Gary Parrish Show, Tuesday, October 10, 2017, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1)

The Gary Parrish Show
Tuesday, October 10th

....4 stories (MLB) discussion continued

Seg 1:  GP talks about protests and more with Geoff

Seg 2:  GP talks about wild California couples bet

Seg 3:  Dinner to Go - GP talks about Dusty Baker and the Nats/Cubs series 


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Or were off the air today. But still an interesting like subplot in Chicago right now story number four which could leave us with but very few meaningful sporting events on television tonight but 'cause I can tell you were really upset about it pre season basketball or whatever that's your thing that can be your thing I really care about it so much but. The cubs fans. Would hate it this game it's rained out yeah baseball fans too because you wanna watch baseball. It be great to the United States men's national soccer team because they would have been a sports audience to themselves but played a World Cup qualifier tonight in Trinidad and Tobago. That's a little island and little island obstacles to Venezuela. And there's a whole bunch of complex scenarios but basically understand this. Yeah I think twins they are guaranteed a spot in the 20180. World Cup's is the high stakes soccer match. It starts at seven to get DirecTV you can find it on channel. 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The money on the web ads and came back on the Bible by Gary pair show an attitude that if ME ST we'll get into that Steward of cowboys fan Pakistan had a. Best husband wife. Loser had to burn their Jersey cowboys lost Tucker had departed New Jersey he took an upset of umpire down did try to put it back on while I was on fire. Did not go well we'll scorn on. We'll discuss in great detail right around 545 right now either one way job. You come down a little bit since morning you woke up this morning Justin started at we'd like president trump all angry and with its way to what are you like it'll look I guys I give the part of me I'm not even joking yeah. I was like. If like somebody usually like goof around on his Twitter account of what did. It's really up this early mad as hell about a mentally and what he did not talking on the up for a second then I thought you were go back aboard about a lot of things that low really have you this morning. What what happened was is an idea. I had to get up at five to take a look at the cross country. And it was raining until that they canceled called country but I would thought. And doctored because they that there and I look for then you got a blood did you just like president. At the White House but he likes going bad. Mentioned that nations like I wanna. He's our quiet quiet that they had to go duplex what I. But whatever out of the president guilt stupid I statewide get into it looked like you know letting the public. It's that much emotional energy and something that's really what BP I don't believe there I would the media. I'm not I might well all our might well what twelve other problem is so much fun journal and it's now. Is so much under prince and target I wouldn't quit but I would not be on nearly as much. During big events presidential debate the night of the election. Arm a whole lot all award shows like it's red light I. I don't like to isolate myself necessarily because I understand that's not a great way to live. But some. If you told me hate that tonight but like OK it's some. I know the Academy Awards some big show. Air or some like the or presidential debate and you say hey you can have people over or you could just poured drink. Beyond social media with your computer by yourself I would take the latter it's more foreign pull it really gets it's more fun it's more fun just a. It almost won't function all or that they told you beat you you could watch Academy Awards. Which you could beyond what are. I just don't want to Academy Awards which you can put it dumping all over now let people into you can't political saints on your brother. No I look forward to those types of things like when I went go all while Sunday nights this big awards show. Like that's going to be fought I can't wait to be on Twitter during that awards show. Right exactly what about twelve. It would not be nearly buffalo just watching an award show I just bad. You do get together what you have to do is. I looked it up yeah neat bad when he got what are you pull out. There's no it's for real you don't need for anymore. Like like everything that's not good you don't need friends like in person friends any more on like I. A group takes as a group text with me and Bardem but in the question embody Bradley. And every night it's like we're watching baseball together. Or every night it's like we're watching football together. What do whatever it's like or don't. Each other. But as bad as noted that the new kids my kids got to embark on what ever there equally immoral whatever counterstrike. That strikes people from all over. The city yeah I made it let me help you there. To run not let him start gambling on counterstrike do you know that it's well to begin our coverage on dude. He yes. Never this morning when you ask me why I took aids computer. Or did you encounter chart. I shouldn't say this but your son is gambling on video games not anymore as far as I know I mean he might hear a new way. You know that about two months ago maybe month and a half ago I shouldn't tell a story but I will. I'm just going to rue. I've got like five different credit cards for. Like who could have tied to different things like one of them the Starwood card I got up our guys had dealt the cards did you got these perks would these cars. And so I have them just for that reason I don't need my credit card but I have them because they allow me certain status is at hotels airlines that kind of stuff. And so there was one that I had used a long long time and I was like. If I never know if I just accidentally swiped at the gas station or some. And so I was just going through it and a game of just what make sure these are all zero balance doubt that I haven't missed a payment or anything. And I went to this critical hour on the home. And there were 4600 dollars were the charges on. Paul Weyrich god. All 2600. Dollars of charges on all worked out how would it undermines what is best. Okay well it was all like mostly PayPal stuff. Okay. And so. I was I assume that may be. And I think I think well yeah what is most people know Kelly opening the children's boutique local I didn't know that did not should apologize on little so she's opening the children's beautiful in the mental sequels that before from. She you know it'll be and they've been very cool yeah I know many great big now. So I'm. We get credit for it did not yeah isn't yet he doesn't talk to people clearly have well on your idea yeah I told that now but need to neatly Tia. Now projects about an hour. So so but what if we can purchase and a lot it's all we've done a lot of torches and over the past few months sure it's I just assumed OK well then maybe Kelly used this card for some reason and I was like no you can use in this car for some reason right. Is that now. And I should own god and so I did do it took like one Google searched at the code on the credit card it shows me. Some. And he had been gambling on these genes. One of which is counterstrike. To an incredible extent. And awful we'll make it at that time that I call I finally caught it it was a Saturday. He is again I got all I got all the money back. And that we mean you've got all the money back either poll after I win this bet tonight I'll have all the money don't know he's a junkie I should do that tells them like double if you exactly like something I would say right I'm a say that I think now that's ridiculously what do you mean how much money in the account right now he said let's tied up right now in this game the counterstrike game. As OK like so you bet on yourself none of us that works there's actually counterstrike teams. Just felt like I kit went. Atlanta a watcher kind of stricter government argued first. Score one X yet now you have no idea and so I had no I don't want to talk about now. My son to tell you the same way I could say man the cubs are all some Chris Bryant Cal's warmer he could be like this team from Germany. The thing sorry yeah yeah 1990 not yet videogame players is good at it. But they could able that people could deteriorate at a Lima and watch them battles first I had lunch income people ever played each other yet. When these two why these two teams schedule what counterstrike game and you can go online and watch him in the B two million people watching them. Oh yeah got many more people on torture and watched baseball. If you play wow cool if you play college based I mean if you play. A game that BA regular street in general description yet you put a college. I mean a college basketball game on TV or this he's a killer striking wasn't able and more people watch these sports think any of a war like you have no idea. So I'm iso I think dealt with so what do you mean that the money tied up and I know exactly what it means to its gambling like you've already placed a bet talk. And until that outcome of that match is figured like that money's tied up. And I said war how he said so like this team from Germany they're like favored to win like that it's all a money line thing. But it was like you know I've got 400 minus 400 on Moneyline I'm I'm I'm loose with the details that I remembered him but basically. This dude. Had 818100. Dollar bet on a strike at all. My guy Geary. In like 200 to maybe win like 600 he'd put all this money ought to. And he was like so when I will be eighteen when I when I win the 600. You'll set back on top of the 18100 and I have like 2400 dollars a world. And I'm like what you like what I say with a straight face like like like that you've quite got did you not beat his bunt. I promise you that I and our man and so bomb on okay so bit unlike so. What about that helped put your bid to have a side. Okay so yeah it up a glass of vodka you pull up but that was. And yeah you gonna decide and saying OK so this O o'clock o'clock that Saturday of the I know exactly what it was of the Mayweather McGregor fight. And so I got people over until on the story and they're like what in the war and like eighties there and he thinks it's on me like he's like don't even sweat it that German team can be devoted team it's all good because the match was scheduled for Sunday night. So now like I'm playing my Sunday night not the what's on the Eiffel ball but the light I guess we'll watch it together you know I've got. I got 800. So did they cancel that match on Nolan is fine they just canceled if you don't yard and you get so much cash back yeah Ali and yet so I have a rain out inside the arena was now I don't know but I do know that at some point patent for me that they were no longer I'm scheduled to play that match. And so I got most of the money back and so it's not like financially devastating. But like you wanna know. You like. Like the fight got your fourteen year old just placed 4600 dollars and ought to do on I thought I'd get on it game on a strike game so every. Out there if you're is now addicted to like count if you hear or counterstrike. Can I understood our pocket wanted to play on consoles like Xbox on that concept and suddenly eighties like all about that computer and he's all about watching. Alleges that for watching this. All probably not or maybe not independent of everything else but like people will drive the to a death watch a marble roll around. Yeah. Well what does flip around if they got money on it. So like and I'm like this the public service announced if you got to keep it within the counterstrike. Hi your credit cards because if they don't want album I mean it's really like he's got to gamble from a fourteen is all. I don't think and any other. Do you intend saved deflected NFL I'm wanted to let you could still what it is out of reform right I could still left on the shot just before that are at. Actually like to watch. I don't know but like it's too but it is just like I mean it is their version of betting on football that is what they're direct a gambling their gambling on bits and so yeah we had taken computer the phone. BI everything we've taken everything in every once in awhile I don't find him. Like underneath the cover for the iPad hit underneath his pillow can I can keep track of any thing all day long but like. Yeah like you we had to take everything because it just like a big dome and if you are. The thing even. It was like how are. Wondering if you were stealing wow from the in this way. I got 300 dollars in twenties in my pocket. I leave my pay a slant on the floor eagle grabs but the one I like I would even notice that I think I think he does that too by the way. But I can't keep track how much money am I talk now like everything to what Doug Smith and I just don't know. All right so like that's what I don't keep much cash because I'll just lose some miles still from me or I'll just I'll. Or fifty general I won't Seattle fog just it did will be gone. Arm so if it was that I could at least worst that a little bit because like you just try to get over. This was like there's no way to get away with it at some point I'm going to look at that credit card they'd see these charges. And Noelle that he made these charges. At least that's the thing that drove me Chris yeah look I talk to them as they don't you want. Caught you still do this that's crazy like I respect you more you were trying to like smoke in the backyard. Or something like how is that I couldn't necessarily catch you doing. There's no way not to get caught doing this you like that right. Is that yes they're the anyway you know that's the first sign of a dictionary yes like I don't know what to say you anymore so yeah be careful parent you've got hit by candidate thing's crazy. I'm in the war we talk about what that. Always OK we asked about your early morning Twitter Rampage. And out of minor president from an amateur the president trump went on to now sleeping bag even just a bad about him Alex you were about tubby. And then. Oh so the alpha. Yeah uninterrupted which is a ESPN owned website that like a tribute to Jim O'Neill today. OK so the thing and I touched on this morning this is the thing that. The tricky spot ESPN has placed itself. Because. Two days ago there were right leaning people that genuinely did not like ESPN I don't think they did like you get enough to where if their favorite football team was playing obvious. He and they would not watch it but there are people. Who just say god ESPN's. All liberals and left leaning in. You know that I Haiti ESP and then I media via boat people existed. It was only those people. Juan but when many punished amount. They creek don't quite a there's still that there right wing people saying OK I look ESPN again because they punished amount he'll. People still Haiti is the end for all the reasons they are ready SP two days ago. And now you've got left wing people going in hard on ESPN including left wing people who work for ESPN. Specifically the folks who run the un the undefeated web site. Because there is right now it tribute video to Janelle hail. Saying this is Jim O'Neill this is why she's awesome. Like while she's serving a suspension from ESP and it's just created this weird weird dynamic that probably could have been avoided. Well bid by the way but be defeated the work they're not specifically take if you won't be. Would you suspect. No it's just like a body of a patient carried. But like one day after about hill's suspended they do blood like a seven minute video of about how awesome Jabaliya let's take. I think your point is exactly right get in the end unless people say things that are. Just outlandish then again that in it will be hard to find another. You know what just extreme and one person to extremists and another person's extreme but so. Even that will be hard but I do think in the end maybe the answer is what people had opinions on Twitter. And everywhere else and don't try to police everything they say that they arms. There are all human beings what opinions. And. And and go without because what if canal to do and it's just it's totally okay. Under fire because you've got yeah you get there. People on the right rate and you got the people all the laughter rate and and that they're clearly like do we think everybody will change now comes on the just as conservatives saying it. I'm really tired just like. The balance so you. Yeah Greenberger model might that might bring them on their regular old obsolete and you know achieved. At all feels like they've got themselves tied up in the impossible situation all want to do is shop for a basketball game and. And so there and I think maybe the solution a couple of people in a couple of people to be people. Well Jeff Perlman wrote a column. About all of this and he said listen you know it's no hill is hired by it ESP and to do one thing. And that's offer opinions on things. In that that is the only thing she does she's not a news breaker she's got a story to see just there to say here's something. Here's something happening in sports are in the world tell us what you think about it that's. So although I'm an advocate and that they did the other Islam was clearly about sports. For the white supremacist is about all right. Flat against and the cowboys and everything else but again yes it's the intersections or society but it looks it's clearly about war. Right and that's what point it is video if you wanna watch project that she made several weeks or months ago. She said like how exposed to not talk about this stuff these are sports stories like LeBron James going off the press the United States if they sports story. College athletic taking a neat if they sports story like people used to screen stick to sports but like what the old folks are Smart enough apparently to understand that. Like these these lines have been blurred moved perhaps not forever but certainly right now that these are the some of the most high profile people in our country taking a stand against big issues in our country. Our athletes. Prominent athlete in so the idea that you would be Gmail hill and not in a position to it to off about it like it. Elijah watching Jackie Robinson junior which is what ought to talk about it that you can't fault what you're right about Ali good to track article about it. You know the because gas or or like you. It's impossible. You know I didn't pack that's not what those stories work out. And that's not what those stories about Iowa. So loud developed backing away from or whatever who knows what to do it beat out of it L bill that I was going to be evaluating its policy. I would ask all the people who also have either split that they're. Jerry Jones listened and maybe that would advocate aren't gonna make people stand preempt them. What the hell would appoint its data to be here but if you have been racked. Appellate the point that you really proud that everyone is standing grant program putting their hands on their car and whatever else. 'cause they know if they don't do a book that aren't even. But what how when it but patriotism in it it exported bit wary and put patriotism. In fat. But what is beat you you know a couple of that. Eight entity they can't absolutely combat there's bigger they're the government could do that but they can do that other part of that they pick I'll look what you gotta do what color. You know in the foreseeable pareto oil within the meaning in the it it would ever be no they're called little muted if you have to do you expanding out of respect. Yeah standing by culture or literally paid to air a quick look good. I'd like law and order a bit of buried there. I doubt I will be there and tonight over how big of a happy and yet if you're watching it you know you're watching it. And you know people all standing contributing may pick and but what are we looking into. Weird we aren't applied in the. It's the whole thing's ridiculous and like I made more ridiculous by. The NFL's in some of these owners I guess specifically Jerry Jones Michael I don't know why they worked Smart enough to understand these are Smart people. Like as if it's a little bit yesterday. If what happened this past weekend was that. On two players took me some moms sat down some of locked arms some of them didn't. What what is anybody got a sale Monday when you have radio show there's nothing I noticed about it hit the only thing that happens the F a should issue of now. Hey our ratings are suffering the way some people try to pretend that they are. Six of the top teams programs on television last week. Work NFL games six at the top ten the devils doing fine Monday Night Football ratings were up signing that football ratings were up everything's fine. People want to scream out of the other not really protests in the NFL we put a good game on people watch. Saying that they have a half so if the NFL owners. Would have just understood. M&M and the press the United States and the vice president United States everybody is okay. We do we gain nothing by demanding that people. Stand up to the end of her hand over their heart were mostly old white men they like that we can't be in a position to tell them that. But if we just leave it alone. It's kind of over I mean not over it keeps happening. But like it keeps happening and there's nothing new to say about it we come on Monday we talk about Aaron Rodgers. Come from behind victory. But instead the vice president pulled that stunt Jerry Jones says what he says if you've got these new very big headlines in new talking point here we are again like they could just letting go just tell players. You don't do you want we don't care and it just at some point. People stop talking about it. And yet Biden doing what they did is once again the biggest sports story the United States of America. Chance saloon called global open considered a little bit similar will be able thousands. I didn't let Atlanta before Eric Jackson. Today about well let's let the crowd I don't think so but well I'll check in and started out. Little better able flooded water out but yet they did while we end up building an incredible book and it sort. What the world whether you were on policy letter I've that's just conference here on. Well managed Jimenez and I guess I think all the NBA as a mandated rule right where you have to stand but I'm sure somebody will in the old during the NBA season was done yet in the pre I think it's coming. And is pre season I think that's coming. I would hope so yeah that's coming Blyth IE I do it hasn't had from the had to make a bet on it it will happen I I saw some tweets when they did the mandate tweets from the league. And I think was JR Smith or somebody on the cavs was like you or well. It's very basic human behavior like OK we're going to do this thing a mom and did you tell me I can't do this right and and you open it up to a whole new group of people who like. You know what do that they anyway. But but you sure come on yeah I can't right so here here we got what happened that the president's Trump's speech in Alabama right that subsequent Sunday it was the largest ever protests we devastate right it was because he motivated people are true yeah Jennifer I'm gonna do it now yet you're gonna tell me or my teammates right or people who look like me. What we show it should not do right. Yeah what you're not now on the island you're not the guy for that now I'm the right. And what the vice president at this past weekend is only go out and jacking up the bush lover Charlotte Jerry Jones said I'll be interested to see if it. If it leads to something within the cowboys organization because right like I said yesterday. It's possible back dads and seek. The three most prominent at right American and that rock and a lot to lose. Well no they really had nothing to lose because nobody would take something from them right they're too good at their jobs they're very get it out boy it's possible they just aren't interested in this topic you know the idea that everybody is interested in this as much as I am or Colin capital gains is is untrue some people genuinely just don't care stand for the anthem don't stand for the anthem don't matter to me. It's possible death deck and seek are those guys they just don't care but even if they are those guys I got I think there's some pressure on them. From if not their teammates they're lesser known teammates but other players around the league saying yo. Your old car was packed and out your owner is trying to control you. Now we understand the backup quarterback he's taken the game I really lose his job. Boy. Jerry gel stood by you as he do Elliott even when you have accused of beating up a woman multiple times inside of a week right cut you if you take a knee. Take it may prove a point that press guy. They let Tony Romo going to retirement. Because the view of major the face of their franchise. Taken the stand up to that man he can do not view. I don't know if that'll motivate them to actually do something. Bought it. I bet you they are being pressured from some angle to do something sort of be interest in the city. If any of them actually do we come back. Man or woman husband wife once a cowboys fan I want to Pakistan's they couldn't wait for this past Sunday and they decided to make a bet on the game but that was this. The loser of game. We have to burn his or her Jersey the cowboys lost the husband was a cowboys fan to say to burn his shares took off. He said it on fire and and then for reasons that still aren't clear. He tried to put it back on scoring while it was on fire it did not go well we'll discuss next. Here's a fact. Fifteen million men in the US will experience erect tile dysfunction. 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Campus is great here in Memphis as strayer university were here to help you TT is pushing forward with classes on campus and online. Visit the Thousand Oaks campus at 2620000. Oaks boulevard where the Shelby campuses 72 semi Biden and inform sparkling. Or go to strayer dot edu certifies operate a chef guests appear field a smile sooner hotline now. They give you better show. Her show is live from the blood restaurant and sports more studio 829 FM RE SPN. I'm Michelle what. Folk. 36 pairs are not agent out of ME SPS I don't would you would do on Sunday at wreck cars you attend you enjoy your trip Butler had a good trip yeah it feels nice to have you back a bit it was tremendous that he do a good job lo Ben. Hello Ben into. I think I've come in the day. I call my fill in producers over the years yeah but Bennett has always been one I'm very comfortable where I have that's why put him in there unlike any the he doesn't appreciate you know their he did again somebody. I had a bad game let you know Bennett but if on him and started eligibility on Sunday why you're out of the general Memphis area divides on Sunday and late afternoon I was over down my father's house and we'll watch at the end of the cowboys and a Packers game just a tremendous game I mean Aaron Rodgers. As some people have described him as the best the roar of the football. In the history of the sports at night it's true I think that might be to dance troops but not necessarily the best quarterback in the history of the sport and a but you can make that argument is well sure but in terms of the throwing the football like if anybody ever been more gifted at the world away I don't call it maidan maybe not now and when it comes to Aaron Rodgers and some. It was awesome watching him have that moment I was sentiment cowboys and now you have well is there. But it was still like commuted it it just a big time sports moment and a and so then how the game was over and I think we ate some food flipped over to like the Indians and yankees or whatever like nothing dramatic move it along with your line moved along with a lie on. And that's because nobody. And then home as far as I know I had any sort of real bet on the game that wasn't true of for a couple out in California. A couple of their forties. Young. Younger than us. It's a limb my husband and wife. The husband's lifelong cowboys fan and the wife a lifelong Packers fans and so as you put it earlier in the show a house divided and a so. Saturday that his plan on Sunday we should make it back. Really know why gimmick that would hear spouses but what they wanted to do and I'm fond whether they said we should make it. Okay and they just added that the bet would be yeah. Whichever team loses. All right if you're a fan of that team. Then you have to burn your Jersey like he spent all day weren't cowboys Jersey she spent all day went coasters. So it's okay dealership on okay are in the Jersey and so as we've already stated and as you already know the Packers won that game which meant the husband. The cowboys fan out was obligated now to burn his Jersey. Jersey often. Maybe spray some gasoline on it or whatever it is you do you want something to burn real good to have any set it on fire. What's going on and medical reasons that remain unclear. He decided to try to put the Jersey back gone on now. Jersey that was on fire one that's gone. Any suffered third degree burns on his right arm right handed second degree burns on his back. And then Russia the hospital cowboys Jersey Megyn Kendall. And when he was asked. Now what he say exactly why and that allows you the quote. He said quote I'm not shore. I was drawn scorn on. It's always the boos dairy and F I tell you man I lose and you've been drunk but not let yourself on fire yeah. Once you ever put on a burning object ever also never caught anything on fire I try did to avoid I don't like to just go to sleep. Yeah I don't really did they give you Y old drunks yeah. I don't think I would be described as a wise old drunk. I'm not either at that you'll alcoholism depression it's supposed to make you just tired it's not supposed to while you out some people get why it's really strange to go wild well I'm not sure that I get loud home. I'm not sure that I get. You become fun I've seen you drunk get their fund fell I think they mostly come on here already fun but you give you booze. Lose you're more funny then I think. Not without exception like Derek. Pretend that I've never drank too much and become complicated like you used to do the sword us. He's staying at dead of music festival that you know will even with a little alcoholic inducement I don't either try to pretend that I've I've never had alcohol complicate. Think they may have Sheridan at all or put me in a weird mood or something yeah but I think by and large yeah my alcohol consumption leads to me being more fond. And then being asleep but you can. Never heard the things got. Set anything on fire now it'd sure they'll never heard a date of some thing there is on fire all my body you should never do that just like the dumbest things I ever do. The today Zune idea came about my whole life careful but these days. What I drink is like I'm Matt Carlson tweaks that would await the next morning and night mellowed down probably gain as phony as I thought it was in the moment yeah but like what average is still okay. I gobbled. Tweet something that I am genuinely like embarrassed of yeah that would like old got a carefully between them to get fired I can never really go down that path. Right I just think maybe the jokes or a little phony like I walk up the morning after her the coach Miami Dolphins this and got caught like doing Coke on video I saw it first on your Twitter feed right and so I woke up the next Kevin drink and an analyst on. And I look at the next one and I was like. Which he put down that you think it was a bit like if I were completely sober I would have never made four straight jokes about fat. IC I see you really you really got after I really got and got out with soul. Not sober and entertained by this moment that element I gotta keep tweeting about this over and over again but. Really though that's the X didn't have it and get this dude on another side of the country needs right probably the thing about all right right let's let's. Any. Dirty than trying to put it all he shouldn't have in this just like let's have everybody had to give us a life lesson here something is burning yeah. Don't try to put it all in your body yeah I go on a limb and say he's a bad drunk. The bad draw even burn do wrong 'cause half. Wounds. Tell you with your drunkenness dole likes all of it for example your example about the F. And by the way the line coach doing Coke is that's an alzheimer's he got a decent analysis UN he's parted and a new development about that today through its been a no segment on it I'd like only getting to do one segment of radio. On eight football coach blowing lines on video preventing his love to weigh. Stripper. Bullhorn he had to go to a team may mean like that's worth a whole week OL radio shows like you know that's to bed drunk still a bit like you're doing analysis senior drunkenness you're like breaking it down like director tweets you're you're literally doing analysis. That pretty. It pretty good about it and a pretty good at it that pretty good it and it could be in not sober not light yourself on fire if you're down. Now you know like I might make might think my joked that really has them sitting here being self critical I I think the wounds don't do that. The most common. Thing that I do when I'm intoxicated like this many California with the blacks get the most common thing that I will do now is think that may be one of my Twitter jokes little funny that it actually is I think that. Probably added that's the worst I ever though. It's not the worst ever do like but like. You. You have relatively easy the most common worst thing I ever did okay that's way better than figures double fire I would agree with what led them Brad Carson doses such herself on fire good lesson. And if you're gonna drinking you're gonna make bets. Dole put it you can light stuff on fire I guess right we we can still do their gas and if you want to that's which are in tunes I would I would advise against it. Because like sometimes probably against you drink too much like I might wake up. Yeah and go. Well like I kicked over a box illegals last night you know like accidents happen sometimes you don't happen. Similarly if you got fire around you it actually could happens that I. Actually clearly we're not gonna put burning clothing on the right. What we're drinking but maybe I should just avoid fire altogether I think well it I'm not yeah I think that's the last I think we are breaking down. Avoid fire avoid fire. But what about those Las Vegas fire breather as it. Or bartenders like S three find cool like they can blow fire out of their mouth let them do. And only licensed professionals are like those guys there are people who can blow fire out of their mouth yeah. Let them do it right you can't you're not lost peaceful. They're also people who could like put on burning clothing because they act stuffed up to protect I saw the monster truck jam on time you don't have that at your home and I still don't do it. You've got to be that think it's wise to put on a are your. You gotta be lit Geary what what you gotta be linked I did once they galloping on my I heard about that wasn't too long ago and that was stupid that was not too long ago editing 'cause you win something though because you didn't. I dollars. God as somebody said I'll give you five dollars in fees to developing an out and asked that okay act and any any the five dollar and I just felt. Has drawn but he admitted. Avoid helping used him. That's the lesson avoid helping us avoid fire I you'll probably be better off when you wake up the next hour. Did it goes next. 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Good to be true Saturday as well win. I had a dollar donation drive 11 AM to 5 PM. The only about a 2790 Kirby went and sleeping David association with the Memphis police association charitable foundation there to take donations to victims of hurricane Irma in South Florida the donation drive again. Is this Saturday eleven to five actually BC they got a 53 foot trailer. They wanna fell it completely. So if you can help provide any thing that these folks might need him. Many basically everything bottled water historical cleaning supplies like bleach cleaning detergent market room paper towels garbage bags. Rubber gloves mask for abortion. Sponges. Just anything you think. People recovering from. Extremely devastating hurricane could. He used to help them get back as somewhat close to where they were pre hurricane. Could be awesome if you stop by. Again eleven to five on Saturday at 2790 curbing with the sleep easy. Better is by Michael's alma. You mentioned my name Gary Parrish or get an additional 10% off your mattress purchase offer to purchase why are out there. So make sure to do that top branch factory direct prices imperious nervously disease. A 3591040. On the web sleep easy easy easy as dot com if you haven't heard yet. You know now that the cubs nationals game four has been postponed. They're gonna play it tomorrow afternoon of an incredibly yeah. What are we talk better. That this is a get a massive opportunity and I nationals I. Because of this game got postponed boot rather than. Be an elimination game run with Trevor Rourke tanner Roark. Against Jake Gary had a you would have Strasburg tomorrow yes. This changes everything. Could. Should should have Dusty Baker has been. No hole that he's gonna tell me Knoll is gonna start rower tomorrow stop scorn on the spot scorn them well. I'm you he will be fired he's gonna start general or tomorrow you fire him that's insanity. Against Jake area. You freaking moron and he could now because of rain bring back Stephen Strasburg. On full rest is she pumped in somebody like is tomorrow agony (%expletive) he's got to change that like that's just dawn is just change that tomorrow his explanation is that Strasburg is a little under the weather like I don't care or stop. I don't care if if I don't care before I leave it like it was so OK how about. About what could this be what you frustrates me so why I I was so anti eight stupidity right when people would Vista but it drives be crazy is. Is dumb why would it get Dusty Baker say this. Is the deal and a Stephens a little bit under the weather right now so were not sure what we're gonna do tomorrow next eight what we're gonna do tomorrow right now. A bullet to know as soon as we now. Our plan obviously is if we can bring Strasburg back on normal rest right. There then in this weather has given us an opportunity to do it yeah for game four. Then that's obviously what we would prefer to do yes no disrespect to general art put ten or knows he's not Stephen Strasburg egg given his position and yeah and irritation. In so if we have an opportunity there to bring back Strasburg tomorrow and the that's what we're gonna do. If he feels well enough to do it Woolsey. He flew just being dumb like I. I really care who won this series and they're the party that like. Wanted the nationals to win it because like I. Actually low Bryce Harper yeah even though I'm a Mets fan in the NL east I don't he also players from other teams I like Bryce Harper. And so the department now I'm sold all in on the cubs because I root for the story and now the story will be Dusty Baker. Until. Max Scherzer a game well what are in the seventh. Decided not to start Stephen Strasburg on full resting game for missile and his career zone and you need to. What we now for the sake of the story. Right so that we get the best possible thing we can talk I don't dealers are hurting with you know we now need to cubs to eliminate. The nationals tomorrow. You have to Rourke gives up three runs in the post. And then we never see Strasburg again and we never see scherzer again eyes of the game is tomorrow they're postponing until like. 3 awaits central Gary midafternoon up at 3:0 wait a central I'm Dusty Baker just stupid as to dinner. Senator goes presented by Humphries prime cut shop well folks folly original piece. What did we learn today a lot of stuff from both against the Dusty Baker Steve McMahon a couple. That's all I lol yeah what's the biggest game tonight well cup qualifiers yeah I think against Trinidad and to go at the ports. Off the coast of Venezuela they Americans are. Obviously led by nineteen year old phenom and who's that you don't know I have no idea who's on the soccer team. Christian who is sick. To listen nineteen year old from Pennsylvania. I don't know any about Christa ballistic seems on track to become the greatest American American football in history is Howard still a goal we get another goalie I don't ask questions and I. He's too old now animal farm yeah at the nineteen year old thing I had. Heidi about what that what they really don't watch it and I tell myself that it's 7 o'clock at the United States planned to. Guaranteed a spot too without making people won't come that yelled and Russia you can watch it on. This. New line channel 64620. On DirecTV. What she's done watch on TVT. The top award from PTV seven the big about to them so imagine seven. The young dumb boys started for thirty done if he had you ate it up late Whitney Cummings is on Jimmy Kimmel. Maybe more than Jimmy Fallon. James Spader is on Seth Meyers is there anything I need to make sure I've read well if you're interested at all if you're not disappointed but it drifted off Jeff Perlman. Wrote a pretty good column about that ESPN's downhill situation. You can find it on his Twitter feed. What's on tap for tomorrow when did an excellent idea to networks Tony Barnhart in the first we're just talking in the second should be fun enjoy tonight I'll join nine. Meet back here tomorrow affords them to get a good guy and be voted reputable. Thomas and. Kiss his first trip. On the fascination when my. Gary Parrish got a ton about James Davis for years stores and 81 lucky to have him here at Memphis and if you think your great and affordable custom address shared. James Davis is the place to go ahead tells why drug join our president. James Davis clothing. Gear you know. From experience it's unbelievable how harsh stance 'cause I'm sure program works they've compiled over 250000. Body out grew. Am nine defense church we takes three measurement. Put it into that Paula left out any gives us a perfect fit shirts to drone there's nothing left to chance. Only shirt. 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