Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 & NFL Network's Ian Rapoport in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Thursday, January 11th

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Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 & NFL Network's Ian Rapoport in Seg 2)


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South Carolina I do exactly what they did I ever I get the kid on campus and try to enroll in what are identical to edit does culture is on the decline your scholarship they're like really engulfed all so I went if I'm South Carolina now this is me talking about such Ari I argue he should play immediately but shady play no mention you're right it but I would say I don't. Camera I don't know what I think on this OK because I'm conflict on. On one hand I go. Those rules are the rule and they're clearly defined and the NCAA actually change the rules after the Cam Newton story okay because they wouldn't. They've recognized a loophole if you say it can only thing making it down the door amid the -- didn't know what I say that's give new stories are if the debt would do in this but the kid didn't knowing that aren't they in Philly is that okay enough for that right. Well then here comes the bride but one thing. And Brian Bowens explanation is essentially the same thing my father might have done something right I didn't know anything about that. And by the way I believe that he probably didn't know anything about that I hope it only because if all I worry a father kinda except a 100000 dollars to push my kid to a certain school PMI don't think I would share that information with my kid I would morning looking into another type of person I don't think that would take. Maybe you recruited. They don't have that helmet because as well give me without notice an aide to blow up until we're didn't want to know February oh. It's now. I do you reject our right and now they go to whoever I won't go to dual hot. Look at Oliver. With the dividends breaks out of OK okay well that's up then given that let me by going get one half volley god union deal patent and Ali. And 100000. Of them are trying to jam better the brown Campbell I don't. I'm I didn't. I wouldn't share that information on my son so I understand what Bible about what might nobody out under that rule lol it but I would act. If you allow and apply which are essentially doing is saying okay. Here's the playbook going forward and a mom dad uncle whom ever take whatever you want to take from whoever you want take it from right and just like as if you get caught which you probably won't yeah but if you do get caught you just gotta make sure the kids that I don't love the night and he could play just like Brian bowl play that's not good right. Yeah on that's what I come down on them like I see you can't set that precedent not not that is simply follow the dome president but you can't said that president. And then. I think benefited over here I think. Argue against young people who probably really didn't do anything wrong yeah like I think you've got to have something like who roots against young people. He's a nineteen year old who was a five star recruit who was on his way to play in the ACC it's whole world got flipped upside down. By a situation that he probably didn't really have anything to do it well he be drafted next year I don't know he probably could have anything to do with that situation. And so we're gonna rip his entire college eligibility away. Like I understand the rules and that's why start with this because the rules say yes you probably should and I like actually I hate the world but the roll their place got to play by you do that. But on the other hand war who benefits. Do what they do you try to play at will with a whole new deal right lets you think he also got pay to play at South Carolina which would be like crazy reality days or an idea yeah com. That it didn't you eat this up Carolinas that getting him for because they cheated to get it nobody thinks now under these circumstances. And so. Oh who benefits from not letting him play. Who wins there we know who gets punished it's him out who benefits from I'm not sure anybody if I really struggle with if but I guess I. Come down on this one of the NCAA. By some sort of middle ground here like Kate he's already gonna miss all this year and guess what it. We go miss all of next year as well for a penalty but if he wants to play. In the 201920. Season which would actually be his third year of college. Prove he really serious about being a student athlete trying to suspension which amounts to two years because his father with operate outside the rule book. Will let him have his final two years of eligibility but I don't think I would argue against that I recognize it creates some problems but if you're the NCAA you can still say. There are what the punishment it's took your punishment that is significant I think I'd be okay with the story number four grizzlies one last night which is awful awful long. 105102. Over the stupid pelicans inside better form and how they got thirteen wins which. Still not the worst thing in the world now it's it's worse than twelve and it's not good it's worse than twelve. But still there only two teams in the MBA to have worse records than the grizzlies right now and they are. On the Atlanta Hawks and the Orlando Magic and I'll just repeat what it is I said yesterday and what it is I've been saying for a few weeks now you can be happy when they play. Are we do is win win win no matter what at the end of the game inside FedEx Forum because like the home teams got more points than the other team and we're so used to celebrating those things. I whatever. I'm OK with it if that's what makes you happy but just understand it's not good for the franchise not where they're at right now. Really them winning games and my colleague coming back and helping them win more games could be the difference between drafting Marvin Bagley. Or Mattel bridges. 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To begin retiring show on 92 million fans ESPN we've Jessica kids on today's show presented by the Monty. From they have on that we're gonna join the next thing that coming right around 525. We'll talk about whatever right now you're award winning helmet. Memphis commercial pillows to jump start to show got started got started. Yeah. All the doing nothing wanted to form a message. Okay. My. I think the Catholic outside Manhattan. And at the volume of mail and it smelled natural death. And so I called him OGW religion immediately. And then the next day they came with a big crude picture that I was out there a guy walked up to me he says mr. Clark it's good yes. And I didn't realize that okay because she's number I want so. That's yeah. So I I said I'll tell me number two what you thought it. The actor activated by a bit lucky I'd gonna beat them let a message. That Jerry number one. Thought man lose he. He thought it was fair but I I decided at the top catalog lead that's beyond adulterated message yet. That's very sweet I would never done that if I were you well yeah I. I can't I. WP because I have been I met a guy you'd realize that he that he that he likes to show us how to get kids like I unless it's. Anyway I got a if you're let's they have that really appreciate that that the nice thing they know that and yes van lines always the nice thing to hear you take anybody get Brad. Odd to go do it it's great you kidding me I'd love it and LTW locked into the harsh shot him OGW so well. I'm always get that adversity first of epidemiology and John earlier I know you heard an interview I think Garrett interviewed what do you make just in general of his comment. Specifically about Memphis basketball. I think anytime you get Tom all of on the record about Memphis basketball that good that I don't mean to beat disparity go to this great like a great interest to go to. But problems. Like it was. A great two days ago I Stoudemire and after the whatever after July IE but that. Leave them and you could think what you want about under the basketball pat and I always that's at all long reserve the right to. Director of the perceived intent dictate if if at all with a single game from here on out. Wolf things contingent will be different but otherwise great or if if puppies that flawed duke player I think you'll be like I was. I would reserve the right to change my mind depending on the circle that. But right now people more like bank on the district a coaching change at the evidence yeah I just. Poor themselves for control you and bill I'm not saying they shouldn't or whatever else but they're not going to. And the until a combo and says the W my guy. And starts talking about your three year fort near fives. That's all consistent question I thought they always look like that's exactly what I expect that they they picked him they'd like cam. I'm sure there's some things that concern them. A little bit but they wouldn't necessarily hear them ran does so. To me the only part that was the part of the most surprising. Why is while they say they like cutting and I believe it and whatever else they also said that and I am an act called me and yet we we go with the with the new facility adequately we need to have toppled about recruiting class. What if apple really what you think you need it. You can't also be saying I don't I don't even mean it could but that what's happening now but it's not who you. But you shouldn't like Huckabee keep and that will never like we like it if you're gonna say we liked what we believe tubby. And then you asked about recruiting this what you said you'd say and you know. Yeah we've looked company about recruiting classes that we but but we want people who are going to be. How to count players and you look around. Now that got plenty of teams that are successful whether it's which does stayed at Virginia worked the don't have a count to 25 recruiting class every year this is not going to be Kentucky were gonna build a solid program. With good players. Who was sixteen the way to beat but I don't know how you can say that you must cut B. And before I by the way we expect them without all the hoopla that in the BP. A little intellectually consistent and consistent but in terms of his basic support. For our copy in the direction and everything else that was basically what I expected. And Jeff Carter's are nice united NB SP and yet the recruiting thing was strange because. I'm there's just no evidence and how do you mean like no evidence since they got the Memphis although that's undeniably true but no evidence in the past decade. That they're going to be able to recruit. Top 25 classes and it's especially going to be difficult now. Because historically. At the University of Memphis if you're going to sign good recruiting classes. Unless your name's John cal Perry you've got to get the local guys like that's where they come from. It didn't start with Josh pastor I mean it was deuce Ford in. You know Paris London and Steve you'll just go all the way back to their early eighty I mean it was that's the way you get. Good recruiting classes and the tree they like their relationships locally are so bad I don't I don't think they can effectively recruit locally anymore I think there's too many. Too many things working against them in this market now. And that's why it's just weird because it would be like saying. Feel like having Mike Leach is your football coach are you we believe it like we we love them you know just just like. And then you say that you like just about well yeah that we eat people up at the top right. And I won't nobody Michael did you ask about it at bat that fits that it's a big joke to say that you like tubby and bottle labeled an impact on our recruiting glad to. And I mean like if it's not what he does. It's just not what we don't any more than likely shut the radical. So. I I bet that was the part that I've found to be a little bit. Surprising. Or weird obviously but the rest that was. Yeah the rest that was that it I think it's sort of funny when he's got a little about your fire that little to have and I don't put much stock and that really beer hot part but. That was to me the biggest takeaway. Eight point one referenced here too for Justin Fuente and that people wanted me fire the athletic director one adjusted fire. Is that true I remember it that way but they also acknowledge that don't have the best memory but I don't. If what I would essentially duel was comparing tubby rough year to two Justin's rough you're too and I don't think those two things were. I don't think those two things were the same thing. Well what they've done that so many different levels of party and begin to explain. First of all your exactly right. People are saying doesn't let no one that doesn't want to should be fired what they said was. Our friend and colleague Chris trying to shed. That accurately should be bench and Gigot captured replied that would be you're afraid of the list and I think it's no. It was a drumbeat of criticism. All on just the flight data lines toward not playing from some quarters might you not this quarter but from some quarters toward not playing Jacob Kara. And they took a step back and then. There was some devices into the locker room because of that it would not ready yet. No one as far as I know like literally no we didn't we were not. Over the conversation. Document sort of buyout just want to at bat like the most. Most severe critic of just one day I never ever ever ever match that it Mormaset call. Bet that the John Calipari. Pork sales I couldn't possibly get in the yard to have a closer buried in relationship to reality of that description of just what they'd. Year to this satellite which are different of course is that. Justin what date was taking a program. That was literally feed worst in the country. But it was in the second year of rebuilding literally. But worst in the country and in this second year of rebuilding it and the program. A football program which sort of by definition takes a few years to turn Iraq. So. Whereas. Poppy was taking a program that head. Bid to the American political strategy game yeah before that got a break efforts player of the year and the newcomer of the year. And and an end in a war where people do turn around inside of a year or so. That's also highly disingenuous I mean it's about the app that has no bearing on reality it's not it's it's it's simply not true. Talking Jeff Carpenter and 99 of them ESPN I guess I'd bottom line this way because I heard the same thing you heard. And it's honestly a lot of things that I've heard in the previous conversation with Thomas like they want this to work they believe they can work. I think they may be a little delusional about certain aspects of things but I understand why you would be. Like it felt like you've got ten million dollars locked up in this thing basically you. That that'll make you a little light while we got into it. Man I really need this to work here's how it will work. In different aspects of life all the time like we end up these bad situation that we try to. You don't OK let obviously there's a good but here. The way it might work and then you can we all have the ability to commit ourselves okay. Yeah I can make easy that even if it doesn't quite make instead it took to many other people in Seoul. I am asked him why they believe. And and and I can understand I can even see myself in their position believing what it is they believe but ultimately I think the problem they can never get around. Is that even if it works. The way they're playing for it to work. Like if you say OK okay cut through it describe for me how this thing works and they describe for you how what works it will be good enough. I I don't think Tubby Smith given the reality of the situation he's in right now. Is ever gonna be able to go to four straight NCAA tournaments which is what just passed her dead in eagle and just answer to that it wasn't good enough that the fans are not happy about it and. No way that meant to their potential terrorists about a couple of played at the Jim wanted done they don't wanna I'm over achieved that blue collar dude now now. Is that it's out lament about all of ever it's just not -- that's not what they want. I'm into an interest in question I've linked it to build really wanted to only just occurred in the occasionally you'll hear people say that that this is. A lot of basketball school it's a football score at least a priority. But at that but that's where they have. Now put their product they used to say that. Football proper development mileage cal Perry and now they're there's they're saying the basketball suffers because of the emphasis on all the other and try to village. And in terms of resources that is not true basketball coach. Makes more skill than the football coach that possibility got the belt affordable also a better so in terms of resources that after. I laughed this question. Do you think it is. It hurts the basketball program. Did it may not be that members of the football school upset and a basketball school. But that don't have a football AD instead of a basketball AT and our community. Cares about one more than the other although he does I believe that. It really mean that he understands one better than the other I think combo you talked football with them. She knows everything you know everyone he knows how to build programs to eat any of the firm grasp on. All of every nuance big picture small picture I I trusted list if Mike or well left. Absolutely trust him to have it less of really good people took place like Barbell or whatever I think he has all over. And yet. I question whether he has the same level of of a navy beat the F furiously for him as the weather gets the same level of understanding about golf basketball just give. I think that there are fair assessment and I don't think this is that I like I like pound ball and I think he's done a remarkable job as the Memphis athletic director. I understood where the men's basketball program is right now the the football program he has taken it and turned it into something with the help of doctor rod and the administration in general and obviously Justin and Mike. Played a big role perhaps the biggest roles. But I think number one's done a good job like you ask me right now you can remove Tom Bowen if you want to would you do it I think now I don't think so. All that said which is just me progressing in the nice way about what about that again I think it's it's possibly the football guy. Who doesn't understand that that's the nuances of a basketball. Just because I really do think that he thought they were going to get some of the recruits that they literally had no chance of getting like they might give a candidate they get. Like I think it Robert Woodard under any circumstances they were never getting that done never 0% chance. Never getting it done. But I don't think Tom believe that they were never getting it done and I'll just go back to many years ago that we talked about this is the time. You remember when. I'd I just her being an airport and I'm on the phone what Josh pastor because Tom had just said or somebody just reported joint area. And unlike Joseph you to get a home and home of Ole miss a one apologize if I know what up playing Ole miss a told a million dollar were never playing a list. I'm not doing that and an interest in playing momentum like your athletic director says you're playing all this. And then and then guys at the come back later on in the same day FAA you know if I have later to say though until it. Then that it's best for the school than than them we'll do what you need to be at a company man but in basketball circles the wreath I think it was an airport it's that I was going to like to peach jam. It's picking something a bunch of us were tweeting about Obama around the budget coaches all of a sudden they're like. What is going on with the athletic director scheduling Dave Johnston even know about. But that was crazy to them and get it wasn't crazy get all the time I think he just didn't understand and I think I think. I think now we understand that. But but he's clearly didn't then and it sort of plays into the point you're making like each day he's not a I think by his own admission he would describe himself as a basketball guy and maybe that does play a role in some of those I think that's fair. Obesity is free. At least it didn't even compared with a year to of the football program the idea that you need patience and build whatever else. That's not quite that sort of basketball. I understand it is a just a little into it we are contributed Smart enough to court orders I think that we're we're saying here. Fundamentally the way he approaches the pit mines. I guessed it more of a football mindset for the basketball might chuck and I don't think that out the basketball program. Right and I don't think it helps the basketball program and a variety of ways because he said must've said 45 times in that interview it takes time it takes time to prop you know it's we're making progress but it takes time. And the truth is just last night if you turn on the TV. There's Missouri. Beating Georgia brains CN. Missouri is now sitting here twelve and for the right top forty can pump on the morning got that job in March. And flipped it. Eight it's sold out every season ticket now they're probably headed to the NCAA tournament and he inherited a way worse situation the Tubby Smith inherited looked at LSU last night. LSU goes Arkansas beat the brains in now LSU is eleven and four rates top 55 that can pump. Like which is like super surprising to those he wasn't supposed to be this good. And I'm ill will wait get the job in March. Flipped it top democratic let's on the wet it didn't take time they are and they both army and who inherited way worse situations. Until it that's just too big to very obvious and recent examples it doesn't take time and yet. I'm he seems to believe that it that it does but we get back in that another day I gotta go talk. Ian Rapoport Jeff I'll see you later telling me I got one. We had double all of them all the Adobe just remember that. It's very nice among them have put that on the website somewhere a ceiling or did. It Rappaport up next. I'm advertising medium delivers ten to one Arnold why. 29% lifting Google searches for your business while reaching 93% of Americans weekly. Radio radio was the number one week's media. If any of this surprises you it's time for a refresher. Download the marketers guide to radio Slash marketers guy life local and personal with massive scale. A radio Slash marketers guy. JC penny coming sort of like Craig steals and appliances that are worth celebrating just a 30% off high heels a select major planks in his. 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And to check OW I'm sure you'll see in rat work on your TV screen and he joins me now and Erik Pears I don't want. What aren't everything's good in my world first thing's first for one Mets fan to another you OK with that Jay Bruce finding what they got him at a good price. I mean name the price I don't really care about you know it is at thirteen of his fifteen I get some money anyway very good sign. I appreciate the cleverness of the boom you know like trading a guy when you don't need him and then keep it that bridge from being burned and bring him back right. It's actually pretty savvy move and I'm surprised that let. It is not a bad idea to have diarrhea rab board of from the NFL network he's on Twitter at rap sheet so I guess the big headline today is that the NFL is gonna quote look into. Whether the raiders violated the Rooney rule in the process that ended. With the hiring John gruden. How difficult. Or not difficult is such a thing to prove whether they follow what they were supposed to follow. Well I mean it's what finishing his it's all out there all the information about. So we know we they didn't know when he interviewed the NFL is gonna look into. Basically like how seriously. They took the interview. In other words do they interviewed key Martan and Bobby Johnson a tight ends coach for like two minutes right there have been several hours he can get seriously. But you know I can't be honest it's a tough deal because it cougar and hired John Greg. So they can have interviewed. Nick Saban and it would have been generated so that's what that is going to be difficult and interesting maybe unprecedented about this. What may have to get the raiders find is. They clearly did it because they were gonna hired to hundred no law. How hum often if at all to African American candidates say you know what I did not bother with surprise I'm not into not coming out to interview with you because I know your hiring John gruden anyway. Do men actually turned down interview is because they know. It's just a waste of of there or at least believe it's just a waste their time. Yeah we've seen a couple of them not not a lot because. You know Cheney's role now find out and so are sort of bring this guy would need to under the age what's it look like are you really to honor him. It is a real deal no Campbell then you know of this issue evident in my got a lot to participate. But there are some guys who say you know what. I'm gonna go to a really good deal quote unquote because. I can get the job and I'm sure people probably thought. Mike Tomlin interviewed Joker distillers. He got the job shocking everyone showed it fantastic hire. I'm just I'm just sort of dependent your perspective but I'm sure there's some machine don't let coming wanna participate. Process I talked to wage a one time he said. Something similar to what you said he said I I tell my clients to go to the interview even if you've got no shot at it. Because you know I get this job. But you don't lose in that room and what they're gonna be controlling two years now four years ago and you might make an impression on somebody. Who otherwise would not have any impression of you at all and it can help you down the road I'm sure that happens that's probably why. You go sit in that room if you get an opportunity to talk to him Rappaport here from the NFL network he's on Twitter at rap sheets a Chris Forster on the infamous I guess a former Miami Dolphins assistant. Told you guys totally FL dot com rather. That's. He was using code eight or nine days in a row before that video. I was taken that subsequently got leaked it he's just completed rehab he's trying to clean up its life. And if the Eagles are four than that that's a good story at least he'll have a life. But is there football future for him all right. You know the league and the world has given people second chances boxer I mean Michael they're going to jail. And got a second chance. Donte' Stallworth. You know had. It basically. Was involved in the death of a man. Based on driving you know it again this car he had a second chance in the NFL. Old people get second chances drugs are bad should not do them. But it is not something in the past that has been. Prohibitive of employers and parents they are on the this guy so my guess is he does eventually get the second chip a little it's going to be. But this is they've really well respected and really really good coach. So I would imagine you could not what you will get a second check. Think it's entirely Rappaport from the NFL network headline today a lady on bell thing it says Steelers of franchise him again. He might sit out or even retire how delicate of a situation is that. After the Steelers organization in the bell nobody wants to retire at 45% out of season lose money. But clearly he's a bothered by the way he thinks he might be treated for that franchise how you think the end of handling the situation. You would imagine and Italian women and waited. We've we've seen it before we've seen plenty of of threats players are martial arts this summit showed up so that. Not much different when you're on the losing paychecks are not getting your paycheck to arm. The other thing is the franchise tag is not necessarily a bad thing it's really not. A lot of times it's set the parameters for what they contract extension is going to be you get tagged. And you'll note that the basis for DOD negotiated deal based on the only average of the franchise tag in that your deal happens all the time. And everyone hates it but the purpose of the franchise tag is to negotiate long term deal. Well it and I was very upset by this again. I guess. But I would imagine you know last year they came very close to do it would have been an incredible deal full availability and he pulled out of that. After essentially agreeing to a she's going to be a fact chaos to Abraham he's serious about distances to look at that. I've Ian Rapoport from the NFL network on Twitter at rap sheet obviously the patriots have been in the news. I consistently because they're the patriots but also because of that big ESPN story that. Suggested if not I'd definitely say that there are issues within the franchise that involve the owner. The coach and the quarterback you know that franchise as well as anybody. Com. I think we both respect. The Ryder set went sham but I'm just curious actually right just like how much of that is real is it is it possible. Earth are likely that they every did actually breaks up that at Brady and Belichick are together this time next year. I respected writer lot of truth in that story some things that were also not true couple's story that cannot happen. They were described. Which you know and unfortunately happens. There's deathly tension machine it's appeared he had the general throughout portrayed. You had the Brady trainers situation which I think is sort of going in the right direction now definitely cause and strikes. Your in all that going on and. All the readers but it Brady keeps playing forever so he ruined the patriots succession plan but that he decided to never stop being also. Let's pretend that this is the possibility that they're gonna break up a topic they will book pretend. I don't see how it happens. Brady not going anywhere he'd never getting traded. HE CT never getting trade Bill Belichick did get a coach next year. So hole and Robert crafty good on the franchise forever so how does it actually break up and never gonna trade Bill Belichick never gonna trade Tom Brady. I just don't see it I noticed sort of like over the whole premise of this is like. I don't know how physically it would be possible to happen. Serve for these guys to break somebody's generosity. We're talking a French while yesterday from Yahoo! Sports and perhaps is the question without a definitive answer. I'm curious like how much of bill Belichick's success is Tom Brady how much of Brady's success has Belichick could they be what they are without each other or. If there's success. Forever and undeniably tiebreak you guys need to understand. You couldn't do what you're doing without each other and may be whatever other personal stuff might be there just put that over here because you have the career you have. Because of each other. And I've had a hard time trying to figure out who looked sponsor me right now straight to the lovely I'd be great for present coaches coming up people on what do I. And Belichick was fired in Cleveland for not being good enough. And loose you know wanting to when Brady took took the Helm. Made me neither would have been as good if they were without the other that's possible and integrated partnership and history sports. Most successful. They're not best friends and it probably never will be but they worked together better than anyone else in history. And I think they just completing each other I think it's okay to say pretty parliament is still without doubt check votes or will this go without Brady. And we may never ever get to find out what's true what's not an estimated studio there forever to retire. Wrapping up here with Ian Rapoport of from the NFL network on Twitter at rap sheet last thing before I let you go there's an interest in this market between the titans. Are playing the patriots on Saturday night that's on CBS kick off at 7:15 central. I recognize her like almost no chance but can you even envision a scenario. Where you're talking about Tennessee upsetting New England on Saturday night. A remote scenario should make us crazy you know they can run the heck out of all right patriots. Beat physical not turn the ball over. Score every time in the red zone. You know wind admitted to defense you know winning hard nosed 2017 game Brady hasn't been great recently. Declared very good but not great I could see it but the stars need to align. I'm just not sure and I'm not so good to get. I hope it's a good game as well that's irrevocably and don't ever remember at the networks that of a game day morning Saturday at 11 AM central Sunday 6 AM cinder you can see that of course. On the NFL network in you the best buddy good to talk to yet catch up we'd on the road. But it trader affair as the Iraq report from. The NFL and network LS two people back the back of our guys who say I can't see it but. Well your case scenario is the way it would happen and it both it involves running the ball I like Craig easy and so. I'm I don't know like the comport to Litsch are primetime game involving the titans and and the most prominent. With all due respect cowboys Steelers fans at least and careful now in recent history there prominent football franchise. In the whole wide world I mean that'll be fun I don't know whether we got a lot of type things in this market we haven't a tide fans who work here I never really. Caught on to that and whatever reason like it never let go with the titans are here I'm gonna root for the tied it just died I didn't react that way I don't know that. It's a good amount of people that listen to games is what I've come to write learn is so. It's such a diverse NFL market in terms of phantom like there's a lot of cowboys fans that's the thing I think there's a lot of people who wrote cowboys fans who remained cowboys say yeah a lot of people go Steelers fans they remain Steve another lot of people grew up. Raiders fans or dolphins fans now bears fans and they're gonna remain that they didn't just ditch their teammate. Because we've got a team in the state of Tennessee. But with the NBA I do think a lot of people ditch their team. Test for the grizzlies you grow the bulls fan and lakers fan for a Celtics fan or whatever yeah and you do your team for the Memphis Grizzlies but clearly is that being a national miss being in Memphis that seems to be the obvious difference you think there's more. Titans fans in Memphis or grizzlies fans in Nashville. Are I think there's more grizzlies fans in Nashville based on real based I would think tides and the Memphis. Based on all the NFL's big products that certainly helps but I would say based on what I've I've read. And some some TV ratings stuff and on on monetizing that market where I think that the grizzlies probably in and I can't speak for the grizzlies in Jason Wexler. On the money side of things. And in watching with the titans do to try to make money in this market in terms of bringing players in and stuff I don't think it's even close likely we do tours of with grizzlies players in in Nashville every year and there are always more successful. Then what this tour. You'll like the titans for example when Bennett and I were diamonds has been a Doyle is a titans fan got. And every year they do a an autograph session here and like nobody goes like you would even know those players are in Memphis but he is that thing would this be the difference there's a million titans players they just bring two guys that you really don't know whereas now it's almost a pop like you're gonna at least know the grizzlies were there there's only a handful of yeah. But I will say that sometimes and no disrespect but sometimes we send half the you know some of that lower level grizzlies players or cash on those tours we'd ball with Chris played at Vanderbilt Cecil differ but you get my point. No it's kinda. That that's my observation. Based on May be the money side of things and watching how that the markets treat each other picture right there are no idea about trust you I do know grizzly gains rate well in Nashville Nashville they do yeah I am and it got a radio affiliate there too so we can we have them on the network. Her wedding where the tight and then the patriots. Saturday night on CBS has the network stars as America's most watched network kickoff 715. Central doubles it is not much bigger than the predators Harkin and says that's for sure you agree these are bigger national but the predators are members of a 100% there okay now okay. Okay do you think's out. Let me just like nobody even knows if our batting that's what I would like awfully bad like it did do you think every person listening right Ivan knows where there's hockey he's or not. No I don't let that they got in this market I don't know they don't even know that you'd like if you ask me right now. Any thing about the NHL right Amy thing I really anything who's got the best record who's got the worst record. Who's leading the league in eight I had no idea well the and I don't think that's unique to me give just. Thinking in my job is I get pushed back from every micro fan base in the world who date they are they're irrational beyond their sport what I mean by that is we're getting a lot of soccer talk in this market. You would think I'm the dumbest person for not having anyone on a station talking about sport soccer but the truth is I can't I can't help those people I can't help you I can explain to them make low yeomen. Everybody will turn their radios off if I instruct anybody on the state should talk about soccer yes you have to understand. And I think this goes for whatever you're doing in whatever market right. What we talk it's. Exactly right like I would love to come under the summer talk about baseball every day 100% every night when I leave here during the summer I go home and I'll watch baseball. Every guy I watch I watch Vegas golden knights hockey every time another night right now. Well that's why don't I know why I love I love that team I was in Las Vegas I also like tired of. Can't really talk about little just like I can't go when you talk about baseball I can't like coming here and at Thursday in July and be like soul. The Rangers won for the third time in a row. I can only do well I'm about shave my Brawley the big NASCAR thing here you all god that's even worse you is that why he's like why did you ever talk about NASCAR bizarre ideas. You can't talk about them all mobile doesn't matter how much you know I call it. They're definitely not an audience that now and they didn't even pick up an affiliate to do that play by play for NASCAR it's the reason like when I host. And passion for CBS Sports Radio I. It is nothing bullied to show I do here totally different I come on here I can talk about right leg I talk about things that work here right. But did if I could these heard eighties that I and I will host three hour CBS Sports Radio in the morning right I have to do it. Next week I think one day and actually NM two hours and they are completely. Different show up. Like if I were doing the CBS Sports Radio show right now. Nothing but talk about the NFL of course the talk but we have over two straight out hurdle in the news should. It is in yet I guess I'll have to talk Libya though here too much because there's things that work in this marketed. That it would not work on the national joke about this for the national never ever come back as well now I know it is remarkable to me from you will you can't do it there's no thank you wondered if you want people to turn off right go to Harvard College basketball on a you can maybe talk about. NBA draft Rydex yeah. You can turn a Marvin backers massed there that's a make you have that you better tied to the NBA draft otherwise you got almost Null and so. I know what we're talking I don't either all right let's just go would be back within the government does a sports day. In 929 FM EST great way to go here coming up on a football Friday jags defensive tackle Malik Jackson joins us as well as vikings wide out Adam B. We'll get you ready for the best football weekend of the year Friday gold and we got to lose his way. It's like going to listen. ESPN Memphis. Jim catch Atlanta 2000 coming of Michael legend cares members dug come fairly old average since 1949 and nobody in the entire mid second largest inventory of new sort of laid the gym care Chevrolet that fact. Family owned and operated since 1949. Like I told you big carrot that's out there you wanna get in touch when it. 3872000. The number 9013872000. New Chevrolet got whatever you want Silverado suburban style out tired of your car does people. Get to a certain plays of the vehicle where it's gonna cost you more keep that car. Keep it maintained that it would cost you just go traded in and getting new vehicle if you fall into that category. 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Healthy shopping season anytime from anywhere do you get more for less and I drove here this week. Blueberries or two for five dollars and boneless chuck roast in the we're just 299 at ten of the card and fresh. Smooth low prices Kroger tested here feel the smiles center hotline now this isn't getting better show. Did you hear show is live from the blood restaurants horsepower studio and he'd do nine in Panama ESPN's. Really had to return to court tomorrow night of course that's going to be and at Denver the opponent will be the nuggets could be where they're played anybody other than the nugget in Denver. My colleague of course it is yeah. They're trying to recover with the Achilles issues that make it that trip but he gonna be here with. I've Mike Conley grizzlies point guard. At 525. Tomorrow fear. On the Gary Jerry show the number one show according to Jeff Hawkins LG NWA guy is just or someplace right. Take it that's good yeah. I think this although that's a tough look for him you know Jeff you're in your own yard yeah I guess I'll be honest if I thought enough in his own yard I'd be like I like your show the most. Yes and and you I appreciate your honesty Gary is I know you pretty well and I think you would you would be nice if I say hey I heard death. This guy I was over my house he's up aisles of stuff than most W real life she show. A big fan your show and act like you may not reveal the number one angle on that he had been like a he threw like to show so I just wanted to that's lying trying to numbers and they'll elect numbers bit of fit me let's not rank it okay yeah I never use the number now because the numbers didn't fit me out with you on that. A minute ago. Senator Joseph was presented by Humphries prime cut shot of folks folly original decent. What are we learned today where a lot. I think the main thing I want everybody take away from the show though. Another bill basketball. Or football. Salvador robberies now. You are aspiring rapper or inspiring any thing done very. And you think that the way to reach your dreams. To make a connection with a certain person. But that's special someone perhaps someone in Hollywood. Or someone in journalism. Or. In the case of a friend Cedric Miller someone in hip hop it. Specifically Rick Ross you're not going to try to get irritated by robbing their wing stock which is allegedly what Cedric did. He tried to rob. Rick Ross is wings stuff on union to. Your digital brick walls because he thought that what I don't really know you lost me there although like the big boss might. Take notice of somebody robbing one of this franchise but that probably the way to you wanna be noticed by Rick Ross isn't. I mean he is also has a little bit of a rap sheet and if I'm not mistaken Brad take that back. I've read I just went on line you suggested I have read some of the Wikipedia stuff about it I am not the place to go through Rick Ross's pass legal problem this is the place to teach people. If you try to reach out to Rick Welts or anybody else I used Twitter or FaceBook. Don't rob something it doesn't work that way. What's the biggest game tonight it can't deny I got there professional basketball game at camp raptors at Air Canada thinner and put. You know that there thirteen record and secondly any kids at 7 o'clock you can watch it on T. What she's done watch on TV group applied the Tonya Harding school and looking forward in this you'll note the difference between the truth and lies and I know Harding I tonight's your night because this special on ABC a profile time guarding featuring an emotional interview with the figure skater who opened up about total right now. Her childhood. Per pass. And the infamous 1994. Attack on figure skater Nancy Kerrigan ABC at 8 o'clock. Is there anything I need to make sure I read it yet jeopardize all about him Bronson a long time. Bad boy you just present from the University of Memphis campus I knew and when I was in school over there passed away. Of this week's if it were that good go find a commercial film background what's on tap for tomorrow. Definitely we'll get ready for having not to get ready for Memphis simple they're all good first down my colleague Geoff Calkins in the second should be fun enjoy I don't know I'm not meet back here tomorrow report to the be careful. He can be good rescuers. Yeah. 29. If you want her divorce in any legal guidance given that would ask James king in morning they'll help you because do you situation help do the child support situation they'll make you comfortable and get you through it 5288888. The number tellem Gary Parrish told you talk that's asking is king in morning on the web ads since king dark. 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