Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, June 21, 2018, Hour 1 Guest Host Matt Stark (w/Gary Parrish in Seg 1 & 2 to discuss the Draft)

The Gary Parrish Show
Thursday, June 21st
Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, June 21, 2018, Hour 1 Guest Host Matt Stark (w/Gary Parrish in Seg 1 & 2 to discuss the Draft)

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Wanted additional regular monthly rates from the text. And these veterans and to change affection for restrictions apply to them permanent require. Now he's unite us and ESPN presents the area's only national columnists who spends his afternoon. Perspective to Memphis radio it makes you think it makes you laugh and sometimes they can change the station children. Horatio. Innovative work towards Hillary got bad news NBA draft day to one. Are your hopes your fears your brain smiles lightly they're gonna get her life tonight. And your health jumps off about two and a half hour's time that start in the chair for Gary pears today he hit me up on the Twitter at the match start. We're joined by Jeff Flock in John Mark clearly show we're talking draft start to finish but first we are joined by the man himself Gary Parrish for a pair of segments. JP down at PCB SHQ. Craft show in from. The man himself this week JP how are you. I'm all right I'm old enough Yorker I'm doing all right Ed I've heard you everywhere today couple times on this year radio station heard you take it would Dan Patrick today like you're about as busy as he gives you can be. RD. I'm running out of that. A sudden tired of hearing myself talk you're that might come out at this. I can't tell me again yeah. Things I could. Including my while I. I I have actually tired of talking I'm putting forward for the two bit dating over. You hand edge stage shortly so we're about two and a half hours away from the start of the draft so maybe at three hours from where the great gal and I feel like suspense I guess. Tonight is for you because it seemed we had a lock on this thing even his earlier far back and Monday right but now apparently wide open seems like every draft. Regardless of the sport Rios hit his build up that oh man it's going to be wild praised everywhere. But this year all signs are actually pointing to this being an active. Prayed more key tonight when it comes at Wheeling and dealing based on everything that you written CAD and raid would you agree that. Well they're they're certainly reports plenty of of that suggestion as much money. You have to try to figure out what's fact what's fiction how much of it as a smokescreen. How much of it is to create leverage at a certain place British certain way. All the ugly I think at the top of the draft. It's gonna end up being fairly predictable maybe netted an exact order. But the players who have been projected to coax in the top six or seven. For more now. I'm going to assume are gonna be selected in the top six or shut they don't create. DR gray at the top but you're probably Margaret Bakley number twos when they look at dark huge number three you know in the group we've got to figure out what they wanted to do blacks. I hoping I'll be surprised if you know the top. Seven Gary Player all the poor. Are. In some order beyond irradiate market directly. Look at god church church action. Mold Bob Barr. I still think Troy young gonna be up there have been some people who now have kept slipping into the teens. I did can't imagine that happening because it. Seems not so nonsensical that. It's any direction franchises dumb enough to let them. Slip out of the past ten or at least I hope you're not doing so. You know bit that there are the days leading up to this day have created. Certainly the impression of KR I backed. I'm not completely sure how chaotic Waxman beat could not quite. I will say and that is that a lesson in I guess every draft but certainly the NBA draft. He just take what stranger to do something nobody saw common name Ed and that it starts sending a signal. Contingency plan into place. You know on o'clock effects the other remarkable thing about issues. You know somebody slips to you that you didn't have any idea what but I think it's important probably Mateen then. Like in the top five would accurately depicting my life you're having to make. Peak you know franchise changing decisions. In a matter of Benedict didn't doubt baseline I think it is this is one of the hardest jobs in professional sports like collecting. You know largely 181940. Year old prospects in incredible did you get it right it's it there's a reason. You'll vote for all franchises get this stuff wrong all the time it's because it's it's not needed it. So what we're looking at basically best case scenario for the grizzlies everybody agrees that the underage teens off the board goal number one of Phoenix. Basically comes down to Sacramento. Are they that wild and crazy friend years that you're just not quite sure like we've got to play a wiggle out here's overdoing. But annualized got the one guy that leg jumps off the bridge into the river or what ever you and I mean Sacramento could be that team tonight based and a number of things and as you mentioned and as. We've all got to say it right. You gotta take everything with a grain of salt what your hearing but. There are rumors that Sacramento could make a move on Luka dodge JH okay. Atlantis at this for for this scenario so let's say it the kings take Luke. Atlanta has been reported to be all over here in Jackson junior. Or. Maybe they worker Trey was somebody who really wants him Obama which then could somehow lead Morgan Bagley sit right there for degrees at number four. Is that a best case scenario. For the grizzlies tonight a side of what it Luka. Any scenario that. Results in the grisly being able to take on the back in my opinion. The best case scenario and I don't know if that's what the front office beliefs but in my opinion. Anything that leads to. Four getting a guy I actually. Believe is going to have the best career from the straps are the Bagley. That would be terrific if if I can sign up for that right now I'd love to sign up for. All of race and I'm a little skeptical of some of these recent reports it's because. You know I think it's very important. When you're reading these things to to ask you to make any trips he does that make any sense. At this very basic question it solution possible. Because the reports coming out that day or that the Sacramento Kings are still mulling what to do. Take a look at did you take more than tackling. And while recognizing that Sacramento Kings have a history of being dysfunctional in scattered so perhaps perhaps it's true. I can't imagine. How no bull of mark yet you're happy you got the second pick. Now I know for a month that the suns are drafting in front of you in taking beyond period. In other words you know early on exactly. Who was gonna be available when you pick there's only to pray tell did that and say that Phoenix and Sacramento. They know for a mock exactly. Who are gonna be available when they're selecting. Why would you have that figured out right now you just you blew it so when people report. We are kings are still trying to figure out I just think that's not true. And so. Ultimately. Admit that the worst case scenario for the grizzlies is I think actually gonna come up according to wouldn't. In the docket is gonna come up the board agreed because the Atlanta would cause for cheer objections. Or whomever. Other so much value in just taking a look at our church and and then finding the franchise that I absolutely love them because they're does seem to be. A pretty significant lift of franchise that their loved Lucas done to soak up some of value perspective. It is easy either Atlanta got two targets for itself or they're gonna take him push somebody yell but. I I'd be I'd be surprised if if he's not one of the first requires it. And then like a sick a million times at this point and take him badly about it all the board and on the grizzlies are looking to move out of that stocks. Don't do the worst thing that could happen for the grizzlies tonight. He's in camp in my opinion maybe I'll be wrong if it actually does go down this way I'd I wore them but I won't because it'll be best for the franchise. If I'm wrong. But the worst thing that could happen from our perspective is that they just. You beat port stick on Jarrett Jack's big he's not a guy I would pick for I would pick for a young before the picture objective. I would pick the ball well before I would picture. Jerry Jackson. So what I would hope they do. It maybe they're able to detect no that was Chicago you know there are reports the couple really like Obama I know the grizzlies don't like moblog book so it creates. Eight and actually got to tell the board if the bulls wanna come up in gitmo bomb book. Let them come up and get Obama you moved down to seven and then maybe there could still keep courage no more I know they like when Bill Carter. But I would probably rather them. Get to accept a particular 22 pick. And end up with trade young or when Bill Carter and then what ever is a stable port 22. They've just been dealt with your objection to fourth pick so much. The most likely scenario would change is the one that are powerful waged. But Woolsey you know the Olympics there's a reason that that there's never been a corporate marked draft in the history of market crash this stuff kids. Is is unpredictable. And it does seem like the grizzlies could find himself in any number of situation there were don't of one scenario that I think. You know could be interesting is. It came to actually do it you do you hinted at this earlier. It came to actually do decide they won't look about. So thin that there's a real goal. Of real market for single Volvo or Jerry jacks and at Torrey. And the hawks take one of them or somebody moved ought to take one of them. And in a while Marvin badly to slip to four I don't think that's gonna happen but. I would be thrilled if that happens so bad at all weight or shape like if it is it's going to be a fun night you know I don't know how to adopt. But the the end and getting into it. And you know experience of watching it unfold in real time the ball would the public interest. So you mentioned the value in and picking Luka if you're say Atlanta or Sacramento or whatever. Why then it if the grizzlies are sitting at four in those other three players that we've discussed are off the table. Do you think there's enough value for the grizzlies to just be like her or take him Obama like maybe we didn't have enough time and couldn't quite hammer at the deal that we wanted to with. Let's say Chicago or Dallas or Orlando or whoever days. That more bombers there and we think he has the potential to be. One of the best players and his draft even though we have mark assault right now in theoretically that you won't be playing alongside each other. You just take Obama anyway and then either an eight. See if somebody finally then up the reindeer and our decides that yes they will do one of those you know OJ Mayo Kevin Love kind of slips in just a few more minutes or. You just take mobile I'm a big show like this do the free to ease get the 710 wins Spain and we really like them. Well that's something that they could of first up I would let go bumpers unwillingness to come to Memphis influenced me at all yeah I actually believed Obama what support best prospect in this draft that is that they get I don't. Think the greatly believed that so it's a non starter. But it is also multiple bring that. Or somebody else thinks that and so I would have sold at this point beat grizzlies have had conversations with. You know franchise into our interest in moving up to fortunate. To have elect Obama by and you know I don't know that it is in place but it would be shocked if it all works if the grizzlies are on the clock. Eight and back we have got to drop support and they all updated statement you know I already discussed a deal that they're now ready to. To finalize which is okay we're gonna take Obama afford group Chicago and then at seven gonna take. All seafood available at seven but did you gonna take disc player for me and we also get to twenty scheck and kicked my deck cargo but still these these sort of hey if we get to a situation. Which could be trusted to lead this group conversations are going on between franchises right now when they'll be going on. You know throughout the rest of the afternoon early evening and and while the grizzlies are literally on the clock so. Yes what could try to make some sense I will be sure to the go down it goes down that way but it is just won a beauty. You know many possibilities. I was listening to Mike Wallace and grizzlies grind city media on earlier today and Jason and Jon. He said to the grizzlies currently have to his knowledge three to four teams. That they had deals on the table with and obviously then you got a hammer out the whole details and see who's still sitting there at number four. Two great young you mentioned him earlier M I'll retreat is I like him a lot. I don't know. Do you think it and this lets you get in this all the time and and with. With with one of my fair teens which is of course the patriots soon Bill Belichick doesn't really care where people say about it too early did at that out whatever. Is for too early for re young they in other words are you trying desperately than to move down to seven to take them. Or at some point. Because I know your urge for a young fan. Yes racecar or take it very young I don't carefully he's projected 783 or slip in the teens I think he's the best guys that were gone with it. It may end up being what some people think he can be. You won't ever look back two years from now on sake. And we look pretty young but I have taken the portrait like it if you can't quite get it right into the metal rarity. I personally do not think for a large portrait yolks. I do think it's possible you could move down and get in somewhere else but I'll say there. It's a great leader on the clock and iron and actually articulate girl the board and they actually selected her young with the fourth pick of the NBA draft. I would have any complaints whatsoever he is one of two players I would consider. At this point with the port take it eight Bakley doctor tore up the board the other again if small bump and so I don't understand all the trade young. I hate to you know leading into this draft you but the guy who at one point most people thought was. Possible top Arctic melt some people have been going outside of the top ten I'll just make it real simple. He's the best shooter in the draft you the best passer in the terms. What's the problem. In like he eternal peace would hear all the time people together even smaller than their courage. Well he's smaller than step curry gets. We like he's smaller right now would step curry is right now would step curry was nineteen. You would actually smaller then. Been stuck in Troy yes right now. It's so at the same age try to date it is bigger physically he obviously was played better as a freshman at Oklahoma. Didn't occur whether the freshman at Davidson I'm not trying to attribute Sharaud Curry you're gonna be the knicks got curry that's an incredible sports yeah. But I don't understand why and people are so hesitant to just acknowledging reality. He had a good yet when your college where he did something that litter can never been done before and even if you want a totally just say at college I don't care. You know the shooter in this draft nobody would argue its treasure on cougar character in this track I don't think many people would argue it's for young so when you look at the tech shooter. And the best actor in a draft. I'm happy to do that it doesn't mean that he bought proof you know Lipton people wrong about this stuff every year. I like it and I would prefer I would rather take an important air deck of I promise there. I know there's the knock and Geoff Calkins is mentioned that repeatedly got to shore arms he's 61 who you gonna guard defensively. In my I think I dare I say I don't tired defense I want to score points like. One regular defense later you know like that's the trend of the league he's scoring shooting threes and that's moron act. To me who's tray younger guarded like Marvin back we can't pass oh what are okay marks executes assets following. He Donald Shepperd thanks yeah. He's on to the rim better than anybody else you need a car shelter at leading he's never not been. I think this is true the best player. On any basketball court he'd ever been on his entire life. Like I don't think or Rebecca put a basketball game where perhaps best player. How crippled life. Popular question about Barbara Barry Gorman back into the assumption and page here click. It is great young woman to get a car or how to go to court reporters go to secure dark out there gore request grown up and you're not gonna guard Russell Westbrook nobody Garth Russell Westbrook. Cannot afford to go first team all NBA this season. You know we're gonna. James Harden and they give up work. Mitterrand of course anybody yeah if you are special on the opposite of the recorder and we'll figure out how to deal with you want the deeper into the into the corner. Encourage younger Irish some undeniable skills. Easily identified skilled. That suggest she is going to be a plus player if not an amazing player on the opposite end of the court. The defense just got it figured out if they delivered to be first team all NBA not guarding anybody action in James Harden can be cursing lower beer and not guarding anybody. I think when you're focusing on that portrait of game you look at wage in the wrong direction. I'm with you all 100%. One other thing it was been floated around the last couple days and again take with a grain of salt or whatever. Is that if the grizzlies do move that they are adamant that they got to get rated Chandler Parsons in that trade. As we kind of touched on I think yesterday. Just underscored again though it doesn't even make sense at this point you've got two years left on the contract. You know he's at this point at the very least a serviceable. NBA player you know it's not like he's. Is it easy thing dead body sit down and insulate. Is that something that you would get hung up on tonight or is it just like get it can happen and it works out great but otherwise like. I'm not I'm not tying might pick in the idea of I got to get ready Chandler. Tonight should not be about fixing mistakes it should be about adding young talent and I will not rip the franchise to the front office. For picking whomever they pick. Whether church for seven or whatever else because who knows. My electric says if you start began absolutes about draft prospects don't grab night. You don't look come ridiculous one way or another. A year from now in other words. Nobody was ripping in Philadelphia for passing on education to human passing on. Donna Mitchell a year ago. Cooler AA interacting more control. They look like a Smart thing to do. Now it looked like it was a dumb thing to do nobody was ripping can franchise as a passing on Donald financial. At the time it seemed very reasonable period in malware it seemed completely unreasonable. So who now are able to if they picture our deck and if so what I'll say not what I would have done. But hopefully it works out. Period in the short. If today wouldn't look good portrait. And and then green reader they do is to rid themselves of Chandler Parsons contract. I think that it's so short sided. That that is where they do it and we'll race real criticism. Because. In a market like Memphis. Who only have one way to get a difference maker only want. It's extract. Or trade for him before anybody realizes he'd Giffords may mean that would be like Marcus hall way back when it. When they acquired his rights for the lakers nobody knew Marcus hall was gonna you know and they've got yeah. But that's yet there are two ways to quickly can can get it real difference makers and this is illegal real difference makers are the only thing that matter. And kicked. To keep all. One dollar state you're allowed a total dark award. To fix a mistake you make two Summers ago I really do think would be not only incredibly disappointing but incredibly dot. And so I've read the same report you read. I just hope that they're not true because if we find out they're currently have moved down to the middle of the team. And in you know what whatever franchise and our franchise is willing to now. To take Chandler Parsons contract. Is longer you also give them the number four pick in the draft. That'll that'll be. Again I bet it the only thing that happened the night that I'll say. I cannot believe they get that because you've got to take advantage. Of this opportunity one way or another. We can differ on who they should take it four or they move down this evidence forty Kook who they should take its seventh Bloomberg could take a teacher. But to give up the opportunity to take. You know a lottery here let a top ten player. So that you can fix contract mistake from two years ago. I think what beyond Africa or I hope that it doesn't go down that way I hope that when Chris Wallace and discussing missed out late tonight or tomorrow. The critics will have not done that and he'll explain those reports were never true we were obviously listening to or any thing anybody would. What it would it would ask us or tell us. But the idea that we were willing to package the pick with Chandler contract. Just got a generous contract. That's not actually something that we were doing because I hope artistic of the franchise that's that's something they're actually doing right now. When Gary pair she's down in Florida back with more GP more NBA draft. Right after this OK it's. I'm ready okay. The brain is. Boy knows the Chevy blazer. Complete innovative. I was I was like it's. And I guess can save. It's much more dynamic full. My destiny and I know I sound I think I'm. 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Coming up at 6 o'clock so before we let you go to continue get with that we'll continue with our conversation interesting nugget that I read. From Jonathan Gibboney who at this point he's here maybe the most reference draft analyst reporter on the planet. And he wrote this candidate and what you get your thoughts on. The threat that we're seeing between teams picking in the top five in an underrated one looking to project what happens tonight is the push and pull. Between front offices and ownership. While GM may have preferences the final decision often rests with those cutting the checks it took me that was really adjusting because. We really still don't know Robert pear is in all meet at the top with this team like. I don't even know he's in Memphis I mean and I'm assuming he's here but I don't know. So and we we discussed earlier. Now if things start to go crazy and say Sacramento does something and they go with Luka in an Atlanta takes. Jerry Jackson junior suddenly Bagley is there or whatever it is somehow the full blown up because people wanna get on the they want your opinion you got whatever it is. Again at five mint green take something along those lines. Like you've got to make a number of real world decisions very quickly that will impact your franchise for years down the road. So who's making the call for this team. I mean that is one of the questions that has played Clinton met this franchise were a long time now dating back to the previous owner. You know who would actually. Pulling the trigger on him. A coach but to operate our galactic. And so this cemetery will saying that Jon Jonathan tweet about it can be. It's. Incredibly dumb things. Like. What qualifies. You. As they built in here. To actually make basketball the pigeons like just because you work and also an engineer and crew that they currently. It's technically colonel. Are hypocritical organization recruit in Sacramento this seemed to be saying my coworker just old fool everybody all want it. I I would like to think perhaps this isn't true because they're strong basketball ping you but I would like to think that the byword older past optic. I would hire basketball people correct. And then I would allow the Toronto. You know I would I would wanna be consulted I guess or at least informed. We ultimately worked its true basically any business. Like how people couple leaping in to do the job you're hired him to do and then Jennifer worry. Let them do their job. Like see you can offer guidance or suggestion I guess but ultimately got a Laker. Basketball people they basketball decision. It's so final run of the great leisure and I don't think it did and how it's run I I expect that's one of the problems with the Antarctic. You know while repairing either a does not talk or being. When he does talk doesn't explain any discussion. Either at home or away that comes across as illegal. So. You know what I would do with. Hire people who are believed him and then let them do their jobs epic duel well great if they don't replace them. You know athletic it would if this is a little bit apples and oranges record. CBS hires me. That there that they've reported Encarta talent CBS school stricker actually is approach and and that person for whatever reason likes me. And in the camp that now we're gonna hire Kerry cares aged injury occurred Contra. And then there are certain. Pouring Meehan every single day before but to go on television say. Well here's what I think you ought to say about you can hear what I want to say about Qatar in here well what you say about the picture here. Are you know deflect you hire me because I thought I would equipped to do this job. Now if you got suggestions on. You know they're they're different way he's dress the camera like that kind of stuff all looks good too quick to tell me what to think who hire me because. Thought that I had its ability to think about these anchor an expert opinion about these banks what are some TV your column mr. wherever. But if you higher vehicle radio show let me to the radio show and there's certainly there's times where you. You take constructive criticism or it's polish or you console don't ever but ultimately. You know this and it's it's my job to wake up every day and prepare for radio show. You know perhaps I'm confident doesn't. Like every single thing that I do every single bank collateral neglect every single thing I do every single sex. Life but he'd allow me or anybody Carlo. If completed it I mean this show because. That's what I would hire to do you let me be me you don't let Gary Kerry's stupid Kerry Kerry show. And correct it back around like who licked the general manager of your basketball team. Beat the general manager let the president of your franchise beat a president be afraid John again a very good because of the quickly here. And particular circle Reynolds I can occur anywhere. Where this is an issue like you can hire people could do a job. Now now let them do their job and so if the basketball people. In Sacramento for instance have decided more compact which the doc and any owner what to come in the last minute and say no. Look at doctors say it again. We'll take a look at docket I think it's a real real coupled with that franchise that they would be a good problem with any trade job. Let the people who hire could do this part of to a franchise. Do any Q if you give took one or people think they're doing it right. Fire them and hire somebody else but but vetoing what they wanna do or. Former. Although writing what that they wanted to do I think that we've veteran John zarrella. The man that was then theoretically be driving the ship tonight maybe. Maybe make in the final call would be Chris Wallace the general manager and let's be honest. He's not head Iran of successful draft picks they've only had 21 obviously in the top. Five shots and since the machine that beat. Train wreck well that what he was the the last one but looted Mike Conley then after that as Kevin Love which then they flip for OJ and you know that didn't really work out their great there was a scene but he doesn't have that track record of being able to not get out of the park so with that said how confident are you that tonight Chris Wallace can not get out of the pork. Well. You know world won't say I guess I would say this explained or difficult to quote knock it out of park district in 22 apparently oracle. It's seventeen competitors when you're picking. I don't famously this is the project that messed up number. Acquisition debate and that that lean person. And and it's so real saying that that people point to like it happened that was terrible. But. Hey no I don't pickles are simply. I don't think if I don't think I'll go tonight when they screwed up corner like that I think about draft IE. I don't know many people who thought the sixers screw it up last year are stated clearly in hindsight they did I take it Marco all instead of Jason Taylor by pleading not to take more couples. Instead of Carroll Jason take them. So. You know. There will be a scenario that played out tonight that our sale all of that is exactly what I would Abdullah and albeit subtle about it. There's also a Arabic play out or go oh my god that is not what I would've gone. And I'll be depressed about it but I'm not gonna stand up and scoring. Because. I just don't know yeah I would that take care interaction with the fourth pick. But I can't imagine a scenario where you are Jackson sportier Carmel that's all Olympia eight. Modern day create what I can I can imagine there are not Kirk Dick and yet. But I can imagine that. You know you people will screen one weird but it's not. A black. You know I'd been around these things long enough to know that. CEO attraction not every I'd like to get. Perhaps Corey contract and I try to operate in real time yeah tradition too often don't know this has truly draft and crew were great as well. Often don't know who to win career and although the ritual that don't don't want real hard competitor right now and got a long. For instance where it was dolce and Paul George gets sent to Oklahoma City for. You'll take her all the people and democracy don't try and act like you go to reach what people wrote. It was like what the dumbest pray you can't get more than backup all your grandma right yeah regardless of actually saw it in hindsight the pacers won that deal. You know it in the window greatly to the deal with the lakers for copper saw it in real odd people rip the grizzlies. With hindsight looks like the grizzlies did OK in that deal so that would be the one thing I would encourage. Anybody who cared about the grizzlies or any other projector to try to understand is that. Every player there things that you would do. Order I would do. In the moment that you paper trader I just kicking and if they doom or if you would do you're excited that they do something different here now. Like you know it they do what you know you would've done it doesn't mean that it's gonna turn out well. And vice Versa you know these things take often years. To play out before you could reasonably say. That was a good thing they did or expecting they did removed. It's one of the things that makes. This so impossible. You know it's not impossible but it's very difficult. Job you know selecting the eighteen or nineteen year old prospects because. You miss more than you hit. But. You know they like it it's very. Clearly possible to miss on the number four pick. But it's much easier to hit on the court pick and it is. Most of the takes the grizzlies have missed daughter in recent years so if you're looking for some reason to not be depressed heading into this thing maybe that stretch. Well maybe we'll throw some cold water on the idea of thinking that they're not gonna be depressed so a short time ago. Your boy hater in what has keep reporting that the top six is taking shape now. Again I just take it with a grain of salt a load his lotion he's generally right about these kind of things. He's got a course eight and go on one badly to Luke 32 Atlanta got them staying put. He's got Jerry Jackson junior talent forced to degree is Obama fault fit the mavericks in three young six to Orlando. And that's and that is the toxic about a mile mark and ask for us yet it really acting is that I think it when I had a month ago. And then I switch it up a little bit but they are settled back into a few days ago. And I think everybody else who's been doing mock draft had been changing them over the past 48 hours based on this reporter that report. At some point I just decided I was gonna trust what I believed the former all but no he's got ratcheted up. Like I'm just gonna try to pick Andre can go local wine that Sacramento it. Gonna do what I would do it to exactly the docket is it gonna look at the top three. That the grizzlies are probably in that situation gonna take Jerry Jackson. That the mavericks slow Mo blah blah. That actually extra gold clears up the portrait you're mixed emotion and and the other quote it's treated like leading into the drafts and it's clearly him getting out ahead at this could I don't know consult with. The FBM. Boy it or not I was getting. You about that I thought and what not were waiting in a rare sun that I don't understand it it's it it's a different. Well venue was a different way of getting out the information not everybody's just sit in front of the TV to me that this doesn't seem to make a lot of sense but. You know well I think it makes its own. Clearly it does it where you get into an issue looks like business partners with the leaks that you cover any leaks or your ire. To report on because it does met the television show up yeah you know in in in recent track because they're not going to be your feet. Copying the pit. Because they're going to look at television show what they're gonna trust is that 90% of Americans or on Twitter so cool. That so they're not finished on their own television show with most of America that watching studio is a critical although. Or anybody else just it's tweeting about pitch. But the TV show X world social media the TV show called the two minutes off you know they're quite happy new blue was being picked by a friend guy. Quite minutes before all the time I but it before it ever actually was announced on television so I can understand why BM BA. Walking with the television side of ES TN. We don't order to acquire a curler and yes and any any other media outlets that they have control over. OK let's let's cook our televisions show and then you know you're just compromise your principles where that you need to compromise your current or like done it myself. Like I you can probably find that quote unquote. A year ago he would ask about. You know ruining the NBA draft for people because he was talking pick. You know seven minutes in advance and whatever he said that sun might are competent to preserve. Television show my doubt that the report it BA news that quickly if I can't ever accurately they can't. And reporting NBA correct kick in the NBA news so I don't care what other show yeah the book yet and it's like okay whatever you say you know good that you. You're you know you like a picture guinier you're like BO sports center and a bit like I hope it doesn't collect critical because it's not I would be very clear. I would do the actually I think I would fall in line if I work you're weird. But I do think that this it will just way of getting out in front of that OK they're not gonna allow me. Beat in Poland. Tweeting I'm. Atlanta has taken a career in Memphis has taken it for him. So let me go ahead and tell your hands like to call a six hour right. Well they advance a lot of personalities. I would have been on record and so on that that's what that is. It really it is what it is reliance. People like to talk about journalistic integrity yen. Blob blob on your with the colonel escalate at all. The wind or so order now and they have been why no matter. You know you can get up in arms about it. And land wherever you want to rant about it but like I ultimately full. Basically and a place that is what eighty you know perhaps. You know journalist from a hundred years ago would have had a real problem with that but we live in a different world now and you know. Media outlets and and being sports entities are are in business together in this is there a pretty big example of how. Media outlets saying their business partner the NBA. Working together in the best interest of of both for better or worse and I think that's right I just. Probably unavoidable in the year 2018. Well we will look forward to watching YouTube tonight on your big media interest which could be CBS H through the draft show at kicks off at 6 o'clock in then that you back here tomorrow also safe travels home and. Thanks buddy appreciate your concern. JP from Florida mats are holed that down here in Memphis and that. I just I'm not down with the JJJ pick I'm not because here's the thing. If we're all about winning now winning fifty games Lago Ari now does Chris Wallace get up there tomorrow if they are able we're gonna punt on that idea. We like this kid and and a three or four years he's going to be really good. Is that it is essentially where we are. I once something fun. And to me that Darren Jackson tick is a fun. I'd rather than gamble at this point we've been gamble announced for couple yeah we gambled on Parsons. Those gamble on fire I ought to be out let me put my bets out there and put my bride on Iraq broad out I guess we did this stuff I. And I don't usually agree always with Gary this time I do agree with him like on Jarron Jackson to meet. He could turn out to be awesome and I hope he does if they select him yeah. Having said that I would do the same thing Obama or tray if you're gonna pick it up straight I'd actually like the bulls trade better than and that option until I would do and I have I mean again as my eye candy had said before I like dated very young I don't really care about playing defense at this point out. I'm worried about scoring points gonna do it does rain we're right off the numbers that big Monday where the grids he's our offense and offensive points per game your rating per 100 all that. There further in the water cooling so boring I. I don't know this is this. And I don't wanna draw at lettuce is into it a Stromile Swift but he got it just seems like one of those. Work out blunders that you get in the NF other like oh. Eddie jumps so high he wrestled as he did the shuttle Gomes and all those. He does all the yanks what does he dual mitigating when you leave it well that we're on cnet's Brian look at bomb I'd go if we're gonna go that direction let's get the true freak. I had a biggest gas absolutely biggest one I'm with you a 100%. All right I. All right we got a lot more draft to come with a back four story that 444 ish match start predicting that it's not at that ESPN. Nine FM ESP NBA's Memphis is NBA draft stationed at the Memphis Grizzlies so last. Sided. Thirty watch all. 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I'm not and I don't know and also on the hole numbers I don't know I don't know enough big day yes prove me wrong prove me wrong. Well I understand what they had on the GP a minute ago. Strikes me as one of those guys it looks really good on paper if you're like all my guys since his first morning. He's saying now project that over forty. After the fourth story at 444 floors stories presented by the love restaurant in the. Focus start telling stories and forget what he wanted to talk about a certain points every afternoon. So we've developed a device that ensures hill and such an important things you need to know each day it is time. This is key piece or notable stories that's or 44. Lead. Number one have a story number one's obviously got to be the low bomb Adrian what he announced he reporting that. He has his finger on the pulse of the top six picks which is phony. Because ESPN is supposed to be not. Tweeting out the picks this year and now they're just doing every couple hours every out there he's like what died and I that was of that I've found out three hours ago so. But any rate it looks like from what the well jazz and he is not. Made a habit of being wrong. That the grizzlies will take G area Jackson junior from Michigan State. And as we discussed he's got all the things that you would look for on paper. And a jump out at you say this guy could be really good he's big he's athletic he can shoot the three can handle the ball look that he blocked shots like you can see. Howell on paper. Now that everything looks great I watched a bunch of videos today and watch it did it yeah YouTube clips of every you know ten seconds here and there is wonderful complained that the fighting Illini in Champaign Illinois but where was it all year long why was he not able to stay on the floor in beat their best player on the floor from Michigan can't figure that out I I'm still trying to figure that out I don't know that anyone's figured that out guys watch more college basketball than anybody I know that he Gary Parrish. He's not a big fan now. No but or all I think in the in the sense saying listen we we don't know either were not paid to know right part of it this is the Gig Young get. Here's the thing and say all right bachelor guy exactly the right T gold rewrite you know. Go be right with Jerry Jackson then that's fine I hope I mean I like I'll try it boring I just. For this nightmare back I go back to the dance on down Rodney would draft and I always thought you know what I can talk myself into this if I'm wrong. If they're all eight Jordan Nat gas. But don't man naked he right. And go get the right pick story number two now in that vein the law of averages says it's point. We're gonna get a base hit right like. And I hate to say it like this but I will at some what you're gonna fall ass backwards into some good luck yeah you know I mean if despite. You're doing did upshot is that a lot into it I guess the exact the shot in approach that airport I was with job hunting and I would be sending out tapes here there and my dad got it down to being eight shot. Gun approach works editor of life. I work out we know Jack yeah baseball when does it work let's try the four pick in two to eighteen past and I know Chris. Chris Wallace wasn't here for all of them Jerry West is here as well book when you look at the shakes out. It's not a whose base hits Stromile Swift swing and miss like didn't turn out to be with a slice. Shane Battier solid. Good and certainly didn't work in Memphis but the dude played it a long NBA career this building I guess. Are we in a position where we can hang onto him and available for a long period of time million dollars DeMarre Carroll and I elected and now believes any becomes better and that's my other rub with Jaron Jackson junior are we get develop them okay who who have they developed. Well I don't know if we're at a place in the list of players they do I'll wait that's why I would like a drug rotation player. I don't wanna wait like any of us is this guy instant help. And I don't know and in this is something I'll ask Jeff then. This Chris Wallace come out tomorrow if they go at JJJ and installs it you know hinging on loads is bomb which is usually good at. Do they come out tomorrow do it well try to get to fifteen but this was this was the pick that we want this is the guy who wanted him all along yeah like. And I don't think they probably come off hitter that's where authorities yes I think. Hey what is he guys that you better to narrow fewest number one on our borrow some of them are all hell yes it sounds number one are forward. Say every year story number three archrival lady got to respect those who have come before you pave the way that kind of thing if you anywhere have done it better. Anywhere orbit is beloved. As a former voice of the balls that again John Ward he passed away yesterday 88 years old after lengthy illness he was gone. From Tennessee back and I got here. But I just know enough Tennessee fans cooled and in just the utmost highest regard and and reading my Twitter feed their stories. I'll voice of the balls for 34 years and whose party won and in football. Beloved as I mentioned by big ordination those signature calls we have about getting sick sin and the classic bottom. Any use after balls buckets. So. Thoughts and prayers I the word family all his friends and support I thought Gary's tweet last night was very appropriate and and it was surprising to mean bit having not grown up here behind and around here for a long time and knowing Gary so well. I'm Gary tweeted last night the only media member I've ever asked for a autograph picture is John war. I was a college student he came to Memphis to call Tennessee Memphis game I was so excited to meet him because I grew up listening to him. And he could not have been kinder with his time RIT self. That was that's on a pretty nice week at NO Gary's he's like we even had a discussion the other day about autographs and who would you get. It did you know because these guys. There are generally because Gary's around a lot of cheers and guys inside the that was uninteresting. Should look to that you never know to win your meeting these guys that are your your hero that you really are iron nice out there are gonna react to us and I know these are talking about guys like Billy packer and -- -- had to read it bill raft three -- I tell those guys when they are like the ultimate big Monday ever been let down by somebody he looked up to or really admired and you met them your like. Don't like you as much as I thought I did I'm sure I can't think of one that comes to mind I was in the positive mine so like when I was first starting out my first nanny job and in big Monday it was still big Monday did buy talent. In Iraq or come along and have a chance and I was talking when and it could have been nicer so. I remember those more than. Remember the good little good for you have glass half. They have full of we look at Eric Holder junior a story number four Stephen will do my new favorite person in the world terrorize the cars that go I think. Think I'll tell you we as a state trooper eight Indiana. He tweeted out the other day a picture of a car that he pulled over this weekend for. Right thing to slowly in the left lane on the highway. We'll say the driver was traveling under the seventy mile an hour limit in the left lane okay had a line of cars. One key deep. Behind her on our Indiana has a law like many state got to get over require drivers to move to the right lane to allow faster traffic to go by which I'm gonna go on women say is potentially. These most disregarded law in the history of mankind no question nobody. Is over now you have to go round them over the right side and here's the thing Bradley. I'm not advocating driving like a maniac okay do you just got to be aware when you're behind the wheel. Because when you're refusing to move over when your texting you get behind the wheel after added few. You're putting everybody else in danger because what happens when you get the little lady in the left pane. Which one you can get a I back up what that's what it's like screw down as well where I'm gonna weed and or whatever and that's when he gives dangerous now that's when we have the accidents and it drives me crazy part you're on to forty just emirates a free for all anywhere you're on to 404064. Anywhere you go and you get the guy in the left lane get all moved overt it drives me insane I'm trying to be much better. That I like to given the look like dude just a bit older and as you Palomar Wright hates it she's like don't look just drive you like to give the law. I do want to let them know that third just. And yeah I what do you Rhode car that's where the match started northeast. Outright yes that sometimes I'll be like I. So hard drives me crazy if it doesn't mean you're less of a person this just into the newsroom does it make you a dead person. If you moved into the right lane it makes to a Smart person so Stephen wheels. My new all time favorite person what I. I'm just so I borrowed Gary's motto in all tweak it a little bit for this one for Steve wheels so GPL says because I'd be good. I say here's my big can be good get the hell out of left him playing that sit. Jack Hawkins is a neck down. He's he's ready to nine a ME SPN radio. And anytime anywhere and favorite us today from the professor at least one Bartlett. Early on fast Memphis is a sports station. Light and barbecue it's happening out there we're here. Very. Terino. Like tonight pain and won't. John Maarty Leunen weather's warmer summer time is here. You're probably going to be poolside all day your viewers short sleeved sort of ten top the night why now. Go get a new tattoo trilogy feds say they are the absolute best in Memphis I know this from experience they're the best artist and the entire thing of course that Dubai. Here's a guy that got the best selection of body jewelry in the entire midsouth there located at 530 south island waiting in the call 91327. Beautiful. 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