Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, July 12, 2018, Hour 2 Guest Host Jeffrey Wright (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 & John Martin in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Thursday, July 12th
Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, July 12, 2018, Hour 2 Guest Host Jeffrey Wright (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 & John Martin in Seg 2)

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So good to pull off this summer download the blue might get a cold and of course the southern salad. Live team trivia karaoke every Wednesday and Thursday brigantine and Winston green. Live music at the blue book he didn't sound Friday like he's no it's Saturday to. Show. As CNN we've GF because kids on today's show. It's a good. David Eisenhower. Album a Little League and it was just the idea that. I just could not buy. And have a pool and. Now to supplement what one of my loyal hound you can have all the details to come in the past nobody wanted yes yeah but won't let you got a ball. Campbell I can't open it. Our only source of that terrible oil I don't know what little oil out and out of civil loyal and will took off and yeah it had a sort of cap standard type of cheers you know little off and it literally out searchers got. And is now has color it was caught at her house. She was terrified. Picking up across the launch right in this business chair ask her this kid that was chasing her and I would athlete. Good to have. Has BJ asks the dangling by her neck I'm actually afraid she could of standout running such a dog over the chair and Indy racing around the yard I don't think any racing act. After all the at all. Or worried that it would give us an acronym that's. The beach chair finally came loose and oil around slave again so it's. So my daughter I don't Mars pretty darn good fundamentally are. Elder or are fundamentally dom others moms are pretty good darn it get dark dot com. What should I loved it there is a tool would not elaborate doodles of wonderful doll expensive. Yeah I see you won't my wife will not Onassis yeah uninstall. In an adult would have been kind of a level goes down at some sort of doodles there's like this duke dark deserted to a renewal. Of the area to. I. The dog it's the official dog of 99 talents watched. That's I think it's yeah I think you'd ever hit the nail on the head there it's it's my wife's sister basically I just had the same person I do like fundamental similar I think part of Italy Jeff. How dominant you should know I don't I don't know about my wife is Smart however the animal version in in this case our dogs. Dogs dom. I love I don't think it's sort of what it what evidence suited at the target like I'll take it outside like fifty times the force still wanna go potty it's like she's she's still. Let down netstat then I got as good a gallery that you're gonna get a little attention to it that's you know that's. Just as. That is absolutely part one that you realize is that when you walk a dog college. And you waiting for it to go party has never turnaround as soon as it goes potty because that one alarms could talk about as well as your neck yeah. It's Michael party. I turn around and I like walking a young guy like walker would be human quality guy leaves walks a little further at that point. Or I'll Bedard will learn to just order. It pulled its brother I think they're street Smart I don't think I'll go to the small producers and I went yeah yeah it says yeah. It started thinking that it is it the budget. I don't know I'd like animal come home and you know it is a big collection of mail and them. And one of the notes because your paper. Aka open it up. I submitted by invitation to the locker or something whatever editor do your neighbor watch party at the cards. As a card and got a beautiful Golden Retriever on the front of a card and an 80. Oh put it out but it says. Thanks for leaving your stinky pooped on might law. It appeared to pet a before you think it was me I wanna I wanna there's this who took Kabul. But I you're on our dear neighbor did I actually would not open dear neighbor because that's too generic like. I would do about it. Eleven elephants. You are may have to go in and finding actual cart structure it was a it went on about it blog much if it was it said. How do you think it is go to walked out and kind of pooped from short to talks. In my yard it was sort of a tight louder and it was you think that. You think it fits their houses don't have video. Now everybody has video security service didn't think he had a couple of near the worse it wherever it cleat pick it up and it included which a dog eat. Back in the waves meet. In the car it was as well crash any closer who sacked hadn't actually have a yeah. And that was also in the truck struck again on garden just terrible except for bad. The right to change one irons I don't have to guard this I have to read. Secondly. It wasn't actually all quiet open that it was not took my adrenaline rush it was to a better. Addressed on the same strict. And so but it wouldn't definitely in my mailbox that it was not a it can come by delicate deliver. So personal it's I'm very reliable about. Don't say I would pay a 100% or liable but 99% reliable. About clean it up the troops when I walk around with the dogs now at ninety night certainly 99% reliable I have three dogs and it was to the wrong address. So. Would I would like being accused. But being a it irresponsible to drop her. Or what did a what what I Condit if semifinal what type what I caught the spray of of Paula competitors from the federal. You're you're collateral damage there and yeah rentals throughout we're hearing a lot of collateral they're Yasser and it's now is to your point though it is amazing. Like that one time you go out with god obviously counterparty to every single time on course now is percent. I can't get out we'll tell you there are times when I've been out there. And I've forgotten two or whatever immediate effect fell out of my pocket or something like that right and I am tempted to pick up the Pope might scare hand I'm so embarrassed. To be leaving the pool and receive it OK here we are 08 under the cap the Democrat at registration out of the garbage ha it was to us. Hello neighbor. 1518. And I happened to be among their 5050. Parents other side street though they acknowledge. If that was bailed with OK so here's is that I opened it I just a hello neighbor I was neighborhood I didn't notice the shift I didn't notice OPEC. I neighbor just a quick note to say. That in quotes. Thank you it's so much fun to go to the mailbox and stepped into you or two dogs sticky nasty crack. A couple of cleaning up our issues and make for great family bonding around think. Thank you I get a dog crap happens but every day you walk dog without bags and just let them crap and you make no effort to clean it up. Amazing you really think that little that little of your neighborhood. It may be the edge of our yards but it's still our property not allow a Shelby county election 8169. And it quotes whatever I have cooker. All cleaned up the troops. I find it anywhere from 58 almost 200 were violations a roller bags are affordable and go to your first one afraid. You realize that most everyone has cameras videos that continue all of by the way kicking some of paper from their driveway and just plain plot. Why would you gill a newspaper valued at about me can I actually. Scissors global risks your incredible odds but may we all loved dogs but neighbors that lead group for someone else to step to clean up. Not so much to clean up your act or get reported period period. OK to say is thank you all know you're collateral damage you are -- collateral that they viewers it was right I should I strike killed up to Indy yes or respond yes also dealt with your lawyer like act like girl boy are but that's an anonymous man it was a anonymously noted this letter major web. Then all reached out I agree but this letter deserves to be in the passive aggressive hall of fame at like I don't know like what time capsule like it is or not but that is. To me like aren't we set it to the Smithsonian blight that needs to be commemorated for the rest of eternity because that was the most passive aggressive thing I've ever heard my entire life. Jeff why were you I would drag I did send a mass mailing to my region of neighbors and I would put it in your box and I would say. This is Geoff Calkins it Joseph blow Elaine whatever you live and I would say listen. I that is likely they're first of all I I. Or the former REI no longer of the commission reveal but I can get the paper whenever I want to or whatever you announced my office right consecutive all. I if they might crap you all so get out of here and I understand at all. Boehner accused I don't really think I think Syracuse had doubled I just think that true dark every day out of England and it's not me like I don't. I'll walk and got three a massive dogs sitting methodology I don't do it or you get every day you walk your dog low back now let them do that got me. It's not me that's absolutely not now. I know I know. I try not to be judgmental on any other day other than days and ended wide but allow me just this one time. On she eat if you're I have elicit the way that was written. Oh yeah well written by Merrill wanted Devlin Filipino 100% Filipino Karbala female I'm I'm getting done yes here's. I am not overdo it and are now definitely feels like if you now. On they're there were some disease that yes wolf I hope. I would never. So here's the thing though if you're gonna go through those links to get that specific entity that vitriolic. You gotta get the address right. Well that's I think bay is that they're accusing someone else would be irresponsible but they're not they're not. Underdog is that I could look at the basic the basic of getting it delivered to the right address. I think there were so angry there were so when that moment of passion enraged. That may be the eight looked like a five or maybe a five look like an eight you know I mean they're they're. I connection with unlawful put buried barrels a little about came affectionately you're welcome put it. And I'm not know anything about the cast a long and I think now if quality by open again but it's there Heidi Turkish and you don't. I feel proud of what if you get reported and anybody can get rewarded him about it. And here's my question. Pretty confident that our police department had those other things to worry about no effect. So it was such a manipulative passive aggressive latter are right let me ask you who is horse let's pretend there. There is a group were out there who doesn't cleanup. Okay. As a result of this letter right there. This letter who works the letter writer or that irresponsible pull. There's also papers the worst person because it became like to me like. I think our I think I'd like I did think it does speak about your character you'll take up your if you don't forget your dogs. Crap I do you think that's I think that actually speaks about abuse of course. No let's look at us like. How about delayed negative letter or letters also can teach tacky don't lose. The set to accomplish that that note in the mailbox. Saying could you please pick up after your dog. But this battle between good and evil you're trying to determine who's less worse. I know but I think yeah I don't know that nobody got what you are saying apple being refuted that good that clear problem Cooper source. It's been good also over the top this letter don't you shake it shouldn't just bench today. Can you please pick up a few dogs we've noticed that you are we all miss sometimes we all lately you know what I would have the best that I sure would appreciate it you'd be a little more conscientious about the Democrats. Yeah we're the most self important society ever right now so you can't be self important less you know. The analogy and I'm saying I didn't do it like would like you to Collison got letters over the top. I don't say I'd I'd say I think it's over the top but I think it's over the top of it so self important. That would have reached Sosa opened port. It today I doubt persons I I accountable. And they are hoping that could be another trip to read it yourself. You know I don't know I don't battle company of all I gave you bad I don't I've no idea who Beers are hopeful for is and maybe maybe they gave me. But I don't think it's really I don't I think that's what it IE. Now I thought to I don't think so. I don't go on who's running the cheer recruit there. Anyway and so that's. The kind of a neighborhood. Neighborhood brawl could get you can get difficult yeah testy and get nasty look and and that's what we're just but I came home to that bit of instability and conflict here and there beautifully purpose. Well it may just the heat may need that may be the neighborhood of CIO like it's it's just gotten so hot now people or ever is on edge emotions are running high means that I'm not partly. It it could be or could just be that. They don't like capital. Maybe that's just let the idiots maybe it's as simple as that maybe they don't like I I would not like it either I like I would not like it there's every day I went out and it was more pooped on my yard. I think that would that would not. And limb and guess that it's not every day. Or they go to every guys go live to see the letter that every little writer might have been hyperbolic. Every day your you walk on our old guy. Bomb. But while bear there's not a single adult ordered to dramatically actual one hand it's there are box for Thomas and Oxford com's. It's well done. And it I got a beautiful. A goal or you look I'm really is totally cut their grass as I Iraq. Late governor clean up your dog after dog that's what first person of the year she and the second left it years. If W so these so called falling down there on the task at hand whatever it has. Brutal. Worst when you're reprimand and people you could. You could you can just gently suggest that they try to do better as we all should just. No real good transition of this but I wanted to ask you at the university that this does not sign James Wiseman. Our expectations amongst tiger fans get his just drop immediately. Well now I don't need. We captains whether there's a certain Sports Illustrated writer arbitrary usage. And it probably did and asked me about it this video on its. Wanted to Neal about James White men I said well I think I think I think this city is haven't gone. But what does that worried about straight through the city having fun and a quick feet. They're recruiting matters again like it a long time since there just was imminent. Big time recruiting go out it's not enough by the way just to be in the battles and it to that that's not enough he do after Indian went public about. And if it if if that this does some analyst Kenny does. Follow up. Trick of putting together top five brokerage glass out of our site which kept trying to fight or pick up about what. Out of thin air which he did last year with ten getting the best player country and that's just getting that split the country but getting desperate country always struck out courage. It will be. Pure to leery of Maggette there if that happened. But I don't think for a minute that they're. Europeans are counting on bad. Europeans are counting on being relevant again nationally. Getting content. National League recruits. Getting by and large generally the basket out of Memphis the most they have to do their first of the country transferred. They're a country that there really is not a not a hypocrite and actual kid. Ed and and making it sweet sixteen round of the next five years or something like a couple of lucky Atlantic are counting on how to market accounting. It changing lines littered so. To me it's. It's huge upside if they get him. In some obvious disappointment. If they don't get him it is not. Caution if they do not get my tickets. It's it's there's a lot of opportunities there and there's some chance for disappointment but not crushing disappointment and at all not at all. Particularly if it's if they end up getting for example offers something else all. It will not at all. Take the steam out of the enthusiasm for their. And look for the Penny Hardaway error that my own judgment I could be wrong I've been wrong before but that's how I believe. Always say what if they strike out on both. To me it seems like Matthew herds not as likely it seems like they're best chances are with Weisman in terms of Watford if they strike out on both five stars do you think that there's. If they don't get a single elite player from outside of Manchester I think there will be supported yes but I I think they will get a two utterly player from outside America so. You don't have to give all of them but you have to get something that's part of the promise to cutting hurdle. So. Yes I do believe there would be some disappointment if belt and introduce the best player that I'm the player there would be disappointed but I don't think he will they. Does that strike you as interest being intriguing whatsoever. The fact that it seems like expectations surrounding the tigers changed so quickly. In the positive direction and then expectations on the grizzlies changed so quickly in the negative direction does it does do you find that striking that. It seemed like one went up as the other was going down they both like just changed overnight. I don't really think the tigers look I would clearly change overnight that's not striking it what was gonna happen right any bad batch was gonna happen. Actually don't think the grizzlies changed overnight I think the grizzlies expectations have been. If you go from high. Going to Western Conference finals. And then and then it's been a gradual. Descent since there. Buchanan. The Eden that you know there hasn't been that kind of keep playoff front last year under Yeager where they use everybody's heard there's. That there was a temporary blip and expectations on ascension in the Parsons but basically I think there is due today. To apex was there was deep playoff run maybe the first year I want to ago. There's seven games against Oklahoma City that year and then the year when they go to Western Conference finals that was create action of grizzlies. Problem. And that's because the downhill. Gradually since then refer. With the bottom falling out last year but I actually think there's been a little bit of I think expectations have been. Propped up to the Robert terror fifty win level but I think people are. Quietly coming around to the idea that it might not be awful. So. So it the nail on the patent thing it's just immunity as soon as that happened it was obvious it was gonna. Change I think what will be interesting to me is. Is it possible given the level of expectations heck is it possible. That as we look up. Next June let's just say is it possible we'll look back and grizzlies exceeded expectations. And the tigers. Didn't quite meet expectations because they paid you have different bars there which. But but I I actually changed. I think the grizzlies will exceed expectations this year. I think the tigers will fundamentally at least meet expectations this your verdict date. Eric applications will be so much determined by recruiting. I think it'll be a very good recruiting class and I think there will be enough brilliance and flashes of brilliance. From. The kids that there will be on the court hope sparked as well so wild suspicion is. The tigers will meet these very lofty expectations. And the grizzlies will exceed. These very modest expectations. You mentioned our show the fact that if they if the tigers to make it to be and I see that that's certainly something that's reasonable. And that most fans would would probably accepted. I'm curious. Do you really think ENIT I understand making the post season it is something that's nice and something hang your hat on it. He just feels like now more than ever it's in. No one really cares anymore. Well yeah I at all I hope I didn't say that but I don't believe that they'd be happy with just Judy I think he actually the content and how it's done. In other words if it Tubby Smith last year it made me and I key that would not excited anymore sure 'cause it's all here at weird. Is it building towards something right so you can have an anti key season where it is all freshmen. And then there's a massive recruiting class coming in behind the ITC to pitch that let people will be caught if it is a generally a older group of players. And who who don't seem to have a feeling beyond me and I teach and there's not a massive recruiting class coming in have to worry is that people won't be talked so if if if if if if penny size and our order pretty closely country James Wideman took a lot further up to standards that are out and he goes to the and I keep. People will be thrilled heading into next year. If he strikes out completely I'll those players people go to your IP people Pedro right here. Activity an IQ all about contact but he cares about the and I keep purse that. At all the IP only matters. If it's. A little a small piece of building towards. Something it's really only your first. Year. At least at a place like the university and that is where he and I he can be deemed. Got the right direction and only then if you're prepared with a massive recruiting class. And so called contextual with the entirety. It's a lot like. I mean I'll play a lot as a lot like if you take it how are fired football thing about the you know power of our football team. There are circumstances. Under which. Going to the Liberty Bowl let's just say it's great like let's say whatever Butch Jones takes over Tennessee. Tony get well Arnold mess they went to the Birmingham Tony trouble less than what you're Birmingham bowl they were six and sixth but they had Robert indeed she look on tread while coming for sure. And I got stutter. So that they had a good year that was better than people thought. Don't sit there are medium bowl was a good bowl they try to put Marshall does it how could just guess to a big ticket. So yeah people like giddy about that it's thrilling it's intact. Because it's the start of an Arab. Hey at least he lit up all we can build on this. And there's this massive recruiting class coming in afterwards. If you did that all their first six years Eddie go to the urban temple people like what the hell fire this. Loser you go to the perfect Campbell I think the idea like that we like he would like the urban gamble. I guess that's this week doesn't even like my deal as it is or isn't it a recruiting class coming in. Do you even need to make the RT. Well but it's fun and easier to just yet and I like it suggests that she won 22 games and the other parents and play. Played pretty well a bit. And you know they're that your kids play pretty well and at the post it on fourteen or fifteen games or whatever that sort out. It but it Bianchi itself is pretty much irrelevant. But you go to behind key when you get more Williams so if you have a I think either that a bunch of young players. What about games to go to the IT. And you have a massive recruiting class. That that's better than the alternative I get the full list that year had not Olympic Games they'd want five games they had met massacre great class. People are so we'll have to give it looked sort of commitments are critical. It's all part of it all part of building the poll was part of upbeat excitement as long as it's part of moving in the right direction. The ball itself means nothing. But if you're part of the larger. Picture which is. And whether or every could present a more important part of their plan yeah that that becomes a meaningful. All over the fatality celebrated a book look and operate the Nike ads that would jog would you agree that he created many people believe that. But but as yet I he can't beat. On a deep breath I key run if it. Is seen as. Leading consumption. Jeff we really appreciate I'll see tomorrow morning. Well you hope your program or fabulous message we come back with John Martin. Jason John's gonna join the show we'll discuss. His thoughts on Antonio Anderson's comments about the former tiger shot hit that standard back in the rafters when sticker sticker under bill since papers are writing United's lead out of that he has yet. Biggest bridal sale of the year going on right now under and Robert when Jewish summer 2000 engagements with every purchase of 15100 dollars or more get a free weekend getaway for two and after rains on your wedding day your purchase could be free kick to Robert when Jewish today for convenient locations or on line and our idea was dot com. This weather break has brought you back on a lot of indoor speedway in advance work every day the temperatures are cool 74 degrees the low humidity and now. 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We've ever hear of Casey's under again you can watch that one news that an NB ATV you know come on John Martin's. Car it's because of the Jason and John Cho DC they could teach peace today cookie. I don't know guys married to standardized exam. It's just my body. Tell us. Oh man this. It is really loving the sound of lone voice I want. The word number of all our everyday poor boys let me point out that this is the standard in many markets before our show yes yes the four hour shifts they also. I don't make you produce another show out there and he's and they also and basically do the same hour four times this is all all your life like Albert toll now whoa we're gonna tell what does this into any Anderson. Mentioned today. The possibility of perhaps some former tigers lawyering up to you try to get. The banner back. For the Nash shortage of game appearance or when you think about the possibility of that do you think that hey man these guys got a case rethink. On this might be an exercise in futility. So I mean it definitely could be and probably is an exercise in futility just because. It's been ten years and you know I think. In order you to get anywhere waited you're good at that Derrick Rose basically. You know take the stand then and you know K Ian and end. It out basically. Proved that he took the test. And are you really got to get a guy who. Has not been back in Memphis. The university of their possessions faced since since crowd I graduated but leaving the program you really going to be able to get in the do that that that. Ed there's probably not dead crow oh we talked to him today a pretty confident that the dirt road to get the ball because you know it's his legacy on the line tuba. I would be willing to bet that. You know they've been Antonio in Indy road do connect you know. The heroes is that the point where he's moved on it's been ten years she's well out of college. You know we put debt part of his life behind them so. It I admire it I really do it I understand that permit the audience perspective and all those guys because. They feel like improbably large done wrong I really believe that the NCAA victimized. Or at least bad example. The university of them in that case because they could it was meant that there was going to be that national outrage about that that surge on cal Perry. You know both you know both programs that. You know we'll admit that they had trouble with the assembly told I'd support say that John cal Perry so they are gonna get sympathy. From anybody not understand Antonio. Feel like you know they ruled that Derrick Rose eligible at the beginning of the year that this new no different so they did not realize that they did not know. That there was a chance that Derrick Rose dual eligible because he was ruled eligible by the clearing house every player every college. Basketball player goes through this same process spent. The NCAA cleared him indeterminate you'd eligible only come back and say after they went 38 too they don't by the way. There's no proof that it would tend to be at AT and he'd even eligible so it's hot and it's. You know outlook on the W you've you've seen any tape like that across the country they said strict liability but. You know terms of actually getting get over tired I would say those chances there are are almost now. We'll inspiration for Antonio and the other guys that once you. Don't want to bring this case before. Before court lol what would decided what made them decide now. They're good they want global goods yeah they're seeing what way and let and I think I think will gladly let McKay and that that's you know because that it's it's obvious. It's a little bit that you know. They had a sex scandal champions and they were and then the well again prostitutes for the players I mean leaked these things have been corroborated by. Several people and you know that that doesn't change I mean. You know high end and Luke Hancock and other guys completed their third NA NA may well be but it. That doesn't really change. What was Dora the program and and that you know whether Luke Hancock was one of the guys are not. That that was participating. That's not really the issue here. So it was a global it was global you know. Have in the press conference and and Antonio seeing that they can hey we have a real case here and I know that and then of course you know you can think about it let the other that they he pointed out today I thought was. That was very interesting that he's equally bad NBA player you know he doesn't it. It doesn't play basketball professionally. You know what he thinks about it light that he thinks about it identity has an adult at the human being. It goes it goes for years that met their sin and all those when that Memphis and the auto for the national championship game appearance you know. That's what defined and many feel like. A massive part of that is basically punch invalidated because the of you know being double act. That's fair because. I just heard the others are losing your rival out of borrowing in your face. It doesn't take away the memory like what I don't. I'll watch it in California they played in the game they had kids and you know like I I turned that whole run like I ever of just how they beat the crap out of UCLA and I I. I don't know like I just don't miss anything like another world it's honestly think the truth is I think one of the dumbest penalties you can have is vacating wins now I I it does nothing. Well I understand that would look for the day and you open that they end it god. I don't get any I don't think of I don't think any less of Antonio Anderson. Whether or not that banners up there not a watch the guy apple. Exactly and I think that that's the a reasonable. They can debate debate appeal but I do think her hair had been Brady at we. You know continue to think about Antonio. Had his. As you know. Had him for a 38 wind and as the as a junior at Memphis stripped away because of something he had nothing to do it sure you know. And something that he believes. You know every bit happy anyway he believed their gross took that that's so so I can see where you're you're you're you're angry and you feel light. It's on Sayer and that you should fight it. You know because you're not being recognized for something bad did happen evidently come down to its. It's not it's appropriate that that classic power struggle of the the little school. You know being some thumb bummed out by you know by the that our organization just because they can't and I think he. He watched that official recognition and I understand that that whether he'll get it. I mean I highly doubt it but he is certainly wanted to be one bite force so I admire that. John Mark of course Jason and Jon joining the program here as always at John Morton 99. On Twitter and I would ask you this. If I know you don't think it's likely but let's say that the tigers strike out on on both James Weisman and turn Watford. If it they don't sign a five star. Does this take any wind out of the sails of the Penny Hardaway machine a lot of the recruiting prowess that they're kind of establishing right now. Oh god yeah there's no way around that I mean that's why they hired you know and that now deadline that is not what the country and they gave it any other year but this would never have a chance to get the number one player in the country is just not like that's not reality so you've got to start there. But it they strike out on day glide minute and indulge it Matt hurt and don't get treated a lot bird they were watching tray Jack data that's going to be tough to beat Indiana for him but. Yes they really end up with you know a group of four stars three stars. It's still upgrade over tubby there's no question about that but I mean got a big back. To win the higher was made it was like all of these guys that we thought that this you know the type that well universe where you're telling me they don't give you. But all the guys we thought they had a chance with them and they strike out not totally be disappointed you know we go without a shadow of the doubt. But I don't think that's gonna happen I mean I think at. At least. They're getting chicken whopper indeed already recruiting guys admit that they like so that just a matter of how and what he wants to have now. Kind of fascinating to think though because. Let's say they decide Ford three stars. It's already a talent upgrade and you can justify it you can justify hiring penny just because the breweries and YouTube bought an air to sell tickets. Anybody Maynard upgrade talent it's like. Accomplishing both those but isn't it fascinating to think how quickly expectations turned just honestly in like four months. Ali yeah I mean you no question about it you're right it didn't count upgrade but at some point like. You're gonna have to be better than that to compete at the highest level in a boat because you're gonna have to get a five archived here they're gonna I don't expect that this could get. I don't expect there to to get a five star player. Probably multiple file star players every year I got beat they can get warned him Dodd got one I mean that. You know and and there and there was some guys 20/20. Eight beyond you know who submitted object but there are five stars but yeah I mean yes you're quite well what it takes some windows sales. I mean you know I think how hysterical it was when he retired me it was it was crazy I mean all all the possibilities. You know and so that hope was all about it wise men and Eller a luxury O'Neal and and Jordan brown and bought two other guys are classified daily Q and so. You know at some point like that have to be a reality otherwise. You know what they adjust our expectation. John we appreciate about it. All I went and join us tonight. The grizzlies currently up 44 it's when he saw X. Mark Joseph Crawford have yourself a night now young man. Of four of this tire former almost rebel fifteen points that's 46 of seven from the floor three of three from high on the eight points six rebounds Jerry Jackson has seven points. Two rebounds as well as a bloc on the night we come back to dinner to go we'll wrap this bad boy outs aggrandizement your fair share right here in 99 FM. ESPN you know ice sincerely hope you never get to the point we need somebody to handle divorced for your custody situation of child support situation anything like that it's rough it's easy for nobody. But if you are going through you actually do need quality representation of fuel. 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On your implements all. It's up now you get feels the pull out some way to break of farmers are. Donald wheels equipment filters in recreation or get a new loan skater I don't know its brand spanking new materials equipment. We'll resume is five years of experience you've come to the right away sales service and more got a great selection of new Holland tractors and equipment that can handle the job you can throw out to a mills equipment 62 US every two or on line into the hills CQ dot com. Guests of fear of fear the smiles center hotline now they get a better show. Food Hillary spears show is live from the blow restaurant and sports scores studio ninety to nine FM my. ESPN today's special guest host Jeffrey Wright. Employees have headed to that. They love 48 to 27 who lean. City thunder in the turnaround of summer early you can catch the second half moments on NB ATV Marco Crawford currently. Leading all scorers with fifteen points us to get her to get generally goes presented by Humphries prime. I'm cut shot of folks folly original piece. What it Wheeler into. Today oil cooler today well we learn that day. There's nothing puzzles and he's ready as Taylor what I learned we learned a pick up drill out the dogs bit out of Italy about yourself or your animal or you'll get a very very sternly worded Tidewater. In your balance and also learn. That the NCAA is playing. On and then getting rid of peach jam if you will getting rid of these big EB eat. You tournaments in which allowing just it was getting room turns that on politics shall not be able to get to them right therefore cost being. Kids the average game plan for us some really big coaches what's the biggest game tonight biggest game and I. I'll give it to your choices appear a baseball fans only. Battle of first place teams and about fifteen minutes or so the New York Yankees take on the Cleveland Indians. Also in summer illegal later that night 930. If you wanna continue on whether or not determining. I would not trade young as a boss whether or not he's gonna be a hall of Famer did so at 930 when the hawks take on Portland and some early action. What should I watch on TV what should you watch the Iraq is making morale. Larry county judge Barack and I don't Bravo we'll watch what happens lied that'll be 10:15 central. I have a rule that whenever that Iraq is on we watch is there anything I need to make sure I read game makes Siri Gary pairs is all latest count gets up at CBS sports. It lays out. Every. Aspect of what we've been talking about with the NCAA. Deciding to. Prohibit college coaches from seeing these AU turn us what's on tap for tomorrow what's on tap for tomorrow Jeff Hawkins is gonna join the program. Bet they'll be sitting in with me we're gonna try to revitalize obviously hope. Higher or Brigham like a classic game I don't know of everything that is I'm not for more like I am for. Suburbs of all of us but we're trying to revitalize some form of Harvard horn lake. Just gonna be in during the second hours of intent to make that happen that's when we got coming up tomorrow. My thanks to Brad Carson my thanks to Gary pairs. Might I suggest Jeff Hawkins John Barton all of you for having to tolerate migrating annoying needs least southern accent. For four straight hours are now. I'm out here. Believe he's ready to nine a ME SPN radio to. Listen anytime anywhere and favorite us today we have the best and he's one Bartlett W on the fast then this is a sports station Berrian to. Today only digital sale Friday and Saturday gets like cartons of Kroger deluxe ice cream for just 99 cents for you plus card in digital coupon. 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