Gary Parrish Show, Tuesday, June 12, 2018, Hour 2 (w/stories continued then Geoff Calkins in Seg full Seg 1 this hour)

The Gary Parrish Show
Tuesday, June 12th
...stories continued on Kyrie and Greg Hardy Seg 1: Geoff Calkins and GP discuss the Grizzlies #4 pick and prospects Seg 2:  GP talked about the NBA/Lebron/Lakers/Lonzo Ball Seg 3:  Dinner to Go 

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I don't know whoever LeBron James like we can do that are it will go playbook put award is now local letter rockets now played a Celtics now that's the type of thing that would make me more than anything else. Want to. Sacrificed money. To stack a roster to make dream migraine. Take it stupid shirt off barbecue today I am so fired up story number three carrier had a press conference earlier today in Boston and he was asked about a number of different things including his health and his moviemaking. But ultimately he he was has the best fees speculation. That LeBron James could be coming to all staff and that he would once again a big teammates what LeBron James and I think you'll be able to hear his voice he went excited about it. This how you think we journalism ground. Loss and no stuff through it you know if things cities. Obviously the speculation from business and so. And don't really try to control that narrative I'm sharp focus on what's important that we were going until next year of being aware of who we have now what we're capable. Things that he's. How to fix or you know get. Go from there and you guys it's. You now. A lot of awards show and beat him like actively recruiting LeBron James via Twitter to Philadelphia I think I don't even Dylan Brooks trying to get LeBron James DA. Utley and there is not re Irving. The bronze former teammate. In Boston like completely downplaying the possibility that probably could be comfortable on Saddam I think Jeff got it exactly right the most hilarious thing we can walk into here. Is somehow home Alston and convincing Cleveland. To take carrier having back. For LeBron James does it Kyra read abandoning Larry inning hits king in San here. And then a year later and you don't want to collect the Cleveland regional and probably healthy anyway it will bring LeBron James here I don't think it's likely. But I think it's awesome to think about and given that car re still with so on in been the asked think about anything involving LeBron James. I'll be wishing for story number four Greg Hardy former Allman. Star NFL defense of him with the Breck Chris Christian here in the Memphis area is having his first professional fight tonight MMA he's fighting former NFL defense have been Austen Lane. And the way it's set up I don't follow the stuff closely the best I can tell by reading the way this is set up is that the winner. It's a USC contract I'm so this is a big opportunity for our four Greg Hardy but it off also comes with a bit of controversy because. The question being asked of Dana while the domestic stuff how can you give this guy this opportunity like and you well why do you want this got to be apart of your organization. He beat the notable woman and that seemed pretty well documented in Dana White said that this doesn't follow up he said quote. You talk to anybody Greg trains with male or female. They say that he's a very good guy he's very humbled. And everybody deserves a second chance. The guy was never charged with any thing he was never sinister or anything like that so we're going to give him a shot. Inco and I guess I would say it's. If you wanna simply argue everybody deserves a second chance. Okay. I'm not sure that's true across the board. But like okay. If you wanna say this guy did some horrific things in his past but he deserves a second chance I don't really know how to counter argue that. But I guess I could screen no he doesn't have that but then you can say yes he does. And that he gets a second chance and I don't know where the conversation goes from there. But when you try to back everybody deserves a second chance with the guy was never charged with anything he was never senate's or anything like that right that's just a lot. Yup that's not true. Com he was charged. And he was cents he was convicted. And then it went to an appeal. And if you remember the way this went down. All gathers she didn't show up right with that the deal the young woman decided not to further cooperate ran a after. They reportedly. Reached a financial agreement he paid her. To no longer cooperate. So that the charges would subsequently have to be dismissed because without her you've got no case. What anybody's saying that he was never charged. Never convicted never sentenced that is not true I'm in July of 2014. He was found guilty of assaulting his ex girlfriend. And he was sentenced to eighteen months probation. And he was suspended for team gains by the NFL the charges in suspension were later dropped after the victim failed to appear in court to testify. That again came reportedly after they reached a financial agreement if you wanna know what he was accused of this is what it is. A picking up his ex girlfriend throwing her into a tiled tub area in the bathroom. Calls bruises to head neck back shoulders arms legs elbow in feet. He importer from the tub buyer here screaming that he would killer or break her arms dragging or cross the bathroom and out of the bedroom placing both his hands around her throat to strangle her. While she was on the floor lifting her above his head and throwing her onto a couch covered with assault rifles ignoring her pleased to be left alone over the allegations. He was or if he was found guilty of that. So Dana White wants to say everybody deserves a chicken saint second chance now make it less. Whatever that is I guess that's that's the way to conduct business that's what he can conduct business but also he was never charged with anything else they was never convicted of anything. Don't say he was sentenced. That's just a lot. It's all documented simple Google search brings at all. Geoff Calkins a knack. She slid. He official who. ESPN downloaded today to listen in. 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Right in the middle of some of the best shopping in dining around noon to their kind of allocation this year that these joke serving Starbucks breakfast dinner and evening round scoring yard by Mary I think carriage crossing into caught your belt to learn more about our group breaks in to make your reservations call today 850939. Back to the Gary ever show. NFL ME SPN which you have got kids on today's show. Talking your award winning columnist host and Geoff Calkins showtime for every day around the damage here right now just Gargan tower used. Have got to work out today over at FedEx format featured a bunch of players that I wouldn't even. Snippet or or at thirty twos with the hustle work out as opposed to aggressively work at least from my perspective and Chris Wallace. After word. Seem to imply. And I'm reading this via Twitter I wasn't standing right in front of them. But seemed to imply that they don't really expect to get any other they're big guys that they would actually consider for. Arm in here to work out window Carter was here and I guess they would consider him before even though I wouldn't under any circumstances. And that it that appears to be the only projected top ten guy who's gonna come to Memphis to work out. Hum what why is that it is there any franchise in the leak that having more difficult time getting. Prospects who were actually in the air traffic arranged to calm today at city and work out in the grizzlies. You know who knows what I don't call when Utah always bad. If you get people try to work out there like Camille they're there are cities that are particularly astonishing record there one plot behind Atlanta. And a little get anybody to come to work out or did it everybody don't work out and so. And like it couldn't have. Historically the last eight years got a pretty good solid front shot except the other thing that this is not working out for to be equivalent. Yeah community. Sacramento let's say just for example right now workout first Sacramento it to work out Turkey and to actually been pretty darn good. And though. But I mean you can sort of understand that there doesn't like franchise they don't appear to be on the ups like it's why. It's why right now. They need to be honest like you would imagine that this is a just pick it failed they had. Just in terms of fans just a long time proposed. Once. Region from momentum right now which is French Irish and so. I suppose you've got a small market team that doesn't look like it's headed in the tactically right direction but don't let him know. So. Come into San heckled at a putted as an apple and also a if it's nice to Michael Porter junior I'd be dead boycotting net I'm going to let go like torture period or so then you can't show my medical stuff about hooker accountable doctor. You can't talk to be greatly. Like it got dark bat and we don't really know who called it delicate dealt ever released ready so those McDowell is getting. But it sort of coupling honestly I want to look at all of do we now. It really is a little bit like what's wrong with us do we smell like why won't why won't you come we are picking fourth. In this craft like coming out this for a little while if if nobody will. And it's like they have a rich guy at the bottom with the rich guy that oh it got beat that guy in a body judge he drugged up a beautiful car you get out. Credibly well to ask you buy people drinks because everything else. But he can't get to put you to talk to them even though you look at got a little. I will buy all your drinks like and I don't I might give you an apartment. Why won't you talk to me whenever you wanted to go to that you won't even argue about it. Oh or eight you won't even look at me like why why not like good megabytes show you my black and let's would you like coming out. Regular hang I would doubt whatever at at those who got like. A look at the money that I have a huge problem just like you what what why why many quite I don't let you talk to him. Why why won't why won't you talk some. Argued drink it but nothing like that at a that Garrett look at what we're booted it well they're sort of like pepper lemon no Kurt talk probably get there. Like geeks idiot troll upload two you know NN uttered that got an. Like do you realize the Chicago Bulls for and you have less money. Did you and I haven't yet you can not you can get as much money out of bed ED at the Chicago Bulls it you can't from maple why. Going to work up to Chicago Bulls are now working out for me. Work out for me. I would work out from the. You what you wonder at that point you just check your deodorant ticket what are you equity. Triple got a blast like deep metaphorically I. Like what did I do this my fly open. Could that long ago I think is what the country via the bad thing about to meet people out of the meat Kubel. Hit a creek. What's happening that I tuck my shirt and in my boxers went out a also ensured that they don't boxers looked the local. I have told the paper stuck in my shoe. Hunt all of you to me. I think you like see Darren Jackson like walked right past due to talk to three people would mean less money. You know what. What. Why won't he will play at Eckerd Jack the Pope played Mary gets the play at the market I get a because they have two good dude like what that's. I grit and grind and you know all that stuff that boggle lady good red LaRoche at the air that's kind of cool city. What can you not bad note stay exposed to actually walk over our dead and I realized this does stated actually. Should care should tell those. Kevin and by the way it's a reminder that like the idea that Chandler Parsons just pick the grizzlies Max contract overnight Contra. Blah blah blah none. Eighteen year olds to come or go out and cardinals like I bowed methods is the best option for. Yeah at that gone up Portland you people did. Let her out here on the West Coast I'm gone a little bit right. Yeah a good bit bit Gemma Parsons who like basically live on the west go to god and I'd have moved a member of the Portland. Well I hope I don't want what is it electrical and that story a bug bit hopefully be dead. Can we get you can't you can't get a prospect to work out for you when you got a four pick in the draft and Gemma Parsons. But they did you overlap go franchise around Wednesday I think Willard NC in my column. Yeah anonymous Fred Clinton is so good when it happened we relic he'd pick the you Derek you like not pretty what the book it would be the centerpiece. Yet not now unfortunately his knee was broken. And Portugal and if he was broken a dog to demagogue 0929 of them ESPN and then. Ultimately though I mean it's not ideal but. If you're picking for the market back we dropped to force them to look at the budget and the white dodge if he weren't up for anybody so whatever and you have Lleyton here no matter white of these not to be available. But like you the obligatory Yong and hear ya baby get Jerry Jackson admitted that appear that the going to be able to do that. I. A big ol' bag made only working out for if you look at upper Atlanta. Any work it out for you got to work outs of feet right it didn't look up compared to defend not let. IIII thought he was not working out for so I don't want he work upper Phoenix and I would. I go to Atlanta right but he's not there's no evidence has come to Memphis. You would hope you would hope that you would be able to get. Bagley. You would hope that you would be able to get Janet Jackson junior at your ultimate yep get Trey yup you're no good I mean old Michael porter's you're looking equity 200 Chicago. Now that you point out onto just doing anything for anybody but. It's those those guys talk about real you would hope you yelled get those guys they're saying it now. In the end if you draft but they're they're gonna you know this is battles Ukraine this yellow they Cooper Willard and they don't work used to report. The fact there's is that true some of of the could be a pretty darn good for like I think from Barbara Bagley. Paterson may be routed go to Atlanta I I get that but I actually think for mark Iberia pretty good set to go well at Arkansas. Yep right and what applies like I think that play well. What you want you watched for a young go to Atlanta and Memphis is picking right after that and the truth is like train young probably going for second or third. He is gonna be available for I would assume. And yet they won't be you know he's just like you know what I'll go five or six angle and now I'm not working out for Memphis which is like it again it's just wanna. Couple extra yard to that that doesn't have to be city that could be. Yes I got but that it did not look like a scripture and particularly trying to try to candidate bill torsion right so. Also note about it they but it could have been that much of an. Acknowledged that but either way the bottom lines saying what they're just not getting it where the guys who should be in play it for like it looks like literally none of them are going to come work out here and and. I battle as you point out it doesn't just don't just got home preach that the fact that Jim Parsons. Didn't there's no conceivable way to keep the mattress over Portland both for offer next contract. Well but obviously drives don't what that the problematic because the future of this do that yet that it will have been saying all along is that. If you can't even get. A eighteen year old toward. Walked her comment work out for you when you have more money that enable the copper how are you possibly competing for the best free agents in an era where competed for the that's free agency can create it seems to be good value when championships I think. That's the problem that does suggest that that. That it and that's why in the and they have to get on grass they have historically haven't they have to look at that the only way to get what you're at a. Are gonna Geoff Calkins dramatic to none of them is gonna do wanna circle back to Michael order because I'd I think what you referenced in something I talked about in the opening segment is important. And that's that they're hiding the medical from nobody. There now I don't know if you can as a Memphis doctor or a you know a Dallas doctor trust trust what the Chicago doctor shows you. But the Porter family has decided anybody who wants to look at our son back but anybody wants to look at the medical's can look at the medical's. And to me that's encouraging and I am connecting some dots here but I'll explain in the NC widget thing. If or something in these medical's that was concerning. Did you don't show it. 22. You you don't just give it to everybody. Because it is it's a sliding scale on a prospect like Michael Porter same way it was or prospect like Terry Giles a year ago. Aid you eighth. If the grizzlies didn't have access to Michael porter's medical's at four they just what they would just passed they just they were to figure Jackson will take for young. We'll take somebody else we're not gonna draft him sight unseen that's too risky especially for us at full. But it might not be too risky at nine. It might have been too risky well it might have to be too risky of fourteen. Eventually somebody is going to be willing to draft him sight unseen based on what else are we getting at fourteen. And I'd rather just take roll the dice on Michael Porter jr.'s talent even if we had even seen anything to do it has backed. I'd rather roll the dice than just take who you don't good Kevin Knox or Shea Gil just Alexander. And so that the family is willing to show everybody the medical's suggests to me that there's just not going to be anything in the medical that is too concerning age you know it it it that may end up being wrong. But if there was a pro but the medical Sherron what. I think that's well first of all if it literally wouldn't show anyone about a place that I'm not killing anyone the medical. I think it's a pretty steep fall crop rated good in the twelve or fourteen or sixteen or eight. No one can see our medical records. I think it's a pretty well. But the steep. All I get right with the steeper Bobby this there's something obviously wrong about it. There's a bit horrible and the fact that it's literally everybody come on NC and I. Where where we have doesn't died we will show everybody I do get to try but I I don't think you can address I don't think you be lottery. It's that a war is clearly a steeper fall would be medical but are are as up awful wreck but if you if you leave is that both. Nobody Madigan biomedical for anybody. I think you would be a lot of it. I don't think you would be agree I think he had the shall all but at least some version of the medical or somebody. In order to preserve the status of a lottery would look when would you talk about it a packet that this is not like. Not huge fan I'm not gonna work out for anybody that we've seen on tape with. At Andy's anti business and stuff like that and so. And and I think it's it would have been a pretty steep fall but I do agree the the equity and being as open as they are suggest medical's might be. But I think the most intriguing thing about this draft now is. We've always thought it's it's it's eight men and badly dot church and some work and go. The question is it. If in fact is that point to it as it is that Bagley. Dot church saying going to be disrupted. Could someone's gonna go up to get you to Jesse Jackson junior would sit at a monster work out or somebody is gonna go up to get. To get Bagley. Or what we do yeah or horse and report ordered you hear it would create one the other guy I fall out if they don't go up order might be it will be so. If you great. If you are great and healthy. It creates a a much better situation for the group is gonna either some want to get them. And it's someone go to to get above wanna the other two guys faults or if they don't go to together and you can get him yourself at summit you can plug in that. Gordon who were we then can put points on the board and it didn't hit the most critical part of the strapped the the Michael Porter trigger is off. Right you don't want him to not be an option. You might not select him but you want him to be an option and the read this is like it's just the numbers game like it to me. If patent like we should just remove him from the conversation because there's no way he's slipping to four they're really a waste that it's Lebanon to. So eight is that up so now the most likely scenario still in my mind as Dokic Bagley come off the board and some war. And then you're sitting there with. Michael Porter junior Jerry Jackson mold bombed. For a Yong like that group of guys. And if Porter is just red flag on available to you. Well that it limits. The guys there and I know some people loved Erin Jackson and I didn't say they're wrong the love Jerry Jackson I say I don't personally love Darren Jackson I don't love. I know. People who do our respective and I understand why they do. I just don't maybe I'll be wrong about this. I got it will be the first time. People are wrong about the draft every year including the people who run the NBA franchises every year. Maybe I'll be wrong about Jackson but I don't think Darren Jackson is going to be a top four player out of this draft. Mom and so I don't really wanna take him at four. Arm and an end. Three young I can talk myself into but I can also see him not being a star I can also see him being just the guy in the NBA. Bomb mall bomb I actually am entry by but I can see him just being a guy as opposed to a star. But Michael Porter junior does have star potential if he's healthy. If that's what everybody who's ever seen him his whole life beliefs. And that's why it's crucial that he's healthy. Because. It obviously do you got no control over this but if he's healthy one of two things happens just like you said somebody comes up and get him. At two or three. At which point Bagley or dodge it falls to you that's great or. Bagley Don G-8 are still the top throughout the board but you get healthy Michael Porter junior F four which a year ago. If Ida told NBA franchise you can get helping Michael Porter junior with the fourth pick in the draft they all taken. Back to meet it like what what we know about Michael porter's back on draft night. Is very important to two I think I don't want overstated but liked the future of the group is important. I think it's I think Michael porter's help and the fact that you believe it or that's probably the single most important factor. I actually think though that what happened in the last week. All a lot of variety of fronts is that good for the group. Jerry Jackson junior's monster workout that was what good for the country could give someone might now. Now that please quote someone might go up. It could not go up to get Michael Porter junior adequately to that might go up to get. Monster workout Jarrett Jack and had to agree to and honestly you got a job and Bonnie Wright the piece on ESPN. About and how some people entry by Bob. I don't think. I think those are three players. Who who who you could imagine another team jumping ahead a degree at least to get. Forcing someone that you like. Yes well until all three for I think I reporters the most accord the border Jackson and bombard a bit of all three fronts. Content of their upside you can sort of imagine sort of up to get those guys. Don't actually did weirdly enough that anyone gonna go up to get back you'll like don't elect them to jump at currently get back. But my job at a group you can get dot church but if that is any of those three guys who are sort of hot or the night wore a week ago oh. It's any of those three guys become so compelling that summit jumps up to get them that'll put options for the dude please. At four look a lot more attractive that we would imagine three weeks ago. Do you understand why they'd seen. To just. Not be interest in the Obama at all say they should take him for if Bagley dot TH and eight are off the board. But he would at least be somebody I would strongly consider for all the obvious reasons and it doesn't appear because they didn't want a meeting with him at the top mine it doesn't appear that their interest in him. I think that's. Unfortunately could well I'd I don't believe that fit. I don't believe you draft fit but that is the worst of the YouTube you can only play want catcher in the Indiana. He's the anymore. I cut out yet exactly so there's there's two problems with is that one. Q do you have a center. And so look you've got a guy who can really only be at center when you have a center and secondly in a league where centers are also people out. And go and then also lead to more of a project that it's been a pact got. I don't necessarily think those are right very clearly a spot is about player who come out strap we will have been wrong to not take him. I'll care about that but I think it's that's why it's it's a bad fit at a position that is itself. Not as important in the league and auto on a timeframe that does not particularly time so they're Uga. My only issue with you already have a sinner is the reality is you might already have a sinner to the trade deadline. I mean that's that's the thing with I more I Maurer. Hum. Persuaded by you already have a point guard because Mike's under contract for awhile ago and what like you'd be able to move that contract even if you want to bomb. Whereas marks. And apply got a you can play try to young. Could play you can find minutes for Troy young even though you be Beirut. And I contribute dude you can find minutes for another shooter. Well he can't if you can't get Fineman you'll build upon minutes for Obama. As of volume mark. And I had to plant and haven't talked about the I think they assume probably correctly that market gonna opt in her contract is up at the end of this year and a trade but. If gadgets Libya and up at the end of this year but he talked to get as much money on a belief from anyone else you would slightly Hillary's trip for a pretty good chance that he can opt in in Egypt to warrior. I would just I guess. And basing it now nothing more than upside in talent and and totally ignoring Fayette. And current roster. I'm I think if if eight and gone to Bagley or all of the board. I would wanna be picking between the Obama Darren Jackson and tree Yong. It only those three. I I doubt it yet Obama Obama Jerry Jackson entry young those would be the only other three players I'm considering a four. And they don't appear to be considering at least one of those and I think that I would take Obama over Jackson and in young. Knowledge you'd meet with them. We hardly I mean what we are to have had a talk about what they'll try to command and it cannot be a problem that we're getting Carter and ultimately going to be a senate to a booklet. A flagrant. And I mean he's. Either course sort of reform battle ridiculously you'd vitamin a to confront. Yeah I mean basically in this league going forward all the fours or fives. In Greg everybody L the fourth spot but that that there are some five who can be five but then the Fords are gonna become fives. Or at least in in certain sparked the game's going to be five. And I don't know anybody that thinks window Carter's a better prospect in the Obama. And yet they they seem intrigued by one they'll Carter and not that intrigued by mall bomb which I I just don't again I could be wrong but I don't agree with that. So our idea why did. I think it is interest and an idea of becoming. More testing by the day and I do think things are breaking late in ways. Right I agree out talked Itamar. I'm about as animated. We don't get to see the players that's the only break which could hit it well I mean the other thing is you don't have to. All right you're right you don't but. Out you don't you know use these guys have done scouting these players for a long long time. It would be nice because you learn something about people when you sit gonna have to I mean not that circle back to that tragedy but one and keyboard aids thing. It was that you can learn a lot about a person just by like we have a meal with absolutely and you can find out what kind of like I've had. Meals with people. Where it completely changes. My perception of them. Like me to what what I think about. Changes sometimes positively sometimes negatively yup but like OK that was fun or interesting. And now wow mom I think some I think totally different about you than I did four hours ago. And a meal with a a basketball coach who I kind of knew but didn't really know well now. Couples may be last summer. Out in Vegas had to be sent them by nixed the game is OK he wanted to blues go grab some inner. And down I know a little bit. Am wind dying. Spent two hours with and I was like. Police are Ollie he's really got star potential in this sport. And really was good but I didn't I it just to totally enhanced what I thought about it over nothing then like we're just sit there have been meat balls for a couple hours and then there's other people where. You sit down with them. And from a distance you have this certain perspective album and you like sit next to him for two hours and you're talking you there's not much here. I gave the other is valuable but there's not a whole lot of substance here ya like this is somebody who looks interesting and distance but. There ain't very much here now we sit right next to each other. Order and salads very much gearing up and I that's among the reasons now. In addition to. You know put some might rule work out to sea and somebody in person go through it in you or facility. Doing what it is you want them to do. Arm. In addition to that my my. I don't think there's a benefit to just sitting down with somebody either take criticism of the house that rapport and even that I don't care about that just like tests somebody's set on how to deal with them. And that is one of the downsides about these prospects bet they they're not coming to Memphis to work out. To have a meal. To sit down and just call her to sit down and just hang out. Because when I talk to NBA people when they're asking me questions. About these players. Almost never. Do they asked me. So what do you think about his jumper debts that skill stuff what do you think about the way rebound and what do you think about is smoke there. This is what what I do I I picked up on a while ago when I get these phone calls from. NBA people one asked me about college players they know I'm familiar with or they know that I've covered or they know that I know their coaches and whatever. They don't asked me what I think about them as players really. I mean they they do but that's very quick yeah it's a very quiz our other documents they don't care what I think about them as players. Could they did they scatter them as players take it their all and they know they can played a three year this play out I don't know what they think they know aren't they. Dug up the hope they've done the founding. They've done the scout tonight. They can't they know what kind of baffled by these guys aren't what they wanna ask me usually now I would say 80% of the questions again about players are. What do you know about him as a guy. What do you know about him as a teammate. What do you know about him as a student what do you know about him as a solid what's the worst thing you've ever heard about him. What's the best thing you've ever heard about what kind of guy you see dose of the questions I get he would more than any other. Because that's what they're trying to figure out they it's it's not typical to figure who complain who can't play. But who what this person like and the best place honestly it took to get a set yet and a is at a dinner table share at a restaurant in sudden Weston. Or wherever you don't have to give me an answer to this but is there have been a time were a GA at not a GM a person ask you about a specific NBA player and and they get drafted. Higher than you thought based on your response in other words where this team sits kind of still wet and a different direction. Even though you might as said you know. May be that player is a little hard to deal way. As service prize were the team that you gave said advice to you when a different direction. Shore but I don't ever assume because it's not true that I'm the only partner talking that Wright again they're gonna get multiple article out of there with a story last year. Where the Celtics were evaluating. I think Jason Tatum okay. And Brad Stevens called. His high school English teacher. On or somebody like a random into it it was like to study him it was some like that element too bad this is Brett Steven take go to the Boston sucks do you have twenty minutes I want to talk about Jason Tatum and what was he like as a student how was he would his classmates not his teammates his classmates. How was he would just like the normal students what kind of guy seat while talking to everybody ever but but that's a big part of the try to clear whose hoop what are what are these what these people like. You know who are we giving them and when you don't ever get to have that face to face sit down EU. I don't once that you don't know but it's it's more difficult than our work around it you can learn a lot about somebody sitting in front of home. In no order in a soup and salad and on ray and had ended ice water and just sit there two hours. Just talking listening to them talk asking them questions. See that they ask questions. That's an of the part of it yeah this is this person double talk about himself. Or this is curious. To see I'm always impressed by young people who ask questions you sit down with a they wanna ask you questions that's impressive quality. You might get a sense that if these prospects are actually coming in. To your market sitting down with you spending 24 hours via. So that's the downside of not getting these guys into is that just that you don't get to work amount is that you don't get to have those moments with them. So you can better gate like who are we about to invest millions of dollars it. Think about that you've hired a lot of people how often do you hire people without sitting in front of them. Never. In yet that is on some level what an NBA franchise is gonna do next week mail invest. Yeah you're hiring people for. Six or 5000 dollar lower Mara 150000. Dollars for two and a bit of whatever. Some NBA franchise is about the best millions of dollars in somebody they never said that win. That's the belt that's the big negative part about not getting these players in front of you. If you can learn something you'll always learn something down you can't learn something from those sit down and the grizzlies. I would assume at this moment are gonna end up picking somebody with a fourth overall pick. That they haven't had an opportunity. In a casual relaxed setting here in Memphis but they haven't had an opportunity to spin that type of time with that's not ideal but. 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And then like before you know it it'll be DO training camp timing is right to go and summer league now the big deal as well I had a very relieved grizzlies released their schedule their into some early sessions this thing is like you said before these personalities there's constantly. Slumping team generated just from a personality from the NBA like in its eye getting as much attention because we're all focused on LeBron jams in the Golden State Warriors parade. But like lot of ball literally released district about his teammate. A dance tracks not even like like it had. Dicey I haven't heard yet got crazy personal really account coups and are now has never met his father that's like part of his story and he's had no as father and Alonso decided to like. Mentioned it to you do I don't know why it does like it critical part of that deal like what do you like what. I what are you doing I the only Indian credits incredibly sent did but that's the sensitive you would why it's like the only thing is like you wonder if they're just having an implicit bought if they're not as Evan finally sell like that the type but they they can really mess up your basketball team like maybe they were maybe they got in cahoots or they'd they'd talked about the -- like his arm all right Selig never meeting your father would be like a joke it's just off limits guard Kyle Likud is not let's you have factually true. Yeah it. Hey let's go let's go back and forth and have fun but hey could you maybe not mention that I've never met my father because that's like there's still a big hole in my heart because of that yeah. Dealing with issues because I grew up without my father may be not put it into random distract that you release in June after your rookie year. And when you combine that with the fact that Lavar is popping off nonstop still fresh there's a growing. Up. A growing sentiment within the league. That Magic Johnson as just got to. Like he's got this little let's let the ball they just did not work like on who you thought it would work. Now I like that with epic but eight you're drafted the wrong guy and a you GR eight you did you draft the wrong guy I could describe better player I mean for that team won't be eat clearly about a player for the team at least he had a better rookie year. But like that's not the point you know I think cal is a second but like Jason Taylor was on the board you didn't take him home Donovan Angel was on the board now you missed on the pick. And then it's become way too complicated no other parent of a basketball players popping up as much as the bar in town and I Knowles that. Hey we should have sought common but I'll be honest. I didn't even see this coming if only because. He's never been anything like this and I just didn't think. This would be an issue. Because a parent in the NBA has never been an issue. Never bars and now. I can't think of another example where a parent is an actual issue now team parents say in the coached and know what he's doing. Parents and the training staff doesn't know what he's doing its parent talking about I want my other kids to play for the lakers are on those leaving. Parents saying I if I coached the lakers Sunday it would compress the whole delicate chip but native and so. This is another one of those places where I wore as wrong. Because I would go on radio shows this time last year and I and people would consistently asked me about the ball ball is Lavar going to be a problem would you not draft law on the because Lavar. And I said there's no scenario where I would not draft law on the ball because it Lavar. Like do you know another parent who's that problem with his son. I'm whenever he did not like is an MBA like you'd you'd think it's another exam that is MPH that people would say no I can't think of another example announced they would think OK well then this thing ought to be afar how you won't be a problem. It is undeniably a problem problem like I was at Rob Blake it was wrong about Magic Johnson was wrong about this I was also wrong about this is an absolute problem. It's one thing when LaBarge being in the problem but is now Alonso when they also can't shoot me now that now you could it. Beck actually argue the bars the problem and now models taken shots at teammates and wraps on that he's the problem too. I don't be surprised if especially if if look who LeBron goes there. And if LeBron doesn't say yeah we only a point guard because I'm on the team I'll I'll bring the ball up I can handle that element to not watch a lot of play out at play here but I can handle that any position those can be me and Paul Jewell ward and we want you to flip Alonso and maybe 2019. Picked. And go get me another veteran preferably a shooter with size and a let's get this thing arrived but not only lines though and I don't need levoir. Let's just be dealt with this it seems crazy to wash your hands of the number two pick in the draft Sosa and a om book Lavar and Alonso might might might. Be the reasons where the lakers actually do that we'll see but to it. My initial point it's just another day another bad it's a remarkable interesting MBA story. And I'm sure they'll be another one tomorrow we backed a dinner to go. Saturday when your name is. All seven are women do. There yeah. Of the hundreds of. Don't see it now. 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The problems you face him. Even if there's something like the problems they usually on the right button. Assuming you don't have a right to an attorney. Philip you and got pulled over Aaron. Should have been drive it now you face a charge that's been asking and Marty help via. Syria. Got pulled over in they got gender card may third two pockets we got so many pockets you baseballs that. Let me ask you skiing and Marty and I hope you that here in Memphis you can region of 5288888901. 5288888. Let's say you without drink it looked too much of the new republic. And you were intoxicated. Somehow they combined all that you get to a public intoxication. But asking skiing and Marty help you fight to wait 8888528. 8888. Dot Gary Blair's Georgia got to help. That's asking a model at best skiing dot com to dinner to dinner. Joseph was presented by Humphries prime cut shop well folks folly original piece did or did go what did we learn today we learned a lot. Learn about Michael Ford junior is back. We learned about. NBA draft in general. Or most of learned about how frustrated I'd be. If I were sixteen LeBron James and I've heard on the television and watch these inferior humans. Mock me at their championship right if you want to celebrate Golden State Warriors your championships. Celebrate your championship. But don't try to do it at my expense. Because. I'm about to motivated by you clowns. Go out and create the bad a super team I can possibly create and we'll come from the road and went behind. Defeat you against all laws for the second time. And what would be a four year period. Next. June in the NBA finals. For the Western Conference finals depending on where I decide to play with the LA lakers of the Boston Celtics I will remember how you mocked me and apple. Then turn around a mock you because that's now. But are mature. What's the biggest game tonight. Well we're still adjusting to that time after. Basketball season where. You know baseball fan you up against I'm happy to be a baseball and happy to be a baseball fan well you know. Mets or have a hard time runner hill case. It is all that is sorry for your homeboy Mickey Callaway two men if they act its like actually does Buccaneers won. I I just want it I don't ever demand championships. Now or even if I always titles from the Mets I just want you to keep me interested. Interest being for as long that you can't it's about. I just she's out and that you think we have not trusting you know honestly but they're running at the end tonight. Mets braves met for 4834. Terribly worried he'd seen. Radar the Braves are good rated as high it's not the earliest days of the national first figgins 631. Watch the Mets lose again probably scored two runs. They are your change what you done watch on TV America's Got Talent and NBC at seven Ken Burns America's story tell them that you Cano at nine. Jane go on changes on IFC at 930 you're up late. We serve on Jimmy Kimmel that might be your best option I wanna sleep tonight is there anything I need to make sure I read had to get it checked out leading historian Kevin doing ran. Sports Illustrated it's worth your time because Kevin during it's an interesting. Topic mentally deacon is about the best that I write about interesting topics don't find that if I got what's on tap for tomorrow and hopefully win today ESPN's Adrian war hero Ralph you've got to join me in the first hour just started in the second. I think he'll be fondled. I don't know what they find Gary. I'm not have onto my lucky day you Bradley's goes sees someone with this back issue you're bitching about the Mets signed insists. I'm back. I always listen to me. Gary have met the market my back hurt gift a backed fixed telethon can write a song and I just get them back let death not promised me promised me they'd do you think it's easier to fix the Mets in my back. You're back up in my back. Not in my promise you'll feel better and you'll see it'll be a better show. History says it's probably month kept enjoy your night. I want enjoying mine because I'm in physical pain. But either way I'll be back tomorrow for probably in physical pain to them be careful be kind be good for a few. Blood sport slid. As the official who. Look into the Angeles and. It's officially summertime. That means I'm outside the time with family and trying to stop by Walgreens for some protection that's great healthy snacks and the trusted Summers essentials you need a great values so you can get in get out and get back capsized in no time. To keep viewing your family protected in the sun won't drink as he covered with summer caring no matter where Walgreens just as in the 1901. Now with Carter also inherent in our buy one get 150% off through June 30 exclusions apply to these store for details. 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