Geoff Calkins broke the news to Memphis about ZBO weed charge 8.10.17

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Thursday, August 10th
AUDIO: Geoff Calkins breaks the news about Zach Randolph on 92.9 FM ESPN from TMZ and discussed

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And then Zach and Zach from TMZ here's the story. NBA star Zach Randolph was arrested in LA Wednesday night. Igniting a crazy disturbance that required cops to call in the cavalry for backed up TMZ sports has learned. LA beat LAPD officers were called to the Nickerson gardens area in LA around 10 PM. And when they arrived cops found a large crowd of people smoking and playing loud music and blocking the roadway. Law enforcement sources tell us three people were seeing grabbing their waist bands and running so cops went after them. Three people were detained including Randolph who is eventually arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to sell a felony. We're told the intent to sell part was due to the large amount. Of we'd found it another man was arrested it was an X kind of possession of the gun law enforcement sources say. After the arrest were told things got crazy crowd became a truly an LAPD had a call for backup were told six cap 'cause were vandalized. Tires slashed and windows busted and cops swarmed a battle line to restore order. In the end. Caps recovered two guns drugs significant about a cash. Until vehicles were impounded though it's unclear if any of those things belong to Randolph. Randolph is listed at 69 to sixty on his booking sheet which also says bail was set at 20000 dollars FYI. I ran up just signed a new contract two years point four million. The Sacramento Kings we reached out to Zacks rep for comment so far no word back to cash code for today. It is. So. So some reactions to this. First it's too bad it. At every let's just to be like yeah. No one likes to see this of our beloved Zach Randolph it's it's too bad it is. Who Brad. Nobody likes to see this from our beloved great enough I think that's fair to say is that. Yes that's ownership of one on one while exact get me arrested riddle well liked that real like Zach. So that's want. On second thing it this. This intent to distribute. Totally bad rap don't you think yes what groups. There's no possible way it the way that works is if you have a certain amount of weed is automatic. Bid today. That day. Charge you with a ten distributors are like no grown man could have that a model we without intending distribute. They don't realize that generosity of spirit asking hey this is a big guy. I never he's a big guy. Yeah and to end and I would content sales and intent to sell or distribute which was that he maybe a bit intent distribute enemy is a giver we know that he'd take skip the less fortunate. Intent to sell out there was no intent to sell Zach Randolph is many things. He is not a drug dealer. I shouldn't get stroke lead in the Portland incident the house and then when that the drug dealing incident that though that was somewhat draw the big beat up drug deal look at the drug dealer always try to overcharge opt. That's a guy he he he believes in capitalism yes and he he is right fair deal he goes out to drug dealers yeah goes after drug dealers who were trying to get too much money or whatever we're trying to take. Take advantage either out of the hood yes pilot sixteen Robin Hood in hand with drink and so he. But now he it. Intent to sell. Totally bad rap 100% bad rap there's no way he was either. Using it for personal use and which explains deep thoughts yes he goes to our hearts and made that it funnier than. All our. Let's look they were okay. Hello all are again and I enjoy Cuba's deep thought hawk or no I instead of a lot of sense as I enjoyed it goes deep thoughts you can enjoy what you enjoy Angela Angela irons good I'm gonna miss them this year. Also won him his job last year to this year who's now that also happened since we left as the grizzlies public address announcer hello is leaving and and not charged with intent to sell anything but because he knew all along he would honestly be therefore. Out one year because he is a life robust life in Houston and they thought he would be good into. That aside so I don't believe isn't it the selfless for a moment. Not for a moment no sir. That's getting frank it is funny to see you forget it it's funny to see the reaction from people. Like someone tweeted out. This what happens when you leave we would've taken care of you here right. This is gets the like 222 points that I do is to discuss. Does this surprise you. No it's exactly when ever Gary's FaceBook post about win someone that CBS asked him to explain what that meant to Memphis. And Gary talked about he could be you know out distributing turkeys for Thanksgiving and giving you us fortune then later that night to be added Brad and Daisuke. Oh wait we. Just to say. I do believe that Zach Randolph. Was. The citizen that we thought he was in Memphis in many ways he really did pay all those M I'll give W bill that he really did redefined this franchise he. Do we believe that Zach Randolph stopped smoking we do now do I believe that I ever really think big Zack Randolph was you know wearing slippers and sit in his easy share at night that he's a father he's good I'd believe he's maturities of father he's. He's. Eat eat eat eat. Eat. He is it heat if you're a huge rap sheet when he came here and he has not had a huge rap sheet since he's been here but. It was not a 100% clean there was as you point out the incident in Portland with speed drug dealer getting beaten up there's another incident LA. And not his best so I don't really think. As much as this is unfortunate. And as much as I lament this. Both just for all kinds of reasons. Does it surprise Maine did Zack Randolph. Was at a gathering. And had to weed on him. And that was a significant amount of weight on him. Not really it does not really surprise me at all. Am. You don't expect him to get caught you know expect whatever like all of that but that doesn't surprise. And then so then the larger question is. What does this mean for. Our relationship with Zach and what we think of that. And I wonder how much that depends on if he were still he. Like if he were a grizzly and this happened. What do we think one thing if there was not a grizzly what do you think another thing what I obviously bwi more pressing in terms of the grizzlies who have to address said and like to be much more stuff around and now we're free to disorders not too bad and move on. There would be much more. This would be a much bigger story here big story anyway but a much bigger story here if Zach war. Still a grizzly. But I think the larger question is is does this change they retired his number. They said no bull like they instantly retired his number. And so does this in any way change how you feel about valet does it change how you feel about Zach broadly does that. And the answer to that I think. I'm not answer and free all but I'm speculating. The piceance and that is doesn't change damn thing. If you wanna Jim battling it James damn thing it should they should too busy to be embarrassed that they are. Have already announced that they are retiring his number. No exact data here. What he did he if if Zach. Someone OJ Simpson like the buffalo my beloved Buffalo Bills. Had to cope with that right then you feel a lot man we sure loved watching the Jews play but it turns out. I guess we can't. So fairly zoo was crass act that would meet. Like. I don't know that anyone ever thought that he didn't have a week when he was here. Or that he wouldn't have waded. And there are lots of places where not just necessarily the simple we'd. Is it that way that we we can like smoke it I get what they did I'd dump truck flipped it dump truck full but I. Actually don't think it changed the damn thing. Almost things that Zach did here. The way that he transformed the franchise. The beat down that he put on on. San Antonio in the playoffs the fact that he lifted Memphis to its first playoff series when ever the fact that he. Then he he he said. Bust disaster marked the fact that he would stand up to Kendrick Perkins that he would bench press Blake Griffin that he would throw his. I'll do what they were dating his head band to the crowd does he goes he boat not none of that has anything to do with us. All that happened. And it is exactly why Memphis fell in love with Zach Randolph. And the other stuff. The stuff. Off the court. The sort of delightful Teddy bears that he was in the locker room. When he women's a drug dealer wasn't trying to overcharge him. And the fact that he was distributing turkeys the fact that he was and truly winning humanitarian awards in the end he had made the fact that he was pay NM OJ and your bills. All it happened though. Zach was absolutely the ball player that we thought he was he transformed the franchise transformed how we think about the franchise. And transformed how we think about ourselves. In the process. And off the court. Given away turkeys can have a although that made us feel good about ourselves in that way do all of that happen. And so then you have the additional fact. Which some are you find inconvenient. Except apparently never spot start smoking weight. But the truth of the matter is. Is don't think anyone ever really thought that ran a stop smoke and weed did you think that read I've still struggling and I know I've Brent. Right you have a Bradenton and then we would have these little incidents that would crop up. And they were convenient to ignore to that would happen during the offseason import lenders to LA or anywhere else and but it's still. Britain grand let's just say. Like that that that part of that was always part of that if when grinding and and so there you ago. But that is the news I just feel like I'm I'm I feel bad about it I wish you were and I wish. And we should not been arrested I wish none of that happened it was redo NAFTA would and would wish we didn't have to have this conversation but the truth of the matter is. I don't think it changes much anything and it certainly doesn't shouldn't mean the grizzlies regret. Instantly retiring his number.