Gary Parrish Show, Tuesday, August 21, 2018, Hour 1 (w/Keith Easterwood in Seg 2 discussing Hobos, Heroes, & Street Corner Clowns)

The Gary Parrish Show
Tuesday, August 21st
Seg 1:  GP talked about the Memphis Tigers QB situation Seg 2:  GP joined by Keith Easterwood to discuss Hobos, Heroes, Street Corner Clowns and the event at The Bluff on Sept. 28th   Seg 3:  4 stories with more on college vs. NFL coaching/death from training, Cubs/Murphy, Post Malone cool, and cruise ship story update

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We'll chase and just like last year you can score a refund on your entire purchase and Robert doing Jewelers. You gotta get involved in a perfect picking contest Sears store or go online for complete rules and details the perfect picking contest that Robert Irwin Jewelers. The creation of the Simpsons. This is a bad time to be coming down off that high comes and they can. Ward pled I wouldn't say I love. Even air force and every once played we'd eat healthy yeah aren't in the dark ages they wanted to get rid of all the. Place them with worse once. This sentence anybody. Rory today. It's okay. And has been ESPN presents in his only national columnists who spends his afternoon. Restricted to Memphis radio it made you think he'll make you laugh because sometimes made you change the station children. This Tuesday. Your entire show. We have NN Gary Blair expressed confidence and studio produced the program. Volleys let me glad you'll let me I'll walk again through the day no obstacles. Notice Ron should you. You'll have nothing better with a big day even more bad because he had had a here quit the team this morning. So it now has a bright lights and the starting quarterback you reverse the map but we're gonna discuss momentarily. I Michael for the for the president's schedule reports what do hockey season will be my local backfired pretty good local basketball expert nation's leading authority mobile. Street corner found that enjoyment out of wallboard what about what's up. We might talk basketball. Mike talk about Viagra who knows you never know what he's doing good to hear about when he met a president that's bad and I'll do more notable shortfall board is for. That would while we're gonna discuss what previously got the stuff stores among them Sally Jenkins had a tremendous column in the Washington Post this morning about. Maniacal. College football coaches who are killing football players with the conditioning drills most recently obviously at Maryland the numbers are paid for being. Especially when compared to the NFL number let's say about that a whole 44. But not the battered former cub killer did a market that allows for the rich get richer focus of that little later on this ballot and stuff they both Malone was. Don't fly the plane headed to London after performing last night's MTV video music awards flame. Tire during take off the they had the circle in New York the burning fuel. And then attempted emergency landing and having to report everything is OK everybody is okay we're not living in a phone. We'll talk about it. Crippled by the blogger we have an update on our girl who fell off a cruise ship quota for ten hours of what's been rescued it appears she didn't fall fall from a cruise ship. It appears that she jumped off a cruise ship. After getting into a fight with her boyfriend so that's. It's received where we'll get into that very affordable for a full 44. 5 o'clock jump up on billboards all over them from doing it's just like go away from Orbitz would be good to go and we'll get out of here that the Rendell a got a lot. To get developed star Memphis football because. There was face significant development a Memphis football earlier today Deborah walker broke the news David Moore redshirt sophomore quarterback. Has left the program equipped team this morning. I raised presumably gonna trade sperm play college football somewhere else he spent this pre season. Really the spring and then this pre season to be what pretty wiped the starting quarterback job started seeing clear apparently. That he was gonna lose that battle started to seem clear that. A pretty wide would be to start with the tigers over the 2018 season on September 1 against Mercer Liberty Bowl memorial stadium. For David more just their dues as I'm out and I'm pretty white has officially been named. The starter by might nor bell who did not seem pleased. Of what this development I don't know if you saw his quotes from after practice earlier today. But he made it clear that you. Win he feels like it's the right decision for somebody to transfer because he like every other college football coach. Has endured these type of thing before that he's very supportive video gives his release and blessing any ups and every way can. Com he didn't seem to suggest that he was in favor of of this that he thought this was the best thing for his program that he thought this was the best thing. For David Moore he said that. Data quote has had a lot of people that have been an easier about this situation and that suggests that. My doorbell was not on board. A whiff. This going down the way it went down that this is not what he actually wanted an end. Com he can't took a shot at at the kid because he was asked as execute is now accused young adult arm. Have a bad habit of that like so many others do we talk about college kids like college yeah I mean they're and they're not kids they're adults sort of well no no not at all they're not kids they're young adults and that they'd like. Clear cut definition and an accurate I was a kid when I was nineteen. No you're not you're an adult like on this isn't even debatable you might have had kid like tendencies that you that there but you were an adult. And so he's a young adult then. And my Novell's seem to make it very clear that I'm he was unhappy and in my case they kind of took a shot at him. A because he was asked like are you comfortable now with your back up quarterback situation because if or something Brady why it was gonna win the starting job David Moore was going to be is back up. You're gonna have a guy who spent the entire spring a pre season. As a backup if is it the entire. Spring and three season. Competing for your starting job as your backup quarterback now somebody who was projected to be a third string quarterback. Perhaps even a true freshman is going to be your backup quarterback behind Brady wide might marvell was asked about this he said. You know I'm really excited to watch the development of those young guys I do believe it's quarterback room is the best it's ever BM. And that's from the top down. I feel like will be in a better situation with our back up then what we. Were a year ago a year ago of course when David Moore was. The backup quarterback and isn't that the type of thing you say when your frustrated because it it flies in the face of of logic how can you be better. In your backup quarterback situation. When you just lost the guy who is actually going to be your backup quarterback Cade who you had identified as a possible starter but there's still scenario where your actually. Are in a better situation at back up quarterback when you just lost the guy who was actually going to be your backup quarterback you don't lose you backup quarterback and then suddenly improve on the exact same day. I'm at back up quarterback so that that Simmons does that with all due respect to Mike of course. Arm but since doesn't really make much sense from a football perspective about it it makes it does sound like the type of thing you say. When you're frustrated do you read at the same way. I don't know what you mean you know I don't. You don't know what it I don't know if I read that the semis might what is the other way to read it out and I don't mean the bike that read at the same way I read it like when Mike says. David Moore. Leaving. Doesn't actually hurt our backup quarterback situation. I feel like we're better backup quarterback today than we were a year ago when David Moore was actually the backup quarterback basically the day Memphis lost its number two quarterback. And Mike ravel said were better back up quarterback. That we were last year when we had that guy as our backup quarterback I don't know that that some people today suggested that he was the third quarterback. It off the air I've heard that rumor. That he was you know. That was one of the reasons why did he was not just demoted to. The backup quarterback that he was number three well that would find the face of literally everything the coaching staff has said leading I know what does leading up to it today because I know that they had not even named a starter but had made it clear. That David Moore was competing for that starting spot not with three other dudes before the dues but just with. But just what Brady white and so those who knows but. That seem like that that's that's a shot at David Moore and that that's that's those are words from a coach who is. Frustrated by what he had to deal with that today. A win data more potential for practice and confirmed to multiple media outlets. That he's going to transfer from. The University of Memphis and though I've seen some of the comments from fans. Who say you know this a bad look reason quit her how could you leave your teammates high and dry in this situation. The truth is I don't blame them you know in football players won't play full poll have a basketball players want the basketball same way baseball players will play baseball. And like if you're a basketball player. And you're the backup point guard you're gonna get minutes he if you're at the back of senator you're going to get minutes if it back up shooting guard you're going to get minutes. If you are not the top receiver on a football team you're still gonna. Gets maps if you're not the top running back on a football team. You're still going to get snaps especially in Memphis where they just run men out you know talk constantly rotating. But arm under my normal it's been clear that he likes to name a quarterback in the that's my guy. And if you're not gone big or your not going to play. And if you're David Moore and your not that guy and you are not going to play. That's three consecutive years of not playing football. I don't know was back story completely but I discuss those who do the little bitty kid he's been playing football. Every year and has been plaguing I actually on the field for the games every year and then you get to college in your once a redshirt. Could you just chalked it up to red shirt like this gonna make you better. But they second your college is still not playing in the thick becomes clear to you him in middle baucus. That you're third you're colleges steel not gonna play football again. And oh by the way you just lost a quarterback competition to a guy who got just a much eligibility left as you do so you can't be in now. And you know bet you're a head coach has a a long and her relationship with him because of com recruiting him to Arizona State many years ago like if you can't beat you now winning you don't beat him and that means anything and if you're not. Rotating quarterbacks when he got to play. And so did you are sitting around basically waiting for somebody to get hurt for you have an opportunity I would want to do better. Like you only get so many years of this. This isn't like in the NFL where if your backup quarterback. That might just be all you are you're still getting paid millions of dollars. And and they can view it and you. Can be a backup quarterback for ten years for fifteen years like you're always gonna. Like there's always the next season not necessarily but it's you don't have a defined number. Of years. Have to be an eligible football player when you get to the NFL. It's a job at that point in college. Watching. And David or had suddenly found himself in a situation where it was conceivable. He would spend his entire your college career. All the other eligibility. Watching. Somebody else play his position. Let's golf and if so what should get to a point where you realized that is you'll most likely reality. Arm I pulled the trigger too. It perhaps there's a better way to do it but either way we'd reach the same conclusion it's time to get out of here like you know this is where I wanted to go to school this is where I wanted to play. Blood. Now when your three and I just lost the quarterback starting position to a guy who is going to be here next year and who's going to be here after event. And if I can't beat him up the damn probably not being around. And given that. In our system be starting quarterback plays all the snaps. Every gay. Cool then. Unless Brady wife gets hurt I'll never step on the football field and play meaningful snaps in college while spinning my entire college career. Basically working every day to never play that's a fun for anybody it's obviously why I don't understand why do hurt distilled Alabama. Is he about the find himself in the same position one way or another. Trust me when I tell you even jailed hurts starts for Alabama in game one. There will be a point this season. Where he is replaced. By two ton of LO Paulo to what tone by Lola. And then you'll never get John back. Any girl find himself I don't know if it will be a week one week to week seven but it's comic. Because if they are already to a point in the national championship game where if you don't have to go one. We're gonna go to kid. Then. They get one again you got to be perfect. In considering every. Football person on the planet. Thinks that. Tiger by Lola is a better thrower and a better quarterback in general for what Alabama should be trying to do with the Jalen hurts what you don't. I dare hurt seems to be the only guy on the planet. Who doesn't. Recognize what's about to happen to Jalen hurts. He's gonna find himself watching most of that SEC's schedule he's embarked upon himself watching the SEC championship game is gonna find himself watching the college football player. He's gonna find himself at some point doing exactly. What David Moore was about that finds himself doing and guess what he's limited. The other season he's going to transfer. But it will come after he wasted an entire year of eligibility. Being the backup quarterback. To a younger. Better. Player why would you do that. I mean if you just don't care may be. But if you don't care you wanna play. And you don't put yourself in a position to collect. And at quarterback position is is eight it's is one of the unique positions and sportswear if you're not the guy you don't have a role. Unless somebody gets hurt or unless somebody is terrible. And so again. I recognize that. You know waiting till August 21 to do this is not ideal. But it's not ideal for him either. Like this isn't. He's doing what's best for him and it's actually a great thing a trying to transfer on August 21 if you just gone through pre season camp isn't good. But. If I were advising mound opponent to do this if I were one of those people as Ayers. I would have told him to do this the only difference is a matter told him last year the day pretty wide and roll out of let's look at this RA. You were supposed to be are you on track to be the starting quarterback at Memphis and they just went out got somebody who. Basically every analyst coming at a high school ball was better than you'd. Moved my doorbell is already recruited recruited whites and worked with warrants at another school. What is those likelihood. Of you beating him out in the spring of you beating out in the pre season. Probably not good. I mean the truth is most people who follow Memphis football program. Bought from the the Brady white enrolled at Memphis that pretty what was going to be the starting quarterback. They called the competition I'm sure was put. The Smart money always had it going this way. And so. That David Moore finally recognized it is a bad thing. Arm is just that he recognized it way too late. And it's possible that he had been better off in fact it's a 100% even better off a veto recognized it. Eight months ago. And America's full program would be better off if you'd recognize that eight months ago as well because. Every snap he got in a scrimmage every step he got to practice could've gone to somebody else. Because that somebody else is now going to be actually the backup quarterback at the University of Memphis. And I'm pretty wide. Confirmed today by might nor obviously after the development. He'll be the starter I'll talk more about this for Jeff -- at 5 o'clock we'll come back keep these two would have my local basketball expertise your local basketball expert. Nation's leading authority noble zero streak oracle announced he joins me next. 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He was aided and abetted in its fellow things. By the now president of the United States well. And a new movie today we might get into it later. For right now. The legend is here he's my local basketball expert your local basketball lives for our nation's leading authority hobos hero's record clown kidneys to make the big and it's. Big hitting view presented by news crews say yes he's still 1 and only G eastern looking ahead yeah. Hi I'm pat down. Local basketball experience you know Lowe's heroes and street corner clubs on 99 is very very show. How important. Well I one. Today the fired them all we a lot of podcast last night didn't we gotta bear it because I don't know. You back your own it and I'll start to wonder did I get ready guys I collect probably. Again don't work I do or I'll drop off. White and that is and well yeah. Yeah or go walk often awfully. Actually liquid bribery and they in my medical workers what what I expected here on a key these two would not asked us. I made alleged not that it ambled about how I got them to. An outdoor lot out there on in sandy Jackson Mississippi and Alabama producing beta shoddy in. A bomb into their class I obviously historically. Com I'd go back to watch the tiger plug them a lot less editing button but all people to coliseum and an outlet. You are not waiting around but I told his retirement but. Every coach has been mayor from Bartolo outlet to go to practice practice dessert. Already around the program which is short just a fan was was rushed at dinner about these stories. About shenanigans went on employers de DC me which they view it. You know million Breton outrageous judge dropped I got my doubts. But a lot of it is good era I nodded to and have them ESPN. I'm so good can Jake on wall then who played for team that this summer. Arm but is actually from I believe Georgia or Alabama. Are you now from Memphis even though play with a Memphis based summer basketball team committed to Georgia last night ten days after. Are committing to Mississippi State so we commit to Mississippi State then didn't commit almost immediately. With us or is that his mother pressured him to do it didn't really wanted to know it and any ends up what Tom Green and then and the Georgia Bulldog at least for now. Do you have. One of those stories where you know. Had a kid. Who committed for the wrong reasons or because apparent warning until then there who did committed to flip flopped all over a pledge do you know what else did you have to deal with that kind of stuff. You know I mean Gary other like with Morris strong who. God help me remember west Kentucky basketball coach Maurice let's USC. Can carry a bag western Kentucky's recruiting and they didn't it didn't bite appeal. You know let my house and there was. Mean I can tell a story now I guess but do you can connected. Final four that year. Calm actually in shallow due to play basketball George Brett when they're good for a couple Judd is about just about all. These coach about Obama helped fill Richmond down. A bomb. Joey goes they can't about the culture it is just a comic from the other sort of funnel all works. Far right out. Getting smaller release. What is the brother got to go to Australia just whipping. In the end to god he gets out or ticket which they sheltered GQ megabytes. Whatever. Com. In Saudi king what happy because I talked to me if you reach USC championship go one place to put their urge your Oyster Creek neighborhood bakeries. What you don't watch too much mess going on out here. But I'm. So that that was got to audit when I told Justin restored before where. You know he goes to did it all burned on. I don't know exactly all part but at some point to note you stayed out. Not only did somebody give an envelope what about art and female aspect and not what you're on your plate bigger then I bet. And so he gets back to probe iron god blessed me just pass it down. Told at least orders true. It's weighted back of my breath buys you large. And and take a thousand dollars essentially monitors and clothes. And I'll call on the beach it was scared because the people thought would be an over the top arms. Nobody wanted to leave and turn just can't get in 2000 dollars to do department to make you mean so that would have been spawned. Amid a lot of funny thing Sean Williams a CK my god Archie got a great matter cheat the united bigger now well. Social. So William long was wild. Because you he was playing with view of it anyway that I had already done a story content editor of the head coach Hamilton at the time and Shawn wasn't credible player remains of one and done first round draft pick that's totality what people forget Sean Williams was also. Is that a lot of conversation that really didn't write it. You know he in his voice long time in the NBA and and and that was just awesome college player he was the most talented guy on that first. Oh lead eighteen that cal had at Memphis they that the that was 2006. It was Jerry's watched and sophomore years Shawne Williams fresh what are I got that right so shock waves and high school would Hammel. And I first off again I'd I am supposed to meet him at the school I would I would say it's right before Nike. The Nike all American camp he's going to sort of been like June early July. FO to David's head Hamilton high because I'm working on a story in and about him. And we were supposed to sit down intent Andersen's office talk and for the samples be their wine he didn't show up till 230. And he shows up in a car that might be why he so clearly should not have been driving it better spectator tonight if they got to the car you backed Sean where did you get that car. Like LA deputy dedicated. Big girl you dated bond night went according to get DeLia heights ultimately. For lack a better expression she moved a lot of weight because I walked in this ship built a one night in Nam. I do an attractive 100 truly nice. I'm looking man and I'll shocks joke about like Edward a day ago for. I. A so I if we showed up to this car like they floated about that I'll put it is what it looked like a car. That somebody who moves a lot of weight might all up and and go head like you can not be in this car this is crazy. So we got the office and basically Teddy is handling the interview. And had a slightly that he is not one to the University of Memphis under any circumstances do we had to get him out of here. Like you see he's driving the drug dealers car. Apparently never did a good leader but like we gotta get we gotta get him out of here this is no good for him is not going to the University of Memphis. I Soka the world right now but I think basically write that story. We do you do when you do that you volume encounter. Well we got it in jail for life treaty either put Arab Lamar that you went to jail I don't know if he's out yeah how you know I don't want to do is deal. Taught him how to deal would be a big guy a court. Whatever they did drug dealer from that was what got caught in Mexico right yeah. Tennis. I could have been a lot of bad read just one night Brittany cubic yeah U haul. That that ain't the guy you are not on Craig credit I think within that and felt like it looked like get into that tip Anderson told bill that we got to get Shawne Williams at a Memphis is just not good acting and I think I remember writing that store. So bad fast forward to Nike. All American camp it's in Indianapolis. And if you remember the way that set up they got. If that I UP UI and there's a hotel right there and the players like they basically on campus. And so. At eight BC adding that it's like all American camp they they have an interview session for it after the morning session. And it's very structured and after it's over for Shaun. He'd gladly very anal always crazy like they they got they control everything that's happened. But at a steady sunny at exotic maybe he can't there'd be like agents prostitutes also just all everybody if everybody everywhere night you know. I'll let all of little social New York general crossed a river. And if you apply to get in New York she had they didn't think oh you're at. About I don't know for sure I mean the most famous one is Lance Stephenson and OJ Mayo. All we're Lance had a whole build in field would would people from Brooklyn it was it was why are so. It's all like listen first to me. At these as the break up their decision. TP meet me in room 812 about a team can win I'd like in your hotel for a reason yet room ate well I like the OK but on vacation like I didn't kick back and then there is being an outlet in the players' hotel room. I feel like go to that hotel room which is supposed to be just players. His girlfriend there for whatever reason it is considered. Florida one guy and don't really go any goes paid. I wanna commit to the University of Memphis. I might right now he's like yes Q when you write that story I had shortly quite a bit have you talked to have you talked to coach hitters. I swear he goes he got. We just let him read about it in the paper. And I said OK I felt I walked back into the gym after leave the ball no one Berger got when I remember right so I I go I go back. Two two GM and I fine John cal Perry asked that elegiac I think John I I said have you talk its own weight and he's like no I city just called me to his world and told me all the record he wants to commit to the university remembered sounds like war. And eat it either. On the universe to mad about it about what it was in two weeks ago. And I had just about one daughter pajamas like credit critic well I said I think just I think. And then they thought that he said he said a little kids wouldn't on the right things don't look up. And the next that we had like live from Indianapolis olive is committed to the university of methods and then he left Hamilton with the loss of came here was terrific about one year college and then I'll for the NBA irons but that. Yeah I know yet elected library out of turn into an investigative piece or ever not say if the audit GM Doug Coates. Don't want you here just look how rough around the edges. Deal will be on but I'll. Beckett was so audited by Claudine. I would hope that Bob they're not as well but did bit checked in at jagged red blood. Check did you currently running whatever the top on the door and I am assuming it is girlfriends or are you honoring him. And you have a global shipment security at the door attribute that the the and then. It's in all they needed people did for him assortment agent are. He was buried just whip me eat. Because that ball he knew I would really cared and loved you know and it was always straight up and audit committee. No matter what actually. Bombs and I'll tell you we want cannot ignore it I don't know what coach met Hillary and I did all they have to segregate. They're change. From the other issue James and again how can pastor had a greater charge mr. basketball teams subject to change what one year and everybody they're. But it was always on at the Kurdish Japanese children will be key in this state gap Joseph the dock area edit your. And cards like 830 and if king were going down a large daddy's aren't solved. We had been detained. But I hear underneath. Our bucket. And end Jon Lucas and everybody they are cut referee bet between federal officials can't vote upon a dead at the gang. But I hear courage gently altered gravity got shot by a bullet. Any I thought he couldn't breeding the gas and for air so mostly kid comes the bridge and I hear you say. They don't Johnny had become a bit but shot a sailboat and it and it broke. Alone in your car got debris crushed not run out all the script this big old bucket that quite a they don't Johnny that didn't like this but all we're short card gonna judge could go no more. On this can't recruit New York this film it we waited in bomb. Jordan rabbit kill the guy how good dark art group might not (%expletive) about looked up what it. Come on work or for Saudi they don't want our rebel target it won't get a good choir members order came up you know how threatening will be it Vietnam. So reverend the other guys Patrick tropea. Generation would do not come out and get it and what was sodium diet so senator day he announced a Tokyo that the don't you look your equipment is what they did. So they had melted I go well I don't yeah it was shock. I don't get that judge when did you get bit you're lucky if you launch it it it didn't mutants so Jeno rhubarb the past. T shirt say Ortega pitchers talk a big attached to yen on. Peter I'll stop atrocities he thought a little. Good night says oh we do bump. Yeah it has to get it trucking layup on I want my tropea appeared like a local to the Le Mans yeah. I don't support abortion bad again can patent it. To get people to it came out wrong. In only got a friend I have I don't encourages. Derek well but I got. You know I get people money. And you know results Sony would goods Sony want to be nice salt diet. That I brought I did a lot of face Sonny you know. Not doing this in this Richey or whatever Eli. They'll double double ought not large amount of money on it that was really. You know it would put people on payroll at a consultant. Armed. But dad dad don't do the best stories to me. In all Stromile Swift is a sophomore go to a BCD can't deny keep building and and by Miguel deny your right we'll get every basketball team middle school girls always intrigued or so before. All three here for sure here but he's drama coaching bomb. Saw him at Sony went addict. On the and you know you're historically. Site to go outside and it sparkle how much it was sort beatle they want when he got in their stay on Marbury number one player in the country. You know and then you go to call becomes blue you guys. All McGrady nobody knew I was in Chicago and Dallas had to beg Saudi letting him back out at you full. You're Lester I like magic got Florida hey how. Florida a new Florida international. Eddie I try to chip called FEMA ready well it but I don't get genetically Bono lately been quite. Then when Greg Spanish media that was it sticky that note here is along that great yet studio bombed. So I think George dead. I think I never. Got to know if you're you know if I want everybody got their just killed. But this doctor went down and you could benefit I could argue there so I never really got him although they're trying to build demand is there. But there when you indicates. A mean and can argue and I say this goes. As a youngster. And nickel dime to quarter you can travel but I to a bit of money and I need that money so. When I started which you do like doing O pivotal to try people. But right. They're so successful that I was very good last year out of all that BCD I guess it begat the end. Joseph Johnson Derek I'll Betty Saint Louis a lot of got beat we always always always get. The best matches got an assumption that they'll forever be proud. That is key to what in my local advised by your local basketball expert nation's leading authority hobos he rose to record clouds and he's going to be Whitman. At the blob on September 28 we're going to be hanging out drinking coffee. Drinker and talking feel like Nvidia. I'd I don't worry not worry a hundred. Here and add to like it a hundred that was the last Oregon. Isn't technology fast and it's been one week you're like it a hundred. So I couldn't walk and what and that. It surprises me that's that's really good because like these guys are like selling country digs on times like there's ins for again I did I I yep that's actually surprises me because. First of why would anybody buy this far in advance like I I I I would because you wanna give him and then Mike and Dan. I live tonight in charge of the price and liked what I got like twenty dollars to come see me oh it's a little. He's got again I mean that I got I thought I felt like am I that we you know who I thought we priced it low I didn't prices don't you. I thought it was low and I'd sit down I don't it's not about to see you guys comfort our math real. And then we got yeah I'd do it when I went yeah that's what I paid a lot. Let's do gross things so I just don't like it is sort of are more supportive parents are always cheaper than JC beyoncé did it I can take almost things that's firsthand experience and my god and I didn't. And I'm iPod can't legislate double double double on another site called this all books also cried when I got two really good dudes. You know like we wanna build your brand RD try to get. By certain but we did it last night and I'll I mean I was sober and I took a satellite that we can't question a lot of this stuff. Body got Nikki you know podcast. You can say and do any damn thing you want to think long term success that I'm doing this. Would be maybe be a little AutoNation appreciation. It's you're inebriated and otherwise just can't wander again it goes up a little bit. Yeah I like that left our daughter got kicked the bread. Not that they pick over the over a hundred tickets ish this you don't want to miss Utah. I'm really I mean I'm glad that the reasonable. Okay. Okay I'm not that I just waited to liquefied yeah I. About about let's keep it plugged it on Twitter at. Easter would keep that at Easter woods Keith we come back. Really interesting column great column this morning from Sally Jenkins watched imposed about how these maniacal football coaches at the collegiate level. Or killing football players. In conditioning drills the numbers are pretty staggering especially when you compare him. To the NFL numbers that are nonexistent for the past seventeen years a thing about that now. And ESP. Friday night September 28 at 6 PM. Are great but who got them. He is today at. SPN dot com. 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Start telling stories and forget what he wanted to talk about mr. Owens every afternoon. So we've developed. It ensures hill and such an important things you need to know each day at this time. This is GPs or notable stories yes or forty pull its number one. Know your column and Sally Jenkins washed imposed on posted earlier today I put it on the FaceBook page if you haven't seen it yet but she. And writes about the ongoing scandal at Maryland where the strength and conditioning coach is already lost his job and it seems certain. At the very least DJ Durkin head football coach also gonna lose his job there's some thought that the athletic director and the president of the university all gonna get fired. Over the way Jordan McNair was handled at Maryland I think at this point most people know the story pre season workout. They were it was a conditioning drill. And he died of heat exhaustion. I am his body temperature rose to 106. After he was. Required. To run ten sprints. Of a 110 yards and when it became clear that he could no longer do weights. Rather than telling to take a break or check on him. The strength and conditioning coach actually yelled quote drag his ass across that field. Then when he. I reached a point where his body temperature was at a dangerous level I am. Did this apparently is a serious thing but it is also. A problem that is quickly solvable and just ice the body very quickly. While they didn't do that they basically called him the B work. And he died at the age of of nineteen. And now an investigation started by ESPN and that prompted a more formal investigation by the university. I'm it's reached a point where the university has already taken legal and moral. A responsibility for the death of a Jordan McNair. So Sally Jenkins is retelling the story and she says. Now the heat did not kill Jordan and there. That football staff killed Jordan McNair. Because for whatever reason. A certain percentage of college football coaches still think the way to get the best data view is to push you recklessly. Passed. Any sort of normal. Human. Harm. You know it reasonable. Place you should be go. To just push you and push you and push you until you're throwing up or in this case into your dad. And the number she has. Our eye opening at least to me I didn't realize this. The NFL hasn't had a player died during conditioning drills. No NFL franchise. In seventeen years so while since 2001. And the reason is because. At that level. They've they've reached the conclusion accurately that bet you don't unite to get key. They're pushing your football players to that degree. If you're not you're not improving them you know I am getting more out of them you're just putting them in a dangerous situation when you create a culture. Where somebody has to go further than they. Should be going more. Or be labeled. A bitch are are being labeled soft or be ridiculed or humiliated you are creating a dangerous culture in the NFL franchises. From coast to coast. Seem to have all recognize that. So now it's not dangerous. They have medical staff on site and 18 and it's clear that you push yourself as far as you need to push yourself then it's time to stop right. So no NFL player has died in a conditioning drill. In seventeen years while in that same seventeen years spanned. 27. College football players have died during conditioning drills not on the field not practice. During conditioning drills because college coaches not all but some. Steele for whatever reason. Think that the media had mentality is an immediate mentality that is literally. Out killing young people and I thought she did a great job of explaining. I'm why this keeps happening right. And how it doesn't happen at the highest levels of the sport of football but listen this big the best players in the world play in the NFL. And NFL. Coaches and staffs understand this is not the way to do this. And college football coaches had better learn that lesson quickly because. If you're running a program the way that they appears that Merrill program was going to be. Had been run. If you get exposed or you have a player go down. And then get exposed well then your gonna lose all your jobs just like that everybody you know and about to lose story number 20 cubs. At claim Daniel Murphy off waivers and that they should get a deal done with the nationals and now. The rich get richer he is terrific and a hitter used to be a member of the Mets cubs fans remember. And he was a cub killer back in the NLCS. 2015. He became the arm the first person in Major League history. To hit a home run in six consecutive. Post season games it was wide I was at Wrigley for games three and four that year and it's like homework and it became a big story and in advance of game four it was like is he really gonna like we do this again first inning home or again. And so now he's got he gives the cubs an offensive boost which they need. And when they got a lot of that's an outfield now aren't employees and infielder but I mean they got Orly had to dig out. Baez and he can play second or I guess second earth. He could play you forty guess you played on one hand I mean it -- been our I think they're just had options though they'll have options and by firing a third start element you know and above but the rich get richer they are loaded I hate this almighty shall avail their lead I think now is you know cardinals have been hot as oh in other part of our I believe three and a half games back in the central figure player from the nationals today to be out. Not as good. Right Matt Adams ran man and they got mad at him but. The cubs get Daniel Murphy inside rather Denham RV than Matt Adams who got got better today. And had a bad closed for the rest of the NL central story number three Gary stuff post Malone who of course is a record setting in some way. Some artist like in terms of streaming numbers and all this stuff it through the biggest crowd that. Mean the Memphis in May build your music festival has ever had meant this past may. I'm perform last night close the show. Video music awards at Radio City Music Hall. Performed his hit which one when savage and then and then played with Aerosmith as well so we got to play today private plane went to London for show. In how this cruise like sixteen people on board including him and during take off they blew two tires. And recognize it immediately and then we're gonna have to a brown fuel on her try to make for a safe from landing. And then be try to land this thing without too will which is obviously dangerous and so. We knew this I don't know what time it was maybe well old. Fifty. 1230 somewhere in that range and then you get is. Unusual amount of time where one of the biggest. Artist. In our country and a right now is circling New York. Still allow his plane to burn fuel. So that then they can try to land with two blown tires and there's no guarantee this is going to go well. Like we knew hero prince is dead and I'm not comparing balls or managed to get to what it's like you say it's like you hear prince's dad or Michael Jackson's de LA what makes it's different it's like you what you actually here. It's post all might not today yeah and it could happen any for the next three or four hours. And so you just like watching Elijah like what is doing what I can't imagine what it's like to be in that situation. But it was or anti climactic at the end because it looked like the smoothest airplane landing in the history of airplane landing like it went perfectly which is braid. But like still kind of born you don't want anybody to get hurt no don't want anybody Dodd which like flex fuel fire or something right at you. Is another native from temple fans Gary we want him a liar and even that's like three hours of watching a live stream like. A little spark this -- a little bit of drama I thought I get a little drama that would might feel a little bit of five year I think you're trying to avoid you fire but I get your point like you've wasted all this time Cirque playing I got canceled drama I spent three hours watching a live stream only to watch an airplane land caring post ball that looked like. But probably. It was easier in the plane you were last on. I don't rougher landings that the hunt for a true a lot of the trip so it can't tackle Matt you don't want to buy and I don't wanna. He's hurt my life. Give me a little spark mass slump in nice Seattle's we got knocked about possible all OK imagine he'll be and one more one a one way or another there is there story number four game immersed or guest about this warm. The alligator woman. Are now this is the one off that you started talking about the boat. Yeah I don't remember how we started talking about people who fall off cruise ships although it was about like if your kid fell off would you jump off and try to end so you are stating it out again tonight where there are ties absolutely I wore you out and I said but like you're almost you're probably gonna die because I. Never hear about people surviving now falling off a push yet very typical early this week and somebody had survived fallen off a cliff other crews should I get to admit that no light on the show researchers started sending you stuff. And all of a twin you got it. And so. That the story was yesterday this woman fell off of a cruise ship. And and and she fell off the backs of they know she fell off down Ed but ultimately they figure it out and that she's rescued by. Well whoever rescues after paddled for like an hour good hour she floated in the middle of the ocean it before being rescued on the dot brattle I was like that's come easy now may. The idea that you can like if I felt a cruise ship I would really go let's. A hole I made you know this bad you don't waste your energy paddling for now I just don't think there's any scenario where I could panel for ten hours now can barely lightly held cal to watch TV for ten hours a got a that there's anything I can do for ten consecutive hours that eventually. Not eventually. Now it like I would probably doubted this woman just like that you know I'll just keep don't cavalier and and had other panel and I just keep afloat until that I comes about. A matter of fact that's exactly what happened well update a good what's the update turned out she didn't. Falloff of the ship. Always there's more to the stories she jumped off the ship. After getting into a drunken fight with her boyfriend. So here she is her boyfriend they booked its crude digger don't have the best current they've never hand of course you are and then they guide they get to drink a little bit at that they could argue about whatever it is people saudis are now Brinker and then she. Chill coat she Amman. Wait okay that's not a good idea if you're boyfriend yeah now she's back. Are you happy she's back and you just can't wait to hold or can't or you like. You know one. We got into an argument that would have probably been OK by tomorrow morning and you jumped clean off the cruise ship that's bananas. We're not gonna go forward this relationship. I am gonna be totally honest so after you said this drag who cooled her written and I saw a picture ever. Not bad looking girl for somebody you would expect to jump off of of a boats like she's a decent looking young lady. You think only ugly people jump off of votes no I was just surprised when I saw just how how good she loved having done what she just did all night he's over a little illness come in all shapes and I'm hesitant stereotyping mental illness people I don't. If you could be surprised by the way she looks like you would expect somebody to look like her to jump over recruit all I was surprised by the way she looked. After it I ten hours like just jump if you be especially now she's been through arguments. And so I saw a picture all like wallets in pretty good shape for having just done doggy paddle for ten hours here's the question if you're your crew with your wife. And you guys get argument about what every night I'm gonna put myself this year and she jumps off the gloves off and then she is rescue one or back would you take her back.