Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1)

The Gary Parrish Show
Wednesday, October 11th

Seg 1:  GP and Geoff discuss pathetic soccer performance by the US

Seg 2:  GP talks about the stripper from Vegas who was with Miami Line Coach who got fired

Seg 3:  Dinner to Go 


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And I don't know people remember the Joseph OMB was it like a consensus top five. Later in the country or anything you talked about it he would just like I'm in good good recruit again but he shortly what we discussed in the same circles that Andrew Wainwright Jabari Parker all those guys work. I was in the gym and they had to do something on Mandarin. And Indies were down by himself. And bills itself points and he says that's going to be the best one I've ever had an asset to. He pointed MD. Anna and I should Wear it like he walked so I changed my story can I get a write about it and what he's like which is great and he's again and that'll be the best when I lost that I've ever had in oh. And by January of that year. Indeed it was clear he was the better prospect and he would have been number one pick in the draft if not for the injuries. To date he's still only played like 31 regular season NBA games but he is so immensely talented. That even with his injury problems and only thing. And it's 31 games. He signed on a 48 million dollar contract earlier this week to go back and look at Kansas team they finished 25 and ten. Boston's are determined to stand for but that's because MB was hurt. Otherwise that could have been a true national championship contender but all that team into wigand's. Decide on a forty million dollar contract Joseph and he just 148 million dollar contract. Perry Ellis who went on to your first team all Americans held an on the eighteenth when he cell yeah member of the Memphis Grizzlies. Part black and that's right who's now transferred I'd think a member of the Houston rock artists and frank Mason who went on to be a national player of the year and is in the NBA right now that team was loaded. But they got cut short tournament because of an MB to injury. Just doctors at next. 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You need it to handle and they walk you through all options at all confident you can make educated decisions in order to allow the best the most cost efficient solution. Again if that's been skiing and Marty Bradley S can change team. And Sam Martin don't you need a do you call him by doing. 8901528. And Marty there on the web. At fifteen. A five year Berry show here on T 99 of them ESPN cubs still won nothing to the national. Nobody mama Clusty is there every role beyond just text message to them every five minutes about how mad beautiful. He hits the cub the HD now cross birdied everything about what's happening at Wrigley right now. At nationals down one nothing then headed to the bottom of the fifth Strasburg got a new two hitter going. Despite battling flu like symptoms and had to be shamed into. Actually pitching game four Jeff god that you. You can't get there so. You and I don't brag about this too often but in certain circle we are known as soccer expert so. Up until after a debacle last night where the United States of America loses to a tiny island off the coast of Venezuela. What are we gonna do to finally fix soccer in this in this mainland. I'm. Well. That distinction question. Well right fired but it first iron right at dad and ultimately counts is that good let's start. An incredible job you get fired in the supposed to do got fire puts earlier they had brought us that they didn't that's yeah. And and an arena and without it fired. Clinton and Egypt he got to do that again but then had an alternate whatever is live and let it. That aren't. I don't know it's like it's funny that people do good little fire thing. I don't think there's no excuse or or. Not make it out of that particular group like that in Paris right. But the question parity to the like really really awesome let's blocker than people follow along. Well all these kids who got played soccer alternately you've come off the taco to everyone goes and open a five year old. Does in their soccer and so you do you wanted and then we'll put his good soccer players. Editor who acute problem that under the gun required to turn out. Dockers and actually blooming like you to get all the numbers Arafat. Helmet and they're not I don't rattle eagle football which shall all has you know there have been reduced. I. Injury scare that it's back. Lot of the people of what you soccer UK and the the liquid diet sort of made up my show this morning was. Are able arch. The people who are playing youth soccer. Our middle class white people and it went a little bit go to that event. SharePoint. I mean I forgot to declare the credit. And then act exports will compete against other Democrats like people likes snowboarding or golf or whatever out bad like which wasn't you know. Bad bad corporate good. Several pretty good. Are aware and it broke the world actually playing soccer you know it it would and it didn't take again and it played out mystery right. And instead for a you know patriot doubt about joy they travel soccer team. That's sort of limits because they're blocker. I don't think it necessarily get the best best best and most driven athlete playing poker but that's part of our problem. It is among the fundamental problem the hateful place dial. Set up that we have here which you have to theme. Not necessarily wealthy. But certainly a couple of middle class to upper middle class to be able to afford. To play soccer at the highest youth levels in this country whereas I mentioned this this club. I've I've I'm sure you have talked about this before this article and your ties from 2010. And it holds up perfectly seven years later rider went over there to Amsterdam and just. Spent weeks at this soccer academy. They are tax cut soccer academy. And just sort of contrast to how they do things. With how we do things the headline on the story is called a star how we soccer star is made a posted on the FaceBook page in a my Twitter feed if anybody wants to look at it as super interest and but one of things you point out is exactly what you said. We have a system where if your compared to pay a lot of money to to to to raise. Soccer players were competing at the highest levels of their age groups whereas. With this academy in Amsterdam what they do is they go out and and actually scale five year olds six year olds seven year olds. And if they see something they like. Maybe just the way cat runs may be just the way he touches the ball just little things that they're quick to. And equipped to look for. They did invite them to their academy and what they do at that early age. Like so let's just say the age of seven. They literally send a car or boss to a kid's school to a seven year old school mid day. And he's he's brought he's taken out of school three days a week Monday Wednesday Friday. He's brought to this academy. And they provide tutors for them to continue their education and even enhance their education. And then they trained in small groups seven year old it's they try to practice practice practice no games. No ref Rees. They're just training and doing what they're instructed to do so they have a lot high level instruction. In small groups practiced practiced practiced. You know much cost. Twelve euros a year for some insurance purposes felt it but basically nothing. Nothing better and what they do within his they intensified as the kids get older. You know that it is that when your fifteen now it's five days a week you're training training training. And it and and as if kids get older they sensible way. You know they say okay we don't we don't want you here anymore which is the cool aspect of this but but it's like you they're there to develop soccer players. Not soccer teams soccer players what do you think his right points out of the story he says you were obsessed with competing. At earliest ages we take three year old would put a soccer ball at their feet and with the referee on the field we say okay play we don't just won't play. There they don't people play games. They just practice practice practice it's never got competition so it's never about building a team. In basketball baseball any sport in America. If it were can work we're obsessed with building the best teams we can win a state championship or regional championship or Little League World Series or college championship. In in Amsterdam and really all throughout Europe. They're not trying to build teams they're trying to be old soccer players. The best they can make and they talked to a team when they're adults. And it just shows that it really every way we do everything it just backwards relative to the way they do what it's like this. So just to take basketball different sport but like it's the same messed up philosophy. We pick the best basketball players the best both tell the players in this country. And we. Basically from the age of 91011. Years old all the way through high school. They spend about a 451. Gap every year. Barely practicing. But traveling all over the country and compete playing games. That's insane. And yet in in Europe didn't win any big soccer players they spend that say about time. Almost entirely practicing and hardly ever playing games. They know how they're they know how to do it there where we don't know how to do it here and were able to get away with a good basketball. This completely backwards approach to building basketball talent because basketball is unlike soccer a game of athleticism. And you can actually just physically overwhelm your reports. LeBron James came face to do the project could play high school basketball anywhere skipped college played cal what mattered he he was going to be this. But in soccer where we're so far behind is in skills you have just skill the skill development. And the way that we we try to way that we trade soccer players in this country right now. I'm isn't a way to actually ever catch up with those countries that's what that's the best I can tap. I think that's good and you actually get to think that he does is decorate your with a good about the way back ballclub because we lived in Europe partial deal relative statement. In the United States. I'd also like I I agree that all the way we do things backwards all the games and football practice. But even if you get it the way we do. A legal be better at soccer as if everybody could at least twice. I felt like like right now we played basketball IB Billick. And what a lot for the basketball wise because. You don't have to pay 5000 dollar in three doubt about it for about about the other day kitty pilgrim. Keep it would. Which gave me fantastic it is they want all the fellow but it got what Mickey is the dual focus and they got that they don't look at the countless quiet. And it's not as sport that requires money. And apparently soccer intranet or the trip required money it's all the back of the field and everything like that basketball. It's a ball in a real and a cork it's really patient be as democratic. Both sports and yet. Basketball in this country and ultimately democratic or been able to quiet. And so wore off. A doctor is this sport in this country. Well you really be able bodied and on and unless I could the only place where that where there's organic and I like that obviously is an immigrant cultures. But so you'll look at the look who's on the team an attempt to beat. You know not pure. It tends to be back. Folks who are good generation born you know white America. The current debate more folks a couple of different cultures and so. You didn't expect the biggest problem we have turned. We have curtain. Soccer into a minivan or. And so what I've got to have a. I'm talking just caucus here in 99 FM ESPN all that aside. Possible a country of 323 million to 38 year old Tim Howard's best goalie we can produce. One credit and that's the same to me. Like you like I imagine like you only need one quarterback. And we can go okay we did use Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady or. Any any where people Cam Newton whatever order you only one pitcher OK call will use corn clued her or or. Zack Greinke or. It in Italy. Click crucial. Millicent garden. You know we won boldly we kicked the thirty year old. And and ball and don't think that Americans are both speaker of the British I don't acquire all that still work with your feet it's a huge. You know we were used to it and educates. Simpler appellate that was the one ballot but one place where Americans are both be off. That is yes I do really believe it all the side. They're both sort of reason that you shouldn't beat Trinidad but you know I think so I took a look like what that we're not competing or competing again a group. It'd Panama and poor. And Trinidad and let it go it's a great Federer Federer won back competing against European soccer or competing airport group where you should it. You sure you can put Cole in competence should be able to finish for the forgot that you forgot you were Italy and Australia. It's as such we did last night that the United States has a population 323 million. And Trinidad and Tobago has a population like one point three million. Like in that's the that's the country that just eliminate the United States from from the World Cup and they're like like every two minutes somebody tweeted me and says. What does population have anything to do the. Just we just about a very basic level. When you have 322. More million. Point two million more people than another country. Could it be able to find eleven better soccer players and they do. But what sort aggressive and blind spot here. Now it's the fact their failure. That you did I I'd go all the numbers on but there's there's different. It is and how you define you soccer some people say despite what about what you saw the players a look at countries some people started to believe you can't players in the country. Somewhere in somewhere in there. But basically we haven't many people play you can stop there I think of people. All the good yet. We should be able to beat them it's soccer on track element of our current price with a brand. But wherever wherever they were eliminate long time ago but instead of apply for all but ordered a couple of. The whole thing was ridiculous like eight and Brad bill brought this up earlier and obviously one's presidential election and the others merely a soccer match. But last night did. Like sort of have that feel like oh look what the war the way the election night when it because when we ain't. We left the studio 6 o'clock on the night of the election it was just sort of okay at some point tonight it'll be called Hillary Clinton's going to be the 42 pres the United States first woman president are history and then it was like. Oh wow this doesn't seem to be going so well. And it was like all war all this really might happen and then by the time you go to bed it's like holy crap I don't trust the president. Let's I was like kinda the same thing because. First up you know I think his bulls to win the match like there that think. Tentacles terrible they were big the United States like minus 400 on the Moneyline or something close to it so you're supposed to win the match. But he if you don't win the match you'll pie if you tied your still going to the World Cup barring some things that just we're never gonna happen. Really if Gil loose stool you're probably gonna make the World Cup because it would take some unlikely things happening on other soccer field at the same time. To actually eliminate you for the World Cup and so I was like you watching this and go away other down one nothing that's kind of crazy. Oh geez they're down to go on that kind of crazy and it's like okay this is embarrassing but this government now about there was like a wild so they just scored. And another game. All the crowd out this pierce scores in the game the United States might really be in trouble but two minutes later goal in that game. Any alcohol and Blair grant wall by going. You know to their real life like it everything in the way it is right now. The United States is eliminated. Go to what in the what is this even seem possible two hours ago in that. In that way it did kind of feel like the election night like. What is what's happening right now didn't even seem possible two hours ago and yet it's happening right now with the it was like a fun night on Twitter but I didn't really expect to enjoy it that way. I don't know striking to me was that a brand that sort of confidence is that they're two different actions today. People don't really care about soccer I don't most of America. Like well we sort of soccer like or of all I have to bed without a whole biblical it's too bad that I ordered drug or a couple of but basically were cracking jokes or whatever about what we seem to talk like that about 80% C 80%. And then I mean I I'm not at all and then 20%. Work. Devastating tsunami just absolutely. Devastated some of tweet me and say that it felt just like when Mario Chalmers hit the shot up a hole at all. So there will keep overall electrified you know people lifting right now. Cooled still have elected six field in their stomach. About what happened. I hope it is Liddy a couple purple you know what the when the Yankees are playing that there'd be Indian one candidate they could be happy at what won't be happier out in an effort. It would appear to have something where walk out of the coupled with the trinity. And yet there is such a disconnect. In people in the lives of people feel about that because some people it really wasn't a huge huge gut punch that they're gonna take a long time to get over. But the people I kept playing the which soccer. Oh yeah I. They're pretty jokes I would never if I'm Gary. Well people were getting attacked by the 20%. That gore who I. Don't like most people don't gut punched out but I'll. What I don't soccer and it's like studio you know hey you know I'd like that that at the but there was a lot of that happened last night which was just. Abbott of goods and all that those people also became that you don't know I think about how they kicked the ball on the field and their you know like you don't know how the intricacies. They're a great movie you could you war. Cracking wise about it it's purely. Any display of ignorance about apparently. I'd get it notable bit they're appealing to a slower. I totally understand what are lashing out and other people are distracted joked about but it was devastating it was like it was like it was cracked a joke without. About I have covered that matchup that the entire partly what they. Again I. Yes but I have very little sympathy for the hardcore soccer fan because not all of them. Not all of them. Certainly not all but a lot of us are the most annoying social media. All get out yeah any. And I I thought you could be true now I actually think it's more mainstream partly because. Let's all I'd like. And then all of front get a bunker like it's not. It had any benefit yet totally hard core of take care more more people legitimately care about. About soccer and about American soccer it's not this small group of people who feel like they've discovered something they have to wake up to the morning to watch. Anybody watching soccer is the bigger let lobby group. Perhaps but those people still exist and Daria I ran into Atlanta not so that you guys did go down to Melbourne. And I just tweet a very basic at the Tim Howard needs to find some middle of the right. And it is Gary and immediately it's like. Well you'll understand that always no no no people in the world to stop them all you might really you know people in the world at the other ball that sounds stupid guy shot up from 9000 yards away a bit just somebody could stop. That was by. I'll stick to basketball pairs you don't understand the sport. Unlike three year old play your sport don't act like it that complex of like no no faith and no baseball fan no football fans know basketball fan. Like in a group. It's so anxious to tell you you don't understand what it is you're watching as much as soccer fans like if it. I ate it up there too though didn't it don't you think it would be Eric. No group has been told more right 88 it will walk in the third quarter stopped the polls that. Don't agree that's also true. Yeah they are the definitely sensitive and perhaps the sensitivity is rooted in a very real place in and end it belongs there but like just stock like right now. If if Strasburg had a 31 count. To house war vote. And he just grooved a fastball. And I waited. Man I can't believe Strasburg just group at 31 fastball. They'll respect don't be like seven baseball fans immediately go and stick to basketball perishable. They look like they're always going to be soccer may have been due that a year which is just like I'd say it may perhaps be. The number has has decreased over the years but like the Erica they were all in last night so what they want cries. I don't mind so much I don't like them that much anyway stop telling me like if I don't wake up at 7 AM on watch a Premier League game. That I can't possibly understand it Tim Howard that they're moving like a 38 year old man as opposed to a a world class goal keeper. Like we you don't understand if anybody who like he's 38 your goal that's what I'm CO in my eyeballs that they begged not to saudis to fight a bit of the duke seems like a pretty. Simple tweak it that I. It was universal I saw the tweet that you might not need to argue with play like that that you they don't alum brawling get soccer fans were anxious to tell me. That tweaked. That Tim Howard seems. Seems not great at being a camera right now that somehow that we highlighted my lack of soccer knowledge that. Okay yes I think. You gotta have you're gonna have more time immutable Prussia the political. But in a M and those large extent it does suck because. You're right you know rose summer next season be slow we needed that Joker well we would like tonight. Yankees Indians right it's a game five I can't wait I don't really care who wins or loses I'm just in for a game five. You know between clover and sabathia. But like Indians fans are gonna be devastated. If they lose Yankee fans are gonna be devastated if they lose. But like a whole country won't be like all man because we so rarely all pool for the same port for the same thing except for the Olympics I really think this is true. The Olympics. And the World Cup. What we all like I don't cut parties like week it's like all night state of play and this is going to be far more all cheering for the same team and now we're not going to be the interesting side note last night is there were many females on my time one that pointed out yen the Mets suck but the women are awesome its culture we have that literally got nothing to do with. Nothing because some. As you are good at soccer though Gary that they have a boy it. Are good at soccer there other reasons though I didn't edit lightly at the rest of world. Affordable wondered sport like that the better off than they are off an African countries about affordable sports but at the much smaller group of countries. And it it to the discredited those countries could do you know what what sort of looked up it's well Christian my description Trinidad Tobago. The other thing that's exactly right we're not awesome in women's soccer because work training women's soccer players in some drastically different way than we are men's soccer players or because we have. Women's soccer players who were more naturally gifted then men's soccer players it's simply the rest of the world does not. Put into into it for the most part doesn't put emphasis on women's sports I didn't know bush because but because of title nine and other reasons. We push our goals. Into being athletes we encourage that it's actually discouraged in other countries and that's why we're just way ahead of the gate way ahead of the field. When it comes to women's sports and that's why we're awesome at. At women's soccer even though on. Our goal would be supper relatives and our star player goes dad cuts in and get so drunk she gets kicked out they still qualify to kind of woke up every single time. No problem at all just got about doctor tomorrow. 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There in the top of the seventh right now so early today. Yeah the Las Vegas stripper who exposed in Miami Dolphins assistant coach Chris western late Sunday night. A with a video of him blowing lines off the table and professing his love for her she gave a radio interview keys wanna she went on you know you know our name exactly regular pronounce that it I have a hearing it's keys want to nine she's one denies and so she went on the day of the parts show earlier today. And Dan Levin tardiness. As you would if you had a woman like this on your radio shows started asking all sorts of questions and one of them was a touted had AG to meet Chris Forster and basically I don't know I don't hear this okay well. So the dolphins were tracks and I'm California now I'm before they were playing the chargers in week one look at him like if you are in Vegas or. If you're in Vegas I think anybody who knows I was at Vegas understands like if you're looking for company. It's not hard to fine yes it's able literally hand you flyers on the street as a walking around is just like hey there's like billboards hey. If you wanna sleep put this girl tonight I had this it's like this direct but life. It's a pretty close. Hey here's pictures of twelve girls tonight. Deal like any album yet because we can have her come to your hotel room tonight. As it really does work on and so. As she explains Chris Forster like he was looking for quote entertainment. And any she says he also mentioned that he wanted to party which of course is code for. Wind candy to a bunch of Coke Netscape giver hear somebody say sort of party or the party that's what that means I. I. Yeah actually helped me already realize that yeah and it like a silly rescue the party injected in sort of a wrong lay there if so what did you wanna party it doesn't mean like hey do you wanna have a good time I mean you it mean like it means like do you wanna go to the bathroom and yet he's been one to a lockout and so she says he mentioned that he wanted to parties and so we met multiple times and we partied. He used me. Does the quote. As it cocaine platter. Do you let us. You described yourself as a cocaine platter. For Chris Ford store which just means that he was doing lines directly off of her body for body as yeah yeah which is something I think we should announced from Sunday night because in that video that was released yeah. He did say. After telling her how much he loves her. And acknowledging. That this is pretty crazy that he's doing all this blow right before it goes to a a meeting for work but he did say that. And though he's enjoying what he's doing it's not as much fun as. Doing the lines off of her private parts who said that directly into the camera so hmm. I don't think we should be surprised that this woman. He's wanna was used as a cocaine platter but it was nice to get her confirmation now earlier today on the radio so celeb to target someone asked what would your mold of what why did you do they also like this guy clearly trusts did you obviously. I'm stupidly plus did you. But he clearly trustee what is your motive to expose them sweat and a and that's what she said. My motive was to basically expose the inequalities in the system scoring it's not just the NFL. The inequalities that come to being a minority compared with a white privileged person in America in general. This is shining light on the inequality we have as a country. We don't get paid the same amount as everyone else to be completely honest me and my best friend actually already had plans to record in some way regardless to expose and even if he didn't send that video it was going to be exposed because it needed to be exposed. How do we have someone who has paid millions to be a leader for team don't blow when we can't have blacks nearly for the National Anthem. After I realized his habits and Hui was everything going on in the system. He was going to get exposed in quotes let's pack a lot there bodies like to unpack of begin that okay. While I think at this point it's well established I'm on board with the National Anthem protest. I'm on board with trying to shine a light on the inequalities in America yeah. I am pro can't predict a pro Michael Bennett and control of that you you are pro kneeling. I don't understand. How exposing a football coach. As. Adulterer and you know dozens of illegal substances. Does any thing to shine a light on racial inequality in this country there's a there's a breakdown there somewhere like art. Loss register for. Right I'm on like I'm on board with your massive gap but I don't know how this actually. I actually your message I don't I admit I never quite connected like that that's why the protest makes sense to me yeah because it's like here's what we're gonna do we're gonna use the anthem as a vehicle yes. To create a conversation about police brutality and racial inequality start conversation and it has undeniably done that because we talk about it every week for more than a year now yes. That vehicle worked I don't know how exposing this football coach. As a possible drug addict. How bad. Sparks a conversation about racial equality it just farcical conversation about cocaine well hey here's she's been consistent hears her FaceBook statement it says the white. People mad at me like I forced blow down this man's nose and like I recorded on below. Know all those are his habits and he reported himself and sent it to me professing his love so quick to make excuses for him. But all roast a minority player over and dumb dog fights we'd domestic issues it setter but shall keeps an all lives matter. STF you. Like it's like she's she's she's on point with her message like she's got that. I just don't understand I don't. So that white privilege exists there are a couple of well that's it will it does but I don't understand how exposing a man as a drug addict it proves that there are real there's a problem with racial inequality in this country like she's got a break down there somewhere where it's a tough message to kind of connect here well. First off like what do you talk about who defend this guy. Have you heard one have you heard anybody defend all only that I've ever heard is people just calling stupid like do it why are you. Do we cope before work we can you explain why you do a cult in general liberals can be explained by you'll he's got a drug addict. So why you don't cobra don't work well he's got problems and maybe that's the reason why you video in itself like you can have a drug problem be still be Smart enough to know I'm not gonna video myself doing this and then put this video in the hands of a stripper that's done you can expose you or extort you have is just stupid hi all I've heard people say about this man is like. What an idiot what an what an idiot not because he was with a stripper although clearly that's backfired but it not only because he was using. Although clearly probably shouldn't be doing it before a team meeting if at all but because he used. Video it showed the video to a woman who would. Only use that to extort them or expose it I dirty by taking up this man now I've heard people in this is the dog dude on the history of drug users. The district uses for them bullet three million dollar a year job. And possibly blow up his family. Because he video himself. Doing Coke and then sent to a stripper which is vastly different they had somebody secretly recording him doing Coke if he loses his job over that. Or loses his family over getting caught with stripper that's one thing. Might just be unlucky but when you literally the person that created the evidence and then put it a stranger mostly strangers hand out to be. Too long Null. Didn't. Double planets are heard anybody defending him at all so I don't know what she's talking about there and any other thing. She said that. Again just doesn't make much sense unless that it could have gave me reason talk about this. Incredible story again today for a season how to we have someone who is paid millions to be a leader for team doing blow. When we can't have blacks are dealing for the income. Well. Sweetheart. We don't have. A man paying millions to be a leader of a team doing blow because immediately when it was known that he. Was doing he was buyers can't you are forced to resign. So what you're talking about. Like the weight of that statement would make sense would be if the dolphins after that video came out on Sunday night said we stand by Chris Forster and we can't wait to have him on the sideline with us. This Sunday when we play another professional football game. She would be at a good position to say how can that man state employee to buy a football franchise after he's on video port. I think your club to a stripper I am all in line. And yet he had without help what did you need during the anthem he's got word person Anwar. Had it and I have been like you're exactly right all of Vegas strip marked this. Madness. When he was. No to be doing well we don't get what happened when all you're not make sure that is why this is actually the dumbest thing in the history of sports. But could this woman is so. What tonight. Way to say stupid things crazies easel cuckoo Gary she's a little cuckoo for cocoa pop he's cuckoo for cocoa cuckoo for cocoa no question. This man is not the first person to ever get caught when a woman he once supposed to be with Hurley won't be the last. He's not the first person who risked his career over drugs right and it won't be the last. Oh he might be the first person to ever actually video himself. Doing. Low. Professing his love. To. Eighties not only woman to whom he's not married. A woman who went to Los Vegas stripper he barely knows and it seems that video Toure. And they might go back. He's the only one I've known people get boss did secretly all the time dance secretly recorded doing this secretly recorded doing that. This band recorded himself in Cynthia evidence to a stripper. School. Really was caught on home top ten dumbest things. A sports figure has ever gone as far as I can tell or remember. 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I don't wanna waste trip you can talk to lead or long 3609679. What did you want a computer. You just watching YouTube videos on a plan on FaceBook or you actually like in the game is stuff like that if you've ever had a computer. And what really has spent 2000 hours to get kind of computer you need to do what you wanna do. It might not go so talk to them they'll find that the better suited for the better sort of boy it's could be better price or value save money it's open systems. 3609679. On the web Cooper systems. I have a definitive go to dinner goes presented by Humphries crime cuts shock of folks folly original piece. What did we learn today a bunch of stuff but mostly we are terrible soccer and it's because we're doing it wrong at the youth level. We need to copy European models to try to create soccer stars. Not create fun soccer teams that win trophies when you're twelve. And thirteen and fourteen and fifteen until we commit to that wrecked cars and we'll continue to be embarrassment. On the international stage what's the biggest. Game tonight. He's Progressive Field in Cleveland. Game five and five game series so this is for as they say. All along horrible season sabathia on the mound for the yanks. Corey Cooper on the mound for Cleveland. First pick you bet that no way you can watch it on FF one of right now if you want to update Nashville's got up national still up one nothing. Strasburg got me three hitter through seven so we're in the top of the eighth right now check this out now. So far in this series he was Strasburg pitched fourteen innings. You strike out only three walks only six hits. Zero on the wrong that's why you started. He's. First thing that rained out yesterday the day that allowed the co national to use Strasburg in game four as opposed to us. I've had a role art might really be what keeps the cubs better the World Series for the second consecutive year we'll see what she's done watch on TV you know what I watched a baseball game. I mean the Yankees are the biggest franchise in Major League Baseball area judge one of the brightest young stars Corey Cooper probably about to be an AL Cy Young winner. What do for the second. Time in his career. A prime time baseball elimination game I commit to that by the UQ is there anything I need to make sure I'm real go to FaceBook page and check out that. New York Times article from 2010 about that. Soccer academy and Amsterdam that I talked about both in the opening segment and with Hawkins earlier today it's super interesting if you want to understand. How won't we are when it comes to developing elite soccer talent over you bet they want to. What's on tap for tomorrow. I mean my. Nobody job market join me in the first hour and Geoff Calkins in the second set before and enjoy and I. 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