Geoff Calkins Quick Clip-Closing Argument: AUDIO: On Porter/Grizzlies/NBA Draft

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Tuesday, June 5th
Geoff Calkins Quick Clip-Closing Argument: AUDIO: On Porter/Grizzlies/NBA Draft

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Oh it's the closing argument. I if I said prisons isn't good news or you have to ask is app or it's not like. Chandler Parsons retired or compromise back healthy not like there's new leadership in the front office it's not enough look enough alike that. It's that they're going to get. Michael Porter junior is medical records not gonna go watch him work out in Chicago on fried and according to Chris Wallace. They're going to be able want to watch him work on Friday and Chris Wallace believes anyway that they will get Michael Porter junior medical records and that's what you would hope right. Because you don't wanna be a situation where. A your draft a you're you're not you're not drafting him because he doesn't get the year as the records and therefore you you'll miss out on the press column a draft like. Cal Perry and that's what's that on Kobe right now to the lack of medical records that is. We're scared to draft someone who was great turnout to be great you ought to be an opposition but should also don't wanna be in the position where you're calling his blocked. And drafting you ousting its radical records you don't wanna be an app of the day it. So they're going to be able to sort of get him in 99 our contract I don't believe that in the end. They will deem it to be worth the risk to. Draft him. But I'm heartened that. They're gonna check out please get out of our ration. And according to Chris Wallace anyway. They believe they are gonna get his medical records also like gather. There's an understanding that went out Carter may be coming into work out now a lot of debate. None of what's been up to this point none of the big dudes have come to work out Linda Carter is the first top ten pick who might apparently be headed this. Way so that's. All good. Yesterday it was mostly second round pick who worked out well secrets.