Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, July 12, 2018, Hour 1 Guest Host Jeffrey Wright (w/Gary Parrish live from Peach Jam in Seg 1 & 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Thursday, July 12th
Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, July 12, 2018, Hour 1 Guest Host Jeffrey Wright (w/Gary Parrish live from Peach Jam in Seg 1 & 2)

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Used to planes go ahead and get yourself something fun to do while laying out her cooling off and make this summer one to remember July instant gains from the tennis you lottery game changing. I just remembered players. At that Tennessee lottery we're all about game changing fun. Like winning numbers that are drawn three times a day that's right and with cash three and cash forms we draw numbers three times a day Monday through Saturday and once on Sunday. Which means you've got three chances and they went after a 500 dollars for gash breeds more 5000 dollars for dashboards and so plan doesn't play. Tennessee lottery game changing bonds'. Daddy's guns and ESPN presents its only national columnists who spends his afternoon. Perspective to Memphis radio he'll make his. Sometimes they can change the station children. There's. Given the very show today's special guest host. Jeffrey Wright. And Jeffrey Wright joined live my partner drive. He is the executive producer of the year repairs series Brad Carson Bragg days and a good day our Leo I'm very comfortable here I am I have even when I see a movie I see him there for another I have lost my blood but is using it. To the chair wanted to make it easy for you play does not appear on the program they're very sound at peach jam is gonna join us here in just a moment. There's gonna join us for earth. Weeks ended six. And after that we'll take a quick break we'll get into four stories at 445. And which we will have a horror stories there have been unable to get to including. They list of cities in the United States of America that are over there to sign a satellite it is finished that done we'll get into that as low as three other things. At 4:44 at 5 o'clock the man the myth the legend. He's just talking to enjoy the season as each and every day on this program at 5 o'clock at 525. John Martin. Is gonna join the program at a dinner to get out and then it finally I would give to have gotten out of her. And I will try to sort out exactly what I'm going to want some some are only now that further ado let's bring on the mandate. This program he of course is OK okay. Still elements. Everything you're right. I'm doing good let's start here so peachy have gone it's hot it's hot streak the bluff city legends were apparently involved you gotta help me out here. Did I read this correctly on Twitter at James lightning got rejected the morning. Story he picked up two technical. Maybe deserves its error that is questionable blood if the first check was sure. A melding with a player from the other team. And then they got tied up at some point and wide open to rule a media LO. Like it was a vicious or violent but it was clearly an elbow and the rest at all that they get technical and technical means you're not allowed to continue playing in the game so can we back on the court tonight to AA head into play at 9 o'clock eastern and it wasn't the biggest stood deals but. It's clearly not ideal I mean did today. And has hit built around stars like Jane weissman is the number one ranked high school player in America and he was not on the court for his team earlier today. Because. Because of multiple technical foul so I don't know that I've ever. I am I have seen it but I don't remember a player of his caliber being thrown out of a game in in this type of study before. Now when he was on the floor how does he look thus far on that floor he's not throwing elbows and getting tees. Or he would also last night key. What football from today but also last night it'd last night was the match up with. Burning Kerry the big from team Florida. Who is the consensus number two player in America so you had to. This matchup of number one player in America vs number vs number two player in America and though it. It didn't have the same type hype that. You know what I've been here and watched Julius Randle gives Andrew wig and sore. Market badly against Deon curry Eitan or orbit badly against Michael order or Deon curry a pagan ritual Robinson. They would still the gym was packed you know there was nowhere to sit standing room only. And Wideman got the better of him undeniable he was terrific he you know dumped a lot of bomb got out in in transition ran blocked shots in fact one at the buzzer that. What kind of gone and it was going to blocked a game winner but he did get a block at the buzzer showed his ability to stay so upbeat knocked down. Three point errors he made jumpers he was terrific. He showed all of that stuff. That. Makes him the most most likely candidate to beat the number one pick in the 2000 play NBA draft and he showed why Kentucky a man deserves. Our our boat you know you bet both they can be number one priority. Of their class of 2019 recruiting classes Kentucky was three deep. John cal Perry told justice and kitty playing Memphis was pretty Penny Hardaway Mike Miller. And Tony Matlock and what was interesting and I kept right with those guys like some of the pictures depicting yup I was sitting. Next to Tony I believe but they set six seats all next to each other it was Cowell. You know soul Kenny and to retain an entity. Tony and and Mike Miller via the Memphis think Kentucky's dad. Sitting side by side account was joking with Teddy. You guys that I don't think I don't secrets here but when he was stupid that we walked up it's not a idiots says that he can't get. A phone call from all my friends back at Memphis that elevated as an old tired you've got all. Of the data that lap didn't have an insult they were. Have a good time at each other clearly it's a cutthroat business recruiting at the highest level. But. You know the date that everybody is cordial if at least face to face and. Where they hammering out a home and home like callous I'm getting. I brought it up accounts and I'll play your national field that would have really played unpaid outplayed and that's just. I just got great ever bring a team voluntarily the flight explorer that was never going to happen. Hey NBA elite evil. It's the only time jobs will play particularly that the NCAA tournament require him to do to go. Feel this so when Kenny got the job instead he went. He was working on a home and home with Kentucky and John had promised him previously if you ever get a job outplay you and home and home. That's one of those things and I've said this before that you say to somebody when you don't think it's ever going to actually be a real thing. It's like you know you get. You tell your your buddies from California who never travels. If you come and their talent you can use my house for two weeks it's all good. You know because you know he's not coming to what difference does it make you showed up at your front door you're like oh god I actually did that was somebody wants somebody called me incidentally. About coming into. I mean you haven't just like a candidate that they also let you know you go up I let you know living healthy planet would actually like this. It was the girl is like what that was like 21 point two years old. And certainly had met at a town and she was like 10 AM and I kind of out of Memphis. And I am more unlikely that these are some of the hill with LB bags that they click here. She the next bulk cargo that was like five hours later so that I have here. It went all. Likelihood that Cuba a couple of don't want. I thought I used up our weekend and it finally let one of my friends that I know we got to. Handle this he liked older like let him if Gary still nice to see this your great that you got a gold legend didn't. You've been here too long you know like but it's so bad so definitely avoid that he. I've it was jobs and taking any would actually show look at it brought the war. But it didn't get them up that avenue like bath OK I know I said it but I didn't need it we're not really get a playoff hole went home but it was brought up I heard joking about it. That's let me tell your college girl for you lover. Yeah. You might actually Hunter College elsewhere in the yeah. I think that at this UK it appeared side is I guess it's the only credited actually don't projects. Yeah. Exactly what. What I explained like somebody get hey if I come to town I'd stay with cute so yeah. Of course that you can't account you can stay with Dave but I don't think there's any realistic scenario they're coming down. And then they they they did they kick you in further down the street in like old. This now what am I supposed to do those I guess I told this I guess they actually did say. You can stay and now they're here so here I am but the only way to do you agree to it in a hypothetical situation is because you think it. And unlikely. Being you're gonna have to deal without I don't think cal bought. As you recruiting James Weidman from Penny Hardaway. That he would actually going to have just took deep. You dealing with Penny Hardaway University of Memphis coach so quickly so it's whatever I have to say at the moment and that you have to. If you have to go back on it that you go back on it and John is clearly gone back. Back on it I mean it's it's been like a point of contention like they laughed when they're talking about it I'm like laughing hysterically saying that about the outcome of the methods to play you but if you wanna play an actual play in Nashville so. Closely perhaps they'll do that someday and. Do you think that would make sense for the university of us. Although I think ultimately that's what I've always said about scheduling. If you're you're you're in the entertainment business college basketball. And you're in a market where you're competing with the Memphis Grizzlies for. Attention but also like to search for ticket sales in 0800 people have it at all I believe that people have tickets. You can't realistically go to everything out if you have a life outside of you know that I feel like honestly like I I can obviously. Given my jobs go to. Anytime an accountability and secretly give wanna go to insist on the front row. Go to a tigers game I wanna go to. And so on the front row I also have a wife and three kids so like I don't have the time to do that I can I can't couldn't possibly justify and most people. I think or or talk similar to me whereas even if they get at the ability to go. They Egypt they can go to everything so you have to pick and choose. And we are asking people to pick and choose. Date it could be ideal if you pad. Better you know better options if you were the thing that made sense to pick my point being that. Okay I'm running a college basketball program particularly one at the University of Memphis where you're in a large market. Relative to most college markets and you do have a large data base for the passionate fan base and you are directly or indirectly we're competing with the group lead I would be trying to give my experience. As many games. That are circled on the calendar games as possible and that's why. I never agreed with any Memphis coach whether it was John or Josh and penny never actually said that so that's that's encouraging. But I never agree when they said we have to play national schedule doesn't do us any good to play regional schools yeah that does to you could hear about it does you good. Memphis fans like to be domestic epithet like to beat Tennessee. Let the fans like to beat Arkansas because they're neighbors are Arkansas graduate Tennessee graduate Ole miss grad because if they work with. Mississippi street grads are all that's great to Tennessee grad. And older games that almost regardless of whether. Tennessee's go to Michigan State's good Ole miss is good or Arkansas good those games that stand actually enjoy it because they recognized the plan at all. On the other side of of the court and so. Kentucky of the game. It's that mental state will be excited about eight but it it's Kentucky and beat because of our cal Perry and if you played a national that's drivable for for meant the end of EV one day trip to three hour trip as look at what you've got would actually played Memphis. In a neutral site at Nashville based. If I get a inaccurate I would agree that sort if I can make more from my schedule I would I would be willing to do it absolutely because this. It's a marquee game against. It ought to be secure in themselves. Against the biggest brand or at least one of the biggest brand that college basketball. Do you sense in the battle between John cal Perry and Penny Hardaway for James wise and decency either side getting an upper hand. I won't tell you that the the prevailing default on long. Jill just say the recruiting analysts here. Yeah most of whom are up on my friend I've known for a long time that that I ate lunch with earlier today. They think that they can you know if you had to debt one or the other yet that Kentucky. And just because it's if it flies in the face felt. Conventional wisdom to pick against John cal Perry when it comes to a player that he has made a primary target and he's been recruiting. This law. But nobody rules meant about you got hearing at least I'm not hearing anybody say always thought it's Kentucky. So what you're hearing is it could go either way but I would I would assume Kentucky actually think that's what I think it is too late. And I. If it meant that has done an amazing job pinning my pony Sam get involved with these five start got a but he looked even days ago and they are extremely optimistic and confident. But even they know it's one thing to be involved and it's another thing to get it done. It's one thing to be involved with james' wife and it's another thing to teach our cal Perry to james' wife is one thing to be involved with Matt you hurt it's another thing that. To beat North Carolina and duke took Mathew her idea they they. They're they're not ignorant to that you know I spent a lot of time. I won't get specific but but I thought I'm with that staff yesterday. And they they understand exactly what I just explain but clearly there's a whole bunch of advantages that that they have that. You know it is that. They give them a fighting chance in games already live in Memphis for the Stanley already lives in Memphis for the Stanley doesn't have to relocate to watch their. Son play every day. They clearly loved watching the someplace because they're here they travel all the way to North Augusta South Carolina. To do it and I imagine they'll be everywhere he is this summer. And everywhere he's been most of his life. You know they're familiar with the city. You know that it does that relationship has. Has existed for years and Dave were so attracted to be ideal place for getting our way. And all that goes along with that. That they literally took their kid out of one of the best schools have been stated to the city and moved him to east high schools so that he could play for Penny Hardaway. All of that good stuff but all of that's why they have to have a chance pledged. Again how to bottom line at this point most people are our most people seem to think Kentucky. Is a leader. But nobody thinks it's a slam dunk already done that gonna fight to stay got to the end. Look there's like an element out it's like you don't get rich betting against Alabama football doesn't mean you're gonna win every single bat let. At the end of the day if you're tried it if you're the predictions business you're gonna go with what statistically is more likely. And based on past evidence Kentucky seems to be the statistically more likely. Likely landing spot. All he had me again they. Specifics aside if you're gonna be right way more often than you're wrong if every time Kentucky's recruiting somebody has a priority. You assume that they're going to get him. Same thing with duke. And then when duke and Kentucky are both the balls now you're equate what situation but but there's no reason why I believe it's five straight years now. Duke and Kentucky and civil order had had been number one and number two recruiting class that America is because. Feel that they're the best at doing them so you know it at least they have been for the past five years under my chest yen and Jack cal Perry so. To escape forced Shearer head coach. To come in and beat. The man who is widely regarded as the greatest recruiter of student athletes in history. Is not an easy thing to do but they do have a chance and I think you know if you're a man to stand. You've got to take likes him. If you can got to be appreciative of that they got what if that's accurate but one of the things I think it happened. It that they missed so why is it about the state of panic. Oh when in reality you just got to you know take a step back and go OK where were we a year ago. But you could even get a slightly delayed return to text message from the previous debts and now even if you don't give license. You know there there are other high level guys that there Paul west they've already gotten better recruits from the previous staff ever got a like things are good and headed in the right direction. Gauging his wife that would be amazing but it's not devastating if they don't get in all it means is it's quite literally this. They could not beat John cal Perry Kentucky for the number one basketball player in America guess what you could say that about 349. Other schools. Every single year. You're Paris is joining us live from peach jam he's in North Augusta South Carolina he's joining us on his own show. And then another person that is heavily involved with both Memphis and north Carroll a bit bigger part of this in Kentucky is DJ Jefferies. How is he looked thus far peach yet. OK let's that was the first time I've seen him in awhile and he he would also like he he looked way better than I remember it looking last summer. Way more competent he made shots he was terrific in transition. He was euros stepping in transition in scoring at the rim you know what you're doing this it. You know however tall he is now 676. Say they keep these these up. And I can tell you I can get I'm sitting literally. A retreat from Jack cal Perry. The Kentucky staff was like really impressed with that post what they were watching agents followed. Their recruiting in recent years or release is just got there and you know march April 2000. They don't typically accept its commitments. From players ranked around where TJ Jefferies has raked. Absolutely as early as they get if you remember they get it back in. Back in March and he's like a top forty player as opposed to look. Talk to it like Kentucky we'll take commitment from a tough to get any time. But sometimes they don't even recruit top you know borderline top forty kit let's let's take a commitment. In March 2018. For a kid who. If the class of 2019 talked. So the question McCain or the victim that didn't like really unusual and I think the answer. Was. At a people tell me that they get it because it. Literally within days. Of me reporting. That. The University of Memphis was strongly considering firing could slip to replace them or Penny Hardaway I what they what they understood. At Kentucky. Is that. But we only. Literally the only way that they were not going to get James Weidman. And I don't think they like having a better one. But the only scenario. That. Could possibly cost and the number one player in the country if it high school coach they are way becoming the University of Memphis coach and they also knew that. You know do. The assumption at least one of the assumptions among the administration Memphis was that. If we hire Eddie he can bring these kids. And they want it to go ahead and show. He predators Shepperd we got that locked up so don't think it is bringing everybody who's ever played for him because because we won't feel we got the gate every blocked at that. That's why they wanted to get that done when they got it done and I thought it was Smart and it doesn't mean that Kenny then Mike and those guys told to Steele recruited and try to flipped it. But that doesn't seem unlikely at this point. Go to it took to circle back around to say he would also last night. And if there was any reservation about taking a borderline top forty kid. So early. In the process. That I didn't notice any of that last night because he didn't look like a borderline top forty hit last night he looked like. A future McDonald all American and maybe a future pro he was terrific. And then up on CBS sports dot com you have written a column. We're live I guess about an hour and a half maybe two hours ago I'm sorry the time is officially running. It's it's already together for me but. In May finishing point that the entire entire premise the basis of the entire column is the fact that this might be the last time we see college coaches act. Peach jam. First off class this why. And. While everybody knows. An FBI investigation was made public last September. Is it did during which. And it's ongoing and end it rocked the sport then it continues to do so most recently at Kansas and Maryland. And ever since then the people. In electing NCAA level have been trying to figure out why don't we fix for college basketball. How we clean up college basketball. And they've come up with some ideas that. Our car and that other ideas that are just nonsensical. They're disruptive and I talked about it for years and the only way to coming up college basketball is to get rid of amateurism because of every single thing that was exposed to that FBI investigation. Every single quote unquote problem that faces college basketball is rooted in the fact that. The cuter multi billionaires are identifiable at a very early age. And yet. According to your rule book they cannot accept anything they can't accept fair market value and you've got. A certain area where there were way too much money to way too many people to ever actually make amateurism. Sensible. You know these prospects worsened in the college coaches who use them to win games and get billion dollar contract extension of the worst something done. Athletic department to use and a facility in tickets and get donations. There were something that. Two agents and wanna represent until Sunday financial advisors who want to represent them some day. And so there's always going to be some odd sort of in his shoe companies who want two items. Tennis schools which which they have under billion dollar business relationships. And so there's always going to be people trying to. Carter influence over them. And the best way to garner influence over anybody as we know first of all of the world has suggested that is money. And so that's ultimately the problem. Looking at it ablaze never going says this voluntarily. Old or eliminate or loosen its grip on amateur as. So they come up with a lot of other stuff. And it's like trying says. You know if you needed to change a light ball but it okay how we're gonna change this white balls until late into Iowa. Well I wasn't when he hit it with a handle illegal latter don't care. But it if they pay using the wrong holes to try to to fix it the core problem. As one of the recommendations. That has been brought to the NCAA it is. Until likely to be rubber stamped and approved in and put into place as soon as next summer. Is. They've come up with the idea that they've got to remove. Influence from grassroots basketball coach's influence from shoe companies. And push the power back toward. The high school calendar and the high school coaches which is still prefer a variety of reasons but mostly because it's impossible to do. By doing what they're trying to do it. So their solution is we all eliminate the July evaluation period as it's no. So no war college coaches are allowed to go to Asia. Our gas allowed to go to find the under armour event idiot do you disadvantaged. Also they get Indianapolis New York Atlantic City where every single event that is happening right now and will happen throughout this month. Or college coaches have for decades the candidate and evaluated players a every single one of those it'll be off limits possibly as soon as next summer. And in that place in the place of that they'll have to regional camps and a national camp or college coaches are allowed to attend and evaluate place. We have to prop. Again if they they say. Because what we're doing to try to fix that but it doesn't take effect. If you if it does not remove powerful grassroots copious. Greatly these kids are still gonna play on Nike that he did and under armour sponsored teams these outfits are still going to happen because they're big business opportunities for. All sorts of different people it's not gonna prevent financial advisors and agents from. Trying to. It create relationships with a league basketball prospect because they're still gonna be in the business of of hope warning to represent them when they become. All got billionaires in just a couple of years and it's harder provincial companies from dictating. Steering kids just to certain universities which which they have. The million dollar business decisions they edit the relationships because they're still gonna want their flagship. Schools to have the best basketball players so that they can have the best basketball team so that this has not hyperbole. The solutions to the problems they've identified. These solutions don't formations they'd actually solution if they don't solve a single click bank account absolutely knocked it. What they actually don't do is eliminate. Thumb opportunities for exposure for thousands and thousands of kids every year and in the column. I tell the story might down. And hell. The system that's in place now to change his life. But the system that is expected to be in place as soon as next summer. Would eliminate his story for me to be impossible to story gets a bit. The kids from all Nebraska good basketball player but completely off the radar college coaches. Everybody's play has furrowed. Sort of second tier GO grassroots program in the summer. And his team happens to be. Playing an artillery GM and all state issued in late July 2013. Against a team led by tackle fault the seven foot six guy who plays for UPS now. Because tackle ball was buried at an interest in prospect there was some division one coaches in the Kia. They weren't there to see Mike dom they never heard of my dog literally no college coach in the gym that they would dare to see myself. But right now may twelfth three quarters in that game. If he's 6869. So college coaches were obviously interest who's this guy where he's from one of the schools say. Decides to bring him up visited South Dakota State. He and exciting with the South Dakota State before Mike dom made those twelve reporters in the game and while they get hit he wrote. Division one office afterward he had multiple division went off to. He enrolled at South Dakota State. And as we sit here right now do you get ready to play his senior season. He's all Americans to the two time silently player of the year. And it won't even get hurt this year he is on pace to become just the ninth player. The ninth player in division one game of basketball history. To ever score at least 3000 points and a career. And if this system that's in place right now we're not in place. If assist in the NCAA wants to use starting at some of the next July workplace. Mike Dunn never gets seen by anybody he's probably a division two player he would never be invited to one of these regional cancer wasn't good enough nobody knew who won. And so. If you can really fix the problem that you might get a fight college basketball I'm all for that. But the solution they put in place are not actually solutions for the picture nothing but they do call something. They called every might Dominic in the country the opportunity to have a Mike dom storage. And so the point I'm making a columnist just like what what are we doing here. If nothing good comes of this but something bad does change for the sake of changes is nonsensical. But let multiple coaches told me what did you just feel a simple way. Doing a PR move they want to be able to say hey we're doing some things so they can say. We're doing something or flying something but what they're split it so crystal clear to anybody who understands the sport at all levels. That's what they're actually doing is not domestic Citibank. It really is embarrassing and hopefully. Connect element got a lot of attention they've more than I anticipated for quite hopefully. You know bet that this has that been rubber stamp yet and hopefully my column can can. Contribute to. It just making sure people understand exactly what it is they're trying to do. And making sure people understand that it will not work and it will not work let's not do it maybe maybe that this is maybe there's a cutoff for at least interpreted cutting it off. Before just report on the. We're Geary pairs is on these committees like I am and what I mean by that is where's the guy that raises handing goes wait a minute. Here's what you're proposing. And we thought about it this way why does it right so so often gear and I'm I'm not trying to double as Huckabee but they like. So often like this is what I've always wondered on these type of NC eight decisions. Where is the person that raises his hand or her hand and says we need to think about this because it seems to be that person never exists. They've never been asked if sixties here if capability I have talked about this you know he. He has made himself readily available to the NCAA if I can help the sport that I care about. The previous table if I'm not what I. Insert myself where I don't belong but but it but if you wanna pet also cut everybody precipitate that but I agree with everything you said he's Smart guy. If Kara sport. And yet they hadn't you know he said I think he told me they even applicable once and it was just weird they would like they they didn't listen to a thing that he said and so I think the reason they don't hand. I don't wanna put myself in the same cumbersome and I grew project village but like. I think everything they don't want me here somebody like capability so somebody like Dan Wetzel. In the conversation could only hear what we have to Saturday. You know everybody involved in making these recommendations in any decisions. That make a lot of money off of the status quo. So they wanna be up and say there's change that up because they feel like they need to put PR reasons the ball really wanna change it up too much and nobody wants to relinquish power. Nobody wants to relinquish money. But I can't tell you how many coaches. Either in person today. Or to text message has said why don't they see this the way you keep this why don't they understand. The way you understand. Like why would they have it's not me. Somebody like me who has been covering this sport for forty years to un utilized. You know who understands. That the role agent played financial advisors play a shoe companies play like what it's not me. You meet somebody like me who can tell you hey guys maybe you're trying to do good work here. But you don't understand what you're doing this what you're proposing is not going to work I have not found a single coach I mean now we. Who because before I wrote this column are still a lot last night in in this morning. You rarely talking to guys that trust and starting every conversation by saying didn't kill me if I'm wall tell me what I'd miss it. And I explained to you what I just explained in the column and every coach a 100% said no you're not. Yes this is dull I don't know what they're two way why don't they don't why don't they understand what you just explained. And it's baffling to me I think because they're not dumb people on these committees they're Smart individuals. But you know the people who understand the sport and understands. But dynamics of college basketball and the dynamics of college athletics and I think it's far too often. These committees are formed by people who. Who don't have real grasp for how things actually get done and what things actually get done. To me I and you can tell me if I'm wrong here and I completely understand. That this area you lay out with obviously they wanna protect their interest there entries are making them a lot of money. And they would like to say OK we'd like to do we'd like to just keep on keeping on. Let's figure out a way that we can do that. To me that's that works. If you have like if people are on your side to begin with. To me he would blows my mind is I don't know of another organization right now. They currently is less self aware than the NCAA is like I think they think they make these decisions. And that everyone's just going to go all that's and that's great you are your really guarding the game. Whereas most people look at it right now right. What are you doing it to set. That was one of the reasons I wanted to write this column is because I actually think most people just sort. Eight they follow the sport are very basic level. And they don't understand a lot of the stuff that you are talking about right now why these things you like it. In two hours telling you why these things will work I just can't give out forty minutes or so doing it. I'm I don't think most people understand at a certain level Portia de Q I like that's what I do for a living. I should have a grasp on this I don't think it's should come as a surprise that. Basically every person who covers college basketball full time. Has retreated like Solomon said this is exactly right why doesn't the NCAA understand that it's because it. But people aren't unique to me it felt like I figured something out of the people and figured out I guess in the one to twelve letter words explaining it to people. But I think we have to play just crosses its fingers every time I hope it'll just go over. The blood and that's where I do think he'll anybody with the points and anybody without. A platform. You know have a responsibility that just stand up thing they say don't listen don't. You know this this is not going to work and there's other parts of it that are just dome elect. How did you they're gonna replace a July evaluation period with these regional camps. And basically what they would do is two different camps. And held it for different places. And that they wouldn't fights. You know good legitimate division one prospects to work out for five day. So the question becomes full power power they gonna develop the list. You know who's gonna pay the players. And so there's just answer to that is they're going to let college coaches. Bum nominate players and then based on the nomination until extending invitations then and then that's how you get. Did the list of players competing at these regional can't. So it is my question him like this is another thing I've bounced off one coach after another. The immediately when I read that this is what I think okay. I'm a mid major coach. I'm recording this kid but I majors Arnold I think he's a diamond in the rough but other people don't know about it. Why would I nominate him to go to this camp. If he goes to that camp and played well. Elevators are on it and I've got no shot. So I there's no what I'm gonna nominate to get to go to this camp. What that means is that. They were going to be key it so probably aren't good enough food is sort of be exposed her. But aren't getting tickets because people just were aware of him and our recruiting them. Don't wanna nominate him to go to this camp they don't want to let it can't it's like for years to sort of running joke. Among mid major coaches aired it any of these July event says the guys they're recruiting you know they want to happen. The play poorly yet we heard. A couple old adage. Like like I I've watched it later coach aspect idol like hey we're watching we're watching number twelve that's our god okay cool what is that if things might actually it. And I won't be quite poorly. I Smith is every shot and be thankful you know. What there guys being exposed to the high majors contend they've invested a year two years were covering somebody and I majors what can have a good. Come in and say oh wow this is pretty good we're gonna recruit him now so. He let the coach just dictate who goes to the camera. Coaches don't look they're guys getting exposure like yeah that's why the current. The way things are done are so much better. Every talent to get in America if you want to can play for some kind of grassroots state and they get hitters some sort of tournament or college coaches are. Are going to be there. And it doesn't mean that you will be seen but it means you can't be seen. It didn't in the system if it goes through it takes. Eight goes into effect next summer there it will be basically impossible. For thousands of prospects and are seen as. Every summer by division one coaches. If we basically impossible for them to be exposed anyway and like who is that good for it's not good for the prospects and dream of getting a scholarship to change their life it's backlit for the lower mid major coaches who are. Every day in July they're allowed to opt out there looking for somebody. Who's off the radar. Who can maybe be a player at their program and be a difference maker certainly you rip away those opportunities from coaches who reported those opportunities from prospects. And for what. To clean up college basketball again it doesn't clean up college basketball in any way whatsoever. Are there one other thing switching your sold only a little bit it still involves the NCA. So Antonio Anderson was on the Jason and Jon today when you get your thoughts on this containers and wants to pull old bull and his words. In which he believes that the university that this has a case to get their NASA championship game appearance back. By lawyering up if you will. Do you think that plan has any chance a snowball chance in hell. Let's sit I think it's ridiculous for the University of Memphis had to say Kate a national title. Because it played a player who was initially cleared by the NCAA academically. And then subsequently. Be NCAA invalidated his standardized test score. But I think that some ridiculous and unfortunate. And if you gave me the power to find something and overturn it I would. But the role of the rules and the way the rules are written. Is if you play a ineligible player. Even if we don't roll and ineligible until well left or his college career is over. You will dedicate whatever it is you achieved with that blacks and Memphis bar a love letter of the law if you will. Have played an eligible player used available player to Tibet to the national championship game and so. If Memphis has ever awarded to try to fight that it would affect the fighter in real time and Derrick Rose would have had to fight it. Well you know and it as well like he'd have to would guess you know like I looked at standardized test he can't take these kids. This is what he'll visit the reasons for invalidating. It are are not elevated anything. You can't you know and enjoy the head of the same white North Carolina fall you had a part to. But Derrick Rose never spoke to the NCAA. And the reason it's pretty obvious in everything he could to save lives but. And so what you don't even contest. Then that that's game set match I can't I think it's wrong and ridiculous. But according to the way the rules are written you know. Memphis they get there's just no way to go to return I'd love to all. But there's no way to get that flipped and global also have no chance of getting back and let you know. What a member of the coaching staff for five and impermissible benefit to prospects and players that don't want to win you games that way national championship. And did you feel like I doubt about it. Did you concede the point at the university which local bid yet these things happen. Well the nets games that match you're gonna have to vacate it be visible benefits are obviously unusual if not. Unprecedented third act cars in cash their you know prostitutes and and they have certain. But they are impermissible benefits according to the way the assembly rules are written and so. That was I guess nice spectacle yesterday the press conference a mobile. But if it is silly and it'll it'll go nowhere to back like. Being down here peach jam with that new local fast. Like a legislative like they did was typical way you like that first up it's not going to change anything. The only thing it's doing is reminding people that we now work at the school they used to get on course to play like that all this is doing is just bad headlines side. Just let it go but. Still Rick's not gonna let it go because he's fighting for his legacy and and the players are gonna let it go because I don't know why you know it or perhaps they're naive enough to think there's a chance but. There's not want state there is no matter it's never gonna get it. 2008 banner. Recognized. Formally again and and mobile will never get that championship banner recognized formally get. JP we appreciate it we'll talk to you know more about it. Pair slide from peach jam we come back the city of Memphis has made a list and it's not about one. 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Guess superior field just an hour hotline now. This together very show. Players who is live from the bluffs residents whose course studio ninety to nine has them. Yes yeah today's special guest host Jeff Green right now. In the city of Memphis. He's fired up about it he's gonna join us at 5 o'clock as he does each and every day on this program also John Martin will join us during the bottom are park saw. The second hour every now we have four stories to get to those fired up for sale or stories presented by the bluff restaurant tomorrow. I told you start telling stories and forget what he wanted to talk about a certain points every afternoon. So we've developed a device that ensures he'll have such an important things you need to know each day at this time. This is GPs or notable sure these guys or forty floors since the number one. Door number one in about ten minutes you're gonna fire up NB ATV and then you're gonna put it on mute and you're gonna listen to you again iron out either on your listening to fight. Continue to make sure that you're still getting some knowledge will not get the knowledge from me but Jeff is going to be here. And about ten minutes so you'll of course be getting that analogy and grizzlies and thunder we've reached the turn and portion of summer league pull plays officially over here's the deal. If the grizzlies lose they get out consolation bracket game if they win they get to keep on going. Again 5 o'clock in the ATV. Couple of interesting notes I feel like that are coming up for the grizzlies. It does feel like it's put up or shut up time for yeah it has done that yeah it really does at this point I mean if he's the player that. Everyone goes back to at this point it does sort of feel like we're picking on him. But Porsche fell on I need to play basketball I don't you act any senator feet tall yeah so light you know go go kill it you know and block out well. What I feel like the biggest knock against you in its not just from hot to export side talk radio guy but when the biggest not only from people that are in your organization. Our. It's the biggest knock is they want you care more. That's our dies code. It's a bad deal with that and honestly. Sometimes seeking care too much but like he's not I don't think this problem. Not his problem now he doesn't care too but he's got an aggressive caretaker of yeah the basketball game yeah. I don't I don't know idea overly competitive guy I even close yet that's got them all now let. Does beg the question win consistently. Almost game after game the whole. Crisis is this a lot with Bo lots of people used to say good of a good example could go bad bout right and I wasted pull my hair out and oh is average quarterback right at times you do good things now at times you do bad things whom he played an offense that was a very dependent on the quarterback to make place. So therefore when he played well it did good things he looked good when he did not play well. It was back because of the way that the system was. It was good that he was never scored well exit Amelio thing is with the update David example. Get to Davis hasn't doesn't get things out also it is a bad things. May be a certain point we're starting to figure out why he fell to the second wrap well and summer league has a tendency like. Ole miss offense if you will. To set you up for some a Shirley to look good because an application role basketball for their quarters there is the NBA equivalent of playing UT mark every down that end airtime he can put up seventy and then you don't play and then you play the equivalent of LSU and got a bunch of monsters up front down and you can't move the football and then you get shut out. Well and there were times and some of third fourth fifth game of the utes are you know and some of the summer league games where he was Olympic enroll in the or three consecutive word. When did you pick general in general Peter any any of Horry just throw it up by the rim and Dionte just sort of slam and home. But then you you'd be just. Mystified to seize the same player that's that none of block he doesn't block out gets beat off that you know all sorts of problems. Yes and of course with the Donte' Davis being Lincoln says that course. Opens up the door for Ivan rad yeah who it has the opposite problem out of DIJ Davis he is mr. insists that he is mr. He cares I don't know what to think about it does all the basketball things right unfortunately. He doesn't have the apple does is that he doesn't have the body does not all the physical gifts but the odds they Davis has as Chris Harrington sat heavily yesterday. On Jeff show. If only we could morph them into one player yet that he's that's a perfectly okay I heard I heard you talking about second yeah if you could put those two together and and their from consecutive years what's remarkable is when you put him up against the third year player that was trapped in first round this year and Jerry Jackson. Because like last. At the best you're like how well maybe I'd been rebel turn into that and NEC Jared players alongside of Biden rabbit you're like wow I don't rap sucks yeah. Well there are. We are not love suggesting he sucks but that was it says more about Jared when you put him next to an Ivan rats like when you put. Meet next to my younger brother not Mike. Not my little brother my younger right I get my younger Brothers two years younger than I am his six foot one he's 210 pounds. He had a laser rocket arm he can hit a golf ball 340 yards or as I stand next and it's a nice reminder. That life's not fair or. A good point story number two. Nor ever to admit she did there's a list of cities out there. And Memphis is included. This. Time it's not for every other guys as good Paula and it's not first round. It's not her it's actually a good thing now story comes just from the matador in network MacKey Meltzer has written a story. And the title of EE title of the piece is the seven cities in the US arm these seven cities or over. Here's where to go instead again. Stop placed number one and that he's doing the lord's work here on out. It is the epicenter of smog is the only place that you can go to bed immediately. Immediately feel terabyte or so that is different Cisco California. Why it's over as long as it has the sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay. And Marion County San Francisco will never really be over purse say. But as the most expensive place in the country and a city increasingly becoming an. Industry counterattack. It's lost a big chunk of the character that made it such a unique destination. Look no further than giant gains were once upon a time. Guys six Beers the talked about baseball the bleachers. Now you'll over here discussions of crypto currencies and ideas over twelve dollar craft Beers and a 100000 dollar box seat. Separate this goes gone upscale where landmark dive bars seemed to close every month replaced by a cocktail barges shore serving twenty dollar drinks who doesn't want that. Full of hundred multiple ingredients and a big garnish of pretension. That and despite all the money the city hasn't done much about it's rampant homelessness problem. Which seems to be number one which seems either one observation of every new visitor after they return home. Two of the lord's work their body he is of course says go to Oakland that would not be my recommendation by recommendation because seem Diego. Do not get LA judge distances scared scared San Diego just trust me on that when I'm I'm telling you from experience go to San Diego now. Drum roll please drummer of all the make fun I have a drum roll here in the yet in the bag of tricks Oreo all of this is Devin. I'm not making. I'm reading directly from the lists to join a list. National. So get all you pretentious pretentious Nash billions most Ian fairness are not from there to begin what. Here's why Nashville is over Nashville's what's a fun place to go and catch up and coming country stars now it's a place to catch. The latest up and coming I. Directly quoting here appears that as it seemingly host every single bachelorette party in America hash tag same. Might guides like some ice fine. Right is impressive and this is I don't know made out like Donnelly but other. Yeah that's. It and I have. Friends that are that woman that have come to national forest I didn't make up this I had a real observational that's that that person is out there I'm not create a live in Saint Louis. They live in and man this they live in my island tennis scene they make a pilgrimage for every bud sure I'd trip. Live Broadway they're called Wu girls brat I've heard I've seen their call was girls are wrong is the right word of the place to go instead. Yeah Memphis. It's the same Miata live music you'll find it natural minus the invasion of pre nup jewels. Beale street is still tour street make no mistake of the blues clubs here still filled gritty and real that's right I got to the second line too easily just. Eddie sit down at. The bar on a slow night you'll likely find yourself next to a man be a lifer who can tell you stories that the city. You wouldn't believe go to the right place now and the thirty years every bit as good as music cities with. If convicted cajun spots. Like the second line nice an upscale Italian like Kapanen marries him drawing national attention plus it's got Graceland. Cut caveat. The only way you know you're actually from Memphis is you've never been a bracelet and also included on the list. Austin, Texas where he should go instead of San Marcos I've never heard of cell Marcus is items like right there now it's on now basically San Antonio view of Austin's like one city are. South beach Florida where he should go instead is Delray Beach and Napa California where he should go instead is paso is robot or paso Robles bubbles are relatively close by and I guess one of the vineyard town I don't know I'm great I'm all say with a thick accent. Also Honolulu Hawaii is over. And you should get the S version I'll go in just a dad and I finally Jackson Hole Wyoming is done finished hash tag over. And you should instead go to tell fellow ride by the way if you ever get a chance to go to Telluride. It is fantastic. Grates it. Yes give me a beach town story number three star every three comes to us. For all we it is legal their. Well all they district uncle inaudible start every three counts to us from Tony Romo. Course. Somewhat polarizing now as an analyst I actually like him because he actually tries to. Analyze the game instead of just basically regurgitate and something that ads actually nothing to the broadcast majority now. He is he said predicting place which by the way is not that hard you've ever watched football game.