Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, July 11, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Gary Parrish live from Peach Jam in Seg 1 & 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Wednesday, July 11th
Gary Parrish Show, Wednesday, July 11, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Gary Parrish live from Peach Jam in Seg 1 & 2)

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Perspectives in Memphis radio he'll make you think it makes you laugh and sometimes made you change the station of children around and he apologizes and and faster. It's 4 o'clock lets you. This news that Gary very show. I I'm here it is not Gary Parrish Gary Parrish is standing by live from peach jam in Augusta Georgia we're gonna talk to Gary here at the top. But first. Get into what what's going on the show today we're gonna have for stories at 444 we'll talk about the Memphis Tigers in one and there are early opponents in November also Dion Andre aid and has that eight has been spotted wearing Nikes instead of puma shoes what does this mean easy switch shoe companies and find out. But for stories Jeff is on the road at 5 o'clock. And former fox sports' NBA writer San AMOCO he's now with AMOCO groups dot net has been now writing about. Multiple free agents and MBA signings and summer league stuff so we're to talk to Sam coming up in the second album right now and welcome on from Augusta Georgia. Gary Parrish GP house Augusta Georgia treaty so far. I did you have done nothing. To date except ticket to a hotel and sort of get settled in here and I get some reading done some writing done blood. Here's shortly I will be inside. The a river view parts of activities that are wooden. Afford court facility. In North Dakota just South Carolina that together they gave everybody refers to. Jim as being in a gust. And I think that's a good all the hotels are at Augusta and Augusta right now I won't cross a river and inner. North Augusta south Carolina state of Memphis in the West Memphis, Arkansas it's similar except smallish city. And and video though before courts in the before game going on in the book that he legends led by James Weidman will be playing tonight at 6:30 eastern. 5:30 central and they'll be matched up. Against. A team headlined by. Consensus top five biggest wells burning Kerry and so that's the big match up. Import tonight James slightly it started Kerry and absurdity of this tactic of surcharge Al period if apple be there and absorb that. A Penny Hardaway and his staff will be there as well. I wanted to get back to Augusta because I I've been there I heard you talking to Jason John earlier about a gust as you know in that area it is weird because when you drive up to. The golf course. For the masters which is what I was going for. It's striking I don't wanna say poverty but it I mean it could easily be be south of Memphis around that area and an idiot I heard you talking about this. I don't think people understand what what it's like it really that's not the area that's not what it's like. I if you only know of a gun stuff from the masters what would it. The only way most people do know Augusta you would imagine it being some. You know well Walsh well he. Small army in southern cal. Like you might think of it the way you'd think I don't know Charleston, South Carolina which is actually everything I just described but it reality. I just dead at Augusta National which is the credit for operating prestigious. Golf clubs. But everything else at Augusta is. I mean. It basically Goodman wrote in Germantown parkway I mean it's it's. It's fast food place secretary who plays him. Chain restaurant after chain restaurants and you know big courtyard and share billions of the post five star hotels. It's not some like glamorous southern city. It is a place that has the most famous golf tournament in the world every. April. But outside of that it's it's pretty. I don't even need to say this disrespect. It it's you know it's. It's been everything you think W bigger Germantown parkway it's everything you think of when you think of Goodman wrote the. Right and set tonight this is the first time you'll see penny and Mike Miller and his staff presumably in the same jam up for in a setting like this right this is the first time for you I mean we've seen press conferences you've been around that staff obviously but. Since the summer open period is just now beginning this is the first time for you to see what that what that scene is like I take it. Yeah recruiting has two periods after or the conclusion of a basketball. See if there's two. A valuation periods in April. And he was obviously out for those Clinton and Mike was with that. But I ever go out in April just because. By the time April evaluation period rolls around I have been in. Wait for my family. Basically since November it'll in New York literally every week. Four for three you don't have much and you know at some point you've got to be a day. Data via Austin yeah you know you weigh the pros and cons of everything but given that I am not a recruiting analysts. But that's not what I get paid to do. I've always talked. The cons outweigh the pros when it comes to me leading my family again leaving my home get to go out and maple. Even if college basketball coaches are out in April so. Yeah you know that there's a July evaluation period which is this three consecutive five day period that start. On the Wednesday. It at 5 o'clock and end on Sunday at 5 o'clock local time wherever you Iraq. So you know at 5 o'clock eastern today which is like just now. The valuation period on the East Coast and eastern time zone gets underway it'll go through Sunday. And then the kids don't go home or more likely to go to wherever they're going next. And then go to the same thing next Wednesday through Sunday it in the same thing next week do you. The following when pages are you don't basically this week it's PGA of America under armour event and there is an idea is that they have. But this visit to treat Europeans really of the entire summer and certainly of this opening five day period is teach gym here in North Augusta South Carolina it's a Nike event. And end in the middle week people are all over the place and in the last week basically everybody has been lost they get I'll be able to save it as well. But to answer your question circle back to what you actually have. Yes tonight will be the first time I've ever been in a jam. Watching Penny Hardaway at the University of Memphis coach at watching Mike Miller at the University of Memphis assistant and I should say it's not like there's much to speak. As though every hole it's recruiting. It's not really a recruiting period and recruiting is like. You're recruiting somebody you're kidding dealt within your talking to them here. Texting with Democrat allow right now and see it's an evaluation period okay. And really it's that it's two a candidate given these scenes here and so what you will see is. Every college coach. It's basically every stacked behind major step in America will be here at some form. And they sit on one side of the court. Or underneath one of the goals. And the players are obviously on the court and on the day to all appearances fans are either on the second level. Or in the stands behind the bench and there is no interaction between coaches. And not coaches. Aid because that would allow you to be cordial so it still felt have been recruiting. Some kids for two years. And he happens to in the lobby of the facility. Blocked it says the mother the mother says hey coach self how are you people out to say. I'm doing well it's good to see you but the big you've got to keep that movement you know they not everybody does. But that is considered a violation if you were to be in a conversation with. A parent or a player or brother or even a summer league coach and so there are separate entrances for coaches to try to keep. Separation as much as possible blood. It is actually impossible once you get inside the facility put mud but what is getting back going to be doing anything. Except sitting in a chair. Watching a basketball game. And same thing for Mike Miller's day you know they've there's it's not a whole life. Sort of like what you expect a sympathetic something like that he's so you might look at yeah there they won't. Want to. Fact that you wait time. But. You know as it relates to the Boston legends they just wanna make sure that. When James White men or anybody else playing for that keen. That their interest to him when they walk to the DJ am. They see them yet the procedure cal Perry too and probably Bill Self and you know other high major guy until will be packed with coaches. But you've got to be there because it actually doesn't matter you can roll your right that it by the players do notice it was there to watch them and who's not and so. You know you wanna be fronts that are and the good news is that. In a period Michael when Dan. You know he's not there at all yeah. Like one except they are excited they'll say this in all professional basketball players so. Not every assistant coach is going to be identifiable. Just by face in the building. Not every head coaches but look at it will be Mike will be an older advantages that should help. This is a Nike event and we're talking with Gary Perry should not north the gusts to South Carolina the peach jam. I don't know that scene as well as UN nor Lander duped but and I don't know what has happened in past years I know this is the first year since all of the shoe company. FBI stuff happened. It is does that change anything that happens at a tournament like this in terms of the mangling the talking what you're gonna see. Maybe. Analysts speculate but you get my drift this the first year we've we've had since all that stuff was anything chartered on that won't have an impact on us. That the hit actually change like in terms of what's allowed and what is not allowed not yet it will we'll get to that attractive but what what it probably changed is that. Where I tell you what about it so just go back to whatever the Kindle fire. All all all autistic coach during the July evaluation period in Las Vegas was at a hotel room with a shoe company executives. You know negotiating a deal. Anything in between guy like that basically negotiating. You know paper placed GU I think you people are more careful about to ask at this point you really don't know him. Cooperating and who's. You don't know the FBI got a phone kept all of it and they don't keep. I mean eight. At coaches tell me that they are glued like they don't say anything on the. Well executed Angel off off the phone. I had an agent tells me that he can't give it to like you coaches and there's one agent who are closely who represented. At least one of the coaches. Who is caught up in this stuff. And like this program or what it is assistant caught up in this stuff. And he's like I like what I talk on the phone is just a waste of time that he will not talk to me the way used to talk to me like I say hey how are things going. Or what have you heard he default save the big they don't go there they'll nobody wants to be the why although wiretap. So as it relates to this specific event. Where I explained he had that it accurately predict the rules prohibit. Amal a dad a brother a cousin of summer league coach anybody from having any interaction. Whipped a division one code. It reality. Yeah if one of the craziest thing in the world. To walk into. You know what ball are a little bit off the beaten path and it just. And yea yea you know at quarter table back you know in the dark. They're the college basketball shifted and I Barrett's double play or or at a summer league coach back to remember walking into. You know designated 3 o'clock in the morning what time it one of the casinos in Vegas and you know at one of the guilt backside bars there's. A high major Rick Tocchet. And the father of five star recruit like upsetting to rake spotlight that is not a lap. But but people do do I I I think that that is probably a little more careful about that now. He you know your little world where that of a couple world did change in some ways last September. L. It'll as far as. Think that rule changes or calendar changes that haven't happened yet but he's going to do we talked about it a little bit yesterday but I write about it tonight. Because I just think it's it's a bad idea. What feet. Traditional college basketball try to do is quote clean up the sport but they will fail miserably because they're not doing any of the things that. Boy actually clean up the sport you know at the bit to the issue to the extent that the sport has probably rooted in in money. It would be a five star prospects are worked millions of dollars that there even identify any you know there's a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons trying to. They create relationships with their men and the best way to create a relationship with somebody if with the money. It took off at the assembly of tied strictly to the idea of amateurism. It's just it's a losing battle but total we've discussed that a million times now or. But they're still trying to fix. Thought that the thing that they're doing art could actually pick city today they're just going to eliminate. Opportunities. For basketball players. In this way. One of the recommendations that it expected to be accepted it and it adopted. By next summer. If that. The July evaluation period as we know it is going to go away. Decommission old college basketball has convinced themselves that the problem is grassroots basketball shoe company basketball and if they can in some way. Lessen the idea of shoe company basketball. Movie sponsored basketball that they can't eliminate. All of this dump the FDI covered which you get it nonsensical how does not. Having. Coaches and to impeach champ. That's gonna create. Old world work financial advisor doesn't want to give money to a parent of a player. It like right yeah that dot the dots don't connect but either way they're convinced that it'll help until next July. What they proposed is that. Instead of allowing college coaches to go to. All these shoe company sponsored events like peach jam. Like the loss they get stuff they will instead only allowed him to go to regional can't. And they ultimately S national camps where he has hundreds of players are invited and they can. And then the camps are run by you know the division. You know. It is like particularly coaches and just other people that they played real coaches when real camp and college coach who will be allowed to evaluate at though. The problem of course is that teach tennis still gonna happen. In Vegas is still gonna have to read most of those are big business. And and people are making a lot of money also so there are gonna go away for those things are still gonna happen. But college coaches are going to be there and yet coach could you will be at peace camp because they're allowed to go see prospects that they don't seem nearly as many. Literally thousands. Of players. Who. Won't be civil war. We wouldn't get discovered normally down. Who would be seen it that in its benchmark. Will not be seen next July oh yeah. And one of the story don't tell or retail in this column that variety is is Mike down. It's from a rural Nebraska. OK he was like totally at no. He's playing in a tournament it will also take. It artillery. And he happens do just by the luck of the bracket be playing against a team that has a player. That's South Dakota State gives a recruit people of the South Dakota State coaching staff is there. He makes like 83 pointers in the game. Day six night news makes a reporter's advocate yeah and they got my gas. Like what like 68 let's get into this if they had to offer a scholarship he saw things with them. He is now an all American. Will be a top forty player in college basketball this year you. Leaked copilot just South Dakota State's all time leading scorer. And it's Al summer basketball as we know it just South Dakota State to have never seen hit it back you ready for that yeah no division once this. Ever beat you. Because he's from oral Nebraska. He was totally off all recruiting rankings all recruiting analyst radars you have never. The other argument is look stupid at these racial camp sort of like doll with a got invited wanted to know. You don't seem to go to the original camp Perry in college coaches have to think nominate what they don't even though few weeks yeah. It's so that's just one of like I'm exaggerating but a million dollar where the July evaluation period as it is. Has created unbelievable opportunities for basketball players in yet. They're they're willing to do away with it for a while I can't if anybody could completely that would actually gonna pick something yeah I would I would considerate. But it doesn't fix a single saying it only eliminate opportunities. I mentioned yesterday here's another good one. Bob Huggins in the July evaluation period is in Orlando. And he's watching the game at 8 AM. NEC that guy on a far court pressing and running and possibly like crazy yeah Bob Huggins says to find out that kid's name. And let's recruit him it was Javon Carter who drafted thirty seconds. Overall last month by the Memphis Grizzlies without the July evaluation period as it is. Bob Huggins never recruits Javon Carter he never even knows who Javon Carter it. John Carter goes to West Virginia because bottle cup and the fact Bob look at after the we have in this setting yeah that will no longer exist. And it becomes. A college you know all American type player and an MBA player would help the July evaluation period that never happens again there's a whole bunch of stories like that. Pretend to be so short sighted as to eliminate the possibility of those stories. Is it I think unfortunate because again. It doesn't take any problem. Jerry's in North Augusta South Carolina wanna take a break Gary I wanna ask you about Penny Hardaway has some more and in the roster including. James why it's been after the break gets to Gary Parrish show on 929 FM ESPN. It all starts with just one thing. Be Smart when operating your thermostat this summer raising the temperature just a few degrees there's a long plane saving energy and money on your bill. Find hits and more at one thing US dot com. What's your one thing. 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They're studios is live from the blow up a restaurant and sports scores studio ninety to nine FM RE SP GA and its own there. It's Brad Carson and CEO is scary scary scary is this North Augusta South Carolina the peach jam the Nike event and Gary before the break we were talking a little bit about mobile and this this June news from last year and how that affects the summer league stuff or that it does the recruiting period stuff in the evaluation. But at there was a story in the AP that I was reading earlier. About a group of former global Memphis basketball players they filed this lawsuit actually Morgan and Morgan hit who advertise on the station I guess they're taking on this this filing. But the attorney is filing saying the NCAA is a morally corrupt organization that it splits athletes. It's a lawsuit against the NCAA over vacating the Tony thirteen that the championship that year the blue oval one in the that was where the white. And it states that basically the NCAA. Put these athletes in sort of a bad light. And it C seeks a declaration that it was out of wrongfully vacated Rick Pitino isn't named in the complaint. And it did they have a case in this I mean what where does something like this goal eat eat what's the motivation behind so I guess it's third just clear your name and hopefully. Just don't get your championship back. No they have OK okay. Again vehicle ablaze in charge of the NCAA. The other bit differently in charge of awarding championships. Or taking them away don't like you you're gonna follow lawsuit against the NCAA to try to give to the way to do something they need to literally know. Entity can make beautifully dude yeah it doesn't make any fit it helps to be like a combination of two day. Former global players to. Decided where go to so I guess but they don't really understand what they're fighting. And edit a law firm and god bless them they spent a lot of yeah. Morgan Morgan for the any talking about it are you yeah I was mentioning in on the radio all right. I Morgan and Morgan might although it every ball every web site there is today it's it's great. Advertise it you know in a way that you don't have to purchase it. But listen this is pretty simple and I. It's just argue that the interplay is a morally corrupt organization are what you have been doing it for most of my adult life. But they don't have to roll and end the university's voluntarily signed up two to play by these rules. And all the cheated and got caught at it again the story is well documented. A member of Rick pitino's status was hiring. Do you serves and prostitutes. Four players. And prospects. And if you can get past like the goal of that what it actually means is that a local staff member if you're the only terms what it means of providing. Impermissible benefits. Two prospects. Into players normally we think of impermissible benefits. We think of course or cash or television or what have you know all the help. Realign them right. You know unless there's also a little bit so I yet as in Italy could walk from new money you thank you let it hit our free way. Awful awful awful prostitute and our lives miserable but yeah. I'm in the pay of blood. Can see without work trying to go to Vegas trying to hit a prostitute at some point she's going to tell you well budget called. For her to go back to your what you. It is impermissible benefits it's such strange what buddy did one yeah it what's the mobile has. They've admitted. That yes it had a staff member providing impermissible benefits to prospects and players some also went on to help. Mobile wit. The 2013. National title yeah that's game set match right you play players except that impermissible benefit to what the national championship you you should. They're global. Like the old boy knowledge that. Well almost always gonna have to vacate what what global should've done. This fight fight fight like North Carolina off off off. Because what you conceived to be NCAA. Okay didn't have to. Book that they just they just told right by the rule book okay if this happened that this is what this means that that means that. That you have to vacate. Yes so now that is how it if it's silly. If you want to argue that. There should be no vacating a bitty thing because it's stupid. I'll listen and act I but given that these are the rules that are at play. Mobile should have had to vacate its national title and there's literally no scenario where they're not gonna have to do is get this at all and it's. If Hillary that I haven't tweeted about that are written about it it's silly you mentioned bike actually Rick exactly what I'm telling you right now. But it's silly and pointless and it'll go to. I guess I read it because you see little hole in the headline yeah you don't see college basketball at its a sexy headline -- ask you about James wise and in Memphis in just a second but first I wanted to kind of go back to yesterday's penny conference at a press conference that you covered. Armed just something that was thinking about in and I'm struck by it that that penny is still sort of talking openly without the coach speak you know he's talking about the Kentucky's of the world getting the five star recruits and things like that. Just is as a national reporter you know a columnist writing about the stuff and listening to penny are you surprised how candid he still is no way he's talking in it that that it's seemingly hasn't changed his style on on how he talks. About the program. Evidence surprise but it is noticeable let me ask you a question do you feel like he has. He's answering it is as honestly as he can't in that moment the only thing he kind of dodged yeah woods that day with Kareem. And let's start tickets for obvious and and and understandable reasons you know I'm short career this is Gil gave it getting treatment but still. Yeah yeah yeah ask anybody I wanna say anybody at all the paper that broke drugs but what people are faced with. These life and death situations. Are in Austin no no. No no no called of their role they're just unlucky. You know like if you if you have a child who's never diagnosed with. Can't surgery you're lucky and you have a child who is your unlucky and that kid. That the that if there's no other rival read into it it's a little different would slice smoked their whole lives they get diagnosed with what blows can. Well like OK you didn't you say it's. But cricket deleted it. To get diagnosed did you have to face these. Awful circumstances and it's so sad and and and discouraging. Adam but I do. Feel from having talked to people who. They have these types of issues you know part of the thing that keeps you go away is the idea that you're gonna get back to where you work. The idea that you're gonna. You know it's basketball player get back to play basketball if you're. If you're a father who coaches people get back to coaching T ball like if that is part of Beckett play into the motivation dictate to accuse. Some hope you intend to end and end some wheeled to push through whatever you try to push through and so pathetic to come out and say. Yes were expecting. To get out hardship waiver. For Karine scholarships. Because he's not gonna play basketball for us and exceed them probably Everett can. Come and that'll get it down to the scholarship limit of thirteen that's the way we're gonna get their. Could be this lady to Korea it's an unnecessary thing to say publicly. Blood with a wink yeah we gotta have finalized yet but like everybody knows or video I I I expect that trend that speech. The other what got you global what I gotta do yeah little panicky. Getting our windows account yeah okay like eagle there once scholarship over and he knows how they're gonna get down to thirteen yeah it is going to be because. Kareem is not gonna play basketball next season. It's that it refrain I at least. Probably yeah it will probably went bad yeah exactly be great but that that does that seems it would be all right I just went right. I'd be shocked. And then and then they'll get waiver for that scholarship my fourteenth thirteenth so. It is a constant topic of discussion as it relates to Memphis basketball. But it's it's pretty easy to figure out. But it would circle back that's the only thing that any sort of danced around that you completely understand why he would have dance around the respectable. Thing to do but with everything else. If he really does kind of exerted a pretty good pretty straightforward way that's refreshing because Balco justice. Well any talked a lot about Ryan boys and I wanted to bring that up because marching in auto wrote about Ryan boys the committee from again he got out of this is a scholarship with UAB got a release and he's walking on a Memphis and penny talked about him walking on because. He thinks that the staff condemn develop them at Memphis. And I thought that was really interesting you know and I've seen players like Jack McDowell going from southern Illinois where he may have a scholarship or something like that to a Memphis is a walk on doesn't surprising but I guess. And have you ever seen something like a kid like Ryan boys who seemingly should have a scholarship at a school like Memphis I guess I guess two questions one. Should a kid like Ryan boys have a scholarship at Memphis and number two had he seen situations like that the Ryan boys move because. It out 34 star kid doesn't have a scholarship he's walking on that's that's striking to me. There it is very rare for a top 200 kids so to be willing to walk caught. Because of your top 200 kids you're gonna be the get a scholarship offer. At least at the level of you lately you're gonna get bit major off. Probably Memphis to win in all reality right. Depending on the other scholarship numbers situation depending on where you're at the class and depending on. I mean I don't think meant as well for every talk to wonder kid yeah but but certainly that it has signed sub 200 kids but I felt like maybe. All right. Are you won't they debate it can't break to the top 200 by a reputable recruiting source. You're gonna give division one off first aid and probably. You know I major offer dead at at work that major offer and it most players don't turn those down for two reasons some wind. It's a scholarship. This is also theology fellowship in apparent start to pay for it don't have to take up to the wall like all of these things but that outside gently. It you know if you're borderline top two and a player. You've probably got a better chance to play quickly that you lady. Did you do at Memphis. And factors you know he he. We'll probably be a rotation guy you repeat your wine. And could. Like turn anybody's best player eventually close but it meant that that seems unlikely without video they're trying to target five star guy that you're not that can't. He's a three star guard Jamar Carter was to debris started to turn into something special sometimes German marks a good example that's. But. I think it too late you roll it it's probably going to be limited. At a place more so at a place like Memphis. Or another high major than it would be at a place such unity so yes this is unusual except for what is it really. It's about just kept upsetting a slip up just. You know playing with it for us now. You'll Andre Allen was once upon a title walk on at that is what he can read Diaw played major ball somewhere else. That was a unique situation he was able to get a scholarship outside of the athletic department I believe through streets ministries that you've grown up to that organization. So it is that what you're quite the same. But that is what I always like what the previous head coach. Would try to tell. Nick Metz has failed and I think it's different have to give don't want they'll play at Memphis anymore that was just not true tablet. That was nothing more than an excuse. For. If staff's inability. To recruit Memphis but it wasn't it accurate. Portrayal of what that is cute actually watched and took the data they get the job that it. Improving. Two completely true eligible Lex came events Tyler Harris Kate demand does not competitors committee demand describe Boyd. It decrypt it okay got it would released from another school K demands that they didn't. Don't still can go and play get their hearts are being a Memphis tiger. I don't know that it's. It's exactly the way it was at the height of it. Like I would kitty was in high school but it still strong yeah you could look at everything that happens is gonna get the job and done. And an understated it's still very very strong I think derive boys stored more than anything is just a reflection of that. Gary's in North Augusta South Carolina and govern the peach jam he'll be there and he's with the sun 99 as an ESPN's final thing here Gary I'm Matt nor lender wrote about the tournament or that the peach jam. And it heed it it would in my read have it is basically I know that James wise and has like eight schools but it's basically a two horse race with Kentucky and Memphis. And am I reading this right that basically kill him and in this burning carrier that really did that did two highlights of the tournament and below that it's it's there's not any big time prospects like there have been in past years of peach jam. All about it and quite right they are simply don't trust that your calling it to me. Greg if he's shown that big time prospect. Announced that under the that you want to hear on that list this series he's got duke on his list I saw him I'd be surprised if you have to put us on the list for God's sakes is just put it but couldn't before let her you know so I'll put it's all there. You're at moderate. That you gotta be pretty pissed off about it please list them I think right. Oh look the other guy let. But. Yeah out of their pickup trucks here I think what is different if that. They're not they all dealt conflict nearly as much like celebrity. Like it like last summer we had. Aren't exactly. And he wasn't here but I am Williamson was playing in the summer he was. He's a very famous bicycle basketball player because the YouTube because of it dawned. Out of Vegas we had Lavelle low ball and yet the big ball or stuff and there's just nothing that compares to that. Summer before you hit the artery Eitan everybody due to the future. Possible number one pick in the draft like a possible franchise player yeah I don't James Weidman is probably going to be the number one pick to win whatever NBA draft theaters I was so that'll be that. The first one he can't would be 2020. And I. He doesn't register like that neither does learning Kerry but you know at 6:32. At 9 eastern. 5:30 central. You know that it will be James White and a very scary on the same court together and they are according to 24 sevenths force. Right first and third in the class of 2090. So. You don't get these these high level match up. Every year teach there. Yeah I can remember watching Julia frame dogged and weakens that was a big deal few years ago it was beyond 38 and again it's. Barbara Bagley more beyond great Satan against Mitchell Robinson. And tonight you know that the best the best example of that you'll get a bad summer. At age haven't got a bee Jay's wife's biggest furniture and it doesn't quite register like Dion create gets harder Bagley but it got. Ya Garry I'm gonna let you go man have fun tonight in Salem a penny for me when you see him on the sideline there. I certainly. Got my thanks Gary Gary Parrish hidden South Carolina with this and ready to nine a MES the end Gary will be back with this again tomorrow at four Jeffrey Wright will be hosting. Up next we have four stories including the Memphis Tigers basketball team getting a big time opponent. From a power conference actually it's gonna be rough start for the tigers hopefully good start if they can win the game in the add to care invitational will find out who that opponent is. After the break in four stories it's the Gary Parrish show on 929 FM ES PS. Easy steps for your 1000 dollar reward one and download the radio dot com apps for free 3929. FM ESPN on the radio does come out. He listened at the top of every hour from 7 AM through 7 PM and win 1000. Then ESPN. Summer is finally here lots of days at the pool lots of nice on the grill and if you look at perjury to contribute to all the fun. This is Gary Parrish from idea to do what I do and grab a bottle. A new Amsterdam buckets of premium eighty proof vodka. May from the finest quality grain that is five times this deal for unparalleled smoothness is still to three times to create a soft finish you can use it. 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Coming up at 5 o'clock Geoff Calkins will join us from somewhere in the middle the cornfield and Illinois driving back from. Tending to his his kids to college I think it think he had some vacation time in there in Michigan had a wedding to go to over the last week and a half. Suggest and rejoice at 5 o'clock they'll talk to him about grizzlies general is talking by the grizzlies and Catherine but so the grizzlies did lose last night and summer league action and a lot of people in the I hear about that in Chad about that so we'll talk about the grizzlies at five some quick hitters before we get into four stories Roger Federer. Has exited at Wimbledon which is sort of a surprise he lost the quarterfinals and now five cents to Kevin Anderson and also local news share writes. Her original attorneys are outs they want an out. That's not their words mind. But she will now be represented in court by a court appointed attorney. Gang Cooley is his name Judy ganguly so and the gang who released yesterday Cooley will be represented Scherer writes the alleged murderer and accomplice in the murder of her husband. Let's do four stories at 444. So or stories presented by the bluff restaurant and bar. Soldiers start telling stories and forget what he wanted to talk about a certain points every afternoon. So we've developed a device that ensures he'll touch on important things you need to know each day at this time. This team is key piece or notable stories yes or 44 it's number one. If we had a ready job Catherine you are a soccer player at the University of Memphis rights Tarek and you'll be beginning play this fall. Yes soon and so you guys are doing all the training and stuff like that now alongside of all the great players at Memphis and for the basketball team which is only. Talk about a lot here on the show because of the a passion for basketball. We go to the Mets tigers basketball Penny Hardaway they just announced today they're going to be part of this at the care invitational. And it's it Wednesday. On Thanksgiving against. Oklahoma State so the play Oklahoma State he got a big twelve opponent there. It'll leader be it like 2:30 or 3 o'clock on Thanksgiving Day anal beyond either ES in areas into but if they. Win that game they'll likely get Villanueva via a national champs from last year which is a is a tough one. And I think the Oklahoma State game is gonna be tough to. And I think this sort of goes along with everything we've been talking about over the last week or so after the John Rothstein CBS sports prediction in their power rankings that the tigers are. In early say they'll be eight feet power ranks them eighth. In the American. Which I do you think his low I think it any harder and you did think that's right I mean I can I can reasonably expect this team to maybe be a top five team possibly get an NIT bid. The hope by Penny Hardaway is there a tournament team and he's even set I think is much that he wants to make the tournament they've had a hell of a recruiting class in this first year like a top thirty class. But I don't think that the expectations. Matched perfectly with what's reasonable to assume about this team in other words first of all you're re recruiting everybody acts right and this is what happens shifted totally get any roster you're you're trying to change the culture you're putting things together. But they've got some really good freshman talent on this Memphis team. This case it's against Mike Boyden who's the coach gets out Oklahoma State last year they were 21 and 158 and ten in the big twelve they beat Oklahoma in the big twelve tournament last year. Team. And any panic it ain't it'll the other game that's up that's a good match up for Memphis self. Missile but it Alltel also in wet what we are today I mean this is a good good opponent. For them to play from a goal a power conference in November you'll see where you're at when you play Oklahoma State so. Memphis Oklahoma State and that adds to care invitational in November Woolsey and either on ESPN or ESPN two story number two okay shooting is now I know we Evelyn to shoot junkies are you issued junkie and and a am. What is it with it did this become a thing now like ESPN covers it at like. Writes columns on a they have TV shows around this issue culture did did the Nike connection bring you the Memphis is that part of a lower anyway. Asked for me that was cool I asked are you really I want because I didn't mean for me it's late so I I caddy wearing nice place for on time and I I. Don't want it's against a school where I had to change that in time nine. So that was it tastes sexy thing for not only the scholarship that you got but the fact that they were Nike school intrastate and I know this is a big thing for younger folks in. Has been spotted wearing Nikes instead of his official shoe sponsor which is pro McCarron oh this is a big no no right. It is especially when you get. Pons expert bias or value they're giving you the money higher pay down the bottom many here's what. Eight and he's he said here's what he said when when they asked about this he said I Wear a size eighteen what we're trying to do is make the best possible. He's talking about Paloma. They want me to perform well that's why I'm wearing these right now listen. I wish that. I wish you could say what you really are thinking in this situation he probably could say something to the effect of in L look. I wanted to Wear them but my arrested pumas don't care about summer league you know they were ready. It more rate ago I word eighteen they have to figure out how to stretch it to make buys you work. But at the end of the day out what with whom it has again Neal a boatload of money yeah. I love puma the end Amare or my Nikes now like it we've seen this before they'll like James Harden I think got caught with some mightn't Nike's when he was signing is indeed is deals so. Probably not a good idea and I doubt wall Woolsey this in the regular season from mud DR Drayton. Story number three okay this is serious news from Yahoo! this afternoon Charles Robinson reported that LeSean McCoy. A the latest in the LeSean McCoy store and if you haven't heard east and there's there's some serious allegations coming out. Regarding his ex girlfriend he's hired in at Atlanta defense attorney the pictures and by the way of the alleged abuse. Armored dramatic have you seen these pictures yeah just dramatic and shot and yet and I and I think this is why we're seeing story from Charles Robinson Yahoo! he's. Hired LeSean is hired an Atlanta attorney one of these high profile attorneys. And they do public relations defense not only is an attorney but they gotta do you know like public relations work because these accusation that he uses beating. And robbing his ex girlfriend at the house there McQuay is of course denied all this the NFL is also investigating a so let's Sean. Has some representation now story number four and it finally Gordon hey word. This is circulated the Internet I don't think you've heard this yet have you this is. Now this is that Gordon Hayward audio it's floating around now we've talked about it today a couple of times his gender revealed I didn't have a party whiz. His wife and his two girls that are like. Below the age of two and a half three years old in this in this video. And so this is his third child of course Gordon Hayward has been rehabbing he's looking goodies in this backyards and looks like in this video and here's what it sounded like Gordon Hayward with his two kids and his wife doing a they're they're taking out balloons that are the color of the type of gender of the kid that. Gordon Hayward about to have listen and. Okay let me. They get a hump we hope. But. Eight. Please. It's a girl and her own birdie or eight. That happy. That is always happy that's yeah hope that could happen now lol yeah. So clearly Gordon Hayward is a disappointing because it's not it's not a little boy Katharine ham. And it's steady yeah it does happen media hasn't been down playing online social media. You sleep. Kids are the ones that are not happy in other mobile I wanted to add an LO brother Brian any bank that it's a girl and many starts crying. It then I kind of hate that it is and it. Many that I am and you like high profile athletes standards and that that a one to have. And he's he's an NBA player he once a little boy he can teach how to play basketball. Right I mean that's probably his dream. I'm sure it was fine having his his two beautiful daughters in his life and that's why they're there to do this gender reveal and out pops a pink balloon. Here's the problem that Gordon doesn't have that regular folks like me have if I can be candid for a second like there's there. It's hard to have. More than three kids it's expensive that's the re now that we don't say it often I get it but that's the truth and so like my friend Matt for example. He had two girls and they had a third one he didn't want and now. He had a boy and his third once they didn't do the general revealed party which seems to be invoked but five point is. Like that was probably given that he's in the military he's an average dude like me. That's probably his last shot at this like Gordon's gonna have another shot at this probably but Tom Gordon I'm sorry you didn't have a boy and I guess last Geoff Calkins who has three boys if he did a gender reveal party and if he was disappointed that he didn't have a girl on the third try. Doubt we'll have we'll talk to Jeff about that also what gonna ask Jeff about the drizzly summer league. That's next Geoff Calkins and IDC nine FM ESPN. He's he's ready to nine FM ESPN radio to. Just an easy time anyway and save us today we have the best and least you regardless. William best businesses sports station a short term loaded ace cash express is an easy way for you to cover un budgeted. 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