Gary Parrish Show, Tuesday, August 21, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 to discuss craziness & Memphis QB Situation)

The Gary Parrish Show
Tuesday, August 21st
Gary Parrish Show, Tuesday, August 21, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 to discuss craziness & Memphis QB Situation)

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And Gary I love her we were trying to go on a cruise just have a good time somebody drank a little too much we got into an argument this is the worst possible lending in fact maybe this is why people shouldn't go on cruises because there's an opportunity for you to jump off. If you get into a bad argument IE. I like you know. I guess if you would shark to middle illness you say I'm gonna help this person get better I love her yes you want her to be healthy and have her mental state correct but the other guy it added that it's an argument I can't risk being a relationship with somebody. Who every time we get into an argument about like where we're gonna eat dinner on a cruise ship you might just jump ball the ship that's crazy listen we got in this I don't know what I please sometimes alcohol can lead you in a bad situations. Yes that's quite dire but not jumper off accrued well some people don't handle alcohol very well Gary I got to have mental illness you Kelly and I were on a cruise ship we gotta do and argued about whatever mannered people argue about happens. I would not jump over the cruise ship I would know if I'd felt like I need to be able to go clean or I would be in the casino in fact. That's where these people she got here and so if you're recruiting Google fight what is significant other to jump off that. Get vote just go to the cash a lot like. Point am I just wanted to jump off the phone. Trying to lose all my money and he just lost a fortune in the casino I'm not trying to help Paul if it's gonna lose our fortune in the you know I wanna be responsible for that I thought. I don't know what you dealing Jeff Carter. And on that. He he's ready to nine FM ESPN radio dot com ask this in any time anywhere and favorite us today we have the best and he's one Bartlett. 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See you dot edu sports I see eight PX that CDU dot edu for slash CA VS 4901321329. Work when your degree while you work. Fresh flavorful made deals for today's first two dollars and Mozilla is militarily fifteen blocks most impressive rookies so called natural chicken breasts it's taken him gridlock Moses and Israel agreed exactly what great yours get by birds dot com. Supplies and more. Now back to the ratio on its ME ST yeah. News on today's show presented by. Followed by a bad guy. I'm good game so you've finished filming the body how buzz saw fitted to make there was an update on our a woman who was floating in the ocean for an hour before being rescued after falling off the cruise ship. That she did not all of a cruise ship she got drawn down to an argument with a boyfriend and then she jumped off of this cruise ship here's the question. If you are her boyfriend. Argued just happy that she survived and you can't wait to hold her again. Or do you say you know what that's that's that like you know I love did not too particular cruise why it. Like I can't be risking just jumping off a cruise ships every that we get into an argument this relationship is over. Let's first let's just sort of stipulate that they are working on the theory he jumped according to this there are indications suggest. That they were drinking while bank and they got in as they were standing and if they got it around and around. They got in a row doesn't mean lining up it means a quorum they quarreled. And then he went to pets I think very sensitive to what it could imagine that there. And according to that story. They're very they're both drunk. Eight Doug arguing an ego that she can crying. Can then take proper care. Now that as far as I could tell her clothes a quarter of Israel are very closely. And then she jumps into the water and she's gone they come and wake him up later and say that he jumped into the water letter kit well. And so they've picked this year out and what I say at this point it's time to. Begun. Well. My inclination would be to say yes. It's probably time to be done before but let's let people. Depressive episode life Gary and I hate they have they have The Who what what if Hewitt did not Robin Williams what a guy. It got later and everything. And ask your girlfriend specifically can I think it is too why a mother of industrial and more discussion about. Forget that you've been Robin William's girlfriend. And all the dead question of money on himself and the door going deeply he's got a walk the end against saint. Okay and it would do that they're relevant on the New York had a depressive episode and and you to tell the tell yourself let's talk about the U. Or which you can I hope you get the people get cute about it. And what's the difference between that and pick up you can't just put into the ocean drunk. I think one is like really seriously battling. Dean brushed depression group and what is you just might just got broken though some crazy. Yes by her father in this story said that she'd been going to your heart kind of like a so accomplish peace. But if you got drunk to she's there's still a process. I would probably be governor right but I'll be honest I probably don't boyfriend to meet and summit prize. Well done it I think it made it I don't give me if you want a crude and you don't get hammered Dario all day. I would wanna be date neither of you dying every diablo probably throw. Yeah like if if her and I'm so upset. Think that I'm thinking about jump off the ship. But he's just like a lot of and I did a pretty good bet I'm gonna chalk that up to like he doesn't care enough. So Mike may be a double him and if I'm him I'm like listen like. What did you jumped off of she quit. We can't connect. With each other anymore. What I would say. You may benefit you need to have two great. Thank you probably already knew that she was calm. A bit of an emotional blowup. Out of the first bit of craziness that you witnessed from a significant other is it usually jumping off the side of play into all gonna play table and updated yeah he's a some build up today every crazy girl I ever out like. It there were little bits of craziness before we were got to the actual like no you're really but it I'm crazy girls did you date. I don't know that crazy just complex. Just don't want crazy girl that I had yeah. We did that almost crazy but I really date or she just started telling people we were dating women do our part. What I thought was great as a people asking me about this girl all the time and I'm like a I met her warmth and I were not day eight. To tell people that we were spending Valentine's Day again on now I'm like I. I don't know her like that we're not but it doesn't get so that was the court but I every day hitter as I just but I know she's crazy cajun and tell people that we were they. Everybody else who just like complex like. I. Well now. I putted great and it's just. I'm one of the I'm wary of the whole crazy woman changed because of the careful. No because. Because I think it's a label but people slap on the Internet but there you how lucky you're a crazy man is decreasing level they can be abuses that took bailout might bit. The air or whatever like a like crazy women they like something that we had this society bill I'll be out of I don't think there's more crazy women that are trading band like you right here I would say they're frustrated out there. No I can't tell you play any of stories where. The other they're friends you know who were in relationships or whatever and like for every. Man his girlfriend nerdy or that or like his girl r.'s wife is crazy man I just as many about me and her husband is Amanda and her boyfriend well let's say you're. Amber has talked about this the other back when I was taught through my divorce. And you remember that I would occasionally. Grow in my white minivan. Did how square. Might actually kick were sleeping right. My whole house just to be near term. I would like get there at midnight as well I have about thirty more hectic at the band at a Ella. Can you imagine if next door because of that they're they're good at that time like that there's debt then again Colin had to drive play. Your election you can argue that was crazy was great to us Fraser remember that. I want it to be I just want to be near my kids are like it was like emotional I just want it to be just sort of like a little ought to be watching over in near my kids Cutler put civil without. Great big yes I think you can yeah be bound I'm so not only can you argue with a bit of hindsight that was crazy I told you in real time. I go you relied then it's going. Like most definitely that would greatly. Obviously yup I think I think people can be great VIP village judge can make people crazy and but it was somewhat humble little wary of throw in a crazy woman label Lauren do I think there's just as many crazy man and we got back. You haven't already electric equality it's is that it oh well our goal today. Yet but yet she is she's thirty Millen may I remember it yeah I think there. Yeah I was crazy she was crazy she wanted to she was mad because she thought Jeff old her at least sit down yeah soft yes. She asked me out of the gate all I remember when I saw held at all I'll get a cup of coffee. I think that you know it's not such a good idea. As. They broke out I yeah I I. If so how. Happened if you look I do know that they Oprah I would work to prevent play I was really just wanted to be nice look at a couple of concrete. The Democrats who can get more complicated I do. Annika came the recession but it became. The cable like that you can't believe that so that would greatly exceed the tragedies they've reloaded it at least we want to jump all about. Now that that that woman was MM with all due respect I that was banana that's not that's not a normal way to act what's actually needed life. If they close friends. Who will kindly tell you when you're out. When you're being creative ideas. Well you can call me when I have been great I didn't stop. Now like I had that one time I was I was in some relationship. And I was frustrated about something. And I was trying to explain it to to my real my car. And he was like so what's going on when he was so it's and I said well listen here's the deal if and only remember the details that was like. Did it in all this happened and then and then you know we talked about it and everything was cool but did she did this and now I'm just don't understand this and blah blah blah this this this. And he said I said what do what do you think like we should I be mad about this what what didn't think. He does. Did you sound crazy against don't you need to meet and not worry about that anymore and possibly I just be done with that situation like you sound. You sound like a loony tune right now and I'm like. Really 'cause I thought she was crazy like she might be but you asked she's making you crazy like that again and what you just described to me like I'm airborne. What one why are you we've been dealing with this inside the OK good I appreciate that I have some clarity on it I did you meet somebody who can actually tell you. You know what you're being crazy right now I don't think enough people have that person in the life. Urban Meyer could have had a lot of them yeah so the level that he was. You know what you're keeping him around you can increase your radar and Barack. And I kind of think people don't listen to those people put it that they do that's great but anyway back to the point. I can't really weigh in on it seems to me that I probably wouldn't wanna be dating either of the people involved in this crucial situation. But 'cause it's very you talked about what you felt certain chronic. Pain ahead. Can't I decided that the logical conclusion was of course our ship. And and neither of those sound particularly yeah I think you that are out there are certain fashion event you know. Big barrels starting fresh but by abide by instinct for like I cannot be with you anymore you just jumped off of a ship. But if it really is like mental illness you might feel obligated to try to help that person and you might feel guilty like. If I believe them now what's next because on some. Good job he did you just feel like you love a man and Eddie Nady. May be actually like them right may below them it's complicated I don't know I'm not I I know exactly how I would handle about not so sure anymore. Not so sure anymore anyway Tom. They say are. Yeah but I want rarely get to the government so. That figure hope they figured out about a just god here on 99 of them ESPN. Develop earlier today from the Memphis football program. The person who was on track to it appears to be the backup quarterback decided he don't want beat a backup quarterback anymore. Andy is transferring from the university member that is David Moore the redshirt sophomore quarterback Brady whites now going to be. I'll be starting quarterback at that we've known for awhile probably headed that direction but it is. I confirmed today by might nor valve and I I don't know if you saw all of the the video of Mike after practice but he seemed not real pleased. With the way this went down he said that. That David had a lot of people in his ear on this topic. And then when asked about like are you comfortable with your backup quarterback situation. Now that David Moore is gone. In my Novell said. I don't I do believe this quarterback room is the best it's ever been and that's from the top down I feel like will be in a better situation with our backups that we were a year ago. Win and he didn't say this but what that means is when David Moore was actually the back of quarterback that seems like a shot at it David Moore. I'm I don't know how to be interpreted any other one. Yeah I don't I mean and and that's pretty clear. I haven't had that. I mean a lot of people are pilot David Moore today. And and I understand I mean it took the lovely blog look a quitter Tivoli left this situation it's better right. I there's a part of you that totally understand they're. Different but yet it's not a situation if you're defensive tackle you could be rotated it. If you're linebacker you can be rotated out. It pure quarterback and you've Japanese and and then we'll all look like I love Mike or well but he brought the guy. Kooky. Blog from Arizona State who you recruited Arizona State. Who who who big picture we don't want to effortlessly create we've got Favre watched. On the end of life you like your the inside track for the job and now it could very clearly gonna get the job. And could give it more to do two things he could sit around and and and let's be honest hope Brady gets hurt or played badly pitted. I bet is that what we shot or not hope politically we'll take wait for Brady to get hurt or play badly. And or you can go at a degrees right now. Then you can put it eight years it now right now Anthony could play somewhere else let's hear without the book Google gobbled it down. A level so it seems to me I respect him. Why it's frustrating. For but if you don't have a experienced backup quarterback issue but. But but I also understand the perspective from. David mark you don't want college career he's got one shot and if you want to take a shot somewhere else. You know looking back getting here pretty wide and three more years for have a six. And so what we're what went to import reported here on the beat out Brady liked playing here so he could stay and be a good soldier lend whatever be about a week ago. And then take it a shot at being a starting quarterback I actually. Don't have any public that I don't mean to imply otherwise. Could this was a target someone else because Brady gave it to transferred the other kid who transferred is now the starter real estate. They had. Someone else talking about immigration or do you think. What you think might get under and it I'll be honest I don't I don't think there's an actor Michael Campbell wants to win games. Your client who do you think is the best quarterback and that I do believe there's David more to come in and just ahead outplayed. Brady white. Did more concerned report. That is. I don't want to win and you have to look down we went to the Olympic Games we want first I learn about jobs somewhere. So I thought at all suggesting that. That he was quite favorites or anything else but once you're beaten out of your quarterback this is not like any other position. And I would do what David Morgan which is go find a place for it. Would. Sort of like in my Novell's of their people and easier if I was not obviously one of those people but had I did I would say you need to go. That that the only difference. Is that I would probably think you need to go like seven months ago. You know lot of progress he said it a long time ago like eight. I'm either they just brought in a quarterback who was more heralded than you coming out of high school who has they as a deeper relationship with the head coach. I don't know no FiOS and you know I you're yet yet you're managed to close the would be that you go the opposite but it got to be a close you do write like you like united what did you. You're not gonna win this job and so unless you just love Memphis that you wanna be there no matter wide. You weeks it's time to go because thank you said you only get four years of this means and not be redshirt. You only get four years and he's already used. You know Lou. He started red shirt yeah right yeah I mean like if you don't you don't get that back. And it's not like being a backup of the NFL where hate it's this is my job. You know this is what I get paid to do him if I play and that's great if I don't it's still my job picking this isn't a job this is. This is his he's his college career that he'll never get back. And I would imagine. David Moore has been playing football for a long time and and been. A plane like on the field in the games. Every year until we got to college and you get to college and don't play. And then use your freshman season and you don't play. And now it was going to be your redshirt sophomore season you don't play and the reason you're not playing as you got beat out by somebody who got just as much eligibility left as you do like what is the point. It's why out of the vice Jalen hurt to the same thing. Because I don't care Jalen hurts at Alabama starts the first game of the season at some point he will be replaced and he won't spend the rest of the season. Watching a younger more talented quarterback. Com and like you said there is it this isn't you know cure you can beat. A backup point guard and still get minutes you can be a back up power forward still get minutes you can get back up running back into it carries. A backup receiver and still get snaps. Back up quarterbacks like that'll they'll play unless somebody gets hurt. And so you wanna look up and spend your whole college career watching somebody else play I would want to and so like not only do am I not mad at the kid for what he'd young man for what he did. Like I I don't blame them all eyes what I would have done it's what I would advise my son to do in the same situation. Yeah and backyards and a slightly different situation I believe 'cause. I'm not yet this year he'll be able to threaten nuclear although beat Oak Creek ranch or a play immediately until it's not really caught himself and he didn't understand that in that situation. So. The cost of your bells go. Yes yes yes oh yes yes this yet but he beat beat yet that your Utica new euros you're correct correct march. UK yet but we'll be able to go play somewhere. Next year. Well that you could make argument that bit. Did they spit. At Mike Rabelo quote unquote recruited over right side. David Moore put pot implicit here he was biding its time he was not a burden back up wait a rodeo. Rock really saves. I've been covered for you why I live and let down the I would add on that day when I heard Brady why it was at that I would bet that would have laughed. Dogs typically. Like I would if I am a bottle of bubbly the Mike Rabelo. Good job at the Coca about quarterback Kiki can and thank god he can't. I mean I'm a liberal media about broke even got Riley both the senate is that a great they're suddenly got. I'm thrilled like god ash that's that's his job. But the job is to look out for the kick career and it. They have from literally the data transferred here I think quarterback battle all you want. But. That but it looked pretty clearly what was gonna win best. Not to focus etiquette buck a piece. The favorite book because like he's really good if you think he really good you know PR firm. And so we don't know what the job. And now we didn't hack and I got two young quarterback to delight and you do hope they've. They're pro had a reasonably well it doesn't get hurt. But I don't O'Donnell. To me I understand I understand the frustration let Mike I really do but that's exactly what I love about. Now and like my I think it's a situation where everybody did exactly what they should've done Mike should have gone out and tried to get. I'm a better quarterback if he could get one like why would you should always try to get a better quarterback if you can get one. And so he did exactly what he should do as the head football coach of the universe to Memphis and David Moore I think did exactly what he should have done which is recognized I'm not gonna play. What is the point I don't wanna I wanna watch anymore I don't wanna use another year of eligibility just watching somebody yells play. And so now to do what's best for me in my dorm that was best for him number two it's best for me the only argument to me on this that he should have done it earlier when he should've done it. You know in in the summer or even like last fit whenever. A probably the summer but but you know it's too late but you know. Our quarterback who has set aside just love it here I'm not Italy's gonna support to Geneva that would but I do that that would and it it started to dish you want spot. Right in both black and I think if it were might get out of it well if it were might get out what is the what do you want out of this because they're you're exactly right there are sometimes players who just like. This and I've now been on campus for two years might you know these are my best friends I got a girlfriend who goes to school here. I don't wanna move him blow up all these relationships and start over somewhere else I hate that I'm not playing but but I like my life that some of the state here's some people would make that decision and it. Not gonna be NFL quarterback anyway I would be serious and Richard the matter ready good that I'll probably get. But don't you believe they podiums I mean it is Brady white gonna say a 100% healthy and be great I don't know like I think. Like I would've wanted to get back back up accent his junior year when you knew he was so I'd like that would seem. I'm not completely confident. If you David more than you would have gotten a chance. I think there's I think there's just some. There's some. The other possibility that David Moore what got McCain actually could assert that go to a stay here and a McCain held a friend. I'm talking about it a quarterback anyway the last 30% chance anyone out to get people back this year and so. I let that play out as opposed uprooting my life CNET. Vision you know what a team wants me. It's not a drop down. And so that would put it perfectly rational decision. But so what little. That is Geoff Calkins who back in studio tomorrow morning 9 AM thank you sir back a second. 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Just some easy and tower where his lowest wind and 49 it's 149 yeah if you want means Apple MacBook yeah exactly like the one I'm working on right now you get peppers lowest flight 99. Do that Cooper system so that got him a martyr for commuter. You know where to go through resistance Mel while office park on the web and. Cooper systems that cal Perry for carry fair show what airline united united them ESPN and a break Adam. A note from my friend Jordan she asked the question she said is that ever difficult. Doing. The show when they are big breaking news stories that you would otherwise be glued to and yet you're having to focus on like bats and the radio show and not focus so much on. What the rest of the country is focusing on. And the answer obviously is is yes and today is is one of those days it has been an incredible. A Newsday we touched on the post along airplane fiasco. But the two big stories of course Paul matter effort has been found guilty on I believe eight different charges. He's a former campaign advisor to that the president trump and while we were live on the air Michael Cohen who is president trumps of personal law former personal lawyer fixer. Pleaded guilty. Two breaking campaign finance falls and other charges and he also implicated. The president of the United States in some of these crimes and made it clear that. The the payments he made two women. Ta to hush them up. Were made. At the direction of the president and were made to. If were were made for the sole purpose the principal purpose of of influencing the 2016. Presidential election so this has been an incredible day. In our country and I don't pretend to know where it goes from here but like it can't be good. When your personal lawyer and the guy who's been fixing things for you for ever. It can't be go when that guy has now flipped completely on you and his cut a deal with the federal government because. The way that works and I know about this a from just like in reading but beef from following that college basketball scandal that. You know has that that is also rooted in the southern district of of New York. Once you reach a deal. Where if the federal government. What that requires you to do is tell the truth about everything not some things about everything wherever. Wherever the questions go. As so in the college basketball scandal. You know there are already people cutting deals. And if the federal authorities have any interest they sit you down and ask you about anything okay what do you know about John cal Perry William about Bill Self. It's whiny. So these coaches are very very nervous because there are people facing federal charges who have flipped who know things about them. Who knows where some bodies are buried. It is a guy. Who is flipped and become a government witness. In the college best twelve can only TJ gas no. Now unless you're a hardcore like. Basketball dude you've probably never heard of TJ guess no but I know TJ for fifteen years and you know on you and ormat. At the fence and a or alignment he is Antonio Anderson's got. He was around. The Memphis program a lot when John cal Perry was the coach he's tightly Derek Kellogg he was Antonio Anderson's guy. I don't TJ forever. The two guys stories I promise and now you know I don't know what the federal. Authorities are going to want to ask him some wide ranging questions as opposed to just get him to cooperate on the things they already are working on. But. My understanding is that. Once you get a deal in place that deal is in place until the moment you don't tell the truth about something. So it's not just enough to help the government on 99 different things that they ask you about. Intel a troop 99 times in a row if on the hundredth time they ask your question you happen to not be honest with them. And they catch you deals off it doesn't matter that you spent the past 99 questions being honest it doesn't matter that you've helped us here here here here here truthfully. Now you lied to us the deal is off and now you'll be dealt with the way you were previously going to be dealt wet my point being once people football and you. If you've got anything guy. You weren't bad bad spot because. Not only do they have no one should have to protect you anymore its actually like risky crazy risky for them to do anything other than told the truth on you. You know every every time your name comes out. And I don't care how you voted in this election it seems pretty clear that the president has a lot of stuff that he probably. There's a lot of stuff. There and now the guy who. I don't admission handled a lot of these things. You know he walked into a court of courtroom in Manhattan today and in and basically. You know announced that he's going to be cooperating with the federal government. Going forward and I don't know if it makes our president nervous but it it would make meaner kids if I were. Our president so it's a remarkable day in this country in my legs like Jordan noted it does become difficult. Focus on talking about Memphis quarterbacks or cruise ships went you know the rest of the the country and in and on some of mobile world is all focused on this and this is incredible developments. That will happen to have on this happen on the same day. You know like I had it close advisor to the president in died I mean I found guilty of a different charges. And then personal lawyer of the president on the exact same day. Pleas guilty to multiple charges and also implicates. The president of the United States. In what I'm sure a legal minds or at least some legal minds are gonna interpret this. As as crimes so. It's been a wild couple years today it was a wild day and it doesn't look like it's gonna get any less wild. Any time so we've academic it's an. Continues to. On sensitive life. Friday night September 28 at 6 PM. On ESPN. You look good this is Gary Pearce reminded that platinum Jewelers is here in Memphis they're ready to help get the perfect pizza George for any occasion I've obviously. They tell you about for years that the records show. The customer planet do as long before it was an endorser title dealers Evans being that I was wedding ring was all their years in advance of even having a radio show. They specializing engagement rings wedding band turned bands like to watch a series it's braces. Anything you could imagine him apart is where I shoppers also are two time NBA champion Kurt Memphis basketball assistant Mike Miller shot also was the most against the 2007. 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An attorney tweeted the following is when he we just a few minutes ago you Michael Cohen took steps today so that his family can move on to the next chapter that is Michael fulfilling gestures to his promises made on July 2 to put his family and country first and tell the truth about Donald problems. Today he stood up and testified under us and Donald Trump directed him to commit a crime by making payments to women as. For the principal purpose of influencing an election. Those payments for a crime the microphone and they've worked with him why would that be a crime for Donald. Prosecute a reasonable question and I'll sort of people that I to figure out of Lanny Davis I don't know about everybody knows exactly who years. Certainly a prominent. Attorney he represents Michael Cohen now once upon a time was these special counsel to President Bill Clinton you know moved Lenny Davis society is now. Davis all. CBS sports group. Our voice fifth set that scene of the sport sense updated voice CBS sports and what connection against the athletics. Is that as an attorney is that is Laney Davis about that now representing Michael Cohen previously rivers I'll. A Bill Clinton's lawyers lawyer select we were talking. About. In the last seventies today a wide all day and dominate cable news all night long and at some point tonight president trump has. A rally in West Virginia he is that we did about any of this whole day today which is. Unusual look at the usually tweets about everything but it. If I don't president trump like I think I know president trump. Live on stage in front of a crowd of his people on a microphone on national tell he will not be able to help himself in so. I had my eyes on that tonight I usually go home and play and to watch a Mets game that I can't do that at the last night watching two minutes to run into each other to let the go ahead run scored there in the starting Dana. I'm too frustrated as one but. Tonight seems like it's a great night for cable news whatever cable news you like if it's CNN that CNN if it's Fox Business Fox News if it's MSNBC affiliates NBC. You have whatever channel you prefer bowed down tonight seems like a great night for cable news given all of the developments today diplomat effort. I found guilty in the Michael Cohen pleads guilty to eight different charges. And including item in our campaign finance charge. On which he also implicated implicates the current president of the United States wild times. Wild times who did it again. Joe's presented by Humphries prime cut shop well folks folly original piece. What did we learn today what's up with a lot of time. Has once again dharma people off cruise ships are also. I want to some of the Memphis quarterback situation if you just get your car you hadn't heard. Development. With the Memphis football program earlier today I dated more. Who had been last year's backup quarterback. I was probably on the verge of being in this year's backup quarterback. I quit the team has decided he's going to transfer which by default they Brady wife is starting quarterback for the University of Memphis. A football program Michael bell seemed frustrated by this and if I were Michael Brown I'd be frustrated as well. If you don't want a loser of the quarterback particularly somebody who you might have had to play. On August 21 five. Com is far from need to Muster any anger first favored more. You only get four years. To play college football for non redshirt years he had already used one of them plus a redshirt year watching. And he was clearly going. I'm usually about so it's been another year watching and might even acknowledged just today he was fast arms. Why did David Moore decided transferring myself I think everybody knows why. The answer to that is it because he was about to be named the backup quarterback. Once again. And if you are. They're backed up somebody who has just as much eligibility left if you do. Then there's at least a decent chance that you're never going to be in charge of the pro. Like Jeff I talked about. You can be a backup point guard. And get slain Americans. A backup power forward it's only a matter just get backup running back to when you carry a backup receiver. She plays left linebacker pretty much every position. But they're back up quarterbacks look like be a backup kicker. Mike you you do not have a role unless somebody is bad bad bad. Or let's forget hurts. And that's why. So Michael felt that earlier today is that it's David morehead people he's here. I wasn't one of those people obviously but if I have been in his ears and I would have advised to do this they listen do you fault for the job and you didn't get it. Brady's got just as much eligibility left you do if you couldn't beat out last spring there's pre season. When you think you're going to do it while we go somewhere where there should be a better opportunity to actually play football. For your football watcher you football player your football player that let's go somewhere we can play football because it doesn't appear to be. How the University of Memphis the only mistake he made I think it's probably should've done it in the summer as opposed to. August 21. By August 21 better than August 22. August 21 is better than not at all. I think it's a situation where my Novell did the right thing for his program which is go out and get. A superior quarterback prospect and then prepared to name a starter and it's one we're also gave nor did the right thing for David Moore. Which is I'm not gonna sit here watching Reggie White House play for three more years and fun image on the go somewhere. Try to find somewhere racquet actually get back to playing football supposed to watch football and as the bad guy in the stories of interest story but there's no bad guy and what's the biggest game tonight. Indian Red Sox Fenway Park Boston Massachusetts Cleveland for first place in the AL central falls in first place AL east. First pitches at 610. Red Sox minus 150 on the money line. What should I watch on TV what got I think cable though that I do believe that like whatever had cable news you prefer I'd say what's that tonight could have been a wild day. And politics in the United States of America but. If we just don't want anything to do with us. There's a special on Betty White tonight on WK NO Betty White first lady of television so you knew this I Betty White. Who doesn't like Betty why he likes the most likable what I you can argue one of the most likable and television. I'm I'm not to argue against as we don't have a young girl she's the golden girl yeah that's about it why she's the first woman to ever produced. Okay national televisions televised show and she's the first woman to star in sitcom ever. She's the first producer to hire female director. And the first woman to ever receive an Emmy nomination I didn't. Those things. Know those things I don't know I had the golden girl and you're is a golden girl and like super likable she says funny things on commercials and stuff he's an actual ground breaker amazing in Hollywood. And tonight on W can out there will be a special about herd starts at 7 o'clock if you're up late hit kept on Stephen cope where a Amy Poehler on Jimmy Fallon Kristen Bell one Jimmy Kimmel share is on James Ford is there anything I need to make sure I'm Rea I thought that Sally Jenkins. I column in the Washington Post was just terrific she was writing about the Maryland's situation where football player died during conditioning drill field drills and noted that. It's happened 27 times in the past seventeen years on a college campus a football player has died during conditioning it hasn't happened one in seventeen years. In the NFL because NFL franchise for a while ago realized. Pushing. Football players too extreme levels doesn't do anything except put them in. Fact situation is not the way to condition and human. College coaches at least some for whatever reason have not subscribe to this and so we get one death after another after another now everybody. At Maryland because they didn't learn their lesson. Soon enough. Until after Jordan and had done it looks like a whole bunch of people don't lose your job there. What's on tap for tomorrow Wednesday and actually wake up early apply to New York this TV stuff but I will be hosting the show live from New York City. Tomorrow afternoon we'll probably have a decision on Urban Meyer. It's probably going to be a suspension not termination but. We'll have clarity on the situation by the time I get in front of microphone. At 4 o'clock this should be a fun show enjoying it I I've enjoyed my baby back here tomorrow or could it be careful because I'd be good rep you're. He is ready to learn and ESPN radio to. And anytime anywhere and favorite us today from the professor remedies when we're let's go to Memphis Memphis is a sports station. Academy sports and outdoors is going to college football kick off on Saturday August 25. From 11 AM to 3 PM they're mrs. location located at 7926. G a 'cause the place and we'll chase he enjoyed the samples from being HR gold. High heels on tailgate items plus gift cards for the first fifty customers supporting their college colors and more coming college football hall of Famer Johnny Roland from twelve to 1 PM academy sports and outdoors. 7926. 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