Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, June 13, 2018, Hour 1 (w/ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Wednesday, June 13th
Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, June 13, 2018, Hour 1 (w/ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski in Seg 2) Seg 1:  GP talked about the landscape of the NBA and possible changes to rosters Seg 2:  Gary interviewed ESPN's Adrian Wonjarowski about Lebron, Kawhi, Durant, and the Memphis Grizzlies Seg 3:  4 stories at 444 with more on (1) Kim Kardasian (2) World Cup (3) Greg Hardy (4) US Open golf tournament

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Column published earlier he would be in doubt now about why let her future in San Antonio we'll get and all of that momentarily about. And it's it's got to VoIP ports water damage your first guest tonight help put a name on it Adrian walls around you from ESPN. Obviously covered the NBA and more ESPN. They're joining it about twenty minutes I had about JB Vickers steps. A JV Vickers staff that didn't say Dennis JB Vickers steps that the steps down. Hubby ever said that before now let's first javy Baker's step staff I walked toward about a the next segment also LeBron future could wise you do that awkward. Golden State Warriors a parade from yesterday want to hear about forty medical evidence that segment. Board notable for the ball forward forward forward to discuss all previously discussed for the among them. Cam card that Jim Webb better known as the queen of the United States of America arrived in Memphis. Earlier today had been expecting. This went down without their destroyed out of my schedule NN. The shaven to the north they stayed in shape then wouldn't want you take the SE put haven after his. And I mean that's true technically but why wouldn't that you shorten it make it fun. You think that's our gals that they've been disabled this hate them like that don't well you say that you fight why. Plus what's so difficult about this. Identified think about what they are actually call myself it'd be gathered at Cordoba can be poured over tainted out collier will be because of no ill. What is the deal. That's call you feel tired of the bill as they say on their jerseys and nice looking either of them fell ill Cordoba that Joseph blow it and veggie town pizza on the Germantown I would assume you town and house peek at what about white haven. That's. That haven. That that made it done haven both good people interpret that perhaps also felt David. You've got a problem their brand well you got shaven and and I hate that I have grown I grew up in north Mississippi as still live in north with the guests swear to god I never heard anybody I get myself even as this Jason because they don't. Roll what Brad Carson this she'd been they don't go Brad Carson dollar. Anyway the queen is. Within a forty mile radius of us right now Brett cars is just. You might even if you don't hey it's now can you tell them we are in the presence of royalty. I miss this can you feel being in the presence of Roy real thing. No this card as you west is royalty and she's issued wanna get an adult film is that the same girl she did not do an adult film. Uh oh. She has her video was posted without her knowledge was act nope that's not true either she had intercourse with her. Boyfriend at the time out and and it was recorded. And then that was subsequently made publicly available. But I don't think that's the same as actually doing an adult video like like hey that's your job you're showing up today that. Do an adult it's okay because she she merely recorded her self. Or had herself recorded by her boyfriend. While. While. While and say yes but I think perhaps it stated that distinction without a difference. A palm but she's not an adult film star I understand as much as she is an international superstar. Incredible business at a woman one way you can help and not only. What people say that. Because I think general Lotta people that that remember her for that and I'm probably one of those. Well that is part of her story shore but what is the a suggestion that you make this suggestion is that that was the the kick start to the career. Except not really. You know how many women have had six on your Internet no I don't think we'll. You know how many don't liberties have sex tapes I don't how come none of the other ones have become super duper famous. I don't know maybe there's tape wasn't as good as hers I haven't seen it. I've always found that interesting that people point to that and then today. They go all you she's not only famous because of this I'm like people hump on the Internet all day long every single day. None of them become internationally known business was summer probably better than others at it Laker. I don't know is this the part we just gonna nudge don't know what stock amount. I clearly don't just low hanging fruit conversation for Brett Carson rather than being. I'm respectful of our queen who is it possibly listening. Listen I'm sorry for me. Incredible wife an incredible mother. An accomplished businesswoman and someone who went to the White House to free a Memphis woman. And all you wanna talk about is what. Best friend I'm sorry I apologize you should apologize I accept your apology on behalf of the queen of the United States. Kim Kardashian west we will talk about that little later on this hour brought Chris graduate and former Ole miss star football player Greg Hardy won his first professional fight last night belies. Gonna get a USA contract will get into the net a just before 5 o'clock 2018 World Cup starts tomorrow when we now know where the 2000 when he thinks. World Cup it's gotta be played it's going to be in the United States and also Canada and also Mexico that was announced this morning give the details. During portable storage for forty for the US open that's a golf tournament it starts tomorrow. The favorite to win what are the odds for tiger gonna get into that during portables towards 4445 o'clock. Geoff Calkins just like always that will eventually do get ready don't get ideas that the rundown. We got stuff to get to but I want to start with the NB a because like I mentioned I've got Adrian awards Rouse you from ESPN coming up in this next segment. I won't go through all of. The big MBA headlines with him including local headlines about JB bickers staffs that come blood. Today I just bounced around so I was unplug for a few hours and one of the things about being unplugged for just a few hours. Especially in this time of year is that you're gonna miss NBA development whether it could be actual news. By Kevin herder from Maryland have been to have. Surgery to repair ligaments in his hand it's gonna sideline him for two months. And in at least that possibly affect his draft status is a projected first round pick I think he's still will be but this obviously isn't great news. I'm you've got real news like that happening and then also speculation. From all over. And then there was float a story about Cole why letter which has been. Obviously a massive story line in San Antonio but also a huge MBA headline because. It leads into a time period to solve sees somewhere. I don't know this is true and any other professional sport in our country where the biggest names. In the sport. Could be changing addresses. And it could very well change the entire. Lee. And the way that we watch it and who was favored to win this or that or what ever. I don't think everybody that I'm about to mention is going to change teams but LeBron James clearly is in a position to do so. Kevin Durant if he wants is in a position to do so Cole why Leonard if San Antonio wants is in a position to do so. And where those guys go back to mention Paul George. Chris Paul the markets cousins like where these people decide they wanna play basketball or where they are moved to. Could really change then the lead. Overnight. There is a scenario that I don't think it's likely. But possible. Where this unbeatable dynasty. At that everybody labels that way to Golden State Warriors could technically not even be the favorite to win the championship. Next season all based on what a couple players decide to do or how a couple of franchises decide to spin. This all season. And what are the more interest in storage is the one vote each held earlier today at Which is about Kauai Leonard. I think most people know he was injured this season and then his personal people. And the spurs doctors for whatever reason. I got on. Different pages. And next thing you know local wise not with the team anymore he seeing his own doctors. He spending time in rehabbing in New York he was obviously not present for the spurs post season. And all of this has led to. Big questions about his future. In San Antonio and boat starts the column by describing the scene. From within the past few weeks where. The spurs past and present gathered at the San Antonio restaurant to celebrate the life of great pop what Popovich his wife who passed away. I'm during this post season. Among the people who were there was was co Y littered which is notable because he had been absent from San Antonio functions. For a Y and yet felt. Are compelled to show what. For that. And as the report goes he looked like himself he seemed like himself he was. I'm just as comparable as he ever would have bin and they were. You know visited the take away from at least somebody inside the room was it look like he had never left didn't. That is encouraging for spurs fans because. It suggests that whatever issues he. Might have had with the coaching staff from out of -- the front office or might have had with his teammates and there were issues. Can be put the past and he can't sign a long term super Max deal eventually. A with the San Antonio Spurs. But as quote explained it's all gonna be contingent on a meeting. That people have at some point with Gregg Popovich not his people with the spurs people buckle why Leonard with Gregg Popovich and they got to figure out. Are they going to be committed together can. They work together. Can. This be a relationship that. Can be repaired. In the ways that it needs to be repaired. Because if not. The alternative to quite literate continuing with the San Antonio Spurs is the spurs deciding. We don't have a future with two white linen. So when we get him and move him for whatever we can move them for right now. And if they do reach that conclusion which I don't know if it's likely. What it is possible. It could undeniably changed changed the entire landscape. Of the MBA yeah. Awards reports that. You know at one point Boston. Made an offer. To why letter. Now or four coli Leonard I should say this first. Didn't accept it and didn't even counteroffer. Boy after this meeting would Gregg Popovich. If they decide we need to split up Boston makes that same offer they got tons of assets. Interesting young pieces plus draft picks and a they takeaway Leonard could be in Boston. Playing retiree Irving Gordon Hayward whatever young pieces still exist and suddenly Boston looks like a different animal all together. The lakers. Could also trade. For coli letter at least in theory if the spurs decide they want to move on. They've got young pieces that might be. Desirable and and then all of a sudden you've got LeBron James B of free agency maybe Paul George Chris Paul. Via free agency and uncle why Leonard being traded to that franchise. What if you throw out something with Chris Paul LeBron James and why Leonard or LeBron James Paul George and why letter. Now and in darkness it's different are we still assure the Golden State. Warrior for the team to beat in the NBA. So ever the entire leak at least at the top of the league is going to be changed in some way within the next month. And up until then we're gonna have interesting story speculation. I would assume every single day about where these pieces will lay it. But I don't know all that this is true. In any other sport. Like is there a single thing that it could have happened in the NFL this offseason. That would have changed the entire top of the sport I can't think of it I mean maybe if Tom Brady decided to retire that would change the top of the sport that's the position the quarterback position but it. That. The ability for players to move. And the willingness of certain franchises to move certain players is not something that affects. Championships. In championship contenders in the NFL in you'll like it does in the NBA. In Major League Baseball Angel like it does in the NBA. Especially Major League Baseball like even if you get this incredible. Summer free agency where. Bryce Harper is. A free agent Manny Machado is a freeagent we see in baseball the tar you can take Bryce Harper. Put him on a team and it might not meet in front right I mean Bryce Harper will still be also met team will be better. But eight individual baseball player no matter how great he is right it's not going to make a teammate championship contender. You can take Mike Trout and putting more bad team and Mike Trout would just be on a bad team right that's the way baseball works. Boy in basketball. LeBron James can change the leak coli Leonard can change the leak. You know in any of these top 1015 guys pairing together. LeBron James Paul George LeBron James Chris Paul Chris Paul Kauai winner Chris Paul currently James Harden. They can change the lead and that's what makes that support. I think the most interest in sport. In our country right now the season's form. The post season is. Interest in the offseason is incredible. And we've got several more weeks summit. Until we actually know what the 201819. Season. Is going to look like the draft yet it'll have an impact on NBA franchise is clearly. But what comes after the draft in July is what's actually gonna change what happens in the season. 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This movement ESPN well the scary thing for beer man. Gary are you pleasure I mean everything's alright I'll keep it too long I know how busy your but I want to start with your co why littered column from earlier today tonight. Mentioning in the opening segment just about this interesting. Situation. The spurs and collide. Find themselves and it seems obvious that they're better together for a variety of reasons and yet things undeniably got sideways this season as you reported. Alternately at some point Kauai and pop are going to sit down and see if they can make sense of moving forward together. You expect them to be able to make sense of it. I I think the chances. A big opportunity there pretended to appeal I still think there is a I I think Kauai a strong connection at San Antonio's Gregg Popovich I think he's so urged on. A pin and I achy light plane forum I think. I think those guys are better when they're dealing each other one on one curses. Others who ventured into their relationship or the last year and so I think if they can find a way here. To. You get on the same page medically. He took a medical oddity organization like last August and eat eat eat you don't. And an organization you wanna be able to oversee data are certainly have a strong voice and data and you know and a contract you know he's able to. It did. Spurs are able to offer him a 219 million dollar fight your secret Max deal because he's met the criteria wallet Vieri and defensive player of the year and so. Nobody else to pay him nearly that Marcin and you know the airport I think the spurs want to report. Before they shouldn't just throw that offer on the table. You know knowing the spurs DNA and their history and how they. Approach. Going for the players in the relationships they wanna have they wanted to we conducted and he wants to beat area. And so those are things that they still have to work through between now in July free agency. Let's opportune for the sake of the conversation that pop exits that meeting unsure of whether. I call YE. In a 219. Million dollar contract going forward make stands. Would they actually look and I think this is likely but pot would they actually looked the move him. This offseason. Well I mean if you think there's probably me more than one conversation although don't I'm getting tighter and and I do think they panic contacted albeit it at that. And heart to heart. They don't want a trait of Greg don't want to trade on that. They had called the trade deadline including Boston an eight. Resisted then and you know Gregg Popovich is almost seven years old and not really looking to rebuild he's not looking to get young players and pay except not. Its future I think always try to do the right thing for the organization. Internal leader and a good place that he's gonna step aside here are some oil but they wanna go forward and by. They've got to decide if they don't offer him that contract in and remains issue whether they will wall. If they don't inflating and we want you to go back and play this year and it would have to re earn you'd have to meet those criteria again. He'd have to make all NBA or even as a player and DPO. One beyond Tyrrell NBA teams. And then but battled a quote wanted to do that you might even say it loud rally just will be now. Because I'm not as they anyway so what we're not there yet but if they had to trade him to be really difficult like Heidi good value for him and I eat if you're keen that. Would want to trade for him which you would Oklahoma City did it just all the died since day I think we're gonna we can you hear Richard and this got to stay we have something booted up. Or you need to be in LA or Boston or maybe a Chile where maybe you have more confidence. That you. You could recite this guy you would probably have conversations there's people both forehand so there's a lot. In play here but I think they'll focus for the spurs is to find a way. To keep him in the state together. And then you know kind of run back eighteen year with LaMarcus Aldridge and should. And Kauai and see how well they can recruit team around them and they look that they could well be it creates each faced LeBron and I would think that if Gregg Popovich and RC Buford wanted to sit down at a table. And meet would LeBron I would be to try to do audible on the list and I think the respect yet or. That organization and pop so we covered all that would still be a difficult proposition I think. Together but but they would look a chance they get I think quiet locked it here in and do that one also only want to do try to figure out of thinking in public LeBron. Talking to Adrian will draft Kia from ESPN on Twitter apple GS skiing you bring up LeBron he's obviously. Going to be the dominant subject matter until he announces where he's going to play next right now. Oddsmakers. Seem to put. A the best odds on the Los Angeles Lakers does that. Correlated with what you're hearing as well. I don't want to say I'm hearing anything and I I I think I I I'm not hearing anything I think it makes sense on a lot of levels there's no question it's. It's the one where. You know like you understand why the oddsmakers would do that right like it they have the caps station at LA lakers sub. It's Hollywood he's got home there are multi mole Aldrich. Too so. That there's other reasons you do that. And I think world he would go except for Philadelphia. Among like let's say like each. Big market in teams that are. I literally had a better team than the lakers do that anywhere else it would have to be signed trade or she would have picked up its roster. And Claire like cap space to create room. For LeBron social harder anywhere else just as they. It's free agency more complicated and make it more interesting because you know O'Brien told late in the NBA at like the calm. They're probably gonna care apart their infrastructure. And and try to create the space or. I try to talk to Cleveland about this country. And see if that's the way they can acquire. Do you think Boston would be willing to do that because they'd there has been speculation that and for basketball reasons purely basketball reasons you and you know. Sign and trade LeBron goes to Boston Gordon hate us out of starting lineup of theoretically Tyree Irving Jalen brown Jason Tatum LeBron James Al Horford. That's three all stars to rising star Bret Stephens coaching at what would Boston be willing to say you know what LeBron come on if you wanna come there will like it happened. I don't I mean. Again I I don't think anybody would lights if LeBron is knocking at your door I think anybody would consider it. I don't see him having interest the boss I really don't I don't they keep. I it would surprise I'm sure the I I I've no doubt he respects. You organization and the team building they've done in the coached. I just. I just don't see that one. I just don't eat out or is really. Being very practical for him more be in chick sitting maybe you'll he would want next time I haven't got any sense that he really doesn't interest that. You know another alternative that I don't think it's discussed a lot but I I imagine it's in play on some level always like to staying in Cleveland. Obviously clean yet cleaver would have to do something to convince them. If he'd be in a better situation next may and June that he was this may and June what if it's even possible for Cleveland to do something to make. The Cleveland situation compelling for LeBron James. Well here's what I think Cleveland or years. That they went to him last. Last. It was so I guess late June brightly June. And so we we we can get a deal done for Paul George. I think we we can get a commitment for a image if you make a commitment Paul George we want to say for a couple of years or opt in is BO. And and abroad it wanted to do it then so when he had a chance perhaps a team. That that's kind of what that Paul George and carrier ring. He he wasn't ready to commit so. That packet back kind of players are going to be available and what that you know what Cleveland would like colloquy on the would hope they can do it packaged that it takes. And Kevin law but I don't page. It could become a look back saying you upload calibre of Paul George not and so. They're a tough spot I think it he's stayed. Maybe they got a short field maybe he kind of resent that maybe he could do or near deal. He could no longer do you do 200 million dollar deal you wanted there five years but. If he decides that like Coleman Jagger B and family. All those reasons I'm on this stage that. But it's hard for him I think. You do harper anyone a look at the rock there and look at where there's shut up and say a mistake and I just think we're gonna. What we're gonna do we're shut up to win at a high level. If it is then but you gotta part of that too because again you know carried it won't play them anymore and Paul was willing to calm under the right circumstances so like it could be very different Keaton. Talk and Adrian what you're asking here on nanny to nine of them ESP on Twitter at loads. ESPN. I'm we mention the lakers in like I said oddsmakers project to them and for a lot of sensible reasons to to be the favorite to land LeBron James. If there is still the Alonso ball situation there and Lavar is continuing to pop off about. The coach the training staff whatever and then there's a dis track that law and so released that cal Guzman said. I don't know whether it's a joke or something to be taken seriously. But either way there's a lot of Alonso ball stuff going on around that franchise. Is that something that the lakers are gonna have to resolve it but something that would at least. Pushed them to a point where they might consider moving on from what seems to be a more complicated situation than most anticipated. Yeah and and I mean I would say a lot of people anticipated that do exactly how we're gel and I think they eat. I concerns it would go this why it won't go that way and you know you you're only gonna survive lights. You know your value. To any team or any organization to get a deal like. Like how much are willing to tolerate how much or how much value you have to do at the tolerate that. They're testing that likes. It's like do you think this is a good idea to be having Mike pitched I'll stop tuition for free agency like I think Paul George or LeBron James are gonna. Well I didn't like what I saw like today I factor to why I don't go but these things add up and it and it speaks to. Build the lack of professionalism in the atmosphere. That. You know com's that is called look what are just a constant. There it's at a relatively constant thing in at some point lights. You're not or the trouble anymore insults our operatives say his son's sake that that's not what happens because. You know like lie to the root of player and and particularly to point guard. I got to believe at some point the lakers Brandon who they are supersedes. This. You know nonsense and end at eight that it will at some point right like so. I obviously the C Powell. You know we'll see what you know where the lakers come on free agency they pick up a lane somebody here like. There's there's a lot of pressure. Magic Johnson Iraq lanky came in there so an idea of we're gonna beat a guy who could do worse superstars. Back to the lakers Mitch Kupchak couldn't do it in a gym -- was able to do it and they're at the end of their ten year. And so there's a lot of pressure but then took to land. What you know they got these two full scholarship so they have access to get to that the two full. Max watched and and they've got to find a start of pillows wanna militia. The warriors championship parade was yesterday and Oakland and it was mostly just a good time we Jordan bell. Give drinking Hennessy and Nick Young having a blast. There is awkward moment though where they were talking about Kevin Durant contract. And Bob Myers made a joke about he doesn't really have whatever contract he wants that was just for the media. And Steve Kerr made a joke about maybe we'll give him a mid level and they were both jokes and you know Bob well and you know Steve well you know they were just joking. But like it did come across as a bit awkward given that. The rant. Is I'm not going to be a psychologist from a distance but he does seem sensitive to stop and it would just made for this weird moment I'm curious did you see it and if so would you make up. I didn't make much of it I mean I think I know the relationship that. Bob Myers has what Kevin Durant I'd seen him joke he kidding with him. Like they like debate bust chops back and forth a lot I don't differed when there's people there's a stage or baby but but I I just know. There's a great relationship there and make you do a lot of you know Bob never takes is a very seriously and I think part of why the players like Jim is he's kind of this army that way he's got a great. The bust chops with a superstar player and a lot of those guys he's sadly that is just all around and and and I've always kind of found that they like that a bottom players are open daylight bet the ball pop star I. I get why I I I I understand. Without maybe not everybody may have that perspective and how it looked I I would be shocked if I would be really shocked if Kevin Durant. Talk. 22 about it after it happened I really would. That it is wrapping up here with Adrian would Rouse you from ESP on Twitter at would you give last thing before I let you go if you broke more news yesterday about JB Vickers staffs staff. As he continues to assemble it in what will be his first full year as the grizzlies full time coach. Arm as someone who. Knows this league and assistance. Better than myself or anybody listening what do you make of the staff the JV putting together. I ate that are really get that the other Chad foresee a change from. Orlando you know he's got a background in San Antonio Indiana I think. Don't Jerry Stackhouse who was very well regarded Toronto you know after the final twice as he geely head coach was coach of the year won a championship. Without doing Kate she's back for a year there. And and would head coaching candidate this year I interviewed in New York. Among other places. And then yesterday partly a Vitaly Potapenko who comes that it got a big Knick coach. You know went and played in the league at. Work with the cap you know trying to kick off that the leak you know most you know what we can look like players or willing to. Go coach in the MBA. And it really wants to do it right he league then came through with a cab and I was out of Memphis. I think he's done a good job and I think that some. You know JB has always you know he grew up. And a coaching family obviously is that Bernie and even around it his whole life and and I think he has a very good sense of the right guys are who. Who pitched his group cantata we're. You know where he needs to complement himself and have a perfect complement each other I think yeah I think he's really happy and I. I think he's really happy with the group people together in and I and I reached. Give the marketplace are so many openings this year and a lot of guys already. It's filled job but he did a really good job and. Any big reward rescued from ESPN makes you watching him on your television the technical Weiler column Make sure your bottom on Twitter. At wolves ESPN you the best buddy appreciate you being out targets. Are right that they do Walter askew from ESPN on Twitter. At wal would you ESPN I won't pretend to know the ins and outs of NBA professional basketball assistants but. My eight. Understanding is that yes. JB is putting together and won't confirm that. Arm is an impressive group of guys and Stackhouse is somebody who. Yeah I could've very reasonably been a head coach in the NBA as of yesterday. You know he was obviously involved in the rafters search that ended up going to nick nursed him a long time assistant of the wing Casey but. Stacked with right there in the some people who thinks they actually got that job and now he's going to be here the other guys that JB has hired that since around the league. Is that he's done a nice job assembling a staff and and then depending on what happens in free agency in the NBA draft we'll see if that staff can get the grizzlies back to respectability. In the 201819. Season when we come back the queen of the United States of America came card as you west. Is in Memphis went to south haven today hoping she's looking for children's store to buy little nor too little Shia little saints and close it so. And be a nice. Nice week for a family get into that next. This is nowhere. Our sports station. It's Jason and Jon are canceled so I'm Gary perished. CNN. ESPN dot. TSX eighty yen. News being news Memphis is sports place. Yeah. Yeah. Boy notices. Chevy blazer. Sleep innovative. I was I was like six. So I guess you can say. It's much more dynamic full. My destiny and I go ice and I think Bryant. That's what can be unpredictable from extreme cold severe storms to tornado winds of perhaps it's time to go ahead. 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Tonight Michael then imagine just imagine the Barnes restore the prizes are always 50% to 80% off retail stores. You say even money against their sixth 196200. The number he once called the Michael. The located 47 any Carter went and bought at the corner somewhere avenue connect scored on holidays would say hey look ready better. With the Better Business Bureau. Past three years 300 commercial still ask both of a bad for the area winner right every time without exception. By Michael data but they felt Argentina don't forget that it didn't name the BC match. And furniture. You need anything to version home liver instead got a seven bedrooms out of luck if Chad actually beat these horror. Thanks Kerry and top name brands including sort of seventy red figures to develop back Ashley furniture and bent grass. And again that meant the most award. You can nominate him for the fourth consecutive year that the most dot com and that's meant is Mowlds. Dot com again the phone number six I just think if you're under a tricky thing by Michael that always have a wake up on the wrong side of the bed on the web. At that time just talking gonna join made it a little after 5 o'clock right now I got Portland I'd like we discussed. Or stories presented by the look for restaurants and book. And zulus. Here's start telling stories and forget what he wanted to talk about mr. Owens every afternoon. So we've developed a device that ensures he'll such an important things you need to know each day at this time. This is key piece or notable stories at 444. Seed number one. The United States of America can court as you west is not only in Memphis but specifically south haven where she's recording a are you taping an interview with that today show that will air tomorrow morning all NBC. Where she is though with Alice Marie Johnson of course the Memphis woman. Who she is largely responsible for getting freed from prison that you're probably familiar with the story. At this point outs Marie Johnson did in jail for 21 years because parole in a drug rings she was a nonviolent. First offender and yet was serving a life sentence because. Our sentencing laws in this country are insane. And so Kim Kardashian is played around on Twitter one day the weights all of the Stew or most of us still as you come across the stored at Alice Marie Johnson. And if the story explains in better detail but essentially what I just told you. And she said my god this is insane and so she decided at some point communique to use her fame. And her ability to create attention and her beauty as it relates to our president. Donald. I'd get this woman out of prison. So she working through shared cost. Is able to get a face to face what president trump. And she made her case for president trump. And less than a week later Alice Johnston was pardoned by president trump and she came home and she's been here in the Memphis area we now know south haven. Over the past week and Kim head it made it clear upon her. Released that she was gonna come visit her. And that happened this afternoon she flew into signature flights over someone just wrote the private. Airport there and then took a caravan of vehicles it appears down the south haven where she met with Alice Marie Johnson and this has been getting. A ton of attention in this market today like breaking news commercial appeal all the television stations are covering it were talking about it right now. And the reason is because it is big news in this city and watch. Though we have an NBA franchise and all of that stuff we're still very much a small town in this way. Like there are certain markets where Kim Kardashian comes there or somebody like Kim Kardashian comes there and it's not really that big a deal because there's big time super famous people there. All the time but we think that place evidence being. The last season maybe the season before but bill born who most people didn't even know. Who she was before she got here bush show that fit in Chandler Parsons seat and that was like the big deal in Memphis trending on Twitter. That night but all of foreign. Like bad. Porn goes to a lakers game goes to a knicks gave it would be a registered well but billboards and courtside inside FedEx Forum that's a big deal people like that. For whatever reason as she wore like a little bitty skirt if I remember correctly it may be may be shacks who just where basketball Jersey and no skirt whatever one. At all I'm not I don't remember I just remembered her outfit was also does well it's so that was the big deal what what be in this it. The lord come at a FedEx Orman the big deal. June Carter Cash in literally one of the most famous people in the world. No matter what you think up. She is one of the most famous. And in her line of work most successful people. In our country. That you can. Make an argument about what that says about our country. But it does that make it any less true. And she's here actually like doing good work. Arm again used her fame and attention. A billion get attention created tension. To get an audience with the president bring attention to this story. And it actually resulted in a woman who. I think most of us can agree should never spent 21 years imprisoned. And would probably spend another 21 in the same prison if not for Kim car dash and she was able to to make that. Real difference in her life and she comes here today to meet the woman faced faced and you'll be able to watch him. Tomorrow morning on today today shows it's all great stuff you should all week nice things to mrs. West because she made a difference that a woman's life who. As she didn't have to pay attention to at all story number two Greg Hardy won his fight last night and now is gonna have a a developmental contract. In the USA. The 572 knockout by all accounts impressive I don't know enough about MMA to know whether. Win yet but knock somebody out inside of a minute if that means you're all some or your opponent was a bomb. But people do seem impressed by what Greg Hardy did last night he'd obviously an amazing athlete in incredible physical specimen. So perhaps it makes sense that he would be a dominant force or at least a legitimate forced out in this sport but it doesn't come without controversy and if you Google Greg hardy's name today. There is almost nothing that focuses just on him being. And up and coming possible USC star. It's a lot of that but also. But is this the type of USC's target USC needs. They face of that sport how to McGregor. Is like what his way back to New York now to have to appear in court because he was while acting court leg breaking the wall. As starting out. I don't know what the hell he was starting but throwing objects through van windows. At Barkley sinner. I'm in advance of a USC card that he had nothing to do wit so there's one of your stars your undeniable undeniably your biggest star like. Who was about to be a convicted felon. And now you. Are bringing Greg Hardy into your sport. Creating big headlines. Somebody who was convicted more or less of beating the crap out of his. Ex golfer. And talked about this a little bit yesterday. Because I thought it was ridiculous Dana White president US AC was quoted in advance of great parties fight last night he was quoted try to rationalize. His decision to allow regarding this opportunity by saying listen he's ever been convicted of nothing. He's never. Been charged with any thing he's never been symptom is just not true. Again the details of the case are available. Via a very simple Google search. Greg Hardy was charged with a crime. Of fine crop. Against a much smaller woman into the matter if Greg Hardy was my size or his side like it wrong as wrong but this is a physically imposing me. Someone who made millions throwing other Meehan around a football field beating the crap out of a much smaller human. It woman. He was accused of throwing her into. Backed off. Yank it around. By your hair choking her throwing our onto a couch covered an assault rifles scaring her to the point where she was screaming just going getting killed meet. He was charged with that. He was convicted. Of that he was shouldn't tips for that end it on appeal. He the charges were subsequently dismissed. Because and only because she suddenly refused to cooperate. Reportedly only because. He reached a financial settlement with her. In other words this young woman who by all accounts didn't have much else going on got offered a substantial amount of money to just let this go. Hey if we gave via a 300000 dollars to just move on with your life would you. 500000 dollars to just move on with your life would you. A million dollars to just move on with your life would you I'm not shore of what the exact number is it's never been reported but it was a number he paid her. To shut up. But it doesn't mean what happened. Dayton hectic and it does that mean that he was never charged with a crime or cynics he absolutely was. He absolutely what. It's just that so often is the case in this country if you've got money and power you've got a shot. And there's a quote attributed to somebody. I'm not sure exactly where comes from. But I was repeated recently and some essay that I read. In the United States of America still to this day. You'd better Opie and Richie guilty been pouring minister. And Greg hardy's case. Is a great example of that. I do what he did. I don't win on a but he did. So he got out of that but it didn't change that he is who he is that he did what he did so though Jayson and John earlier today and I said hey. This is a local athlete. And a big eight graduate of Bragg Chris Christian do you root for Greg Hardy absolutely not. I don't see how anybody could. If you wanna argue. Like I said yesterday everybody deserves a second chance I'm fine with that I guess what are my how to argue against that. If you just fundamentally believe everybody deserves a second chance than what am I supposed to say that. Conversations over. But don't try to go to Greg Hardy and who years they're Greg Hardy didn't do what he did. A you go to read about. Look at the pictures of the woman it's all there actually used so you can reform if you want to but. Now I don't. I don't make sense to me story number three World Cup coming United States 2026. This is good news because. We needed some good World Cup news here in the united. So we can't get into the Dag gum thing it's thought the golf cup starts tomorrow. And under normal circumstances. Like I we would actually be getting excited about like who I like it just. It's not scary the World Cup is an awesome sporting event in the sense that. When we all watched the NBA together now I'm rooting for fifteen you're rooting for that team you love Kevin Durant I love working in savior LeBron you know or all on different sides of everything and they Major League Baseball think think that they'll think things college basketball college football whatever down what do 'cause the World Cup it's like USA. Yeah let's roll and they were all they have world group for the same thing go and it really does feel like we're all paying attention even if let's acknowledge we don't really most of us pay attention to soccer now and outside the World Cup now like I know what do champions league finally I'll turn it on its fun I don't care now but the World Cup is a different deal and how about to go the World Cup. Name all right I'll watch Messi and I'll rocks were not dying and I'd love it if the United States were embark not all you can publish. 2000 what do you think the United States actually involved. Because that's what the World Cup is coming to the United States of America plus Canada. Plus Mexico they will play all the gains in all three countries undernourished but all the quarterfinal matches will be in the continental United States. All the semifinal matches I should say both semifinal matches will be in the capital United States. Championship game. And I think they do third place game third place game will be match will be in the continental United States and possible summit is. I could take place in Nashville because Nashville ruin movies on stadium where the tigers play and has already been announced at plus eight sites. For the World Cup we don't know which countries will play there obviously we don't know. What rounds will be played there. It's eight years away. But we're gonna have World Cup matches his matches in the state of Tennessee in 2026. And that's pretty cool thing story number four US open gets underway tomorrow in the ranch yet. Yes or homely herald part of the 338 and I. Am partner for the last two. My brother your brother your brother in golf as a brother and golf terrible on the elderly you would play golf together one day breath last year. Maybe a couple years ago in the pro am at the FedEx CJ class I keep track other and remember we have played golf together they'll barter earnings injury he will be ace beat three be the first player to pay it off tomorrow we have five. Roy McIlroy Phil Mickelson all playing together. They tee off at 702. And then the home. Talk to him good tee up at 1247 he's playing with Adams got a Justin Thomas. And hum Dustin Johnson so big group there as well. The favorite to win. It's the same man who wondered did you think you classic last weekend as Dustin Johnson he's at plus 750. Obviously was phenomenal out at TPC south went. Number one ranked golfer in the world as of Monday morning. He is the favorite plus 750 after that it's Justin Rose. At plus 1000 Justin Thomas at plus 12100 Rory McIlroy plus 12100 Jason Day plus 12100. Jordan speed play.