Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, July 18, 2018, Hour 1 (w/GP's thoughts on Kawhi in Seg 1)

The Gary Parrish Show
Wednesday, July 18th
Seg 1:  GP talked about Kawhi Leonard and the big trade of the day Seg 2:  GP talked about SEC Media Days (Day #3) and the Bama QB situation Seg 3:   4 stories at 444 with more on Larry Fedora on CTE, MLB All-Star game, Hader racist tweets, and National Hot Dog Day

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ECC Texas object to senate to anyone for your chance to win 1000 bucks you've got sixty minutes did you sell and then one another code word coming up at 5 o'clock. Spread out text stored object. Seven to anyone's sex objects is seven to anyone for your chance to win a thousand bucks good luck we'll do that code word again at 5 o'clock. Now he's done yes ME SPN presents the area's only national columnists who spends his afternoon bringing you need. Perspectives in Memphis radio do make you think it makes you laugh and sometimes make you change the station children. He apologizes and it's fast it's 4 o'clock. This Tuesday. Here Perry show. We are having evidence scary bears and talking via live from the seventeenth floor 555 west 57 street New York that you are Brett Carson back at studio have met to produce a program that would make that Whitfield we get into the fatal obstacle no disruption. And I hope quite that are like candidate cold weather because that's where he's gonna be spending the next basketball season big trade went down early this morning Hawaii Leonard and gave a green to the rafters. DeMar DeRozan got to myrtle projected first round pick to this bird just like the Toronto looks like a real challenger to Boston in the Eastern Conference and the market will. Six which is understandable to get into it momentarily. Let me very quickly that that was scheduled for reports what JD bird dog my friend colleague CBS sports in the new sideline reporter. On those SEC games that ticket and thirty. Each Saturday afternoon on CBS she's replacing Alley wrote love foresees that SEC. Media days right now she could join me about forty minutes live from Atlanta. To talk about her new job SEC media days college football in general Jed York are going to be here. Around 41 when I finish second I'll do portable storage for 44 which points. We're gonna discuss what previously. On discuss stories among them North Carolina football coach Larry Fedora was. All warm earlier today at SEC media days they believe the decline in football will coincide with the a decline in America that it's never been proven that football called the CT. Both those comments are. Embarrassingly stupid targeted that it will 44 the American League beat the National League in the Major League Baseball all star game last night it was a nice representation of modern day baseball lots of home runs. Lots of strikeouts we'll get into that little later on this hour Josh haters the latest aptly be called. What are research project he was pitched in last night's All Star Games that I discovered tweets. There were seven years old and not three races stuff homophobic stuff he subsequently apologized. Obviously there's still messy deal we'll get into that. Just before 5 o'clock in the dais national hot dog days we'll discuss hot dogs in great detail. During four notable stories a full forty full firefight just talking just like always been we will officially considered ago. We'll bad news that the run that they would like to get developed Starwood to dig in BA news why littered has been the traded from San Antonio to Toronto went down early this morning Madrid trading is as follows polite letter. I can't agree. Go from San Antonio to Toronto. And in exchange for that. The spurs get to that DeMar DeRozan Yucca pearl protected. A first round hit a soul. The question of is San Antonio really going to move Kauai litter before the start a crate training camp has been answered. The answers yes they moved it man I don't know if they could have gotten. A better deal if they would have been willing to do it deal with the lakers or. The Celtics or at the sixers boy. I'm glad that they did what they did if only because I'm a big fan of the pettiness and when a person. In who's right who's wrong in this feud between collide littered the spurs won't we we might never know for the shore. I'm booked. When he's cleared to play by your doctors. But he does not play and he demands a trade it doesn't always say I wanna had a year but I want at a year and I only want you to sit meet the LA lakers. I can actually appreciate a front office saying you know why we're gonna do like the opposite of that you wanna go to sunny Southern California how about we continue to Canada. I a we're getting out of some plays with the opposite of a financial hey. Referral I want you to see you need to so out of Los Angeles. How about instead you get your passport. Get your coat and you moved to Toronto for the next year so I'm all for that like on Monday. I've always. Obviously you never know how you would. Two things. If you actually ran a franchises are easier to talk about that it is actually. Execute. But I always like to think that if a player who is under contract with me. Put me in the situation Nicol why let her put San Antonio and I would absolutely. While doing on some level what's best for my franchise. Absolutely refuse. To accommodate. That person's wishes. OK I want at a here. I don't wanna be with you anymore. And I want you to trade me to the Los Angeles Lakers well that's the one place you're actually not go as far as I'm concerned right so I don't know that San Antonio took that exact approach but either way the bottom line remains the same. He why littered did not get what he wants and now there's a report that. Says he might not. Even play next season you're just sit it out on as he has no interest in playing in Toronto than just tell you he's not gonna do that let me just tell you why he's not gonna do that. Because of one million dollars million dollars and how's the twenty million dollar they can find him every day. Every game that he misses all the way up to the amount of his salary which is a little more than twenty million dollars. In choosing to sit down next season would cost him twenty million dollars and he's just not going to do that we've got to play. For the Toronto Raptors. And there are some projections that now have the rafters as the favorite in the Eastern Conference. I'm hesitant to go there just because I think at Boston is healthy the Celtics should be the favorite but they're certainly right in that conversation I would slot on second and if you're Toronto this is exactly why you do. Because. This time yesterday. Or certainly this time last week at this time yesterday people seem to be column suggesting that it might be headed this direction. Kauai litter to Toronto let's go this time last week. Most people were considering the rafters at the top of the Eastern Conference or in that conversation. Much. It was Boston and Philly Boston Philly and most people pointing right at Boston well that changed today and it changes because. You lose yeah a four time all star in DeMar DeRozan. A boy. DeMar DeRozan is not the same caliber basketball player as to why that there's not a single thing that DeMar DeRozan dogs. Better than Kauai Leonard so you have upgraded. Your roster. Andy you. Upgraded its. Arm from a place where you won 59 games last season. So you're afraid Jezebel of 59 games last season you just got better so how many gonna win this season maybe not even 59 that you just got better. It went collide quite Leonard is healthy. And the assumption is that he is. He's one of the five best basketball players in the world some people might say. Top to. But he's a real difference maker way to DeMar DeRozan is to mark Rosen is a very good basketball player. Kauai Leonard is star. Kauai that it is a leaked basketball player so if you try to figure out why you do this if you're the rafters. It's because as long as the Celtics of the Celtics and incentives and Joel and beat her playing together in Philly. You've probably never going to be the favored over them with a core of Kyle Lowry and mark rose. You probably never going to. Hit where it is your dreaming about getting to with the corps of cal Lowery and the border rose. And if. Kauai littered key change that and he clearly can. Then. The best case scenario is that. You used collide letter to get to an NBA finals to win an Eastern Conference which can be a massive achievement. Take your shot at Golden State Houston whoever in the finals who knows what happens there. And then you actually can commit to this day that's not a likely scenario but that's the best case the more likely scenario is. He used a white Leonard. Too evident. A season that's going to be better than double what would have been. And then you lose him. And then you still got put a cap space. And you're all full of DeMar DeRozan contract. And if you don't believe in him. The way you might have believed in him when you all for the contract who when her originally. Then that's not really the worst thing in the world. You know they went to DeMar DeRozan last season famously. And said the game is changing in ways that. Do nothing but mid range score. And Catherine score. Are not the most efficient players in the league we need you to become a three point shooter so we took some but he did not become a three point shooter. And it'll leak that is so heavily reliant on that now. If it's possible in fact I think it's it's likely that DeMar DeRozan. As. The game has changed has become less valuable that he was wind. When he was offered and signed that contract to stay in Toronto so. Column he's good. Boy he's not the key to anything right. If you have championship or even Eastern Conference championship aspirations. So the best case scenario is that you lose you use Kauai letter to do something you've never done before. The worst case scenario is that you don't and the elusive. But that you've got all that cap space that you can use it however you wanna use it you've got real flexibility. To start a rebuild. Even if you wanna start rebuilding you're not bogged down by the Marta rose contracts so I don't really see much downside here. A for Toronto for San Antonio. It makes less sense. Unless you understand this. Group of religious article too much longer and and he has no interest in going to were rebuilt. So whereas San Antonio could probably got a better package of young players and picks them what they got here. Young players and picks are gonna keep you competitive next season. DeMar DeRozan can keep you competitive mix we here at Yucca turtle can keep you have a competitive next season. And if if farm. Any if they won 47. Games. Without. Coal why littered last season. That it stands to reason that you just add DeMar DeRozan to that they can at least be in that range again the San Antonio Spurs are going to be good again. They're not gonna be in that. Golden State Houston class but they're going to be competing for top two or seat again. And that means that you keep a string of playoff appearances rolling. And it means that. You get to be. The San Antonio Spurs at least some version of it that they did for a long long time. So it makes it from that perspective keep in mind that Gregg Popovich is is a decision maker not necessarily be decision maker. But he is real influence over what that front office does. And so it's not surprising that. He would rather have a player who can help you now. As opposed to prospect of Leo young players in and can draft picks. Because. He still wants to win and has no interest in going to were rebuild. In the final years. Of what is going to be. He's coaching career so I get it from Toronto perspective. I understand it from San Antonio's perspective. And really the only thing here that Sox. Is that it sucks for DeMar DeRozan. He's upset. Any should be. I'm because. Go back and read a column for the Toronto star. From what he agreed to re signed with Toronto. Am. Any support or people Dorado work loyalty all the time but. Did you whatever is convenient current he actually showed real loyalty. He didn't take another meeting with any other. Franchise. He took less money that he could have. And in its current or people basketball player always wanted to team up with other stars or go to LA your Miami. Or at least like the continental United States. He was happy. To be in Toronto before he wanted to be Toronto's. All time best player he wanted to. To be an icon in that city. And never wanted anything else. And then they just move. Reportedly just a few weeks after promising him or he's telling him. They would move it. And that stinks that sucks and if I were him I would be upset. And I wonder if it's this type of thing combined with the Isiah Thomas being last off season. That. Would. Believed to more MBA players trying to get no trade clauses in their contract they're very rare in the NBA but they do exist. And watching one player after another. Arm you get moved it away that runs completely Keller to have. What it is they had in mind or thwarted. Arm I think could maybe lead agent to at least for the superstars. Try to get those clauses put into contracts and think about Blake Griffin. Now we'll last offseason he's picking between. The clippers in the suns. He decides to stay and it's and they move in Detroit. And now he's playing in Detroit I bet you that's not where he wants to play. And so I understand DeMar DeRozan being upset. I also understand that it is just a business. Arm. And that if I were Toronto I would have done the exact same thing it's messy. And it's ugly. And it's perhaps unfair. But from Toronto perspective. It's. It's the right thing to do the raptors got better. Today. When they executed that trait. And then there's the lakers were sitting out there. Who. By all accounts were unwilling. To give up. Enough to get dispersed. To do a deal with them now it's possible that San Antonio just decided we will do in need. Deal with anybody before we do a deal with the LA lakers at which point. And it was never gonna get done. But the lakers had decided to slow play this thing. And just trust that next summer and they can at Kauai Leonard. Without ever giving up any of their assets they can just add him via free agency and I will say that I'm going to Toronto. A makes them more likely than it otherwise would have bin. Because. It doesn't sound like a Southern California guy. Who went to college in Southern California. And then spent the first years of his. Pro career. In. It's Texas. It's gonna be all that interest in committing long term to playing outside of this country. In Toronto. Even though Toronto is affecting the city. Now when a player like martyr like Kauai and it has its options he's probably going to cannot commit to Toronto. If you put him somewhere else. Boston. Philly. Then maybe they kid who convinced him to it to stay. But Toronto seems less capable of doing that you never say never but it seems unlikely and Silvio lakers. You probably are happy that he went let's just say to Toronto instead of Boston. And it doesn't mean that the lakers are going to just be LeBron James and a bunch of dudes this season. Because here's what I would imagine happens. Some of these same assets they were dangling the spurs to try to get quite literate now and they'll be willing to dangle. At the trade deadline. For another all star level got. It could be. Jimmy Butler. It could be Kemba Walker. He could be Marcus all. It could be. Anybody of that level whose team doesn't seem to be going in the right direction frankly. If for whatever reason it doesn't go well in Toronto and I don't think that'll be the case but anything's possible it could because letter. But I would assume that they why somebody at the trade deadline. Another all star level due to play with LeBron throughout the rest of the 201819. Season in those playoffs. And they'll have that guy Ortiz the opportunity to resent that guy he's on the expiring deal. And in the brink why Leonard and feel free agency. We look up a year from now LeBron James Cohen Leonard are probably going to be teammates the big question will be who else is there with them. Is it some other all star level gone. Or is it that Brendan Ingram has developed into an all star level guy. Arm Woolsey. But the lakers are going to be set up a year from now. And the spurs moving. Kauai that are strong a word this morning. Probably made that more likely. Then less likely. We'll talk about. 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The big CBS's sixty nines every every every Saturday afternoon the kick off at 22230. Central. Alan the force arm has moved over to turner of mostly due in. And so they needed an SEC's sideline reporter please Alley and Jamie was the obvious. There probably is Jamie got caught in a situation in Atlanta. And is currently at this moment on available and then I was gonna get a for the second out orbit she will in the second hour. Be doing the time to time to shine shelves CBS sports network that I'm hosting tomorrow in Friday's. I'm one of the things I was gonna ask her out because it was interesting today was nick Sabin state to speak out. And goals in their pretty focused like he's got a bullet points and he'll pop pop pop that you really are gonna move him at all now with any question like. Or I could borrow. Larry Fedora for in straights at North Carolina. Any C media days earlier today like I got off for a little deal and he's like now in the middle of controversy we'll talk about that in the next segment yeah like that type of thing never gonna happen to save it. He does say what he wants to say he'll say nothing that he didn't plan on saying and then he'll go back to Tuscaloosa and get back coaching football. What do you think he did say. Because naturally people gonna ask about the quarterback position has. And they've got one of the most unique quarterback situation certainly in modern history perhaps history in general. Because you might remember they had a young man named Jalen Hurst who was the quarterback for the number one ranked team in America. All season long and then got benched at halftime got replaced by a freshman who was all some in. In that moment won a national championship and everybody is assumed that Jalen Hertz is now going to be replaced. As Alabama's quarterback but Nick Saban has made. Com no comment on that whatsoever. Both players are still on the roster. He says he doesn't know. Closed a star for Alabama right you know in the opening week and I doubt its true but it could be true either way. This is what he sent. He said you can ask Arab any questions you want to about it my gains or is is going to be the same. I do not know my starting quarterback is going to be in week war. I don't have any answer for this quarterback controversy. That you guys create. Talking to them if a direct aid you guys created this problem now there are times when the media does create stuff Ferrer. Not a ball saying that. Polite. I mean you created the Alabama could. Created the Alabama quarterback controversy did you have an idea I remember you played one quarterback. All. Yearlong long. Every single. Game he's stuck Wear them and that quarterback. Looked cute to the national T. AP and ship game and they in the national championship game he had a terrible first. If you pinched him. And you replaced it was somebody. Who's clearly better thrower. And who broke the game winning touchdown. International championship game and people think though you would be good with Jay would hurt the quarterback are literally anybody else the quarterback. You're better. Would collect quarterback there to a soul. That the controversy. Current the with the controversy started when you made a quarterback change at halftime of the national championship game. This is some media creation where like Jalen hurts. Who started every game for Alabama started the national championship game for Alabama finished the national championship game for Alabama. 18. And then. The media starts screaming but there's a younger quarterback can't that's who's better than Taylor hurt that they ought to be playing that's how it happened now. The quarterback controversy. To the extent that it is one. It became a thing when you. In an unprecedented manner far as I know that was surprising pull your quarterback at halftime of a national championship game. Like I don't know that that ever happened to any so big you don't want to go to our. Because. I mean who does acknowledge it was really surprising at the time I I didn't believe it could say they lose that game. It's very we talked about this when a passer it's very easy for Nick Saban to walk into a press conference afterwards and said. Let's just hurt was our quarterback now we were gonna ask we've we've we've we've stuck with him all year long have we were good or bad I want him to gnashing and hand trying. National championship game to play somebody who's never thrown a ball the division one level right. Who's so. And it won't run any idea why don't we do that who would do would do that now you're telling me this cute one all these games for us arise. And I should have taken him out at halftime and replaced him with somebody who's never throw meaningful passes in college that's what you would do that would do and that's a very easy explanation for why you didn't make a coaching change and if I mean a quarterback change if you make the quarterback changed and Luke's the same way Alia. They were off. You're you're saving your little buffet earns a little bit like coach K a little ball criticism kind criticism that there aren't sure did this guy. Yank the quarterback who won every game for Alabama all season replacing somebody who debacle meaningful passes at the division one level. Low tech coach what medical pain headaches in that moment. And an end to rules so what was so little experience into that state each. And an end thinks that they'll be able to produce in a way that the guy you have decided all season long was the better option. A couldn't. The only thing that made that brilliant. Is that it war now if it would not have worked people would've called it dull. And when you were weighing the pros and cons of making any kind of decision I do think that plays into it. With most people. How was this gonna play if it doesn't work out and I do think one of the things that makes a great. Is that he he just seems to genuinely not concern himself with that. I'm Bill Belichick is the same way. And perhaps that's a common trait could mean all great minds when it comes to these types of things but either way. The quarterback controversy started right there right away and win the so when the starting quarterback is yanked. Replaced by younger quarterback and the younger quarterback is also meant literally throws the pass to win and as a tipster gave way. That's the quarterback controversy the media can contribute to that any any way whatsoever. This was started by nick Satan decision to do what he did on the night that they won that national championship so it's fine if he hasn't decided who's going to be as quarterback yet. Although I'm sure it probably has. I am but it like activate this is quarterback controversy created by anything all there were. That his decision to make your quarterback change and have to have a championship game. Is is just silly is just a little sellout. Bordering on weird but whatever that's what happened in Atlanta today we come back. ACC had their media day and Larry Fedora he's the head coach at North Carolina he said he fears the the move away from physical football that changes that are being made to that sport. Or hurting the sport to. And the decline in football. He predicts wall coincide with the decline in America. He also said that we don't have any proof we still don't really know if football. Causes CDA. He says people say it. 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Merger outside Michaels out of their furniture as well that sits down of assets Ralston would be needed for you don't need to probably find it there's a look there. Think he's he's. Where you never wake up on the wrong side of the bed on the web sleep easy easy easy ask dad to come. The tiebreak kartsonas sort of you hit today and it had I guess I'm look at them look good on my computer screen. Got seven more effective tonight your ride on it and then right on the money for maybe the first time in Lawrence. To this do for notable stories a full 44. Four stories presented by the love restaurant and bar. Tends to lose focus start telling stories and forget what he wanted to talk about mister Collins every afternoon. So we've developed a device that ensures he'll touch and important things you need to know it'll be okay it's time. This is key piece or notable stories. The case for football coaches basketball coaches they usually like pretty easy works a harmless like he showed up interest and questions about quarterbacks and wide receiver isn't. You're leak in general when you talk about how you really liked young guys and you get back on a private plane to go home and no big deal right there at the door as of media day went vastly different than that earlier this afternoon he's the head coach at North Carolina and he was ACC media day. And among other things he said the following quote. Our game is under attack. I feared to gain a football will be pushed so far from what we know that we won't recognize it in ten years and if it does. Our country won't go down to her. And quote from. So this is obviously in response to. The football changing because the the power's. That being are trying to make it a safer sport because we Knoll. More today about the risk and dangers of playing that sport that we never known before. Except Larry at the door for whatever reason still doesn't grasp that because he also said this quote. I'm not sure that anything is proven that football itself causes ETE. Oh kept. So you got football coach man who's one of the highest paid. Employees. And I in the state of North Carolina public employees in the state North Carolina the a man who's in charge of 85 scholarship football players every single year. And he says that if you keep trying to make this sport safer because that's really what the changes rise legislate changed at. Make football more exciting or change to get scoring up we're changed it to you to change to make it safer yeah. Is the man who says. Earlier today with microphones and cameras on him fat. If you change in the sport to make it safer it's not gonna look anything like it's ever looked to us that will be unrecognizable but we do that. The downfall of our sport walls will be that is the downfall of our country or at least our country will start going the wrong the red and we'll stop there first there. Are there a whole lot of reasons. A whole bunch a reasons. That our country. Might go down. Yeah so I think we've seen some of home on grand stages this week. Arm I can name at least ten off the top of my head. But I don't think football becoming a safer sport. Is anywhere on the list now it's much as football as a part of the American culture. The idea is that. Football moving further away from what it has traditionally been adding an attempt to get safe for all coincide with the the downside. Downfall of our country is it's nonsensical. It's stupid to. It's a stupid thing that only a stupid person could say. And then to double down on the safety issue. Buying saying that you don't really know. That football calls a CT. Is like so stupid that it's. He should be embarrassed and also was changed given that he is a football coach who was supposed to be charged with many things including including. Player safety. Because if you got a man. Who's in charge of football players who doesn't actually believe. That there's proven connection. Between football and CT. Did you got somebody who. Is probably to be responsible. To be in charge of football players because the connection between football CT is undeniable at this point in weld document. The New York target the story last summer we talked about it when it published and a that. There was a study done on the brains of a 111. Former football players for people who might be. Are aware. You cannot diagnose somebody was CT while their life. Had this person I was in a conversation where. At some point the past year. While he was explaining his medical issues he said and I've also been diagnosed with CT. Won't take CD or take some sort of brain injuries to dole CP a so you realize that term and it's you know. Upbeat guy you'd impossible they cannot diagnose you with CD while your lineup that you know I didn't is it not been diagnosed with CT and I was like okay we'll. Don't just hope not but whatever you what you moved on so they can only study brains of people who are deceased. But they had studied a 111. Former football players breaks. And they found CT. In a 110. 110 out of a 111. You basically what we have found out is that if you played football for any extended period of time now. Arm there's eight it did decent chance that you will suffer from CT some day. You might not know it puts too late. It lose to all sorts of different things including depression wild mood swings. Some sites sometimes suicide are. And there's two doors standing there today. Hi I hate air. College football coach there at one of the best public universities in this country. And says that we don't really know there's a connection between football and CT yes we do window and we now it's well document. It is you know people. Are just scared of the idea of football they're scared that date. They're scared of of of what the studies. One after another after another in recent years have shown. We know way more about that sport. And the damage that it does today that we ever had. And we can learn way more in the past. 78 years. Then that is change millions of people's opinion on the sport including my own. I have a fifteen year old a four year old and it almost two year old. When my fifty year old was 678. In that range he played football. He wanted to play we were happy that he wanted to do anything honestly yeah you know you can't really wants to be outside be active there today sought him out. I had no issue with. Subsequent to that these studies that come out one after another after another after another my four year old will never played football might almost a year old will never play football. They can come to meet the same way their older brother did want to part time it's a dad I want played football and I will say and Lou. Our Oliver Wendell find something else to do. But we're not play in back and the reason we're not playing that is because I've read the studies and it doesn't mean that I'm gonna stop watching football and it doesn't mean that I'm gonna stomp. Enjoying football and it does that mean I'm gonna figure that double if you allow your kids to play football. I probably make. For parental decisions all the time that others agree with and so like if he makes one that I would agree with. What ever everybody can handle their kids are they wanna handle their kids. But my kids in playing football not and it's not because I couldn't fearful of them. I'm breaking a rehab or form or getting hit real horror in the stomach it's because I now know because the studies are undeniable. That when you played that sport the way that we've always played it to. You were running a real risk of not being able to live the type of life going forward. That you would want to and wish to live. And Torrey column major college football coach to stand in front of cameras today NP dismissive. Of that reality. To be skeptical. Of that reality. Was really why able to see Dan Walker who join us on this show on Friday wrote a column saying that he really does believe what he said today. Regular tour wants to back pedal back pedal we see the president united state do it this week college football coach can probably do it as well. It is if you lost back to back pedal but he actually believes what he said today. Did he should not be the head coach at North Carolina. Obviously it's a pretty drastic response to it to just some words about the sport of football. Boy they're good or was. Willie Willie at a line today talking the way he talked I hope he was just talking from. A place of emotion and not from place of intelligence. Because he actually does believe what he was saying today it's shows an incredible lack of intelligence story number two. Major League Baseball all star game was last night's kind of fun to watch I did what it was like a home run derby basically. It's it was a I don't think perfect representation of what baseball has become pretty good representation of what baseball's gone. Strikeouts in home runs and what baseball is that their way as far as strikeouts somewhat middle of the night when different was less than it was strikeouts in home runs ten of the twenty hits in the game were home runs acts of have to hit a home run half to 45 of the sixty outs made. Worry strikeouts and so like that's what baseball is and that's what you saw last that if you're one of those people who don't more than what baseball molecular eternal the all star game. Did you see it would what I liked about the microphone thank you like the Dem talking while they're playing I love and I do you like that I don't they had Mike Trout they had Bryce Harper. Arm is out in the Al film. Armed with a lot of bike on obviously they're never gonna do their regular season Internet I don't think so but in that setting. I think I think it's great because what you're essentially doing. Is allowing your biggest stars. To show a little personality. To to the largest audience. You're probably gonna have until the playoffs com and that can't be a bad thing in. Like Bryce Harper is. Haven't met fan if he plays in the for the national I should hate price are. Lone bright idea that I like him and and Mike Trout is obviously had that one of the all time great baseball players already now. And on track to have one of the most amazing careers in history. And yet he's about as famous as as marquee more sonar you know in this country and so to allow him to have that. That stage I think it's it's all good stuff I like the I like the Major League Baseball all star game and last night they went to extra innings and American League wins at eight six. And then of course after it was over the real story after story number three so. If you don't watch baseball you probably don't even know that there's a team called brewer but the areas there and there's a young man who plays for the brewers in his name's Josh hater. And after her or really during last night's game I'm pathetic you can go ahead after last night's game because he had to address this. Somebody had on earth old weeks. Sit when he was 1617. You'll see Europe are still high school. And they are ugly now tweet that read nothing but early round rock I hate gay people now. Kkk. White power. He uses the N word now tell somebody to SEC and that a murderer of their family. I treated one time on March 1 2012. Gay people freaked me out this duke comes in with only shirt or pony mailbag. What staff. So yet I do think that these are different than some of the other instances we've run into with athletes. Tweets from way back. I'm being brought to light that was the quarterback in the NFL draft who had to answer some questions. Armed Dante di Vincenzo from Villanova after the national championship game had to answer questions and yet the bill seemed. Not nearly as troubling is these are these are rough because. At least when it's done ticket agent so he was quoting a movie. Or quoting around bleary. And that doesn't show a bad horror as much as it might just show bad judgment to. Like IE. I'm so what are some of my favorite artist or hip hop artist and they use the in the world all the time. Black Coulter uses the N word all the tar. And so if you heard that were coming in my mouth it wouldn't come from bad I just wanted to and like you say get out while Bryant but if you if I were. In my car rapping along to something and that were accidentally came out of my amount important to symbolize me being a racist. It would just being that like I've been listening to push it to. This is now that. This is just I hate gay people that's not a joke it's not a rap lyric it's not a movie quote it's not funny it's just. Homophobic. Kkk. Is not Iraq it's not a movie quote it's not funny it's not a joke. Why how war. It's not forty. It's not a movie quote it's not a rap lyrics it just means that you are probably a racist. And so he apologized. Publicly which I guess is the first step to any thing. And I will say. Perhaps it's a good sign that his teammate even teammates of color. Have come out and defended him in today listen that's stuff he was too weak way back when it is why you'll included wrong but I think the guy and I'll. I'm with him every day in this clubhouse the guy I know is is a great dude and it I don't even recognize. The two weeks and that guy. And so perhaps he has changed. But he would have had to have changed a lot that this isn't just young. You know I'm not gonna say that in that in that I've never. Said something that would be considered off color. In the privacy of whatever. Or that when I was younger I didn't have the least that I no longer hold onto it. We all change if you don't bend or something probably wrong with the U. Boy. You know I wouldn't it just yelling I hate gay people when I was seventeen years all of that hatred. I would have just been typing kkk when I was seventeen years old. So it does seem to suggest. In his own words that he's got some serious stuff for at least had some serious stuff and again that's why I think this cases is a little different than the other ones weaves its experience bills could be. I think actually. Are wrong you know explain web page that was a young person who was young and dom. This doesn't just seem young and arm this thing's young and dom in ahead. Like young and dumb and add add. And insensitive. And so Major League Baseball announced today that they're gonna make him take census sensitivity training. And perhaps some you know perhaps he really is a changed person who doesn't hold these beliefs anymore but. My god seems like it if you become a professional athlete just to delete your entire Twitter account and start over. A because this is now happening over and over again in two. And I would imagine at some point agents are gonna actually just like that part of the process like you're now a serious threat player you're now a Major League pitcher. You were going to wipe all of your old tweets could you do not know what's in there you probably don't even remember he said last night he can you firmer completing these things but.