Gary Parrish Show, Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Kyle Tucker from SEC Country in Seg 2 on Penny Hardaway)

The Gary Parrish Show
Tuesday, February 20th

Seg 1:  Gary Parrish opened and talked about Louisville (9:40 mark)

Seg 2:  (30:52 mark) GP interviewed SEC Country Columnist Kyle Tucker who got a phone interview with Penny Hardaway

Seg 3:  4 stories (continued in hour 2) (57:21 mark) GP talked about Robert Pera stock (58:53) GP talked about Mavs owner Mark Cuban talking about his team tanking... (continued in hour 2)


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You change this station children around and he apologizes in advance for fast speeds. This is the give me better ratio. Terrorism targeting a live from midtown Manhattan Brad Carson back in Memphis in studio produced in the the program glad he's Whitney graduate in hope you get into the day no obstacles. No disruptions. An unpleasant way dude anybody that. What would not have to vacated 2013 national championship because of so you lost that wager became official today. Global cargo will be vacating. You 2013. National title fits into the 2012. Final four appearance the mobile cardinals are now one of three programs in college basketball history back to vacate multiple funnel towards the others. Michigan and in your university of Memphis Tigers look at and then just a moment first let me set the that is scheduled VoIP plus 45 cal Tucker. Erisa SEC country he. Was traveling from Kentucky. Two Arkansas. And advanced to tonight's Kentucky Arkansas game decided to start stop at Memphis in big that would James wise and that led to a visit with the Penny Hardaway interesting stuff to tell Tucker we'll get into that. With him at like 425 and after that segment I'll do portable storage at 444 of which one we'll discuss four previously on discuss stories among them. A bad day for Robert Perez company's stock plunged we'll get into that. A little later on this hour Mark Cuban has publicly acknowledged that he's talked to his players about losing. And not just taking but still go down and trying to win every game and play as hard as you can. He's made it clear his players is it our best interest to lose game with a smaller in mind. I give those quotes. I just a little later on this hour Oklahoma lost another basketball game last night that six. In a row so things are not go well for trading on page updated on that story just before 5 o'clock and one SEC game tonight scheduled for what Walton arena Kentucky Arkansas preview Voyager portable storage a full 44. 5 o'clock Jeff Carter George South Korea he wrote a gun control column. Posted a commercial about Jon and I know that's about the last place you want a gun control. Posted is that the commercial took back our bag maybe the only place worthless like a Birmingham News dot com maybe or clarion ledger. Attack and of itself does not where you want your gun control. Talents I'll talk to about that about being back to that just started doing me. I'm glad to 5 o'clock we'll do did it go we'll get ideas that's the rundown got a lot. Get to but I want to start I think it Brett Carson and Geoffrey Rush for handling things yesterday on short notice I have actually been pretty. Yeah he's been reliable now the issue free traveling you know back and forth to New York this. This season. I'm I think I got stuck in New York like first week of January but besides that I've basically got here on Mondays when I was supposed to be on Mondays and been home on Thursday when I'm supposed to be home on Thursdays and yesterday was the exception. Took that and down it was partly my fault of the arms but also also partly on Delta's fought so are complaining airline. Well a ticket 605 flight every Monday morning which things like lead in my house at 4:30 PM. You know at least getting up by 430. And think about it too much fun celebrate the Brian Ching. All star performance because. And it went dead overnight and much as my alarm clock so I woke up at one point and I wake up early no matter what book. Delicate especially early to make that flight now so woke up and done. I hated to grab my phone to see what time it was noticed it was dead and immediately went I don't know plays just for some reason make it be for fifteen on right now because that has happened. Instead it was like 517. I had no chance of making their flight but I went ahead and went to the airport because there's there's a million flights through Atlanta and they're never foals are before so what ever reason and I still don't know the answer to this. All of the flights from Memphis to Atlanta. To LaGuardia or anywhere in New York they were completely full frontal presidents' day weekend but like real people travel all ardent. Do people traveled Brent Bennett Bennett Dolan for me yesterday OK let. Listen maybe I'm just living in a different world because it never occurred to agree that with a with a big travel weekend so freeing a week and draw people in all those all those flights were canceled. And so old and I'm like okay more than just give me on the afternoon direct that'll be like 0:1 o'clock and and they are still landed like 43440. In New York in. Probably be able to hold put at least I can joined by phone right. And so I'm sitting there waiting to get on that 18 and down. And I walk to the desk and they're like you're still on standby. And I and I'm not a guy who raises helmet airport like I've seen those people what it's never good look I'm always around you always look like a maniac and so I'm like OK well like you know it is what it is like this is say you have sort of clicked start to feel bad about myself like I did this to myself so I get what I get. And down. Until then they go and they load the plane and I won't back up there and and nice sit down at this than I do think really there's not AC on this flight to take. Take these flights every week it there are usually like half hole like I can't imagine they're most. As he does what's your name and I tell my name and she says you're not on the list here and I spoke. I'm not gonna argue with you consulate ghosts of Baghdad they closed the door that flight takes off and I walk into the lady and I say all right we'll listen what do I do now what can give either tonight toward to any divot what do I need to do now. As she sat down or Cassie drivers as a proto cast your ticket will quit and hand him my ticket on now. Your simple easy on that flight she's almost a pair showed little must pay all. I'm so what do you mean you made a mistake she should you confirmed for the flight I saved the flight that blue literally just took off I know. Ball. She said yes I'm I am so sorry. I was looking at the wrong list. As I airing my idea how to do altogether. I'm just guessing you know what it's fine you know what I try to turn into a positive I'll get one extradited home. Yeah with with my family and my children and so I just turned into a positive we had a nice. I'm so excited that house at a railway. And then I got up this way and actually made it 605 flights on here in New York I appreciate you guys. I'm holding down things yesterday and I did their need to do to holding penalty did today. But because. I breaking news this afternoon mobile now scheduled a press conference for noon eastern. At which point they announced that they are going to have to vacate their 2012 final four. And their 2013. National championship. A because their appeal to the NCAA. How was that night and so that's a big headlines where I've been being pulled a lot of different directions today and one of the questions I consistently get is how the story is this it's obviously big. It Cole was never sure the first school ever vacated men's basketball national championship. Like that forever yeah after what was the first school and right now only school to vacated means yet a men's basketball championship at the university of global. They vacated in 2018. If they wanted in 2013. So. My answer like obviously it's a big story. Polite. It feels like we've already did this because nobody. Nobody I talked. Thought that rules appeal was going to be over terror every bit like that that they would win on appeal and the punishment would be overturned. Like sometimes people say you know you never know with you nobody was saying you never know with the NCAA here. If it won't like to global steel have a staff member buying prostitutes and strippers for prospects and players and I'd say yep and they say and and some of those players borer. I used to go to the final 42012. To win the national championship into terrorism thirteen and I'd say yep they disabled and what what they overturn it on and that was ultimately. The biggest issue for global is that they weren't arguing the facts of the case they were just arguing the punishment was excessive. Whereas in this it's been brought up a lot today. The North Carolina case the difference between mobile and North Carolina or North Carolina got off looks completely free. Is that North Carolina never conceded anything with the into double. The NCAA was saying we think that those were fraudulent classes in North Carolina would essentially says. No not fraudulent classes easy classes sure we acknowledge that we've corrected that. But you have know authority to punish us for having easy classes all of our campus. Easy classes that student athletes yes benefited from but sold it normal students this is not in your jurisdiction. Stay out of our business this is not where you belong. They never conceded anything. So ultimately the answer Blake couldn't get them now but won't pull on the other hand conceded everything. They said yes what we are accused of doing we did do. We have a staff member who worked under richt to you know. Who was hiring strippers and prostitutes and bringing them onto campus and and and having parties. At which players and prospects of on recruiting visits were. Having. Experiences and a with these women. And dole. It was such a salacious story. From the into the blaze perspective it was a very basic story it was an extra bit to distort sometimes we think of extra benefits as Icahn. It with the Georgia Tech players like she used hidden in plane tickets sometimes we think of it has. Cars for whatever. This just happened beat prostitutes and strippers but it was still an extra benefit provided by a staff member that is in violation of NCAA rules and so once full bull long wasn't even arguing the facts of the case this was always going to be. Where it ended up. And so they'll be. University of global president earlier today they were surprised but did say was disappointed in that he thought the into the what is wrong from my perspective it was always pretty simple. What did these things happen. Yes. OK in those players are going to be ruled retroactively ineligible just like Derrick Rose right just like more candy right. Yep okay more than it did gonna advocate the national championship there was no way. No way around it. And until today. And so today it just becomes official but it was hardly surprising whether this was going to be announced on February 20 of February 25 or march 17. I'm always gonna have a day where the NCAA. Announced that global appeal. Had been rejected. And now at some point but they will have to remove that 2013 banner. From the KFC yum sinner and it's. Just sort of the latest. The big story connected to the way Rick pitino's. Tenure ended and perhaps his coaching career ended and it is a remarkable. Fall. When he had already overcome. So much to get back to where he was in 2013. Of people obviously remember the Karen cipher scandal. And you know some didn't think he should survive that a but he did survive that. And then florists. In spite of that too late brawl global back to literally the top of the sport if they won a national championship. And then the Katrina power book is published. And though the initial. Deet tails were like wow. We found out was we could maybe argue with small fact you are small fact there but the gist of the story was true. There really was. A staff member hiring strippers and prostitutes. For players and prospects. Come and and at least most people believe do so without the knowledge. Of Rick Pitino and I know that everybody except this because. They just want to counter to what people want to think about Rick Pitino but of course Rick Pitino and a and I guess I'll never be able approved under present that he didn't but we talked about this before the recent online and frankly most coaches. But I talked about this. Believe that Rick you don't did not know that these parties were happening on his campus. Is because if he knew these parties were happening on his campus he would have put a stop to them. If only because it is incredibly sloppy. Like there are Smart ways to commit violations and dumb ways to commit violations this is just about the dumbest like even if you fall. The key to recruiting. And keeping your players and transfer and if you thought that there was a significant advantage. In that. And having prostitutes and strippers for players and prospects. Even if you believed that. And you can don't want that to you would never allow it to happen on campus in that dorm. Where they are all witnesses. Like. Just they're there with this cameras everywhere. You would never allow would dare. Think what you would say is holdup now you do and what OK I don't need to know but keep it off campus to be an idiot take it to a house party. Take it to the downtown Marriott. But don't bring it on campus in adored particularly the dorm that my late brother calls the missile. I could lead to what ever get a call to. Then that so at least that building forever like that buildings too important to me you don't bring it. On this campus so the fact that it never got to that point like to these things started on that go on campus in that dorm and the very well supported ever had happened in that dorm. On that campus suggest that Rick you know genuinely didn't know he would never allowed to go on in that fashion. If he knew and yet he just doesn't matter you know ultimately you war held responsible. For. The people who work under you in this era of NCAA punishment more so than any other in so. Just like it didn't matter. Whether the incidentally could prove that John cal Perry or anybody UMass had anything to do what Marcus Camby. Compromising is and the terrorism. Or Derrick Rose. You know subsequently at Memphis then didn't matter whether the incidentally could prove that anybody at Memphis. Had anything to do with his fraudulent SAT score. Com all that matters is to those things happen and if they happen they trigger. Those players retroactively it out and eligible. And then you by definition plated ineligible player. In games. And so now you have to take it those gains and actually that's the right thing the interplay should be doing and I think vacating wins or championships makes even. Makes sense to most people or certainly not all people but what I am saying is that is the way it works like that the system that's the way it works. And so. John cal Perry can forever insisted he didn't know what happened at UMass you know what happened in Memphis either way on his Wikipedia page she's got to vacate the final force. Same thing for Rick Pitino now he can for Everett says he didn't know anything about him now. 100 that he was doing what these players and prospects were doing on his campus and again there's a lot of people who believe it. Doesn't matter still advocates 2012 final four and 2013. National. Championship. And what's wild is that if not for the Adidas. Part of the story that is totally. Unconnected to the computer pal scandal. I'm but the came to light before the start this past season. From what the FBI investigation was was publicly known. If not that stupid coach to date at opal like he'd be the coach who just vacated a national championship and a final four but he would still beat the coach at global. A but it is true that. The key to pastel scandal still had something to do. With his undoing and that's because. Clearly he could survive just the Katrina pal scandal. And I think there's a chance he could've survived. The FBI investigation and the data scandal. But he couldn't survive both. He couldn't have this scandal on top of that scandal in such a short amount of time on the calendar. He had once scandal to me that's the bottom line knee he had one scandal committee he could survive the Katrina power. Independent of this one. He couldn't survive the FBI went independent of that probably. Above both of them let's and losing his job to Tom jury to losing his job. And now. People's Cory is his greatest achievement. At that ACC program. The world now. Beat. It remembered in a different way. Yet video still exist in the pictures of existing Kevin where make that clear on Twitter today like I've still got a big ring. We're still national champions and bill celebrate that going forward the same way. After Antonio Anderson and Derrick Rose still celebrated 2008 final four Marcus Camby still. Celebration 1996 final four. Any of the fab five players at Michigan celebrate those back to back games and national championship games that have subsequently been. Vacated but we will not be in the record books. The way they otherwise would be and it's too bad for those young people who. You know actually achieve those things and accomplish those things. Because. You know I'm sure that they didn't think in that moment that they were risking. You know a national championship that probably don't even think in those terms and just think of hey there's a pretty girl right in front of me. But ultimately this is the way to instantly system works you know if you cheat and you can call. From there is a price to pay usually. And today able pays a pretty significant price. We come back health Tucker writes for SEC country. He was traveling from his home in Kentucky to Arkansas. Over the past couple days in advance of tonight's game between Arkansas and the wildcats and what Walton arena decided to stop at Memphis to see Jane weissman the number one player in the country who goes to school east high school he said that would James wisely sit down with Penny Hardaway a Penny Hardaway. Publicly discussed them his interest in being a a division one college head coach cal Tucker to enjoy in the right after this break. The goal. 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Nice nice enough to join us callous caring how you doing. They are. Now thinks the barrel keep it too long but dumped first off congratulations on getting Penny Hardaway not every reported that the fundamentals recently has been so successful that you pulled that off. What this cold cold remote straps and yesterday it. You got wanted to write them and James wise men he got a wondered root obviously there are only ninety. Not got a board I think I actually heard right now getting out what happens. The hard way anyway column I've done just that that I've been asked to be talking you've got to read that I wasn't sure he was actually up talking me now getting. He just that I can start the game that. I grabbed you have to practice blast site and he again a few minutes and those boys club sort of surprisingly open about. Bad bella is ready to be a college head coach in the news all I didn't know he had coached in college at I don't victory day. If SEC program like all the myths or human or his alma mater like the University of Memphis. Obviously you're you're not an athletic director so I'm Adam perhaps and ask you do something that done you know you'll never actually be asked to do but either way. What is is is he somebody you would consider and if so why. I. Yeah I think yes Billy's considerate and I think he made he made the plight has been make your pitch organ what you're what you're edged they beat that are thinking about it. He basically says look if you play at the highest level played the NBA again get the fifty years before all of our. All you know he obviously with the start that the that the state you didn't know what it takes to succeed you know I'll play you know he. You've seen you've been coached by some really big guys you understand how to organize the practice and he can organize the Venus. Obviously he's plug any mention you know you really shy about mentioning you know his connection to young player. You know he could even a picture on day you surge on the night circuit for several years now. There's the rule put in place where we eat after what Gary couldn't coach my guess but he could be around the getting his son was playing. But he's been on net that grassroots Arcadia understand how works. He's got until guys in his program you've got to pop star guys reporting back into his program now Weisman. Of game 10. You know that's a reason addict people. Believe it probably rightly so that at least some of the guys that either played for a day you'd seen. Or his bicycle team and at the beach. All. We've come along with them depending on query web. I'm not sure why and within that category elbows are below its low of Penny Hardaway shoots his rating about any part way. I still didn't say that Wideman got to go to Doug you're one of the big time program that is sort of an MP eight feeder program that is goal. But there are some other guy I think that what quality that that roster that's bases loaded. He's proven that he can coach just don't expand at a high level even at even if it's just been high school east gunning for what would will probably be a third straight big idol. Yeah I think you have to consider all those reasons some name cash day. It felt shoe company cred obviously. There's a lottery. But. I I would also after the back Ahmad has an eighty I'd be I'd be nervous about that because you know after water cycles of recruiting. That he had those you know what those connections brought out. Jackie picked all and you know. Jenny our staff if you gotta have other guys out there who can recruit. I'll get a really Trojan you know Jenny Jenny actually know. A high major college level you know we don't know that so there are questions for sure but there are certainly reasons that I think you have to roll the dice. If you're not if you're a situation like Ole miss. You'd at least think about all the guys at a guy like that why not try some different. Talked to Kyle Tucker from SEC country you can follow him on Twitter I count occur. Underscore SE. CR Kentucky fans concern to the extent that they would be concerned about such things I guess they are concerned about everything all the time or Kentucky case concerned that any. Getting a job could affect their recruiting class going forward because. There would at least be a chance. And it would be hard to do it it's you can be the only thing that can screw up James Weidman DJ Jeffries from going to. The University of Kentucky is if he were a head coach somewhere else. Yeah I like I think it's funny that you could just to stop that question that our Kentucky has. Head and that's that's a guy like away you know one of those web site to do whatever people say yes and all the other. But yeah I think the extent yeah there's been some concern. As for the release and attached to me it's like the only way. There Weisman does it end up picking up he probably deejay Jeff Reed as well the other pop star recruited out of high school team. But is on jennies. Eight UT. They're they're a measure of concern there are sure I digger don't look out as well bomb a people that would love to be. Cal try to get them as an assistant coach Ed at that you know if you're Eddie and you really wanna be politic coach. You could do worse then you're too apprenticeship under John L Perry a Kentucky does that sort of all of credit. As proof that you can go out and recruit although all those things. Yeah most people aren't happy with our critic thought even though they're still getting great players. Duque getting you know to get 123 in this class and all of them at Kentucky offers but there's a feeling that do get sort of passed them by. I don't know I don't know felt really gonna make any changes yes Tony Barbie the guy who. Probably doesn't recruit the level of some of the guys they've had the past but cal likes evident that that's right and edited by the Olympic out. Told justices that guy to do it assists and beat these guys got a couple of guys in their way eighteen quietly the region stabilized and was Kentucky right now. And you obviously I got to do anything with with Jenny paying. But it anywhere to get a head coaching job or Cody were to get it head coaching job. Do you know. It is if or if you don't bring back Orlando Antigua. I would give a long hard look if you tell it is that you appeal to do it. Let's bring them up or two that would absolutely seal the deal holiday which a slight bit and BJ Jefferies and maybe a couple of guys. Did pick me give you any indication that he's willing to be an assistant coach even at a place like hockey. Yeah I wish dad won't let pocketed really get there with them you know wanted to address but it coaching stop them that I do use credit installed anyway. I wish I had an air power that are built together will be the next sale. I don't know it mean he. Specifically said. Audit vote without beat you know Acxiom to specify. Head coach at Georgia college. So that's obviously where it says that it is to go get deputy should go get them. But it we find that difficult. Like that I wouldn't I certainly wouldn't. It is position where another state by polish your goat don't take it out like data about your chances or Carolina or duke you know a powerhouse. Of blue blood. Debt debt debt debt tread on your resume and then there's really no question when it comes you know. Offer you a job at the college level head coaching job but I don't think anybody would question that Pete Norville lately ever your do. Talk to Kyle Tucker from SEC country you can read an SEC country doc compliment Twitter at cal Tucker underscore. SEC RE ST about james' wife because he spent some time of him he is obviously the number one ranked high school player. In the class of 2019. There's some suggestion that. I'm he could wreak he consider reclassified. In other words playing college basketball next season. I know they deny it but it also leave that window open which was sort of weird arm do you what do you think the odds are that that he's playing college basketball somewhere. Probably Kentucky at this time next season. I don't think it's more likely stay that high school and he's very young he he's sixteen he will not be seventeen at march 31. He's a super young. Kids odds. You know from what I gather academically that would not be an issue hit the really Smart kid you speak some Chinese he took two years the Chinese do that are really good private school. Two years. In Nashville or transferring to east. I'd bet that this year as a junior. I think he could pull it together he could RJ AP classes I think each altogether academically and get it done if you want it to. I Armstead like are there are no I wanted to beat kid a lot of rush through stuff and I'll think that's the play at God's plan right now. All but but you also said repeatedly you'll do I want it to do whatever you want don't worry wants to what he wants it then why did the did you debate. Our media in general we really played OK but well there's no Japanese let us never say never. So. That was strange he got laughed about it because she vision. But he coy about it he did say that you know at Kentucky actually are you ballot though are they interest didn't utility that is it yeah. So there's obviously been some conversation there I think folks are on the but he thinks you'll be back at at one end it into the lobby to push him to be back at that they would be. Dominant again back here you know you can be a situation where did you just want to play although on the ERB also urge template peach jam at me you know doubt they order. Cannot deny deny deny that I finished peach jam and immediately got out that your reclassify. You know took pity he was probably going to be the favorite or that it directory favored to win that negative matters these kids may may it could be something like that I can't take. Right now it's focuses could be icicle kit for another year but I. That possibility at least existed it interest indicate what he's brought it out. It's interstate that he academically could pull off that he wanted to. So as we get deeper in the summer like that you make it one while bush regent and governor the last real pop star big man available at this current clap. If they went on that guy I would expect him but apply some pressure and really. You don't see okay. You wanna think about that and and interestingly he did. You'd be yet to appear guy at number one great player who would have to do because as age play easier to get out you got like John cal Perry all I'm pretty. Bush if it's what does he remind people love this is the Marvin Bagley situation but the difference is that. Tom as you pointed out in the story Bagley. Was trying to get in the college this year. And not only does he want to put contrast wobble because he would then be eligible for the 2018 NBA draft Jane Weizman is it isn't in that same situation in other words if he plays college basketball next season he will still be ineligible for the 2019. NBA draft he would have to as you point out. A played two years to come at Kentucky or wherever. And then enter the 2020. NBA draft because of a his age so yeah the idea that that cal who is you know turning over roster every year at an unprecedented level the idea that he could count on having a top rated player. Become a sophomore would be a pretty unique situation in talking to Karl talking here a from SEC. Country last thing before I let you go the big news today of course in college basketball mobile gonna vacate its 2013. National championship I don't think it was a surprise to anybody but it does become a formality today. How big of a story is that in your home state and duke Kentucky fans loved that. Just as much as they celebrate their own successes watching mobile had this obviously embarrassing. You know vacated top. Yeah I figured that a great deal of Sean brought. That type and I never quite hear what they say that's. Where it is. There's no I don't thank annually in the misery. Not an every you know all of the bad base but there's a good number of people I think that it. Enjoyed dancing double or straight a little bit do it a little bit sweet I think for them because of the timing of that road you know they they also have to vacate a belief that. 2012 bottle or where Kentucky global played in the or at Kentucky went onto the national championship the next year. Kentucky has you know its worst year under cal Perry goes VoIP while lol all win. Its own national championship now that's all gone you know these it to in the record books we although it happened. I don't count very happy to burst onto value we played the game that they doubted we could be said about horse vacated at UMass to business as your listeners. Obviously well though those games happened. I don't think you'll be out there think well they're great because of that he's they keep always been guys in those days that it I coached some out there. And I think everybody will look at that Kevin where if you haven't seen who broke his leg personally during that run at that point thirteen. As I don't. More graphic version of that statement. Today about I think that yes deeply been praying so it still happened. That's kind of where it. Where are audited have been it is embarrassing it did I think it kind of collapsed. The last. And all I guess. The last. Teaspoons salt in the world's global. Bad that at archer it's hard I would say to deduct it bad to get through. Many years ago scandal that they disgraced covers all of Sports Illustrated. You know your your hero next scandal could be right around a quarter of the way college basketball college or sorry ballot at all this looping. Stop with the FBI not knowing what is who's going down next. I would I would celebrate too hard at all about any program any program right now cal basketball. I think that's good advice as Kyle Tucker from SEC country you can read him SEC country doc compliment what are Carol Tucker underscore SEC a nice job on these stories global Wideman story in the Penney store I hope you had a good time and members appreciate you joining me and region after Kentucky Arkansas and I thanks buddy. It. At a C that's got darker from SEC country. On Twitter at cal Tucker underscore SEC yeah that's good advice for anything and based on a day like today. I don't celebrate how hard the last two lounge because on you you could be next I mean it probably won't include prostitutes and strippers and got a pretty. It's a pretty big headlines but. You know in this sport I don't wanna sing nobody. It is. Immune to a scandal. That could lead to you vacating wins even final fours even a national championship. I'm but I don't know how many people like at the highest level the sport. Things happen. And keep a mind you know they don't always have to happen. With you more knowledge. To make you pay a price. For them. You don't boo. Obviously nobody will ever cut not everybody will ever completely believe Rick Pitino but I will tell you most coaches do not believe he. Was aware of the prostitutes and strippers and those parties that famously has now calls don't a big stain on his rest man. I'm obviously some other stains on Rick's Reza mayor self inflicted. But most people in the profession even even his rivals. Don't believe he knew that those things were happening in that storm because they say. If he knew. He would have perhaps not been mad at violations were current but that he would have been mad they were happening in such a stupid way. Like on campus in a dual warm or their cameras. Video winning everything these women coming and going like your your begging to get caught if you do it in that in that building. On campus and so the way one coach explained editorial perhaps while. The way one coach explained to me one time was like. Even if you. Let's say Rick was okay well one of its customers doing what Andre McGee was doing it. He would at the very least they take it all came perfect guy to take. How party somewhere. Don't tell Mary Joseph bring it into onto our campus. Into our dorm room that has my late brother in malls name on it all predicted that the that's not okay. So the fact that it never got to that point has always made most people in the profession believe. That Reid did not know did not know that the parties were happy that those violations or were occurring and yet it does not matter. He still gets the national championship taken off of his arrest the man he still loses that 2012 final four as well. And the way does not to think that cost him his job. It obviously contributed to it on some level because. I'm he might have could've he might have. Been able to. Survived the deepest and handle them. If not for the prostitution scandal but that scandal on top of that scandals so close on the calendar on top of each other. I'm just made it where he couldn't survive it neither could come church in. Now here we are it's become official earlier today global will placate that 2013. National. Championship when we come back Mark Cuban. I'm is acknowledging that not only are they and full tank mode in Dallas but he is. It makes sure his players understand that I'm we need to be losing not winning it's something up from three to for a long long time to get into that that. 92 million fans ESPN's Jeff caucus is the only local in the district bordering truly covering the Winter Olympics just got to get us live from. It's covering Tony. Maybe two ESPN. That's a season's. Twitter and mr. Graham download the new W in the first half and always on the 829 Memphis is sports station 99 FM my. ESPN that. Internet providers from a small businesses along let's hear who really delivers more. Comcast business offers fast speeds feeds across our network. We offer more complete reliability but have eight hours of four G wireless and to keep your business connect. Not so much we offer 35 points features that businesses care about in solutions that grow with your disc so you never miss a call. AT&T. Clearly contest is his. Call 1805016000. To get 75 megabit Internet and our deep speed now. 4995. From. 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That ensures he'll such an important things you need to know each day it is time. He'd be more notable. Stories that. Number line. Yes shared the view bit ubiquitous networks. Flaw in his earlier today after the company. Announced that on the SEC had asked for quote documents and information relating to a range of topics including metrics relating to the you do equity community accounting practices financial information auditors international trade practices and relationships with distributors and various other third. Parties in the diet company sounds familiar. I'm it should because that is the company owned by grizzlies majority owner. Robert Parish is it is the company that he built that allow him to. Accumulate these type of well do you need to be professional basketball. Team owner. And so. That was obviously a bad day for that company invites pitcher I would say reasonable to assume bad safer than the the Memphis Grizzlies. I'm not Smart enough to understand what all this stuff means I'll be completely honest with you. But. The stock price did plunge now and that is never good but it's especially not good when. You know we're in this situation now where. Ownership of the Memphis Grizzlies this is very much up in the up in the air and sort of be. Interesting to see where this goes from here if Robert parable. Will speak on it. Doubted because he rarely speaks on on any thing but. Yet he owns stock in your equity. It was a rough day for you Mike my condolences and hope things get better story number two. Meantime another NBA owner who isn't afraid to talk publicly. Is talking publicly in a way that might get him in trouble with the a commissioner's office just Mark Cuban because. He was on day of podcast and acknowledged. That he has talked to his team. About thinking and not only that hey we are intent mold. But so emphasizing with them that. It is in their best interest. Two to lose games here's what he said he said I'm probably not supposed to say this by the way if you ever start a cynics and the bad it's if that's what they probably are don't do exactly right thank you probably are not supposed to say that and so you should just stop yourself right there because nobody but either way it looks like a puppy that's supposed to say this but like I just had dinner with a bunch of our guys given night. And here we are you know we were competing for the playoffs. And I was like look losing is our best option. Out of silver would hate hearing that.