Gary Parrish Show, Tuesday, May 22, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Keith Easterwood in Seg 2 on Memphis Hoops/Wiseman)

The Gary Parrish Show
Tuesday, May 22nd
Seg 1:  GP discussed Lebron and the NBA Playoffs  Seg 2:  Keith Easterwood, Local Basketball Expert, live to discuss Memphis hoops, Wiseman, and AAU/grassroots Seg 3:  4 stories at 444 with news on NFL kneeling issue and more from GP

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Guys this hour's code word is the workflow I FO OT you can text the word foot now all of the next 59 minutes to seven to anyone for your kids when a thousand bucks. And we're doing this from a 7 AM till 7 PM every hour. 3:6 PM the hour there we've got this hour's code word for what FO OT textbooks. Now features to a grand seven to anyone you got fifteen minutes. Textbooks is seventy anyone good luck we'll have another cash words coming up bad 5 PM. Now he's nine FM ESPN presents the area's only national columnist who spends his afternoon is bringing unique perspective to Memphis radio pill make you think it makes you laugh and sometimes made you change the station of children around and he apologizes in advance for that feeds 4 o'clock. Let's get a newest. This Tuesday Gary Perry's show. And here they're Brad Carson is in studio produced in the program gladly would make. Glad you're aware they'll begin to today. No luck because no good fun. Fans. Look it's not gonna tell. Witness greatness once again last night because I can't. A great head. Even if he has. Our whole lives. Incredible performance went into the record books again it would write whatever. When we take every advantage and took the bag about television that the president's got the scoreboards weather. The woods in my local basketball expert he's your local basketball expert nation's leading authorities hope all of you rose three cornered clown. I don't like on the floor Palin isn't gonna try to hit about one minute overtime. He's sort of a night to none of them yeah. You sort of historical port forward what we've discussed. Court previously undisclosed storage device in the NFL might make a walk Jay bell team to handle a natural land them. It by mistake I'll tell you what's up at 444 Donovan meant to avenge Clemens are. Unanimous first team all rookie members Jason Tatum is not so that's stupid we'll get into that a little later on this hour game. For one of rockets is scheduled for tonight my guess Tony does all the pressure. Yvonne Golden State up there I disagree just before 5 o'clock in Memphis once they affordable today. Good expanded downtown tourism development zone for 120. Wow million dollar development my that's good news. It's being held during portable storage for 445 o'clock job talking just like always the former columnist and if the commercial scale. Host the Jeff Garden Show and after that I have updated at CBS sports' top 45 and one college basketball rankings well. Well and where I had the Tennessee ball and getting a lot of attention we'll get into bed around 530 to we'll do good to go. We'll get out of it that's the rug out reality could develop the start of the NBA playoff. Because we had a seventh straight lopsided game last night. Final score cavs won eleven. Celtics 102 it was not as close as the final score indicated I think with about 95 seconds to go Cleveland was actually up fourteen points and we were headed for another double digit. Of victory for somebody in the eastern or Western Conference finals but then. They took their our foot off the gas if you will. And led the Celtics credit to a single digit. Lead but still comfortable win for Cleveland won 11102 marking its data LeBron James got a ho hum 44 point. Five rebounds three assists and two steals so be. But the series is now tied 22 now heading back to Boston and Cleveland is now minus 175 on the money line. To win the series even though Boston has home court advantage LeBron James is now. The all time leader in playoff point passing last night Kareem Abdul Jabbar. And he did it in five fewer gates and so we also ranks first in NBA playoff history and made field goal skills. A made free throws and minutes played LeBron James all time leader NBA playoff history in points may fill goals steals. Made free throws. And minutes place he scored a total of 505. Points in this post season. No other players scored more than 380. The 125 points ahead of everybody else in this post season and he's leading the NBA playoffs. Also in the fist. So is leading in total points. In total assists he's played fifteen games in this post season he's now scored at least forty in six of those fifteen games. And he's averaging 32 point zero point six point eight rebounds nine point oh assessed. While 54% shooting including 39%. Three point shooting in this series against Boston ESPN's Brian when Horst. Wrote about all of this last night from Quicken Loans Arena and made a point that I thought was worth making specifically that. A LeBron has normalized greatness to the point we already been blown away when he just randomly has a game that's. OK for him and a good for him. But it would beat the best game and an entire career for 99% of NBA player that's the way Brian explained and a in other words less than he goes for 44 point five rebounds three assists 2 steals in the Eastern Conference finals to either a series at 22. That would be the highlight of most people's careers I even like a hall of fame level guys' careers. And yet for LeBron James it was just another game he barely even talked about it last night after the game. Tristan Thompson was also at the podium and as Brian tells the story. It was like the sixth seventh or eighth question. Before Tristan Thompson. Was even asked about his teammate who got 44. Points. In game four victory over the Boston Celtics. Literally the night earlier. Step curry got 35 point say against the rockets and that was like the biggest killer the world asked after back. Staff is great almighty god did you cease just third quarter and brought up 44 it'd just like what average were just word me numb to it and I tried to tell you that what steps did two nights ago I was and also mine are just trying to take that. It was like it was step step step step step. Everything highlight steps back steps LP does also tell you heard about 35 point act and the dog that gets forty Fortis just like whatever. You know like we we he has normalize. His greatness now we watch him do things that other people cannot do. That other people have rarely done in some cases things that nobody has ever done and we just go yeah will be he's the king of course it. But the idea that we're watching him not only do this but do this at this age is Oden. Be lethal and I hope that it doesn't get lost on people that you don't so I take it for granted but don't look at it. With any less amazement in your arise because you're watching something right now if you're watching. That is arm incredibly unique. And once that generation type stuff. And depending on what side of the debate you're on. Com. Perhaps the greatest basketball player now to ever live you know what side of the debate I'm on yeah I think the person or watching right now. Almost singlehandedly. Don't go to the NBA finals for the eighth consecutive year. Because again he's now favored to do these reasonable time I put a minus 175 on the money line. At the very least we're watching one of the two best sharp I think he's actually a used him the best and when he goes for 44. And we really don't even blinked count. When he goes for 44. And it's not the biggest story in the world. In the sports world at least. That says something about him. Again when literally anybody else in this postseason gets forty. It is like a big deal like I you believe all my goodness look at that a bribe them six times in this whole season. And last night. 44 yeah and it's just like. Whatever don't. Meantime. We have another lopsided game like I meant to clean those up 3418. After the first quarter they led by as many as nineteen. In the second quarter. They were up fifteen. At the half. It was a fourteen point game like I say what 95 seconds left. And in Cleveland placed the clock out and they end up winning by not so so far this month. There have been 4 Eastern Conference finals games in three Western Conference finals games. And the average margin of victory in those games go seven games and a 41 point nine points bluff. Only one last night's game was actually decided by single digits and it was decided by nine and two of the past three games. Game re cavs Celtics game three warriors rockets. With a thirty point game. 41 point game. In order the margins of victory in these eastern conference of Western Conference games have been 2513. Thirteen twenty to thirty. 41 and then last night not again average margin of victory in what amounts to the NBA's final four. Has been 21 point nine points per game. And you would take one hand that would be a disaster. That it would be terrible for television. Because ID. Say somebody who works for television network. I know that for instance when CBS has got an SEC game on Saturday afternoon. You want Alabama there are limits on how often. CBS can take certain teams. But just trust you let's say they maxed out Alabama every year and makes sense if they could have Alabama every Saturday they would want Alabama every Saturday. But the downside of that sometimes. Is that Alabama's kicking the crap out of somebody crack at it and now it's a lopsided people tune out well it's lopsided. People tune now but often there's got to be compelled because there's a million football games on yeah there's going to be a compelling game happening somewhere that's and so it's it's go elsewhere to get there and all it cuts both play them like you won't will we get Alabama the biggest program in America you and nick Sabin mom did a great number one in the country on our error down. But they're up 38 to nothing what are we going to let all that we don't want this is not great. And don't like games to get too lopsided because you'll lose viewers and yet. What the television ratings are showing for the MBA playoffs particularly easy to Paris finals Western Conference finals. Is that they're not really losing viewers. Even though the games are basically decided. In the third quarter they're not and are sometimes earlier like Saturday night clear the ball game was decided in the first quarter and you could argue less night's game was decided in the first quarter of because the Boston. It's equipped her to come back down. They never actually did that now I don't think we ever closer than seven points demons even sort of said that the entire rest of the way now and so. You would think that they'd be losing viewers but they're not because of the star power on the team's because at any of these games. You've got the possibility. Of watching excellence. From at least in my opinion six future hall of chambers. And really it's it's more likely to be five of the six to settle things rain mine is going to do any thing bad. Is going to make people like all while you're goes drill I just does everything well. But he's not gonna go under age of forty he's not gonna make 93 point nursed he's just got to irritated the hell out yard and audio and go you know do a little bit of everything really well right. But Chris balky go to forty yep. Pitcher hall of Famer James Harden our go to forty. Future hall of Famer I Thompson LeBron can obviously go get to forty future hall of Famer Famer staff can go wild and have those third Duran did the other night. Future hall of Famer. And Klay Thompson like you mentioned I don't know these. Likely to go get to forty but he is one of those dudes they can get go and enjoy your 45 threes in a row. And and really make you pay attention he has those quarters on him as well. And so. The gains being. Told roll. Lopsided affairs is having little impact our on television ratings because even if you. Our board by Golden State up 25. On Houston the other night. Would you gates' staff to a staff picks in a book the finger rolls the Shimmy the cussing the three pointers you don't watch that time. Last night. Really. You know in any of most of these post season games. Involving Cleveland you get the opportunity to watch again arguably the greatest basketball player ever perform. At. Yeah peak level because. Even know a few years ago you would have may be predicted by may 2018. Let LeBron James would be a lesser version of himself he's just not. He's as good today as he was five years ago he's as good today as he if if not better. They never bit right which is another remarkable aspect of this and so I don't know how many other leagues could deal with these lopsided results. The way that. The NBA is able to deal with. It in the NFL if we had you know for gambling and fantasy notwithstanding. If the games get super duper lopsided you can lose now it would you know baseball obviously UK. But in the NBA because of the star power of these teams involved the television ratings are really suffering. Because of games being decided by an average of 21 point nine. Points per game. And that's a good sign for the NBA for two reasons. Or really for one obvious reason. The finals are probably gonna be lopsided as well because. As much as I love marking say even LeBron James and I nudged or that Cleveland team is equipped to deal with the Golden State Warriors and you've got you know one. Future hall of Famer. Against for future hall of famers it's not a fair fight. Boyd as long as you got staff and Kevin and LeBron on the court one albums gonna be having an amazing game basically every game you would assume. And so that should be enough to keep to keep people around it's also a reminder of why DM BA. Absolutely needs Cleveland to get to the finals now Boston. Because if you will concede that neither team is likely to be competitive. With the Golden State Warriors. They knew what LeBron James against the Golden State Warriors. So you get a best player first best team perhaps. And this would be debatable or in some people's minds but perhaps the greatest player of all time. Against the greatest team. Of all time. 'cause I think you can reasonably argue that this version of the bulls they warriors. Is as good as we've ever seen now in professional basketball so if I'm Adam silver I am rooting for LeBron going close this thing out. And for Golden State to going to close this thing down. Because it's not perfect because you need to be you know it be better if like me. You almost wish that they Eastern Conference like the Celtics in the casket might make an all star game and go play the Golden State warrior pairs somebody with a broad and I still think they'd be a bad spot. But here's what it probably what it oh I think the word of god I wanted to is that I think the war is provide be favored over a ball getting the best teams and tired players needs to take a Boston no problem but if you took a Boston Cleveland all star game. I think all you can get that done I think I think Google say it was still win that yeah and so you're probably gonna have a lopsided finals but as long as you have the star power are longer the star power it. 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The Mercedes and repair and salvage parts specialist our company now has a foreign and domestic car parts salvage yard located. 3763. Holes get well vote in Memphis. We not only pulled apart what we deliver to all those jobs in business for over 35 years. We have engines transmission. Body parts Tom's original feelings starters mirrors and more widely import. 3623081. We also much junk car slightly imports. 3753. Bolt well OK yes severe feel the smiles center hotline now. Is it getting better show. Hitters here. Studio. Considering making changes. Can handle the National Anthem out of there we didn't want to idea that is under consideration earlier this afternoon. A dumb idea we'll talk about that the next segment just got to be here but abroad right now. Give my local basketball expert in your local basketball expert nation's leading authority and hold both he wrote this street corner ground. A legend TDs that would make the big interview. Big hitting view presented by news crews say yes he's still 1 and only G eastern look ahead yeah. Hi pat down. Basketball experience tell you know close heroes and street corner clubs on 92. And it's getting better ratio. Whether it. I you don't. I'm like let me ask you sincerely how are you doing because. The other support here past couple weeks which is totally okay and cool. But because your absence people ask me all the time how is Easter would do all I ask you how are you doing. Do better today. They take it day by day a gigabyte different and not let her addiction young like I take the damn medicine and I'm not. Going to the doctor walker said it looked liquid great really but are much in my life get on my ass until I'm done better dissident say about the idea on some days you know. So today I am good I'm tired but hum. I'm OK to take an indictment stated I mean unless. Not fret about why she's 42 want to create a short. Ordered or Soviet Arctic last 42 so nothing's promised to you so we're enjoying every day. We moved him to afford better prepare him out for two straight which is so stupid in New York. 'cause you I'm one of my correctly so. Couple things I want to talk about you don't mind but I am doing good a lot of it rescheduled appreciate it prayers are not go to it but I'll. A lock stock interview Jane what did you see it. I'm not that now. We expect and inducted a great job back at is that on campus but are on the initiated so smartly packaged Mandarin Chinese. Fluently. And I would mom's real close with him and I'll bet and so if it'll hit and hit what I say that a good Memphis players. It Kentucky is that thirteen hour roundtrip trapped. Sold on the night if you kids get Kentucky's client whoever. I don't order situation I met by the financially they are it's huge spike made steady Gephardt lions who didn't have a job or whatever are all watching the twenty. But to me. Cody had a relationship would Dandridge. We're Lomax we're paying. Com. Imagine in the mom goes to the critics formal Monday night between Iraq from all probably gonna get fox second row seats. Became me and you can hang around hugging occasion maybe make it twice or maybe say it better I take if you. And you can see more gang that way. I'm Lester financially able to travel to every Kentucky basketball game including the thirteen hour roundtrip to go to Lexington. Is sort try to kill kids. Your parents should be and therefore you. And probably want to places you were six. If you put it put yourself in the situation. To where they can watch you play. You're restricting me you're put a lot of anger on and on my mother will do to got to do to get a chance to watch you play a huge look web masters. And their family members maybe only got to watch him play three or four times a year so. To me capture Canadian Matlock and Mike Miller and number let her know that too but to me split and him. You don't want done is he's been reclassified the double a bit of insight but they're working two years away from being in a million. He's so Geary did hit some question you know back in the day. They would say oh like yours are intelligent black theater athletic at date gone back door duck. Did hear it I mean obviously he army reminded me. Upon great commons. Remind you Jonathan ball I mean some sort of the more intelligent articulate she gives into when he but it out Mandarin Chinese I didn't know that was a language. In any blank what are they had been coming. He he had a good Raun the Nike lobby up some of them I gather all of which are recruiting scherzer not try to people. Who will be critical not overly positive. But that's not pitch and I'm curious from your opinion in this bad PH. While Mike and I don't have afforded to drive alarms can do about it throughout North Carolina that might do over that mountain I say hello to drier. I'm not sure able order collapsed and back in the day a guy like Wideman. Adopt a college coach about this today. Everything Parker pushed could aim would have been took care. Her travel fur coat tail and everything but because of the current situation college basketball hack. Or better and better the other thing I would I'm I don't speak about James specifically. Because I don't want imply any thing but I can just say that Tom. In recent years if not recent decades the player of his caliber. It gets if the parents needed to didn't get somewhere one way or another they would get there I'd always funny to me. I'd like these neutral court events neutral site events so like. Champions classic in Chicago. Or JD is classic in New York or CBS sports classic in Las Vegas. It's it's you'll be you we Null because we know these young people's stories. That they often come from. You'll approach will will heal from. A less than ideals sit back crack like it didn't grow up arm on the street I live. Or the strike that. But but maybe some other parents are there in Las Vegas for about a I hold out any. Are there are other ridiculous I'm Memphis players I think everybody will know one player's mother. Who was like at every game. Like how. And I know he's talking about but it did. Could you can't track is really already about the muddied ticket but Austria where aren't you put on a private part. Because. Donors boosters agents they have access to the debt but again. Don't date they're gonna get that idea talk about you actually put a pitcher FaceBook she was staying at a that you are a New York which was quickly taken down at all. So yeah people do stupid stuff that they don't they get ramifications. By. We can't beat the number one player. These are under scrutiny. The people that are already around. Are under scrutiny. And to me logically sometimes logical that the wind would recruitment. It might fit to stay here you don't have to pershing I'll bet you ought to travel. Any FDA it want him more stuff result. Like he's kidnapped we start popping up saudis Bannister wondered how did you get to New York to California to Florida or Puerto Rico. So that got my take on that matches canceled a list enjoying. Again. You know any Kennedy used to say specially recruited some guys in massacres there one particular guy we know. He tried this other guy around him think long term. Not short term accorsi dollar short charge people money or pocket but he two years whatever her situation is. They're gonna I'll be millionaire that you watch on TV I mean drape migraine. Kevin Durant. Either got that added pleasure to coach against another that took quite if you got an Internet series but their moms are whipping. You know direct mom does a manager. Often during my mom not to let nobody get over O'Neal so in all you commit flatly if you lived in future years away from BN. Changing your whole life. You can do it easier. To me it Memphis and I think what they see what's gonna happen with any mania this year. Our hope and praying they wanna be caught up. Don't keep these would hear a nanny to none of them ESPN he's on Twitter at Easter would keep to your point about an a couple of years. He's going to be a multimillionaire at this point he's projected as the number one pick in the 2020. NBA draft that number one pick it's a two year guaranteed contract. With a third year team option that is always going to be picked up on the number one pick in the draft it'd be a bus. So it's it's basically a total. I love. 4647. Million dollars guaranteed that's just that's just off those three years. And that's if you're the first picky there's no way he's gonna go let me barring injury. Any lower than like it like it's he's worked at least fifteen million dollars and a couple of years. No matter really about as long as he doesn't get hurt in the next couple of years. Snow and get a midget now articulating it goes he'll pick. There will promote products. Could you not a year and a Hong. In May not a guy he looks you in the he's got a great smile. He will be a guy who make money all the endorsement so I've been around the game to call up an odious so whatever he's gonna go to. They're gonna fall in love and feel like a lot of a lot of money or. It's in yeah I think you'll agree with this it's in I don't Wiseman is a quote Memphis kid but it's. Eight there was a time when it. A lot of the better prospects they came through this city. Worked properly educated like they weren't they couldn't qualify out of high school. And and yet now like the group of guys who have come through like Alex Lomax is an impressive young man. Tyler Harris is an impressive young man James why it has an impressive young man. It really has changed in that regard which I think the testament to the school system to the parents and vault. Bomb it maybe just just that the way things have changed in general but it is to get so frustrating because you would watch you quote unquote Memphis kids. Head coach. Yeah you've coached you weren't a lot of them who had all of the ability in the world to get a free education and maybe make money planned this sport. And they couldn't get him to school because nobody was important guiding them in any way whatsoever but angriest I ever got. Was when Andre Allen didn't qualify at a high school to be a division one student athlete and the reason he didn't qualify. I believe was that because of the standardized test it was because of its core classes and other Larry critic. Which is ridiculous because he was identified as they divisional once student athlete they are acting agent Tim Wright yeah he was he was by what publication rated the number one height of the number 113 year old basketball player in America at that eight of the probably the of the 5713. Year old point guard arrived and that he was 5718. Year old point guard he just never want boy. When can I oh he was bad but we are but we might weed you are identified in that way. And the adults in your school system. Habit art setting up to succeed any shameful and my larger point is intent to have punch on BTW. From fifteen years ago as much as it is to point out that they did it doesn't seem to be near a plug mirrors much of a problem. Today would quote unquote Memphis kids witches. Which is also. Yet now or are the only 200 years ago when I was doing ready to Obama dealt. It would take it was killing me complete wild waves look like and so forth but here's a guy just all star. In navigating to you know Leslie McDonald go to Brock crested if things started changing. And I told people are fortunate to be into what we every fifteen minutes get a different is the you know Sean Williams got let it we're coming back North Carolina. Indeed laid long way demand is legs under them. The big speech in that he would like right next to me and my sister ships of the pocket more and says mind. I gotta let another day. Under seventeen donate Fiji where everybody Graham light and rocket demand when he got quade is nine and he never took it. I know very little the look awful on it you. The great example that he needed to your prep school. You know that he had to go to Thornburgh yeah. He had yet to get a PG Gordon had a. Right Ed and then your and then you look up and Elliot Williams is that a private school Leslie McDonald that a private schools gal was obviously at a private school. I remember. The John cal Perry staff I don't wanna say exactly which staff member who we were having this discussion because it went through a stretch when it. You know like. Pierre was an academic question mark Pierre Niles Andre Allen couldn't qualify Shawne Williams didn't qualify and count each other like what went. What are. You sure. Right about Qyntel Woods had to go to the counts because the couldn't qualify it O Tim Cole right like oh I'd. For Melrose Chris Jones Edgar could qualify so. Elliot Williams goes to private school like it became a little voted trim these kids would get in a better school. Or they would be a better guided and a member John cal Perry staff said we were talking about this. He said. It is the best thing that ever happened to these kids that they heard that their parents are able to get them or somebody's getting them. Indies better institutions because it's giving them an opportunity. To be what they got a date he said it's also pretty Kia is bad for us. His idea and if any that we have now. A eight a play or like Leslie McDonald. Who is an academic question mark is not being recruited by duke and North Carolina. So we don't have the deal would duke or Carolina. Now I can now it's private school kid with a teller let's McDonnell now we got to fight would North Carolina. Elliott wave of private school kid with a tell about it with now we got to fight would do so. The North Carolina and continues to come video but now they were committed in the point was this is good for the kids but bad for Memphis. But I think all of that's a wash now because of Guinea's connections within the within the market. It doesn't matter where these kids come from he's gonna have. A really good chance to get him no matter who we were good against. It too anxious yet become then. And has a chauffeur. To CLU Williams a guide them. She's driving to broker a huge. No I think that we had Johnny I I think it was Johnny Dawkins and Hillary. I think it was Johnny Dawkins like I believe this is truly motivated didn't it say they do yeah okay just drown governor Breyer crowds so. Clearly what is the I'm Lesley Ann Elliott were both in high school at the same time okay what are you going to do once they're in the go to North Carolina. As the story goes I can't that's the story is just something I was told what time. Yet accommodated. You go to lab we can't in April when you right. Indian the NCAA mandate did it again you know you don't see it in in coach you don't see it you have to take before you can play gang. They are all these sessions. Of gimmick advisory. For change. If you go him. And they don't you start talking about or where you need to be right now whatever grade uranium. They talk about eight feet cheated or or try to scale commercial tomorrow like basketball and keep your future. Bill repeated and repeated so looking employee it's anybody's guess in the ninth grade. Own or even that eight grade own usually eat different. Academic advisory videos. Have to be a hundred Arabs so they're so cute. Are being told I guess what you have to pay out so go to your guidance counselor that your parents know. When you take a CT start taking an early blah blah blah. So that they NCA a dollar and they could danger in making he had operators. Have that clay expert every change whether it's in Vegas Orlando. AJ you under armour Nike because whatever it so to me that they got killed the landscape also. Or to keep Eastwood and adding to none of them is in just to circle back to back as the story goes. I'm Johnny Dawkins is in town and there are recruiting I think it might have been recruiting bulk of the McDonald's all I had to fly. Again who knows. But we're ready to rock critic hat for every act like with a diagram or older or any of these egos to Breyer can't dressed right and he's like I'm down here are. To see Elliott wave and like we don't know Kelly a little. Bit this series didn't look good you're a liar crest high school. That's the thing that Jordan he's got a look at it. So like this and have their own school so but it all December oh they still got in somehow at least for a year right at least for a year. I have yet it's been danger not even a comeback Aetna hates it. Doug he'd be two of the united united. I mean if you're last thing before I let you go oh we'll circle back to James why because you brought him up at the beginning. It's obviously gonna go in I would assume into the early signing period in Indio haven't announced that a release go through July. Do you give Memphis a realistic shot to get it they're going to be in there and they're gonna finish first or second do you think first year head coach Penny Hardaway. Can't beat. John cal Perry widely regarded to be the greatest recruiter student athletes ever for the number one prospect in America. You have got a circle of including some of them every step of about ten college coaches they couldn't. Has stayed in touch him because we were we've been friends or some of whom I mentioned Spain Jones for instance and stay in one part of the conversation that calmed. The guy that I talked to his first pro life and I give him Capcom did that in so long. And they went from quit you and Jamie. Matta that it just happened if they bring only this next decision that we thank everybody thinks that's one of the better steps in the country. He's gonna get players can look. It was a picture of him today somewhere are no FaceBook or Twitter. Main. This flag he wears if you don't think it speaks to kids you know chuck it can go where our issues and capital where blue polo and Alton. EU shame on the road circuit got where some bright colored either shoot or sure Saddam didn't to draw attention like Danny Weldon of Florida does. Kenny Perry taking this step to another level. Even so media outlet from wandering from god that I try to read a market and I try to get occasion college coaches to bring year. Are people listening so I really give me a list of viable chance and I know everybody else is going to. You know my karate mention North Carolina. In Kansas. But I don't know Ramallah situation that you wanna dropped thirteen hours one round trip in one day to watch you play. And that song you've got bless you budgeting get the same thing here. That you can get there you plainly NBA arena you're going to be around. NBA people along. So yeah I think they got these can think you're quitting behavior short sighted beat notre grown this is paying those cute guy in California is a part time they've ever done that. Because you know yourself in the past they were allowed to go to AAU games or are we going to let your kid for points they have certified this keeping it. Because of the quality of players with their coaches can go and evaluate these are school kids. Which really be to believe the one who don't like they're they're laying the foundation for a warning done. Two to go out the window open does and in two things real quick. Your kid played a youth ball and you're asked Iran to damp cooperative book. Do. It again operator had to pay ten dollars to each. In 35 dollar direct recession ninety dollar regained diplomat and number gangs and 88 get kind of hard you don't have to do tonight you under armour to date this. But here I have to do it after a small thing to do is to keep a book or 1 o'clock. A lot of got a operator to quit detained delivered to the semi finals or final so nobody cheek as people look at it. But I just thought that there that we don't Twitter life coach they're having trouble getting parents to do there. I always try to fit that before we got your right Gary we run the book runner up arms that you can't just play you tight outward beauty and I mean to me out of this and to take on be involved and actually anyway they can you do in a you bet Georgia acuity is. Coach got the best way can't take Gatorade practice whatever but runner Crocker when that book is really a big deal in terms of learning that that bogon. And if keep these two what he's my local basketball expert your local backyard bird nation's leading authority hobos heroes and street corner class. It's great to have you back here and glad to fill a better I love your brother nazism. This is a friend about the eight. Our experts are set up early a big excuse attitude toward. Medics united ME SP and he gets US word I think that was their yeah I think we caught him to password that's it I was glad he's got a good today and non measly don't throw it. Going through. In a sound good he Sonny gray and he he brought the energy we had to asses so hang who has worked as normal I think I caught on pretty normally death certain. To go look at this video of the Doc Holliday did with Wiseman but. I think it's adjusting the pitch because you mention the fact that a lot of these coaches they're able somehow gets he's my parents skewed the events don't matter what yeah I never known it. To be a problem or the parent of Italy so they end up to do is it about the games I got I don't know how to do it and but I just see them all the time that is it NCAA does not allow all a parent travel from just anywhere doesn't and I used. I wouldn't say I'm just saying guides I've seen parents and on the road like night and friends is local Ford's debt because everybody knew who he was right. You Everett almost. Every bit of the game do right I got I don't know how to get there I don't. I don't but like it that's never really been much of a problem black to these two would point. The world changed now FBI is now yeah wiretapping various subpoenas then people are a little scared right now paper trail if you were ever trying to in the modern era. Run a high level basketball program on the up and up and now about the best time to do it because. I'm not naive enough to say that the cheating is gone away right completely black. People are scared yeah I'm sure there's still some things happening but there are people out there who would have maybe. Being willing to operate in that area and we're just like nope not me and I guess why tad yeah that loses its. Used to fear losing your job right now you feared going to jail because the FBI is involved so now. Yeah the world changed as it relates that kind of stuff at least on some level we come back the NFL has reportedly considering. Utilizing. Teens fifteen yards. To start a game. If their players meal. During the National Anthem. That is a counterproductive move for the NFL will get into it next. National contest it's pennies from happening and yeah it's. Isn't it easy. Gray and thanks to match you get serious. Your best chance to win 100010. PC's coming up at. Anybody seven till seven weeks days on the 82 night event ESPN. Looking for a new home. Whether your first time home buyer were you done this before. 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Spending the summer. Whatever you're getting ready for coming to super cuts for our attention to detail and signature hot tell finish here not just read the super ready check in online today. And don't just Swedes who what today's France failed to apologize for the examines the bulge his gallery after only ten dollars. But don't have brains contrasting exiles are nice and I like might have slightly Magic Johnson my card stock down. Used to do you feel just miles an hour hotline now it's getting better ratio. Who do you gear ratio is live from the blood restaurants or stores studio ninety to nine FA MIT ESPN's. Everything better and I'll tell us a golden boy wearing an absentee. Fiji Thelma thank you did you yeah as the winner now. I just a few weeks away it's great event for Kenny Ortega kicked out that you have enjoyed food fun games. And more while the airplane and you go what sort of best golfers in the world including. 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And Jude classic guy comes up guardians to overcome its work from there earlier enough. Few minutes to bed at 5 o'clock and I got was sort of like this. Four stories presented by the bluff restaurant and bar. He's tends to lose focus start telling stories and forget what he wanted to talk about mr. Holland's every afternoon. So we've developed a device that ensures he'll touch on important things you need to know each day at this time. This yeah he's fees or notable stories at 444. It's number one. Cabrera. Longtime NFL reporter is reporting today that the NFL is considering changes in Howell. Teams handle the National Anthem. And one of the ideas being discussed again according to Albert is leaving it up to the home team on whether teams come out for the AF. Okay and it teams do decide to come out for the home team says yes we're coming up yeah America dammit I'm. There is a potential. For a fifteen yard penalty. On a team. If a player from that team or players from that team. In meals during the National Anthem. And there have been a lot of dumb opinions about the protests ignited by Colin cabernet. And a lot of dumb. Approaches to it's how. Handle such a thing but this ranks pretty high up on the list because all this does is bring more attention. To Heatley right I should expect last year. The only thing at this point that makes nearly eight national conversation. An eight headlines. Every weekend during the NFL season. Is the people who yell about it and try to prevent the players. From doing. The NFL owners would have been so much smarter. If right from the job. They just united instead. We're gonna allow players to do whatever it is down to do his thing and if it's a silent peaceful protest. To bring attention to a calls they believe Dan. And they have our support to handle that however they like okay. Excellent did that. If it would have played out exactly the way cap or nick kneeling. Actually played out in that season where he started it it it got to a point where wasn't a story you know more he was doing it a few other players were doing it and as long as. President trump didn't yell about it or Jerry Jones did say something stupid about it it almost became like. We need to talk about it anymore I'm. Oh when you start trying to permit players. For doing that. For. Advising players that they shouldn't do that or scolding players that they shouldn't do that. Or in the president's case tweaking that they shouldn't do that or the vice president's case giving up out of luxury box. In a stadium and leaving. To protest protest daddy is what is given this story life. Colin can't predict not having a job even though we should have a job in the NFL is what has given this storied life. If you just shut up about. Really just shut up about it. And every you just made an agreement. Hey if the players that we think a word if we get asked about it we're just gonna say whatever it's not it's a done story to us if that's what they wanna do and we did we would run out of things to say. I could not come on the radio every Monday. And people like me and every market in America come on the radio every Monday during football season. And say and there was so and so protesting again it would you wouldn't want anything new this name. Well what it didn't notice today. The only topic you can continue to talk about where there's nothing new to save Penny Hardaway it would not be with the National Anthem protest just let it go. Let it speak. And that players would either continue to be able or not. But as long as it was nothing noticed about it it would be nothing new to say about it and eventually the television cameras would stop paying attention to a honestly you could probably within a week and nods to your television partners say hey listen we are not an object to the players. Dealing can you please stop. Making a big deal of it as well and let's just let them protest peacefully. But let's not draw any more attention to what we're gonna go out of our way not to draw attention to it can you guys help us now draw attention to it and it just sort of becomes. Absent from whatever conversation we're having about the NFL but now here we are regain record the second they implement this idea or any other. That tries to prevent or penalized players from peacefully protesting police brutality in this country. It is going to just draw more attention to the issue it's going to have people on my side of the issue. Saying you shouldn't be preventing them that it's gonna have him explaining why they have to and it just becomes a nonstop pocket topic of conversation and then suddenly we got a sport in this country that's the biggest sport by a wide margin and the two things we're talking about more than anything else is kneeling and concussion. That's not good for the NFL they have misplayed their hand a million times and so if they implement this idea they've misplayed it again. They be best to back off the death and actually do one of two things. Either make you with the players aren't even on the field for the national Adam. So it's just boom we've prevented champion tiger not an issue at all now. Or let the players do what they want to do I because if you let the players do what they want to do. And you don't try to chastised them for mom or scold them for. Or penalize them for it becomes a non story. Pretty quickly. It's just like think of it in these terms. What's the busiest intersection or a busy intersection in the city of Memphis let's call it pop R&R and highland a Kepler Ridgway yes let's say tomorrow. There were. A hundred people out there on the corner. Protesting. Police brutality okay. All the news cameras be after tomorrow. EG drive by you beyond what was going on here it would create a scene people would talk about. And the next day. A little less and then the next day. Little less and it would get to a point where as long as you worked making a big deal about it urged scolding them for. Exercising their right it would just become a non story you would even pay attention to it anymore. Nobody would pay attention to me and that's the way like every day you I don't know if you're gonna White House. But every day at the White House there are people protesting right outside the White House gets no attention. And the reason is because it happens every day it happens every day and the people just that it happened that data was being addicted to every time I've ever been to the white out there somebody out there chainsaw. It gets no attention whatsoever now that he's there every day if you ignore rates. And let those people protest however they want and they just ignore it. Eagles one chore. It just goes away. And I don't know why in a donor's arms far enough to understand that. But perhaps one day that story number two we got game four rocket warriors tonight it's an ORACLE Arena in Oakland California. Other wars or eight and a half point favorites and they lead the series 21 a manager Tony picked her to the rockets was asked about this. And he said he feels like all the pressure is on Golden State now the question was something. Basically a gay do you guys feel like you.