Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1)

The Gary Parrish Show
Thursday, February 15th

Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018, Hour 2 (w/4 stories at 444 continued on shooting in Floriday....then Geoff Calkins in Seg 1)


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That country can't do anything of a substance folks just sort of shrug their shoulders and and they offer thoughts and prayers in the name they say there's there's really not a whole lot we can do. Arm which is an approach that we take with. No other issue in this country. Like we haven't OP Lloyd I could epidemic in this country right. Folks are dying every day. And I swear to god. I've never heard anybody. Neither Republican. Nor Democrat. Say you know home. If people wanna get their hands some pills and kill themselves right they will. And there's nothing really can we can do the stuff. Like I've never known anybody so you never hear that. You can't even imagine somebody saying that now because like we're supposed to be a country of problem solvers and fighters thinkers. Incursion in Erie and then we're the best data clearly. Were not. But we always insist we're fighting something we're always up to fight something we always identify a problem and say we're gonna try to solve that problem right. We don't always do it but we at least say the word we're gonna solve the problem or that there is something we can do but I actually don't think you can ever solve poverty. But like people always talk about. I trust all poverty like actually don't think we can I don't think so what but that's at least what people say and even Bill Gates is out they're trying to do we're gonna solve you know we're gonna we're gonna fight poverty we're gonna fight can't serve got bite AL west we're gonna fight racism we're gonna fight drug addiction we're gonna fight. Illiteracy we're gonna fight domestic violence we're gonna fight sexual assault well to fight something we never say they're just what are you gonna do. You know they're really much we can do we always promised that there is something we can do. And then more often than not only do we try something we try to do something whether it works or not. We we usually at least try and get on this subject. The subject your gun violence we have a country like continue to do absolutely nothing of substance we don't even try anything. And in certain people in positions of power. The people who care arm or in a position to do something. They find themselves on television just twisting themselves in the knots trying to explain why this is mostly helpless all law cashing checks from the NRA. Among those people is Marco Rubio. From Florida senator in the state of Florida where this tragedy happen. He's accepted more than three million dollars from the NR. Campaign funds. And so today when asked about it on camera here's what he says he said I'm trying to be clear and honest here. As someone who has decided to commit this crime. They're gonna find a way to get the gun. To do. As the end of this quote. And I'm sure war there's ball and paid for part of him that believes that on some level. But I'm also sure he's smarter to know it's a ridiculous point of view. That runs counter to the way we do just about everything else in this country we don't just say kids who wanna smoke. Are going to find a way to get cigarettes no matter what's the what's the point. We make them harder than they'd otherwise be to get. We don't just say people who wanna do heroin are gonna find a way to do hair when no matter what's so what's the point. But we don't say people who are blow up a plane with a bomber. Are gonna find a way to do it no matter what so what's the point we literally have to take our shoes off before we get out one. We don't take this approach with anything else. But with gun violence we do. And it's just wrong and it's insulting. And it's devastating for the families that are grieving today I watched this mother. On television earlier just totally breaking down. As you would. Her fourteen year old daughter. And a shot dead just 24 hours earlier. At a 140 I can't imagine and yet there's really no reason whatsoever. At that same thing could happen to me in my family tomorrow all you when your family tomorrow because these things they're not isolated. If that doesn't like that think that we live and are safe little neighborhood side. You know their rough parts of Memphis and other parts of Memphis you'll really have to worry about all of these things happen everywhere. And honestly more often nicer places it seems recently nicer place being a roar Colorado all these different places are nice. It's so. They have put up north they happen to sell they happen from California two Carolina yesterday it happened in Florida a arm and that mother was just ball. And she was screaming. Just begging somebody to do something that's hit if anything just do something. And it really is. Unbelievable to me that anybody could listen turf. Were any of the thousands of other parents who have lost children to have to gun violence and move just move on with the day without warning something done. Now exactly what should be done is is obviously up for debate. I'm Smart enough to know there are limits and there are different points of Busan that it's a complicated subject with with with no simple answers. I don't have a detailed plan and I'm trying to push down your throats. I have ideas. And I hope you do to. If you do I'd be willing to listen to yours and a arm if you don't have ideas like just Google. And read because there are a lot of good ideas out there people's water than many people smarter than you. The ball work through this. Come with your own ideas. The only thing I reject is that. It's hopeless. If there's nothing that can be done or that it's not a gun problem because that's insulting. And anybody with a brain willing to use it knows that I think even most gun owners at this point understand that ever friend named Mike. He's a gun owner is NRA member. A text me last night. And he just said enough enough. Now like this is a man who owns guns who is a member of the NRA yup. Is that enough enough it's time to do some now is the time exactly what we know it not not the time like at. Years ago what it's been time though I am with you Gary but but it but anyway I don't know if they listen and are here enough enough to the point where he got to what worries that I'm not going to be a member anymore of that organization. Until that organization stopped pushing back against a sensible things we got it exactly and that was encouraging to me now in sincerely. A measure that suggested we might of the country be close served clearly out there yet a closer to come into our insurer can we got our a real problem in this country are from the other bits countries simply do not have. More kids are dead today. More kids are gonna be dead next month if not sooner. Because we've already had eighteen school shootings in this country this year February 15. The year started on January 1 birdie at eighteen this year. So stop saying nothing could be done. And if you're tired here in these types of stories. Arm. At least vote somebody in office was willing to try something. Again exactly what up for debate. But. It's way past time to try something. Geoff Calkins is up next. He says okay he's never once we're station WMS. W of the best of this broadcast mementos sits in the end of the dilemmas at online and 99 EST. Crazy George dress with today's purchase deal a sixty minute Ricky session and that includes an essential oil foot massage for only thirty dollars get yours again my perks dot com. 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And I was tied up college basketball stuff on Saturday night on Sunday I had Memphis basketball and at a record a podcast that I basically just went to bed Monday night I'm at a town in New York Tuesday night in studio with the united studio a I haven't had an opportunity to watch literally one minute of the Olympics but tonight I will be at home for the first on the wild and five million people watched this every night in this country. How are the Olympics are they going well tell me what I need to know. Actually managed to get bought out what I exit what I say or about the Olympics is that. Two days before the Olympics if you ask people care. They say in and out there and then also childlike ability their own kids do what she did it people like. Can't wait to watch the ocean on line clicking on the other book the good signature elected by the every child what do you know about that too and yeah. Yep so are so. My head out very different here but it I don't see was Wall Street actually much last Olympics. It has been more than you give us the casino yeah. She's got a lot like yesterday I saw. It's Tuesday I've sought a US bad news. Equivalent top US equipment candidate won the hockey game and then I saw a curling. Match between the US air of their social. Michael Bluetooth and saw what really egregious book currently at Joe's bring out that's irked a caller that we. Whatever they're gonna paper what ounce of so don't care about that unlucky you know there's preliminary games so. I don't have been like they got one thing or like Olympics and I'm not aware lapel peppering every everywhere else. And then see it's solid book but I salute the system like Canada's that would just be chasing other people locals. The proposed goers say so like how the Olympic trials of TP. Com back home I think it's a totally different. Totally different deal I. I get the sense that. They're 'cause. You know because they're obsolete could pick the good the good partial or its accomplishments. Mike that was masters and I get the sense Khloe Kim and me. You know and a woman who whose dad. Who do you how Korea complex order a in his pocket or something you worked it out burger place them. It out there that truly. Via. And got through immigration that a country can we got political panel of about what a great story. And then there's the flamboyant we can't figure skater was just sick bastard like eclipsed. They're so he's been great until I get the sense that there's been some really significant characters. There emerged and the people have caught onto that. And probably more fun than people expect it because with the what particularly and everything else here. I mean it is our right now what is it 14 in the morning a couple of offsetting a compliment of the watch the super cheap. And you guys don't want to look at the way it is this is a little weird. The times I think all the spiritual well. I'm Geoff Calkins he has a lot of the Boston South Korea with when you do curly do you know what's happening you understand what's happening. Now that it took a sort of a good the first. Like public literature all about Welker who are you about but but. Or what I did a burst where the kernel or so ago it was easy because good. Good equipment you may have US curler there at the Gerald Shuster. Keywords he goes to last Olympics. Crooks go to into props but the last two Olympics people to complete floppy could assure us it's like the last American who like all the watches court ordered an Olympics track. Very pretty certain to mean tweaks that he could recreate straight hours of between nonstop. The last two. That's it and they don't have the David liked seeing the current. I'd Betemit 12100. This judge like when people look at that deals you've also. So I won't call that a ideological happy cruel ever got audio as they'll ever they didn't register your calls all countries that you factors. Do they get home. And back and the curling association decides to have a cow. There's a we beat you up the other we get it better to eat dirt last. Same type edit by the people come by working people to the empire and they keep. Can't and he's not wanna albeit a letter saying take you come true cerberus basically. Themselves he says. It was called the performance training program. Actually provoked. A FaceBook where you could well. Quote straight decoded by the law create something Islamabad bureau are forestry programs there and the other spiritual cup. Say let's do it. And to go to level Hollywood. People and and they say they put together the guillotine and then when the national championship and other. Like I can write that story could get a little bit though I did not go to our that's storage for the last night. I actually had a little crow in this country. A little clue I don't know like. I liked to go it's it's it's very bad can I am so called critics guy pack and ending at eight stones each and I've got people all those are right now who let one go away important because it sure. And computer help but there's a computer sort of watch a two awesome. And then. So that he chaired beat each each it's like this it's like each side has it or use a guy. And or whatever eight shuttle or or whatever and and whoever at the end of that deal has the most closest to the pin. Between there and the the bit about your thought that I would want to get to you have to that are inside the other person's whatever but you get 222 points. And and that's and that's our medical the last woman at the expense line. At some of the politics and public library. The curling gamer look at the college I don't we key clue. And we're out of the end of November critical this area. They were deterred by just to understand I will have to go to a USOC person took. College is that. Literally it's actually done helpful he should well I should just thankful I would attract a lot of bullets pepper are now so it's different. The bizarre thing about the Olympics is that we of the country just for you know a couple weeks or whatever we. We did we become emotionally invested. In things that we'd never seen or at least haven't seen that in four years. And that we don't know the character as we don't we we never done these things like that we get a conversation last night couple others. I like these Olympic sports. Like if you watch baseball we all grew up playing baseball or knew somebody had played baseball watch baseball same thing with soccer or football or basketball. No ever occur were let go. Done that like it. Short track be geared. Up in the not to get to know he's an America where they'll have. None of these things video we all watch other people do these things we don't even know what we're watching but it's just like USA. USA is just the. I didn't think you're suited usually in competition it's all of TP. Other top like the X games are all. You know like there are all the time you want stormy PCR or are you that you don't want to download it breaks no one ever considerate and tackle Jake brace. You know I have put it what comes out of the Olympics. It because a child like and I will go to the conclusion of the the experience and so there's. We. We also yet to SA US people out there you know I get into the doing reasonably well the liquefied only because it didn't. I just gotta have a tweet from somebody they said that there's a curling club in Memphis the midsouth curling club. So we joy. I heard that I could now are you actually do want to look at settlement Suze that and a slide back and forth across but I don't look a little parachutes. But I occurred last Olympics I read a propeller club but the one like this. In the editing a curly ears at all but a law like it's complicating trio delivered from more than ample midnight basic and so. It like oh it's always there for TV program you can really get medical. There's very little players are what counts is that kind of formal is that just got a big curler there like and so yes it's. It is a lot we will last year and a growing again until you look all around good guy and there. It did talk to get caught it here on 92 none of them ESPN do you prefer the Winter Olympics are the Summer Olympics. I. I don't really have strong market I IE their careers some are more relatable and so I guess in his Morse got. Like there's more so in the summer he's got a master could you got hacked you got basketball. Yeager got baseball you know so. So there's as swimming in other yet yet to classic of recent match slumming it attract. And then you've got. And and yet to mask I mean yeah and so I. I think greatly it's bicker like to eat it just cheap fuel bigger what did you dare to do so I think that they prefer the so calm. Got to develop Summers to but look what I am. So yeah I think there's a group of the other thing that happens but that's called us like I wake up you wish. Yesterday morning now. And I have no idea what happened for the white America you know I you just wake up and like I. Edit so yesterday at the Olympics held. And they're just a minute they were members of a skating pair American speaker who found out about right for them while they. I think more expect to win at Alex's gold medal pair that was the way relate to emotionally by produce truck Florida. I mean they were weeping. And say they did badly and I they're gonna pay how can you not like it was absolutely. Immediate end to prove extremely detached from. America of August that's happening over there and here we aren't enough publicity could be too good man goes. Org or wherever you are anymore but what I can do it it out Korea but. It goes make it makes curling and everything else to see it is sheets of security so I'm gonna wake up under the story about. Here is a dollar cut other. All the stories we're of one family they're bound to their kids. Because stated a treat them. Shouted. And they do try nightfall. Ended finite also buckle up off. And that's the product at about oh very he's a lot to get it gathers a lot but like every Natalie Gupta these are stories every day that it out also. I mean I love our country and and everything else but. Yesterday when I hear people chant USA USA the women are and just talk all. When we can't bring ourselves and stop this slaughter. You know a guy who I was watching some cable news earlier today and there's a mother live on television. Usage of just breaking down like and like as you would I imagine you know land is a fourteen year old daughter shot to death in school. She's just screaming into the air like just a beautiful young girl and the mothers on live on television she just screaming into the camera. Do something somebody needs to do something. To take action and do something and like. That you and then you do you change the channel and you watch the politicians and you know there explaining to you now hey listen if this person wanted to do this scrawny he's gonna get the gun no matter what it just makes you wanna. Put your head through a wall like how can you how can you listen to that mother. You to do something after the fact that you if she says she's yelling I'll never have my daughter again but don't make another mother go through this at least do something. How you could watch that woman and then stayed above the microphone after Marco Rubio or anybody else. And say I'm just try to tell you that this person this person with a sick individual that he wanted to get this talk a gun is that that we could do to stop them. Like I don't like it's just it seems like. Late at night somewhere you'd really have a hard time look at yourself in the mirror. Probably considered to America it is only mentally ill people of America. That's sort of weird they could only go at all adrenaline they'll conclude I'd say it's so. Ever I'm stupid and yeah every stupid. Rationalizations. Somebody trots out there has been trotted out for as long as I can remember and it's been. Shot that I should use a different phrase but it's been completely. No it was slotted away. Easily within seconds like that what's the middle illness problem that well then why people shoot up schools are good in Germany. You know I've got I've got an exchange student that I still talk to Ed it's almost vaguely. It at least text where is she not texted me every day talking about we we had another school shooting. What even if they could it occur to her that that could happen there you feel that they have crazy people there. Of course think the cricket we've how possible we got all the crazy people greatly if people. I'm not also knives and Connors also my engine cars announcement that the old dollar global go to issues that I go to junior car are. Yeah like you are registered a little. Answer yeah it's certainly each of the all of our redemption everywhere it's just a minute match stalker ordered oil backed off. Well it hurts your sort. Yes I do you do feel silly and like the only way to not the silliest to be delusional or just ignore it. And just it like ignore it but it becomes difficult to look more like earlier today I was reading. 'cause I did you know you you read one story need it takes you to another what it takes another one and there was a story about seeing the home. With Saddam obviously everybody knows that. And the way that they told parents do you do you recall that how that went down they are OK so basically. All these little six and seven and eight year old who just shot dead just murdered in their school just I mean babies. And it's. All these parents are just as you would in other that's freaking out and there are you know so they're all gathered in light wherever it's at church to GM it's somewhere. All these parents looking for the children. And the gentleman asked to come in there and like he could barely speak and he knows what he's about to do which is tell you know. You tweet tweet parents that their kids are dead. And down the way he added that it if you haven't been. Connected reconnect with your children by now. That's not going to happen. And then you just hear all the cries and screams it was a reporter detailing. That scene and you just go back to that day which was a long time ago. And you think that from then to now there's still like nothing nothing's changed nothing's been done is just it's it's maddening that does you know it though I know. Sports is one thing and that's another. Some and nobody would be standing outside that school chanting USA USA today but when you hear people so proud. Of the United States of America and then you recognize we have this incredible problem that nobody even tries to solve it does make it a little. Little more difficult to be I don't know so enthusiastic about it at least it does for me. I go out on him and then group B and amp bottle the production has done a there's so what is one of the child small and its contract for the sort of one community at a time. Does it feel there's still like even well this happened over and over and over corporate. Olympic could have an apartment or a guard or wherever I could pick whatever school and the other profitable bank and so that particular school. And so you just dismiss it and say boy that would be horrible to be those parents. But and then use secret pictures up but at least I'm one of those curves and I guess you do it quicker operation. And an earthquake zones edit I think that's going to be like this go to art or maybe this'll trigger may be okay. It's the slaughter of all those six federal objective look at how well. And this is the eighteenth to school shooting we've had in 2008 team it's only February 15 we that eighteen. I think I read somewhere. And like don't call me on this because it is I might just be distributing. In fact I'm not gonna say it but that's a big number eighteen already in 2018 is a massive number. And they'll you're right it didn't happen at Bartlett or cargo or Germantown and we don't assume that it will. But there's not about that's Goldfarb it's any different than my kids' school best I can tell they did did nothing about and that's where in this country we often like. Obviously we've got crime in big cities all over this country. Gun violence in big cities all of this country. You sort of assume although my mother Cynthia picture she was on the interstate today and like got caught in traffic jam because somebody shot up another car like right in front of her. So like maybe were not as safe as we think. But you do a service that if I stay out of that part of I'm far. Or if I stay at I don't know south central LA I'm fire or inner city Chicago on fire ball when it comes to this very specific things culture critics. Mother lets her say you're just lucky if it's not your kids' school. Because that's school of Florida I watched the kids walking out of that I'd listen to them give interviews. They sound just like my kid and just like my kids for intimate look just like him too and honestly that's using with a school shoes that shootings happened. At schools that look like where my kid goes to school. Oh yeah I was on I was Jeffrey this morning and. He says can look a look at Florida for a few years and he should give it to you know that school. In my eyes so well. Our schools our schools I don't I don't know that particular school. If you go high school this option untrue but largely true it's kicked on iphones. To tour you know totally sheltered. I you know. Maybe we're gonna do academics but people and I'm thinking big like it's the last senate or whatever. But you tackles but we know our schools feel like we went to one and yeah its just a student there or they're all different but also. That much and sending them the idea that that would be. I interrupted to get in Chicago we're there yet you're developing and about the auditions there's always put it's obviously a moute. It has become far too routine just docket though keeping longer enjoy your day at the Olympics and I tortilla on tomorrow. Thank you about Jeff Hawkins is in South Korea as we get to go to bed tonight he will be writing about sports he does not understand. 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I've built my pillow last week I feel I have only supplement once he got it stolen her stolen from me now it's still back the night go. And get back from fill a bag and I'll make my move tonight 69 twos 6200 the number 6926200. Actually BC's. By Michael's honor on the web the BZ TVS. Dot com. Beat them all but he from Sports Illustrated posted a story I mean rather from Yahoo!'s board opposed the story. Hurt before fellow replace hard to keep track comedy team docs is irrelevant I've got in my phone ended up from there replace our buddy from Yahoo! and we're supposed to story outcome. A within the past hour. About the ongoing. FBI investigation into college basketball coaches and programs. And down though he acknowledges that like is around the corner so to speak like I think when this first happened like five months ago when he first indictment came down. And I can remember talking to sources they're lucky and two weeks there's going to be more it was like oh win some when the next two months is going to be there have been no more right. There's been nobody else has been arrested nobody has been charged. And so nothing is imminent I don't think you're gonna. Turn on the radio 4 o'clock on Monday we're going to be talking about you know this coach from that school was arrested this coach Mascoll was an item. But it's coming out and that's what I told somebody the other day like it's we're gonna get there I don't know but even going to be in the calendar year 2018. Hour. But we all get there and Arab. Who say the following. Quote. When this all comes out. Hall of fame coach who should be scared lottery picks won't be eligible to play. And almost half of the sixteen teams the NCAA showed on its initial NCAA tournament show this past weekend. They should worry about their parents. Ultimately being vacated it's pretty specific. Guests alike that means eight of the best teams in the country. Right now. At least eight or roughly roughly eight. Are at risk of of dealing with the tentacles of of this FBI investigation it's something I've been saying since. If first pro once you understood the characters involved. A cool word the man who were facing. Federal prison. They were people who live by some street coat. You know snitches get stitches types. These are mostly. College educated men. With families wives and children. Ain't trying to go to jail right if all they gotta do to not go to jail is cooperate with you and that's what they're going to do. When you combine that with. The development that came. Perhaps a few days maybe a few weeks later. But subsequent to the initial report the development that. A federal agents had seized Andy Miller the prominent NBA agents seized his computers and all of his bank records. There was no telling where that was going to leave when you have shoe company executives. Facing federal prison. If they get stories to tell right one guy had been working at ideas for long long time another guy was working at a they got stories to tell. When my initial thoughts on this when asked about it. You know when Rick Pitino gets caught up in and Brian bone gets caught up and it it ultimately cost Rick his job cost Rick his job because Tom George the athletic director's job. Cost Bryan boy the opportunity to ever play college basketball mobile and probably anywhere. I said listen I understand that this is. Right now a story about is the big headline. About Rick Tino it's bubble was about Bryan Baldwin. Arm and I trended discounts. Lol they roll in in in these things like they did what they were accused of doing I have a belief. But. Even though this story about a deed is in mobile and Rick Pitino and Brian ball when it could have been a story about anybody. In any school in any prospect if you'd told me it was a ninety story about. A Nike school. And a different hall of fame coach and a different five star player that makes sense to me and under armour. Utilities for about under armour and under armor school in a different coach and a different five star prospect. Makes sense to me in other words this start or Brian ballwind pride. Shoe companies have been influencing. Where prospects go to school for a long long time. Well back before I even had a great year and I agree or like in my early twenties. I'm so once you get those men in a position where you can either cooperate or not. But if you don't. You know our hit rate on getting guilty convictions pretty good. They're gonna cooperate purse they will fight. On this level what we did we did but what we did not cry that's what they're that's the fight right now. We we we want that charges dismissed because what we did is not a crime and a federal crime what we did. We did yeah. But what we it is not a federal crime but what I told you way back at what that essentially the same argument Logan young made way back when with the Alabama out remains KI that was his argument. I'm not saying I did or didn't do anything. But if I didn't do this thing your QB it's not a federal crime that's not what your dilemma it didn't work with him he was and charged with. And ultimately found guilty of federal crock. I don't think it'll work here either so. The deepest drafts. And some of these other. People facing federal prison might not have started cooperating yet although some have right. There at least one Manhattan's so all that's being flushed out right now yet but it won't get there I. We'll get there. And when we get there the stories that they had the tail could involve. Literally any high major program in America. There's one quote in the story that says it'll be every. How were five league in America you know will be touched by this in some way hall of fame coaches. A legacies damaged and ultimately in the instantly got a big problem. Because what is it going to do right. You really got the postseason bans on. All your best programs that columns ending his while words says like east could see like Chattanooga or some remnants is like a two seed if if they would say well during a I don't know it just means it would got to figure what wants to go to. Because if you're guide. A tournament if you are going to. Tie yourself to this ridiculous notion of amateur amateurism right. You always gonna create a black market and now it's being exposed back when exposed you war. According to your own guidelines supposed to punish these programs. Are you gonna punished duke. Kentucky Syracuse Ohio State and I think if those pro ride to try to get as an example well let's we can just go to sixteen ITV screen on Sunday. I I it's not a big boys and college basketball. You don't really take them out of your tournament. That CBS and turner paid a billion dollars or is that what you gonna do like they incidentally there's been real issue on its saints. And ultimately it will have to make a decision about. What it wants to be going forward. You can chalk the past of the past there OK. Now we now. Now we change. Because if you just go back to business as usual we'll get back to the same pot spot again these amateur athletes or work too much money to too many people. Made out there are getting multimillion dollar contracts. To win basketball games and the best way to do it is to get the best players. What you can acknowledged that very basic fact. Then I am a dollar amount attached to the best players every year and that everybody's going to be willing to pay it and not ever going to be willing to take it. But there's always going to be a bullet to wit ticket and always the budget going to be willing to pay it never stops. It never stops. The easiest way is to get rid of amateurism take everything above board everybody knows what the score if you don't have financial advisors. Making illegal deals because there's no such thing right you don't have agents making a legal bills because there's no such thing everything's above board of but ultimately. This is going to have to change the way in some way handles at the very least basketball players because this is the world basketball or talking about right now this is the world of basketball. And I think the gist of it is true. It's going to affect big big programs is going to affect hall of fame coach is this going to affect all find out things about guys who were already in the NBA. Like the idea that. National championships if the NCAA adheres to its old bulls might have to be vacated from two years ago four years ago six years ago Beckett it's all on the table. And so it must feel weird scenario for some of these coaches in America who know what they've done play or what people around them have done. How do you go about. Enjoying the season when you know at any moment it's accurate if you ever dealt what lady Miller and a lot of these I've got what they do another right or you know like I don't think they probably look at emails that I could fit into there. Our phone calls if possible I would wiretap with baby killer here. But very possible but if you ever talked to Andy Miller you their email to Andy Miller you've ever done a deal would Andy Miller in any form. You're susceptible to what's coming. And that's I just AD but. All sorts of people who work in these world you're gonna deal with a deed as you might be in trouble you've got to deal with Nike you might be in trouble. All those guys are how you go to you dated date with that in the back your mind. But that must be tough it's just that stuff is weird and nothing else is weird I think they probably had it to a little degree even before all this crap so now I think ya mean like it's still had to be there at some level of your conscience. I would think yet but if you're a human well no because for the most what they don't think they're doing anything right because they're based do. Render on a well let's not like. Confuse the things like there's another -- what they're doing bad things every day their bad they've just breaking NCAA rule right there are plenty of people would like it's not like molesting a child I guess there are plenty of people who like OK the rules are stupid everybody else is doing it I reject the rules it is easy to rationalize what it is you I guess yeah. But when it might cost your career and you know that now. You know that now it must feel weird thing dead to deal with on a day to day basis but let them deal with the back when there to go Jason and Jon. Number I mean he's finished for her friends east friends I think any coach in your play today going to be prepared to go where no you're paid back what he knows. They go for the video card and then be prepared. Jason and Jon. Age 11 AM until 2 PM 929 FM EST yeah. This went to Kroger and save on delicious seafood like shrimp and salmon dismiss the Kroger dot com to download digital coupons this season up to five times this Wednesday through Friday. Interest rate would you rather pay on your credit card debt. 17% are less than 6% ADR the answer is obvious late stream because of light stream you'll be able to consolidate credit card debt and dramatically cut your interest rate to as low as five point 49% APR thought OK let's radio listeners get an additional rate discount for political climate this special discount just text radio talk to 246810. 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We had long deployments and right now is really great when you say was able to take care among them bomb. Serve his head to claim to use its awesome that it's. You stay here or its major U. Fresh. It was yeah. Currency and we were you from a high. Confidence in me it's the first thing they ask listen Martin no pain when they did a great job first calming me gain understanding the situation. They always make you very nervous which is nice because. He's our team. Where the hell no way USA members. Unless you can save unless anybody. Insurance. In the bleachers even when it's on national Italian prime membership eligibility and savings restrictions and find something to change numbers eight participation in the United Services Automobile Association and its affiliate San Antonio Texas. Ice and snow wind and way it's been. Here are your more room. Doors and not the Brian elder I call me 867030. Streak with a commercial deals didn't. Here. 03. Owens Corning platinum. Factors in Memphis with the guys they call win that other companies have warranty issues as well call me first. 0303. Could tell you he knew who did all you need is a repair. Outer space in New York. Brightcove. Think things are going now as there's several environments in the deplored the I was up at 2008. Life before seven as Sarah Bartlett downtown. This weekend take a test drive and we will donate fifty dollars to the American Heart Association with the largest we'll double. PG Chevy Equinox dug them 1800514. All revisited sinister plot multi to. Licensees homers virus to tell you see gas severe feels a smile center hotline now faster than Kelly very show. Her show is live from the love restaurants horsepower studio ninety to nine FM ESPN. Pain. The weather all over the place some time this call of the times not so called (%expletive) really messed within its message when he not Dylan perfect. I never harbored helped primary here and walked in that clinic harbor will provide primary care services including pediatric team. They offer extended hours to victory busy schedule and they also. That same day appointment doctor Karen Andrews is there you can make it one was hurt. And regional one held that award. Flash 808. Regional one help dot org. Flash eight Joseph hates pork you'd rather call you can do that by dialing this number 901. 5154200. That's not a 15154200. That is harbor health primary care and walking in athletic. Got called calcium don't try to tough it out like an idiot. I may devastating religion that every year. And every as the only branch they go you're your your irresponsible now you're talking about the old me half. I'm the new me like India. Nuns and assure us that about the yeah. Are you going. Primary care wolf that blocking Connecticut from. You can read the Bible and by boarding 205154200. If you fill in fact make unemployment regional health dot org slash page oh pesos to Benedict now. Joseph was presented by Humphries prime cuts shop well folks folly of original team. What do we learned today my until we love lives. About curling. And dogs and dog dog we talked a lot about it on one minutes on dogs on doggie pads on how to be cute dogs say they got played in about reputation today. Did we talk about dogs. Guns. They have dogs and guns with a lot of hound dog the guns he gets by guess who missed a couple of what's the biggest game tonight transfer out here since the matchup between the two best teams in America athletic conference that batted point three in the three Houston's nineteen and five both the projected to make the NCAA tournament. Cincinnati about a three and a half point favorite tips thank you to watch it on. CBS sports network what she's done watch on TV the Olympics are on again tonight figure skating Alpine skiing skeletons snowboarding freestyle skiing should be and that starts seven goats and thirty. From dusk till dog. It is on start seven or not you like for those who have gone. I'd like to see that I haven't seen it all the way through I've never watched. I know I can't believe I. I've never seen until sort of voted Julia Louis I had my wife just Enola. Harvey Keitel I might have to fell behind at this time on tour de. And on sorry McDonald's car is there anything I need to make sure I read don't read all of a quick. I mean yes Reid obviously but not right now that Helms pretty good I would say this I think that was from my time reading I would take their time and I would go watch the Carrie champion Brian James Calgary on YouTube video put on the FaceBook paid everything they get really good seven to even the KB. King David Perry JB what's on tap for tomorrow. Get ready for all star weekend get better from Memphis to lay. Could be on for at least I hope to haunt her promise to do I have yet to be on. Every time. Back here tomorrow. Porto have been careful. Big time big good read your. Yeah. 29. Hi this is more anxious than Ted air conditioning heating and plumbing. Sanchez started tenth and finishing eating incoming sixteen years ago in 1958. Point commission to be honest. There and chest ready to each customer today every job like it grays ferry and now his transcends salt and Bryan chance friendly company with the same morals that their dad and grandfather instilled in them. To celebrate their sixtieth anniversary. It's a lifetime offer a sixty dollar T in F special to all our heating air conditioning and plumbing customers. We're also offering a sixteen month no interest financing. On select carrier AT ACC standings. And Sydney water heater in insulation starting at just sixty dollars a night. Call 75547972. Day to take subpoenaed to ever sixtieth anniversary specials. And remembering Ted. Let our family therapy you're damned playing. Play the latest. Massive HD. My trips to. Favorite trying to pooch kick you know.