Geoff Calkins AUDIO: Jonathan Tjarks (Ringer) & Chris Herrington on Jackson/Prospects

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Thursday, May 17th
Geoff Calkins AUDIO: Jonathan Tjarks (Ringer) & Chris Herrington on Jackson/Prospects

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Our team. Ringer who if you're listening just before the break Chris Harrington said. Writes maybe the most intelligent stuff on this draft that he has seen is gonna invite him on the on his podcast if you still have won if he morally and commercial PL. So blessed Lee happily we have Jonathan joining us now serious stuff the ringer and follow them. Act Jonathan sharks' Jonathan how are you. You got out my credit is credit. It. Is grace and Ellison and so. So glad glad to have you. There is with the grizzlies slipping to four. There is a prevailing sense that they may well end up with. Adjourned Jackson junior and it's funny because it's not being greeted with great enthusiasm in Memphis com. And I went and read your piece on him which suggest it should be greeted if that's the way it plays out it should be greeted with some enthusiasm. The lie. First up on the ballot guy like that to dial on the house. I'm very disappointed that the primary response sort. Of. They let Jack send it to go out industry May Day. He's got a combination. Is a great rim protector. It is short screen is very fast great defense and I Q. You've got like that really really good report shot. I don't combination of skill of a heart condition I think make your seemed so much better. I mean I look at athleticism a lot of skill set he's the youngest big manager after the environment improves. I think this guy's got a really really bright fortunately. What do you make of the obviously. People look at Bob but I needed that I've but the bag and I and they look at Bagley and an aide to the Bagley 12 for the ringer. And they say they they look at all those points and all those dunks and they're excited about how excited about that. And they look at and then you look at that Jackson's numbers and Merrill less excited particularly honestly. In the tournament you sort of faded the jobs he had some tough gave them away Stony Brook was not one of his best moments and then. But in the tournament he faded. Is that. What's is that a product of usage or of the youth or what was that and is that worrisome. Mean and it's hard demand. I think is certain never really used to press China. He pretty much exact purpose for all season and that really look implant science. Doubt very controversial I. Did it as a village acts and I'll bridges I don't relate not to worry about that process feel like as I was trying to put or actually young player. Bob back we actually hit more explosive score like that like it think he had baton yes or a lot of constantly ask. Really our land defense right now it doesn't really have a great from the game a lot. Jackson doctor Jackson you think his offensive game is. Underdeveloped largely because of opportunity. Yeah cutting out a huge part of what happened this year is quite a very good Michigan State's in the lottery pick miles bridges. And that what before and they are mainly post him up here in Israel pick and rolls very low or very old school like two big men costs cents. It hadn't actually I don't think the strength of his game much or jacks that are going to be it'll lead score a primary option. I think he can give you 1516 points at the center position. Ultimately will be a center. No question right leaders are now a question can he play next to mark the salt if that's the way it unfolds in the meantime. I'd. I think so com. I'm not sure that linked to certain players who gathered in mowers necessarily agree option long term. To me to drafting back for more about this in the first piece of the maximum Christine. Or I didn't think I got like exactly Gasol it was or a lot of towards at least. A once in part that it would make sense at Memphis is exactly so saying. He's written running post up big man could doesn't protect where Sony's and senator senator couldn't protect Iran and a pop. It would attack. Program. That except I actually assault district together. And the procedure after a player to maximize the salt content at carriage. Right if you were the grizzlies GM and not a spy for Dallas. Om and Hanford and Jackson and let's just say for some reason Jackson and Bagley which would not happen because the reason. Bagley was slit the Memphis is if Jackson went to Atlanta presumably. But if they were both available who would you take from office. I'm taking tax per share the only thing if I get my colors that are unaware right now. Like a lot times he's in demand the ownership cobble. Actually you'll I think that would help you more year want to legislate that's around them from building a team Alice sent orchard actually at that he's a perfect turner. On a smaller center who shoots in the sense to me it's like sort of warm are are published. You make the point is actually a better defender I mean Bob gets a lot of credit for being a better defender. But a good defender but Jackson's better. I would think there are two best like a dollar a respect I respect they are top ten right now. And Jackson and Bob Marley too defensive backs out of out of state taxes I think it's awesome Bob it is not unlikely. And I think we're except from Bob has three point shot like Jerry dot a quarter percent three point shooter but. There's a lot of us Serge Ibaka in his game I think is more skilled and surge. Is that the three point shot obviously he shot honored my I think basically three game made 40% of bomb. There are some questions about his release do you have the same questions about his release and I worries. I don't think I think she's pretty consistent so much action in treatment just like if you are like DUIBL eighties college shot. I will be there Lisa Jackson the current push in earnest face. And let it apart from the get off the dribble shooter I want her Scotland looks like he hit you at 25 of the game I'm not sure. I don't. What would drag how the point there did it exactly about art and art. I think that having got pretty say I look look look early exit as the crane shot against the at least. Where you you have we're in it just in terms of the bigs in this draft where how do you have the market. In some I'm. I'm are ignoring her chair says they don't. Pay capped over in me. You about the draft. Better than. What he actually. A defense man it's a really. Others say like. Big men who don't walk shop in college generally don't do it in the NBA either it's got a skillet hearts are brought to you already. Getting a certain scored 25 points is more valuable westerner who can achieve fifteen to return blocks and kind of quarterback it. Let let me again we're talking to Jonathan sharks from the ringer. You can follow on Twitter at Jonathan charts are read his stuff by all means that he's written on the draft it's fantastic. If we look at how we we think the draft might play out. Right now people assume Phoenix Eitan. How does that fit look to you. Scenic train I mean it's great if he learns to play defense it's just to me was very tough about that a few of Aden and. Booker and all these young guys Jack Bender credits. Does not sure if there's that are about playing these can give it started playing defense and you young guys don't play defense you're really knock on. I wander. If I could have taken two or three more years pressure. And the patient's fat of the bat for so long without me strapping young senator restore credit you aren't it's going to be a lot to protect our. Does the onto shelves the war. I think I think are the figures are multiple hamper rock band idiot do you bring an older center. I think to me like the rebuilding it's just hard. It's hard to bring any unflattering young torn cartilage and they're gonna beat me because it's a learning purposes so hard for those positions in the league there's. Let's assume Hayden goes to Phoenix and then Sacramento ends up with Don church what what do you make of that. And also there's a story now the sort of some rumblings that he. May or may not. Come over they want to stay in Europe which is obviously he'd be using has some sort of a pressure point although to accomplish what. It's unclear I don't know which of these teams he wants to go to them which of these teams he wants to avoid. But how do you like the Fed sacrament. Think it to get I think. I think you get in my Kennedy is due unconscious and Bogdanovich. Actually an article on our blog at blog on the list are rookie either go to player. They are have a pretty good relations are talking about last year. I think that those two guys to like very. Back new school year in second on the ball off the ball great passers great shooters. Against Sacramento line Kennedy. They have different position but I have like a bit so we're gonna do well oh against the cold. I think it is to Atlanta. If you're Atlanta. A year have you taken Jackson if you can't have put us you love them. Do you expect they will rule or house Bagley said. I think. I don't I think the draft John column Bashir because John contacts are the same on actually worrisome Margo. Interior scorer to back shot blocker. Did you really aren't prepared Collins got it together I think you would castle chapter three picture. So you think there is a very good chance that Bagley will be available at four. Ellis I think Serbia. And how would you feel about that if you are Memphis. Mean I think it does make sense would cost Gasol. If I could be more matter grafting back we expect. How many more years left in the salt can be a good player account concert diet and mine has medical's I think but the big question because. What exactly is he can get them somewhere. Where he plays with a guy without a quarterback the defense. Any place and it play in the state interest in the rim fortune are around them. Likely pretty yet but he doesn't lower gas because Saturn or back to defense but to be a big problem. If you go somewhere where there is not lecturing around him or it could be a big problem I think this. Meant it as a spot for actually in terms of our. Okay and then let's look in terms of the cluster of players who were presumed to be coming next whether it's. Michael Porter junior I don't know what you think about Jimenez medical's obviously. Tray young. Lama. We left we whoever else wanna throw when there I'm do you have a projector conviction or lack of conviction about any of them. I think he acts that I career for as a bigger com ball they'll have their slot as supporters of solar parks can play last year. I mean at least 611 is about that seemed like such a masses. News that concern. You drastic that I. Think I'll put out there ought to Michigan State I really like mild bridges I think he's really shake it was some sweet yep side. A bigger wings can really shoot it Smart player. He's very very very good Albert it's kind of guy he wanted to dunk contests and compete and its equipment. Where do you put when adults harder and all of us. Talk Carter's apostle ones because I think like I have in years ago car might have been investigators ask you very skilled very Smart. Good interior defender. You just wondered how to speed you wander about to meet survivor technicals that would require a lot of do pretty much gave up on it permanent zone there right we don't want regarding the pain. So how much can you how much you value really its Saturn and like like hey it's a really tough. Was due given up on Bagley or giving up like Carter giving up on both of them. Boasts. A cash but there might be about mark and. Aims horse like do before and that person emerge this year they're very up and down. And like they whatever it plays hit girl in villages so sure of the exact thing Carter just. Under the Boston College on a dirt again they look supportable. Costing mr. his hand output from the results or whatever. So do you come in terms of this because what you hear about Bagley sometimes is obviously. Like he's certain athletic qualities which are absolutely only. Does he have the Atlantis isn't to be a good defensive player because what you hear sometimes is sort of on the field or instincts or will it. People tell you that they just don't think he has a a particularly high basketball IQ. What is it do you think Bagley can be developed into a decent offensive play. So far layer right now like. English I Derek Fine but do Russert is planes go and he still was very news it is desired effect as well he would stand there and look as part forum. It kind of reminds me at a bar I'm not comparing him exactly alike. Amare he's got back athletic ability and scoring ability the defense I think it just going to be a very very long process or maybe it never comes. Target sent via the athletic with regard to a wrap this tournament where you mentioned yeah. Oh man. That's one not what either you your GM your article. Years. I think I think he can be really good but it is Mike Mullen blockbuster to gamble on a public turns out like exactly park I think he's a really good. Well the point I don't I don't what are that you typically or are things going on in. OK and then lastly as a Dallas guy. You're said to be have slipped the Memphis slipped past you obviously. But what's what what are you hoping for if Jackson isn't there for Dallas. I think I would take our mile bridges herb Michael poor lady MacBook or iPod. To me like once you get the first two days there are a lot of pictures such question marks. I'd take it saint platter. And without ever building effort you don't need to get geared toward their starters weird being bitchy Libya have a map maybe one. So much we actually get a guy can lock in. Bershard too late starter some upside I think it's safer wing to me like they are riskier in the from the ceiling as well he basically the little score. Who are the safe bigs just to clarify who do you consider the safe bigs in the strand Jared. Jerry Jack's record. Eight who will get you twenty so the safest it's a different order. I donate at least he disobeyed his car. You don't consider Bagley a safe that. I think actually it's just the right situation I think the pockets of the Barack leg but the defense actually is really bad defense and that. Battle and apparatus put a certain on your team from now until it learns. Jonathan you're awfully good to join us a really do appreciate lug your stuff and we have started on the road. No problem locally channel ArcelorMittal. Better recognize you heard a lot of walking pretty. You come together on that thanks again but appreciative of it or. Thanks very much interest to army we German real quick the concern is gunnery German what Jamaica. It's a maze like as he is like I at least he now that doesn't he he's willing. I mean I've been saying there's a there's a disconnect between the way fans view badly in the way a lot of you know quote unquote professional people leaks in the media you badly. But but sharks is is more willing to just go out his own follow his own brain when he's right or wrong that most people aren't you look at. Individual traffic rankings his will be less conventional than others which I think is interest. If you read like a sweet and he he was good on the radio but he's a writer if you around the stop what is really really give thought he'd tell these guys and it's really interesting. But I mean this from goes to the point I was making earlier is that so much of the focus is offense not defense but when you actually play basketball title win basketball games. There's more of a balance there and they urged is such a different defensively. This or what I said yesterday back I believe in back Resop I believe in Jackson's defense but if you flip them around. I bush I think I believe in Jackson's off its morning and back he's back he's the right. That sad I it would be hard for me not to take Bakley if I have the choice between the two just because I do think it is a somewhat safer paying. But I do think a lot of fans just discount the defense of impact in the value. Of that Jackson is going to give USC team defender or even if you don't see that. Even if the box score line of his points and rebounds as the jump out to you. That plus minus my jump out you because he's good at it the other product I was lifting is that he is a pretty clear sense that he thinks that. The guy we may well be there. Liked it that that in terms of fit in Atlanta yeah Jackson makes a lot more sense am I if I because I don't think badly and let me know what it was but it Diana write a mice I. I would I do not assume Bagley is clocked in at three at all. And I'm also I'm comfortable enough with both those guys are totally different players aren't like them both enough. But about the grizzlies I'm content to just sit there foreign take which everyone else and it doesn't get headaches what what Chris Wallace said seemed like he wasn't. Fibbing about what it means right when he said we just didn't want it five right. Now I disagree with John that eight. I do think you're defense of concerned with Lleyton but I I watched him a lot last year I am not as concerned as he has on the no attention to me as I do think that. They could. This idea that they're gonna operate they are going to be beauty young next year they could they could be back and while the price will be back in premarket yes canceled about a lottery next. Go to got anywhere appreciate it I thanks for the for the pace of her priest Alberto or take a break back and amounts of opportunity in anatomy.