Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, July 11, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 on the Grizz/Grizz Coaches, Sam Amico in Seg 2 on the Grizzlies/Summer NBA News)

The Gary Parrish Show
Wednesday, July 11th
Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, July 11, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 on the Grizz/Grizz Coaches, Sam Amico in Seg 2 on the Grizzlies/Summer NBA News)

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West was only starting on July 8 while supplies last explosions and anti Yankee dot com could you just politics as important sometimes requires simply. And. Gary Parrish and I can tell you about Cooper systems for years the amazing. You worked really long cool. Cooper have been doing tackle persistent over the mouth while office park in fact for eight plus years because Cooper systems that sponsor the Jerry pair shows since day one and they never left that's a testament then it's a testament to you when you've heard me tell you about the great work they're doing it Cooper systems for a a long long time now it's time to hear from you guys. Got a great deal on an Apple Mac from corporate system literally half the price of the big box stores values certain before they heard about Bloomberg sports. Ottawa and one day I love coming out he's a big blue green and down Zach I love all my files Cooper unbelievable retrieving everything all he. Feldenkrais we'll. We'll likely hear faster and better than ever I want those people. Rosario is referred to Louisville got you're not supposed to be guys that I hear very basic can be. You hear writers who who could take care of you and like he had says they won't judge you. Column 369679. On the way out he took a medical resistance baca. Papa John's pizza is tired. Look at for delivery drivers and in store team members are full and part time positions available delivery drivers need their own vehicle proof of insurance and good driving record. Papa John's is tiring visit your local Papa John's to apply. He is CNN we've Jessica kids on today's show. Most likely Dominik yes. Driving down interstate 57 in rural southern Illinois through the cornfields of Illinois. He is the man the myth the legend Jeff Hawkins joins us. There is actually playing the music. Plus rated as Geoff Calkins salary on this lovely Wednesday afternoon. Good but I know I'm just peacock. Has long enough why it goes from fifty delegates are you tired and that you're going to do it just feels good but what do. If you look Arkansas. Arkansas you get a hit but why Dolan all OC all those great hotspots that I've driven through it a hundred miles an arm anytime soon. Actually around it is it is it's war. I've been driving them. What you've been on the road when you're like Charles Kuralt for God's sakes I mean it's like yeah what Hitler had he not hinder. Well our business. Looking at how my I think it Cleveland Ohio it's. And then we went to Chicago emissions from Chicago the temperature guns one. And it back to Chicago. Left the kick off program there that a lot of the northern Michigan. Yeah don't clear that's often go to Zambia I saw that it could see my stroke and and I drive it back that. Okay its obligations I just a normal you know it's one little vacation and got right vacation they're. Oh yeah I'm. So I update on the O World Cup I don't know if you were listening in the car which I assume you probably were maybe have a series excimer some listen into France and Koresh are now on the championship sunnier you disappointed that your Belgium team is not and. Yeah well I'm not. Let's be clear seriously disappointed yeah a little disappointed bet. England agenda now. Providing an old friend would be a classic. You know it's. The old rival you'll vote certainly I imagine. In if anyone has not either one a copper hit a finalist public debt since 96 Shaq I think that turtle beach and so. So I got a lot of people it. Could face France now I think. I do not feel strongly. You don't have you don't care one way or the other you did just you just try our Beirut for Croatia. Should we are now that I want to. Wind I think John Martin said he was like going to some Irish pub today DC the end of this think it actually was a compelling game Catherine I saw before we even met Catherine by the way part of the Memphis soccer team I'll give apply for their women's soccer team is Katherine is here in studio. I'm but we're pretty shocked because like it would seem like a little bit of an upset Croatia they had to go into extra time is that right Catherine yes. And so I yeah it was a good match to watch so anyway knowing we have we don't have a lot of soccer fans on the move on so I don't know if you caught this last night but they did you watch the summer league analyst I'm Jeff. If you do not add a much in pajamas dots until you know what you're so how so prior to the game Doris Burke they had this like coach is. I'll call it celebration of coaches they were like celebrating all the great coaches they had pictures of the coaches Adori murky you you're watching getting ready for the grizzlies game against Sacramento and they have. De Jager sitting next to JD bicker staffer I mean literally thirty minutes like they're talking for thirty minutes while the game is going on in it was sort of striking because you have. Two former principal you have a former grizzlies coach there. Separated by coach with Tisdale the middle but that he wasn't there are so it's bicker staff. And and yager you reach out there okay and it was sort of striking because. I didn't realize how close they were I was sort of expecting it to be uncomfortable and it was actually fascinating. And they get to this part where they're doing aim video montage of the coaches that they look up to you. And during the peace. They show the coaches that JD bicker staff and his career is looked up to and Lionel Hollins is on it and then they flash to Yeager as coaches that he is looks up to it. Lionel Hollins not on it. But this is this is why I was I was so you notice this is a grizzlies fan getting ready for this game or watch the game and sell I'm thinking Walt. Yeah that's probably makes cents I don't know how close he had Lional word but whatever he didn't list him. In the middle of the monetized he butts in saying goes Yeager goes. Yeah I analyst it'll idol too he's just not in my graphic what did you guys do basically so why do. Yeah I I just was sort of struck by it. And I and I sort of wonder. What it's like in that. It in JB's mind now because that was what the question was you know. JB sort of was asking the question how are you doing are you comfortable now you've got big gig inserted Yeager is sitting back sort of with a poker face like. Yep bit down this struggled before with this. This whole cell game you know. How do you think JB is honestly doing and how do you think it will go for JD this year that's my boss and. Let me ask you another question I can't even though this up please you know could be other people were who you looked up to yeah. A pop television in the montage so that they only did two or three and for JB obviously his father. The bickers step in number there was he had Bernie was his his biggest influence and creator he also listed pop. And I I forget who the other one was that the the striking thing was final missing from yager is in the fact that. Lied national TV on ESP ensued with Doris Burke he bought sitting goes. Yeah I was on mine too and I don't know if a lot of people listening it's noticed that I I noticed tonight it was. It was revealing it was also like Dave looks like he's lost weight he looks good he's may be lost too much weight in fact but down pretty sure of themselves it was an interesting it was in thirty minutes of television. I mean at the facts any better at it but it of course it would wind at all. Yeah now yeah obviously worked replied no job out and that there was defense they're very creative sound of a part of why at all yes. I don't know if this is Darren. But does it very clear sense of apart or. It's that Iraq might not less that Tibet. He was pushed out and they did have a fractured relationship at least four or they're not. And there it doesn't treat it like it. I can't believe that there. Coddled I would do it signals I didn't see I do see that it would be awkward for. Who like to acknowledge. That kind of sick argued. I'm sure you have idol about it or data about a couple critical to shut off but you don't look it was ridiculous Amato has when he got libeled. And Yeager worked real idol doesn't have a clips so yeah I think. Dumped by the at all I developed it a bit of good courage all and a but it does that we got no right yeah you don't know got a graphic okay now oh yeah got quite okay. Do you have. She finished a situation but close. Like in the heavyweight gave when he laughed. I think David vital both in different ways left for the same reason they did you do think equipment is totally different they look at different. Well they are around at the front office with their words in the way don't wouldn't you say I mean. Line a lot of bigger yes Baghdad it would blow it then they're like writhing on the front office based on the way out. In each quote inadequate layout it would while they went into it out right. Why it'll give us. I think it apart from. Matt like they want a different sick so so I don't think libel or why older I want out I don't wanted to do I look like outlook would openly take shots. These front office speech. You know that is that the beer but pier in ocean fascinates you about this stuff right at that stuff and then Yeager was doing the belt was doing the stuff about tours Adams you'd hear all the title on the likelihood every moment there is in the yeah. Now Jay there was. It between the letter. I think we lost just wants her gig ever got a couple laps. They both left. Big payday from crappy organizations. Like that's sort of a centrist lit books felt filed a similar perhaps you're about whether gay is going to be able to. Lyle and Ian could turn around the nets got a card tonight but whether it will be a turnaround McCain you wonder how long that all laughed. It's fascinating to watch the Uighurs team now because he sort of has a Guinea because it's basically stocked with. Like sit out in all of these players and you play last year like it's a bunch it's a bunch of first and second year players like there Jason Smith said the funny thing he said. Sacramento is our regular season team it's their stubbornly team but plus saw a PR front. Yeah the fighting about it of course it is a directly get paid well one of the raps against it here I. Which I never thought was completely clear look at I didn't she yelled Allah sailed to develop what wanna let raps against state was. He didn't develop young talent. I was not a developer yuck how much and areas in Sacramento and all these guys you are like yeah exactly right attitude is it exactly right. Thought to have been JP. And what they talk I should they have something to talk about it they note this organization. And JP down note this organization you. But. But KB I don't take it soured on the organization politically was India though now you know my sense of it is. It's interesting to me how. Reputations. Are. Cultural event basically and they and I have a reputation. Then sometimes. And it really is stick it just want to address again until a book on wildly popular I. Capture Yeager was a pretty popular I'll other some people mad about all I. Why don't look very unpopular hire a GOP wasn't very unpopular hire indeed I would venture the baggage. It got dark coaches. The group because perhaps. Act where the low or among the least popular hot right right when QB we're tired. Most people like what in God's name the and it's 87 years old and hasn't coached or the game and yeah hired. They're split it out of a club. Well they still on the length yeah at least Chile hot is it every day to day. What a lot Colin Powell was tired it was all gadget you believe that our goalie they're only got a get excited they're given a million bucks yeah. The that was a big a year and a half contract can create directly back yeah that one or either died how nicely for that yeah. Yeah it was so like and a guy who had several different that you get a good I doubt it better now. We're actually married those that true that's coaches they've ever had Josh that you go to Yeager who would. Try to capture curfew Opel within the had a good coach out with just like I shot and then you go to the hot coaches they're really not hot younger sister too who want. Quote radar. As those two people are mark got around me and David said Gail Cooper very straight and I'm not present and I equate like to build a better coach up. But it didn't work out the Q talk a higher ones that didn't work out so that all of us. I'll tell it was kind of in the middle like most people ought to be good hire at a it didn't work yet quite some success it was quite successful in what complete he had well. You have got a great got to be around yeah. Like he will be affected coach would have immediately who beat guy yeah well. So it at all and it comes in all this comes JD goes out and and I think the question would be what about piggyback or staff that you think Eddie horse that Yeager who was successful here yeah bookmaking is a jedi force in David shave gel. What they she'd say that we like. Why would you take that action to the fact that he doesn't commit the glare right up close to guy. And he was in Jauron. Armed and. He handled the situation well that's the thing you that we sort of resort to right with wind right JB. Yeah yeah well my arm and update update did the the players together like mark likes him you know that's problems. Picture it happening with the extra light I think to say they're like. And yet it doesn't matter that they'd like you're but it doesn't matter that they respect to push and market not some market not a beauty. Right now knows basketball he has it good basketball mind that it be golf. Acknowledge that. I actually think one of its problems with David Gisele. Would he pay you never told me all found just this is conjecture. But I think one of his problems that the outlook strict they'll all slogans and. You know every marketing yeah LeBron wanna slash yeah yeah entertainer that for data gal that spelled. How good connection now I you know like that ballpark what gladiator was very good Matt Jaeger was great at that. And I think JP quieter. Less flashy approach probably each. Appeal to article you can get the respect of both the older players. And the younger players. While you are you go to the process of losing game after game after game. I don't think that says something about you now Indiana. You probably won't be that successful book of Tikrit we don't have a great rock star oh I've I think they've done good things to their roster the suburbs so updated give. Don't want them like that about does is acute JB a fighting chance I think. He got a bunch of Smart players globally will play together. And who'll I think responded news style of coaching action and it not that's flashy market look flashy. Up well on my putting hasn't if I Gerri will now cut I don't know he's seen it or not the Michael has added a pleasure Bernie yeah yeah if you if you as a visual illusions yes of this at some believe that. Pretty flat yeah though. But that fundamentally. Every time JP talks and this is true active first press conference should the next day when he came on I show it was true. It was sure it the most recent press capital to draftees. Every time he talks I'm impressed. About what they're coach came Bobby got it but every time he talks. I think she should eat yet presses it correctly what is certain tropical heat is trapped his vision to use all of that and so. So yeah I did. The truth it'll probably make some birdies at the same that that. Every other grizzlies coach is back. I like that I happened that the yet yes or in a listen here yeah but I I think along the way he could go out. Here here's my take on the coaches and I think we're talking what Geoff Calkins by the way he's driving through Bly Villar someplace on the 55. You know. I have a tendency to do a little revisionist history with these coaches I never did like patella. But that's only because I met him and he he he was a very nice to me. With Lionel Hollins at the time as part of the media I necessarily I didn't necessarily like him as much and I heard some of the backroom stuff you know when him and Vernon got into it in and you know. He was an artery guy. But yeah. I have seen what he did. And in what he got us to do I I in I like I like why don't like the videos with him he's sort of this you know presence on the sidelines. And sort of the same with Yeager and I know I didn't and well I thought Yeager was a good x.s and o.s coach Timmy and I know this is Gary shows have Gary were by hate that I'm saying this that I know Gary loves this dale and I like Tisdale he was fine. It's a mean there was a little too much Hollywood the one thing that I like about JD. Is when you listen to you and to your point. When you listen you women a press conference he's not there to impress you he's never really got to impress you with what he's about to say and you'll say he's just he's just talking like he's just answering questions talk about the roster. And now stylistically. I think that will serve him well here. I do you think the roster is gonna be decent I think Kyle Anderson's gonna be good and I'm gonna parlay that into talking about summer league with you if you don't mind which is that the game that was on behind JB and in Yeager is they were doing this interview and they didn't have. You know they didn't have Jerry Jackson last night. Wayne sell them. Will likely be in the rotation by all accounts from what I've seen based on fact that they don't have anybody Kobe Simmons played last night and he was one of the highlights but other than that last night. Javon Carter looked like. Like that grates at me. DD doesn't look like he should be on the roster. And now I've fallen back in love with tray on on the summer league stuff so I've come full circle with everything because he started out with the grizzlies on fire in summer league. Everybody loved. And know with him sitting out maybe it's just because he sat out but like I'm not in love with it as much as I was that. Them being that the grisly summer league team thoughts. Op ultra farmer turned the coaching a little added I take. I think it bit light at all. While was ornery I mean that's just what you want but I. And for that reason he was not. I judge if you look at it yet but not as. As for example as those beloved in some ways. Oh QB with the local lodge. Yeah and to Gail look great with the media actually great to be our. Why don't want to ornery and and there's a question that's true but I also heard I've. There are people who wanna a potentially give them. You know. Carted him before everything you do with a group leader of the other people who like to say over currently quoted accurately or not. I think that's going to disable the groupies would become most good people out like I do idol is somewhat got. It's Teddy at all up to not give him credit angry bird being the most successful coach this franchise or at the week of course your butt but. He was the most successful coaches ever had a like they get. It's nice to this. Mike I'll tell you people that beat the out Jim Blatter is. People would not back there you go anywhere else pony with that you know I mean the ads. I could never and be so big can't develop underline I think it's small minded not to give Lionel. Credit for what he accomplished I also think it's it's actual out of crap on the page and as he did a good job they take. They've been considering how much sure the coaches that they pat. I think the coaches who by and large been pretty darn good attitude and you know what it would notable exceptions those of our early obviously was good Atlanta. So it'll be introduced it would have the New York to 'cause. What happened here was not a reflection I didn't think. The full speed that he had. They want it over achieving I don't refute I gave it to a playoffs that year cheap over achieved one were to take that were bad out moment. Abbott that was the moment that that and then he got out. And as out of that yeah you're right yeah. In terms of record being right about it in any intermediate couples feel order that you should know I don't. Acted. It actually get you just before unlike bit or are they like wait what are your video I saw the big bottle but I. I think it portrait will be an interesting experiment attribute some eggs. Declare. Some religious bonds when you're watching your first stress connects right right. The other part is that it's like watch an awful give them what I got over all I went up on the golf ball we've seen it's not like her shirt. Yeah so it's equality Janet Jackson planet education. And a bloody stop quite solid. That's right now you you nailed it no I don't I. I'm not like to think you've you've discovered why I was so upset and now you're unaudited this you can get on that yeah a lot yeah. But if you want it actually if you could interest and Nikki got its interest going to be mediocre interest Jared actually junior as the future. If interest stay down watching Kobe each other all the response to the early data interest thanks Ed option. PD is to try. Alex our team you know be on the roster. I want you giggled and I would outages and my analysis last I was trying to hey don't listen there's always that way out. What I prepare for radio show I don't do they have vast Jeff I got the tape out like we're gonna break it down you don't send you to industrial we like John I was too little film and write down on the heat for it lithium for those who haven't seen it follow me on Twitter at Brad Carson on you go to the tape and there's a day on my feet last night. Dion did Davis is on the block. Well worried that the game Jeff come on right there the cornfields of Illinois where your driving through exactly yeah 888. College. Yes not block so he's on the low block it OK second shot he charged that the odds it's it's a foul shots he's got yeah you are if you are responsible for blocking out the man that's what to do this and he's supposed to block the guy out doesn't block out guy gets the rebound goes to the other side the right side you know how he goes up from a little bitty body shop and he does. Fouls right into him. I mean it was just embarrassing you're ready to cut on a spot at the I'd like Alec about like one of the forty assistants on the sideline I would walk down a broom off the court just right there. Yeah. I think I got that kind of do you just destroyed it on the Internet like wow. Couple because a skilled people on the Internet the world a little long modeling. I was gonna get freaked out as early at the moment but yesterday it came across he tripped up that. Did you judge junior was not going to apply now that game came not interest free ride because I had an early returns as a bunch under our credit. An hour. I saw you play as hard but at the end they can't get a shot. He plays full court which is great like he's going to be known as the greatest guy who who who defense from. End and it can't make a shot at this point. Right we'll see if he has physical tools to make a double A guy I. I'd you know I'd yes I've I've. I'm a little bit skeptical there but if JJ JRJ three out of her out of if he'd good advocate. That the draft we'll look at success but yeah I wish you. There comes a slut bitch about what. I final footnote here wanna get to tiger basketball now molest ago and we have important driving to do in San mammoth so from a design India web sites gonna talk a little bit about some stuff. The tigers announced today and and basically the tournament announced at that they're gonna open this tournament they're doing in November against Oklahoma State so they get the big twelve opponent. And it'd sort of a reminder is Catherine I spoke about this that that game will be a probably a compelling game because it's. It's a pretty good big twelve team that you're playing early in the season so early on we're gonna get a chance to see how good this team isn't in sort of where the add make my question is. Do we anticipate this this team. Living up to the ticket sales in other words were all like wow look at the freshman come in and top thirty recruits next year should be great penny excitement. Ticket sales through the roof and I and I think that's great and I think we all the station thought that's great but. Will we see him play Oklahoma State in November what will we be reminded that they got an uphill battle or what do you think Woolsey. It's a hole I think don't have a ways to go well but but I think that's fine I don't take a ticket sales are closed. People are expected to go to the final four this year. Or even because people are expecting a bigger the NCAA tournament this year I think technical sales are because people are. Expecting men to go back to the NCAA tournament and the next couple years and people are expecting nabbed at sweet sixteen run in the next five years. And people are expecting penny to do. Big time recruiting this year there are people are expecting. Alex law backed. Tallahassee. To be really good for your players should end. And also because. People wanted to be back in love with raptors cut the basketball people ought to support. Penny Hardaway and super I don't want to be part of something exciting so. But I don't think they're doing it today necessarily expect to be. Eddie to be great to be getting it received better beat Oklahoma State or edit it out themselves. You know we we just two days ago where they were projected. I agent and that our ranking by John Rothstein you know. And I it was a power. We but I do you think. But I can't make it okay. It's a reminder that there are not posted. The conference this year. Although they will have some of the best freshman I think you all competent they lost was a good player. Jamario one day. Good player. Bitter typical barrier to really plot so petered out but all don't apply there. And but the two letters they have a lot more. They have a lot or return it. This year detonate it wow. The previous here that it last year right you got yeah you do still has yucky about report server return it could all turn players really. Yeah player to sort of proven that they can at least. Just saw this level and Evander Barack and the data the bad fresh why you know I caught up so. I think there's. It's on the bottom of an upward trajectory and hoped would you all let's stop but it but codes. But it pretty insecure if they go to yet I keep this year it'll be exciting and I cheat because. Of everything that comment because these are young players who you expected build outside. It's going to be an IQ last year. There wouldn't have been any of the crater that it because they're. We knew what a feeling one of those players and it was not going to be as we should she feel so. And I keep tight seasons can't be. The first gap in an eight. An eight thrilling way upward trajectory or they can't just be scattered across the and I don't output and I can't diligent about it and I tourniquet and let each actor but that the IT. It'll be my suspicion. That they want us on the Nike trips you know it'll be a look at the quality that already dead that era. And show you just. Yeah I'm afraid it'll be fun if people. Pocketbook building again I don't know how hard it's gonna be shot it's easy answer right there you know like the look around and Apache giant swamp that at least the right people are all Leo yeah equal bidding bear wandering. Where they are not given out tickets to get people in the building for Cincinnati right. Right everyone whose name again within a business gets the free. The likes to throw you on coupons crazy at what it can change and so. I'm counting on it also I don't look at it beyond our. Guide Jeff that I appreciate you don't need to do this yeah I don't. Now I love love the show Geoff Calkins and Jeff Cochran show which you can hear. Weekdays -- nine to eleven and as soon to be named publication is columnist and chief meteorologist or whatever else we'll have him do that shafts. Next salmon AMOCO who is the senior writer of AMOCO hoops dot net. Formally with fox sports we'll ask him what he thinks of the summer grids and other Kyle Anderson pick up next on the repair shop here. I'm not it's not as an ESPN's. Here's a riddle. Play high and goes by the way too fast that's right summer is the one season we can't get enough sun and can't believe when it's gone. So I don't want to fund passed you by Dixon now. July instantaneous and I was born free games to play and give yourself something fun to do while laying out her cooling off. One surrender July instant gains from the Tennessee lottery game changing. Just remembered a player's box. At that Tennessee lottery we're all about game changing funds. 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Read general dot com today Richard Holbrooke Daschle tells he rates very healthy baby somehow you bought. Today only digital sale Friday and Saturday gets like cartons of Kroger deluxe ice cream for just. Nine cents when you plus card in digital coupon. Guests of Deerfield a smile center hotline now this is a very very show. CD player show is live from the bluff restaurant and sports scores studio ninety to nine FM RE SPN's. Our thanks to Gary Parrish for joining us live from PCN thereabouts you take recorded peach jam and seems wiser move beyond the course the burial of the news on that tomorrow on the shelves. Sixty Geoff Calkins for joining us on the road but right now we want to get to the founder and senior writer for amigo hoops dot nets. Formally with fox sports nationals the NBA columnist there for some time let's make today's big interview salmon may go. Award winning writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports is singularly Perry's show me your view. Presented by. There's been much ESPN. San Brad Carson sitting in for Jerry how are you my friends. Well Fred thanks Trevor yeah I was reading through this site if you're an aggregate are now you got reporters inside kind of a new venture ever be on the station so I just got turn on the decide this week thanks for coming on the show looks like things are going off or is there. Yeah. You know it's funny we obviously we do original recording as well. That's. Really but I mean we really didn't start making money until we sort of record dating so we're gonna do. Centralized location is important and you guys seem to be no Richard no what you do and I was stream through today so good work on that and down. Senator let's start here with Memphis in the summer league we sort of get. We get upset when our star players and our first round your jab graphics don't play that last night Sharon Jackson did not place that was sort of boring for grizzlies fans but. I just in general terms what do you think of the summer grizzlies so far and with Jerry Jackson from what you seem we had one great game and some so so games from Jerry Jackson so far. Yeah that's usually what summer league is being used you know he had very big game sheet or Ayers. Children really part of his skiing. That maybe not many people were aware of the fact that he can really step outside. If those shots in order and a good athlete looks looks like a guy who's going to be able to contribute right away you know he's not gonna be all our way and that's not really what they were expecting it. Wanted to get a player who gonna be able to help them down the road and you know and maybe make an immediate impact there he looks like he's a guy who fits that role even though. You know couple games it wasn't outstanding parity. He's I think you know it's funny sometimes or in general manager told me this front page three years ago is that. People get all caught up in the numbers. Oh a lot of times are awake nice play by. What they don't realize that sometimes we purposely put at Princeton she's sale and some really just to see how they handle certain situation that's how they respond. And I are so you know a lot of times. They're out there Taylor to not play real well. And next thing you know electronic gates with saying go one way or the other but reality. They all wait so the regular season training camp at the start early. Putting a lot of stock in our guy. Well Atlantis successfully put straight young and several positions to not be successful until he turned on the gas a little bit in his last two games and now scoring you know meant Taiwanese and really looking like the player frankly the player that I thought in Gary on the show the other day Sam. Sort of made the argument is here I was with the Twitter mob sort of ganging up on tray young after he had. 34 games that just looked. Pretty abysmal frankly. And now he seems to have turned it on any looks like the player that I thought he would be. Is it just because he's just sees it shocker what I mean what am I missing here what's he gonna do in your estimation. I think a lot of it is OK you know they're probably wasn't a bigger name coming out of college basketball this year than him. Sony gets a little more attention. From the media and certainly from people who were going to send them in one to show them up. It's just like you know it's just like LeBron James. You know your CDC he gets everybody's best shot. You know every night LeBron James it's everybody's best shot. An entry young going in the summer we probably same thing is the biggest name. Eat a diet that. You know at the most flashy. They let you know the conference in scoring and an assist. And just really. I think that sometimes it takes a little while the political flux it's actually when you all these guys are playing not your teammates. Or England or new C still mourning and mules or Nissan and coached. There's a lot to take and so I I think that anybody does have success right away and looks great all the time. It's probably. You don't just a little bit of a freak of nature that has. Are usually that's not the case Derrick Rose school obviously at a great career or is awful and summer league basketball. You know and and critically injured. Yeah well and and I can go back to Alonso ball last year had some great games looked okay triple doubles looks you know enemies so so career. Memphis Grizzlies for example Jordan Adams had a couple Tony point gains pretty early in his summer league debut in their we saw what happened with that soft target is salmon Niko he's the founder and senior writer he's had and Nikko hoops dot net. You can go check out his website it's eight MI CO hoops. Dot net so formerly with fox sports and Sam's nice enough to join us here let's go back to the grizzlies down here in Memphis. The four year deal got some eyes popping out of of San Antonio and obviously here in Memphis for years for Kyle Anderson out of us San Antonio. Which they spurs did not match 37 million bucks the grizzlies seemingly overpaid by all accounts from the folks we talked to here on the station but they sort of had to get in the market situation we've talked a lot about that on the station I'm sure you've talked about that with these sort of middle markets the small markets that that can't do with the Los Angeles. It's sort of teams do. But the spurs prioritize adds rising some other players like pretends or whatever I mean what was this the right move for the grizzlies and then also wasn't the right move for the spurs to move on from Kyle Anderson off Alaska from both perspectives. Sam. Well look person paltry this issue the grizzlies you know hey you got a guy. And Tyreke Evans who. You understand you know his upside is compare old and that. Could be better. That. It was pretty last year Memphis now. It is this Anderson can play that way that's that's the kind of guy is and the Swiss army night. Type of guy that you're betting on and improving. If you're the grizzlies. Into that kind of Tyreke Evans role. Where he's making a huge difference huge impact. You know not not a strong. And not as good of a defender stream on green bigger hoping offensively. He can give you that's a pretty good guy who's got a saw arch in handle all. Seeking re got a little bit so. You're betting on and saying you know here's where we're putting our chasing you kind of become that Swiss army nice guy in a deep. He certainly has that capability. But in the sense is certainly did not overpay but based on what he's done most boats are yeah. That's probably a lot of money for the guys so. Christine Antonio. You know you right now if your method. I. Loved her stuff still. But by you're you're you're not worried about the islanders and the world I you know you're you're trying to figure out what to do a whole lot Leonard. What you can do there and you certainly did not wanted to hire a bunch of money. And Kyle Anderson when you don't even though. You know if you want to maintain some flexibility on the roster right now you know until you figure out what to do quite Leonard and Ed so. Don't yeah they may be Smart move by not catching simply because. They don't know what's gonna happen in future. Or tied to San amigo amigo hoops got that AM ICO hoops dot net and you posted this earlier on the website that apparently multiple teams. Sort of agreeable. On the outside looking in at signing for X three years. But Oklahoma did something special they still sign him and they learn something and he learned something about them any kept he stayed on with them and you know you said that this is something that other teams are looking at doing particularly with co Y Leonard. Isn't wise strategy for teams like this 76ers to do it Oklahoma City did. And get a player that you know us. They're likely not gonna resign with you. Well he was saying you know we everybody thought that about Paul George George does that. Why the bitter battle weird well according all reports that I've read maybe I'm reading too much into it let's I don't know after the same type of player too that's the other. Question I've gone sorry. Yeah well you know at and I don't know as the easiest or a quiet guy. I hear a little bit odd but but it certainly. You can certainly heard make the case that they have all too much and she picked to our permanent. Technical Los Angeles Lakers determined. To get there and they have the money to do with this summer and he didn't do it. That makes you think you know what maybe. There are guys who will speak for the extra money don't quite under goes to do. Out of Philadelphia certainly I I think if you went to the sixers. This situation or creature could competent about that oh sure because they don't say if you wanna move on from you well and beat. And it and then sit and you probably get some final write her close to your trial. You've got to give Boston rod yeah for sure and you might get past them so you get to the finals. You can't go sign with the lakers who took me. You know yeah look it's still a decent team but they're not get there are gonna get the final they make it be the first trial. Yeah so I don't know I think I think if your team like this sixers you know an hour here a little bit up the raptors generate a lot of and Las Vegas. If they can't Leonard and somehow at letter and keep doing. And maybe tomorrow you probably couldn't keep both but if you can keep DeRozan liner you've got you've got some nice swing there it's worth its shock you know because. We're also anybody else gonna go work right now it is Golden State's school each. Duke right now it's time to take risks to have a doesn't work out well we don't win the idol anyway so either will take some risks now you're opposing team. You know honestly if you're on a fan like I am and you're on the outside looking in like I am you go back to the Chandler Parsons contract and I know I'm not trying to throw salt in the wound here. But it would be seemingly a more logical decision to take a shot at a one year could leave player than a four year could be injured player and I wrong or right. Now you write it error four year guy who's isn't really an approach over the top you know away. Most teams Brett would kill. So why I'm here giving their hands eight regular season full of hard addiction treatment and then play into that looked. Talking Utah jets fans here eight yeah ecstatic. That I had no idea that you knew Gwynn and. You win one team went to check that your great. It wherever you don't have to give everybody else esque figure out a way to sell merchandise. And you know my legs are into what. Prenatal termed. You know and it and been up here in Cleveland might work out I work at a marina you know and went wearing LeBron has done in the years that I Herbert the team. I try to avoid a ticket they will continue to welcome to America. You'll enjoy equal. Well let me explain. Yeah are now. I don't yeah I've seen it here too yeah you see the good years and the bad using compared to each other it's not even close listen Sam I had gone runner up against and I appreciate your coming on the show. And good like a good look at decided that looks great that's salmon Mika thank you Sam. Dan thank you so much Sam amigo with Demeco hoops died net you can catch him on Twitter at Sam and Nikko. Formally with fox sports very cool stuff and death coming up next we'll say what's on TV you'll get ready for dinner to go you listen to Gary Parrish shell and it's 99 FM ESPN's. Three easy steps for your 1000 dollar reward one and download the radio dot com that's for free she favorite 929 FM ESPN on the radio does come out. He listened at the top of every hour from 7 AM through 7 PM and win 1000. ESPN. Please Mets or some version by Michael's honor is not your traditional matches in furniture store the prices are always. 50% to 80% off retail stores everyday of the week so you know to wait for some. Gigantic salad gigantic cells there whenever you need it they're located 2790 Kirby wooden. Tim Bartlett at the corner some revenue mix for a Hollywood feed to reach my directly you can dial 1692620692. 6208. 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He's not doing this summer league being this evening we've got more summer league action now coming up this weekend so looking forward to that and that seems to be that the topic of discussion might -- by the way to intern Catherine for sitting in studio with me today to hold on for weld on your first time producing the Gary Parrish jail time so I'll weld on Katharine appreciate you're summary is running out nearly nine in your attention very cool so I was going back to Memphis plays soccer with the team that's so good luck teal and I'd been good avenue here this summer also on the show today my thanks to Sam amigos and if you wanna check him out and read his stuff. At a Nikko hoops these ads and Nikko groups dot net on Twitter thanks to him. Geoff Calkins for joining us on the road and Gary Parrish is that peach jam where they just tip things off. With number one and number two that's number one and number two prospects of 2019 going against each other and James wise and from here in Memphis Memphis is. Aha I'm having on against Vernon Carey junior Penny Hardaway John cal Perry couple assistance from duke North Carolina those are all sideline along with our very own Gary Parrish to Gerri will be with us tomorrow for. Chat more about each gamble right now let's do dinner to go through senator Joe's presented by Humphries prime cut shop well folks folly original piece didn't go. What did we learn today well we play the tigers are going to be playing a pretty tough opponent in November as part of the sort of residents. There and they could play Villanova and sort of adult open against Oklahoma State and in Thanksgiving the game will either be on ESPN. Out. Mania is in areas into and it's not going to be easy as everyone knows sort of thought it was let's should be a good game and we'll get a good test for the tigers. In their first month of the season what's the biggest game tonight well Gary's done here so I don't have to talk about the Mets cap and I can talk about my St. Louis Cardinals a little bit. Are you LA yeah they are on our sister station ESPN 790 with the cardinals. That's the struggles this year they're taking on the White Sox loop Weaver is on the mound for the cardinals you can catch that on. ESPN 79. AM what she's done watch on TV so are laying it's already bad Etsy right now the bulls masses on NB ATV later pistons timberwolves so we can now see Derrick roses as some release one season playing obviously but. Do you see this summer timberwolves. They got going on. Is there anything I need to make sure I read Gary talked about it on the show today he's going to be writing a column for CBS sports dot com we'll see if that comes out tonight basically talking about college. Recruiting rules. And does some likely changes that are coming next year and we could see different tournaments and some. He may not see he stands style of deal price they'll see if peach jam but you'll see some regional dances mother things that Gary talked about early on the shows of look for that from Gary met nor Lander CBS sports dot com. Did a guide to the summer league about the Gary's dad talks about James wise and others you can read all of that at CBS sports dot com. What's on tap for tomorrow Jeffrey Wright will step in and I'll go back into producing since Jeffries are gonna have to do double duty Geoff Calkins will be back in studio suggests. Right will host the Gary Gary show tomorrow at 4 o'clock I'll be producing join us for. Tomorrow morning AC joint goal a game lingo in the morning for a World Cup coverage as well as more summer hoops and Spain in fits and acts Catherine thank you so much for now be careful be kind be good. And wrap your put your own. You usually 89 of them ESPN. 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