Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, May 16, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Matt Stark hosting, GP live in Seg 1 & 2 + Ryan Hollins, ESPN on NBA Part 1 in Seg 3)

The Gary Parrish Show
Wednesday, May 16th

Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, May 16, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Matt Stark hosting, GP live in Seg 1 & 2  + Ryan Hollins, ESPN on NBA Part 1 in Seg 3)


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Perspective to Memphis radio will make you think it makes you laugh because sometimes made you change the station children around and he apologizes and advance for that these 4 o'clock. Let's get into it. The issues that Gary Jerry show. That start in studio today from Gary Parrish GP. As part that's the time for us is busy schedule he's kicking at poolside I believe still down in Naples Florida will get to put him momentarily. Coming up for forty we will visit the former NBA veteran Memphis Grizzlies former senator Ryan Howell tees everywhere for ESPN right now. We'll get his thoughts on the NBA draft lottery 5 o'clock as always Jeff Hawkins get his thoughts on the brazen that draft lottery. They will get two get a divorce stories of 444 late additions that I love about Iraq so I voted to update my visit with the Gary she enjoyed that city. Why are you. Like all right I got no complaints right now I'd I might be complaining. You know this time tomorrow or any time going forward but at this particular moment. I don't think it could be better how are you. I'm OK and I mean I'm not at the Ritz Carlton but like you don't think certain things are. Removable on this day and you know the weekend is busy that'll still be is insights through so those are the good things. I can't let's get to it so this is what we've been talking about you guys the dog out for months now we leading up to it. The I headed into the NBA draft lottery last night despite having the second worst record in the league the grizzlies best chances statistically speaking. Where that they would wind up with the fourth overall pick and that's exactly what happened in yet. There's still a lot and I would say disappointed today Emmy people I and I'm I'm one of what I play. I've put a lot like play power ball and I'll give this morning when I don't when he wanted yelled it's surely not the bring on that that she's but I think people are a little bit bummed they GP out worked out to get them for credit course. The better. Couldn't work could have been better protect your way to put it. I I think it's reasonable will be disappointed if only because of the best lover yacht it is true that they are more likely. To end up with the fourth pick. And they work in doubt with any other specific pick. But they are more likely to end up in the top believe that they were outside of the top story you. And go left I want got a good night for the franchise but also what it's devastating because you're still picking pork and it also what that means that beat. An actor painting mixing you can. Somehow is now with the benefit of hindsight of hindsight now you've got a problem there that on whatever we have argument as I can't. I can't feel what it's like it's chipped it you don't understand. Like I said earlier today on taken giant show richter either I'll let you pick about what I won't put any label of anybody could. I'm you're not only influence now our come talk to a group of people now are opposed to any. Specific person gonna leave it to them yeah yes you decide yet good look at the pick who you are so foot if you don't arts understands. Why secretly chose to approach. Second part of this season basically January oh yeah so that they did you are either stubborn. Stubborn hard hit it right. I guess some people are the man that has not necessarily bad day but you know get all big we've all been the thing. Or your scooper I want to. Like an outlet compare that you're gonna buy if you look at their faith. I still believe they're taking what stupid years. So now I have either stubborn or stupid according to GP that's exactly right you can you can hit it makes you feel better. They're just acknowledge that you're stopper and mark etiquette that I'm some duck at heart editor. But they alternative to that if that the only alternative is that you're you're just you're just not that bright because. The grisly sport a lot of it is simpler like. What Mike Conley got her. And the vehicle were fired. And the rest of the roster the rest of the roster. The critics were going to sought no matter what. Indicated whether they try to not stock or not they were going to suck they were not going to make the play out I was talking about it's indeed shown her. OK I would I would pro taken December. I would doubt that label or the rest appropriators came on board agreed to break out because I understand numbers and I was looking at what they couldn't record is. And I would look at what the projections show all their their. Smart computer formulas. That you know project where he's going forward from this date. And you don't rectify comic comes back I don't know what it is going to be you don't out B yeah we ultimately our attitude never be at all my equipment from. December or early December it was statistically improbable. That they were gonna make the playoffs no matter what. And you'll make the playoffs. It is way better to finish. At batted considered yeah. Edited to finish just outside of making the playoffs and so what it became statistically improbable. Like you and an obviously that was December it happened to be sure some people except till February but it would there indecent. Once it became statistically improbable that we're gonna make the playoffs for the eighth consecutive year the only Smart thing to do what Patrick. To change my vote. You call it developing our young talent yeah I think. In the clearest. I'll try to get many ping pong ball as possible. To position your brickyard to correct their highly possible in the 2018 NBA draft and that's what they did and they hit it fairly well. Just that good enough. I could not play that I read too much talent from the city goes to America got fired can get a grip front and back. One of my complaint was that you should get you that you can't recall court yeah you got to get you've got to get Tyreke move that the debt try to apply yeah because what I said once. And you go back a portrait. What I said was it really could come down to one way it. Or to quiet separating you from getting they'll post pick the trapped the pick of the draft order gets pick of the draft of the pick in the draft. And I can't the all without differently every time you do it but the weight all belt last night. But seemed to have the best lottery out another team to drink. Phoenix actually ended up with a little bit so it quickly would have had the best lottery gods perhaps they would have been out with a number one pick but an epithet lottery out because they want one of war game in Phoenix. And I do think you can tie that directly to the presence of god we kept you so it actually they would have. It that it is taking more quickly and remove how we from the equation more quickly. They could've could've had a conversation about the quickly picking postponed what ever what god has done by a reporter there. They were never making the playoffs once it was clear my colleague was hurt what it was clear they would come a long losing streak. And that would like that a viable in December and January they could but the drinking related with the second best lottery out. And other picking or. In the NBA draft. What are you telling me if you don't understand that our argued saying that I wish they would try to win. Every game which will probably allowed the win for five more games you. And they'll be picking tip we traumatic playoff you know we can pick it hit the army aviator and that what you do you look at that. What the alternative the alternative what if I don't win grit and grind of the book what else. What the real life anymore. And so just because the ball didn't bounce your way. On lottery night. Doesn't mean you're thinking what could be only Smart thing to do given the situation was quickly or it yeah. I don't know why I swear to god I don't know what they're physical for people understand but it seems typical for certain people to understand. The critically important in the NBA draft next month. It's not the best case scenario but it weight better and to consider or fix. Or seven or eight or anywhere else you watered these go get a grip and try to win every game. Where it's way better than any scenario. That that approach. Would have produced. And that. At least according to the lottery. It took me that it is just a simple mapping that Iraq. Not too difficult to grasp and so. You can beat disappointed to let back at the grizzlies got support ticket for the first second or third boy to be disappointed and then and then. Compound where. And it took quite think it was stupid now taking will not stupid given the scenario it just didn't work out as well but it still at work out work out well now yeah. Where you pick export to the 2008 in NBA draft a market that it's better than fifth sixth seventh or any place slow. And to your point it didn't work out well for the grizzlies it worked out great for Phoenix as it did for the report if if the fourth straight year and a team at the worst record in the league. Got the number one so to your boy Gary yes for the grizzlies just. Listen to Gary Parrish show live a more frequently or maybe even just taken it to heart a little more and start taking earlier yes we can be having a very different. Conversation. Today I'll get that market people record that likes drinking doesn't work we don't know what I don't think experience I think we got that you worked at the pump it it worked exactly the way we're supposed to work. She is suspect ultimately it is they lottery can give yourself. Better are there other people instill little bit. Just different way to correct Clark gained. You can get your you know you can you can push all would have. What better. Since somebody who's calling to push right it doesn't guarantee you're going to win the hand he'll cart that the turn over spilled all that the balance. And so I'll kick you can go the way it was supposed to go. But that doesn't mean you're not supposed to put yourself in the best position possible again is it really simple stuff that we should have all agreed on by now. I Felix you lost me I'm not much of a car guy other than worn black Jack got a anatomy sounds good like full house and flush and other and that I yeah I don't know your toilet house money I had a guy get the analogy doubt are right so anyway now. How the ring real fun begins you have already updated your 2018 mock draft I'd CBS sports based on the lottery results. And you had decided that the grizzlies now we're assuming right that the Andrei Aden and look at Don you turn off the board. Also assuming that may be bad he's off the board as well and in your marquis is so the grizzlies would then select. And a pause for effect and Michael Porter junior this extends forward adamant zoo down he is a former high school all America and we all know how much grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace. Lose him some former high school all American sell it and go to Kansas the go ahead if the grizzly did not listen to you when it came to taking earlier maybe they'll be listening today when you explain why Michael Porter junior is the guy they should target. Well Rebecca just a little better sit out the way that you have and the medical us yet what what I what I don't comparable saying. Is that DR Andre is all but 400%. Yeah. I think will conduct which is all the board a 100% yeah. So I believe that. Bid by the to adequately depicting those two guys are not available. I'm not a 100% the quarterback. Not all about available I think he woke my track record and go to Atlanta. I believe that way it would go but I can also be Atlanta doing any number of things including Jerry jacks. So yeah CNET today yes so if marketed directly however clear. A market exactly what's before. I would take Marvin back. Under a bit sick scenario where Satan doctors and back we are the first or prospects all the board and in some order. Which I think on May sixteenth. Most people believe will be the case. If my doctors had no issues whatsoever. What Michael porter's medical's if they had access to the and they felt very comfortable in other what the company and they say it is true that they're young men had a back issue. It is true that he. I had back surgery and it is true that it cost them a Europe basketball. But there were no evidence and no real creep of the belief that this is going to be an issue go controller. Yes I do believe I would take Michael Porter junior fourth overall to the contrary. If my doctor came to me is that you know what we just don't know you or you know what we've got to close look at exactly what we're going off what they have. And years of study on noise. Other players who have dealt with that exact issue of dark and it's not good that it's a nonstarter. Just turn the page like we just don't even get that ball. Liked. It was a couple of years ago. When a few years ago. When Jolo MB. Around January. Early February. Was widely regarded beat next number one pick in the NBA draft. He was just performing at a level with these natural and physical guess that. You when you talkative people it's it'd be going a mortar traveling everywhere it into the interview Clark it's gonna beat Cilic beat but he got hurt. So what so they'll give doctors concluded basically. Is that it took a short term problem but it shouldn't be a long term. And we don't care to assure short term pumpkin we're trying their go to the process anyway you would not be back again salute you cracked the top regret it and Seoul. It is only a short term issue. But we don't believe our doctors don't believe it's a long term issue. Why won't we take the guy who two months ago everybody that was number one pick in the draft with a pocket and so that's what they can't. And if you start and it and enjoy or be didn't play for two years. And obviously you don't I don't eight think that's the case what Michael Porter and meet you would want that to be the case or not you don't know this plan but it. But it was the case put your. But fact fortune today. And I'll ask you got the same course Jason Garner. What you're elevator wicket Sergio will be right now. MD yeah the glass and cost not would you rather have Jabari Parker Ochoa and Jo Ellen beat right now and eat. Yeah it's not even close L Jolo IB. Missed two seasons now. And it's still fraud that directly at the only player out all sixty to make it also consults. All the what do. That is why it is and yeah. What's Philadelphia decided what. He has. He had the injury problem right now we thought we don't not believe it's gonna prevent him from being great we do not believe it a long term issue. So we're gonna take the best talent available. And I do think there's a scenario where the grizzly could reach that same conclusion. Because this time last year. And you better remembered that some accurate before Margaret Beckett reclassify. So we didn't think he was gonna be in this trashed this time last year. There were a lot of people who would tell you. That. It's like I was in order junior. Look at the very least in the conversation. Up to speed up first pick. Overall in the 2018. NBA draft up some people might have said we are very eight and then went back with the recall are item became eligible. Some people including myself. Say moderate back. But I think if you go back to my mark records posted right post war. That college basketball season's started. Is the order was Marvin Beckley Warren. Michael order to. Look at down two stories yeah and if you could quickly port pick in the draft. In fact William dodge ridge and they are off the board. Get Michael order and your doctors are totally cool with all. That I would be cool with it and I would actually endorse. And the other thing that I think it all here is that. At that point particularly after. We've been talking about Michael Porter are putting with a greatly to my my correction everybody understands yet a fact he had back surgery. I don't think 90% of people would say right now have any idea what would act all thirty darkest thing. What people talk about what your backs are. Like electric just like back for a period this once. Saying I just hear that term ends and yeah you guys here ever talked to anyone they had that surge era what they tell you is never had Baxter aren't. And that's all I know about it so that's all I need to hear ya. Well well well mark exactly backs are greens are the same thing the Tiger Woods backs are now. And there are people like what they've always had where he had a back injury and had back surgery what are. And I understand like the basic premise of art who exactly are the bucket frame. But if you go and look at the exact procedure that he had. It was to prepare it was to repair. Of a herniated disk it's between the L-3 and the L four. And a surgeon could probably talk about this more intelligently that I can. Put in simple layman's terms. The specific injury that Michael Porter had to read it back is beat bashed type of injury you could have. To your back it's not no one else to itself the real poor again this might not mean anything to anybody lifting it doesn't mean much to me I guess nobody better help real or. But it is no one else to. It it there have been studies done on other players who had kids six sat back procedure. And what it shows is that. A year out they're not the same deal. But two to three years later they look like the player they were before. Edit and there's no evidence that it actually has a long term. On impact. On your career now let me be clear that's based on what's been reported about Michael Porter juniors backs her career and I do think it's important that he. He actually did come back and play. In this seat and he didn't play well could now rusty but he was comfortable about to get back on the court know ahead of schedule up to get if you go back and look at the initial reports. He was ruled by a Missouri officials that output the seat. He healed more quickly than they were supposed to think clearly got to a point. Where he was cleared to play incomparable play earlier than anybody else thought he would be initially told her good side. And again. Based on the reports. Begin serious. If you do whether a player not have one but it was the best kind of that specific back agree that you could possibly have. So that's all good stuff I can't what one might do. And argue and but doctors. It get a look at the medical. And sees something you just don't know. Yeah I'm stuck or not thought yeah you know he might be great but we're not running the risk of of of basic water yet. And I understand that. What here's my doctors had access to the records. And they have. The ability to check him out so they tell me. Viewers don't risk medically corrected Michael Porter cuter than you would eat basically directing anybody else yeah. I think that take important political players off the order a salute. Well I guess easier due to come by to salute to check that out you know that helps. Well he he only does what he wants to do a test. Any also. It's of interest he also only have turned to medical over so we won't turn what I'll. So it's not like all thirty franchises they're gonna have access to Michael's order against you got it they're not yet he turned them over to whoever wants to turn them over. So he can in some ways. God guide him in a solicit franchise in just yeah yeah how weird. Prospects will not work out for certain French yeah right quickly deported to this or I think they hear that they had the number two pick in the draft you they took a shoot it deep they couldn't get. Step curry and it'll work out. I didn't know her bra. You could get hurt like I don't wanna play eventually right shallow. You can for quite expect it not forget that that's correct and their curry anchor couldn't have grabbed a player they never worked out well. But you can you can really make it. A bridge I try to do something without sit down with you. Without working you out in the rural Jim. That they're not completely comfortable door so I don't know that to be true and I don't know why would be true. But it Michael Porter junior decided for some reason. The last plate I want a and that it might actually be a non starter you might get at the French I say. Forget and perhaps Jarrett Jack who can't lose it went up. But all without him Michael Porter medical we can't risk. So some it is going to be determined by where Michael Porter you ought to start is that BA career but again. Our practices with a lot of stock. But but it is I think this through my perspective on it at this small. There are if my doctors have access to Michael order medical and Michael order general. And they are cooler school when what they see and they tell me without putting any more of a risk. Correcting him medically speaking that we are anybody else. If eight blockage. In Baguio the board is part of the grizzlies are selecting the six can't. Prototypical modern day combo forward. Who. For checks at least this time last year as a future NBA star. Tight you know slash scoring champion. I mean he's also hit an awesome talent and I don't think that should it be. Forgotten just because we haven't seen him play at a high level in about a year. Now I'll get in the hypotheticals. If Doogie Howser comes back and says man his bag don't look too good in and ask you about that. 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That kind of time I don't think you make that call if you're Chris Wallace who would you. Maybe your lie because aren't your option. Like Edgar most people seem to believe that it secretly dark comparable Michael order an eight and cartridge and actually off the war and that the grip it looks like you're exactly. What Jared actually could barely put a Michigan State. Puddle a really solid decent I'll be an impact player alone are now at a lucky guy I. So okay so like that I understand that arc but you can't that are committed in Gregg Jarrett Jack and I. Speaker because either you believe that Michael order. Future. Or you don't. And they'd be your argument is the league and its future. But we need help immediately. Because we're trying to come back and play out next year we don't think you got to be able to help us immediately. I'll say okay let's go with a record second yeah cutting back EWO meter reader you're Jarrett Jack and accepted gonna be eight. Bottom in the rotation guy who as a rookie in the NBA I would just so if only because he only put 21 minutes a game at Michigan State you. He was not equate college basketball player he had great moment. But he was not a great college basketball player go look at your first team all American Beckett you know American Kirk of all American Jarrett Jack who they needed it and so. If you told me. That's the reason you're not taking Michael Porter yeah I would say. I understand that gas agreements that put geragos and over there the pilot mark order outlook that Obama. What about an L Carlos like Dan would win the hundred went up on the look at Colin expected Ryan. Oh. But I accident your talent expecting got to pick Michael order my department that's what I think I would do. Based on if my doctor said it was located here because. Eight months ago. But there is eight months ago I would have told any of BA franchise. You can get Michael Porter with the court picnics you would take you. Yeah asserted yeah voting up or he would accept absolutely I'll ask it so it that and other real likely. They're the only thing that should stay at it between that it is medical and other medical check out there shouldn't stand in between that and that's why I know myself. To be opinion if aren't picking four of those other three all or edit in the medical check out yeah. I would take Michael Porter over the other people on the board at that I think I want. Okay now wasn't depressed after the grizzlies got before last night I just kind of thought aren't the odds are that's really going to be out of the abbey nicely ID happily surprised that they get 12 or three. So now I've settled in for. I'm all aboard the Michael portraying you talked Aminu Jason Smith was all excited about him yesterday we talked to him so. Something comes back and it says his backing decorate. Now the players that are out there include and I listened to Jeff Hawkins this morning and you can ask him tomorrow when you have minding your standard time at 5 o'clock and I'm gonna ask him today. He's all about Jerry Jackson. I know that you got to watch a lot more college basketball no disrespect to all the Jeff. You certainly don't sound like you publicly any Jerry Jackson jump on the bandwagon T shirts at the pairs of state with a so if it's not Jerry and Jack seen. Why don't we get old and are are you a believer that train young can turn out to be like a step curry county gag order we start talking and suddenly about Obama. Let me back up again got a perspective I yeah. When I hire Jerry jacks what I actually got to hire everybody else on Jarrett Jack thank there's some people who think he's the second best prospect in the class. And I acknowledged that he might end up being bad. But I would go with other pieces. Just like a dollar difference of opinion there like when I delicate Marvin back over the aggregate I thought that the minority and I also know I'd like ball. There are several things help talk about throughout. We marked the year. Where. You'll never get me to acknowledge there's a chance that I might be able. O Gary. A little bit recovery I think you would never gonna get million dollars from because I knew I was right you don't want to Laporte experience that's been shown to be true I my point being Mitch. When it comes to drafting basketball players are always acknowledge I could be wrong. If you're Smart. Because the people who do it for a living. Who actually running in the paper or just they're wrong all the time you. Oh what the Philadelphia franchise. They were wrong. They traded up. To take mark out fault yeah that was. It and that did not work now look how well for Boston now I know you also know what they're doing thank you Danny Ainge. Thought that that would dictate. Look at thirty franchises. None of them had government ordered the top five tonight. You attractive and tough like today you probably correctly first or second today you getting what you think if they can take the first two picks in a threat that happen let the a year ago. Right now would be Jason Tatum and Donovan vigilance some order and they went story hit like a leopard are right. Or twelve whatever was. Or two without that are out there. There's military court let her talk to right now but he would happen but it's not to let them a year ago. People are wrong about this up all the time myself included. So when I say I like Marvin back with more than the other eight. Our best solidly. But I understand that I could I'd I'd be wrong about that. So what I say I don't like Jerry Jackson as much as other people I understand I might be wrong about that because it technical tools are undeniable. He's tall he's long he's back letter. He can shoot from three you got a great shot up about 40% from three in college he got incredible he density in stinks. You're at worst he could be a great eastern for player which like Cleveland could use right now and at best you like an all star level guy who lives. You know it's a big law athlete. Who can yeah played around a rare but also grip to the three point lied back down that shot single or multiple this position that the other yet. The best version of Jarrett Jack and I ended up being the best player in the strap. Like I've got stupid I don't have a hard I don't fly ball I watch yet you. I just don't think we're gonna get better version of Jerry Jackson. But I could absolutely be well. And so I think that to say there. If there critic of taking four and eight and up the board doctor Gupta or bagged up the board and our people are comparable with Michael quarter. I got a guy like I could probably take you Jarrett Jack I'm not sure that I would. What I can certainly understand why you would add to declare. He did it. My doctors say Michael porter's school and you don't wanna take care injection. I could understand that it's not what I would do but I understand this dressed up as tricky stuff yeah when you start speak at an absolute about it. Which is what people do every year so I get to my Twitter make it all day cycles any mock drafts this player that I saw the flavors just. They're like you don't know could article five people this time last year who thought Marco also going to be great Donovan vigil was gonna stop. Now you every draft you do that every single draft notice out. Every track. Or trade ya. If they draft bill the way we discussed. And okay like keeping with the hypothetical Michael quarterback you're like not what are comparable with that yeah. I would I would consider Jarrett Jack but I would also take a long look at Troy yup. Not because I think he can be trickery. Because what step Korea the two time MVP is about to be a three double and good luck seat. Expect there if that like that at all park effect of hard you know that yeah I. I thought that you have got it right better than nothing I guess I think instead of art yeah would you say to our work recap or ticket to target BP. You're and so it can't. So I don't think he could be that in fact you know I took etiquette the blindly you every player in this for a who who would have drafted going to be at the garden of BP agree doubled chipped up to go with you grow and they're probably end up being right yeah. I don't think trio could be a lot of good things at curry is. Because he had a lot of good things to curry is that he got a lot of things that curry does. He can obviously shoot from anywhere on the court which makes a key states. Are susceptible to other things. You're a bit Barrett never grant. A bit of it is my opinion because I'm not Smart about basketball probably to have the but it's basketball people prepared that it are acutely there's never been a player who put more pressure. Ought to eat pit. Then in the world. That occur. More so than Michael toward more so little projects could you can deal with applaud and Michael in traditional ways. Now they still my kitchen because they're incredible. But you can do within a traditional way he can't deal with occurring or traditional way typical worry about the thirty feet. Beat it at your cards of up to thirty feet you just created a whole lot of things a whole lot of stuff back. And tritium can do that as well you have to go argue about thirty feet cookies comparable pulling compare. In addition since he should sit comfortably from basically anywhere on your side of the court. And in and stepped into it try to do you operate incredible vision of great passer. A quick shot creator. I think you issued at Oklahoma in February march. Or. But wait big twelve teams start playing when it played against him yeah and used to make you can get their teammate he could pass you the only personal real all the roster who could. Create in effect. Create for himself or somebody else it would literally nobody else although all the Russert who could create for himself or somebody that would ultra. If so what they started to light and space garden. Guarding him you know ninety feet. And and all of these are ever take that shot because it's too late taking coach art work as hard or senator can take a bad job. After the percentages were down fifteen struggled but I think if you certainly take for younger put it would. For the sake of our conversations. You know which you market saw a couple of shooters. Bad. But he would flourish and look the way that we anticipated it may be looking. Back in November December when he was the story of college basketball. It's not a great it was my traveling he be talking about two small Dominic. All comic art. I don't know that that works perfectly. But I also know that I consistently said what they're picking at the top five. You don't worry about it you don't Wear the opposition. He picked the star yeah. Get the star. Who's going to be the next star in basketball get that got it beat on the table make sure you pick him because I set out hope what time. You know the two best back up into the world right now are the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets that seems clear to most people. With all due respect what Bret doing with the help of and that they're covered they split between those two record that they got stars yeah you're I don't know. That people said before Kevin winter cold grey cup Kevin Durant stepped curry go play to get out of it must get care for all the they got four future you're an electoral stated arguably the best basketball team we've ever seen you display or call sabres and applaud you and why. Therefore future hall of famers in a pot. You know well liked it to emerging area driven career shattered now let our natural fit. Cabin instead. Are they natural fit with each other though it just could they're all some. Correspondent art crippled because they're used to what they just they can target the point got the games are become obsolete. And that record collector Chris Paul back to work all but it's gonna work perfectly easy to rip to all the players. And they are subject to final but that'll be the critical day. Joost and also because they got to. Future hall of famers. Skill operating an extremely high level that the trick to the NBA it's not fit. The trick if storms. Get it many stars and accurate out it to portray younger gonna be a straw. I king I don't care how you get what might come. I don't care that he gonna be a star. And it can't be clear about being here in sixty going to be a star yeah I think yes star potential but it you're sitting at the grizzlies and all that and you are convinced you're gonna start. Absolutely take import over and I'll I'll be excited about. Out of Gary pairs she's down in Naples Florida all right so we've already established that you like to be right. And you were in on air I got to know Brad Stevens early on when he was at Butler did you ever foresee. That he would be able to do what he's doing we just talked about how you need stars mislead the best team has stars all of his two best players his two stars. Had been out Gordon Hayward put out an entire year carry Irving went down when they needed him for the stretch run and has been out this entire post season. Yet the Celtics keep winning it in not to despair as the roster and I've seen a lot of that. Then I wish the grizzlies could just have guys step up like the Celtics did well I'm sure he's brought to they've got three former number three picks. A number six pick and at twelve pick on that roster so it's not like birds killed with a budget ceiling on this right what did you first see this kind of success for Brad Stevens. Now. And I thought Bret Stephens was great for the first time I ever. Met and got the door and watched him coach. And at first Europe but. I said. Before that. I think Brett taking outright public school but people think of bought her out like it might as well or at but he hit a program yet. He'll write a book is a bit program recruiting top what I advocate. What Brett Steven or that Butler Butler what they hope white elite program. Recruiting just arrived only program players. Up some of Turk in the pros and Gordon Hayward story of geek because it was pretty. I'll be it early on that he would have been a top 100 player out of that are sort. Court they were terribly sore back. No I didn't know that he what he wasn't. Seen by the recruiting at what she put on the Nike might be out search. He wasn't competing with teen Kenny while at an Angel and Jeff or sell low or Jerry my heritage yet again it's like church going out. Bush credit he's been covered blanket at and he must yeah so like upper with a clear that because the high school basketball you. But outside of public record and you want to be what it on the summer circuit. So he would have in prayer has been a cup quarter recruit people have been visible. And evaluated the wave that's what players are in the summer by. They're preppy could have horizon program was quite quick players. And they were the back of our nationals and it. I think that more impressed that the winning two championships according to blow it more prep for the Villanova went through championships in a two year period. Because there are. An op get past you're kidding Tibet hyper active reaching that level looked except probably like the F. Or probably like it it's been done before. I think that fact that here's a really don't believe it would take a team that's championship and the at a time when. Most cut back or people like that would have woken up immediately. You know you had a unique situation or how or her father was a former basketball player so they had quality. Joke you know what father. Famous tennis players they had quality. I mean the only other one bit of an obvious leave school early garlic core group work. And corporate jet fighter ever got to come back school welcome back school public without thinking to get around each hit back at the mission accomplished there ought. I don't think that's an impressive is taking a whole wide of a program to the championship game to your thorough. In my opinion in modern history correctly and has got to your run of any college basketball coach. That is cryptic. And value to a bigotry of your level with the election in there because you're not supposed to. A. Go to the NBA finals which now paper due to what to a legal look at this yet but that would pollute your two best players and he diluted two best player. Your present at the duke went glued mutual best players being aligned. A twenty year old and it's 41 year old. What a peak. Kuwait. Understate it backs or at least act until they beat them about the NBA executive but when it actually. You know there was a time when James are well Westbrook Kevin Correia or all of the thinking they were young young young. They have really they didn't do much yeah especially if something. But it initially didn't do much there are currently working KP were vocal that they candidate but the playoffs are we're talking about in the peace. Future hall of famers. When they were kids they couldn't get it done Natalie got a stepmother. The other that they're cliche is that they college note or go out and Mike here's twenty rotation Qaeda. And twenty year old Jay Lamar out. And from 24 year old Terry Gross here. And. I read it back on the court and Gordon were not good at all. And they're still too low over the king and probably headed for the NBA finals that it Bret Stephens. That the impact here I don't think all coaches make a meaningful impact in the NBA but he's certainly does and I've said that last week I still believe to be true there's two people in the NBA right now who can single handedly win series. I just can't go series that they are not supposed to wait. That that everything so we're out there suggest they should be good enough to win that theory but they want it anyway what if LeBron James obviously. Any other acting out and I would say that about another coach on the planet I think he had right now. At this moment the best basketball coach on the play. I walked I don't disagree and I think that the numbers at the way they've gone so far. Would back up that argument let's say you're good man for making all this time force are they safe travels back to method but enjoy the rest here for a five star stay we'll see him. I appreciate you you know their signature format I'd be back tomorrow. Got Lilly. Think Java JJR. And Gary pair shoot down in Naples we'll be joined by Ed Rollins right holidays. And I only senator title that more NBA draft in his perspective and and the public is new career suicide a microphone will be that we'll come right back now tonight FM ESP senate. Kroger select. Varieties of Kroger butter or just 199. Budget plus starting digital coupon user Kroger dot com and download your digital coupon today always over. In place you're likely to get from someone who owns a red. This was the only U 2019 ram 15100. Always looking up to expectations. Are. 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And then there's the big savings. You can always find your neighborhood Kroger and with a low prices don't delicious choice plus personalized coupon. To help you shop and save at any time from anywhere the you get more relaxed. Yeah. Hello to new low prices and weekly sale prices to. They just sickening kind of talent but just let's start fresh news blue prices. Kroger guests appear via the smile center hotline now they give you better show. We did you bears show is live from the local restaurant and sports scores studio ninety to nine FM. ESPN's. I welcome back Matt sergeant studio in my Brad Carson across the glass front not a visit. With former met the president Ryan Hollins now an analyst Dick ES TM is making a big enemy. Award winning writers athletes coaches the biggest names in stores this thing here and Barry show me new fuel. Is anybody lose this thing. This movement ESPN. Hey Ryan Matt starts here in studio for Gary today how you doing man. A dual good brother bad academy. Absolutely did to catch up what do you been following you in your works in mid year everywhere you're on every GS PM platform they got right now podcast everybody's talking to NBA that's who we wanted to India with youth. Today the draft lottery went down obviously last night Phoenix Suns that take a polluted paid off. Not so much for degrees he went from having the second worst record and they fall down to the fourth date so little disappointment but obviously in this draft. There's still a ton of value write down and you know fans we've already shifted all day into all right who should vigorously take right now it for. Do you have an opinion. Mahan Q you can we open held buried. And hope they hope that I have Bagley is there all by. Yeah there are some project is that I have the hawks go and may be different way so like that's potentially out there right. But he's guiding you really like. All you gotta look back leave everything especially around their legs if it it can go to dispute rather chaotic Europe that this while oh are you got it up by the move forward we'll we'll float. Lately the content of their open book we've supported for our oval. Cool cool and then I had that that's going back it's it's gone bad I don't. Oh Beckett looked abroad yeah right yeah well usually. What. Well actually used to read more in the moonlight while they didn't. He even knew in new global oil glut of out code 08 includes. And I I I just think of overlap with eight or early all of that and I love it its boulder. You've still got up and I thought what if they hit a lot of quality seeping into play and you love wobble quite look like eight. Right now but also its hold any hope Obama did well a lot footwork was. So one of the big knocks. I guess when you know this goes they will have enough time now that everyone's gonna find pimples on somebody. But they're not maybe John Bagley is that he quote unquote doesn't. Play defense now you better and that Memphis Grizzlies uniform you know that this is an organization that. We do defense okay what we need help with this the offense when he guys who can fill it up. And this kid has certainly proven he can do that certainly on the collegiate level anyway. Did know each case I want and I love about backward if you bet you a lot of patients. People out of work or place he'd eaten feed to be a really ought to put the ball on the order played a little bit what that side. And what you. They are able. All you guys if the war won't fall of eighty.