because neither of these guys. Our score sign it into the modern NBA. You would think for example contrast what good what they did. To what Atlanta did Atlanta goes out in the first three picks they get they get three shooters yet a guy. GM came from Golden State. And today GM came from Golden State. And said I like I like shooters and and Clinton got shooters out there grizzlies doubled down on defense they picked. The best big man defender in the draft. And they picked. Literally V best defender in the draft and drug Carter nation offensive player of the year just an absolute. Beast of an offender yes met. And it. Employer I think he is actually a player he is there. There were a lot of other good players. Available in that slot now. I'm not sure mayor. That that's the guy I would have taken with that slot. Jalen Brunson. Was available. At that slot there were a bunch other point guards available at that slot. They obviously. We're blown away by his defensive intensity by his. By his by his Joyce Carol Thomas. Yeah I would have preferred. I would prefer to every Thomas I but. Let's let's go with the Chris Wallace came out. And Chris Wallace showed up and he. Talked about why he made these Texans so we will go straight to the man himself just lost. Well were very pleased with the results of the draft. Guide to exceptional. Defensive players. But the best shot blocker and a draft. Jerry Jackson. At the best perimeter defender and Javon Carter. A two great intangible guys. A lot of room to grow and so I think we'll get a shot a grit and grind back tonight. Oh with the attributes of these two young man. So give Wii and this is what about bid is the best case scenario for says as a way to draft unfolded. And though Hoover please so embedding questions this late hour. It. Here. That's what's known you not to know I. We'll say if you find ever wanted to get around anything. The we will release it officials say is pretty hot. We don't sort months since we Washington College season early on. And Michigan State I mean. He had a very good freshman year. Didn't get to overall offensive touches a similar to duke players did but on a permanent basis which you were you know well. Was very productive and there's no for shot blocking but he should he shot 39 from three this year close to eighty from the line in in 59. From the field overall. He put the ball down a plane open floor so he's more religious shot blocker. And what's so important Peter in today's NBA. He's set switzer bull defender. Because he's got such great feat he can. Switch out on the smaller players guard Stephen as in front of them. So you do that and you have simple five wingspan don't sixers happened body and your. The best shot blocker in draft that prevents pursue their presents. A real potential defense in Memphis. And he's got tremendous run upside and he's he's the youngest American player and a draft third of the youngest overall. A love the fact that he can you know comes from MBA lineage is down to championship player. The San Antonio. So while you were extremely excited he's kiss is just got so much upside when you're meeting. He's just a young COLT has grown into his body and in game hadn't. Tremendous amount of runway and from him I think he's Osborne helps in short term to use it just is a long term thing it's here now and long term. Auto I think he's the tour is quite good for young player of heat it eat your first one would so as much a work ethic toughness programs you can go to Michigan State if you get through Tom is those program. You know you have a maturity about you have a work ethic. You know how to compete become a practice every day. He's comes from a great family you know his mother's director of operations for the WBA players association used to work for the NCA she's a warrior. So as credit quite an exceptional overall package when you consider his family brag ground his intelligence maturity. Late shot blocking sorry got it got offensive ability. Our project they are. And in in I think you know his upsides to dissolve parliament is draft. Well I mean as for your most successful. Is this franchise when we had really pronounce great grab mentality that Javon Carter. You can't get more written grabbed him. I mean he's from another toughest work ethic program. At West Virginia. The best defense in to be best backcourt defensive player in the country. And just has a tremendous will to win and compete you see that even these were counties. These guys that came in worked out you know except for when the Carter are really worn down because or going all around the country crisscross and then. Have a cancel flights. Davone flew in from the West Coast for our work out it was worn down but still his we'll win and compete was evident in every drill. And it in every aspect to work out. As solid commute to work out to see that that was but as for four straight years West Virginia. Involves a Tug as their coach gave him a scholarship because he went to an AU torme and 8 o'clock in the morning you know in Orlando. And after his morning coffee he sees one guy in the three games out there look in the court front impressing. Full court possession theft possession 8 o'clock in the morning. And he told us assistance. Go sign that got right now. And he continued that through college. Well I mean there's always attractive offers particularly as the number four pick. But you know my feeling as you do trades you don't obviously would prefer to stand pat in. You septic with a wooden chair and it also stands at 32 views of which involved so. While there are offers out there and and some people to step up and and Amer little aggressive. In the long run we didn't think it was worth stepping out draft. Then. I mean you like to talk to one of foam would not really I mean. When I was a boss we you have to Paul Pierce. Which you know working out quite well for us that none of us have ever met him we and Havel who worked outer anything's. Vanessa chip scouting for. I think he played for at five. I'm just try to sit this. You my opinion just because he's a young in a cult type of guy and got so much upside and room to grow dummy he can't you give you some right now. May give it to Michigan State to share he said it. Michigan State's single season a bleeds blocked shots record shares of fresh. Heading to your states. On this day and age you always need more shooting he can never get too much shooting. We got to continue to build the perimeter of small Ford and all scored. But do this was a good first step today we got a major infusion of talent character. Defensive capability upside. And though we're very excited about where or we are after tonight could've gone any better force. Slow us. Chris Wallace David on by the way pleaded out and could not have been a better fit of player to city. And Javon Carter and the grizzlies ultimate grinder. May be my favorite player in the draft. On ball defensive. Beast Jason Smith as wandered in we will take a break come back talked to him that's definitely a Christian parenting for a full hour. Jeff Hawkins showed today after the draft and he can none of them is being at the right. Now CVS pharmacy. And earn a fifty extra bucks towards each year just for filling prescriptions. Which means the medicines you take. I also do little something. So visit your local CBS and just sign up and start earning up to fifty extra bucks in rewards on prescription. 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Because he's out there are a lot of time gather they're really fans out there it reaction was oh. This. Most. Only maliciously the need to hear right were you there when that when that would that would and I found the reactionary as well as much like the same ruling ballroom clear boo in I mean it would that was mostly what I was in front of us. Pick up the cheers are very few we even Sweden Johnson's sudden stardom before the proceedings began. And kind of gauge of the room walls and how many all won't. Jim Jackson junior always get all only had like. 23 guys climb into our room was that was a pretty made it pretty clear early. Italy about it I think most people want to turn back my my view but I never discusses why do you get the extent that people are angry and I think. People are on again and again it's not only that they wanted one of the factory. After that the truth of the matter is. Don't think they're angry because they've passed country young they're angry because it past them Wendell Carter or they angry for the past and Obama weather and so angry middle of those birdies didn't create just sat there and they did that break down well that it mostly wanted to write it down I don't I don't necessarily agree with that I think if you pick re young with a four you have more excitement and you had today. Period again that might feature. My my my general view is the people under the trade down. That's my general view and edit uplift with if you ended up with Wendell potter at the seventh out it's not a trail confident and happy people wanted to trade down they didn't want. I actually don't know the either you get multiple players yes you know because Republican and they don't believe that any of the politics and I agree Brad actually go there would have been more excitement. Overture young Jordan there on the ranch and just as some people's plans about what just is a job justice for example and just do it because you want to leverage and sometimes not that was more excitement when they picked OJ Mayo over gotta love just no question like that was the exciting thing. There are slim well it's an exciting news or the right thing you know still I think stoop and exciting thing today this was the safe blood. Most people them on site. Mostly we want it actually they want to swing their way that they suffered until then it here and I wanted to mention a guy let's agree let me ask what are so. If we're stipulating that they couldn't trade them yet or whatever the trade was not good enough to trade. We know the bread would have taken train young yet all or Obama either want to order published for either one okay. We we. Who would you have taken for Eddie had to sit down take a player before yesterday I says. Territories so I can't back off and now. I'm not that's you know it it didn't we we presented that scenario you can't let Rachel ray if I had 1 yeah I am I ideologues bruised right back but if I had to pick on their titan truck yeah. And and now I don't know how and who knows what happens then what do you do you know whose call and then. You know in terms of Dallas and Atlanta and and that deal to wind down their I don't know. A home but you don't where I was on the medal I won it scoring I went in and trade he fits that I don't want to if I'm back into it in it's between him and learn that's engineered. I'm taking trek and and your colleague. I'm John Martan with you picture Jackson's in puzzle if he had this they had fully or had this thing he would pick Jerome Jackson junior look I look at the kid turns in the surge debacle we're talking all fair share and that's I mean that that's best case scenario right out pretty good Eddie also surprised that scenario does help that happen I mean it that's something he can be Serge Ibaka right I'm trying to fire insurance so we all are today. Wow I've killed his kid comes he's obviously great kids they're bloggers typically when I didn't want to semiautomatic assault vehicle are scrambling to find reasons today. I would I'd I was filed this yesterday I made it very clear about this yesterday nobody is the best shot blocker an Emmy Chris and that's that's been best shot blocker at the problem is. Yes they are there more stock prone to you I'm not as worried about why you're not worried about it articles about how long day's notice Kraft easy he is he is foul problems there's no question I think he can I think that is something that is teachable. I think that is more teachable look for example pushing for b.'s hands. Or or whatever there's certain things that are that I believe are teachable I don't think being. Foul prone as well hush and I'll pull him in your own and and and growing into his biodiesel. Every shot you see it's a little flu he runs around and guys an athlete. But he's got a little fluke in his tomb kind of like a a young viewed do you try to grow into his body you don't mean it and hopefully. Yes the fouls go down as he. Fears that his body Olympic it much like Eddie Davis is a guard for logs on 63 and a blue look he has to be as I said if he is. In three years if you look up and he is one of the best three I heard a lot of the stuff that suicide victory right at Bryant if he turns into some guys just truth and Tom's hundred dogs and just had a just a guy. And it's and it's balance and it's a loss and by then by the house is gonna lakers walls will be gone. There and I've said before I think it's while should have been gone before this you mileage that I apple again and again to our question of vision and where's the wing that this franchise is named for really at least you know again in the second round there you go point guard again and I love. And we all love Javon Carter's jump yeah YDE junkyard. Sure it fits the old gridlock but man you you need a wing. If you yet you got Trent there he's issued early does make threes are relies he's won the meant somebody not in this league. We got Melvin Frazier has got any day of again no wink yeah look I well I. I thought I think Hillary's Gonzales exams would have been I read Thomas amazed that he had he was a tutor other there's a that there were a bunch of guys there so it is much as I like him. Again what are you send it to Kobe now I'd be it you know you're. Charlie and the bears that out of the mix because you can play issued I don't get. Any place shooting guard for you and I don't think for quite some money got a whole lot Toby seven children will probably I don't actually get me I don't think at all automatic that Anderson is gone because I don't close that his size and well actually my yard as a rookie you don't just a rookie second round pick you don't just say. He's stepping in as our official of course not nobody is that. Playing now that's the points hope you just had to close with a Coby you hope he wins the job. I'd say that I can better Kobe out so clearly they didn't have apparently. And though you you hope he wins the job at least ultimately as backup point guard than yes embarrassing comply. And it's shown that he can place too politically he doesn't he can match don't want to eat dairy and there's other fashion interests while I hope now is that has shown here for me to be in a position we just said it is weird for me to be in a position of the complete Chris Nolan as it is tired are you fired the man and a guy that's on the assault because. Well I think they yeah I think you all should be shown off one on I'm leaning that way and try and them trying to you don't lose and they were we talk ourselves into the pic that's on there isn't an issue is whether we you guys talked yourself and that you are you out there and he's telling our guys like us about ourselves and laugh man this morning that we are at a different position than you in that regard right exactly right and I'm and and and to me that he fit win now. Does he fit the canal street and I don't care about that that's a debate as well now is stupid I thought the bit to go back and forth on the vision like they know and how they approach it and how they tell you let me ask you this before so I don't care about that I've said that the very clear what is the vision the fifty win saying it's too grit and grind this guy vision it's still division just wind thing was stupid. I do who exactly where you belong to traffic at four who's gonna make you win fifty games on a go to the point that dobbs is gone no no one is the he would unborn or. You know it's gonna win again Eddie Guerrero and held right that's the goal or helping other young would help you win more next year anymore he can get on the call Mike Conley you can't plan together to help to slow down some shots and his fifty games they know is on revenue and if there is no one who has a plug and play helpful when if if it's any oxygen when delta. What's the level that you should benefit dawn who plays that's too bad they were gone there wasn't a player there may be Lendale Carter because he's more ready Bryant but he still can he play with mark. You tell you tell me is it's only sort Ibaka just as is that what you momentum continued down. Yes nice now you said yes he's gonna make Serge Ibaka look like who surged to. Why Powell. Put the red card clip this at all or Asia this wasn't my man stepped up offense. I'd I'd I didn't that's what I'm all about that for a minute I'll hook. Now that isn't. Shouldn't there it's funny because he gets all mad I was that I heard all. Not that I replied yeah this morning and so that I have imagined yeah he wants their opinions about certain things that I don't Alipay and I have actually do think that process matters. And so so that we I'm with you on the front. I think the fact that they. Just my perception as someone whose does a daily radio show room and was that actually at FedEx Forum is most people mad that they did not trade down. That that's my bet my Assad and that's about it on his perception and sell it and added and so I think I think they did exactly the right thing by not trading down. Now they may not have taken a guy you wanted their credit Brett wanted to. But. Actually like that I think picked better than the guys you want your stimulus was the story is going to be better than surge of buying a good look at you like him better than train young. I think there's as I think there's some chance that Wendell Carter will be better. We will like I don't enough. I don't like when none of them I think to be my little daughter stay here is not as foul prone another kid I had I won't surprise me at all she's better next year then then. That I Dudek has entered into it our digital younger than I got polished and he's not what I was hoping was that. Look stupid enough to think that everyone the business picks turns to gold because apps that not turned to gold so I'm no I'm not gonna go to the I on the hill of you almost ended up here almost legendary that we almost don't probably just honored and proud of an adult it anyway already that different what one Italian American Idol runner up on your. You're right only for a job we will we will tell it's me we will. A no other a guy who's been adjourned Jackson junior common in all bowl. Later on in the show when Chris Harrington joins studio here you're gonna be out at we guru Betty it's the only out of the room and hopefully. And good afternoon went on who've covered. Uncovered Janet Jackson junior. For the athletic and a good guy if he's gonna be Sergio doesn't he says the only unicorn is going to be uniform they well that's a good looking for that you just gonna look stupid then about the direction coming up next just garbage and anything and ask him his life. 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Kind of program I listen to warm your heart and if you're a hero of the that a feature any better than when medical profession. Was in the military currently a firefighter I don't see any reason that they did manage them if they're gonna find a house visited. The website 901 heroes I've found that's kind of when you know that that would call them directly aid through 3910. Or at the officers that advice about the master Jim Kay Jones. Hear about this wonderful way that they are saying thank you Chris Duncan joins me now look at the present content over got a hold this identity wanna do that it wants to. Just go right O'Donnell writes letters murmured a roll out a right to present and Chris Hinton joins me now this hour what's up. Cell it pretty well on your mock draft yesterday by the way let's just say you got eight in the Phoenix got you got bag linked to the kings. You've got dodge it's going next to the hawks or whomever and I said Orlando would trade you said Atlanta would trade. You got to grizzlies who Janet Jackson I said they would not trade you say they would not trade. You got the man has a bomb that was your first slip up but it's you bet that you first slip up he got the magic take seeing. Who the heck did you have the magic taking. Alexander Ali Al. I was at wrong bet that was bad wrong on that one element is bad. But any of the bulls take Wendell Carter completely nailed that 100% chance of Lucent then got them nailed that one. Picking up again the next with Choi young did hold free Doug Alexander things we're really not yet those that do bad ones but Benny got 76ers. That's nail that one with Kevin Knox that it Geithner know and I don't know they didn't take it though who took the Nixon and has an unannounced right. And then my Albert miles bridges to the had I got miles bridges to the hornets right there it was a trade and balled right well miles bridges did it and throw the child so and I'll bet it pretty darn good. OK so. There are people steam brand one of bomb. You know it's not China wind farm that is not ever people at any mischaracterized so Chris I mean he's been our yummy corn and he's ms. nice dry like this is what lawyers do so hot. Are you are you furious now and I add the risk of being nest personally reviled as Chris Wallace and our guards from Africa I. The tenor of the outraged entirely tedious. Entirely tedious yes I do too tedious that's it that's put us let's put us up we're gonna be above the fray go ahead. Well I think so much of it you see are people legitimately like. I don't unlike Tony there's some guarantee that Jerry Jackson it will be the best player I'd want to see anybody Ibaka here and watch him a lot and he Islam some legitimate beauty it is that wasn't the right pick. But I think the bulk of of it is just based oil and familiarity. And and and and sense of what's entertaining and what's what's name brand. To me it's similar to the hole all for two weeks we talk about the whole seven point two thing. And literally every single time that came out either from fans or media every once said Dorothy give incentives that they wanted to do it. Why do they just someplace that they had because they knew he was an example he'd be entertaining Baghdad that's why and did the same thing that riding hood. It's not that good but what global analyst at sixteen. Anyway. It's a battle but it was the same thing and who knows what would have sort of hers may but it was about like he played duke so we know yet until we want the guy because we knew who he is. Lucid on TV. And you know he made a big shot determine or ducks a lot of his PM that's what it's about it's not about. Eight for the most part a core belief of what Jerry Jackson won't won't be as a player it is they want this is boring to us that's what it primarily idea. Is fundamentally. Because. After the top three who people sort of had a conviction about right. There was as general sense that they were all on the same pocket so the exciting thing to do. Was the trade down and been nearly as an action any action. Or the exciting to do was take the guy who filled it up and in train young of the might of that would write more exciting. As I said before it was much more exciting to take OJ Mayo then that's my house and that it was much more exciting that was the exciting move. And the white looks at it this is right either but just going for excitement is not the is. In the end it's it three years with the best player it is my belief that they took the best prospect the best overall prospect who is available to them at the time that picked. And my belief is here Jackson junior was the best overall prospect on the board. Unlikely he will be the best player on all best player available on opening night this season no I think will be the best player available via parity of next season. Probably not. But if I had to pick one guy of those 56 that were left to I think what the best NBA career that's the guy would have taken to. We have a whole lot of things to get into do you think there was any there was there was a general sense obviously when. Dallas made the move to go up to three and you knew that Atlanta was contingent on trade young there was this sort of insurrection list let's take train yard line. Saying the problem is is that in and screw it up and then we'll do the deal instead the problem is in order to do that deal. Dallas is giving up a future first round pick his top five protected. Because these don't have such a thing yeah it hit the grizzlies could have wedged themselves into that deal. Seems to me to be. Far fetched. Now let's assume. You're not enamored with a little bit this morning you you would not have been able to make the same offer that Dallas may. So at that point Atlanta 85 wood is probably sorcerers of unwritten what you just don't do you know you don't. If that's not really what you wanna do that I would not have done this and why blitzed us a supposedly did yeah right. Hey you could not have made the same offer that Dallas made it to that point Atlantis choosing between them. Do you bless her all four to get the player that they were going to get five. Or does say all four but with a different player than tree off. I think there's ample reason to believe they would have done the same the same trade to Dallas for carriage accident at that point. Because there was reporting both even before the case last night at Atlanta's front office wanted Jerry Jackson Atlanta's front office when Richard Jackson. Atlantis ownership wanna look at our church and they compromised Montreal. So that was what Reza. Last night before these trades but doesn't bode and I put that we did when my in my column I did on the blog this morning Atlanta's front office wanted shared Jackson not only about above. Trade on the Edwards air jacks above look at ostrich act with the ownership thinks they wanted to star. And that's and they copper. Revised on tree so at that point if the grizzlies had gone and said how. We got you were gonna teach a young and force you to trade with us what your thinking as it could very well could they would choose between them they are able to do you can still trade on the better deal to get your Jackson at that point may be a front office wins out an artist let's see what Jerry Jackson anyway and we do we get the first round pick with first round pick and Sharon Jackson right set of train young man who would -- good who wouldn't couldn't I don't know like yeah yeah yeah Davis you know I can grab on to Little Rock so I played enough from the pack two future second said something mark that right that's the other problems agrees you have denuded themselves of any sort of any sort of stuff that they had to go. And that's where their past. Past bad choices those. Are coming back to haunt them pack they could still have that clippers' number one at future clippers' number one the penetrated. Friday's that it is absolutely need to get to a point if they turned towards a future visually. Of a racy of taken. Those anchors all for all the other books but without paying deduce that so that just requires patience right let's hope we get off the Boston pick next year. The Parsons has two years welcome it at some point let's just get all that off the table to move forward on encumbered. But you don't wanna pay extra you don't wanna use the credit card to get off of that but as bad as it right yeah it was funny the other thing that the dynamic last night was there was displeasure with the pack. And then there was this constant fervent hope. Five the people who hated the object. That the grizzlies are they didn't really make the pick to keep to those the other sort of I would order every play and Twitter and then people get to SR did it again. Like I well look look at New York's been calling I talked to somebody like they were even they were even shared access nemesis every time maybe the maybe a little harder thing to bowl all right well guys here's this it was this desperate hope. And and it's weird that there is this desperate hope to get a big getting off of Jerry Jackson. The first thing I did when the peak was made with our reach out somebody. Who would know considers this a priority keeping. I got a very strong response that they were key. How embedded a very enthusiastic. Any sense of how this evolves for the disease Peter. Asked what their board was and of course they're not gonna tell you right or made no one ever tells you their competitors in the top four they're picking people heard it clearly I. Not for the U think he was number four or you think they preferred anything they preferred him over any guys went out and I think it is possible. That they prefer him over some players who had a I don't know that for certain about who which ones do you think they are likely to have preferred him over. I think I think and I think we were dealing with a lot of assumption about what to Chris he's thought about stuff because it was based on what we thought about golf I see we I mean like all of us everyone. Or porcelain can look and badly whatever. If you look around the league get around like NBA draft people nervous not some great consensus that mark battling better than Jerry Jackson as a prospect at all. About all kinds of stuff like Kevin downs forty injured Jackson for the eccentric young third. You're automatically or not. Okay the people this assumption that Bagley is of course and B star the obvious star everyone wants. And Jerry Jackson isn't a good prospect is not against it when the opinion there's a lot of ammo if you if you want to G Orlando wouldn't trade him right if Atlanta loved Dodgers they would have taken directly out he didn't love gunships. And so I think. You know when we came out of the lottery was funny you do remember Chris Wallace said it's kind of like spam but he said.