Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, January 11, 2018, Hour 1 (w/929's John Martin in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Thursday, January 11th

Seg 1:  Gary Parrish talked about Tom Bowen's comments on Memphis basketball 

Seg 2:  John Martin talked about Memphis hoops with GP

Seg 3:  4 stories at 444 with some dumb criminals & story about Louisville athlete going to South Carolina possibly/NCAA



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He's now married to send a good joined at about one in medic. We'll talk about it did a good job on John Mark would be about four point survivor of that segment I'll do what notables joyful boarded Paul was quite. We'll discuss what previously discussed stories among them the following headline. Came from WR three G news channel three last night it said quote the firing raffle rob the wings got to get owner Rick Ross the ginger. Got caught. Got caught. Now he's in jail a perfect example I think of wife tweeting to get a burden the ditch his weight more effective far less risky. Then robbery. I guess what I got to do you got to take a couple we get there. Again he had to learn that lesson the hard way. We're getting that weird story of four boys weren't as quick robbery home now and not let it to robbery soared today absolutely go for. Crude dude check it out again stated that there rob the pizza stores. Not only that but a pizza store after they put the mask on it holding guns out again they've run into p.'s board. Run straight into got through their advent of them previous robbery and stuff so that backdrop. That's the world watch. A larger than that a little later on that valuable and important to Baghdad Ryan ball and the five star recruit who. Father allegedly accepted these agreed to accept a significant they may. Big day for his that are rolling a little put off Rick Pitino his job Tom jurors his job. Ryan Bowen had a role in South Carolina now the question beautifully ever played college basketball and good play good on this blog talk about it. We'll do that just before 5 o'clock then. The grisly. A night without a mobile. Wrap the present use debated but I want everybody not getting jabbed. Okay John and me in the air. What I want everybody to understand your member held the press used to being with the grizzlies lost games and that is how the. Brett you should be now when the grizzlies win game. You know what you've got to flip that around on this footage you'll love the grizzlies care about the franchise in desire. Martin back BI very eight freight young Michael Porter whom have Burton you should be just as depressed by what happened last night as you used to be. Depressed when the grizzlies would lose games that matter. If any of those seven playoff years we're gonna talk about that a little bit more notable for example 445 a clogged up cog of just like always and then at five to anybody in rap or from the NFL network you'll join me we'll talk NFL with him there will be a bit ago. And we'll get out of his that's the rundown got a lot to get to the first they both just nice to be back he had good to see you in in the flesh I haven't in the it seems. The last that I thought and I'd like to know. December 15. My goodness rarely been a month since I've been the ability. A 52 and I have that. That or even in the same time zone if you wanna know the truth was and so it's well I felt this I I just a moment frankly took the week of Christmas song yeah there were all the next week right and that I've been gone ever since and all sorts of different places but I'm now. And it's nice to be back. Dad yeah. And found to be had. Phil earlier this year based earlier today don't take it too far earlier today. Tom Bowen. Now you're into Memphis athletic director I did here now is I'm traveling bug you know we got that at. Oh yes the 1990 S and I downloaded it on my phone thanks Gary it's really just a click click expo in an attack. Busy big play buttons when a kid is it's a big play can't wait we try to simplify it basically when they'd we built this thing here is that it put it big both still play button at the top yet the united. Pop and now you're listed like that it united heaviest yet it's all listed at 99 infamy as the adjacent John were good interview with Tom bowler but they do a good job with that. And calm and it was just good to hear Tom what we don't here. Tubby on the radio as much as we used to hear the previous basketball coaches that I don't think we here. I don't come on the radio as much as we used to hear maybe previous athletic director so just get to hear his voice and he was asked about a number of different things but obviously the topic of conversation in this market. A right now as it relates to the University of Memphis is going to be and should be tiger basketball so they've presented with a lot of different. Tiger basketball. Questions and I thought he'd did a good job answering them in the sense that. He shouted comparable answering them it never got our accord it never got contentious. It he was honestly speaking the way. I'm an athletic director who's got. Ten billion more dollars roughly. Now tied to his current basketball coach probably should speak. Of but he did say some things that. Honestly don't. Make a lot of of six or at least they fly in the face of of reality about what they walked through some of these things just. Sort of balance that all out and to be clear I don't do this to spend the next fifteen minutes to one what an idiotic thing to say I I'm not interested in that if you the truth tumble is not an idiot. He's an incredibly Smart man. I actually I like him yeah on a personal level we've had an opportunity to sit down spend time together. And I find him likable I find an intelligent I find an awful I also just think he's in a big big mess as the athletic director. I'm at a university that prioritizes basketball. And yet have a basketball program in the situation with this basketball program now is and so what we've done Embraer was nice enough to chalk it up for me it's just pull some of the answers that he had to certain questions. Tumbled just talk through it the way we talk through things so let's start with this week here. Program is making the right progress and right steps certainly the last two weeks we see some great great nuances and adjustments and are in their offense in the Michael parks had a great game on Saturday and Tuesday's game and things are going well and I'm and I believe in like coach tubby Smith and I believe them when we brought Tubby Smith here he was gonna bring the other program continued building. I'm very pleased that we're making progress and the in the classroom without ties GPA ever in the men's basketball program already in progress and in this sort of worked our conference she's in her home don't debate. For ten and one home. And as I was saying you know basketball decisions all the campaign that's no longer so we do we campaign battle so long season of thirty to 32 to 34 games. And so I'm kind of permanent residency in the caucuses started not excited about this very engaged couple. Guys there's a lot to impact there the first thing I would say is that when you were asked about your basketball program. That's the first question that your first answer. And you bring up GPA you got a problem. Yeah because nobody cares about the GPA under any circumstances nowhere don't ever oh is that nobody cares nobody told an athletic and look granted an athletic director Gerald probably care. At a university president president probably doesn't care but I've always said this if you go to coach's press conferences right. And they. Mention their GPA. Within the first. Two were three things that they mentioned yeah. They got a problem right because that's not what's important. Nobody is making three million dollars a year to graduate players are to have a good GPA is just the truth I understand. Arm. Being a student athlete at bat. Institution of higher learning. And Guam. Blonde blue. Off but that is not is what's important no you can not just put it this way simplest way I can put it. You can win every game. And graduate no players yeah and you'll keep your job for ever. You lose every game oh boy graduate every player now unemployed. Quickly. That's the true. So where you immediately go to GPA he's never been better allergy PA's improved. What that means is you don't have a lot of other good stuff to talk about. That's true right. In terms of making progress. Tom referenced specifically the past couple weeks we're making progress in the past couple of weeks and I guess you could. You're could provide some evidence. To back that up they have won two games. One in a row I'm. And so that's better than losing three in Rome I guess it's technically progress. And I won't pretend that they haven't looked better now if nothing else in the first half against Tulane tape they looked better. That may have looked perhaps all season long ya may be with the exception being the first half against a mobile team. A that went to Florida state of one last night and told you want to just say I park but it's not real progress the real prime elect the truth is. If you try to figure out how Memphis went from losing three in a row. Or four to six game stretch. To winning two in a row you point to two thanks. They played crap teams inside a FedEx format they played bad teams at home. That's the long and short of it that's why they look better. You make a bet. They won't look like they're making progress on Saturday night when they play at temple. They won't look like they're getting better because they'll probably lose and he wanted to why they'll lose probably right. For the same reason that they just won the past two except on the flip side they just won the past two could they were playing bad teams. On at home and they'll probably lose the next one because they're playing the top eighty can bomb team on the road. Period. And so if you wanna just point 22. Weeks ago we were losing three in a row now we want to order a row we're making progress. I can't argue that mind it is technically progress but isn't the type of progress that. That actually matters. I'm not sure it's the type of progress that actually matters I think is the type of progress you can point to when the schedule has lightened up a little bit nothing more. Nothing less. Here's something else he said. Progress and in in programs whether you to have one rifle coach that both smokers and nonsmokers that football coach. Are you begin to build programs in your number one what do I begin in our second season cause when they actually struggled he was. Reunited tomorrow morning you wanted to fire the consensus that was me and they wanna target chip from TCU an in his book out here so. I understand the passion I loved passionate people left as I get it. But the progress as it takes time to really put your program and Florida and so I believe you've got to continue to get better and show progress we're showing. Progress we're showing some great. No steps that I believe can continue to build enough that I put on my favorite. We'll have a great the second half the speed and in New York you can have a again high expectations for your three high expectations for your forehead and higher expectations for your thoughts. Don't. Acknowledge up front on how to best memory I am I can look at. Just in Wednesday's record in his second year right I don't remember really the radio shows were doing at that time the piano man was the big conversation I think I don't remember people wanting Justin pointed I don't ever remember that the I don't remember I don't not hold that now. No there was never fired Justin went to conversations on this station if somebody could provide me with evidence of an idea OK maybe it happened I don't remember I just don't remember that it's been a little bit like revisionist history you have I don't think that. Justin Fuente struggling in year two is anything close to Tubby Smith struggling. In year two and so to compare those things which is essentially what he was due share hey we've been here before we just avoid that who's now the head coach at Virginia Tech. I don't think those situations or like. Anything that a lot of other Apple's not imclone is that even apples to oranges you know what it's like Apple's now don't draw the idea I mean it's if they do not compare them at all now and so. I don't think again if I were trying to argue from his perspective I've might. He used that was maybe I mean you got limited instruments you're working with the air time but I don't think comparing Tubby Smith. Second year at Memphis to adjust to appoint a second year Memphis to try to notable point that hey it just takes time and your three is gonna be the year. I don't think people are buying Matt and I don't remember folks yelling for just in four days ahead. I'm in your two no matter how many games he lost her how many quarter or or which quarterback he was play. They said there was and this was sort of the point it was make or just important day as it takes time. You know like in your to a just and went then just like a year to a tubby Smith and some food we were struggling. But I believe to my coach and alternately that paid off because we broke through it takes time I think actually said the words it takes time you guys have except it does that. And we've been through this company it doesn't take time. It doesn't take time not in men's basketball. Are willing to acknowledge it does take time off than in football chair that's a different animal now you've got eleven does on this that a ball you got eleven news on this side of the ball. We can't take Utah now. Turning a football program around unless you're just uniquely gifted. Now Nick Saban Urban Meyer you're gonna recruit more dude so you're uniquely gifted and you get a top shelf job. Eight it can take it why are able to turn that thing Iran it's like a big ship as opposed to a jet ski. It can take awhile to turn that thing around. It's why frankly Chad Morse was able to get the Arkansas job even know. They quite turn it around. Because people recognize you make it hard he inherited a mess they made it batter in quite. To where you wanna flip it to like not appear compete now for AC title but my got it from there they are in football it just takes time. The boy does often take not in men's basketball it does not. Take timed bet on true and we've been saying it since the summer. And I can give you ten different examples but how but I just give you two. That one game last night. Missouri. And they're now twelve and four after beating Georgia 6856. Last night. That's a Georgia team that has beaten Alabama. It's beaten temple. That's beaten. Marquette. At the Georgia team that's pretty good top sixty can palm right now Missouri beat that team right now last night and a beyond 6856. Missouri ranked fortieth can pump right now. Twelve and four overall and every season ticket they have. Completely sold out. They are probably headed to the inevitably turn it even though their best player Michael Porter junior and that's why wait two minutes all season long. I'm the Martin got that job in March. You ready now march of 2016. This year march of 2017. Now lastly yes this is his year why even if Missouri one. Indy you know what he inherited. If people like the talk about Tubby Smith inherited all the time. Which by the way it was four top 100 recruits including the player who would be the best player in the American avenue covered right now right. You know what. Come the morning dared not a team that went 824. Last year in two and sixteen in the SEC it is not even debatable that comes the morning inherited a way worse situation. The Tubby Smith inherited a Memphis. And yet they're twelve and four right now they're ranked fortieth they can pump right now the probably headed to the instantly turn it didn't take him long to flip it doesn't take time. Doesn't. There's LSU of course which was inside that it or not too long ago they won last night as well with Arkansas. The good art consulting. That Arkansas teamed elegant that while Arkansas team that beat Oklahoma and firm. And Arkansas team that beat Minnesota and Arkansas team that beat nationally ranked tennis scene now. LSU. I went to Arkansas last night on the robo one arena. Once 7554. All 75 people on the roads and I guess what if LSU team. That was picked last in the SEC right now eleven and four. A rate 52 camp arm. If you want and what will wait inherited. The team that went 221 last year. To win sixteen. In the SEC. Not even debatable will wait inherited a war situation at LSU. And Tubby Smith inherited a Memphis flipped it. Just like them. It doesn't take time and I can give you other examples we've gone through wants we've gone the world bona all summer all pre season or early in the season. But you could just focus on those two and those two men were hired for those two jobs. They make less money. They took over programs where. At least in Missouri's case certainly less history and you can argue in the LSU's case. It's really sick less history and a LSU's been one sweet sixteen since the year 2000 and so all of the things people try to explain what it takes time at Memphis because what because you don't. Been losing US. No humans are Duluth and well you know calm it inherited a bad situation. Unit they're a worse situation. Will wait inherited you or Condo Martin aired them a very known Phillip that was an excuse for them why is it okay to be an excuse here. I don't buy it. I don't think most people buy it doesn't take time. Here's something else tumble wants them. Always what everybody that you're coaching our your your point we think we are just rebelled when you would cause of I was gonna. Fielder to build upon wherever we are coached you do you wanna make sure that everybody's moving towards. Being better be more successful graduating more being better human being in the coming in the community and being very competitive. He's very competitive amateurs do now these are student athletes or amateur athletes and their development always takes time into the higher revenue programs. You need to be patient with the development of a student athletes. If Alec Gillis humans are your plan a different sport. They got amateur athletes who so I don't even understand what that means. Again it doesn't take time because you have amateur athlete doesn't take time with amateur athletes. It John cal Perry at Kentucky and I know we're talking about John cal Perry in Arizona but just. Make the point. He took over an awful situation at Kentucky now flipped it like that. They were ranked number one in the country its first year and that is extreme and nobody hold the anybody else that standard I had only something John cal Perry can do at a place like Kentucky. But he does have a larger student athlete there it doesn't take time. It's just not true there's a Brazilian examples all over this country is just it's fiction. It's fiction. It is taking time but that doesn't mean it does take time it doesn't take time at these any of these other places that I've referenced here's something else. First and foremost that they were trying to do is really revamp our nonconference schedule this for the last year that we were tied to the golf classic enough. One game and in Madison Square Garden this creep back at our place and so word that I mean I work in the I'm very excited to do announce soon. I'm sure in the coming we produce some great great power five home and home games we've got to put on plays. On paper and put contracts so I feel really good about that I feel good about the fact that we can get our nonconference schedule. Competitive and bring in the kind of programs that people want to come see us play gets compete against. I think double also an opportunity that I also think this conference is getting better I was I was an accomplished meetings the last two days in Atlanta Cincinnati media courses sitting in front of the best teams in the country right now the Wichita State guys are sort of climbing you're sort of see the American Catholic conference you know in the nonconference schedule 180% their own games but again we're ten and one home and so I think it you know we're we're providing your own a great atmosphere and and and a great effort these young men put on the uniform as a method of represented this City University tiger nation and everybody. It's kind of affiliated with us and they play hard and they play together and they wanna win and so I think those are really good actually trying to permit you have to start seeing. Some increased attendance so you can increase support. Yes I would say arm. There is a way to increase your non league scheduled and only scheduled not to prom with attendance now. Calling getting rid of the got the mezzanine there now the problem with attendance is is very simple it's the it's the actual product you were poor putting on of it's your team I had the teams or teams playing. It's fourteen right there is recent history. That. Indicates. That. It doesn't matter who members is playing if Memphis is good people will be there. I used to try done affects form very much John cal Perry's teams. Beat up on east Carolina and southern miss it did not matter and the B 151000 house in 20171000. Whatever it matter who the opponent what it was remarkable to make it I didn't understand why people kept going seemed boring. I always liked it now on whether but whether it makes sense to me or not the fact remains the sanctuary away acts. And people were there it didn't matter who they were play and so the key to increasing attendance at the University of Memphis. It's not. Scheduling better team right. It's making your team better. That's what the unity it might be true somewhere else right does that put the University of Memphis. You don't hit it really at the university met that's what history shows us if it doesn't matter who you're playing and if you're great the fans will be there right they don't care. Memphis fans meant the end is to make decision between going to grizzlies game. Tiger game. And you could say could greatly professional basketball team. Playing the matter out west another professional basketball team watched tiger police Carolina I'll watch tiger plays bella and those are the decisions they used to be may. What that proves. Again undeniably what that proves this meant the end don't really care who Memphis player. As long remember the good the map is good Libyans will be there as we try to fix attended a picture team. Not just schedule your team. Until the big question becomes is the team getting fixed and he went back and forth. Between this comment that comment I kept settling in. Two he believes in tubby Smith and he believed in the progress he's looking forward your three you force of five and it's something that. I think underlines what it is. I think I talked about yesterday which is they. Have no interest. For. Have no place. To make a coaching change after you to I genuinely believe that I said very consistently they don't want to do. All I've ever said is if you're actually making that decision definitively on January 11. You're making it too soon because there is a scenario under which this really gets to a point where you've got to at least seriously consider it. But I acknowledge just like Jeff has said like I said before they don't want to do and I understand why they don't want to do have pointed out yesterday to do that would be. To admit a colossal mistake at which point you sort of about your job as a form and it it cost a lot of money to do it. Nobody's naive to that it's it's it's possible to do I've laid that out. But it does cost a lot of money to do and this isn't as simple as you or. SEC school you or. A Big Ten school. You can throw two million dollar wherever you want to and it just does not matter. It does not matter at a place like Texas and him it might not matter to place like Tennessee it actually matters in places like Memphis everybody understands that. But the thing their work always gonna go back to I think. Is that. What they seem. To think might be possible. From a perspective and optimism. Is just never going to be good enough. For a University of Memphis fans and for fan I don't think you're ever gonna get around NL central issue up because here's the trip. Since Tubby Smith left Kentucky. He's been coaching a long time. He did six seasons at Minnesota three seasons at Texas Tech the blaster Memphis that's Tim he's an eleventh right now. And every single step of the way the quote came from tubby last week. And I explained why I completely understand why Tubby Smith would believe in himself sure if you had been. Able to remain a division one head coach for as long as he's been able to remain a division one head code it would be very difficult for anybody to try to tell you or me. How to do my job chair I completely understand. If I were to do tubby Smith's job and stay employed and make the millions of dollars and he's made for as long as he's done it. I would just assume I'm gonna keep doing what I've been doing because look at a lot of money I've made look at all these teams have taken the instantly turn. Somebody can critically I did it. But what. Everybody else needs to understand is what he's done post Kentucky. Is never going to be good enough for the Memphis job. Because he was 46 and 62 in the Big Ten in six season that Minnesota that will be good enough for Memphis now. Never finished above 500 in his lead. That'll be good enough in Memphis never finished higher than sixth in the league. That will be good enough at Memphis. Three seasons at Texas Tech eighteen and 36 in the big twelve. That will be good enough for Memphis now never finished above 500 Italy that will be good enough in Memphis never finished higher than seventh in the league. That won't be good enough at Memphis. So if you're just using the blueprint that you use to get the results you've already gotten. Those results aren't going to be good enough not here they'll go to the Texas Tech clearly not good enough to Minnesota that he got fired right. But they organ and the ticket that they won't be good enough here. And so. If you go to the day with higher. And I usually say this is a lot of respect obviously at this isn't what I would do but if you're trying to ask me why it might work here's why my work. I said maybe if he just recruits. At the level basically every Memphis coach and a has recruited in my lifetime. If you get a certain level prospect. Better than the prospecting got to Minnesota better than the price if you got to take that and then coach them up. You can may be achieved the type of things that Memphis basketball coach historically is supposed to achieve yeah. I don't know but like if I'm trying to be optimistic about this that's the way it would work out that even if he isn't. A high level recruiter I got them harder recruit to Memphis. So eager better level prospecting you've been getting right you'll get letters all things have been getting recruiting base is naturally good here's the problem though. They're not recruiting at a higher level than they recruited at Minnesota or Texas Tech right. If so when you don't recruited a higher level than you recruit at Minnesota or Texas Tech. Then the best you can reasonably hope or is what you did at Minnesota and take effect. And what you did at Minnesota takes effect will be good enough. It's also worth pointing out the man who replaced him in Minnesota has achieved better things at Minnesota. And the man who replaced him at Texas that has achieved better things at Texas Tech. And I think ultimately that will be. The undue weight whether it's after two years or three years or four years or five years you'll look up and you'll recognize that this formula that they're trying to use. To. Get the University of Memphis basketball program to a certain place. It's not a formula that is is capable of getting it to that place. And then last that'll probably happen. Tomorrow who's up next. There's saving. And then there's big savings. 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John Mark what's up John Barnes what some men have done yet come out Bowen on your radio show today you talked to a US and questions and Jacob Adams who question what did you think of advancers. You know I mean I just I don't know I called and answers you know there are a few question but I don't know if we really got. Don't let Brad for example the least you know he talked about out there and then they have to do a pretend it played in. You know actually addressed that the least part of the question other than that I thought. Well in some what you might expect. That like director at Shea who had sort of an embattled coach right now. Increasingly you did say you know I believe in tubby. I believe in our coach and we think progress being made steps are being made and but then I can believe him on that I think that it's been the most interesting part of the interview. You believe that he believes. I'd. Should I believe that he believed to edit your but I would say to that though he believes out of necessity. Except people people get themselves in the situations. And you have the believe because like what is the alternative. To believe our purse or insult like dumb and if you're familiar example but let's just lets you use this one. Let's say you are. Arm. Seventeen years old. And you get her forever but I'm very well okay you seventeen years old and you get pregnant. Now out got okay now. You I mean I don't seventeen year old who got pregnant and you talk to them and their you know at first they go through its phase of shock. And then it's they're scared. But disappoint they get optimistic and they get excited and like everything's going to work out. Mean in my boyfriend who I you know we've been fight and be a lot and breaking up every three months for the past two years but now everything's going to be okay and don't need another. The one others have stable job global figure that how you know they currently are they believe that everything's going to be okay. Because they have to believe everything's going to be OK but got you there but did you play you go well you know like might be okay I guess I would apply this the Memphis basketball as well. I think I'm comparing that to basketball to be pretty much like that they thought. Where you have rod along with a total failure by Alan Ball but what would be would bet the basketball. Every day isn't cheap it's all well. Got any yet sometimes it does. Open teen pregnancy. Basketball programs by statistically speaking like things are really stacked against you it's I think Jumbo what is. God that doesn't sell well want to sell but I think the points clear. Little bit like a seventeen year old. Pregnant girl. Who's like try to bully on the everything's going to be okay but they're not that there's not really there's not a lot of evidence that the judge is gonna be okay that makes it that makes sense. I think that the daughter of a granular level like a pitch your analogy works I mean. Yeah I've got I think he's the way the go to the web part that I have a oh a struggle which is there will be yet. Com about recruited him you know the facility than this sort of parallel expectation they come with having. You know state of the art million you know forty 1000000 dollar facility in eastern survey expect a you know to beat out 45. You know recruited by Coburn and they're they're never heard the other Politico that it's not the way. Bet he operates that maybe. Not that changer they're gonna help the case but you know the only way act ugly elected starts to work is that. You know you you do believe all all they're gonna be a better team than they have talent. Well it it Baghran indicate. I don't think so but I I think that's kind of what their holy god it was this moment. Tiger John Mark O'Meara 99 of them ESPN my sense would tubby is that he does that there are certain coaches who have recording starts to go pour leaked. They like actually panicked. Like they ate they panic sets and I can tell you coaches who. I'm like they missed on a guy ain't. And like I'll get a text message in the spring. Like hate do you know of an athletic big if you even a year about somebody let me know please and like what I want to say to this guy is. I'm not out their scalp now athletic big nor available in the press know these guys know these people and they must on some level know that I don't know I know who they're looking for. Some of that recruiting analyst. But there's so panicky and desperate they're like. All that accessible more person maybe they'll know something and what tubby up I get the sense because I I've. I know people heard him say this like if we get if we get the guy we want that's awesome if not look at somebody else that'll be fine like ever win when they. Mr. recruiting I don't get the sense that he freaks out. The way the coaches coaches freak out but the lack of freaking out means that you probably not gonna get much different than what you've been kitten I don't think. Well it ended in a not so much the freaking out and I'm the public wanted to fight that sent the ball urgency you know late. A one BOT they were with the emergency whitlock about our hair like there is an element like you have the kind of how that. You know you can't do it believe it gonna get so well you know where aren't we Brit played in this slain. Well look look how words because you know those top programs like can't live in Kentucky and they're gonna get the pitch they're gonna get the first kick. You know the guy that got to look at the oval in everybody period though. To me and for me because I doubt that the that the urgency of that work ethic I think that that's where the divide it. Well right now if you're holding out hope that somehow this roster will look different than it looks right now you're counting on them to get a lot of stuff done in the spring and Korea and that look here's the truth. Let me ask you forgot what I think LSU. You got a hundred dollar bill. Is it more likely that they lose their best player or get somebody as good as their best player. You mean their best player on the team and they did it get more likely that they lose Jeremiah Marten. Did did did it is oh a 100% more likely that they give somebody the caliber of Jim Martin can. Cannot cannot add to that had another hundred dollar bill on up about 100 adults which is gambling money. Second I've doubled that lead but yeah absolutely I got it a 100% that that ticker that we've talked about you know. Jeremiah Martin had to be filed in the same hit these didn't let it go to graduate who got an option you can link. And once yeah. And what every coach in America knows that's an option. And they will know it's an option because these you know great coaches holdout scholarship now for the spring to go recruit off of other people's campuses are we surprised that I'd be surprised if I'd be surprised if it's not already happening. That other staffs are reaching out to. Anybody that's got a relationship with Jeremiah mart making sure he knows he'll have options after this year and so people keep pointing to spring like well let's see what happens in the spring. Capital. Again yet like the Ellen. Of the war a lot of after the 06 of their old topic alone. Yeah. I mean a lot nothing good happened but all happened and so my leg and I'm the good things to be harsh I just that think it's realistic. If there. The likelihood of them improving this roster in the spraying. If what I've likely then the roster getting banged up in the spring like other people coming in and taken whoever they are all not bad it's overstating about whoever they want. Blight I think I would bet on this they're more likely to lose Jeremiah Martin than they are to get somebody as good as Jeremiah Martan to play with Jeremiah mark. Gary imagine that split second it just kind of traveled back and I would be I would think two years ago six years ago. The commercial appeal brought me on. I'm a freelance basis the cover recruited. But a basketball is all part I like apple I'd like that would buy dot however that the basketball the purity I don't know what the hell I would write about. If all of the recruiting reporter right now but the commercial PO I believe you loved election. I had about a lot about every day it did this all work. You know something like that I don't even know like how would how would have been evident by paycheck under the pretty. Yeah it's it's it's a weird deal but it was good you guys to get some going on and I digested questions you guys conducted that wealth of congratulations. Yeah. I'll feel later that's job Marin he'll be back in studio with Jason Smith had eleven. Two morrow. The you when you start looking at the spring could I think what at least what used to recent history suggests. The springs. More likely to be back yeah then go right. And that's why the fall was so important that early signing period because. At least then you've been recruiting for months if not years the guys and you've got like real shots now you're going to at least in theory. Have coaches they just gonna happen here how many they're trying to take your best player now and if your best player is as happy unhappy they didn't. As he was two weeks should know about. You would think so now and then you can't bring anybody else in that caliber. I mean I think everybody's assume that you're too would be. 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Or visit Comcast business com. Comcast business bill Ford business professional fees going up for us wondering what teams are supply notable players and. It's recipes at your coffee just guests appear via the smile center hotline now effectively. Kelly very show. Bears show is live from the blood restaurant and sports horse studio ninety to nine FM RE SPN's. Churches like. And later took. Yeah but why did it right around 525 ML networks Ian Rapoport gonna do and we'll talk professional football within her right side up or sort of like it's gospel or stories presented by the loss restaurant and bar. Start telling stories and heard yet. Yeah only every afternoon. So we do know. Devised these skewers hill and such an important things you need to know these days this time. He sees more notable stories at 440 pull. The number one. Fact that an attempt at robbery at the wing stop on union avenue told police he was an aspiring rapper trying to get the attention of restaurant owner Rick Ross. According to general manager alma Allen that's the first paragraph strong work up there glory over a WR EG I Dak comments from news channel three out of jail three get that would that's right across the street from channel five. I mean you think gentle breeze through channel five in their own backyard kind of I mean it it's right there and the novel that is also on channel five west side beyond I just happened to see it here nice burst right first you saw angle around trying to find five different the Lyles they are and I didn't need want to get it what I'm trying to get a can you imagine. Can you. Think this is this is gonna sound crazy I did in Memphis now fourteen years Geary. On you you ask the question can I imagine. Answer should always have been probably. I think I can I can see a scenario where this occurs you have a special in my back but I think Cedric Miller. Yeah okay let's have a Cedric it's what three years old guy he's aspiring rapper he's got dream let's get a game we agreed we were 43 years old hard etc. on this stage a little doggy dreams and your hair and your hair got it and if it appeared. It does have 23 Phillies still got traded early he was irreparably and most of their rapper just like Rick Roth the biggest balls right hit ball so he's trying to figure out like how to lie gifts. Mr. good strategy I don't get a general Rick Ross and getting an ideologue or Rick Ross the chance Iran had until brainstorm on this yet that would have a little bit younger and John Mark with a lot younger I got like he had a good aspiring writer sure that. Personalize this little guy like that cell. I was numb I was who I am just had more hair is great yeah younger had basically does basically I mean out the bag and we're here. And I am I less money and John Mark. I don't I can and try our kids about it did not think it depends on the web cellular data it yet that that into negative in the I got a lot of their way to look at data from. So John Mark with the expiring writer radio guy wanted to do what I was still sure and so I met yet realize they've offered I want like I and Gary Parrish does what I wanna do now he went to the same university I'm going to right now yeah I need to get in touch with Gary Parrish. And so you know he did what he do. I took a message on FaceBook. That's march. And social media I get a lot of people aspiring journalist art with the same type okay yeah glad that they today Rick Ross is in my town a lot delegate to Rick Ross's like only stuff in this city. He's doing what I wanna do yet how like get in touch to rip off in the balls and apparently like FaceBook and pop up on his mom alone. And like it. I personally it said it would ask Evan my youngest we estimate yeah act suite and they just like what I like different yes occasional pat Rick Roth legendary eight. A broad day. You know just like he takes. You know yeah I haven't felt like I look huge shots abroad just response to anybody on the winner Kevin Durant might respond to you from hit the kill or account know now. Maybe try to tweet Rick Ross and David get gen. Said her teeth each pass that on now heightened. Now I'm going right union avenue and try to rob the wings that we got caught. And I am an injury and if the Cedric if possible. He accomplished he can't rig all of the attention he's in the sense that I bet it is aware of the church that knows that this happen what is the percentage that he actually get something out of this. Not good Brad now and I good again a man you'll get a rapper out this does think about it from Rick this is Rick's perspective I mean. I don't know what his background is divided on Wikipedia is our allies have a criminal background. That's the legal issues okay we'll have the legalese you will begin. If it's proven guilty at all. Fair and I'll play you think he did some shooting incidents did he not. He's been shot at okay yeah and then with the thing with like grounds keeper of well. Can I got the teeth knocked out of love and load yeah look at it now nobody's perfect and it is important as part. I had a great Rick roll up big boss I'm just here to say I'm may be Cedric does have a future I don't now have to edit it at that if you ask me for anything different way try to get redraw the tension I would a couple of fifteen different things before they got duped logical Robin wings stop. That's where Federer went first in one. I wish him I was a story number two in particular robbery for that you're gonna care that these two guys Tony Barbara Nico Johnson while Nico Tony barber and Nico Johnson and they were humbled interest in in in committing a robbery just like our home we Cedric except I don't think they're trying to get my attention they were just trying to get Marty okay which is like that's your that's your buried. That's a pretty sit Serbs that the standard robbery right like that's the trite and true robbery yeah you're looking for cash we can do an album but since Serena actually went robberies we will arrive you backed by western about that little while Gary Roberts and I want cash. Ash right so that's what Tony and Nico were and so they they get outside the pizza joint and this is apparently had utility go to gates and you like it would go rob beat by got to go to peace place I would think they would have a very small amounts of money in a pizza joint yet that's not what I would rock. Pet stuff you don't. If the penalty for robbery. Is is like the same basically anything you're a guy and I don't know that it is not old but like I read a pizza joint. When you get for the pizza place what are they like their drivers don't even Kerry like I don't want Rommel rob something that is going straight for a bank that's well. And Danica they don't lie about doing this via let's go straight to the bank on with these guys aren't. Hundred dollars now they found high skill that's how try to get a little try to get 80000 dollars for the bank if we act thought you know what we should have been thought of getting whacked and a Phillies go for right. Please go for right don't play a five dollar hit a black general. Lola 500 dollar hand of blackjack right at my approach a robbery on small I don't think I'm ever going to be an armed robber but if I do you ever read about me. You'd Adobe Jerry Rice was that region's. A well it's great for the top yeah all right all right Tony and Niko they they couldn't do that our Arenas they don't rob pizza pledged delegate the pizza place. And they've got the mask OK I think those are good. Sometimes these days you see these robberies consummate guy don't Wear man that's standard like what you don't mind yard punt messier who amassed on bombing of the camera everywhere I'm better off but at least these guys don't get credited they. When they've been going down at least for the first time what part to get talked a person into a concern probably nervous on some level like you'll win really gonna do this. And the ego. Let's just and Tony was the one who was hesitant okay because again we're really going to is Tonys are found only known as the mass I don't know we need to be doing this and it seemed risky and because like come on UOP we're going to rob this pizza place -- gets the money and then we're gonna do whatever Tony but I don't know Nico an Eagle Lake they'll be a little beat all the places you would do this would put it down to right. OK so the like on the category in the Eagles I don't think anybody about might say or write you out of there with your mask you went in there would you gone you know let me go about my seven Tonys and all right Alamo okay I'll feel good about this but all right I got. The Eagles like I want to break and a fit there yep I get very relative quiet to cops. On now and the same page joint. Investigating. A previous. Or can you imagine running it would go to rob some that the people you see. Ate like a little idiot may compete says but it's too like cops with guns late holdout holdout on. But the cops were not only their like per they or their purchasing pizza every basket another Robert Appel did let everybody. Get mic like nick and Tony they. The first person ever think about. Robin at pizza delight. That's part of our so they then headed in the public that if they play and I don't imagine what the odds they still have to get less money than it otherwise well. Got Robinette a bridge started to gobs and guess what happen it and they got caught out there and day out there in jail just like Cedric. Better Miller. Firing rapper story number 3 I am going to remember him he's just a prospect enrolled at little more than we found that of that agreed to take like a 100000 dollars would deed is an advantage for going global. The global Feyerick Jeanne on the fire Tom jurors that are some of the people come and they said Rambo and you can stay Girl Scouts if you want to blood. He can't play basketball for us we not even gonna try to get you eligible. It seemed like a waste of time right the brand Boeing in roles at South Carolina either South Carolina that was reported last night home in South Carolina if apply for reinstatement they wanted to be able to play county basketball should be able to. And yes watch well because first of all. They dismissed him right can play basketball is father. Was gonna pay for play scheme I get that are six figures. I get that if I'm here is also you.