Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, June 13, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 to discuss Pera and more Grizz w/GP)

The Gary Parrish Show
Wednesday, June 13th
Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, June 13, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 to discuss Pera and more Grizz w/GP) Seg 1:  GP and Geoff discuss Pera interview Seg 2:  GP talked about Greg Hardy Seg 3:  Dinner to Go 

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16100 you get value Jordan speaker I think I'd like to Jordan speak Dick Jordan speak that plus 16100 likes beat Brooks kept that plus 17100 good and then Ricky foul. And Tiger Woods that plus 18100 again Tiger Woods teed off tomorrow at. Yeah 1247. As they'll be playing it'll be on television will be talking about it tomorrow. Around the same time again best story you could possibly have at the US open if we wake up on Saturday and we spanked. All Brad tell me how great this would be okay Father's Day yes Tiger Woods yes in contention. On the back nine wall with these children. Are. Be beautiful on the course trying to see their father. It's something that. He probably hasn't done since the last time they can remember playing golf tiger and actually made this point out is that one of the reasons he wants to let win one more time. He wants his kids to be able to experience that. When he was winning majors. This last almost ten years ago. If kids were around but they don't have a really that recollection of his children that never got to us his children are very aware these are his words not mine and they're very aware of who he is who their father reais. They know that their dad is Tiger Woods one of the greatest golfers of all time but they have seen it but the point tire made it big never saw a a man that's got to sake for him saying they know who I am now they know what I've done and a but they never got to experience. And one of his motivations and beyond the obvious of just like you. Use self motivation I wanna be great 'cause I wanna be great. He said. I would love. For my children to see me. Do that. At this stage where they can hopefully properly appreciate. And understand what it is they're watching I want. Some experience. Not my kids hearing about how great I was right but my kids seeing how great I can be. So to have that with the way this lines up. US open. Final round on Father's Day. If I get about it almost wrecked cars can be very memorable go input you know plus 18100 you're always Tiger Woods I mean I roomed with my heart always it's wired route for arcane and save it would run gave. Our roofer. The gold tiger would turn a love Tiger Woods over the over the rest of the field I love Tiger Woods over everybody loves Tiger Woods more than I loved. Except HB three. And let me start over you're really with your hard as you're gonna love HP three the most we have a personal items you've played a close relationship now. But I love tiger was second most. It's of HB three cannot win let it hates secret till I carry it the end hair on the final round a B grade how what H feet three and Tiger Woods going shot for shot on the back nine check back. On Sunday. I like it and it would be to African Americans representing the great status supportive of golf that would probably be something somebody would point out at some point yeah that would be a huge story that would be ace I refer that to Iraq. That's what I want I want the same thing you want don't wage beat three go Tiger Woods' US open starts tomorrow morning Geoff Calkins of that. Easy officials. Is this summer about engagements and Robert Irwin Jewelers and how we can people really buy diamonds on line. Of course they can but I'm here to tell you it is. 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What green speed come visit this jewel of course and win Arkansas hooked a tee time at 8702385226. Or visit the ridges at village creek golf dot. Sponsored the win economic development corporation join him for a one player scramble on April 28. Back to the give retailers show on 92 million fans ES TN wins you have got kids on today's show presented by the. Love it right here. I'm good good. Robert pear is. Interview with Chris Vernand over a growing city media because. At that time I was tied at its with a million different things I had not had an opportunity. So listen to the whole thing and I wanna speak about it in completely but I have had an opportunity listen the whole thing now and what are things that struck me. I honestly haven't I got to know what you think about this or if you notice this well or if maybe I've got a wrong. But. The way he talked about one of his businesses. Compared to the way he talked about his other business. Was a little discouraging to me I think overall I'm I'm cool with Robert pear being the owner if only because I don't have a choice and I do feel like he's. Given the people who run the day to day operations the freedom to. To do mostly what they want and the money tend to do mostly what they want. But the way he talked about you pick woody and the way he talked about the grizzlies. Seemed tit. It just underline. The perception. If not reality. That he cares about that one company weighed more than he cares about the day to day the go the other company M perhaps that's the way it ought to be. But that stand out to me did you notice that at all. Yeah from problematic it is very clear that. When he talks about you equity you can hear the action. The excitement. And and the ambition. To crush of people in the the most creative quiet like hey he's cute look at it looked as work he deeply involved. And and there's no question that comes popping out. He's competitive. He liked everything about it like the creativity of creating a product like. You like accomplishment go to book with the beating out other companies keep plot. What it comes to the good place. I've found. What protects one and then I think this is natural quiet. He can't just. But being the smartest guy in the room. You can't just will greatly pedal problem came to look at the different kind of look good at it that way must be frustrating like. You can go into your equity I think the court without a lot of people out when it comes to it. If sports is he can't simply go in there and and brought a different way because of that it would totally different kind of look at you like you liquidate it'll be. You don't have a okay we're gonna draft picks and and you you're turned a bit of technology in my certificate technology. And you don't have a deal where that can't argue double cut them up close Cuba according because it's such close all or portrait pinging or whatever okay. It's just frustrating business I think is part of it's so I like you do get defense he's frustrated by that. A little bit that it's just you have to learn how to do it and and it's if he can't do it the same water. So I I think that was true. The identity can't even take it to be talked about them similarly configured subways say they've recessed Saturday once built the same culture any stability always been striking. It's not just that he talks about a differently which I think you're actually right. It's really wrote them completely differently. Like like all due respect I don't think I beat this drum before. But do you think if Chris Wallace we're running European operations for ubiquitous. Adobe after 88 should be in charge. Winner. And I doubt prayer. We utopian charges if the result cubicle at eight. We're very you know a bit of that technological division at the same result that the draft division has all the good plays. If you do it wouldn't it would have four. Certainly what side interest is key confidant talking about this orderly cutting edge we're going to be all this we're gonna run. And yet it doesn't seem to be how he actually run the operation at very clearly he had not his to have gone but. But I bet I do think some of that comes from the fact that if you compare the speed ball certain eclipse of the current by the emergency all of our image in the interview. He's still building this company got him out of carriers into his main business fact that's what he's still. Right whereas Steve Ballmer made it money for Microsoft that you just like. Being a fan now right and and gets the people that are Q where are you doing a TV show any yet. We're at Teradata different stage of his career and so I think that that explains some of it too. But I do think what are we talked about it also allegedly talked about it. No way he is actions. Suggest this striking difference between the way he runs a company and we're here. On the play of the actions there's one point in the conversation where. He explains he's got these offices in Europe and he's off is an Asian offices throughout the United States and he says I popped in to them from time to time. Because I want the people working there to see me. To know that I'll I'm here right now and I'll be back soon. Any makes some reference about I don't wanna think they can cram for the test the night before I wanna knowing that I was here I know what's going on I'm coming back so you'd better. Keep doing what you both Miguel and that is the complete opposite of the way it runs the. Knowing a battle that. He he has just the opposite of how to lead would get on here but he mocked the idea that it would you care that he's here. Because this is the idea that anyone could well our fan I wouldn't care I work. I'm confident I would get my router here not but you're exactly right when he took do you equity because I'm there every five weeks. So they don't get you immediate sense of urgency item on the and if you do not have that sent out all the good. It would be one thing if he simply said I don't think I need to be there. And I don't know why anybody yeah. Are able people running ubiquity and let them do this kind I need a top been over Santa can I got Chris Waldrop. What exactly right like at peace if he is sick if it's only point was. I don't think. I need to be in Memphis today tomorrow or that all that because I've hired good people. Two run that franchise I've given them the resources to run the franchise and it's unnecessary for me to be there I don't understand why anybody cares one way or the other. I would disagree. But I'd go but when you save that and then in this same better view explained. The importance. You fill the rest are popping into your you equity office's every whatever he said five weeks to make sure people know you're there. You're going to be back. And it you better be doing what you're supposed to be dull it just it's like two different people talking. But it's only one person to keep which suggests that it's one it's it's. You know we he may be Heather a personality trait like a lot of us in the sense that he's saying whatever he needs to say it to end on a particular subject to rationalize whatever it is he's still going but it is clear like. He what he thinks is necessary to run your equity is that what. He applies to run in the Memphis Grizzlies that I recognize they're two totally different businesses but they did stand up to me he went out of his way to stress the importance of being visible. For his ubiquity employees. And yet he is. Basically. They dismissed the idea they just dismiss the idea that insignificant to be available. With respect to invest in this business I do think. That part of it can be explained. Body. Your what I think I think he believed that shorter but you quickly off first. He can have an impact. He hit presence had brain. Bolster the operations. And at the end. In in in design and all of you can have an impact on performance right. I don't say can this is completed a different kind of a business I don't think she thinks he's if he popped into the grill and every five weeks. You know what is what are they gonna I think this is how he would rationalize it what it is definitely like it's not like they can. Just make it you know suddenly suddenly gentle person could help here in five weight. So I think I think that's part of that. Very clearly is that he really does believe the connector. If you look at the interview there's no question out there and passion can act as it is the only close we're with the one enterprise than the other after that. He also let's be clear he decided to pony up for best group itself including its interest stated that Kerry Wood good. Paid the money could continue to be the owner but it is you could not be more striking and the way that he runs. In the way that he ran to do business. I'm Geoff Calkins united united some ESP and then the other take away from it is. Let's say inverted our friends felt like I don't fall Vernon for doing the interview like if Robert pear wanted to come on this show or any show you would. Absolutely taken we've had a request in for months it just as politely declined every time. But there is no denying that. Choosing to only speak to forget Chris Byrne but choosing to only speak to. Any media entity that you literally own. He's just not a good look for him it's not it like it doesn't matter I guess the big picture he can do whatever he winds. But this was marked by. Bill Simmons it was marked by Sammy may. You know there hurt you know I think. Again I if I were advising Robert pear I would say I do think we'll verdict chalk it up he got a good relationship with the you also need to make your available to other people if only make yourself available to other people if only because it looks bad if you don't even if that's not even your digit. We might. I I don't think you have to stretch your imagination too far. To say pair of not just doing I interview a grind seated media that he owns because the old city's Dora because he does know burn any comfortable with Vern. That might actually be true. Why it is also true that he would only talking to a media. Member that is literally on his payroll what it's not a good look for him regardless of how the interview unfolds. Essentially an interview done with someone who's not on his table and bonds' table looked very different it is the exact humidity that you and I talked about the interview. For the first ten minutes of this conversation we both got things out of the interview it was a it was from that perspective. It was in many ways could go to interviewing it was a revealing interview but there's no question that's true. But when you only do interviews. With paid employees. And it's weird because he talked about. Optics and how much they matter how much he ordered the matter how dealing with the media matters that you got to balance these. And yet that he's called that completely in terms a way to get a hat and that's got to it is a it was a very revealing interview. I would try to look to. But you'll argue there was chemical arsenal at the film you'll not hear the words gave interstellar litter they'll. You'll not hear why it could float GM when he mr. draft picture editor bill. You'll last year OK you wanna stay here you can extend the lease on another avenue you all are here with all due respect. Any hard questions but if you don't like it if pat and so that seek to cut you hear very good question revealing question. Maybe if you want to come on my show that they would you care about that this does little to OK although it. But like how can you do an interview. Which he already reviewed and not have to look at Wallace's job security analysts that the conditions like how could you and if you are not left or whether it was David citadel. A much better condition pocket you could it be an effort lol. Could you kind of blew whichever party's big. A lot better condition at an athletic term doctor in employee. That it is it's it's a bad look as good a theater the winds are revealing on and on other topics there they're sick of your outlook control. There's nothing that could and I know Chris was mad. Evidently about that edited and at how I'm not political at all. It's simply if he'd get a everything this is Robert goods like he would have good answers for all those things I've got. I think he's doing himself a disservice by not. By not doing more about my work or government winding regular about it one way or another but I think he's doing himself for this service particularly at a time when there. There's not a lot of other leadership of the organization. Good public leadership I think he's doing a disservice. By having a having just to step dot both the employees to introduce. Right because. It is interesting that he he actually spoke in the interview about the optics of thinks. And then doesn't recognize the optics of that because here's here's here's the optics of that. Like Chris didn't ask about. Chris Wallace. And it might have just been because like ya like that conversation started go in different directions and next thing you know Robert pear like sort it ended abruptly in because we didn't get there or you forgot that basket or you didn't think it was important. Like there's a whole bunch of reasons you might out of ethic question every time I do an interview with somebody there's probably something I wish I would have asked that I did and yet. You can also encourage encourage you could also have a new level and to get any other tests why why I asked the question on you know it's gonna get a he's our guy. All well all of that is that's my point if I do if I had Robert pear on and I don't ask about Chris Wallace or Chandler Parsons or David Isdell. People might just think I'm bad at interviewing but it wouldn't be like this like cool I see what's going on there. But wind quite an immediate does that asked those questions people immediately assume that there must have been conditioned to Paris that that's off limit which I honestly and I haven't talked to burn about that I doubt that's true. I doubt Robert pairs that you can't ask me about this this this and that I doubt that that is reality. But because the optics of people automatically go there and it's just uncomfortable for everybody. Don't you know I believe there's a lot of censure that if you'd done a public interview he would the national crush. Yes of course yes. Are you would be done about it need to be done a public interview some would assess whatever David says. Some what do you still have confidence in Chris Wallace and what happened. You know people want what went wrong whichever part. That's ever happened both are attributed the approach on. And the direction the franchise. Both are what all the respect more important then. Really anything else you got out of. Right it's just like the whole I think again I wouldn't have advised him he might just say I am the owner I do whatever I want that's fine. But I if I were working hand in hand within Matta said lets it go chop double Vernon that's gonna be fun for you I guess but. If you do not make yourself available to anybody other than somebody who works for you. Number you just talk about optics the optics of that are not good and I think it that is being numb. You don't. The I didn't I didn't use of them suffer or anything. I'll give it more lettuce and you know cumulative meta joke but like Sam Avic I actually just said. You know he retreated to Hillary's story. And Taylor story like when your particular story the most passive aggressive they get a read my life it's like he got out of their control and own the growing city media liked everything just. He don't want he's out there and I like about the beat writer and I was in no way on the outs the way you think they'll be out perhaps that would be the thing what I don't know. But. Like optics just are good and for somebody who is literally talking about the optics of things the optic today just art art that's ulterior. I think it is it took medical setback and like Robert K it was a good guys in this in this the would have the perception of everyone's part is that Robert error. What the good guy he he he. He stepped up he bought out to the guys receive more likely to move the team. He paid big money for this game she continues to pay big money for the team. I will say when he talked about moving the team or not only the team. They hear it's only a few sentences. He was I thought very persuasive. And so I think there's every reason to chill pretty darn good. About Robert pear and his administration here right now I really do I think I killed I feel very good about Robert terror. I believe that you can about some of the doesn't let them up at such a pretty damn good. About Robert and his intentions with respect to map so. I'm not at all pile on just I'm with you you wished the troops and at a news. He's really doubt it better at this than my tightly wasn't there but unlike how I think little boot camp when he talked and so it was entertaining when he talked but he also. He EU often shoot himself in the foot when he talked club repair it really good at that she and I think it's I don't you think we can couple days. I'd I've never heard him talk and come away. Not impressed on either an interesting guy is a self made billionaire so that's just interesting in and of itself. He's obviously brilliant and that's in pristine and that comes across. Well. Aren't very good at getting that's a lot of Democrats put up the part of the that is the most entry you can't travel all the way from it without a fascinating do that he did you get to the bottom of it and how. I hate I find myself liking him you know when it went in those interviews you've got it. He's good at it which is another reason why maybe you should. Do it more often than once every three years I've where's your but that. It the yes so like I really and that's what I thought I I can't I understand that he he doesn't he doesn't seem to enjoy it or think it's necessary. Jesus what he is not addict and I would encourage you did. Do it more often she's perhaps from behind regimes either through that and I. If they begala. Demagogues does it narrow. She's. No I'm a that's fun. Nine on. Got a tweet out Greg Hardy leave portable push for 44 say that guy asked what I think gives them a very reasonable question actually addressed Jason John earlier bush. Maybe not everybody heard that Ollie did can't you use it. You can't root for Greg Hardy which I did say. Because of what he's done. But don't you root for Floyd Mayweather. MI I missing something it's a reasonable question I'll answer we'll do that next. You don't just want to easy you want straining your favorite movies and shows on the fastest Internet easy Alberta visually striking America crime movies in the 1940s and her okay. 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Let's say look this stuff. He's to a group. Yeah to a suitable to solve. Momentum and never let us. John Read this do. God that's all the income that's kind of a lot of day that the bulls tonight on the grid if you look at our drink to contribute on to do everybody. I could bring in April back in May from the finest. Quality grade this fight time it's still on the stairwells Moses. Up to three jobs created softened just move his wrecked car officials will be introduced her husband you can drink it's been filming you need to know where you had. You missed the joke dance can put options if you won't soon. Boy you can use the magazine driver got the ball the white Russian maybe is why Q1 of bloody. Married to an adult to be here now to let them I guess. Is that we keep that's his own brand of hockey in the United States of America what they helping you guys. I know you've been at which our methods and two. The was there anything you want it for captain mark any night. Well after being charged mango pineapple raspberry coconut lit grad makes I want traveled to make it barges. No you cannot get Italian restaurant bar why these mirrors door that's no Amsterdam box before it's all out that I'm on the web new Amsterdam spirit that comes. 34 Gareth Herschel and 99 a ME SPN. We've been all over the place that we talked Didier was duck cover art dash yeah we talked World Cup a US open Ed also USA because of Greg hardy's. Win last night. That. Got him a developmental contract. In the USC one of the things I've pointed out because this is with all the Google searches today. Now it doesn't come without controversy because it would be one thing if there was a retired NFL player go transition in the USC and all while it looks like he's got some actual pal right like he might actually be good at this. But it's not just that that part of this story is true. But there's another side of the story that's side of the story is that Greg Hardy is basically only not a professional football player anymore. Because he. It did some very bad things. And then also was a difficult teammate he reached that point so many people do in all sorts of walks of life which is some ease nod is as as good as his problems. And so he transitioned into MMA and like actually does appear to have some talent. I don't know enough about the export terror to know one way or another but everything I'm reading suggests that maybe there is a future. For him. Two to actually do some things of note he won last night inside of a minute and like I said. Now he's got that developmental. Contract with the USC. And so don't Jason and Jon earlier today. And Jason I believe asked me a laugh that was a big night for Greg Hardy now looks like he's going to be. You know a Phillies to figure in this sport down I don't know about significant but as a chance a year. Have a chance to be do you foreign because they've made it a point. At various times talk on this elect I hate. I'd I root for Memphis people are not big guy who win a basketball player from Memphis goes off to Kentucky. I hope that he fails or goes to Tennessee I hope I hope great things for everybody I want our Memphis musician who stood. Two. To be. Also present in a comp older now so what this young songwriter comes along Julien baker I want her to go accomplish every I wanted to be the biggest thing in the world yeah. And when money bag comes along or Marco plot today take pride in those folks block boy any like go man go BS are our roof all of yeah. You know Memphis filmmakers. Memphis athletes I'm for people from this area be an awesome I root for all love. And yet made the point but it's hard to root for Greg Hardy I don't actually root for Greg Hardy because. Though his story in recent days has been retold. Inaccurately. The truth is that true. And that was the quote that I referenced yesterday that I rolled my eyes that it came from Dana White the USC president. He said everybody deserves a second chance and I'm OK with that. But any added. And let's remember Greg Hardy has never been convicted of any thing he's never been sentence of any it take any thing. As reported yesterday and again in the 440% they're just not true. I am the facts of the case are the facts of the case he was accused. Of beating up badly his ex girlfriend. He was charged. With that cropped. He was convicted. Of that crime. And he was sentenced. For that crop. And then on appeal. The victim. Decided no longer to cooperate. And that happened only after she reportedly reached a financial settlement with Greg Hardy. Which. In simple terms means that he paid her. For his freedom. He paid her to make this case go away. And best I can tell money well spent because he's now got his life and his career back in some form and he can honestly say that. And he was quoted as saying this might government let me free which is technically true. But only because and don't ever forget the reason she stopped cooperating. I don't know whether it was. At the cost of a 100000 dollars or 500000 dollars or two million dollars or whatever but at some point this young woman. Who had. Bin beaten up badly. And who had testified against him and who had been the primary reason. That he was convicted of these crimes. At some point. She decided may be my life will be better going forward if I take this substantial amount of money and just let this thing go. And I don't necessarily blame her. You know she's a young woman I don't know what else she had going on in her life it's possible that whatever amount of money she got. Arm could actually change her life again in a variety of ways pay for college and high car by house pay off credit cards I don't know. But I can certainly understand why if you or her. Rather than go back through the whole deal again if the hole if options are go to the whole deal again. And walk out with zero dollars. Or just let it go and walk out with a lot of money like changing money I can see how you might choose the latter now. I might choose the latter as well. So I don't blame her. And I honestly don't blame him because if you got millions of dollars to around. You might be willing to throw around to make that case go away so that you can honestly say that my government let me go. I was convicted but all of that was subsequently dropped. But let's not pretend what happened did happen let's understand. The facts of the case and so. In response to Jason's question and then again at 444 semi secular roof for Greg Hart. And somebody asked on Twitter. Okay you can't root for Greg Hardy. Boy don't you. Actually root for Floyd Mayweather. Am I missing something here and it's a completely fair question because I think anybody who listens to me talk. Any time boxing as a subject or any time Floyd whose fault in all of the years that I've been. Hosting the show. I am somebody who admittedly. Loves watching Floyd Mayweather fight. I've bought every Mayweather paper view for as long as I can remember. I've watched. I would say just about every fight of his career. He is the boxer. Of the past decade. That I've enjoyed watching. More than any other. And when he fights. I enjoy watching him win. And when he fought Connor McGregor. I wanted him to win because I wanted it. I wanted to be crystal clear to everybody how completely. Out matched. The enemy a guy trying to get into a boxing ring what if I'd want there to be any doubt about that. But I guess this is where I would separate the two things. I like watching Floyd Mayweather fight I like watching him win I think he's a masterful counterpunch or defense of fighter a rule for him. I don't try to pretend he's not a miserable human being. I don't own a money team shirt or hat. I'm a Mets fan had a lot of Mets. A Eric dare ya I'm a University of Memphis Gretchen I'm wearing a Memphis shirt right now. I love that the grizzlies are in Memphis. I have grizzly shirts as well. I don't know any piece of clothing hat shirt shorts nothing that represents Floyd Mayweather. Or the money team. I don't. Remember. Very often. Publicly saying. Anything positive about Floyd Mayweather other than he's an amazing. Box. Period he's an amazing boxer. That I enjoyed watching art period. And the reason is because I decided a long long time ago that when it comes to these things. You can draw your allies wherever you want to draw your lines and if you're one of those people who says I'll never buyer would Mayweather paper view because I don't wanna put money in his pocket. I get chewed and I'm not trying to argue with your talks yet I'm fine. But. Where I decided to draw the line is. Am I can enjoy way. People. Doing whatever it is they do well. And separated from. The miserable humans that they might beat. Because I think if you take any other approach. Logically you really start to twist yourself into a bunch of knots for instance. My favorite baseball teams the New York Mets. They had at least two players on the roster right now. Series' familiar Jose Reyes both of whom have been accused of domestic violence punished. Ford domestic violence allegations. That gets complicated. Where it's very easy to root for the Mets in general or no ascend to garter Jacob to ground. As for about it hit the rest of course they're not doing so good threat I hate everybody else. It becomes a little different to get my hair to look they go hey Jose Reyes or right Alou and Jerry's from exactly which is why stuff which is why because I am aware of this yeah. If I'm watching a Mets game and Michael called Ford a homers I might actually we womb yeah Michael called Ford. Jose Reyes said the same thing I try to just stay away from addiction. Now try to stay away from them. And again so tough perhaps it should distinction without a different way but it makes sense in my head. I find it very difficult to publicly celebrate. Some of these people right. Boy it. I feel like if you start drawing strict lines. I'm not gonna support this because of that what that because of this. You really get into some tough spots. Because I'll get your favorite teammate that I got bad guys on it no question and I don't care who you Tim favorite artists are at least one I'm probably a bad do probably for instance like I said Mets get two dudes on a team that have been punished for domestic violence. My favorite. Or least one of my favorite. If not my favorite artist of all time is John Lennon accused of domestic violence. Aid doesn't mean I don't like The Beatles but I'm very aware that maybe John Lennon was better songwriter than he was a boyfriend or husband. You know I enjoy. Johnny Depp in movies. I know that he's also been accused of some pretty bad stuff. I'm I enjoyed Brad Pitt in movies I'm also where he's had been accused of some pretty bad stuff. I'll buying the next Rick Ross album I know he's been accused of some pretty bad stuff. And so. Like no matter where you go for entertainment. You we're gonna run into these things. Where are the people you're watching the people you're entertained by. The people you're listening to. Might not be great guys might have done some awful things. So I decided a while ago. I can watch them. And if it's on a teen root for the team maybe I celebrate the individual quite as much and in it when it comes to an individual sport. Like boxing or are in demand. Watch them enjoy watch them watching them do what they do. And do well. Boy it. Not try to celebrate them as anything other than. He's really good at that very specific thing. So I loved watching Floyd Mayweather fight. And if he had another fight I'll buy it I'll watch it now enjoy that all roof foreign. I don't know how you could. He's been. Charged with convicted of some really ugly stuff. And I don't root for Greg Gard and I don't know that I'll watch him because I don't care that much about USC or MMA. But he's been accused of convicted and show and it's because some serious serious stuff. And that's the only point I was trying to make. He doesn't strike me as as a good guy and he does strike me as anybody who's actually tried to learn from his mistakes. It doesn't strike me as anybody that. Seems fun to root for. That talk. To dinner don't act now. These these guys NBC's medicines. But thanks hey go. I'll give you better. Broadcasting in nineteen. Don't succeed him. This is Memphis East Asia and I didn't know NFL. 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We'll learn that when it comes he's watching sports or movies or listening to songs. Your best approach. It's probably to be able to. The draw lines somewhere between the two rationalize it however you need to because the truth is if you start. Eliminating. Music. Are you. For film. Or sports premier lied based on the quality of the person in the ball game how much to do now. Does that mean you better reformed. Like Greg Hardy. At the wrong formed. But I think at least from my perspective you can still watch USC. And think Greg Hardy the terrible persons and what you can still watch the NFL. And think some linebackers terrible person still watch Major League Baseball and think the clothes are for your favorite team might be a terrible person. If not all of them is not Ideo. But it's the world we live there. What's the biggest game tonight. If baseball cap. Della baseball gaffe and it's not your team they have Tehran holding to their win last night yes and what they claim they're playing the Braves right. Milwaukee Brewers. Before they were up 21 phone no home that we have got to go. Felt fine moon and her friend Mickey Callaway. Yeah with limited options I understand he's. He's got a buddy bring in Paul seawall who. Who basically every time he pitches give up a home run you don't believe what he did on the circuit did you have homes on grand slams of that game will go over well. Then today at 1151. Pitch down in Cumberland Georgia suntrust are if the Atlanta Braves had a good LeBron took the mound. And I actually. Told somebody I'm looking forward to watching Jake at the ground. Lose two to nothing today. You won't shoot nothing today look awful if you call it the Mets never store out of of these other staff itself. Find I get any support is and some sort of run support feel. In Jakob at ground glass tin star. He has had zero point 87 ERA. In his last ten starts. Zero point 87 I was playing great the Mets are 218. And knows just seeing her uncle Mike and if that's incredible it is the worst record they're trying not to give him runs in the war record. In a ten game stretch. Which they pitcher work that well opening ERA in that stretch in these his story of Major League play. And never happened before ten game stretch this sorry all right team as to what they end of today. Literally meant more this story today that. From the war. That thought but if you wanna like baseball tonight. We've got national Yankee Yankee Stadium in the brought home to great Carty being yanked the 43 in ninety neglected as of last night thought. A body from the hill on the mound pretty yankees perfect fix that bug you go watch it on ESPN what you don't want you on TV American and awarded an NBC at seven cup until America they'll start. Davenport ran to get into the show. On fox tonight comes ought to pay if you're up late eighth inning scare remove GM Michael Evan and you're gonna be of even cope where. Sarah Silverman late night James Gordon is there anything I need to make sure I read at Baltimore held up very young to say hey is it possible. These same NBA guys that are wrong about NBA players every year all wrong about trade young because you yeah only just learned that even. Unlike anything we've ever say get over that hit go to USA today dot com and I'll talk more about it. On Friday what's on tap for tomorrow on March 1 that would Jeff Hawkins a second hour US. If tiger being the only. We'll be in the lead. Talk about it. I get my board that are available. Be kind. Being good and rescue. He's comes along once and generation. Literally. Talking about colonials the markers kinds they can under you as a local business owner marker reads this seemingly on definable demographic. I come communications has the answers you. 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