Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, May 17, 2017, Hour 2 (w/444 'continued, then Geoff w/GP)

The Gary Parrish Show
Wednesday, May 17th

...444 continued with more on Fallon/Netflix TV show

Seg 1:  Geoff and Gp discuss the NBA/ Lottery

Seg 2:  GP talks about LeVar Ball appearance on Colin Show

Seg 3:  Dinner to Go 


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They go and throw it but what kind of person shares on that publicly why would you want your friends or anybody to know that that's what's going on in your life. Like labels going I typically people and instead of a FaceBook they create these false positive images to make you think everything's perfect and yes that's true and you know what and I bet that also is a problem modeling. Well I don't care like whatever like I I've at this point I just assume everybody's into Graham of countless bogus looks just way better than what they're actually right looks yeah mine included probably but. But like when you go the other way with that. Like just start to its draw weighing another human being on FaceBook you might make them look bad but every time just trust me. No matter what your friends tell you. Normal people. They're reading your post and they think your group of story number two thought North Carolina family on Mother's Day they went to Applebee's as he sometimes did him. That comes over he's not a drinker but he likes factories. I like them to their my favorite drink so he says that doesn't surprise me now lovers is Jack Reed I like kind of feminine drank some sorry I you know what a mathematics about that. I'd just like what I like Gary I kid again you know this I can't control like a coconut Becker. Good I'll drink one I love coconut decorating and I don't wondering you're from other people I love all tricky in front people I don't care outlet like girlie drinks them privately if you let you know GPA go to coconut decorative it doubles you have to like I'll drink then. I had. Just put. Help people there but he's still had the pets the Docklands area tell us about it. That can go they're fantastic campaign they sure can the walking in my house and come upstairs to see me sit on the couch watching a baseball game drinking a battery hitting them go to like that. But if you walked upstairs where exactly is a young UN. Am I at the knock it out there and I. If your down for the afternoon. Can drink. But he wanted accuracy ordered a virgin accurate and for people who aren't familiar with the terminology virgin deck remains in the lap on the back. Movies a little three year old just like I got a little three year old little three year old switch to find out about a sometimes they wanna be just like daddy whatever that is life they live that's what they lie and know that you have got to what is favorite baseball team is Dante the Mets every single time that's because I'm a father and a and so this little three year old with a Stanley sun pops order of the rub of urgent that Greece and I would like a virgin decorative and the waiter looks over to dad dad says it is alleged that we have got a -- call again get that picture I was at that we together. So the three year old Ben gets is that Green Day gets back great. And at 30 takes a drink and says this doesn't taste right it takes out war. And they said well you know it's fine it's just that's what exactly that is stop right there probably should taste that there we go that point yet but a Connecticut thing on that level. The three year old in that drinking like half the battery on and if you may have OK three year old I would give me a headache you ready 33 girls are small. And they never drink. Ever so you start drinking you start doubting a battery like that's gonna get you yeah did get two to apply it. Articulate kid I would think it'd three at a hospital as a head delivers a little bitty liver liver had to go with its head again does that around a little bit ill overkill. What you do and it's just honest mistake is just like they go waitress went back to the bars and any two factories on now convert probably said virgin. But misheard it just didn't hear it may to decorate put on the table for Eurostar sick sick sick pay. Now I get drunk three year old what a mess on and is on its yes so what's the lesson here. May god stay away from day and edit if you pick if your kid says to you this case funny. I actually always without exception take a drink clinical trial once I always do yeah. Every time like hey this this bright doesn't taste like it's got it regularly meets is that it's because they should work. -- ten on the little spray thing is it is incumbent or there was Oliver couple weeks ago we dress up playing baseball and a and I had and had a glass into action themselves with a higher interest rates again and I had a down you know right about the pitcher's mound tomorrow you know I had what I'd like could you repeat soon to obliterate their what do pitcher's mound and in my left and had a bucket of balls is what's backyard baseball without booze and then in my right hand I had new intraday market shows with you can drink a stretch that right and associates all the balls that I got to pick up the balls and he wanders over to home plate and he just he's a cup that has clear. What might appear to a three year old to look like water now so he picked it up and took a drink they spit it right back Danielle is a little ahead and I think you do let me. That tell you a couple things young man now you need to learn. Stop throwing stuff randomly yeah in the house every time you get mad at them questionable want lesson number two. Do not ever dreamed get a daddy's coat. I say this and I know we're late but I just wanna add this this can be a methadone to keep your Stewart hit off bad stuff for example my my dad I like Gaza any dry wanted Tammy to try smoking in movies let go let try spoken like. I light up one of them camel like you know non filtered jobs I wanted to die yeah. I never and I never I never got a smoking. And I wasn't good at either side and do that was never my thing now bomb so to so many many now you've you've helped a little all over remember that that's yucky as bad as yucky. And another New Hampshire as junkie public life earlier planned for little because it's so smooth you can drink it read a three year old and another enough for them to drive straight out to drink it straight on three year old now English. Used to examine your drink orange juice straight and daddy will have his drinks Craig list I want drink yours and you don't drink mine deal he said dale thought that we got an end. Standing now to story number three interesting story New York Times today on Jimmy Fallon is read this is really gotten. Because for the first on Jimmy Fallon is sort of talking about. The state of late night television because he was the king of it for a little while. Or for sick for several years you know he had basically show built around celebrities coming on bits playing games and doing bits is that they can go viral and it just all fallen fallen far. And then president trump happen to arm and the com. And then Saturday Night Live happened with Alec Baldwin and and and now Melissa McCarthy play and Sean Spicer. And as much as you've heard some people try to suggest. That left wing television is killing ESPN and killing other things. It is. And the business is big business for late night television shortness it is Roma's Saturday and it lives record real ratings through the roof now. And now Stephen cope where who has a political background political comedy background. Because there called bear report and he's now implemented that into. The late night commercial now. Wisely very wise. Cold where it is now tops Jimmy Fallon in ratings. He's getting around three million viewers a night in Fallon has dipped down to about two point six million per night. And so the the point at which called bear past Fallon and passed everybody else. Really lines up would Donald Trump and there's that moment during the campaign more Fallon had Donald Trump on. And this was win he was at trump was as fit quite clearly a divisive figure whatever you think of them. A very divisive figure and Fallon had him on and just was would. Maybe gloves and justice treated him very nicely and was just joking around with him and Rollins and all I've read write and and Fallon get killed after that now by all of the political blogs and like how can you do not humanize this man. Do not make him normal for the American people. You brought in mourning turned him into a normal person he's not a normal person he's not running a normal compared campaign shame on you Jimmy Fallon any immediately started losing viewers. And those viewers went to Kobe because Kobe error. Has a political comedy background where he's equipped to do exactly what he's doing now it which is just here and trump apart every single night there in a way that nobody else is equipped to do yeah lake in Jimmy Fallon sort of in this story acknowledges like I can't do that no like I'm not even cold air like this is great for Steven Kobe. I'm not Steven called air. And is he if he's bottom line I guess is that a Micky doing the show I'm JoAnne. And it trumps I'd be president forever and eventually fallen the ultimate place for fall and I'm a keep doing flawed. But it is damaged his show in a real. Tangible way and today with a near times the first time he's ever publicly talked about it lately I thought that the column was. Also on one of well written very. Full description that the one take away that I took from it was that that he regrets not addressing it right away and I thought that was interest lol what I think he says that you know I'm very sensitive to this stuff yes some of these guys like to tell you I'm out on social media I don't see it I don't care does it matter to me and Jimmy Fallon he's of what I see people killing me on Twitter. If it bothers you are. And I did know how to handle it my instincts were to just let it go and move on but nobody else ever moved on like of all the great and Smart and funny bits I've done. When you say the name Jimmy Fallon now people think of me rubbing my fingers through Donald Trump's hair right. Any says my regret is that I wish I would have addressed it on air and said hey listen I wasn't trying to do anything other than. I'm just be just don't fun show yeah just kind of full and I wasn't trying to humanize anybody or get somebody elected it was just try to do a foreign show. But it really did backfire on him and I think the times articles good point now because he comes across as a sympathetic figure like us that. Like you talk to about Jimmy Fallon I obviously don't know Jimmy Fallon but like he's a likable guy he wasn't out there like. Shilling for Donald strong right he was just being Jimmy Fallon right he's just happy and funny and cheerful. All the time now eh but people in that moment did not want him to treat a candidate from that way and when he did. On the show has like quite literally not insane essentials sort of a remarkable late night phenomenon story number four abreast of developments come back and Netflix and 2018. Did you watch Arrested Development. I know I didn't really wants to show I'm sorry I didn't watch it when it was originally on but when I knew they were coming back to make a season 44 Netflix and basically everybody I respect who watches television always loved the rest of all. And I Rebecca watched it and yeah I just pray goodies as everybody says so. You got to 2018 but if people asking this all the time what's something illegal binge watched that would be worth my time. Arrested Development it would be worth your time super super Smart and funny. Sitcom starring Jason Bateman. And Portia de Rossi Jeffrey Campbell war. A Tony hale who is now in fifa tremendous cast really funny. Go find it wherever you can find it. Geoff Calkins. We're late but we're comment. Asset sales and big news. Boy is it small you can get the big taste of any of our team especially such an eight new flavor back small size starting at just breathing 99. Choose from firehouse such classics like everything ladder where smoked Turkey Virginia on hand at Hilton moderate Afghan border famous final helps keep the ball was found a pro Malone and zesty marinara. And it's also has under 500 calories. Small sums. Starting at just 399. Now bend is a big deal. 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And got the likes of the other radio thing we'll plant life puck well but no major national most well all of the question of dentistry and here. The Justice Department is going to they made it official there gonna appoint a special counsel. To oversee the probe of the Russian meddling in the 2016 election and I don't sit and talk about though all this with you for the next one minutes. But I am curious I don't know if you saw this today. There are now pull odds posted in Las Vegas. About whether president trouble complete his term. And the odds are the number post RA is is minus 150 no. He's he's favored like eight you have to lay a 150 to 100. Tibetan no he has not going to finish his first term. Liking it's crazy consider or four months and this. That is crazy considering yes yes it is crazy Tom. But you would expect that anything like this drug. And I got an idea I got an idea that the apple doesn't by the council ordered by the prosecutor. I'm blog look why would be inevitable Republican Richard Reid verification but I thought doron didn't you know you acquired through everything else. Curriculum I think you're mostly right but like Borg did I think or getting to the point or even though some of the Republicans are like dome in this crazy. Obama very quickly yoga this is great I think John King is very clearly you have a great it is incredible well. It is what it is intimidation. Biden's part I won't but I. So it's like LP completely honest with this. Ali fought that electing Donald Trump president of United States was insane. And that it would be a disaster. I did not think it would be discreet. Right now I would've bet he would have a I think the outward change it Eric apparently took office. I would have assumed he just quite what do modeled grow look at what bluntly what avatar like just like everybody's credit that much. Like you know whatever Jimmy Carter look the greatest president ever I guess right so we beat muddle through China. George W. Bush lot of people like you lot of blue to blue germs and you just forget it as well hello everybody welcome president of and what do you know and so here we are that you seem to be a very different story it is completely crazy to integrate inflation birdied the last two weeks. You have. You pad. Totally contradictory story all day. Keep these fires the FBI director. And they say it coming Hillary and and also because really what that's the story and then the next stage of the ball out of its people rushing to the occasion. Well. And that or that we have the Russian bag and Hibbert won't come out their trumpet trumpet trumpet in the village that would go to court I guess I'm not well. What important will be the most frustrated able purple boats you. Well I think it's got played like they should they each fringe people out there or somebody since people up there if it okay this is our school. And these these guys I feel sorry for him like. I quit like Sean Spicer I think has the worst job in the world because you are in front of the world every day having to rationalize irrational things. Anything it is that. Usually in these situations everybody gets on the same page and so it was hilarious like two days ago in a wind. The story breaks share classified and it classified information with the Russians. It's a bit to come out on like whatever ninth that was Monday night that Obama and I'm like listen here's the story. This didn't happen no it's really big stake in whose didn't have been the story's wrong. And and nobody believes them but at least the all consistently saying. And then the next morning before they can even like probably gonna show or in the president is on Twitter saying. I did it. And there are a lot and I am I. Saying. That they commander keen. I would want that narrative that realm that stroke and finding a bit like bunker was. But not least holy punchline. Is I immediately thought it would suitable world can do certain airline which just become a Pope onslaught. And he would before they're eight. Yeah he's the spokesman for the Republican bargain like he was a relatively insular sort of boring course but did. Well boring but effective spokesperson. And values. You know Ali is there Tuesday night ride in Times Square this. Is good I cannot imagine what the hell have I carried it out I would just. Sean Spicer respected bingo now but choke. You get turned into a joke but it is what happens. When you are that when your job actually requires you to defend the indefensible in order reminds me up on a much larger and more important level. But what it reminds me of is when bill Hancock. Was the BCS got. Any good to go all these shows and try to defend the BCS. And everything he said it would just a bit ridiculous. Everything. That college. No we got a true champion Greg whatever hello together we don't know if there everything you get it will be sponsored the Bill Cook political. Adobe if you didn't have them back there is an expert come out six while we got to about say they don't look. What bill that's ridiculous that you are real championship but just that we want to protect the. Opt out of luck to them. It Devin is a story. This morning I don't know decide in the New York Times where they basically say. A trump keeps everybody now. Like there with a time where he would like he'd always have somebody he was crossed with. I gave my the ST ban and or or or Sean Spicer and now afflicts Steve Bannon Sean Spicer even his son in law Jared Kushner. It's like we reached the point where president trump age every. If the White House which is just like that the dumb plays the big. Well. Yeah particulate a couple of theology won't be popular like going that he wants any popular idiom. All won't be popular and yet today are. Any HH so don't get special special lucked out about that but the. Yet it's just get just grow wild times like I I'd like you'd. Would I drive home at night I turn on. On satellite radio often like one of the of the news channels sometimes even Fox News honest to god they just wanna hear what they're talking about. And like C there's another perspective that may be I don't understand or haven't heard. And every night like the drive home it's just like. Breaking news the biggest thing in the world just happened. Is it's something new every we have Justin this week or in the past week been. The director of the FBI is fired. Like Wally in California speaking to members of the FBI. Sees it on television breaking behind him while he's in the middle of the speech so much so they thought it was a joke like that would be the biggest story of the year. Except before we even get past that what it was like is sharing. Literally the next day sharing. Confidential information with Russians. But that it and that would be the biggest story in it except that the next day it's that. The FBI's former FBI director has memos. That at that state that the president was trying to get him to back off there at the Michael flip investigation which would. Is that the biggest story. Like quicken like a six day period ending these stories would be the biggest stories of any normal presidency. And they just isn't there all the capital this week. It's crazy. It is it is I never would have imagined it would be just there's not a. I would think that I mean they still sincerely like I thought it would be nutty and I thought electing this man was insane. It has been even crazier. Than I could possibly anticipated targeted Geoff Calkins in were moving on. Now in BA draft flattered lottery was last night Celtics got the number one pick and somehow that turned into. And usher who started it on Twitter I believe it might have been Peter Evanston but I heard you talking about it this morning on your show. If you were the grizzlies would you. All for Marcus all for the number one overall pick essentially offer Marc Gasol. For Marco faults where did you follow that. Well I actually questions one what topics do it to what degree you do and three what do I do. I think it very clear the Celtics wouldn't do it they're the public is it what what are politically they need it was a week. And and I thought correctly for the reason that are geared talking earlier about a they didn't do it because. They have a future for you forgot one little wider a lot of middle aged wedding at the agent crop to wait and wait for the good old that your star pitcher grow and. And the. And then beat the offer little jet in just a print for years so it's a bit of trade deadline Iraq but. Do it now they wanted to weighing at the post you know Marcus Pollard spent a backfired and Al Horford. Not look. Well I'll sleep if mark ticket but honestly I think they wanna use for Gordon Hayward that I care if that'll actually. At his former college coach as their coach self. Ali it's up to to do slyly at its move to left. But groupies would do it because I don't but the good you are ready to go cock. Com and what would it mean Aaron so it would be could be a betrayal of what Davidson don't want to do it of the Israel Mike Conley are overdue. And so the question is what I do. And well I don't think Ottawa does some other want to extradite people but it was I think. I'm prepared to ride this thing out for the next two or three years and live and then. Right thing after the next two or three years and then. You know I've been there have been taken almost break in the lottery but if you about a duet the way to do it. Would be to trademark. For the tech and that also trade Mike. And AM at its go ahead and think. And end and be really bad there's no point in having mark and not mine and I cannot talk educated they do that. Go ahead and get marked a full seven glad to trick I just about that another hyper child a I don't think I'd do it. And and I don't think either side would do I guess that's what kind of authority can now. I don't think there's any way in the world the Celtics would do it like why on earth would you do it you tie up tons of cap space that you can use of somebody else you're basically trading. I'm a guy who projects is a future all star who will be on a cheap contract relative to other NBA contracts early in his career. For a 32 year old that you know does have some some injury. Concerns welcome to look like it yeah he's got good yes splendidly but yes let's think about I hope you got two or three more good either so why would you bet. Yeah why would you want a 35 you okay so in three years you get about 35 year old Marc Gasol making. Forty million dollars or whatever that salary as. Four or 242 year old Marco faults like it more couples because what more couples is supposed to become. Like it you'd eat it valued at. Is he supposed to become a very clearly. Mentioned cricket IR. It's hit it. You don't really think from the grizzlies. And and concerns and I thought about it he kiwi said. He would consider if you would it really didn't come down one way or the other on it. Over frequently while players but I would which for. If our global supply built for him what did he likely would like to Little Rock there's no question I and I. I'm you would have thought about it but it. There's no question. A little more couples get a bit. Think it will be good to be good if you gonna get any you travel on. I think the chance to be come the end of the Fed act to give the chance to be. Yet they always have a chance having to sell few bumps and LeBron was a sure thing. You know Carmelo didn't have a chain like he was you know I was the number one player but he was. It was more assured during the mark up four. Bryant LeBron James I said this before is the only prospect since I've been covering college basketball. He's the only prospect who went entering a draft. There were no old. Alternative opinions about him. It did that matter who you talk to. Eastern Conference scouts Western Conference scout college coaches who have watched him in in in Nike camps growing up or or a BCD camps growing up. If you you like I never heard anybody say you know. Good but like I don't know we all lack. Everybody has every literally everybody I ever remember talking to about LeBron James while he was in high school was like oh now. Special like special gonna be a star really your shirt 100%. Like there's no scenario where he's not a stock I think the only other person I can remember one of the few other ones. A Greg Oden before he got hurt people talked about Greg Oden like that. And and and night that evidence of that is that Kevin Durant had one of the all time great. Freshman seasons in college basketball in almost nobody if not nobody would have taken him. Ahead of Greg Oden which is why great. People literally able to decide to the moon. Michael beauty is gonna guitar through a blog I'm pretty scared when you get it started while the. The that would Beasley was there were question marks about his work ethic and character or. There there are some red flags there and they are ultimately the red flags attorney amended this version of Michael Beasley. Other guys that people knew we're gonna be great Anthony Davis coming out of Kentucky people there who are they they knew he was going to be great. But that they're the ones that are sure things that there's a hard it's it's every three or four years. Thank you wouldn't tell you what do it it'd it was I think I would yeah. I think when you didn't object character my ballot what's the point you know real well. I would turn around and trade. What this would be well first of you can put mark and mark held together you put together. And what if you happened it happened to the world to the 11 and done guy or the guy and a second here who actually looks like. All while we got an all star like like they delivered was great basically from the start like what could mark Opel to beat that. And so if you could have. You know a guy who could be an important rotation player next year and then be able to compete for like all star stuff in his second year in the league. Well then suddenly you just made out so and I I would I would strongly consider. I don't know the that would do it but I would strongly consider but if I were the Celtics there was no way I would consider if I were the grizzlies I would strongly consider. That the Croatian by the way local corporate controlled Yugoslav that are currently are cheered and the Celtics it's Smart to get off the way they did what that word. Maybe Brooklyn isn't the worst team in the league action they're just how power works in the leak exe or something like that. I could actually imagine betting on baseball cap space about a lovable will which could actually imagine. The Celtics look and you know what it looked at the trade deadline or something like that I you know we tried but we really do need marquee that another great year add. We're gonna have a Brooklyn Catholic yet but we'll get out of that give the iPod before they get a little put into that you know talk to protections of the could imagine people aren't but are literally traded the public what they access. Why don't rule out for a I just let out in the context what optical network director of the global. At what point would whip from the grizzlies perspective if you do get the Celtics even inquire if you could imagine a scenario. Where. Mark your faults in urged the league like Pena littler. Bobbled ball with more natural ability than Damian Miller like Willard in his rookie year now in his rookie year and it should be pointed out I think he was 21 years old. Or as opposed to it as opposed to nineteen. Of buddy he averaged nineteen point six and a half assists and three rebounds and that's the next year. Went up to 21 and six next year 21 and six and then next year 25 and seven if you could if you could guarantee me. Mark kill faults would be Damien Willard by the time. It don't you pick one of the great debt for the last hour. You can't. I know black. He does have that kind of potential won't shock me if he is it what not I will not be surprised if mark you walked. That you won't be surprised if the third couple article. That speaks to the quality of point guard in the stress. Like I can see a scenario where did miss Smith to lie on the ball. Mark your faults or all all stars at some point if there's enough spaces to put them like they all have all store ability. Arm I think about this I think all four of them are better prospects coming out of college and then we will have. That it doesn't. If you hook it you know like blah. Public mother earth this is what I held the cover your remedies do what we've done Milwaukee from the other Fisher for a law. A great treat the other guy. Got her. Oh well give played at Texas a and M. Without played North Carolina duke one well Larry you know the anyway. Then why did I do commendable he could just don't turn out to be two totals go up even though or I think you know we cannot turn out to be totals about and so. I could you know I don't know and I don't believe it before moving to another city and a bit not a minute or whatever. And Edwards or offer up there were no history of march a year now whatever. It would the man. You know and in but you do it and admit that it ever become in the Las Vegas grizzlies and you would do that could you have ever driven a minute to hundred no history with. What market what Marita was what do or out I didn't Wear the franchises right now. I would have done I'm not doing it. But it's of course Lucas said consult what do. It's moot point but it got us the radio segment soaking and the idea of our food and I've I've got him. And 99 FM ESPN's just if the larger point is nice to be the Boston Celtics are oh yeah. And you've got. A team that's played tonight Eastern Conference finals and I'm gonna pick. First overall in next month's NBA draft and then because of that stupid trade back in 2013 they also have Brooklyn's pick next year. So they could pick they could really do this. On the 1 seed in the Eastern Conference now in 2017. Number one in 2017. And then picked number one again in 2018. I can imagine that it's ever happened before in the NBA and but it happened and because of Billy King in the cal broke Roth. Or so bright for years ago. Lavoy balls on television today and Collin cower show. Had a testy little exchange with Collins co host a play the audio for your next. Listen up men this is the Memphis men's clinic you've heard our ads on the radio you've seen are commercials on TV. You've seen this in the sports section of the newspaper to you know what we do. Our physicians specializing treating erect tile dysfunction and premature issues and men of all ages. It's what we do all day every day. So you've probably heard are as thousands of types the other times you were just listening to our ads we were helping thousands of other men recover their sex life. 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Think about this for children out of my head earlier today. What is the last time any prospects. Father has been this visible I can't remember I don't think it's ever happened. And gore would they be never never happen at this level. Lately there have been prospect to a famous father is short enough prospects whose fathers are on television or radio every single day I'm not intervening when no I failed. So I was on college Howard's show. I don't know if you like Colin caller's jumped as televised dailies daily on FS one and is co host named Kristen Leahy. You Christian. I don't know our justice works on. And. American ninja war among them another show is that what color American enjoy as a that the guy yeah I I think effort national. Yeah the other guys from Brit the Brighton was on the show are homeboy rather than they had a guy who got in the red red suit short. Brett so Christian is like the co host then you have to go to Dixon if we had guys okay. The weighted. Studio set up this Collins got his own little desk over here if you're watching televisions over to the right. And then right in the middle of the couch he caught one or two guest on the you can lay down what have you wanna do it announced. On this particular Lavar ball is sitting on the couch. And then off to the other side is Christian. Sitting by him. No other federal little bit okay so it's like death to one side does go one site in the middle cal all right it's usually if you watch the interviews like let's say they didn't have Lavar ball they are but they had Serena Williams okay now. A column might ask a question of which were returned to his left and look at Colin. And then Kristen might ask your question at which point you turned your rights in Antarctic Kristen okay. And it is she's part of the show in other words every single that can't. And so when Lavar sits down. He's noticeably. Turned all the way toward Colin almost where his back is to Christian. And he can notice it but like it doesn't necessarily mean anything it just might be the way he sat down on the couch. But the back story is that Kristen and apparently criticized. The the big bold brave big bowler Brandon and and the club does so to choose. And Lavar was very aware of this man as you get to about the six minute point of the interview. Uh oh when Collins starts asking about how many shoes have you sold and then Kristen comes up we'll follow up question and and then they went down like this us have you sold and issues yet. Yes so good amount to me. Let us say there's different amounts how many. Stating only we went. Don't tell I'm new to anyone about whom there are times she isn't the kind of answers she says she's give moms who novels did release this guy's got to walk in Oakland. I don't look over there because these kids need I'll. All right now I'm just leave me alone I'll tell you for 500 care. So yeah she's a reporter for job is to show you report to whoever she won't behind what I saw you coming bullets your what is your problem would be a much problem here is you are you hate her. Why I would never. Big polish or they don't even talk to the ball urgency and I do what I but I said that I wouldn't Wear something that says it callers the same thing and all due respect your great reporters just not report. I have them right to say when you have to let him in Atlanta all welcome to big ball zone. I think I can play when looking at him like appoint her he's not spinning out and telling them. Is offensive to me I just said you know if you wanna be of work with Nike ideas and under armour to maybe of something that appeals to women. As a legit I mean I don't have to agree to another of the prominent opponent Herman I thought it was a good. Italy's knowing that if I'm not free and I don't I don't owns enough I don't see. I wasn't saying it is like I I would never Wear this what is so funny until much assumed Donald wants on. Next well. Well I I think it an honor to have a successful company you're gonna have to have women who like your brand how. Yeah I've loved ones come but anyways I hope we can I don't marketing we talk about big ball of our. You don't. Just sort of went like that but that's a good place stuck. What do you make of the. I don't know wow. There's a lot to take in their deal the main thing I take away is he doesn't it he comes off as offensive to women period I think that's my that's my personal opinion what do you think that. Armed he dismissed her. He totally dismiss turn that interview he was dismissive of her in that interview and that is not a good look I mean she is as your to your. I don't and I honestly don't watch the show I know Colin having been on ESPN. If she's a part of the show and she's in the room and she's been interviewing and she's an interviewer and that's and that's setting. You don't be dismisses of her if you're trying to sell your brand and put your you're yourself up there. If you agree to come on the show right. And she's a part of the show she's part of the show clearly he. It heard the building knowing what she had said in the past because she was ready to colder at its first opportunity to drop in on our head he actually said I heard what you said right. All if you have a big problem with one of the post and I know it's talent show but she's a part of the show yeah. I'm you don't you don't agree come on the show now. Beyond that however you feel about what she said what do you think it was right or wrong. Should what do you think she apparently had also said was. There when she sees lines though he looks like he's scared of law. And that anger clearly aggravated Lamar. I think. Her suggesting that he might not be the perfect parent or be handling blonde those career perfectly. Or capable. Irritated Lavar more more than her saying. I would Wear big ball right but that's where he took but to turn your back on a woman live on national television. And to. Be dismissive of her and try to discount her it's just a bad bad look up. And there have been a lot of things that Lavar did that I I don't agree with but weren't necessarily bad looks. I thought that this today was that was a pretty bad luck it was honestly. The thing that a lot of people thought. President trump was gonna run into oh yeah. When he had to get him debates with Hillary Clinton because he was gonna be dismissive and condescending toward heard the same way he was Ted Cruz a Marco Rubio and basically everybody else. And that it would come across as a man talking down to a woman yeah turned out it didn't hurt him at all because people hated Hillary so much that you need and view her that way yeah but Christian if you never seen her she's a petite. Really pretty. Some totally. Harmless now I'm assuming it looks like totally harmless and a television personality yeah and when you try to. If you talked down like it that or nick right sitting in that chair right and you get into a tense conversation with him. If it doesn't look nearly as bad as huge talking down home. To a woman who isn't built a reputation on television of being a mostly harmless. And it also makes you look a little little. That you are. Supposed to be running a big bowler brand right and you're consumed with what crystal light he said about you. Last week I'm and so just a bad bad spot I don't think we'll mark the type to apologize but if I were him. I'd like to have that moment back. It back with indigo and her. 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It's gonna make you look who who do what's the biggest game tonight in the audience to conference finals Celtics cavaliers in -- inside TD garden in Boston the cap on the road a four point favorite tidbit that 730. The watch it on TNT what she's done watch on TV probably get cable movie pick the channel doesn't matter to me but we are living as an incredible time that. You don't want people argue about it on TV on my if you want is there anything I need to make sure I've read. Yeah I thought that New York Times story on channel alum was really really good to do is Google New York Times and Jimmy Fallon. It talks about the how he's struggling in late night now and a lot of it is tied to because the United States and ill equipped to talk about it the way. Stephen Kobe area is equipped to talk about it and Kobe are thriving in the ratings and and fallen as has dropped out of first place what's on tap for tomorrow the day. We'll look back at game one Celtics cavaliers. John Martin the first hour and old friends.