Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017, Hour 1 (w/Mr. CFB Tony Barnhart from the SEC Network in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Wednesday, October 11th

Seg 1:  GP talks about the US soccer debacle, not making the 2018 World Cup

Seg 2:  Mr. CFB Tony Barnhart talks about UT QB change, Butch Jones, the SEC and college football with GP during "The Big Interview" presented by Ruths Chris Steakhouse

Seg 3:  4 stories at 444 with more on the Grizzlies, Thomas/Ainge fallout, JR Smith/Cavs issue, and Andrew Wiggins/Kansas and his new contract


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Jerry Jerry show. Gary Player black guys in the studio produced a program. When they graduate they. Leaderboard watch. A bottle that. You said it watch on this DN network tonight Brad it'll be fun. You said Gary. Got a one night disappointing night embarrassing night the United States of America TC NN. She's at all not the yeah. Headquartered four point five Tony Barnhart could be here. Mr. college football once the FCC network we'll talk that these people all of them including. If they make it out quarterback Jake did get a matter Tony borrowed from the airport mortified that a judge that would Elton Ford auto start the ball forty or. Which we'll we'll discuss four previously on the stuff stored them on pedigree and leave the back inside at former tonight. Theater and right here and it's not a thirtieth the end. Talk about a full 44. He might never. Ever ever speak to do any change again. The way he would Dell. Irving that's all you. A little later on this now. JR Smith all. Let's go to the video games what was his demotion to the big he talked about that. The reason chemistry problems and Cleveland maybe we'll get into that good for 5 o'clock and Andrew Lincoln got. Agreed to a five year conjure a 148 million dollar hits through Kansas players who played together at KU. Joy will be. Everywhere from. You know what 45 games while second round. Which is why they lost at around the turn. They had this week those two players. It's signed contracts totaling nearly 300 million dollars though. Heidi good to be a former Kansas basketball player would get into that good for noble stores full 44 father god god god don't give microwave at 545. Stripper who expose. Miami Dolphins assistant Chris forced him earlier this week have a dream. Wickedly. Leo himself doing cocaine. And hit the video to. She explain her actions today. In other explanation make much sense but I don't care for another the an opportunity to talk about a man that feeling himself doing cocaine in the senate do its purpose and we ain't that's that went. Store part wanna buy that we'll do dinner to go and get out of it's that the Rondo got a lot to get to it but don't start with that soccer debacle last night so vehemently yesterday yeah I remember it. Yeah. I'm looking for something to do every night when I get home and on the be playable kids and try to figure out something to do you have young kids. Like doing so like hey I might watch this television show. You can't do that I am I watch a movie tonight you can't do that right when you have young children people. Having gone through this understand and if you haven't just understand your day's coming that you're gradually add is that the the time that they can't get a border watching movies and dynamic on the market read a book tonight Amish. Working and watch the television that you can't do that. Home because you can import a million different direction it's a nice throw in some they'd both be thrown once somebody's. Some today supposed to be patent or they just generally what your attention especially a three year old all three year old war I got a three year old. All three year old wants is like for you to. Do whatever if he wants to just bigoted today Hampshire when I get home about 630 every night. I am. Almost every night committed to. Hey three year old Oliver what do you wanna do right now let's do it right now we played Candy Land cool we box and cool. We play and some video game fine we look at stuff coming out that awesome whatever you he wants to do it what we have to do otherwise it just turned did you disaster. So basically reduced to having to watch some sort of sporting event every night now during the summer it's great if I want to Mets games of the baseball game. But we had a weird situation last night now where. There wasn't really anything on TV because cup can got rained down so we had no baseball. And you were disappointed about this I wanted to go home watch despite Intel's disappointing area I can tell it was. Well look imported or normal. Yeah so and used his what's Portugal at the pay attention every single thing it's not like you're gonna miss something different and now you look up and you go OK well now it's two to one lever it that's OK what do I don't want tonight when I get home I'm playing Candy Land him boxing with a three year old I felt. Now you guys let's talk again tonight it's actually a meaningful game because the World Cup fire. And apparently if they want and I learned all this yesterday yeah infect you recommended this then what should I watch on TV very good brat I said I'm OK if they want. Then turns out they secure a spot in the World Cup if they. Right not a guarantee but like barring a bunch of weird stuff happening elsewhere right they're still land and if they lose. Not great but still somewhat sort of deliberately it. And so they'll still prop. Probably end up in the World Cup the way. Not when I get home 7 o'clock kick on channel 620. Got an opportunity to watch the United States of America including a nineteen year old female I'm. Christian politics I got a happily go to watch them as secure a spot in the World Cup. So I think you don't usually watch it when you get home I want Americans to watch it when they get home were watching and so I went home that's exactly what I do and as they got the boxing match with a three year old and a watch soccer. And it earned. The United States was like nearly minus 400 on the money line all while they were supposed to win this game Trinidad and Tobago despite what you. Might have learned from last night. Yeah terrible and really. They all are all awful I think they didn't seem terrible watching them play us the question seem to be like you guys have come when one I've been to mount an end quietly watch the United States when a soccer match and then it started in churn of like you know one nothing pretty quickly friend because Tim Howard let the ball inexplicably go oh yeah I think goal and then lately it's another. Like a guy shot a ball from like 9000 yards away and somehow that goes and scores and so I tweeted that point Tim Howard needs to find something else the next. And immediately you get it's hard to push back the soccer hard core the hardcore solid. Those little bitches and I think if you guys are obliged to little bitches let me go on record they are. And column pick out well you can't. I got it is a lie but I would say. No no sports fans are as. A new waiting. As soccer fans what you don't understand guy they look the tell you know what you don't understand futile launch you're not a soccer guy like if you don't know a good ally here if you don't know every player in law league guy you can I possibly understand what happened on the field. Like it you don't wake up at 6 o'clock every Saturday morning of Sunday morning to watch this thing right now you that you can't posit the three year old play your. Look at it that complicated ethnic girls play your stupid I know the games acting like that to that I know everything about. If that Obama round I don't like many I. He'd find something else to do it does is it possible that we have 343 million people in this country and the soccer goalie we got that 38 year old Tim how a person like how. The apostle I haven client yesterday afternoon I'm like I don't know anything about our team that is Tim Howard still and all. The gym hours doing that I I guess I just assume though that we'll surely by now we found them a better than we don't move past this tournament I'm like no they. There aren't you know I don't know but why and all that and being in a cup but I think. Seriously 123 million people in this country. And the best we can do that 38 year old Tim how owning gold and is it is going. A pair early I don't think it is geared toward not looking hard enough like. You could actually like asked LeBron James is he free. Up until the gloves in there and just say no what budget. Only for us that it couldn't do worse lay down your arms followed all the guy got about my Tim Howard we'd like shot of soccer nerds like god and our move like a 38 year old and that's a problem in soccer you don't have to out. Be a lot legal fans understand that. And so I'm all back board not really lone back Ottawa did Ahmed. And so and up until she scored a one point that was cool but ultimately lose 21 time meantime. Like these matches where it was like OK now the United States lost that's crazy. All right. If you're going to be in the World Cup because if things happening over here in the state capital it just. It was like troubling the election just went it just went the other way it kind of like that's not a bad comparison like and what was happening like in the like in real time I get that was the election not dad has like done we spent all of we could literally every hole basically every poll showed Hillary Clinton to mean that present night so we expected just to go home and watch a bit and become official bank and then. As well and president had it. It happened tonight Jay if it happened tonight isn't what we don't. And then you you get home and it's like their precincts are reporting the cycle while Honda total winning there or won't trump playing there and it all what what are. Putting right now last night was a lot like that. It was like okay they're not playing well there probably gonna lose but still they're fine because this and that night and it's like this flip somebody scores over here it's like oh. Worst case and also extremely unlikely scenario and it's. Actually happening in real time. So like as the final minute to take it off the soccer match and it becomes pretty great guy is gonna look like grant wall longtime Zacharias whatsoever and he's like you know because somebody discord in this game and somebody else scored in this game. Like the United States is two minutes away. From being eliminated from the World Cup it's like what we went like this what even a realistic possibility is going. Thirty minutes earlier even if the Americans were going to lose or at least it was very likely scenario right so the Americans lose them this happened this happened that they are out of the World Cup after the first. Time since 1986. And so. Today that last night it started but certainly it's trickled into the deck. People are debating look at what's wrong with American soccer but what are we do yeah that's incorrect and every time I got the truth is. Athlete conversations about do we have the you know all this stuff the truth is there are some. More soccer fans the United States than ever you know and soccer is growing at an immense rate Major League soccer is a success people used to be dismissive of it. And I'm not pretend it's the Premier League and I don't think analysts fans would either but like you YouTube of games on and there are people in the stadium Alia interrogate wanna Seattle tourney game one and land yeah. Game on important like they have a real fan bases in Montgomery it's a real thing yup and in a way that it's never been in this country before. So all of that is is good stuff but the talk is like me. Which means like most sports fans right don't follow this stuff as closely will watch the World Cup we watch Euro cup. We might watch when it. Barcelona plays Madrid Ryan might watch a big champions league game for this but we're not in a casual sports fans the way. Right you. Com my watch football. Just because it's all on my watch basketball just because it's all right people don't just watch soccer just because it's all soccer fans watch soccer by and large and if so. We get into these conversations when big things happen. After World Cup. After something like last night now and you hear a lot of theories about what the issue is a lack of that let athletes playing the sport. Seems to be one that's out there that doesn't actually make a lot of sense to me yeah I mean I do think maybe if you took Russell Westbrook at the age of four and said you're going to be a soccer player right we might like that might be. Advantageous chair for the united he's as sick athlete but come in and Wetzel wanted to sound economy Yahoo! Sports. When you watch the United States play soccer. So rarely. Do you see them being out athlete right leg to players bigger stronger faster just running by our guys like that's not really what happens is skilled game. A mess he's my height right Ronaldo. Is like a 170 pounds. Corsica is. And it looks like get a dude you'd see it at the blame it on down the street. Louis to give the guy who I think weighs like 240 pounds right. Made like 59140. Something on a near there. Come when you watch him you don't say. That's amazing athlete he'd like it I don't know they make it's that now he's an amazing soccer player immensely skilled soccer player. A creative soccer player. And so I don't know that we have an athlete problem is much as we have a skill development problem. Item and it goes back to. The thing that I hat. To the extent I talk about soccer ball have talked about for years is that the way we train players in this country a leaked talent. Is just completely. Completely. In all the ports to right I mean I think it basically all sports. Now that we get away with it in basketball right in ways that we can't get away with it in soccer. Like the way we train our basketball place is insane. Our best players. Like are our most talented young people and basketball. Basically spend. Eight pearl. Through July every year. Barely practicing right early training just flying around and compete in tournaments I expect anything Anderson thing. We get away with it we're still the most dominant country in the world in the sport basketball we get away with that because basketball actually is. Game athletes. You can out athlete people in basketball and we tend to do that. But in soccer it's a it's a game skid. And the way we train soccer players relative to the way. European nations train soccer players is just completely backwards and wrong to be clear. That's not the type of thing that should prevent you from beating Trinidad and Tobago. Because it's a country of like one point two million. Actually it's like last night as well on this. We went 323 million people in this country yeah they have one point three home basically like the size of the greater Memphis area that's the whole country with Trinidad and today and and eight and eight. And they they eliminate us from the World Cup and I say and people were pushing back on Twitter like what the population to do with it but yeah. Think Ivan Molina and you'll think that I'm having. A hundred times more people to choose from to create eleven it can we have 300 times more all been in that country. We can't find eleven better soccer player right there and what are you talking about and we hit point three. Million people and we do soccer. We have youth soccer leagues and in competitive soccer leagues and we don't train soccer player. Population matters. It yet I don't drive me crazy and now the sort that the reason. We we we should lose that country I'd put it is the reason we can't compete consistently with big European countries that focus on the sport com. And it always takes you back to an article I read back in 2010 in the New York permit this I linked it on the FaceBook page how depleted in the commercial break because some. It's terrific. Book of a reporter from the New York Times went to Amsterdam. Had to do a story on them. A soccer academy. Run by IX which is a huge soccer club. And he just detail the way they do things. Relative to the way we do things. And it just shows you. Though we are getting better and moving in that direction now we're still doing it all wrong. In other words. And if you're interested in the subject at all I would encourage you re distorted because it's it's it's eye opening. It's seven years old now right. The premise is totally on spinal but it still holds up you know like this is what they do it this is double wager it's focused or what they do. And this was simply about this academy but these academies are all over Europe. They literally. Scalp. Children. As early as the age of like 56 years old liken little soccer leagues around Amsterdam yeah. And they find. Kids who run a certain way. Or who seem to have a passion and eight talent for the game who seemed to be creative with the ball. They identified. And they invite them and to be a part of this account. Coleslaw. I think get to connect twelve euros a year or twelve euros a year and I've got them enough of right now. For insurance purposes but okay if say we want you to be a part of our academy it will cost you nothing. And here's what we gonna do. We're going to send. Bosses and to pick you guys out. Every day mid school that not every three times a week at this they just threw them out basically what he would do Friday. These are all these leaked. And talented eight year old seven year olds and a should fuels. The picked up at school. And in the bus this kind of they were tutors to continue that educational process but they also train. Three days a week. In small groups no games are playing games to train a small groups basically they put on the am like skill development I'd stop in light. Small fields with brick walls around them and that's to keep the ball always in play you don't want him chasing balls at the waist of time and try to waste anybody's time. And we're not scoring goals we're not screw imaging. Which is touching the ball back and forth back comport would do would just talk temple actionable. Touches touches touches. And then when they say they might have a group of thirty kids who do this three times a week. No games just practiced practiced practiced. The kids get older some kids are sent away which is the cool side of this you could literally be told we don't want you to come here anymore thanks. I am enemy invite other kids in at certain ages and they continue to do this all the way through. Via dole play. They rarely play the always practice and their goal. Is to build teams because they rarely compete and try to build this team to try to build the best players eventually. The make them into the vet him out. In America. We do it completely backwards. We play play play these activities seems fairly practice I like Oliver played three you'll soccer's. They would. Or teeple if it goes the same whether it's the way we do we practiced once. I think we might actually practice what some. Daylight everything else we'll get it. We don't racing you know anything current. We haven't obsession in this country with competing so at the earliest ages. We throw referee or umpire on a field and we said why a almost no practice. That's not good. The practice is where you develop the skill. Playing games is sinking a basketball it's stupid. What what benefit does James White men or DJ Jeffries or channel loss to get. From just play him play and play and all the time stock student free throw all data. Practiced skill develop and the other thing they did is they bring their best players together. Not to be a team but to train with each other. In America. And this is the point the writer makes and that New York Times story in America. If you happen to be somebody who is so uniquely gifted that you were maybe going out compete at the international level someday odds are you're not playing with somebody. Who also fits that description right. And rarely are you playing against somebody in other words the games too easy for you because you're so obviously better than everywhere everybody else in Europe they bring guys together. Everyone together train together worked together pushing each other learn from each other. It's a big deal soccer stars where we don't it to the extent that we were gonna soccer star we kinda luck into. And our biggest soccer star and illicit he actually went to Europe when he was sixteen years old traits. Item and it seemed pretty clear that he's a different player now than he otherwise would be in so. Or when the question of how you fix American soccer you got to fix it from the start. It's not necessarily anything about who's coaching women's national team our who's in the goal. It's a problem. Rooted at the youth level. We build teams. And then try to get our players to be on the best teams to win high school championship to win now. Twelve and under championship. Tournaments to go to college when an NCAA championship. In Europe they don't concerns as with any of that stuff and trying to win in neat thing. They're not trying to compete for anything they're simply trying to build highly skilled soccer players and they do we don't. And now we don't need to watch are stupid country in the World Cup shame shame shame Tony Barnhart snacks the thickest. Police in sleep these these mattresses by Michael Zeller will be taking donations for the hurricane victims of South Florida this Saturday from 11 o'clock and 27 on her. Big you're pretty good evening in the pro football games did you come this fall in the 195000. Dollars Phoenix one Obama and his the end take home some. Don't know. There was always Wayne want to finish in the top twenty each week to win one on Monday night pro cash drawing Murray finish in the top Indy for the entire season Sharon 101000 dollars and brown okay. You are being 203 great games out in the entire 256. Game season until automatically win 100. Things changed in the years did you. I'm just seeing cash and earnings I'm playing slots and tables what did you boards hard new members get a free kick on the day a sign so do you think. The pros there. 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The grizzlies in the next segment just talk here 5 o'clock right now. You know most college football they've Tony Barnhart with the everything network like in the big area. The writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports is singularly Barry show me. This thing. There's so much ESPN's. Ali it's scary right doorman. JPM doing great idea apart. Things OK in my what I really appreciate your time or keep it to on the let's start with. An instate school here in the state of Tennessee the University of Tennessee they're making a quarterback change if they gonna matter. Great question it. Based on what he's saying I'm Garrett Garrett Tonto in the in the limited time is that why you haven't really made a difference woman put him into the game. It's certainly more mobile solar more athletic. According normally and anti India as a guy that a lot of personnel we have no doubt like to question it. He's still got to my place here and it got through it. I guess just South Carolina defense or play and you know a little bit better or he agreed turnovers started the ports last week so how. Also they also but it's they've obviously had to make a change to Ecuador were able to give up. And it they have single parent like from opening night you know that game at its Georgia Tech he just didn't look good and I guess and they work with these kids every day on the practice field so they. Presumably know who's the better option and that's what scares me if I'm a Tennessee fan is that. They have thought all along that the quarterback that good start this weekend wasn't their best one. And their best one at least in their opinion like has never really look good at all that's not encouraging. Yeah it's it's been it's been very early in the minutes. Dominate practiced a lot when he was freshman redshirt freshman and you look at got practice these things got a great arm and Asia looked poised but. Noticed this sort of disbelief did you know public employees Obama complained sort of bitterly may. And I'm tickled me got a run back like John Kelly and it's just good this. Immediately 41 looked about Jordan the door is really good up eclipse but that's. You can't have. Doug Tony Barnhart from the SEC network com. Is butch jones' seat if you will the hottest of any coach in the SEC right now as either one is gonna struggle to get. I'm more year. Yeah about acute and struggled to go one more year how a lot of the areas go to. If people put a number on it it's to me it's never about a number as much as it is feel all right. Little bit this is a noon game they're gonna play on Saturday at South Carolina. You know other fans are gonna show up and they show up or the the study and what what have been in the import so former came. When he lost to Alabama at home and there was nobody there in the stadium except thirty album Alabama fans back into the game. Because folks left and the bad. Look at the stands at the end of that game Saturday against South Carolina NC which city and that tomato beer and. It's interesting you bring that out because Greg Doyle who's a former colleague of both of ours. Who wrote about this at Indiana last year they decide declined the opportunity to host and ninety game. And the reason is they were scared nobody would buy tickets and show up and they didn't want that image of assembly hall. And Greg wrote that the yen for Tom Green if we're at a point where the fans just are gonna show what they're not invested anymore. It's time make a change in exactly right that could end up where we're at with butch Jones and talked to Tony Barnhart from the SEC network you mentioned Georgia six no overall three and on the SEC and that just six snow and three you know but super impressive had you been surprised by how good they are. I've been surprised by how good the offensive line has been and I knew it would be very good defense obviously none of those new. Did you take from the quarterback was gonna get thrown in action but everything I've heard about all has turned out to be true in terms of this presence. The only thing about Georgia is and they had a good win over Notre Dame and notre Dame's been pretty good ever since. But let's look at who Georgia has beaten they beat Mississippi State. They beat Missouri and they've been testing okay and none of those same Droid moral violet and obviously if they're they're playing Missouri this week yeah. Do better than it was the other way when they're blame Missouri this weekend they'll take care bill in the state get a week off and then they go play. Far in Jacksonville sat there and got to play Auburn didn't get a place South Carolina been incredibly Kentucky and they'll play Georgia Tech. Okay so the so George's story is not yet written. Talk to Tony Barnhart mr. college football on Twitter mister CF a B. You don't see them on the SEC network obviously mom Alabama still undefeated still ranked number one Nick Saban apparently just looking for things to be mad about the couple. God politics. Stories about his program rat poison that's hilarious to me because typically coaches are mad about the negative story Butch Jones would do that a little bit earlier. This season what the Knoxville media is this just nick like you've got to have something to use for motivation when his team is just overwhelming basically everybody and sold this is what he picked this week. Well what what I love Gary yours not just always. It's a rat. Get office. He's got a terrible rat poison into the college football let's. Hello everybody knows who's covered. My excitement for a long time knows of what he talks to the media. He's not talk in the that you. He's talking good players and he's always used immediately get permissions across the player desolation where we're not gonna beat everybody shakes it's great he's not saying that us. He's sane to roll out an actor today look at Texas a and M give them credit at a good game plan. And they were behind and they hung in there and they're very athletic so now Alabama so turnaround and go play Arkansas that's going to be. But they have been delegated to the into the meat of their schedule in you know I think it's all gonna come down there are ball. Dario Tony Barnhart here from the SEC network manager none of them ESPN. From elsewhere yes she's he can touch five and one they're all this weekend but they're still saying they're five and one. Though the winds are I think southern missed eastern Kentucky South Carolina eastern Michigan and Missouri. If if there were any substance to this are they merely. Just taken advantage of an advantageous early schedule. Well the other they should be fought right they they get they gave that game boy and they should be six and though. I think Kentucky's a pretty good today obviously would would finish well and Stephen Johnson playing quarterback of the defense got better but they're not it you know they're not in that here. Would Georgia what they're there in the cheer about those teams in the middle that are so slow and and little wind at 5050 games and then end up having a pretty good so he's in virtually nobody they'd. But you look at the Pataki schedule Gary down the rest of the way and other then Georgia. They match up what everybody they apply. May be they certainly matchup with Tennessee in the match at Vanderbilt. You know so it sought I think they've got to have a chip but we gotta win close games. You know they they gave they gave gave Missouri a chance to win the elk and fortunately Derek Cole out of that they've got to take care business. I'm wrapping up there with Tony Barnhart from the SEC network last thing before alleged goal all messed obviously things are going well I guess if you're Matt Luke. When you get the interim job yup hope he can turn into the permanent job that's happened before even in the SEC west. Specifically at LSU last year seems pretty clear not gonna happen in Oxford though with that way things are going now three straight losses and including blowout losses to Alabama. And Auburn do you sense for what type of candidate. All of this is gonna be able to actually higher given the NCAA stuff still hanging above them are they gonna be able to go out and get a coach. Who is already an established and proven winner or are they gonna have to. This shot put and a different idled because you guys are gonna be as anxious to take this job as they otherwise would be. Gear I think they're gonna have to do want to thank her power. A well known assistant. God does make a name for himself as a coordinator or. They're gonna have to hire a proven head coach at a lower look I look look. You said it we're not we actually later on this year before we know the final NCAA sanctions and no coach so little proven coach is gonna calm. And be a part of that Alicia you know what you know you know you go to start and a whole don't miss the question is how deep at all. And you've you've got a flat out beat that holds going to be before you take the job and whoever it is is gonna get a seven year contract like Matt who got it. That's exactly right they're gonna have to add years I've given the circumstances they're asking a coach to walk into that Tony Barnhart from the SEC network. I make sure you a follow him on Twitter at mr. CFB tell you the best thanks for being here. Are your take care. My man Tony Barnhart from the SEC network he's on Twitter. At mr. CFB when we come back we're talking NBA grizzlies rockets into effect for tonight. JR Smith upset about being moved to the second unit in Cleveland I think at Thomas says he might never talk to do any change again. Lots interesting NBA story we're gonna walk room. A right after desperate hunt. And it has happened yet so I just. Then enter even into nine pellets for. We'll pick up for your chance to win a 500 dollar visa gift card at 300 delegates who. I see myself. Jessica motor cars and Sunbelt rentals the domestically occasion firm Cornell and Cornell has been a partner remained can count on for over 25 years. Hello my name is Joseph Cornell. Over those years tens of thousands of gas across America and now in the UK have turned to Cornell Cornell when everything was on the line. We are proud of that expression of trust but we know the responsibility that comes with it. Are tremendous growth as a result of our tremendous commitment. Commitment of course set of values and an obsession with client care. 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Bears show is live from the bluff restaurant and sports scores studio ninety to nine FM RE SP. Television. Kind of makes sense so your verbal radio asked cubs and nationals game. I'm now in the bottom of the sport that's above one nothing so Stephen Strasburg whom Dusty Baker didn't start. I've got to shut out. At least through three in the U. Cubs got the bullpen out Marietta just got out of a bases loaded jam but other cubs are down one nothing there are reports from earlier today that. Trust perks teammates had to shame him into starting game four. Said he was sick in Philly yeah it didn't feel like you to play and they basically caught he must be over and over again until he's a fine whatever I'll pitch. Which is just like amazing like you'd think he'd been dying to. To perform. Yeah in on this stage yes and would have to have somebody talked you out of it as opposed to have people talk UN to about a amount. Do you think that's because of his agent in the way that he's kind of been. Handles in his career a little bit I think it's probably one of two things either error. You really is just a little mini yeah or like he was like super super duper sick and not had the flu or I didn't feel like pitching. Or doing any that shore and I got the flu before reading feel like giving like. Had a bad ass like I get it but a quick question though had you ever had is it was and ever and I'm nationally series. I have never had the flu during. A playoff series now know. But I haven't had the flu and in ways that I felt sick and I will say I still like it a radio show or did the television show I got bit by bit you know I don't know I've felt awful body aches but like I got through it the same as pitching in a post season game against the Chicago Cubs I get it. But it's just sort of backwards logic card to perform when you feel like crap. Yeah but you should battle for a at least my mindset is yell on the go out there and pitch and then if you don't pitch well I did that's the explanation for why you didn't pitch well. But I am not sure having a severe cold is reason enough to not try to pitch so the idea that he had to be talked into it. I'm just weird I'm sure he'll be after asked about it afterwards either way right down nationals up one nothing on the columns they are in the bottom of the fourth got four stories of like to discuss. Or stories presented by the bluff restaurant and bar. Coaches are telling stories and forget what he wanted to talk about mr. points every afternoon. So we've developed. It ensures he'll touch on important things you need to know each day this time. TVs sport notable stories 440. Number one okay. Think back in diabetics more tonight yeah Paul is. ESPN nationally televised get down to the grizzlies to get on ESPN but. A pre season game with. James hard encrypt all the other team like it's good enough to do it. -- eight dollars and get a little start here in the central time zone 830 tip off like I said rockets grizzlies you can listen to right here. Many to none of them ESPN I had on ESP an early today they were doing like they're getting Promos like you are going in the breaker coming out of the break like don't forget that I would get a double header. And it is a double header produce playing the first game boy liked you know they had. Whatever that team was against that team and then a picture of a player for both teams and that it was like rockets grizzlies have a picture of player from Odessa I think James Harden for the rockets who says. We have to death. I'd bet it was Marcus all know Mike Connolly know why it's. Was it Chandler Parsons is arson. Why. Why because he is their most famous player. He is their most famous playwright Taylor Parsons is the most famous player on the grizzly doesn't. That sucks for us a little bit blocked because he's what sucks is that he's on and on him enough chance to innings in it that Danny's got. 100% he got what he once was that seems and I don't think that's gonna change frankly and watching the pre season that's the thing that I I gather is that it is that sucks. Well I don't think you know he he got the contract offer that god based on the idea that. He would be able to make plays and more specifically make shots from the perimeter up and he literally has them at the reporter this greasy and now we will three preceding and so far he has it now he would of taken like a million but I. I think it's taken five and he's missed all five of the men so there hasn't been much encouraging news with Chandler so far but oh point. The more frustrating is a fan is like watching that last in there's a moment in that Atlantic game where he was hit a one on one opportunity and like he had that like make up a lateral move or or do something athletic police he's while one and just. Been doing yeah I mean anyone like I think you phrase that probably could not do it and it's possible he just won't be able to do it like I said this before. In a day Granger is Somalia work with that CBS sports fan in IE. All last year. We had the same schedule fly to New York on Monday yeah studio Tuesday Wednesday night fly home on Thursday. We spent a lot of time together I mean yeah I got probably from the month of January through April I'd probably spend as much time would Danny Granger as I do. Anybody anybody on this play shore as sad and weird is that is. And so one of the things Danny and I talked about many times if you retire I think the age of 31 years and NBA all star. And then the knee surgery and a and it was a knee surgery and it was a knee surgery and he said. You know at some point it doesn't matter how hard you rehab or how good you feel right. It's simply can't do it anymore like every cent lift every time they cut your knee. You lose a little something. And he said it just got to the point where I worked as hard as I had ever worked I wanted it as badly as I had ever wanted to it was it. I am a lack of passion or a lack of rehabbing or lack of work ethic I felt good to. Did not shots wasn't the issue but I couldn't do it anymore and so he retired. And he just said you know like I'd you know I made enough money in these really Smart guy he's not that he's not the guy who would blow draws money. But he's got I think probably all of his money now they you know he's a Smart he's just a Smart guy. He like you know I just couldn't do it anymore so it was it was time you know I could he said I could be on our roster sure. It wasn't fun for me in LA being on the roster traveled around I had young kids like. Being gone away from my family that much to play eight minutes a game wasn't interesting to me so I just walked away. Am but the larger point that he made and it might have been a conversation like about Chandler yeah. He was like you know it's not it it's it might end up being nobody's fault but he just might not be able to do it anymore because he's been through it a little bit man Derrick wells can't do what he used to do. He can still do something sure. But he can't do what used to do. It's nice fall and so I think everybody's hope was that. Throughout this pre season we go OK okay here we go by and then maybe we'll get there at some point I think I doubt you. But there's been nothing so far that suggest that that great things are. Are on the way and that's been a little. Just its first of its its study is a little sad well it. I think it's sad for Chandler yes it is so unfortunate for Chandler com because no he doesn't want this. Listen. It's awesome to have a ninety million dollar guaranteed contract I'm. If you want to cry for him but if you don't think that's a burden that he carries with it. That that it doesn't bother him on some level that he is taking paychecks that. He can get burned with play on the court. You're ready in my mind. Like that he is incredibly frustrating. Album and so. It probably continue to be boring some sort of surprised but. Either way got the promo on ES PM today and he'll be on the court tonight and hopefully things that go out story number two I think Thomas told Sports Illustrated Prejean gets that he might never ever ever. Talk to do any change. Again scoring out. The point he makes is that. You know I came here I took this franchise took place and been a long long time. IE. Was a good teammate I was a good employee. I played for you a day after my little sister died in a tragic car accident. And then just. Randomly in the middle of the summer I get moved to Cleveland like that's not okay that's not the way you do business that's not okay. I won't talk to and have relationships with other people in Boston but I'll probably never talk to dating again. And. Get it. Although it's I think could be more drastic like if he got moved to Sacramento. Yeah like them crap old team and he did get moved to. A team that is favored to play in the NBA finals once again. And does not the worst thing in the world but still clearly he wanted to get all right. And so I get the frustration. And while recognizing. Basketball is a business yet. But the larger point I've always thought was interesting when it comes to these types of things is. When a player decides to leave a franchise. Right. Gordon Hayward leads you to offer for Boston. The brawn James leaves Miami for Cleveland and leave my hair only Cleveland for Miami to leave Miami for Cleveland. What any of players say I'm gonna do what's best for me. The third jerseys are literally burned in the street asked. And yet when affray and yet it doesn't quite work that way on the other side franchises can like just move you whatever they want yeah. And plunge on a no trade chair and they can just say it's it's this is business the basket now it does it cut way and that seems unfair and it's why I have never. Far as I can remember never being critical of a player in free agency. Doing what's best for him or what he wants to do out because the loyalty that everybody thinks the players should show it is not they are from the typically there. It's not fair from the much different cities why are guys that whenever franchises decide to be as loyal fans want players to beat. I'm fine with that chair but that's not where we've been if not where we are and so even. When Mike was a free agent or mark with a freeagent I get asked about it what we think you're gonna do what you hope they do. I would say why I like Mike and I like mark and so I hope they resent the grizzlies but if they decide. That there is a better opportunity for them or something they would prefer to do elsewhere. I'm completely okay with that don't do that I would never be the guy who does the radio show who says Mike Conley he's disloyal right mark to solve disloyal. I am in favor always. Of players doing what is best for them. Because franchise is almost always do what's best for the franchise so let's have an even out here and I even apply that to my favorite teams that idea or. If you years ago Daniel Murphy coming off an amazing. Post season is a free agent. Signed with the nationalism has been killing the Mets basically ever since I got no problem Daniel Markey don't want my. Because he did what was best for him now I'm always consistently do what's best for you in basically every aspect of life I haven't heard reported yet but do you think that Ainge moved on from Isiah partially due to the injury. Ashore and that was added I don't think that's been said though always been said and yet know that I mean that's part of it also I think he wanted to get out of the situation where. I guess it's next July and a you either got to let. What are we gonna do you have got to let him walk or give a 150 million dollar write targeted him in million based on health along I don't think they were interested in giving a point guard in his thirties news like this. The smaller than me 450 million dollars trying to sell this just remove that issue. Like so I think it was to a fall date they were able add Terry Irving who lives. It's not a better player right now certainly a better talent who. I'm so that's and play right away so that's a good thing and then the health and that also you know we don't move Isiah Thomas right now. We're going to be faced with a situation where we got to decide we really want to get this little bit you know a 150 million dollars. And so let's just move it now certainly that was the motivation behind story number three JR Smith also upset on boy not quit. Danny Ainge but with the situation in Cleveland because he is now being demoted if you will. To the second unit he's been starter in Cleveland he's not gonna start the season Dwyane Wade is going to start. And though he had previously said like the right things I'm he AA expressed. To a reporter in Cleveland that he's absolutely frustrated. I'm by the idea that he's lost his place. In starting lineup which makes sense and always seem like it could be complicated because people already assume LeBron James runs the cavaliers hit him. Like Dylan get a look at it as art films that are so then LeBron brings his best friend to Cleveland are up and says if my best friends taking your you start and he's taking your position now available on actually said that but like I'm confident about what's that tourists and so I'm like the idea that if you're JR Smith. We've been apart of finals teams and a championship team and made big shots and bin. All things considered a pretty. Important piece just of important he put like trouble free piecing Cleveland you know when he had a reputation of being a complete knucklehead he's really lead to judge jumped on board in Cleveland in. The idea that old now LeBron best friend comes clean and I have to lose my job I figured that would like yeah impossibly calls an issue. Are so here we are now is that something they can't sort out to blacked. I'm it is something they're gonna have to sort out because nobody likes to have diminished role. In any workplace and that's really what a basketball team has its work place at the professional level nobody likes to have diminished role in a workplace especially when they are not convinced they deserve it. I'm certain JR Smith doesn't. Doesn't think that he belongs on the bench to start a game. And so again they can work it out but they're gonna have to work out. Story number four Minnesota Timberwolves announced earlier today that they have signed. Andrew wigand's to a five year 148. Million dollar. Contract which means that in the past few days this week. Two players who played on the 2014. Kansas team freshman one and done guys so well indeed and I Andrew wigand's. Have signed contracts totaling nearly 300 million dollars just this week at told a story before but it is one that always sticks in my head. I winter to Kansas that pre season specifically to do a story with Andrew spent a lot of time with them and a lot of time that coaching staff.