Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 & Lane Kiffin (FAU Head Coach) in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Thursday, December 7th

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Seg 1:  Geoff Calkins in Seg 1 to discuss the Memphis Tigers with GP

Seg 2:  FAU Head Football Coach Lane Kiffin

Seg 3:  Dinner to Go 


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More like a coach a sexually missed sexual misconduct with a secretary. A coach sexual misconduct where today's sports information director. A hell. Sexual misconduct with a trainer a female trainer I'm surprised we haven't hit goals yet they're really at that did that story yet I wonder. A wonderful get there eventually. The only thing I would say is may be one reason for it and I'm not saying that this isn't like any other workplaces that they're in those settings. Like what I see with the grizzlies for example. There's a lot of people commingling and end to gather all lied. In open spaces and given anywhere else I think and I tried to actually say here's why I haven't seen what a story in the sports world. It's because they're so very few women are actually in the business and those jobs you know if you work in Hollywood you might have one powerful man and fifteen. Less powerful young beautiful women say in the office yeah whereas like on a college campus in a football for us there are women there sure but not a whole bunch of now there are you know did it in NBA franchise they're there might be women working their but not like a million of bombs is not necessarily. Another person saying ratio Amin and women working together and of power and women have less power perhaps that's an explanation but either way. Harold Ford junior no longer employed. He has lost his job after Halladay allegations of sexual missed on story number four former South Carolina police officer Michael Slater says today's twenty years in prison. For the deadly shooting. Of an unarmed black man named Walter Scott this of course happened back in April 2015. It was. One of those cop killings that we solve. And talked about and sort of set in motion all of these conversations we've been having in this country. Pretty much ever since. I guess conversations actually date back decades but until we had iPhone cameras that showed us this stuff. It was very easy for people to pretend it didn't happen. The way that it often early sometimes happens and I'll bring the strip to make this point. This is all anybody ever wants. This is all anybody ever wants a when you to hear about Colin can't predict protesting or black lives matter or any protest anywhere. All anybody wants is for. Wind based type of thing happens somebody is held accountable. Somebody is forced to pay a price. That people. Law enforcement officials. Aren't able to do these types of things and then get away with a because that is the way it has happened so many different time that's where the frustration comes from that's where the anger comes from. So. I think it's weird to celebrate. A man somebody's son. Somebody's brother somebody's father being sentenced to twenty years in jail like that's not a great day independent of everything else. I'm but it is a date that represents. Somebody who did something he shouldn't of done. Who had a badge and then did something he should have done. On what's held accountable for. And that's. All anybody who's ever protesters spoken about these issues that's all they ever want. Things are going to happen in this world things are gonna happen in this country but when this type of thing happens let's not let them get away with it. Today that person didn't get away with it. And so. That's at least better than the alternative Geoff Calkins is up next day. EST I was proud to announce we've been selected as the official radio station. I was staying in the Autozone Liberty Bowl December 30 militants at least one more question of the freshman FaceBook dot. This keeps changing. Emerging technologies are bringing new opportunities. 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They got mad and best man or in the whole wide world far as I'm concerned certainly in the area at hoping for the commercial bills' fifth three consecutive years Michael Donovan. Don't imagine the area for. Seventeen years get a hold rating with the Better Business Bureau but yet they don't furniture as well living rooms have gone that we'll. Any diversion on the public beautifully became and they also now have tickets out. The bill station until he got right things like Build-A-Bear yelled and build video games you can build. We don't feel bad you never see that again and they disappear isn't that amazing is more I can hit the underdog for parents gone you'll never see that there again. I do I bought fourteen bit better go there I'm surprised that two brand don't build it up a until they go on the night trying to build no no shot no way I. So if they don't like building that you actually get lucky victim of behavior that propel us sleeping on you get those built from scratch. You everything that goes in the building a pillow you're in charge of that. Happening right now actually be the Baghdad by Michael that if you take advantage of that twenty everybody everywhere road. Summer avenue next to Hollywood feet 3591040. The number 35 nights important. Backed by Michael and on the way happy we believe me he asked god god. Going. Out of the John Martin conversation I had one of the more amazing radio seasons I've ever heard personally was dead I said I sent Ian out can Pomeroy just facilitate asked me I know the answer but I said compiled what I know he has a sigh even Kim Pomeroy and I said. I'm hate just based on your numbers if you took the 2008 Memphis basketball team put it on a neutral court against this Memphis basketball team what would be the projected. Final score so I teased that Gordon a 444 and I came back in just forgot completely about. I apologize no payoff no payoff she's I had I had the amazing teased but no payoff for distort my life you know the truth. Sort of the story of my life is ideal I got information what do you think Brad Carson projected scored Derrick rose's Memphis Tigers against Jeremiah Martin's Memphis Tigers all gosh there's got to be out of fifty point is the disparity there are so now not a nice twenty point. Final score cord can Pomeroy the projected score would be based on all of his data. 7756. When one point actually that's closer than I thought it would be all that to wake close I don't doubt that'd be like those UNLV projected tied score no but what I look at without denying buzz right now like this Memphis team even when when Laura spotted eagle when you are way worse than somebody that's about the Max of where it goes around 2127. Points. So it's according pot can bomb it meant that his 2008 team played just let the same final score. Would be they would Powell 197756. If you put minus 21 and I'd lay the points. I would totally the point I would got Max that I had laid a point yeah as Jeff Carter. I'm good you know. I might lead a point but would. We'll see outlook and as we didn't does a good point I'll let it just Prodi now it's like. Could their growth could walk up the middle of the game like that could happen so anything could happen and I can't. They still bring in Willie can't we be fun I do. Yeah and they're current in their current day hatred frigate Willy kid going to be fine. I'd love to have a GDR there were visited a local guy and current currency would be a bad. Don't think about if you can you can take Derrick Rose in these busted up knee and say he can't play anymore yeah see eighty yard behind like overridden everybody locker room. I know we don't we just put it I'm going. And got back a week before the end and be fine. You cannot now you're staying out of now let him out of the elements of the other good. In the locker room within got to ask. Yeah catwalk and it didn't and quit the team and I believe in the locker room would see the arc we still bring in Willie can't. And Don know about it and yeah I'm looking at right now. Wound and it would appoint a minute war. Clear cut. What I've ever done a daughter goes to I got back on the move oh yeah are going on again quickly as if dot ailment was apparently like frustrated he wasn't playing as much as he'd like flattened and so John's way of like making enough frustrated would be like go to they thought about how many minutes you play. It's about like what do you do when you're on the court in York you're leading the whole country of points from it I don't like like I'm. And dial back let's talk puppet type a guy who wouldn't really know how to figure out points per minute I think that the nicest way possible and the word oppressed comes one day in judge up there is people don't even under state I think people voters there voting with a point about the tell amazing life he would always start with what people don't I don't. I think that they people don't even understand. It say the automatic. Is like come on our bench Lee in the nation in points from it not about that stuff about them off a I will have the beat writer at time in my torrents or yeah because this was the year before I think. So I know yeah I think I was the beat right a look at out of that let's interest in whatever he said that I would I was the beat writer. So I say. I was I think it was a sizable interest the other I'd look it's that big a neat little column on a Mac lead the country employs permit. So it looked it up immediately what I found that was Kevin Durant was leading them. Countryman. Got no matter what the needed first on the tiger that was like Chris Douglas Robert right there was not a single part of that statistic that was true. And yet judge based just trotted out their lately Billick so believable to a little while this is also not because it is that that meant what in the top 200 of the country. In points per minute anyway. Senate and 7756. That the projected score. From Ken Pomeroy of the 2008 tigers played these university Memphis Tigers on a neutral court. For the record hardly the point spread carcinoma that was just arguing the points to Allah to watch I think we're all laying the points Max bet Max bet. Now expect Tennessee hire a football coach that it's interesting because. Last night we studied it reported like this is done Jeremy Pruitt who did it take coach at Tennessee about it it's unlike. Good for us I guess like you know like he could be. Will Muschamp which would be great or it could be jumble Fisher that would be great like Nick Saban got a whole bunch of former assistant to become head coach at. Some of whom bin Kirby Smart that's sounds also. Another ones have been Derek Dooley. Not so much so like I hope gently through what is more legible Fisher and Kirby Smart then the alternative. And yet this fans were like tweeting me and they Walcott and Kirk herb street basically anybody else has pleaded anything's slightly. Negative about Tennessee while they'd like fired athletic director in Rwanda. A defensive coordinators career at Ohio State and they were like I. Who's laughing now and I'm like. Are that excite the territory. I guess it's just. Toys. It is kind of their fault on some on at least some level that they ended up in that spot. Orders are really genuinely set Jared. I hit. I think a lot of it is. Yeah you rally around anyone. Evidently except for. Oceana I get to the way that usually works is whoever it is you rally around right and I think there's some of that. Think that a lot of relief over. And I think you can talk yourself and being excited they unit which they say listen this guy actually shut. He's either sit and certainly not just like a page any civil society groups problem. Tweeted out that you eat particularly known as the guy that nickel I Garland and this is great a player development and they're recruiting and usually 43 edit got a national championship. From Florida State and you can you talk yourself into what I don't think you conduct yourself with a look at such. The great man and a bit. We got it out but it's good that that can hire the guy who you've got to are literally at any point about any one of whatever what are they went on. To which jumped the gun agenda broad but gently up W look at a chance yet plays like that that that moment so all of the great crew to get them. I do think this is the part that I Billick like I have agreed with. It's like that unless supplement Twitter someone assembled a Twitter list of under what are all the people who could mean to Tennessee and it was like. If you people hungry or says that he doesn't look too politically and I would automatics. And what I set about ten feet is what it may work when they were taken down brake channel Billiton as I said. I don't think it's mostly about Penn State I think it's mostly about that you'd like whether Coke and escalate their troop you what do we got really all access. Actually said that in terms with what they are great challenge I I didn't think he would look at me either like what I would have been. Outside of those defendants and they'd hired Greg shadow. So. And at the other thing is I don't I've never believed that. 'cause they bungled this search they are forever doomed to be in a terrible prep program if if Jenny Pruitt is really good and I got no idea he's really got it could gently put it really good. In four years. That they will be. You can't rather than the man and like if Google ever made the. This search in elegant well unfair. I give it turns out that for years about what the national championships. It won't make this search a well run splurge. But only if the couple's searched. And I don't believe in me and that that book because everything that happened in the last 25 days. I really don't think you're doomed senate seat any thing I think if it yeah at all it all wraps arbitrarily Broder. Anybody that I had no idea and you're right that said win. They went on that social media Rampage against. Greg Schiavo was like to have like great young Republicans you'd rather have a different football coach we're your think your better than him or whatever I I at the issue without. Act like it's its flimsy connection to the pin state scandal that you just can't stomach it you don't care about that they they did it hit. That's not what is anger you it Jon Gruden. At the exact same flimsy connection the Penn State scandal you would be the one dismissing it saying there's no world. Nobody's ever been charged with a any bank nobody ever been investigated and sued for anything you would literally be the person dismissing. The exact same thing if or try to juggle does that aggression out of and that your act like it's the one thing that provisions to receive from iron like get out of my face you're lying to yourself. That's all I've said I also thought it was kinda crazy the one John Curry fire wind on the verge of hiring Mike Leach well what ever. They can but that the idea selected and I had it yet because of that. I and a police list like I think it's crazy to find your athletic director in the middle of a coaching certain about it. What he's about to hire Mike Leach I still think it's great so because I thought that was crazy I get on the list. Think Lester on I guess. And these people are to be announced not like try it like it is basically. The toll is. Also you guys thought we were crazy look at this now the wall never forget and I'm like you'll never forget what I did like that's weird I've already. Apparently they already have. It doesn't have to got. Unedited edit forgot what I. What I read it beyond that and it is for the opening segment. If you're trying to prove. To people. That think you're crazy. Day you're not crazy. Acting crazy. They got an outlet like hey guys I remember those those those. Liberal sportswriters do don't we were crazy. Let's all tweaked it a thousand times literally. Like yelled at all though the proof your crazy people get there are a lot of. If you look at all the lists. We will ever forget yeah life's like you know nine elevenths and you'll never forget is passenger crazy. Except that like I don't want to defeat at that people bode well but I don't regard I really don't gut. What I consider it like it's like give a guy Briggs that would girl or girl breaks up when a guy. And and and and he says Billy got the fabric that was the girl and I said listen these seem like this wouldn't have got to like you just catch it could you be crazy to me you just crazy. She's so you think I'm crazy like I don't like you're being crazy. If you've been crazy consistently. You can look crazy people go. She's like. This he called me seventy times in a row like wake up front you're not cookie sheet of golf every got a if you're proving that your bananas and it didn't think I ever have that like tweeting me incessantly. Like you are you've proven you're not crazy right now. You proven that you or crazy let me ask you this. It was good two months ago I was told Tennessee fans are right. Wish granted. You're gonna fire Butch Jones he's the disaster. Don't worry I got Jeremy Pruitt on his way how does that play. It would have been incredibly deflating incredibly deflating there's no question would have been deflating. A tense. And then you can put it there's so many times to get actual basketball searchers touched it's simply true weight when you find you are. A someone that people are looking for saviors. Eight it's probably important. Her ex attic to it exchange about the city state. Shipping list should stay did a brilliant think they just want out of Acapulco like they didn't want a savior they did try to illustrator they just. And and I would just try and they are the football coach. Integration of Egypt's football coach. And you don't have to worry about being cross. If you check your eyes on I think the difference in kind of say if Turkey thinks they should be able to hire a savior a hey Mike Gundy here gents good merchant Kelly or whatever else. And you end up Jeremy Pruitt. It's got to be deployed included a question that committed if he had been a guy two months ago. It would have been deflating at the end of this search given what you've done yourself. He's saying hey it worked out so that we made a shot at social foot seventeen different time to let the governorship of this. And so that's sort of what happened is that they're like. We didn't bungled it so badly we still got an actual credible football coach who could turn out to being I think. Tortured and that's important not exactly the same terrible although they worked to work just fine. It could work out brilliantly despite all of the obstacles they put in front of themselves and for the record. I hope that it does have. Fredricka I think they have like Ike I like the feet and enjoy tennis people bought it for so long that they labeled the poet so I hope that every pro what Eric is they are wild and smashing success. And get back to win an SEC east championships Jeff gaga think he's abducted MR IR about when we come back. Lane Kiffin former coach of the Tennessee balsa. Former coach of the USC trojans former NFL head coach former Alabama offensive coordinator. First year coach at Florida Atlantic just won a conference USA championship. Startling given that. Did you know 120 signs and symptoms of diseases can only detected in your mouth during a routine dental exam. Health begins with a plan from delta dental of Tennessee. To learn more visit cover your mouth dot com. Get to know the number one auto and home insurer in Tennessee state farm I'm Cathy turner head first at eight and number. And the reason my name is on the site is because Montana did you decide to go like 9017677744. For all. They're here to help make your celebrations. Prices on traditional flavors. Favors those favorite so every moment is truly special. 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Which unit during this season overall perfect 80 no we see USA now how. Don't play Akron in the Bogor tumble on December 19 I am of course talking about Lane Kiffin. And he joins me now laying it scared especially doorman. Area. No big for being here appreciate it just looked at feet improper record and see it's because USA. And CBS sports are if you saw this just identified FA use hiring of you last year. As the best tire of last year's entire coaching carousel are you surprised by how well things have gone or did you expect to win as many games so quickly. The power of positive article I'm human. Yeah. Also off frame and and are you on the so. We have without awesome hair and down wishes then it's been so exciting because it's been usual you know him. Unfortunately it bigger places and kind of you know. Although first routers all of those things and stuff and championships but I. You know to see kids you know and I didn't success you know my and he said. You know and their four years here you know going beaten. A team with a winning record one time you know and so in this scheduled you know this year being any team on the schedule you're goes so. Good to see the look on their faces after games and excitement in the locker room you know said before it's like every game was like global you know every time they wanted so excited so. It was just an amazing run not only your nine nonconference play but they did a dominant fashion. Thanks initiative or had won one game that was you know what I'm single digits so you know pretty amazing piece by these players. Are gonna Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin here on 99 a ME SP he's on Twitter at lane under score kept and obviously outside of the power five structured. Is it only so much you can do UCF for instance right now undefeated best he can do. Trip to the peach bowl so what's the ceiling. At Florida Atlantic like Youboty herded into a talking point on a national level a successful product undeniably but when you dream of like the biggest days of FAU. What are you envision. Well I think everything every search somewhere you know and so. You don't I don't know sort that all would be a rhetorical course it was really small nation heard another program wasn't so. I have a starting point and so. If you you know. If you look at history and what happened motor sales order in action and how many great runs there have been by great teams you know for a state remind anybody. The US senate few ship right now USF just right now as well you know. I'm so I think there's an option of watching that that there's a lot of great players here are so wanna do it here in Leinart. To have right here is corruption on murder maim figures don't hysterical on terror so. It's a relatively new program I mean restricting sixteen years old or something like that so. You know our plan is a ticket do I serve and you know got the conference championship trophy here and our governor is certain to keep your. I've read enough to know that and living in Boca Raton is like a part of the reason you were interested in this job. You know as as because Sullenberger said that a football impaired it what's it like just that in terms of quality of life you could all over the place including Southern California which is terrific putt. Like just until the quality like what's it like living where you live. I think this is so that you per car or audio wise. You know I don't know why people don't get out and coaching you know we get you everywhere. Profession people who you know they take into account okay this subject of this summit communique of particular town where where is that you know group is a place that I wanna live sources and accomplish all of your body so. Some reason people are standing coaching. Maybe the most social and do if I do Dennis decision. On that is a big part of of being here and that's a big part of having now left either you know I was it's a great relations. Possibly still hasn't. People complain about housing prices you know Manhattan Beach earlier there near Boca sable. They executed a good thing thousand dollars or I didn't every consulate there you're good you're good place. There are obviously football coaches right now it bigger schools but there are many football coaches more famous than you like I think they could make an argument. That you're one of the five most famous most recognizable college football coaches in the country some of that obviously based on the job that you had some of it is of course. Based on social media week did you roll you'll realize that you could. Used Twitter to your advantage to create interest to create laughter create fans and I think also to probably help recruiting. Well that's sort started certain years ago north Alabama. You know. There's and so literally you couldn't Saddam wrote you cannot text prospects and executed direct message them. So that's all Scotia born or use Twitter to there's no way to communicate with recruits. You know because we ought to do protection problems they exchange roles and so that's where it kind of started here. Communication with them and really we got here and you know became more than a became more marketing plan of okay or that you thought or don't you know. What it used territory where it is or any of those and so what some viewed as a platform Q. Yeah okay here's many places that we can and so in other article yesterday used and some are third fourth whatever. You know on most exciting program. You know noted other nine programs in our own signature you know you're auditioning programs you are saying. You donate their work. You know that that was the golden and that's not about me at such and you saw me extra sure over and that's what it's optional 32 and hopes to your president now. Our presence is very aggressive and one of the biggest things we talk voters don't. You know applications is cool young kids wanted to come and her when you building program. And our football program that's exciting it is except you know. Our our applications. Are up this year for our school over 35% already. So. You know and argued criticized loss or I think some days similar sit durable way. There's an actual bulk of should be doing all right coach speak it in there and being boring old stocks that's actually. They're trying to please other athletic directors other presidents other places so is there on our. I get all the time and say what are you doing that stuff you know there's a presence in 88 other let the I don't like and so are. You have to work. I don't so I don't get it you know and so. By not the best advice to young coaches because you know maybe it dame you let you know some conservative people always think what. Good to meet if you look at just like our president that he can be more happy you brought someone doing their job and doing exactly what he wanted to. Talking to Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin here on 99 of them ESP he's on Twitter at lane underscore kept in perfect record. In CU SA can play in the Boca Raton ball that's on December. Nineteenth you poke fun on Twitter at among others Nick Saban which has become. A story that people enjoy now I sometimes. FaceBook Twitter poked fun at people as well and then I'd bump into them somewhere randomly and it can sort it at least from my perspective feel awkward. So what's the scene like wind you wherever. Bowl bid to Nick Saban is that our quarter do you even care. You know I would not be awkward because first off. Thanks Saban does has no clue on economic on Twitter do you see these. Not seeing any other. You think it's a series. The storm taxed areas just sold school there you cutie is never sent a text message legislature chooses to do so. Certainly not gonna get on Twitter and so. That's how it is and and really susceptible are portion rat poison whatever that I was a lot of them. And then people just don't hurt stayed around complaint about science say no I'm actually. He's our greatest motivate or in all of sports I was nervous watching movies scene are you hadn't brought orange into media and you saw him. I'm doing the same thing you don't understood it uses different platform same tactics just with a different operating Twitter in the news network he means do so. You know sort of it was not at all the bottom I think. You know some people that they don't maybe older people or that don't understand things they've they've read these articles are so strong statement. And I don't think you're known trolling these things Tibetans you know just totally disrespect to her going after compared to send. I don't really give it your Florida Atlantic coach on Twitter at lane underscore Kevin interesting tweet yesterday from bread be Lamotte who's the former head coach of Arkansas. He congratulated Chad Morris and congratulated the University of Arkansas and wished him all the luck in woo pig Tsui and all that stuff and it clearly gracious thing I think. I think perhaps the right thing to do. You have been in Britain be on the situation my point being wary university decided you know what we think we can do better than you. I'm curious because it is counter to my instincts like it my radio station or CBS sports the Fed wanted to get rid of me. I wouldn't wish them well I would want it to fall apart on them. Do you think every coach has been through it does Obama really want Arkansas to flourish ours are part of him that wants them to think. You know what maybe maybe we gave up on the guy too soon. I think it depends doesn't it depend on what a coach gets fired whether. You know whether racing bishop and are not known what candidate the option going to but there are times say OK I get you know or whatever you know. I'm you know I'm sure butch Jones and say okay we were always garbage player whatever it was like I understand I'm not. I'm not mad about it actually and those guys sometimes you don't truly. Know. What he said they truly mean it helps till up. There's still a lot of those guys and older say that put they're still really don't want to know when because it's just human nature sometimes let. It depends and now it's just way were you thinking OK I was assured him and are we were doing their job you know. We're doing the things that we're supposed to do then it's different and then you have some anger obviously towards towards those people you know people that are yet. The other people you worked so closely wasn't so church itself it's a difficult thing you're taking your younger athletic director of the president's put it torture team. You know so it cause sudden. Whenever he goes bad usually decode ceasefire so. Back and be a Disco called situation room you know if you thought you were just superb. I'm wrapping up to a Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin on Twitter at lane underscore kept the last thing before I let you don't appreciate your time. Arm you can criticize it as you pointed out earlier for all sorts of different things I suppose some of them are fair but one of the ones that I always thought was ridiculous. Was that you quote left Tennessee after just one year. You with a coach there you were successful in recruiting at a high level people love you. And then no fault of your own. If your dream job opens up and they are interested and you and it put on the table for you got a chance at a illegal back to California to detail about California the coach of one of death. The best college football program that America and it was always nonsensical for my perspective for people to think. You should have turned that down because it happened after only one year I still that. The point out that Willie Taggart going to the same thing right now he'd left organ after just one year to go take his dream job at Florida State and he is being. Perhaps that adds intensely criticize but but still criticized to some degree digital. Always think that was just a baffling us as perhaps I thought it was battling like what are you supposed to do turn down a job because that. Happened that we are part of the calendar I never understood that did you ever understand it. Well I didn't I didn't you know I looked at miners. You know what you Cedric green job you know. RC in Mosul so you know I'm sorry you know the Katrina thing where he left currencies and our board kimbo just they're worried and leftist in what we do not deploy. Unless some blows my mind away no I do that which is even after the ballgame you know. And so there's your belt was debt ceiling was over those seniors are downplaying you know and so dream job came out and and it didn't blow me away the criticism nationally for that you know and then I hear load times immunity zone whatever sports or government. So you know all everywhere you are worried and magicians horrible all baiting and horrible. They were burning mattresses and having riots because they wanted to us state ranks but it could I think that that's a positive. That means that you're doing your job because they were so excited about it. That you had you know had beat Spurrier. South Carolina and richt and Georgia and coach Saban out of last place you know in Tuscaloosa. You know he had done a lot of great things and one year. And so they were down their anger that's a good thing. What's bad as well and they're having a party when he's right you know because they want you gone so. Yeah I was kind of so I was very surprised and actually go to an expression wasn't like I mean people should get you know. I was that you had just been have been a USC our secure Pete Carroll won you know. Whatever five known BCS bowls and three guys control to owners paltry jets or in California so. You know that is you know not to criticize that move and I was say it. Writers Chris says there have or your senior that you were ten years ago the UK unit move all the time. But you know. I've always felt that my wife and I said oh I've always thought that like I use it for every writer that criticizes the coach for taking a better job it's like Joseph if you worked at. I don't know of the Knoxville news sentinel and in the New York Times called what would you do you'd probably go to the New York Times why the coach. The villain the devil when he doesn't thing think it's never made any sense to me. The other like I can't believe yours you come digger Kosher it's not like whoa what are you guys gonna do good. In a week you're a guru like you and took Derek Dooley Louisiana tech's coach you know we. They're good. The unwritten. Aren't good for her. Let him play given the Florida Atlantic coach just an unbelievable scene and in this first season hit the Boca Raton on December 19 he's on Twitter make sure you vomit you not. At lane underscored giving congrats on everything that I am happy boy I appreciate your time and I'll catch up with the down the row. Our guys are worried that he's a much that's like given the Florida Atlantic coach here in 99 of them. ESPN I like guys sometimes who are accomplished. They have also been through ya you know they are accomplished and they've also been through so at the B so buttoned up anymore that's right you know. You sit on the college basketball side John cal Perry that way at. A Rick Pitino was that way Jim paid time that way. Like guys who I don't appreciate who don't feel like they have to play the game like any more front I'm not trying to pretend lane is is coaching at the equivalent. In football of Syracuse or global or Kentucky. I'm either Florida Atlantic. But still. And he made it clear like I'm not trying to impress other presidents or other athletic directors and Internet and ensure that I don't turn them off like. I am doing the job that I have. The best that I can do the job that I have my and that means putting together an unbelievable football team. But also like creating interest in Florida Atlantic University. To the point where. People. Talking about it not only talking about it blight the gold schools here yet video that like. People want to go to school here and a they didn't even know this school existed on. A month ago applications are 35%. That's what he set out since he took the job at Florida Atlantic and you'd be crazy not to think that he's played some role in that. I mean honestly anybody listen right now did you know were Florida Atlantic was two years ago now did you know it existed two years ago maybe. May but he knows in Boca Raton I knew it was a holiday anyways in Florida but he has made it he's made it a national conversation and not just by being equal Lane Kiffin and talking and then being controversial. You know creating dead spin stories but I'd winning football game like winning football games winning conference championships it's been an unbelievable story I don't know that he retires there. But perhaps along they keep him he's. He's done a hell of a job already that was Lane Kiffin and ice united them ESP and we get back we'll wrap this whole thing opportunity to Michael here. 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Thought I enjoy you know what I and I like him like I think Jeff and I like him and I know that their listeners gone I need being given how did you somehow but I think people used to hate Lane Kiffin I don't know people lately given anymore. It's gonna come around I think I think most people come around like he's. But what she didn't throw like what is the point of Haiti Lane Kiffin anymore that's right get these C could put that it will stories change and I know we got to get that done a familiar but. It's all stories change dot. Once upon a time he was the pretty guy up with a beautiful wife and who got a bunch of jobs that he didn't deserve his dad knows daddy's boy elite oh really I'd die you know I have my lest they were Kiffin and my dad was successful coach maybe I'd get these opportunities to back. So people resented him they were likely kill you only who you war nine. Because your dad was he successful football coach if not they you don't get these opportunities you don't end up working for Pete Carroll and you don't get the hook it would that beautiful blonde from all of this is the result of what are you were born now what you were born into you will born on third base. You born on third base yeah act like you had a triple get out of my face and plus you're a little too arrogant for my liking a full and people waiting for the downfall out but that it happened now. You know he's now coaching at Florida Atlantic he's not coaching the raiders anymore as a coach into the Seymour is back coaching USC anymore and he showed himself to be. An interest being. Keller personality to Nick Saban won't work it would mix it up so much that picks they'd like fired him. Affords college what a playoff he's done it and now he's got the Florida Atlantic and not. Only been a big personality and social media present outlawed like done the job well and so. Completely understand why you would hate Alain camp when he was all those other than that previously described him. But belly just the coverage USA coach who seems to be have a good time seems to be. Keeping it real sure it's like being himself and not worried about trying to portray what other people think he ought to be. And what's not to like let's listen I think listening to him talk about bull of personal lives in boulder tonne and if you can do what he did this year. You make it a million bucks a year. Which I know it and go as far as it can and Memphis bimbo for Thomas still like that could if you can make got a good job. Hit that Connecticut plays for him I concede as well life is probably awesome if people spend their whole lives working like crazy so that they can move there and relax and enjoy living in like one of the best places to live in this country right. Oh he is the work they're doing exactly what I just described in his thirties forties however old and is now. The dice it's a nice life it's probably not a lie if you measure not a rowdy price on of probably would still like to be the USC coach on some level now but it is what it is and I think he's just because his story is so different now. He becomes much more easy you're. Tell that to light in to root for I always liked it I love Tennessee fans that were like I hate link given and I know you didn't you lady when he left for better job so they he's editing but but you can heed him. Yeah you I'd like I wanna know go you wanted to go let's play some. And so I always like on him interesting here in Eric. Coaching profession that offer so few real personalities. I kind of like cabinet personality but he's especially the like I think it would. From basically everybody not just me. Now these the Florida Atlantic coach as opposed to the US you to seek it is slightly ironic that you had him on a while the press conference I'm looking at Twitter that true it was getting introduces the Tennessee a couple of kids there Gary Pruitt has been officially introduced as Tennessee's 26 head football coach has to do. Ordered dinner Joe's presented by Humphries prime cut shop well folks folly original piece. What did we learn today I don't mind as governor about Gary Pruitt finally filling the position Tennessee ahead of football coach. The big. I don't know does the big news today but like. A significant news today related to a man yeah I touched on it but I think it in the details earlier. He'll Ford junior. Fire today for misconduct by Morgan Stanley the allegations. Are that a woman who is not an a Morgan Stanley employee. But who was interacting allegedly would herald they're professional capacity. She explains. Aggressive behavior. I'm on wanted behavior right and she had. Emails to back this type of stuff off and she you'll in this movement by people of this country were folks are speaking up yeah. Come forward she spoke up and apparently the evidence was compelling enough. To get more to move Morgan Stanley to a place where. They removed him now from his position so you wanna know more about it you can just Google her Ford junior it's everywhere. What's the biggest game tonight tonight football things docket that we're saving big stadium down in Atlanta think tonight at three falcon 75 web about a two point favorite kicked 725. Watch it on NBC what she's done watching on TV college football awards live from Atlanta do you care about it funniest. AM she hit seven Toy Story. That time forgot a post Christmas play they take a scary turn when they sent back to figure become delusional so Trixie muscular Powell safely back the body so that starts at 730 on AB CDs or anything I need to make sure I read. Am I telling men Orlando wrote a story about one of the big breakout freshman stars in college basketball kid named. The whole life when his name he once Shaq and imaginative that thing. I'm the point where if you remember names and more focused and probably get that check that may help him find freon. As Oklahoma freshman at Oklahoma. And it's really been putting up monster monster performances he's not necessarily coming this season considered one done might be announced that check that out CBS sports dot com what's on tap for tomorrow let's see if I can remember. And every Friday can't walk in the first hour just talking in the second should be fun enjoy a night I'll enjoy my may be back here tomorrow portal that. Be careful because I'd be good rescue bush. Yeah. It's not only considered the best Internet AT&T. In home like I experience. Why I've never been attacked and. She has over seventeen million why I. AT&T. It also has the the largest PC network is America's. 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