Gary Parrish Show, Tuesday, July 10, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1)

The Gary Parrish Show
Tuesday, July 10th
Gary Parrish Show, Tuesday, July 10, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1)

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On the other hand and this is where these cases are also. Uncomfortable. Is that if he was falsely accused of this. That's that's awful to expect him because he has spent today being called a woman beater and a if he didn't actually do that. That's that's a hell of a deal as well. And the person who falsely accused him. Of this in such a public way should be held accountable in whatever way that that person can be held accountable so what will let this unfold and see where it goes five. Either way a high profile well known football players has been accused at the very least has been accused of some very serious things and you can Google it the images are all over the place story number three the Philadelphia Philly sixers executives. Spoke on the record about their pursuit of LeBron James and said that they believe LeBron James was seriously considering them I don't believe that war. He's back and now all. LeBron James did not meet with Philadelphia you know on the phone with Philadelphia. And in the same day that his representatives took a phone took a meeting with Philadelphia's executive within hours he was committed to right. Being a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. What you taught come on and you were like. If you told LeBron James he can it BA Laker right then maybe you would have had a chance but you finished second in what appears to have been at this point. A one franchise raised up like LeBron James flew in what brought it would add the country and a he won't win. Met a Magic Johnson. Committed to deal maker and it'll look again at all a matter what our how that nobody else seriously stood attainable no you didn't seriously consider anybody else including the Philadelphia 76 like a fan of doc reminded this guy like you know you're here at home and. You roommate comes back. Into its so what's up had to go to night at the bar whatever is a call yet and that is his most beautiful woman you've ever seen him. And such issue seriously considering coming back here were with me early and I'm like whoa really aware issue she she didn't come. Why do you think she seriously consider coming here with you. 'cause like she said it was somewhat less of what she's it she looked at me. Won't be anything else though let's hit. A so once and the whole you know you'd have a chance that she was just being nice. LeBron James was just being nice. He he allowed his representatives to tip tip (%expletive) faced to face with the youthful 45 minutes he LeBron James was the hot girl in the bar. Is being nice. He should he wanted coming home with you Philadelphia. You got that labeled all wrong story number four terrific inning we touched on earlier with the afterward to the horrific story. Of the twelve soccer players and their coach being trapped and a cave in Thailand. With the help of Navy SEALs and all sorts of efforts from a to various countries. Everybody safe it's his huge and apparently there was. The work they did -- do this was pretty miraculously it if you read anything about it like the everything I've read is just like it's like a two and a half hour swing and it is to get to the boys as they had to swim them out of the cave and the moving rest and then go back and it really is like a movie it is and to -- to what's the point in you can joke about this now knowledge you could have a fake and and if it didn't happen if there wasn't happy and there was one navy seal who did die trying to rescue these boys don't like it this didn't go perfectly right. Bly. All things considered it went about as well as as you could reasonably hope there was a good chance everybody would die yeah instead all of the boys. And they're coached I'm are now safe they're hospitalized trying to recover unbelievable they're not dead and Cade. But like what you're doing what are you doing it decayed because there's actually a sign that the king night that says like in rain season and like that this is better weather as a bit. Again Megawati's case it is dangerous you could get trapped in this case they did what you take two. Well bullies and arm. It. Off all click. People's kits yes I imagine your kid put yourself in those shoes imagine my kids up plants iron soccer coach takes him into a place they shouldn't be and then they're trapped on the verge of died and had been trapped for two weeks would even know where they wore for a week would you know we'd ever. F contact with them and off like to like edit I would be hard for me to get over well you can get overridden now all you can get over it now but it this would have turned out the way it turned down. Yes fingering their coach's neck well I think now you just it's one of those deals where it used praying like god. Thank you. You'd just like relieved right whatever anger might have been there was just relieved that it's okay now Arab you've ever been to one of those situations where Daniel mad mad mad. And you still have every reason to be mad but it worked out OK select. Yeah well and I read more like let's say you that your kid disappeared for three days. And liquidate ran away from home and like you couldn't find him for three days there's this massive search. Your view your matter I want to run away why would you put us in the situation and why were you acting in this way they needed to kick back and just like. You just hold what are you just you know you're not fine. But the feeling of relief. Trumps the feeling of anger at least temporarily maybe six months down the road or six days down the road you go what of where you're going on but in that moment or just relieved I imagine the parents in this moment yeah they're just relief Geoff Calkins is up. 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I might Buffalo Bills running backs. What do you make of that right now it does seem that it's like this doesn't just that if this doesn't appear just to be a baseless. Allegation. You have because they police department has released a statement saying they did respond to a call. A woman had been beaten at the intruder targeted this home. Specifically and in the end intentionally. Whether it was LeSean McCoy or not they they don't say but there seems to be something here. Yeah I mean. Yeah I mean them. I've met in a bit at W. I am cramps I would imagine. Again not the captain personal photos and videos and to prove adultery or whatever else but yet the upshot it and posting what she post it. An idea she whatever she could they'd just make it up I suppose. Hideous picture. And and they have. I don't know like it has the feel of something real you know where if you read it at all. True. And then you have. On top of that you have a police report so it does seemed to me. That it's likely made up but obviously I'll wait and see what people discover. I would assume and that would only be me making assumptions at this point it will let this play out and if he is not guilty of these. Incredible allegations then. The woman who accused him of these things should be held accountable in whatever way you can hold such a person accountable. Because she has in it either right early rightfully or wrongfully. Damaged his reputation. Perhaps forever. But what it appears is that. Either he did this or they he had reason to believe that he said somebody there to do this one of the two and it seems like such a violent. Act of reach. That I mean just having read about these stories. You know over the years. Think that it appears to be the type a crime that somebody whose heart is in it like you know that somebody like. They're an act of rage as opposed to some normal crime type cry any of this would suggest that it might have really been him. Like cool I mean it is the allegations are ugly the pictures are ugly. Well I can get the the sad part about the whole thing and it is but the what about the violence if for pictures they would often be ugly but when you just beat the words domestic violence what sort of we had so I'm gonna reassure about just two weeks ago. What video Ray Rice in the obviously example there was one punishment ought to just quote quote domestic violence which there was another what we saw it in an elevator banks. And it is him seeing the picture and it's absolutely but it was just. Sean McCormack domestic violence bodily people would just sit out and I just. Push guys this is what domestic violence look like and and it usually it looks like this whether their pictures or not. Push but right it owns it yeah actually making it actually take this one if it has got a 100% fall. I do believe that can be we will hear enough about the about the false charges. That it won't attack you. A guy if for some reason we realize that it is totally caught our. Actually think this is sort of such a big story exploded not only are also get huge headlines but I'll be honest I don't expect. Add to your point about. The pictures change the way this story is perceived is exactly right I remember. When the Ray Rice video surfaced. And people would watch it and you're obviously disgusted. And folks would say I can't believe. He hit her like that. And or in in that the common. Response to that was what did you think it looked like when a man it's a woman that's what it looks like you'll win the print the police report. Stated that he punched his fiancee. What did you think that was going to look like that would aid when a strong man punches they woman that. That that that video that you see when ray Weiss Ray Rice and as the other that is what it looks like and same thing here. Com you know what when a man beats up a woman. Even though these pictures are like really tough to look at that is sometimes what what it actually looks like that's that's what domestic violence is. Yeah so and then you. And it's it's it's true politically down. I never play again the only thing that makes me want any magic I. That's happened that's they'll let the worst part of it but I did it don't you believe that the future of the jokes but it even as he could play Kennedy would do whatever they look. It's now a six game I think. I think it's a mandatory sick game. Suspension. With domestic violence and I think in in these circumstances it like it more that. But Michael would pick him up. Nobody nobody you this is the difference between. Having a visual. And not. Come up elect like Greg Hardy is now employed by the IA USA and the reason you can employ Greg Hardy is because. There isn't a video of him. Grabbing a woman. Throwing her into what Tor hit into a toilet tossing her into a shall work then picking her rule by a buyer hair and throwing her onto a couch filled with. It's a guns. Like it that video existed of what Greg Hardy was accused of doing and found guilty of doing by the way. He he could not be employed by any sort of the very hub. Yeah it's clear this particular. He was found guilty of any loose inevitable appeal. They reached a settlement and so you loose whatever he wasn't he was not exonerated them loose at the bit. The guilty verdict was overturned because of all the files through a he was picked up by the cowboys subsequent to that shot at a Catholic Church. And they were photos I think there are. As an act is sort of like quo as a general feeling was is that Gallup would never have picked him up at there have been those photos. She keeps supposedly that's also when the photos came out but he went a little bit more off the rails. And but there are a much if at stake and video but I do believe their photos associated it. Their photos but I I would say having looked at those photos in this photo. Has done nothing like that and if this is my point. There is no football franchise. At any level of football. That could employee. Amanda. Who did that to that would lead and we got that picture of that woman they're just not if let's all deployed actually did what he's accused of doing. That the visual evidence of her injuries makes him. Literally unemployable why football team Canada here anywhere else. That bizarre and weird and unfortunately years. It did he get that exact same setting some clarity and I'll just take whatever I was really do not a and it or not photos. That he would be suspended any combat in black. Absolutely and people to say I was just a little disagreement. You know emotions ran high a disagreement between two people. Road again right. And yeah of course Brett. Other multiple players on the New York Mets who right now have had domestic issues Jerry Jerry's familiar. Jose Reyes. And because there's not pictures and there's not the video you'd yet. You don't rationalize that I don't rationalize it I would prefer both of them not to be on the team. Somewhat because they they're both terrible. But but also because like you know it's it's it's it's it makes it tough to root for them like you you know you can root for the team I guess you brought your lines where you draw a lines but. It's hard to like for me to tweet wholesale food because like there there is bad. Connected to them but there's not videos there's not like these damaging picture is and so people just. Last night at Citi Field people were chaining for Jose Reyes they were chanting his name o.s that. Both say and if there were pictures or video of him doing what he was accused of doing. People wouldn't feel comfortable doing that. Great. Yep so. It it does not look good for our. Turning a corner so I expect we'll take it. Now and I mean I'd again this is all out of orbit and don't know it now if you do this this is in you deserve to pay whatever. Like calls they that comes along and at that. Cost is millions of dollars and never play professional football again more than you you get what you get. I won't say. In terms of denials it was a weird denial. Because I do think that he might not just be Smart enough to think this through blood. He didn't just say I didn't do this. He's that I haven't seen those people and months. And so. If you had like it is going to be evidence that you've seen those people recently. Or that you were at that apartment apartment last night. Or that home last night. Didn't your denial completely goes away like that it's it's I think it would have been slow. Very strong that is a strong denial you're exactly right you know you re in on improve and if you were up. Our our restaurant little Maliki got. Right if you like it seemed like the denial should just stop debt I did not do that because now even if they put you in the house you can just say yeah I was at the how I didn't do that. And I nobody would believe you but you at least can say it. We didn't know about it and I'll make this a more persuasive denial at which it'll it'll looks at it. And all gonna go up any evidence since she just like there. Well that that is the only thing that makes me think. It will if it was it him maybe he sent somebody else so he can say. I had a yeah I've seen that but like it was one of the boys who went over there and did that but still electing majesty the what are your boys and I like. Yeah I'll like it. I care what got out all for you when you walk like if your voices hey I need you 101000 dollars to go beat up my ex girlfriend. And one that I guess people can do because people like hire hit men but like such of we like I don't know why can't I can't wrap my head around that but Woolsey. It doesn't look good if it hit the idea that the police would already acknowledged this was intentional. NN at the very least the girl the woman's best friend thinks that. LeSean McCoy did it. That's suggest that he errors there's reason to believe he was involved on some level either he's the guy actually do in the beaten or he wasn't. In involved with getting somebody there to do what what happened either way it's not. It's not a good deal are you getting them happier to talk about. Don't know until objective is gonna get hurt tonight. Well I hope not but like you what's this summer league already we've had tricky out. We now play into what it is that time they get. I don't think you're not yeah. And I deadly the about the northern Michigan so I'm not the end of and they like him but I did see the client. Added I'm not a OK so he pled not Margaret back we obviously now Glenn not the sacramental. Trade young is now ruled out for the rest of summer league with the Atlanta also some of these. High profile players that. Ardent you know at. At the type of people you tune in to watch play on television or actually go to move a game in Las Vegas. They've now been ripped away from their teams for whatever reason injury reasons and that that that does sort of take a little bit of the fallen out of the summer league with you know. The idea that we could've. Theoretically in two minutes but watching Marvin badly injured Jackson to top five picks that have been fun now we don't get to do that. Bellic an introducing him and I didn't I'm not no complaints should I'd I'd. Not at all about how could tell it was a little crazy and that seems a little crazy but yet it's also if they've played him I would have thought. It opens two Summers ago probably when you played in an eight and turn them off at the black. The played twice a day. And right. What the heck you're going toward tech took control but it took pain your whole. Like I get bill completely certain that Anna got a not a that your criticism of observing him. Did here. I might get a couple asking him which would try to shut up now he's actually at the edge contrast though actually prop it up body look at applied. But he is sort of interstate how it or church. There were doubts anybody got a little work to me whatever else may to just literally. You go to Africa there are plenty games at that. Well you got to play I'm gonna go to Jim Talent to be a planet play play play a lot. And so it's sort of if you're symbolic sort of happens but I've taken literally each. There's been booed we didn't return yet it would buy that you don't want us here today. Like Tata on Thursday I watched James White men play. Around. 10 AM and then again at sometime that night oh what Steve Weisman tape played two basketball games on Thursday. All watch him play tomorrow night then twice on Thursday. Then twice on Friday. And then he could play again. I believe as many as three times on Saturday. And that has many of the couple more times on Sunday. How old are delighted yeah. I was in the seventeen right now but when you're headed to dictate how did they drag. So let's look what I consider a project on election get hit by the gonna put up massive numbers like I feel the ever look at apple won't play a couple of players I ticketing and Blair. But look what massive numbers for the little black. No and it's it's something that is different about. Like tomorrow I'm going to teach him and like it'll be fine stories will develop you'll see also prospects but. Last year we had. Marvin Bagley there. And you know like a bolt hole and like I love Jack's kid high level guys who got out a whole lot of attention. And also got to be ranked number one in every class but all number ones are the same and bill james' wife that is the number one player in the class of 2019. He's not all of like Dion create and he's not thought of like. Marvin Bagley. He does it really not thought of what mall bomb by he does that come with that type of height it does it mean that he can't. Gold. 45 and forty tomorrow night so they were talking about it in the same way but he doesn't have the same time the hype that those players had at the exact same age. Or would be like Washington. It's funny or you know he held media availability earlier today and you know he was asked about the difference between this. Summer and last summer they talked about you know you walk in a different door but it's just you walking a different door. You know he is still. Bombarded. In away at peach jam that honestly John cal Perry is not. Even might suggest he's not it's weird to see you you wouldn't believe it lets you saw. But it would Johnny and coach K and one Williams and Bill Self they all do have to walk through. A lobby to get in to the parking lot and they are in that lobby and in that parking lot surrounded by kids and parents send. You don't if you could if you wanted to go to peach jam tomorrow night and and in touch might suggest you could. Put your hand on John cal Perry you cool again they very small facility and you are in and it yet. I don't ever really see John just completely bombarded by people or K completely bombarded by people. But pity you see that. It's like. He is signing autographs nonstop and so now. You as a college coach is it gonna be the same and I wonder if that can actually be a recruiting tool. Like it must look also to a 1617. Year old basketball player when this man who's recruiting you. Is like the biggest. Like that the biggest celebrity. In the building and I'm sure that that's exactly true like I don't think penny is more famous than Mike she says it. But picnic for what ever re seeing crowds around penny in ways that I'd never seen crowds around college basketball coach and make changes now these college basket. Even why you didn't want to tell you what you get like talk about you bet can't get a terror. A lot but we also stipulates if short bit petty walk people lobby together more people would be go chase down doors products. And Ed and call a penny more people probably critical pizza. Both guys are also pretty recent right let's go back just a little bit to people who played with Coke and platelet clip that you played. Who had better Cory Grant Hill and I really want to allowed eight. Many more people depending on a budget they got a bit and the title I want to allow each many more people depending how the she looked at petty maybe more people that you like you don't mess has many don't TV at center. Barkley and Kenny could be done TV maybe more peel the bark but there's not many who played one penny play. I think I might just named Michael jordans are Shaq. And Barkley. If they're anyone else who played when petty played I think economists are accused of letting what a penny that I their town that I did a much darker the better. I that I didn't cost and so again he's I don't know if there's anyone besides those guys that I just mentioned. Who would it. Cool cool quickly correct the bigger crowd petty edit a kind of hard I want you back. I don't know that there's a singular answer I think some of it is the issues. I think some photos some of it is when you see penny get. Surrounded. It's not always by the players it's sometimes their parents and so you think about the parent of us seventeen year old might be. 2728. Adding I know of some sort of a pair of a seventeen year old right now might be. 373839404142. Get below even though white about people look anymore than band you do paint like Chris Webber could play at a better clip that. I don't depending. I think I. I think yeah. I think if you're realm my age yet if you're around my dates yeah. You. You remember how awesome he was up. It was such a brief period of time because injuries hitting pretty quickly. But for a brief period of time he was the next great thing. And if you go back and watched the YouTube videos he was actually the next Grammy he does unbelievably. On an unbelievable talent out so you remember that you remember little penny. The green peony is very. But he's a rock star when he walks into those. When he walks in the those jams he he people. Gravitate toward him in a way that frankly. Was surprising to me the first couple of years I saw what happened. Because. I don't know even as the one who grew up here and and it's been around penny for a long time I didn't think that he resonated that way. Outside of Memphis steel today but he does he he also seems. Don't approachable like I remember seeing him like it Edwin watts and he's he's got this sort of way about him where you're like yeah I hate penny howry is that CNN and nice you know like he's very. Guess so yeah we hope I'll it and got it right it is sort of very approachable. Sensational and iconic and yet adorable yeah. It's I lied I can tell you I've never seen him be ruled Oregon jerk or like like sometimes these stars won't show up at peach jam or in Vegas. And they've got people they error. Two key people right right. And he'd never really had people there to keep anybody away like if you wanna walk up to Penny Hardaway and say can I get a picture. You can actually walk of defeating our Atlantic megapixel where if you tried that think they will Chris Paul you might I get to Chris. You try this Kevin Durant was impeached him last year. And they were very he. Like Kevin had people around him. The they they said even a place that was blocked off from people they walked in and out of the place kept him away from people where nobody people anyway from anybody and he doesn't. Seem to care about that one way or another but I did think about that as he was talking about today. It it can't hurt with prospects. When you walk in the GM. And people noticed that you walk in the gym and what I had done the go pony on several months back he said that having been in GM's with penny. I'm he does read like EEE he seemed to resonate with the with the with. People always there and I I think so that is also is taking six at seven. You know Jack Andre Walker a six foot seven I think that there's a whole blood he's dressed differently than some of the people there I think it's all. He stands out when he walks and it it it it people know what's and it's interesting thing to watch it if it did surprise me until August started again tomorrow. Oh by the way it appears I know nothing about summer league history on this plan. And he had eleven points in the first quarter so he's ball now I. Okay Jerry Jenkins saw employment or current. OK okay and make sure I got all this straight after here Jerry Jackson. You according to Geoff Calkins had not played said he wasn't playing. Well this the bulls and hawks are playing right now the grizzlies don't start for. Michael Wallace might like Jack. Tweet out that he's not playing him. I trust you he's the grizzlies I think he works for the grizzlies got a narrow and slow. So Jarrett Jack and I gonna play betray young is playing right now Teddy portal launched. Dogs all of that is that's what I read I ready scored eleven points but it could be fake news I don't know it's. I don't know I now box stores your fate is Jeff what's happening I don't know discipline a I don't know what to believe tomorrow I'll feel later. Kidnapped. Now I read that what's untested backup. He was diagnosed with a right quad injury known around. I have to in leaving Atlanta's most recent game and I know that somebody reported that he they were gonna pull it out of the rest of summer league that's why I was talking like they were. But he was in the starting lineup today eighty scored. So far he's played seven minutes he's got eleven point eight and seven minutes three of four from the field. All four attempts from three point range of Jewish three or four from three point race. They did a sneak attack basically sea state the other team they're like. Oh he's not played nine and subtly he's in the middle the game yet this I mean I got a little points. The bulls were probably operating all day long like at least on the dilatory young now run and Archie Jiaka that they're having to guard tray laden. I'm pretty honest what's this guy he's three of four from three point range eleven points bulls hawks 3518. 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Instead 'cause I'm just being nice and bright kids Barney doing is wrong. Promise he made pro life but instead betting the name adolescent Keating and the dollars to paint area and great endorsed nearly 330000. Babies each year. Democrat minority leader Nancy Pelosi can't a meal and a tremendous victory and that and prison and Donald Trump said he was not happy with this being. Congressman Dana can't stop promised to shake up Washington thanks to retrain our wins Tennessee values ignores his promise to protect and block. We did our better then they pass. It's. Paid for reference towards Flynn how old you know you have a clear choice on August 2 in the Republican primary. I'm George Flinn not approve this message and I'm asking for your vote. Because they'll always vote. To protect life guest severe feels a smile center hotline now. It's getting better show. Food scares here is live from the glove restaurant and sports scores studio 829 FM. ESPN's. Mr. Obama team. I'm Amy and everything you ever watch her. Sometimes this can go to the number offered by the bottom of 3609679360967. Out of uniform for new computer. Why don't we you can reach him at then number. Love intelligent looking for and on the job to decide what you do want a computer you'll. Have paid him big game or your game you can go around spend real money if you go wanted to compete and that's. Top of the game wore on but I enjoyed watching you just shocking here Rexall FaceBook. Hey you know he's been that kind of money and the beauty of it dapper in a couple hundred bucks and that's right now Cooper systems have. That's got anything in Dallas or slow with a 149. They got a Dell laptops reduced to 99. And a few quiet MacBook air and get them for as low as 599. He can't fight them no anywhere else. Cooper's isn't gonna have deaths. No you look. The prices of big box stores so if you need a computer and you wanted to. I know somebody else does and they should. Check macabre just in verse that phone number 36096793. 9679. Some political system got got 540 they're very short and nice to not have any of it I'm just gonna give up talking about some early for the baby don't mind okay. I've been wrong about everything all right every everything apart of I've been wrong. Talk about looking bored watching Jerry Jackson play again he is not in the starting lineup for the Memphis Grizzlies. Shut up for a young was not playing today because he suffered were right quad injury it is truly did suffer right quad injury but he had been miraculously healed and he is playing he's got twelve points right now in nine minutes he's three or four. From three point range and I. Assume that perhaps they might be behind schedule there. But no they have ticked off on time Sacramento Kings up 72. On your Memphis Grizzlies at the absence of Jerry Jackson seems to be a real problems so far down because the grizzlies are. Are down seven to just a few minutes into the game and dad Harry Giles is in the starting lineup for Sacramento. Who's been out a tremendous story out so far I can't talk about this accurately I do know what I'm talking about here are just as young man who was being number one high school player in the country. Coming out of high school couple years ago we went to duke. Bought. He'd suffered two torn ACLs the end another knee surgery in the pre season and at duke he was just never. Anything close to what he had ever been if you saw him in high school at peach jam or some other event. The people projected him as like Chris Webber a while he was supposed to be a one and done Chris Weber type of guy number future number one pick in the NBA draft. And because of the knee injury she never got right and if you remember at duke and even when they were in the NCAA tournament fighting for the lies the big east and play he was the and ineffective college basketball player. And anybody can turn pro anyway because. Is projecting because if you if you turn pro after one year is going to be somebody out there at some point. I'm just says they reward. Possible reward outweighs the obvious risk right little bit like the Michael porting from distract him. And but if you go back to college for another year. And you still can't play and one day you just cost yourself millions of dollars so we enter the NBA draft. You know after that 201617. Season that duke. Any slipped and slipped and slipped. And again young man who a year earlier would have been. Projected as the number one pick actually went twentieth two to Sacramento. And they said about all last year they were just like we this is an investment right we got a possible star at the sped number twenty. And now we're just gonna rehab him and take this slow and in a little bit like the sixers did would show OMB now. And he's been playing summer league. You know this summer. And he's been really very good depth he hasn't posted like outlandish numbers but he has been really really good and showed glimpses of what used to be so if we get to a point where Harry Giles is the is a useful MBA player. Slash like. Possible star. Which is what he look like when he was 1617 years old. The Sacramento is gonna have a real steal from that 2017 draft they took in twentieth overall any. He looks way better than that at least so far animals they looks like the grizzlies have caught a balloon here 1211 now at four minutes to go first quarter grizzlies are on Iran Brad as it's 440. First quarter laughed. Kings twelve grizzlies eleven and the grizzlies are being led by summer league go. Wayne selling Zelda and now he's had as well up three early points it back but Danica. Before I was clean last season it was always my parents dreamed immediately. This. My mom always told me education is key to unlocking new dreams. 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James Kenneth stamp body that tried expert legal representation and a way to make a couple because it's critical thought that if that got a solution to the problem that your basic. Including problems like sexual tell Iraq. But in the workplace sexual misconduct. In the workplace for decades and decades people for whatever reason. A variety of reasons would stay silent sometimes that self preservation fear of losing their job or their career but over the past couple years more more silent breakers are coming forward they're changing workplaces to come all over this country and all levels of get your workplace. And since and so if you have been dealing with. Only thing that's wrong but the criminal and you can see you can break the silence if you'd like to compel the doing. Let's make sure you get the proper representations of the you don't make any missteps as asking a Marty can help you people that I don't you can reach him here in Memphis and human graduated 88889015288888. And column day or night John Kerry bears dog the cost. Philadelphia after looking at money on the web ads contain all dot com and as a demagogue senator Joseph was presented by Humphries finally cut shop of folks volley original. He's deluded know what did we learn today and upon stuff. I think now much you know I think that that we're learning things of that. And that I feel like I. I like dumber now are so amazing dumber oh my goodness this this never happened on the Gary Paris show it's possible major dumber today to. Think very close attention to may get even get excited about watching index of play at 530. Good call made it really failed to evolve at 530 they should. Your thoughts for a young day player but you should. That's what happened we got off hitting Marla Fred guarded 230. Those are the mom goes to read them on down had anything to train young news that he actually recovered miraculously from the right quad injury sneak attack. That Jerry Jackson was being held out of a game. I apologize I think it makes it dumber today but we largely focused on army. Import notable story there which. This LeSean McCoy story that is why you have wild wild card get you updated if you miss. Star running back Buffalo Bills. This morning and if they're a woman's post a picture of a woman she calls her best friend. And an official Olympics from Iraq coalition official levels taken yesterday was a beautiful. Woman. His picture on the right stake in the sport and if they beat up a woman's. And the pictures are. Tough to look at how does she is and beat up bad. Bad bad. And the woman in this program posted how dare you to Shawn McCoy I'm paraphrasing here but we've covered for you when you beach's sun we've covered for you stayed quiet when you BJ at all. We covered for you stay quiet when he used performance enhancing drugs but we're not covering for you anymore. This is what you did I can't believe you did this you'll pay for that she for the saudis to create some headlines for some aquae jump funds. Social media at some point that I got them to do would affect any of the things he. But simply should Milton Georgia where he owned a home. Released a statement saying they are investigating. This car. Somebody beat this moment. And what we now know is. Somebody beat this woman inside of a home that was some of Kuwait owns it's his tax. And reading the most recent reports. They had split up about five months ago but he would continue. To allow her to live there at 3 o'clock this morning somebody entered that home. And attack the two women who were there and boy and obviously much more seriously. In the other the prevailing theories right now are. One of the followers. Into summer with some of course actually is the person who went into this home and get this this. Or he's behind. Somebody going into this home. In doing this for this woman. Obviously. Police in Georgia won't be charged with figuring that out. But it doesn't look good but LeSean McCoy. I'm nor should it at this moment. If either one of those things are true if he did this. Or if he got somebody to do this. Yeah he's. He might lose his football career Beck goes without saying but I can imagine he would have a four ball well here. But he could be looking at some serious serious. Jail time if well what's the biggest game tonight. Well. It's on. It's probably all the kings. Annual have been greatly to plan right now that's ESPN chose her. I think good wins ball now know what I'm back late you've got to pelvic bone bruise that's a 100% true he's done with summer league. I Jerry Jackson also not playing tonight little later on you look for more summer league lakers nick another look at Kevin Knox won a dumb way from Kentucky. 720 point five points so far summer league tip on that with the 730. It's coming up right after risking is you go watch it on ESPN two what she's done watch on TV or something got tense three that changed America on WOK you know tonight. It's a towards industries that change the way Americans live work in shock won his Broadway in new York and others Boston post road and others the Lincoln highway. Cutting interest you can watch that 7 o'clock on WK NO live coverage World Series of poker main event that's on ESPN at seven. Love connection is on fox thirteen at 8 o'clock bigger blades. Will Arnett told Steven called where's Christina Aguilera to be on Jimmy Fallon Denzel Washington on Jimmy Kimmel Neil Patrick Harris and James cordoned. Having had us. All of sudden life is there anything I need to make sure I read about it at Orlando CBS foresee what a a preview of best prospects who are going to be there the best match jobs. In group play I've got some stuff in there on james' wife and he's type thing that a target of the University of Memphis I've ever seen that yet go check it out CBS. Sports dot com what's on tap for tomorrow like at colleges winds damaged ones would custom for the Nike impeached him on a veto for the next few days. We'll see legends will be there as well. James why he's going to be there. Any hardware and his staff will also be there so we'll talk about that the format starts going to be hosting. I'm actually in tomorrow and then Jeffries on Thursday and Friday is start Sunday K all I didn't realize that the break that is posted tomorrow and you've got excited about that I'm excited are you I'm very excited about you can set yourself up for that lets you sit jokes. This is tee it up and hit the button and when you interrupt you won't be allowed to me just be interesting yourself through how about that and answer my question having a big help for years. Yeah I'm excited. They're doesn't it end up with your right at the top they live from Augusta Georgia. Samad from USA today CNN a code from USA today this is their other lead writer. In the coming to get on a flying high on here think that a freeway. It every everybody enjoy your night. I'm enjoying my. We record tomorrow for. Still to be careful because the good read. He is ready to nine FM ESPN radio just Damascus and anytime anywhere and favorite us today we have the best and he's more of our list. Don't know Chris that this is a sports station I listen to what Chris said about Andrew 400. I'd lost almost forty pounds in ten weeks by trying to get married and when I went for the same training I would size 48 am and I went back to do the final fitting I was at forty or had more energy that's for sure I've probably lost four inches around my belly until the seventh and I'm back when I was in my thirty. Here's what Dwyane said about him for 400. 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