Gary Parrish Show, Tuesday, June 19, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Keith Easterwood in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Tuesday, June 19th
Gary Parrish Show, Tuesday, June 19, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Keith Easterwood in Seg 2) Seg 1:  Gary Parrish talked about the Grizzlies #4 pick and several scenarios for the Grizzlies including a discussion on 1. Kawhi Leonard 2. Michael Porter Jr. 3. Khyri Thomas 4. Mo Bomba Seg 2:  Keith Easterwood, local basketball expert, with GP discussed Puma, shoe deals, and the NBA Draft Seg 3:  4 stories on Neymar, rap murders, and more

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Foot 1390. Pound offensive linemen that can move. Because how long ago was it that we thought. 66310. Was ridiculous and now that's like that nor yeah like you look at the average size offensive linemen now it's like 6566. 310 to 330 pounds and these guys can run. Like dear yeah come for that size and so. On interest and see what all happened with that young man that's gonna do it for us today GPs back in the studio so he's gonna take you until. Ol. 6 o'clock two more days until the NBA draft though for you Jason and Jon Will be out of the blast to watch all of that I will be down at. Fed ex forum for the grizzlies draft party will be back with you again tomorrow at 2 o'clock. Kyle Busch. Is gonna join us Kurt Kurt Busch I was at the Busch Brothers and it's up Kurt Busch is gonna join us tomorrow along with. The great bill Bender and Kevin column for Connor I'm Eric thanks for being with us. On this Tuesday until 2 o'clock tomorrow CF. The official that he designer and ESPN radio just Damascus and anytime anywhere and saved us today we have the best and he's more or less. I love best business news sports stations. Did an interview on the couple commanders to return home and get commercial was. Residential price maneuver through landscapes with a outstanding performance comfort in the 48454. Inch. Now get special promotional pricing 3899070%. Financing for. People need to see as the coach of the US's. Find a good bloated dealer near you let go devoted. No easy going SM ESPN presents in his only national columnist who spends his afternoon. Perspectives of Memphis radio do make mistakes you make you less so tonight. The station to move her around he apologizes and advanced fast speeds. Give each generation O. About it Derek Derek red carpet in studio produced in the program glad he's Whitney graduate they'll be getting through the today. No obstacles. No that's not. I've already done by the NBA rather good. Tonight why a white elephant talk about we live in the city where the red dead chicken boy there's. There's speculation and rumors they're reports Florida we're gonna get ends up. That momentarily card very quickly that affected residents got to port port 25. These would in my local basketball expert in your local basketball expert nation's leading authority hobos broad street corner glad. Enjoy that about one minute guys what's up as soon says. Don't forget that we need to introduce it federal we'll do portable storage full board forwards one. We're gonna discuss fourth previously customers among them that LeBron James got to put it in the Alonso boy Eric in LA after just one season. Maybe we'll get into that a full 44 NASCAR had to leave the trading day today in the entire. Nation of Brazil didn't panic mode will give that up. Little later on this hour a couple of young rapper violent day again today a couple of young ran for murder. One in Pittsburgh one in. South Florida. Get into that just before 5 o'clock your victory season out of tremendous kick returner Tony hollered out earlier today first team all million. Tell you about that during portable storage for affordable product I just started just like always loved by third grader could join me proud man and a big believer in the importance of mindful that the work for the NBA teams college teams among them to LSU team that. Every raked in the pre season top 45 got a new book out today called slow your roll. Mindful that's for fast times available everywhere you give books including Amazon regular dorm around 530. To explain why you and die all of us should just slow that they have down there will eventually do get to go on get out of here is that the run that I got a lot to get to but I. Let's start with the NBA draft because it's two state today which means we're just two nights the way. From the 2018. NBA draft and there are. All sorts of reports and rumors and speculation and questions. Attached to this draft in general. Also to the grisly specifically so there's four that I wanted to focus on that a sort of emerged in one way or another. AA in the past 42 hours since I spoke to you yesterday. And they are. Dates the possibility of the grizzlies packaging before. The number four pick. In some way to try to make a run ankle why letter. Michael Porter junior who is reportedly. On grizzlies radar with the port pick comparing himself earlier today. To some sort of mixture of Kevin Durant great freak and Tracy McGrady that's gotten a lot of attention. Earlier this heritage out of the voting was only Jason and Jon and he said at the grizzlies are interest fit in among others carry Thomas with a 32 pick. And then the one that's gotten the most attention I think in this market in May be as it relates to the draft in general Obama again according to John bony. Basically told the grizzlies he had no interest in coming to Memphis he would not come here work out which is no surprise nobody at his level has come here to work out. But also would not release medical's also. I made it clear to them and so many words I don't want to be in Memphis so that does make him different than farce I know. Michael border trade Yong any the other guys in that range I don't know that any of at least I haven't heard and I certainly have read a report or any other early prospect has told the grizzlies just like hey whatever do not select me. I'm not cooperating in any way I can't prevent you from doing it but I can give your real doubts and so I'm trying to give you. Those rebels let's take those and order will start with the possibility of the grizzlies packaging them for OPEC. Four coal why Leonard or at least to make a run at collide Leonard I could not be more against this. Lets think why letters a top five talent in the world when he's healthy but he's not always you can ask the spurs if you don't believe me. And so I'm not trying to debate the pros and cons of having Kauai Leonard on your team I think any team in the world would love to have quite literally. But not at the expense of the fourth kicked in Memphis if you told Nicole why letter was gonna sign an extension with the grizzlies. Absolutely you can take the fourth pick it do whatever with the U wanna do I'm happy to have value of future built around coli Leonard in Memphis. But he's got no interest in playing in Memphis for. The same reasons no prospects have any interest in coming to Memphis. And so you would be giving away the fourth pick in the 2018 NBA draft. Which means possibly giving away the rights to. Look at Don teach. The rights to trade young the rights to Michael Porter the rights to Marvin Bagley whomever. You're given away the rights. To somebody. For a player who would be here for one year why what is the point is Kauai Leonard. Mike Conley and Marc Gasol going to be better than the warriors know they're going to be better than the rockets know are they going to be better than LeBron super team wherever that is no. And that it and I and I'm basing that on like are they gonna be better if they're healthy. What are the odds of Mike Conley. In his thirties. Are dishonest thirties. And Kauai Leonard who you know it has a history of injuries all being healthy to make a run at whatever did you try to make a run ash. I bet against it blindly yeah I'm into and so what what is the point right in with the fourth pick in the draft. I don't know what the grizzlies are going to get I don't even know who the grizzlies are going to take but I do know this there are multiple all stars drafted fourth or lower every draft. That that they future all star will be on the table when the grisly grizzlies are on the clock. You just got to identify that person and then you have to select him and then you can control him he will be on your team party of franchised. For a minimum of five years if you want him to be. And then you have all sorts of advantages when it comes to trying to re sign him to even the long term longer term deal. I would much rather. Yes Harvard and a execute the pick and hope I get that future star and then try to keep him in my franchise as long as possible. Then have co Y Leonard for a year so to me it's that non starter out. By the way I think whatever package that spurs can get from the Celtics the lakers would trump any packaged the grizzlies can give them with the fourth pick. Well but even if it wouldn't even at the spurs were like OK let's do what's right I would not do it because the way it would play out as to why littered would come here. And either be great or be just functional and just crumpled right now playing. All but it would never amount to anything. Of substance you wouldn't remember it twenty years from now. And then the spurs would use the pick you just gave them to select the future hall of Famer that's the way it would go down like they just would do. I think they would select the future hold him would your pick you would regret you might regret regret it immediately you would regret it eventually I would just stay away from that. Under any scenario. The second and this has got a lot of attention and Michael Porter comparing himself that. Yeah honest KG. T Mac's a mixture of them are giving the exact quote now. If you haven't heard he said right now he was on with DA on CBS Sports Radio contact show that I sometimes hosted DA's answers that he was only DA earlier today he said right now I would say I'm a mix of John has. And KG. I like going to the whole little more than Katie does I like bumping into people and I'm a little more physical than KG but I like to shoot the ball little more than the honest so that's what I like to compare myself to. And also Tracy McGrady. I guess compared to Camelot and I like that a lot to those are three amazing players it doesn't feel bad to be in the same conversation as they have in quote and so this has been reached we did a lot of people are using it as some sort of knock against Michael Porter. Like yellow arm crippled Michael Porter why don't you calm down already comparing yourself to be honest. Decay. Before if you are can you walk before you start comparing yourself to yacht SK DT now if I get it it's it's low hanging fruit it's an easy target. But two things I would sun wind is why should this surprise you coming from the mouth of Michael Porter junior right he has already said. He's the best player in this draft he should be the number one pick any said earlier this week that Dion create as lucky. And somebody says why and he says because I got hurt because I never got hurt I would be the number one pick in this draft not him so. It took Michael Porter it's good UK and like it or not like it but he's extremely. Confident. In himself good friend his own ability. And sold the idea that somehow this is like any further than what he's already said. Like in a draft where people think there's a future star Deion create. And a future franchise big and Marvin bag and the best European prospect ever look at dodger Michael Porter has already said multiple thought about it all these dudes. I've played against all of a mile life. I respect that they're great. But I'm batter their great but I better say this for more so this is not at a character. Beyond that what is supposed to say when asked to compare your game to somebody else's would you have preferred this. Com I think a mix of I Rudy Gay and that may be a little bit of Anthony Randolph what do you want you lower my own stock what do you want a year like I would much rather I'm with you hear him sound being solid. It's not aimed right facility to be actually believe that I would much rather be deal was I who believe that strongly and himself. It's somebody who is like I don't I don't know like maybe I'm. You know I do like a mix of Rudy gave a good eight that he ran up and give me some other wean them flea market ABA town like I've read or hear that so I've got no issue with Michael Porter junior. I don't understand what people are surprised he would say that he's been saying stuff like that whole week and beat what are you wanna hear you asked him. You Lester. So he compared himself to. A hall of Famer. And two other. Probable future hall of famers at the kind of that's the way I want somebody talking about. Themselves if they project to be possible topped by a bigger draft. I got no issue would want Michael Porter said earlier today I don't know why it's become such a big deal John to go volley like I said was always Jason John earlier. And when asked about possible players. For the 32 pick. That the grizzlies possessed he mentioned a couple of guys among them I read Thomas. I personally don't think Kerry Thomas will be available 32. I absolutely don't know why he would be available at 32. If he is I think. Franchises have messed up but if he were there at 32 I would snatch him up so quick if you told B right now. Whatever the grizzlies do it for the grizzlies are going to do it for. Bush at 32 they want to carry Thomas signed me up I know 100% I love. 63 guard not familiar with him play Creighton okay was not a heralded recruit coming Anheuser old but went to Creighton. Two time big east defense of player of the year. He's 63 with a 611 wing span so that's suggestions are good at least 636 a little wingspan longer it takes great pride on that into the court. Evidence being Nikkei two time big east defensive player of the year who just get surpass them lanes just robs bothers and a that's one. Undeniable skill that will translate to the MB act now that's the thing about this league that I think sometimes gets lost people wanna focus on. So lost and what a player cannot do like walking you do this you know that. KK give me one thing is great yet. If you're great at one would think you'll have a job before a long time now. Have to be that any can be fit right blocking shots they're just gorgeous beach could be shooter Bigelow rim protector being a shooter. Being. A guy who. It will. Incredible ball land rolled to the ram an egg no it's not that kind of stuff bits it's it's not incredible ball him and you go down to that. Parked on the street finds my who can really handle the ball it's it's having one identifiable skill that translates to the India. Can you knock down open shots consistently. Can you. Guard wings consistently. All you a big who can switch pick and rolls. Tony Allen made five million dollars a year for how long did it because he had one identifiable. MBA skill and maybe just one maybe just what we had that one. You could putting one of what a perimeter players they don't bother that guy and he took great pride in bothered and they got. Cut every Thomas has got one identifiable. Skill that translates to the NBA. His ability to guard multiple. Perimeter play positions. He won't he can do that he can do that tomorrow he'll be able to do that for a long talk the other stuff will seek. Would you tell me 63611. Wingspan who takes great pride in bothering. Perimeter players in guarding perimeter players. He understands that's how he became a relevant college player he understands our proms I assume that's how you become a multimillionaire. In the NBA. Take pride in doing something that your great act it will baggage you all the fantasy points in the world. But take pride in doing something that you can't do. That is guard perimeter players he can switch he could probably guard three different positions on the perimeter. 63611. Wingspan so he's got all the physical attributes you want. Plus by the way at 41% report issued a lot which suggest he could also not done a jumper. And that's why all what I just described I can't imagine a scenario I mean I can I can't imagine it. I just Kia was up I can understand a scenario where he's available at 32 now I would think somebody has messed up throughout distracted you've got cut every time is available at 32. But if yes and the grizzlies are on the clock please take him I would I would. Right now if you told me with the 32 big the grizzlies can have cut every Thomas. Now we're not gonna let you know who else aboard. But you can have calorie Thomas was taken absolutely yes our gimme carried Thomas so that was encouraging to hear from Jonathan. If the grizzlies. Are seriously considering him with a 32 pick. It suggests that they also. Think that he might be available with a 32 pick I'm skeptical. But that would be awesome. I would be down for about. The last. Think it's getting a lot of attention Jonathan good bone again draft expert. Yes PM. Eastern the Obama. Obviously refused to work out for the grizzlies we've known that everybody projected to be a top. Ten pick basically outside of window Carter has refused to work out for the grizzlies so that wasn't surprising. Nor news. Boy. What Jonathan added is that Obama also refused to give his medical's. To the grizzlies. And also made it clear to the grizzlies he'd prefer to not be. In Memphis. And I've seen various grizzlies fans on Twitter like take great offense to this. And I get it because like Europe meant the end you're proud men DNA and you don't like it when people. That is one thing I've learned about men the end zone in my life is that. Men gives love people who love Memphis now and they'd. Hate people who don't appreciate or respect Memphis and so if you view this. Through a personal prism like that guy didn't wanna come to Memphis so screwed that guy. And so on a personal level if you just wanna be irritated by it or boom Obama. I guess I guess they understand it. But I would just. Argued that. You're looking at it away that Obama is not looking at it or more likely Mo bombers representation. Is not looking at it I'm confident Obama doesn't hate Memphis. I bet he doesn't know that much about Memphis here's what he gets. He's somebody who understands. Where he fits in this draft. And the possibilities for him. And has decided you ready for this wisely. That not cooperating with the grizzlies organization is the best thing for him. Think about it from his perspective or misrepresentations. Perspective seems pretty clear. But the honorees going first of the Phoenix Suns after that Sacramento could go look at down to Sacramento could go Marvin Bagley boy it. It's not going to be I don't think mall bomb. The Atlanta Hawks at three are reportedly interested in Mo bump Jerry Jackson as well put mall bomb but certainly. So all and end an almost nobody I know thinks that he slips past five to the Dallas Mavericks. This University of Texas standout sit do you as the worst case scenario for him and put quote from the word worst is that he goes fifth. To the Dallas Mavericks nobody thinks he's on going to be on board at 67. Or anywhere lower than that. Picking him between. Atlanta and Dallas is the Memphis Chris yeah so why if you're mall bomb or your representation. What you just determined that we're not cooperate when Memphis and here's why. Eight we might have even met with my name Ambien played for us. Because the Atlanta Hawks are gonna take us with the third pick but if the Atlanta Hawks don't pick us we know the mavericks will take us at five. And we would rather be in Dallas. Big market Dallas. Or big market Atlanta. Then small market Memphis when your options are go to it big market Atlanta this other kid from New York City grew up in Manhattan. The three options for him at 345 or big market Atlanta. Big market Dallas small market Memphis now so if you're Obama again think about this not as a proud meant the end but as. A elite basketball prospect from New York City. If you're options are big market Atlanta at three. Or big market Dallas at five. Why would you want to avoid small market Memphis at four. Particularly when it against him do reality for you it's small market Memphis. At four. Would be backing up markets all. And playing for a coach that'll probably be fired within two years because that's what the grizzlies organization does. Fire coaches every two years read almost regardless of whether they're winning or losing. Why would that be preferable to going to Dallas why would that be preferable to go in one spot higher to the Atlanta Hawks. So from Obama from New York City and they say hey. We might go 32 big market Atlanta. If they go another direction yeah Memphis can't take your ball we don't want that. Because would you rather go as eight Texas along I two big market Dallas to play with did it Smith junior. Org go too small market Memphis back up mortgage solve. And play for a franchise that fired as coach every couple years I have one obvious question if you're the grizzlies you evaluated all of what if you evaluated him. These super best prospect do you get it for your their four. Are you still draft him what all that crap I don't think it's going to be that clear cut and I don't think the grizzlies actually believe that. Blight I've set for awhile if Peyton bomb by dodge it's 123 off the board in whatever order and now having to pick between. Medical question mark Michael order. Jarrett Jack shin right tray young I would have more on the Obama on that list yeah there is a scenario where I'd I just finally would take him. With the fourth pick right there's a scenario where I would do that. If if the medical stuff if Peyton. Bomb book I mean if Eitan. Back glee and Dodgers are off the board and I are not comparable Michael Porter and now I really am picking between Jerry Jackson. More Obama for young when dale Carter Colin six in that group I talked myself and I'm Obama yeah very easily. Even quit while we're talking about here. I personally think he's a better prospect and Jarrett Jack's. I could talk myself and it's ray young but. I'd lightly toward Obama in in that scenario yeah. So if you're Obama Amy's rep position and you recognize that and you know as long as Memphis doesn't take me before I can go to Dallas at five and play would does that junior. Then you should try to manipulate the process to make Memphis pass on you if Memphis is actually considering you. So I hate on the hit it seems likes to be you know everybody says but mama Obama besides he's like a ridiculous physical specimen with a seven foot in wingspan. Know what they said they say Smart he's a really Smart and also got it seems like any Smart and thoughtful guy would figure out exactly what I just explain to you. And that's why I don't blame him one bit key piece to what's up next. Internet providers from the small businesses alive let's hear who really delivers more. Comcast business offers fast speeds across our network. We offer more complete reliability with up to six hours of four G wireless network backup. Keep your business connect. 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Bad news for lunch so far big bad news we'll have the balls future of the LA legs you'll get that in the next segment. Geoff Calkins at five a driver right now. My local best buy for your both local best buy our nation. At forty elbows he wrote a record crowd the. The legend Keith these two would make the big and winning writers athletes coaches the biggest names in sports BC Harry Carey show me new fuel. Does anybody lose this thing. There's so much ESPN. He's. What was whether it well that would have already this year gang at that yeah. All the grass roots. Yeah. Let it rip in. A war that they think they're getting too big big so easily transport sectors assailed although. If you do a lot of attention. A puppet got I think the republic Iran together really like is sixty you got Alabama right. All who could be if you got god don't be escorted to guard ball in his hands. But in Atlanta last month. Bill we've gotten better and you've got mark out what a long time ago. Edit break up and up but he mentioned what we're trying to get involved. All they have stockpiled. A lot of money. If it would only make sense now that they blew it. Get involved in some putts sponsorship we go about putting this summer during. All the other and so what they're caught a lot of gonna look like. Let me ask you guys are do they need to because I think what we've learned and I think I think you knew this for a while most people probably had as well but. The idea behind getting involved in grassroots basketball for a deed is or Reebok or Nike. Besides. You know that that the you know that the narrative of all we're just trying to you know impact children's lives is like hey let's create enough relationships. With these future stars. And get our fingers at them only so that when they become professionals. Like did did their our ups. And and what we just felt that that really matter who came it. Your body and they can I get the number one and presumably number two pick. In the 2000 AG NBA draft Nike head Marvin badly that essentially don't all big they are big flood to his team during the years. Eight at eight under was a. I I believe. Sony has said this many many times and the care of course they got by the grizzlies basketball. At the end of the day it really does it matter. How good of a relationship you have with somebody. With few exceptions. Most kids and their families when it's time to sign that deal they don't take the most money. Yeah and I suspect that sunny all while all we waived if you don't like they get. Aikman Bagley. Or Sony also believe Arnaud order that would have Mikey did do. It probably hear what he put it East Coast people are heading that dated down. Indicated that he would go into would drop sales somewhat calm and so on I believe that that theory but. What could be cured regarding me. I've never got one other will be yum. Potential serial paying for the book the book club they got that other. But you don't like it because in the under armour get somewhat stuck our school and you'd intrigues. Armed there's got to be some baggage conveyor if they believe they're getting out of it relates to sail but. Our team meeting Rick ocean property I would do just what somebody out should go to Taiwan or more money because they've both got a credible on eight. To do these deals. Army could be back with Jack Arnold they must keep director global sovereign my. Guess that's why are few exceptions to that is true derail it took less. Yeah but where they came back he gave between one million dollar deal to after the fact. So something about her are nothing but you know I think I think there's certainly value and just doing what it deepest did what I mean I'm not people ought coast. Bomb or at least Sony Crist will get a good relationship. Bootable audited gotten it was coming out. But not people on one accord Reebok Scrooge eruption but trying to get a ball but arm. I think 99.9 percent of time what you say it is correct. That she didn't say you're saying he's basing it comes to issues are going to most market. And if I remember correctly. The way a deed has handled them abroad negotiations is why it. A good it is what made sunny leave the deed is because he felt like I spent years. And developing this relationship with his family. I've got a better relationship that with them than anybody else in the world. But you're not given me you know give me the money to go get this deal done and like he was furious about that. Did anybody. Look so did not want to want to pitch well but bomb. So he had the mormons who work there we're all armed. When he when he got on. You know the story is that you know feel right at the Gator hit me about to go get as many mediate got that good and I can actually be tough to decide. He thought I'd get admiral Carolina it will be only got it that your. And I'll read this yesterday they had already started. Jean Jennings lined up to date this mean they were they were completely finished up short and different things. But also I get really pissed over there because he was promised. There when they when he and they were not going lead without signing a block if you knew. Want Kabila bought. If something was funny about players. Mood we would meet to talk about guys who can't get a good memory didn't look like it who could what he would crypt rear of the people like me. You know we're getting hip to who Boyer for Benoit pitched in all it was a Reebok because we require whipping. And edited well remarkable enough time. Doug give these two here and that it's none of them ESPN Dino on Twitter asked the question. Armed person makes a statement Jay-Z has been head and named head of coma basketball. And does that have an impact on. On them getting badly on them getting eighteen what that helped them going forward. None of one hand I think lift is it's too easy tip of royalty it's it had a an icon. And it's creates a big headline making it be a bad thing. Only other and chasing the 48 year old rapper does did does it resonate with 6060 reels like JF BI they just released album this weekend. I know everybody my age is listening to that arcs or fifteen year old let's go JC beyoncé down. What I am meeting. But that trip take what but came that'll have remembered their immunity audience to get back help beyoncé. Well biblical standpoint in Iraq and Vietnam and I felt it but it. I don't know the gut you know what I think what was at issue out of leading seller now the red meat meal or whoever your. So it all down to what does she look like out Cooper shoes com in the courage you were still not settled a bit less what they can't help with. Upload file there but with a good look at you are sure you know what what the bond sale Oracle's organic compound with got to make a decision they gotta do cook. Shoes which are what young people to accentuate their clothes I wanna match callers. They're the duo of will you because of the two got that your fans they got to kind of figure out but go back to one. All pray you're welcome Bob Woodruff but the coolest thing I appear on a hundred but so that they they are very you have to order these shoes. So well what locker active place orders Kabul but they'll act like order would not sure what's in it I. Saw Mikey no news. Did they got he shoot crease so and so you know. You buy your huge save your foot locker for forty celebrating you're not. Credible he expect it I remember what Sonny probably took. Took off prepared shoot over all fees well opened here on the board itself. Call roughly six dollars issues we start in the money tomorrow the only credible but I think. They crowd guarding at the bit of plant in mind Republican neglect a little bit hoop market. But he's their marriage could be. In the hook up line. Cut that would help people one more don't know until what troops shoot if you're good quite got or go to. But I I think they got a few if you're marketing it in the market like he ruptured to see what they do. Expect it next year I'll start hear him if your gonna happen if they're gonna go after have a clue what sort of like alcohol and I. It is hard to keep these two would have many tonight if ME SP he's a Twitter at Easter wouldn't. What they do you really don't water everything down. What I want is now. Paul what can I hope they don't love and I hope that dude I opted to go up. Yeah well let someone handed creates competition that's that's fallen like my favorite times of summer basketball hot war what are some people would call the worst times of summer basketball. But it's when Nike and sunny and everybody was trying to cut it just don't like right now. Now it if there's a little bit of that with under armour and ninety really you know banging heads. On uncertain prospects but it's not nearly as. Is it's not. It out what it wise and just adding another player to the game could maybe could maybe take it that direction and you're exactly right about. It was sunny believing that if you put the best bet high school basketball players in Memphis in a deed is that might not. May mean you're gonna get that one day you might take a look at one day what it can actually like create sales in a market. Because young people. Don't look up to other young people and that's exactly and eight men. Could actually pull wanted to get involved with grass roots like coming on the heels of Bagley and eight would be the time to do it because. It Baddeley walked around a pool while. And eight more Graham Paul but it makes all these other 1516 year old think it's cool to walker Adam pulled elected you gonna jump and have time to do. Yeah I'm gonna get pretty laid back. Somehow be under Robert got a book all about sports but all is over don't it would be able to bring you know got ever ready for a sick man. Alms running there but you don't do that did the same thing could happen not in this darn well. That they're well I was happy to see it at all well that could call it a tribute if you. Would wanna talk at all. The tremendous amount of money tremendous opportunity. For him to come out swinging gate eastern as. They're very very serious about what you're trying to do what they're basketball and again. Under certain you're on the our show today about me you know I'm not going to be you know we have got to cut you work well we'll get cute would you mind body doubles is selling pretty well. The dog to keep these two would be a nanny tonight FM ESPN and ask you about the draft is there a prospect that. In that that that appears to be available to the grizzlies that you. Solve. Four years ago that you've always liked that you prefer now it's just that stands out. We you know we would get kind of quirky written badly. In Atlanta or five years ago we got that they can be good. Ignored it when you're that Alabama Kobe can score their caucus say mom. Now would you would you take gender or did they got in projected to go 101112. But I. And M I think a little bit of course a hypocrite that directed the I think he got could have occurred like impact. Because if you order bulk of these athletic he can handle it all. You're gonna be sick but I take it or not only in outlaw. It greatly took a beating too so what what that I felt a pop. You know so it's a crapshoot. Is that the matter be in the like Lester like. All in order that you've got to believe in you. Com. And then a lot of receive what nightclub another got a lot of ideas you know we're they have accomplished their point. You know crude around them going to their manager but. Like I like Beckley I'm not sure but Q at what is adopted political poultry. Yeah it's. Eric read about belt translate create it ought to video. In the video there are. Reflecting and a great way to put these are mostly used other. Equivalent like he'll do it. Right now my dad and that's a real thing that did yeah. Yeah so. That is like he was there a lot of the ages I don't see it would look at it looks. What you what you want you to but only like this BQ it did it touch it. It's all are locked in audio sorted out also based on the based on what you don't. Ali and I understand that this airport side of us all the you know they show. Why are you get extra white kids in Arkansas the club. You don't don't translate to division one level that's what these guys. Don't translate to being very sort of well look at her for a great career but better comparing the white door. The next coming of Larry Bird com. And it worked these guys out with nobody. There with them so they're really not competing sort engaged does to me makes a critical Medea will compete. Will they let it you're you're a guy out is that it is in my limited knowledge that blocked access to Alabama coaching you're really believe that walked out. I like on six and a lot and this is that part of the draft process where. Like big changes start to happen to people's mock drafts and reports this and reports that. And I think sometimes. Folks just over think it specifically this. Got to go Vallone who again is my friend and indeed best I I think there is that Ed covering the NBA draft twelve months a year. His latest mock draft. Has shake Gil just Alexander. Going ahead of Troy young and Colleen sexton both. In other words he's got it I heard about I guess was that low earlier today where he's at less than those three players those regards to go in the order. And then you updated as I got these guys shake guilders Alexander global portray young and context in which may turn out to be right like I said a million times who knows but. Well. And sexton. Trey young Ed Shea guilders Alexander have been playing against each other or in the same circles for years now. There's never been a moment where anybody thought Segal just Alexander was the better basketball prospects than Troy young or college fixed. They all went to college. They could start that it was very good he was not better than Collins sects that he was not better than for young. And then we get 02 days before the NBA draft and suddenly gonna come up abort abort a victim or Terry Young a 63 combo guard that can do some nice things but keep she looked. A 63 double murder you shoot at the guy who's now. Going to be that a top eight nick like. Yeah he can you know it. Look general managers and scouts did get they'd laugh I laugh because right now leading up to alert our little wire all the bowl all on so. Jonathan could have been told it this shape got a guarantee when somebody like they're it's all bull crap. Do you do your guys and track your gap in right now there's so that's why. Lot here and what he did. Every show we've calm. And it's quite. College coaches and they don't figure they probably don't either life you're sort magnet. NBA teams are in our poker you're little you don't think to know what they got him. Meg big on attacker they are great shake your Chris square off. Well up to me that many to watch because that bigger ball. But a lot of boulevard on the will be river. There is no. Question you try to sort through it separate fact from fiction as best you can definitely thinking these two wouldn't let me every Tuesday in the first down our pleasure educated. Big high tides into. 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We'll have a tough time making it work long journey and we are all these years later you'll make your words that you guys. When you make that phone call that help you we walk in this door that guy healthy again you need a new computer refurbishing the custom built computers that's your spot but also computer repair. I'm helping 3609679360967. Out of the system. Melbourne I'll depart on the web Cooper systems that can't jump started good drumming is live at 5 o'clock we'll talk NBA draft table right now at a horse story that like to discuss. War stories presented by them. Love restaurant in Los. And still lose soldiers start telling stories and forget what he wanted to talk about. Yeah only every afternoon. So we've developed a device that ensures he'll touch on important things you need to know each day it is time for. This is key piece or notable stories that's wore 44. And number one. Saying the ESPN MBA reporter was on radio earlier today it was discussed seeing. Think things everybody discusses about the NBA these days which is the draft and free agency more specifically. LeBron James and also. What's gonna happen with Kauai littered the lakers are involved in like a lot of this stuff not so much with the draft block. Everybody does not everybody but most seemed to think that LeBron. Is headed to the lakers and also that why Leonard one way or another is gonna end up in LA. Probably because the lakers are going to put together a superior package. For one of the top she's actually in prospect a top ten players. In the world when healthy. And air to air talking about this earlier when I was driving again. Annie said it it it looks like the lakers are going to be able to put together a better package than anybody else that's not this is it. Right and isn't it but he he's right because they. Is that the lakers have the ability to put together a better package than anybody else or most others. It's that. They're willing to do it right where other franchises probably just are going to be willing to go out because for other franchise it's got to be perceived as they ran to a one year deal. As opposed to the lakers know that they are getting Kauai letter on some animals are. And so. Increasing just talking about all this and he gets the subject LeBron James reasonable Bryan's up and LA. The most likely thing I'm hearing is that you know what. Who else Ingle be there it Il may be spreading ideas are good luck but the name that's in every conversation is islam's a ball. Which makes complete sense to me. Hey you gonna have Obama bronze hands. Love looking at play without the ball or he's never played without the ball so I'm unsure how that works now as soon as Alonso did have a ball in his hands Lavar is popping off nonstop like he's just a headache that I don't think into. Eat granola and so you've just written yourself. The question would become an I was talking to some NBA people about this over the past couple days. Like Santonio seems like the type of franchise that would. Want anything other than Alonso ball because it comes with the Lavar ball package and this one MBA person I was speaking with that that is true. But it. The spurs are also Smart and they recognize lines that would be an asset. So they would either bring another team in if they were gonna do this or they would just take on though and then flipped him for something else. They wouldn't plan on getting Alonso had a minute spurs' uniform on opening night but they can get Alonso and then see who values what he has. Because he is. People do still think they made possible future all star now it's just dead in dad's mouth creates more problems than frankly I ever anticipated now I have that pegged wrong headed thing Lavar would be nearly the issue that he's bin. But he's been a big issue but either way. A one way or another a by the time we get to opening night. The Smart money seems to be on this. LeBron James will be. Lakers uniform. On the ball. Probably not story number two way Morris or I saw this it's kind of sad in a more left Brazil training earlier today after just. Few minutes for the right ankle injury that the team doctor said it is related to a foul he suffered against Switzerland and not his recently. Broken right foot Sox what he had to limp off the pitch Brad yeah and now the entire nation of Brazil. Is terrified. That perhaps they're young star name our might not be able to a beat his his death shelf as this World Cup continues to unfold do you have similar concerns for Brazil. I do on instant Graham I was just reading about this during the break apparently here's the other thing I was weeded out by these push putting pictures of the the foot in question on instant Ramsey says work hard in the message although it was in Spanish or whatever language that is Mets. I'm concerned. I'm concerned. I I think our. So like it Daimler will probably play good looks back. Blood like it is this is the type of thing that would wouldn't you know usually soccer you do your things are it did the thing that I think sometime gets overlooked and comes to this under soccer underestimated yeah that you use your feet now and not only. You use your view you lied all the time I'd like an awful lot he's. Like you'd think you eat your feet all the time so do you have a foot eyeball socket soccer have a foot problem that you you might have they a real problem so we'll see what happens the name or. Meanwhile I'd better numbers for May go. Really because let's part of your ancestry resident you love it like distant but yes I do so amendment impress some Mexican and there isn't there she's proud Mexican heritage now and I realize that it became. Controversial for Americans to root for Mexico all yes I saw little Landon Donovan not like me like I'm supposed to hate the Mexican soccer today I disagree with that I don't know I mean I hate and a handful of things in this world. Coast rainy most notably black college but whenever you media hate that Mexican soccer team goal and that's the last that don't have that as I'm reading about this. I'm sitting there I'm having a drink I'm watching it came from reading about that must lose what. The Mets won twelve OnStar volatile. Hey there. So you've seen them lose it when they win again I'd I haven't paid attention there aren't there the three game winning streak. 88 congratulations. Matt forget what is good for a delay rate your good guy and a three game western great nobody else. We'll see you back in this pennant racer and a hat and that's just a rhetoric into. Can beg them to them drinking that. What shoot that score runs for Jacob the ground good M read about some health of people are mad at Landon Donovan because he supports Mexicans are soccer team. And then like Americans are supposed to Mexican soccer game and I felt it right there at that moment I said I small little Mexicans are to think you're going against America once so I was and a viable I got the whole match can uniform now. Understood that I'm ready to go. Is it what color their colors are Green Bay Carolina and cool all right a lot of grace's brand no that this does is the excitement sound design and some of fine now that's the racist Mexican sound effect not. I'm not being racist just that excited them your imaginary what they racist moment if that's the thing that a lot of races don't know you like don't lie. Oh don't even know when your name and called cult a dialogue Jay's not made bra you just would made that was race that was a good. All told I'm not I know it's a we're dying this is why you start putting says oh weeks and and Democrats so now it's a I just racist lies. Lol while you are you're the host of course they're gonna say that here's the truth. No it wasn't meant to beat out when I don't like it could be clear I don't think you meant it that way. That way you're just trying to be all right I like it law. They re all you didn't move would be to be rages war has raised and so I'm now I'm rooting for the Mexican soccer team I want him to beat everybody and holed that trove whatever trophy you get for what in the World Cup are warmed up to hold that at the end story number three rappers are dying nonstop. Who's the latest one I thought we were over those who died now home. Jimmy lawful. Not that you said the general walker that they Jimmy Walker tied for the know Jimmy Walker is still alive that's dynamite but I haven't checked alumni you shouted yeah. Well slow down or what's up with you it. And then this red brick listen I don't ask much from rappers down but like I wish she would make your name's. Easy to understand. Like like so that I didn't have to like Goldfein YouTube interviews with you and so that I could understand how to pronounce your name. Like like you know like to see if ever if Elliott go to jail it's a V I like that like there's such a thing or even like to pop we had that. Yeah I'm yea that's pretty easy easy Kendrick Lamar no problem I hate cold. Cole drew right either I think it's good for your brand and then every once in awhile we get and would you want these rappers just like now know to call this guy. Well his name with the best I can tell XXX. Ten taxi will do. Adjacent sent us he'll be dead and what have until I got shot multiple times panel pound now. And dumb on I have read some interesting stuff about this because I could visit those that like add and I hadn't I feel like I'm probably make it.