Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, July 18, 2018, w/Geoff Calkins in-studio to discuss Fedora, Hot Dogs and more with GP

The Gary Parrish Show
Wednesday, July 18th
Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, July 18, 2018, w/Geoff Calkins in-studio to discuss Fedora, Hot Dogs and more with GP

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Somebody found the men. Now he's in the middle of controversy story number four today's national hot dog day Brad Carson if you celebrated with a hot dog I haven't but I you know I am I've heard about this a couple times today I do wanna celebrate I do enjoy a good hot dog mostly on a golf course like at the turn that's the place right eat them the most. About you. I enjoy good you're in New York you're like an epicenter of the hot dog capital the world over the Coney Island and stuff. What they I have been to Coney Island have have had Nathan's hot dogs at the original. Oh those Nathan Nathan and in in on Coney Island. I don't usually make a habit of getting hot dogs column in New York City there are other option but you are. Correct I could find the hot dog quite quickly if I wanted to what do you put on your hot dog. Okay this is a really important topic idol. I I do that dreaded catch up on for a white guy announced rice I know I thought you were gonna say that that class you know I am eager to catch up on the hot dog table especially Chicago when I assassinate me because I'd like catch Obama hideout I also like catch up. Mustard and I like relish those three things that's at. Do I'm sorry I'm sorry I judge people who use ketchup. I'm sorry along there now well along with a feel that way on some mustard and relish. Or if you wanna go chili dog and doubt what that local chili cheese dog and they'll want that to catch up should be nowhere near. A hot dog I'm sorry I know their people that really got the puck gets to be apologized to yourself you do that to yourself. Lucent are like well done steaks and yet there's a segment of people who think that that's just like you're destroying the meat. Don't leave you just going to be talking about idle people and well done it just just a preference they I don't care if you want yours well bode well. And that's just you liked it same thing with ketchup Gary that's what I'm saying. Now there are handful of things about food that I will judge somebody on the morning line and what is it do you teachers they. I don't. Yeah something wrong with you don't care what you interstate if you asked to catch up or any sort of stakes holes at a nice steak restaurant. It actually embarrasses me so badly I want I want to I want to believe that I want to leave. I I went when you turn your head I apologize to the serve them. For your behavior my father bears is because he indicated he takes pride in at the finest steak houses he'll go he'll go on the country Bob's now and I'm like dad and goal don't know don't do that. Whenever this state well good steak well done you don't ever use any sort assaults on a great stake in especially catch up like the bottles should even be any. Anywhere near the ending catch up on on a hot dog he just doesn't go there. Catch it goes on other things French Fries for instance if you want it it doesn't belong in a hot dog it never belonged to pornography on the block. Got to fix this you people or animals put to catch up. Our hot dogs it's awful Geoff Calkins is up next. Rosie she's ready to nine FM ESPN radio just Damascus and anytime anywhere and savor this today you have the best and he's more of our list. Totally on the best Memphis is a sports station. Guys know more is better so this month's sports clips here Katz is thanking our clients with a sport clips Stephen Green flag. These MDP experience for the price of a single so that's your fresh catch and doubled its time on your relaxing massage in the shampoo. This court could instantly. Unlike today's workplace dot com slash us again. Yeah. And it's time it's like an online its workers dot com slash Jackie. 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You've got to 6 o'clock text the word terror to seventy anyone with a thousand bucks one another coat we're coming up at six. The Kerry Berry show on 99 FM ESPN. You have got kids on today's show. Nobody gave her show I. City Geoff Calkins and Memphis Tennessee my understanding is he didn't studio. And he joins me now just got value of well I came here to see you I'm. I wish I were there I'm I'm I'm in new York and in very very tired had a rough day to day Jack on nonstarter here. So I got I got at 4 AM wakeup call you know because if you wanna get here. Early there's only one early direct flight and it actually departs at like six million. So like cured cured and I'm on that's why is that is the normal flight I take on Mondays during the college basketball season. And the way I rationalize that is that I usually lands around 93940. Eastern. I can get to my hotel by about. You know 10301045. Eastern. And then I can lay down for a couple hours in everything's you know and then again I'm not tired all day long until kidnapping and when I get to the hotel. Well today was at the hotel. It was fire alarm testing day unknown. I'm. Well. They they're they're like Lulu going to be testing fire alarms afternoon mr. Parrish that we just wanna give you a heads up. Hmmm well I'm so tired I slept three hours I'm exhausted all of the Marlins and they cast lead to tests on charges that do they tested him. And then they test them again. And then they test them again. And they cast them in the elevators. It was just one of those deals where even if you fell asleep for fifteen minutes. You just it boy here goes another fire along with all. I finally just got up into the hill like and they and clearly that it getting arrest them as well it's worked on site has got to the got some work done and I'll probably be a bit later Clark tonight but. Yet that's my roster. I about experience firing on fire in testing all day long. Between that and an American being under siege because football is going down I think we've been very we Americans have enough that you know are now in. Kick like Lear. Welcome. What in the world. War eagle yeah old is a few men on. If you wanna say. Hey IE below our sport and I realize. That. You know it that we know more about the dangers of it today than we ever have a man I still love this sport and I think it's really a part of the fabric of America and you know I just EI I know that we need to make it safer for man I'd die I don't wanna make it unrecognizable. Like Beckett took the football guy talking football stuff. When you start talking about our sport is under attack and it's gonna coincide with the dale all of America. And by the way we aren't even really sure football cars a CT it's like one in what planet do you live on. Like you're either sold caught up in Vienna football guy that you just are blinded by. Whatever or your just dome wanted to do but you gotta you pick you gotta be one of those two of its incredible that it is a major college football coach would say the things today that he said. I fear that the game will get pushed so far election you'll recognize the game ten years from now that's what I were about here's the money quote and I do believe usually gets to that point. That our country goes down yeah. A Little Rock. Well I yeah. Boom it's millions methods it's it's not Russia it's not global warming and it's not over taxation wherever they are big no. It's it's been. Yeah if if if you think back about it. Rolled foul. Was around her it was a beautiful ball in Rome was then there coincidence I think now than it was they broke. The British empire foul was an American football the British empire now I think. That's was inked its. You know I don't you think about it being gets that head American football to bolster them they'd probably would've been okay for a long time I read this. Is get this is it was a we're we are we are getting to the bottom down a whole lot of lost empires it's because not enough American football season. Earlier this week. The president of the United States cited with the Russian president over our own intelligence communities. In Larry Fedora thinks small bald being made safer is what my. Take our country and a wrong direction like what in the world's rough time for the universe in North Carolina did not speak well the other day this past year. I used to think of the universe in North Carolina is one of our scheme is featured educational institutions. And now we know that they've been fraudulently educating educating athletes for. For decades in the only excuses that they've also been graduating probably. Educating other people as well against the basic tier right and men and I'll get their football coach did not yeah. It concussions are harmful to the brain. And linking they downfall of America the downfall of American for. He said we don't actually know if the board calls me a lot of people said it until it scare people but we don't really know that. It's like why. The New York Times had a story last summer. We're a 111. Brains of former football players had been tested. A 110 of them. Showed signs of CT. One DN out of 111. Like the the idea that. That you you can't just know that that that that's the very basic thing I just say it all if it was six. A 111 former football their brains were tested a 110 album showed signs of CT. If you don't nothing more than that you can reasonably conclude that yes football calls a CG. And this football coach he just came ready to go there yet now I mean it's amazing yeah it may if you were yes on there was they're quite quite used I. Yes quite astonishing quickness coming from my afraid she does make you wonder a and I don't think there's much connection between. Being an effective football coach and some broader reform of intelligence. But I'm really worried if he were my football coach argued that if he really believes those things I would kinda like would worry about some basic. Level of intelligence from a man. Ole I'd. He ought not to mention anything first of yes I would put anybody to hit the words today that Larry Fedora said I do this with FaceBook people all the time. Like I can read what you type on FaceBook either your own post or in response somebody else's post. And I can basically judge whether you're sensible person or not just based off of of of what you of your opinions on your public opinions on things. People just type in dumb things all the time and I'm like that only a dumb person could could that person can't possibly be Smart person might be nice. But couldn't possibly be Smart because this foreperson would never type those worse. And I would say the same thing about Larry Fedora here. Like a Smart person would never say what isn't. No I honestly if you get a person take the last two Memphis coaches right if you had Justin. One thing on here and we were talking to Jeff and about this topic yes you're micro about your talking about my doorbell about this topic they would say. That what I love football football's important to me it's been important is responsible for a lot of things in my life have been good. I think a really teaches a lot of lessons and set a proportions connected and that's why we're so careful and that's why we go above and beyond to make sure our players are. That's the right answer the real problem here is that you believe there's no connection. How are you conducting the door to your team like if you can't at least acknowledge that can they be connection. Then you are at it suggest you might actually be putting your players and I would not wanna set my I would not send my kid. To play for a coach who didn't believe that it would be like sending to a coach to a kid like your kid to play for a icicle coach who didn't believe in water breaks to that makes you tell. Given up water breaks like yeah no I don't I don't think I wanna do that but if you add back to the point. If you had if you just in here or you might like they would they would talk about it intelligently I'm I'm sure and they loved football answered everything but they'd say yeah that's a clear that they had there there's a clear. It's science here behind this and it's why we take extra care to make sure that our players. Are protected that's what's that's an intelligent coach sensed this is ridiculous. If he just. Posted double down on in hammer home. One point the ex teammate which is football is safer than it's ever been. But you can keep you can say that over and over again and I think it probably is true like good that football is safer than it's ever been because we know more than we've ever known. And you can make that point but to say football safer than it's ever bin. They're powerful ball is safe like those two things don't go together. Or safer than it has ever bid. But it is still an incredibly dangerous sport as it relates strictly to head trauma. In all of the evidence underlines that you are saying that. Is like. A 400 pound person. Drop it down to 350 pounds and I've ever been lighter than I am I right. Oh couple OK but you still felt like. Think you know rent you it can't let it true that you never been lighter than you are right now but you're still not let our football might be safer than it's ever been. But it's still not safe and everything way to love football put acknowledge. That reality. And and I think most Smart football people do but who loves football so much that you deny that reality. Absolutely if I were working at North Carolina I would have real concerns about what their divorce at the day because. He's not only football coach he is it by extension in charge. Of football players and win their on field and when they're I know that trainers and doctors as a bit like. A man leading the football program who holds these opinions I do think that is not a great thing. I would want to welcome back obviously a devout of the chancellor or whatever there is that the University of North Carolina I would want him to welcome back and I want to say publicly that he does not believe that and they just acknowledge names and it's the stupid thing and of course you conductors program. Mindful of that of those of the science in the things that we've. So what happened earlier today as he's on the you know on the big Mike in the big room in the expressing these opinions. And it starts to you know the council or port where they were tweeting Melendez can re tweet and people like what is wrong with Larry Fedora so much so that. Yes I. Armed by the time you like it was very aware of what was happening in the reaction to these. These quote you know you know twenty years ago these things would just be said they might open a newspaper tomorrow but in you know in the in today's. The way media works like V Europe quote get around the country in real time if you say something bananas like what they've brewer said so they apparently. You got together a group of and college football reporters who were there. And today in the Larry once stood. Circle back with you guys like you know get maybe 89 people not the whole room but like there's there's there's people if they can actually allow him to clarify this thing kicked those words out. And so if you guys got another ten minutes he'd love to have to sit down with it and they say of course. And by all accounts he. Should he just sort of kept saying the same stuff huh. He said he wanted to clarify but he just sort of set the same things he didn't really walk it back the way they were expected to walk it back but I would imagine. At some point very soon. I'm somebody's gonna or else somebody who would authority. It's going to explain to him like that that you yesterday was not a good day for you and you you need to egg at least acknowledge. That yeah we do know that football calls a CT were doing our best to make. Make it as safe as we came in for football players but. That the connection is pretty pretty clear and in documented at this point because. Yes you know a guy who was a major. College football coach holding those opinions expressed those opinions but it's another thing to like pull those opinion to urgently. But it did express them. And create this mess that he's created an inter league national headline on every web site. Yeah bad ACC and heat it. Get out ACC media day grades and saying let's not normally go of these media things you can Jonathan had a there's no story you know it's weird Larry you know. Larry cranks it up. A little reason I real reason I. Here wasn't to see you all I do enjoy seeing yellows because it's channel 24. Want to interview me. On my knowledge of mark souls lifesaving. Work commit enough. Saving saving refugees. And so you know how what an expert I am on on refuge oh yeah I sure certain himself. I decided because I'd like to give all the publicity again 99 hey I decided to come in here into the interview here. Kind of talk very eloquently and about Marcus fairly amazing isn't it I'd like you do you think your typical NBA player. On a read him and had about it and it was a great again they're actually very socially conscious and as a group etc. But you do not typically see your NBA player blocking refugees out of the ocean holes. Now now I mean listen I'd I'd like to think that I care about other people in and you know im im I'm certainly Walden not perfect and I have buy in negatives boy it's complicated and become a decent person. What you give me a 150 million dollar think honestly yeah but not election night in the ocean I mean yeah I mean I'll be on the job. Like I know they think the way I would spend my free time. The idea I don't think it's some incredibly impressive that that that is the way mark spends his free time and that he in that he seems to have. Played a role in saving somebody's life like it's all like yeah I'm sure that life would have been saved anyway. Ready resonant you're like mark is the one who said. You know underwater corner and he's whatever. But yeah he's adult side to side we'll under a fabulous idea that it doesn't but the 170. Dollars and wanna make sure they're doing the right way and that there right now but. But the fact is is that he he just got a chat time. He said I wanna be part of it and he's a guy who seek publicity he's a guy actually shrinks from publicity but mean little in this instance. That being that it's harder to get into a part of it believe that there are some and also are once I'm about to let they. Getting here they've bitten by by lending his his. Pride thing to this it would land. You know he'd be a blood tidbit to share the spotlight on agony that its he's he does not seek publicity and yet. By doing it he brought publicity to the situation I just thought it was great and I arrived at the remarked that it's been eighteen years is the eighteenth season of the grizzlies. It's been eighteen years with a Gasol. And it of that and that and that franchise is fortunate. For that is that classy family and Powell's classy marked as classy an experiment I wish more. A question yes. David is dale. Johnson and floating in the mix for him outside he does Marcus all save him the same way he stays in there and it's a complete stranger. Yes you say David his tail bobbing in the ocean heat seeking. And I think he says yes we we have to we have to we have the Pullman and then that's their parent I think you would and then the Taj it would catch of the whole thing on minster. Figured out exactly right if it finally lets them that I should save and saving puppies so that's good you like everyone has their thing their DSO. Yes. I'm I think he went absolutely it talking Geoff Calkins I'm in New York City he's back in studio in a Memphis. We're gonna get to court Leonard in a moment but first. Brett Carson acknowledged publicly that it puts hot catch up on on dogs. Do you side with me that that's unacceptable behavior. My basic I think I'm more forgiving then I don't really have much in the way of food in general your moral living actually engine it's trimming to. I don't have much in animal I don't have much of the players food rule so I think I'd like so. You're free to live I don't put like what that lets you do some weird stuff with with with honey mustard right. There's nothing you can do we were right. Everybody Muster makes everything better Sciutto is somewhere several honey mustard and so I might let's see what lol what a I open a family this is talks totally I acknowledge this is weird. I didn't know this was not a thing people did OK until I like went and joined the real world and it left and hearing when it is. This is of the pillow we took take Russell my mother would take Brussels sprouts and Dong Kim and mayonnaise before eating the Brussels sprouts. Why it isn't that crazy thing ever know life and register and it's kind of crazy it's it's almost I don't. We have I don't put ketchup I grew up at a family that did actually put ketchup on Don I don't now put ketchup on unplug. I would I put. We're like best honestly it's chilly out god does that make Paula even Atlanta and hot dog it's a hot dog and chilly and I like Chile now but beyond that. What a bit like it brought with Muster that's what I like yeah that's what I like best. But but like in Chicago they put you're not a lot of put it in some places a little bit like lake. They put a whole slice of the tornado or pepper panel. Mustard on it I am not gonna condemn Brad if he wants support. Ketchup on hot dog anymore that I mentioned Ben you. Putting honey mustard on what's the weirdest thing you put honey mustard. I will put an emotional almost anything other than serial. Right it's and I and I and I might be willing to try it was a good. But I mean there's not there's nothing that I would like in terms of the stuff that you might use a dipping sauce for. There's nothing that I wouldn't it if it's two separate. Is another one so for example allowed. People think. People have these food rule right one is no ketchup on how to pay I hear that one. One is as you pointed out earlier I heard was in the terms issued can't have steak well done. Another one is. Pineapple pizza is offensive. There are those people who think pineapple on pizza is ridiculous those two things should never be together. I'm even though they are in America today that's probably more than football that's probably what's gonna be the end of America's pineapple on pizza so. People have all the panel really subscribe to though that I don't really subscribe to the rules. And offended by pineapple pizza. It's not the way I would order pizza. But like. If you were sitting on a table. It was the last slice. And I was hungry. And it was offered to meet you need it is there anything that I could put on a pizza that that normally goes on a pizza. Guess you got a bunch of one ingredient pizza slices okay every other every one ingredient pizza place in the world and Fenton. Are there any would take before the pineapple pizza place. Meaning like is there anything anything that would like with a part of all of you to do the very last slice you would pick up compared to. All of some pizza you hate I'll go play golf that a guy would need to pick it up. Very fine with the knows how to answer ovaries are repeats and I'd I would now idiot I accidentally ate a pizza with NATO we thought at one time. And I almost like I almost got sick I don't know I'm not sure I've ever had that. Well here's what happened I delivered pizzas in college at Pizza Hut and a puppet giants. And we would always have he says were harmed you're like cute or just like he around. And it would never be won with Angel he's really no way too these look like in so as long as I noted they've been OK there's Thabeet is up there they're there they were just always pizza is available. And I would just look at it as long as I didn't identified black olives I was fine if I don't like mushrooms but I can eat mushrooms. I don't like certain things but I can eat anything outside of blackouts until flooded Shia like if I were hung out to pick it up and Audi and I took a bite it was clearly something that I had. No tasting it isn't just salty as it useless if it was. I GG I apologize for that amount. If you give it. Don't know I out that was little I was close to available though doesn't even pass our guides yeah. Because I can do better than that gum. It was. It was like I almost got sick I didn't get sick but I almost got sick I could not if you told me hey here's a fifty cent. Here's the eats but it's getting into always on that you can have if you wanna I would not want it I wouldn't take it even if are hungry saying they would black Collison basically anything else. Russia deal with I don't like mushrooms but I would do if I get around after cracking problem peppers Andrea hates peppers weird weird that things that people late honestly like who decides just who decide to temper what could possibly upper look peppers I love helping us out of banana peppers any kind of coverage you can get a piece output Muller. Look peppers. Like I'm I'm glad Brad Brad you know routinely regular hot dog you put that the number one thing you would put on airs ketchup. Yeah like when I overheard Germantown country go like golf I go at the turn I get a hot dog and I get ketchup mustard and relish those three thanks talk to Jesus loves them off. Now I still excellent race to wrong if you put ketchup Harbaugh. And was just always on my dad loves those she is cautious that think the freeze down my dad's constantly wants to eat those cheese dogs I don't want the cheese dogs you buy from the store with a she's embedded yeah like write ins like she did she's is not good it's like better much better you talk about better which shatter its some. It seems like crap in my opinion but the check other planet other would cheese on top of that the to have. Like just this they have dogs she's big I don't think she might want added on skis and headed into the actual meat itself seems we know it's we are glad that I that you like you Jay for actual Wiener with him with cheese inside out already had inside there. I've had a wing which she's instead of against. Well I have but that's normal. For me that's not my that's all weird that's a widow editor Jeff that's weird irony rules and luckily I got you think you're weird the air here and a Weiner would she's cooked right in her. Did you just can't put down my only thing with hot dogs is like to do whatever you want to to the hot dog and I find it acceptable as long as scheduled does not involve tkachuk should never be involved the hot dog. Do you do that until you take your texting me support for my catchers and have a whole lot of people are just as awful as you here's a here's another you that you get a lot of awful people are now don't I got dogs at the net your phone number there's another rule for example in buffalo. In the same with a so that's what you're talk about is that in basically in Chicago always a college place no no can't catch him coupons we'll have the college of W bulls draw a lot of if you put Karl Hankton there in buffalo. You know what the rule about chicken wings that's why there's a very clear. Like it and I. I heard what's his name the former AD from the University of Memphis backers Fannie did the university about when I can you know again he's up there and one of the first questions he was asked I listen to the roots on WG our sister station up there. And he was asked about chicken wings and a guess what the chicken wing rule is assault that Marc Ullman Arnold thank you I don't know but I'm guessing is that like you can't branch exactly right you ask if you keep you have to say blue cheese all of that if you save ranch. You are drummed out of town in the same way that if you put catchup when your. I dug in Chicago I don't read that you cannot know if you say rancher total amateur get out of my face like doubled on the books he's got. Yeah you gotta give you fit them and Jerry I'd say it's because until that you seemingly doing the right way except for the cheese and it's he's got a little strange. If you are what are what she's all adult Archie will put cheetah and the president cooked and they are just stirring inside that they need right now meet for it right well. I don't mind my I don't my my cheese festival. A taste testers. To better much better that's what is called it's the right. Label better which ad or letters of the brand. Petted is that the brand that was final like when Kelly go to the grocery store and she says hey do you need to teach you think then had better watch her. Tech better attended just in case you know and only two Clarkston so totally I see it and Johnson bill better which energy not approach for some reason I can this. That's the sort of target us at the Johnson deal but it whichever. Is that a brighter hot dog. Which just how hot this most sausage okay. But you OK with that they change it up that kind of change is it now might dig at those skinny little scrawny hot dogs with the cheese and of the slick I don't see why the size of Wiener a winner makes a difference what the geez or not. Yeah well listen let's make it their Oscar Meyer's slick hot dog with that she's already and it no go. Now this Johnson I just looked it up that's a 100% premium port it looks pretty good is that better sugar bread you. While they're hot dog opinions and he used it to you did a separate from catch up and I don't tell. To have any other hot dog opinions until you take a step what about corn dogs would you put package about a corn on Gary large. On that one is ridiculous that would be a maybe that's the Wimbledon cannot catch. I like that even half ketchup and we're not sure they're 20 yeah after those some of that we can get it in bowl what you can do a full. Like corn dog dipper like a deeper in the catch have been a dipper in it and I don't. Checking duplicate supervised. Yeah I would use ketchup with Fries but I would prefer hot delicious and you put honey mustard on night now people call you on that honey mustard on Fries. And I did try and honey and let's start me. Well look that's because you like it to her dog every day every so we'll look at every good thing when it comes to eating sound authority you people you like. I don't like or stakes that some people like their stapled and I think that's a full Paula Rauch on my how'd. Someone asked you I got you I'll do that sure I'll do that I get down like that and get down like that. Kevin White the only way you sound I guess with ketchup and nothing else on that won't dementieva I think misguided. Has he was raised incorrectly somebody raised among. It's bankrupt click again the jury's experienced observers raised by parents and they then they they messed up somewhere. I'd be perfectly reasonable person and every every aspect a lot of political hot dog that's actually by the way in my theory on the on the pitcher hater who who have been homophobic comments. Right he was raised from. I don't you think in the end I don't think you kind independently just decided to hate gay people I think you Israelis drop and I do think you need to go to census sensitivity training I think that's appropriate. They be sent to sensitivity training. It's not just those were not just normal tweets but I think in the end of the tunnel might Brad be raised from. I think in the day. I different different a little different different categories here there's no question one must pursue me out that gap is much more serious than the other. But I do think it's just about it raised just think Brett McGahee was Rachel I'll believe he's probably independently decide to Asia you don't just put ketchup on your raised when I only wish I thought I would always strong and I think I'll be honest I think a lot of people have raised from the network I don't think it's aberration I mean it did its extreme because we see it as whatever but. The more you see on social media the more you realize that it's out there and I figure he's got people out there. Most people are byproduct of their environment is character are. Calm like you know there there are things out for Gary. There were things. That. I year. While he wants that but like. You know there. It's cute do you honestly think that most people are or a byproduct of of their environment if they have and if they have certain world views. It's because the people that they were surrounded by when they were. At an age of where they could be influenced or even like it now. You know there. But they they your big. Mean if they go oh wait under the basic thing of religion. If you were born in Egypt you're going to be you're gonna believe something different that if you were born in Mississippi. Register but just based off you know like most people when so when it comes to religion or or most social issues most people are byproduct of of their surroundings. It's white it's twice state largely vote you know so there you don't. What why is every vote not everybody why most people in Alabama. Feel certain ways about certain issues. And then most people in California feel differently December yeah yeah why because they're aware of where where where they were raised and outcasts exact address. And it Tucker just caucus united to not -- ESPN I love will wrap up with this. The spurs sending Kauai letter to Toronto. Just just because it's like the opposite of what he asked for. He wanted to go to Southern California and they said instead of going back home to Southern California get your passport organizing you to the only. Franchise that operate outside the continental United States and its co. But I like the idea of them. Not giving him what he wanted when he tried to strong arm them into. Portrayed this offseason. Well I say yes it's amusing but I hope that's not the reason they did that would be shortsighted if that's the reason they did that they did it and the reason I like uh huh yeah I can understand that's the reason you like it but I think it's shortsighted. I think in the end. It's kind of a weird trade for me from the San Antonio perspective because. The Marta rose and LaMarcus Aldridge we'll get you. A certain number of wins. But they're not building new towards any great glorious future those two guys they're actually both kind of the sort of old NBA type players are not very good players there. They're borderline all star level players but. They don't really get you anywhere whereas some collection of talented pieces. Would but it's very clear that in the end LA Boston Philadelphia weren't giving up that collection of talented. Pieces Lusa San Antonio did but they could do meanwhile from the Toronto perspective. My view is that I think from drowning have to assume days not. Resigning. And in this hole will Paul George recited in Oklahoma City so therefore quite ill and there's not residing in Toronto I think I. I played equipped today. About birds falling out of the sky doesn't so frozen like they'd birds were just spontaneously died in the sky. Because we spoke called in Toronto quite quite Leonard is not playing in Toronto forever so that's your hope I think that's still. But I think they're saying this will blow up this team anyway we've got to rightly or really loved arrived I'd DeMar DeRozan contract anyway we're gonna go another direction anyway. So this we hear this way we get it we get to do with style we got one year. Taken a big swing at it may be get into the finals who knows. And then we're gonna go the direction we were gonna go in anyway so I actually think as long as Trout understood except that is doing with that. With understanding that almost certainly not get and why. I like all like it from Toronto's perspective. And I think they do they have to understand that and Eric in and can accept that and the I think it's actually the right move I mean it's for DeMar DeRozan because like. You know they committed to him he committed to them as recently as a few weeks ago reportedly. They told him they're not gonna move them if he's clearly upset and I I understand why. I were him I'd be upset too. There's just one franchise outside of the United States. It's cynical climate. I could've gone back home to play for my hometown lakers a few years ago. And I didn't take a meeting. I didn't take a Max deal. And I decided to try to become the best rap during raptors history. In and you move me. You know few weeks have to tell me to my face you wouldn't like that or it's its business I guess but it's wrong and it sucks and if I were to mark Rosen I'd be upset. But. If I were to Toronto I would have done the exact same thing Toronto did it because you're exactly right they're taking a big swing here. You know if you know. That the Celtics are just gonna get older and better as they are and the sixers are just gonna get older and better. It Simmons and enjoy OMB because they are. Then you're probably would that DeMar DeRozan Callaway our record. Not going to be better than them any time going forward. If so why not. You know flipped roles and takeaway. And take a shot at it this season. If it works out while it does it didn't at least are open DeMar DeRozan contract that you probably didn't love. Because in between that time when he signed that contract and to date. Back during last season they actually went to him if those reported during the season kicks it down. Instead hey we we love ya we want to be part of this our futures with you. But the game is changing you've got to be three point shooter you've got to start shooting threes and he announced revision three's but he's not a three point shooter. And so what that suggested to me is that they already born in love with him as a player he was a very good player but Kauai letter to top five player when healthy. And so this actually accomplishes two things. First it gives you a better chance that you otherwise would have had probably at any point over the next three years to actually go in the Eastern Conference that's what why littered this season. And then when it's over. Column let's just assume that you don't resigning. You've at least got cap space to go out and get somebody you like better than that DeMar DeRozan you were gonna have if you didn't make the deal I think it makes a lot of sense they're the only place. We're gets messy it is. You won't go there stipulating this glorious big swing of the year right the only place where gets messier is is he a healthy and be on board. And and and that you know we know he just basically tanked we don't know Wii is the murky as to whether he was healthy and unhealthy but it appears. He'd kind of have tanked this year in San Antonia. So if if you get that kind of the year in Toronto. Then people second guess this in a way that they wouldn't have otherwise but even though I think there will literacy that they wanted to go in another direction for all the reasons you suggest. And I don't know from image perspective and and perhaps nobody cares about their image less than Kauai Leonard. But if the doctors cleared you to play you don't play again like you were cured pork healing your reputation. And also they'll start finding game after game after game they are allowed according to CBA my understanding. They confining him all the way up to his full salary so he tries to pool. What he pulled in San Antonio in Toronto. Could he could actually cost him twenty million dollars I think he's going to be unhappy today. But eventually he's gonna report to Toronto. And then they're gonna in Finland was very serious that it it is people like him. I I you would imagine he'd be a perform some sort of relationship collide. And then they just sort of say hey let's we we get a win don't right now board doctor Baltimore. Political target of Eastern Conference champions right now when. And and and beyond and to take a shot at the warriors the rockets or whoever and then. We are told the court that play I really think all that stuff is. You there are people who were unhappy but when it is time to play they play and I would imagine that when it's time to play he's he's gonna play this season I can't. I can't envision him not doing it it's just too it's risky financially and it's just it makes you look like a. Also got an animal in question is is whether LA Philadelphia or Boston. We're shortsighted in not coming up with a more attractive. Collection of assets to send. To San Antonia because they haven't yet I struggle with that one because. Let let's just say for for the lakers purposes. The reason they don't wanna go with it all the way and move a branding and try to your co why now is because they think they can have branding the next season ankle why do. But you're also wasting a year LeBron crime and maybe not wasting it but you're certainly not maximizing. And I do think if there's anything we've learned about the NBA in recent years it's that that the stars when the gains it ain't any. It ate the middle roster guys getting even like the fourth and fifth best guys it's the stars. Like it basically if the rockets got James Harden and Chris Paul. They can put almost anything around them and they're going to be really good. You know as long as the warriors had clay we had stepped curry Kevin Durant and let's just say drink mine you can put almost anything around them. And they're gonna be really good I could they can start Jordan ballots that are they can start JaVale McGee a sinner just doesn't matter as long as the pumping your roster is really good. You're going to be really good. And so that's why. That he you know I understand he we can get Kauai next summer. Without giving up bring in Ingram. But Mike is great inning really going to be the reason the lakers win a championship or don't. In the next five years like the recent going to be LeBron James in Kauai Leonard whatever else is at the top of their roster. And so I might have been willing to just. Hey lists the skill almost likely would we Jason titles and wasting my bronze age 34 year. Or at least not maximizing it like that that doesn't seem wise if if the only thing standing between us doing it or not doing it is Brandon Ingraham. I bite of I think are the lakers been willing to put it back to the table the dispersed. When had a hard time turning down and then just said. In a war now or picked to finish second in the west. In year one of LeBron as opposed to a year to have LeBron. But I understand why they how many years of prime LeBron to we have laughed I do think it's a real problem for them to waste one of those years they've now the and and and present themselves they may not right because they they go out and get kemba or they can do whatever the but that's not the same as general Clark credits indicating we gave we we should take a break down going out sergeant catch upon. And our I'll see you later I see here. So we'll be back right after this. 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About whether catch up along the hot dogs and not agree with me but the main thing I think we've learned is that. Head football coach of the University of North Carolina might not be a Smart person said that. Would change in football so much to try to make it safer that it's almost going to be one recognizable perhaps. Years and the coincide with the downfall of the United States. Some Americans that some pretty significant dom any doubled down on the dumb by saying that we really don't know football calls he calls his CT when in fact we absolutely know. That football causes CT he's not a day good day for the North Carolina football coach I imagine you'll be apologizing to somebody and backpedaling pretty quickly. What's the biggest game tonight we really don't have much for. Now ours is a very sullen eyes at the SP nine. It is one of the slowest nights in American sports every single year of the night after the Major League Baseball all star game is actually want to ask these does it come on. The night after the Major League Baseball. All star game. Just by coincidence it's by design because there's nothing else well. The only game I could find. Minnesota New England in Major League soccer. These kickoff is at 7 o'clock until gamble on it. And I'm enormously bright or if there was not enough I couldn't sleep. At all are about those fire alarms did you hear the office ironically enough. Same day they must have been fire alarm testing national tough fire alarm that the day as well as disclosed in well. Perhaps it was just perhaps in sports. National hot dog day and that's all our armed testing day because all of those things have been going on you go watch tonight's soccer match if you want to. It's on the ESPN asked what should I watch on TV welding. Performance and soon. SP thrown ABC 24 tonight at seven upon battle of the sexes are my home girl Emma Stone is on HBO at seven. Being John Malcolm riches on HBO signature TM if you're up late Beck. The deal Stephen Cooper here was to leave those on Jimmy Fallon magic Johnson and Jimmy Kimmel. Casey musgrave on James Gordon and Miranda Lambert is on Seth. Myers is there anything I need to make sure I read. An article are rhetoric today and Rolling Stone. When a fire alarm woke me up a bad it was about how record companies. Are back to where they world sort of free digital music. Blood streaming has. Got them back to a good place where they got real money to spend. And they are investing like crazy. And what do you think Brad. It's got to be digital in it went on sale terms of types of artist -- types of artists. I don't know what who is that what we're tight on rats young rap stars. During that era and tied up they they think gain now is that every record label is trying to find. The next future pop star. Whoever that is far and and the reason is because. You know what's breathless considered chat now is the most popular genre of music in this country outside. And so what these record labels do is they actually collect our monitoring. A sound clowns in anything like some cloud yeah. Infer that that next possible great thing. And they are rolling millions of dollars at these people more complete unknown sites outside of a very small community. They're drawn millions of dollars that I'm. Because they see it's it's basically like they're playing a roulette wheel and in in to spread the money out all over the wheel. The senate could we we don't care if we spent three million dollars on this. Just do it nineteen year old rapper who never becomes anything. Because we're gonna invest. Three million dollars eight million dollars two million dollars in five just like that hoping that just one of them hit this one album hits we got it. We don't need a multi hit we just need one of them hit these young Iraq. First are like signing multimillion dollar deals before anybody even knows who they are. Because the record companies they gonna try to make them into the next great red star in if they do it home money will spit if they don't. It's just calls to doing business in search of this next great rap stars though. If you're in 192021. Year old ran pretty days. Like gum there's real money they're good they're looking for anybody to throw money at a people are getting rich perhaps just temporarily but it's. It's happening it was interesting story you can find it Rolling Stone dot com. What's on tap for tomorrow. Thursday going to be co hosting time to shine on CBS sports network here in New York City it happens to start. It Fareed the he AM central. So I'm not going to be able to host this show I cannot do two things that we want to match start to hosted don't know I'll be with him for much of the first or by phone you also have John Martin just called console. I'm sure be tremendous please be back here tomorrow for. Till then be careful. He can be good rep. You know he is ready to nine FM ESPN radio dot com ask listen anytime anywhere and favorite us today under the vest and at least one Bartlett. A young person then this is a sports station. This is Kerry cares and I can tell you about Cooper systems for years the amazing. More deadly long Cooper have been doing act could persisted over the mouth while office park in fact for eight. Plus years because Cooper systems they've been a sponsor the Gary parishes since day one and they never left that's a testament then it's a testament to you when you've heard me tell you about the great work they're doing it Cooper systems for a a long long time now it's time to hear from you guys. 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