Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, August 9, 2018, Hour 1 (w/John Martin in Seg 2 discussing Anthony Miller and the NFL)

The Gary Parrish Show
Thursday, August 9th
Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, August 9, 2018, Hour 1 (w/John Martin in Seg 2 discussing Anthony Miller and the NFL)

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And FM ESPN. Sex or shade as HA DD seven to anyone for your chance to win a thousand bucks right now you have 59 minutes to do it text the word shade. As HE HD TED seven to anyone could like take shape descended to a they won't give me another coworker on the other side clocks. ESPN presents there is only national columnist who spends his afternoon. New perspective to Memphis radio field make you think it makes you laugh because sometimes made you change the station of children around and he apologizes and. This is huge error ratio. Yeah back car and studio business programs are. Body let me let you let me. We'll begin to even then go out. You're ready for. Football to get rid exhibition NFL football scheduled for tonight last redeploy Thursday night hall of fame game as the bad. The ravens. What they've got started but tonight first full slate of games twelve games NFL. Involved. Television ratings will be massive I don't know because they've always off. There will be another. DL but they really are amazingly get into a momentarily heartfelt. Don't mind quickly the does that does that lives scheduled for port 25 job market model body. He coat that Jason just show with David Levy and doing his best. You'll coach you guys married to say good job of about twenty minutes and how to just continue that NFL conversation when there. Soledad scored notable stored Cole Porter Paula what we discussed. The story of the month that Tiger Woods got an even par seventy today. He is five strokes back of Rickie Fowler who is really. Saint Louis at the PGA championship. Was actually a nice day for tiger all things considered because he bogeyed one. Double bogeyed two basically started like me instead Tiger Woods. But he ended up playing the final sixteen holes at three under par to get back to even. We still in contention. After one round of the PGA championship we'll get into that little later on this hour exact Smith's lawyer says that nobody connected Ohio State. As contacted him to discuss. The ongoing investigation that's been ongoing for about. Seven days that I'm not sure that means anything or not we'll talk about it a little later on this Alan Lindsay alone. Said that some rape victims in this meet to movement are quote week. You can imagine how that went over. Say about that just before 5 o'clock in another professional athlete is openly talking about his struggles with mental illness for a pattern now. Get into it during portable storage before we hope by the budget talk in just like always there at 530 Jerry stack gases. Man who was the MVP of the McDonald's all American game when he was in high school. He went to college North Carolina. The Sports Illustrated national player of the year we went to GMBH and eighteen seasons there's a two time NBA all star. And after retirement. Following dabbling in media just a little bit decided to get into coaching he's big in the G league we. Toronto's franchise won a championship in 2017. Was the G league coach of the year and neither member JB because that's that I was looking at how much money when it matters is how much he's made like 95 million cost him his career you could create and I know like in he's coaching as an assistant in Memphis now well I think even more impressive or at least more. And president like this guy really wants to BA's coach yeah is that he bounced around the G league at least if you're as on an NBA staff when you're still chartering every flight you are still staying in five star hotels you're in major cities every night they GD life is something different out yet every once awhile I'll find myself on a flight with a G league team and you know it's like six foot eleven do sin you know wrote thirty beat you know got a good social unless I get a that's is crammed in there is nothing glamorous that's true you're not giving up playing in in big city wants to do what you're not traveling the way you even traveled in college now you were eight. A major division one basketball player you're not playing in front of crowds like you in the G league. Whether you're a player or coach you were doing it because like you're chasing something and so I'm fascinated by the idea that Jerry says that cast. A man who yet made that kind of money but also like had this kind of career like he could be doing spend his days however once it's very current and he decided to spin it in the G Lee because. That's where he wanted to learn to become a basketball coach or a better. Basketball coach really accomplished guy impressive guy he's on JB staff guys gonna join me at 530. After that we'll do dinner to go get out here if that's the Rendell got a that got a lot to get to but I wanna start with. Of the NFL because like I said. Tonight you've got twelve exhibition games involve being. NFL teams has 24 different teams involved as long as they still play one against another if my math is correct Gupta earlier today have already done three hours a radio host in the Jim Rome show. And one of the things I learned a long time ago is that when you are hosting a show. I'm really any national show but especially like the Jim Rome show something as establishes that. You better if there's a day when there's football going on this time a year you'd better Fo example ball pressure like I could easily open on the Ohio State investigation or the changes in college basketball but what bald probably a way to go for that audience. If so I started just reading anything or to foreign trying to find interesting angles. And no one of the things they stumble into is that. Last week's hall of fame game again bears ravens Lamar Jackson's involved I guess that's interest to Yahoo! right. It's just it's an exhibition game played between. Yet to NFL franchises but. Franchise with players in uniforms who are mostly backups or like guys who will be cut you don't know most the people involved. I'm there are guys wearing bears uniforms and guys wearing ravens uniforms but cooled very quickly after that game kicks off. Is those uniforms are largely filled. At least uniforms on the field largely feel with players you don't know. The players you don't need to know because they are not gonna Matt. And yet. The average viewership for they gain was six point 77. Million. People. There has not been a single regular season baseball game this year. Mets yankees not Red Sox yankees. Not Dodgers yankees not in anything. That sniffs that number. In fact this summer. There's barely anything. On TV period. That sniff that number. I get to understand that according to lake beat calendar if you Google Windiz summer start 2018. They date June 21 pop up pops up so we're ready to too much into technically what is considered summer. But if you define that as summer everything since June 21. You miss the NBA playoffs that's key but there's only two. Things. On T on TV period period. Everything that have outs wrong. Last week's exhibition game between the bears and the ravens. One is America's Got Talent at a realizes I mean I know what America's Got Talent is and I'm aware of the show him my son watches and I didn't realize it was this kind of phenomenon and it's a it's the highest rated thing on television right now just in so I believe since June 21. America's Got Talent have like nine episodes that have done better than six point 77 million dollars with Iran with its one show. Seven F a big number but it's it's it's once showed its done more than that exhibition Bogut and the only other thing. The only thing besides America's Got Talent that has done that kind of number. This summer you. Is the celebrity family feud episode. With Kanye West yeah. The charge that's you know I cannot last year and flowing on availability and on. Of course and that's an automatic everywhere and all of them right because that's the draw on what whatever you think of them individually or them as a couple more than family. I'm it is undeniable that Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous people in this country. Kanye West is won the most famous people in this country. You might not like Kim Kardashian but you have a all of them about Cold War you are like for whatever reason like she's up. Person that you're aware yes Kanye West you might not like him but he is somebody you are aware of he's somebody people pay attention to it so it's unsurprising that back. They would like I act I watched that you did you watched it. I think I've watched it twice. I think that's a rarity for UI yeah I think I watched it live on that another night a lot about what he's actually he was like Alba the target damaging it's about to come back on the wanted to go well why do we read a group that and like I did it was actually it was like four and was entertaining. Yeah because he was like take it very very seriously as he was very very good at a lot of the super can better about it. So it's so that episode like wit above six point 77 million people and America's Got Talent has gone above six point 77 million people. But literally nothing else this summer has done it. It is the third highest rated thing on television period. This summer last week's hall of fame game between the ravens. And the bears well I guess on demand has something to do with some of that too over the years rally at. Yes this is not to get off to I did that go all you have and your but your point is yeah. People what they looked stressed that it'll ratings are there like people use these numbers to try to save what it is they they wanna set surely some by some people say. It'll ratings are down it's because the players are protesting. Only a year that all time and other people say the ratings are down it's because the NFL is like all right how to camper. Ready to use it to say hello you wanna let your thing that took that the this either if the ratings or dad isn't that reason ratings are down everywhere. Few people watched TV in a traditional way yeah. Like you're you're streaming things and especially when it comes to television shows you're watching things on the main. They are it's not a single. Television show that I watch. The episode. Life. When it shall not want. Mostly because they have young children and they come on a primetime and I'm just not in a situation where I can sit down. For an hour on on a weeknight or even a Saturday night or Sunday act and pay attention to a television show without Oliver I want to do something. Or Lou won the climb stairs or Oliver wanted to roll Lou all the stairs for some sort of accommodation a of these things so everything I watch I watch on demand. And honestly some shoes. Networks have started putting show is on. Line and in even before they error. Allow over the air for showtime does this and so like I wake up on Sunday. And at some point during the day. I will find time because there's two showtime shows that air on Sunday that I dot. Com. Sacha Baron Cohen show yet and the other is the affair. And at like 1201 on Sunday so late Saturday night. But like whenever unsafe they are available you can watch them at 8 o'clock in the morning you go wash them at 10 o'clock in the morning. And they don't even air till 9 o'clock at night 10 o'clock is that I didn't notice and so the question becomes like why you but really why would you make your stuff available. So early because you're not gonna be getting television viewers and a traditional way. Like I if I had no other way to watch the affair than to watch it live I watch it live in but there's a million other ways to watch it's a light select one of those more convenient way it's what you find out if they don't really care how you watch it anymore they just want you to watch drag it there's just as much value and you streaming in at 8 o'clock Sunday morning as the remorse as there is watching -- live. 8 o'clock Sunday night. My point being this when people point to. But unifil ratings are down and then they try to explain why this is the truth is everything's down. And have to focus on NFL's down is to miss the big picture which is it still bigger than everything else yeah it's still bigger than everything else and actually have a ratings are down. Far less in terms of at a rate we. Then like traditional television shows our depth. So all of that stuff is as forever been nonsense even if some people can't grasp it for whatever reason. But even if if the ratings are down if the ratings are still incredible. Pride. And they will be again tonight because they were last Thursday night and it is in fascinating to me because. Arnie I guess on one hand in light. If I saw. On Twitter page baker myth is coming in the next series and that's on television. Output over much the number one pick Heisman Trophy winner throw his first pass as a professional. More or somebody says hey if they Miller's about the play for the bears like and that's on TV Aristide out because he didn't play last week ally it's probably a good sign it'll be starting. Well that that is the assumption that he's already done so much he has been the star of their trade totals star and the assumption is he's done so much that he's already. I'm a stab bush his role within that offense and now it's just like take it easy now bush is why receivers coach I don't know if you saw this. Was quoted couple days ago he is talking about into him. Can you say the community should you've got Miller out there he's just running around like a Jack rabbit I don't. I don't even know where he's going half the time cookbook and the what it was like he's hitting rescue or president Tom thumb. On route runner Rihanna won't know not actually he's an impressive ball getter. Like he he runs hall heard from these fights. He catches the beat catches everything it all ended the ball and he now in when he catches it he makes things happen but we have concepts within our offense. And he's got to know where he's supposed to beat you at this level model and impressive route runner at this level our quarterbacks often throw this yeah. And if you don't get to if you're not running to the rights. You like a putting us in a bad bad situation and he is like that if they fall for all of his amazing qualities. I'm and he is amazing body that are gonna give him and are obvious from day one. Like he's got to get a little better knowing where to because he's not so if he is gonna play tonight authority tolerated today so he is gonna play tonight along at a summit between it and say and to enlist them in the game and be like OK that's on T and I watch it. But just in general I couldn't care less. About exhibition football. And yet six point 77 million people watched exhibition football game last week for context. The Stanley Cup finals were. You know according to hockey fans pretty good liked David uplift the great. Yeah and the finals were terrific. And a franchise that never wins one a star who would never won one it was like enough of a story line where somebody who doesn't follow hockey like myself and it was at least aware that this staying and hey I returned this on now and the deciding game of the Stanley Cup finals. Like high stakes hockey mom. I'm a great story line a deciding game to determine who is a freely biggest win the trophy and a and it did not draw as many television viewers as an exhibition NFL game. Will off and it's always just a reminder that. While. Com the NBA. It is better grabbing headlines. And certainly has the superior all season. And also has that. The bigger personalities. And the more famous people frankly we can get this thing where they ranked players by fame athletes in this country by famed. And it's. They have a lot of different ways to do it's a who thought of it social media. But like Tom Brady is by their. Metric and the most famous NFL player but he's not like. Up there with LeBron James or staff Currie. Like the NBA has the more famous players the more famous personalities but more recognizable players and somewhat because. They're visible at all times forceful bottlers have helmets on at all times. Our most times and a hum even alleviate got all that going for it. I'm achy come close to the NFL when it comes to people just sitting down on the couch and watching. Literally anything that's on. The the what you watch tonight when you turn on television. It is people in the NFL uniforms it'll look like the colts. It'll look like the bears. And it'll look like. Whomever else sir. But the guys inside the jerseys and helmets. For them or for most of the games are not gonna beat. Actual people we're gonna be playing big roles for the bears the browns the colts or whomever and millions of Americans won't care what even flinch we're just still be there watching and it is why. I actually give this American alliance of footballer forgive me whatever they're calling it where Memphis has a franchise. It's why give it a chance to actually succeed him not in. The sense that. Livery both going to be packed and I don't think it will be any more than any stadium hosting one of these games is going to be pat I think the crowds are going to be. I don't know about embarrassing because I don't even know what they would consider in light but declare crowd will be like yeah. But I think it'll draw a number on TV. And the reason is because it's going to be football. Outlook which predominant gamble there within a with a fifty aspect connected to our. Played at a time where there's no weather football watch and a and it's gonna be on TV and if there's one thing that's been established for awhile. And last Thursday night with a reminder. People like to watch football on television. It's why they. Used only have Sunday football and then they went to Sunday and Monday football on the and they want to Thursday night football and in college football started added Friday night football. And it's why we have football on during football season. Pretty much every week on television every day of the week on television it's because. Television networks are in the business. Of getting people to watch there's a programming and the best way to do. The best way to do it. Putted from game throws but after that. It's put on an NFL game and it's not even close and even an exhibition NFL game we get it done. John Barnes up next IDC nine. SN ESPN has met this is NFL station isn't for the titans game against the Packers tonight coverage at 6 PM kick off at 7 PM live on 99 FM ESPN this. Like keeping your history remembers his home. Tennessee Texas or more and it was a tremendous news. Okay. He's the titans on 99 SM ESPN that. Still in mouth watering array of what we know he's he's Lisa yeah club does demanding his restaurant only fifteen don't know. Best place to get wife and kids could be even taste amazing day trades don't read prince Google TV studio admissible. The legendary dad tears cause. And Joseph believe favorites from their home to strip and Christie alimony and on Tuesday it's okay Jerry Jerry sickens. DOC didn't look good stuff I don't. Irene IndyCar. Digital sale Friday and Saturday only select tend to have the caprice. 99 cents a plus high end digital coupons at Kruger. Yeah. What's all the commotion about earlier. Just a new easy game watch you know August. It's only a dollar. And there is little different versions feature well it. I. To celebrate good dog days of summer with the new law. Instant game going the whole Leonard today only from the Tennessee lottery game changing but please play responsibly. And here's summer classic from the Tennessee lottery. Does this fifty. The Tennessee lottery game. Just remember the play responsibility. Listen up lessons from snow. Start with the basics. Everyone thinks it's all about the car and the clone but starlet to scheme. Starwood to hair. And make sure down there is working. So we don't do right here. They don't gauge dressed lip fresh. I never promised any day but he is one thing I'm a promise to meet you go to for eons dot com gives you game together. So you can look good feel good and perform well in Indian rule. Go to forehand that current awareness prayer from Maine. They got a one stop shop for you here he's keen in even four yet. How long is far down those files are trying to mend any comes right to your create. Don't wait don't hesitate don't meet meet or beat me here go to forehand dot com slash French. If all our HIM as dad terms slash fresh premiums slash fresh. And he is Kevin Johnson here GM Bruce Chris steakhouse in Memphis so what's good and Bruce Chris oh are tendered delicious is the prime state school. There always is. Speaking of sizzling in that time a year or seasonal three course menu inspired by this season's first nuclear springing up all of us. Series crew chef in sourced some of these players say you know we're enjoying fresh ingredients fresh at the very people. What's more our season and three horseman he starts at 44 and I think but this show not only enjoy three courses you'll also get a starter insert as well. You might even turn one of our premium new menu items like forty ounce Tom harper. And carved. So come celebrate this season's fresh new fair and make plans for an unforgettable evening sizzling steaks and warm hospitality. And visitors this. And be serious for them and other loved each roosters states this test done. You just you get. You know thirty global. Whatever you're getting ready for. For coming super cuts to super cuts stylus pay attention to every detail. With our signature hot towels finish you walk out feeling clean sharp and not just ready. But super ready. Stay ready to go all summer long with a pair took some super gut check out super pest dot com defines along near you. Guess severe PM the smile center hotline now offensively getting better show floor. Food pairings show is live from the bluff restaurant and sports scores studio eight to nine FM ESPN's. This anal. Great one god you're just an added that even he as the enemy next segment has scored notable story at 444. Would get updated on the tied awards program PGA championship then. When you only. I'll starve him to put up around for a little while I think he's a better late lead. A living really shy believes he quit it beautifully the LA times. In which she started by staying ready. I know I'm gonna regret saying if we don't feel. Who don't do it in place I just found out there right there which would understated she says that that women. And rape victims. In the meat to move in Oslo and week you can imagine how that went over and Hollywood and other places. What can and then the next that would have started at 5 o'clock Jerry's that countless 530 right now I'd go. Jason does show. Okay. And it showed why are you know I Barry did savage got mark what's the weather. More see if you don't and I joined today yeah. Yeah so what you know we'll have to give our last game what you're gonna have Charlie bill if they stay at the village being after what you really are estimate how do what I appreciate. She know what though that's not true I really don't care I usually I about it and I. I say that there are times when somebody out there doing and I do sincerely mean like hey I've wondered how are you. How are you holding not one of those cases like but what John I just assume he's doing fine guy when you do I mean what's what's not to be played with him what what would be the problem there is successful radio show on got a beautiful wife he's got a leg a daughter to. And now I I don't around and no real responsibilities outside of the stuff by just named Janet arson and mostly done well I would even occur to me ask you if you're doing okay can I just. I'm just gonna send me your. Richard you know what Matt. Like you shouldn't do that. You're dead you know what this is the rare time where John Martin actually correcting me. Probably correct yeah I'll wow. I should assume that because so often you assume that that person has nothing at all yet naked be dealing with something slower to be troubled by thank him yet they really are Dylan was some. The stuff that that maybe isn't as easy to see if that is another place this chart and for you to assume that they couldn't possibly be going through it. Islam is nothing more than assumption jump on your right. Yeah look at that thing through LA you know sometime importantly that you might have a friend or somebody that I got a friend of a friend that take paralyzed and you always hear I. A man actually the bat you know how how how are you Bud Light. Look big to do that you know to me like get play. Why even think wallet even occurred you'd act like. Hey how are you doing mentally you know nobody does that you can't say hey how are you be OK good to hear you loud you go about your day you know. Yes I don't like I do know I've been through that within the past year as good a friend of mine. Took his online fame and it's not even like. Like I think it's one thing when there are signs and how how we start talking about this but you asked and I was doing he had leg is is simple just sort of like it oh and how you do it. It's one thing when there are signs. And maybe you know you should make that phone call but you don't. A maybe you know you should send that text and you don't. And then you wake up the next day you hear the news and boom you know like I even GI. I guess I didn't really think this would happen but like. Yeah there were some signs there. But in in this particular case there was one not nothing nothing visible from my perspective at all it would have never even occurred to me tonight. Pull somebody aside in in this specific situation and that's one that. You know Harvard discussing this like still bothers me to this day because. You know somebody that I saw almost every day and there are many people I see almost every day and this was one of those people and and I'd had either just was nothing there for me to say it was just it's still like. I guess I can't make sense of the week. With with a bit of hindsight I don't more today than I knew they and so now I actually can't make sense of it now right but in terms like stuff but up until that day does nothing that I had ever seen it's it's of so the deal anyway so let me ask sincerely now how are you doing the OK is everything they're doing. And CNN day and they're going to get in my life I got no got no real quiet sub percent Jack this year that you are you okay have you so you don't Becker tell you loved Ben Mexico law that would good picture would go to. Pictures look good Mexico was fine. Kelly great to kids are great jobs going well. Yeah things are this good I'm out there and let it airmen category I'm happy I'm happy were both so happy right now. How lucky a lucky every football tonight the logic fired up about the. Yeah I mean the writers play tomorrow I have a network. I mean I like appreciate good except you know the problem course that there are. Andy card about this I mean it's going to be a bunch of guys that like we'll never hear from again you know I once they get past ones. But then I think I'd like you know global are no doubt about that that's going to be a controversial thing sometimes not say I like we have well. And so I liked what they have felt it on TV so yeah I'm so sorry about football come back end yeah and tumbled. You know I spend most of the opening segment like it explaining that yes the bears are gonna play tonight but they like really the barriers like you'll see the bears quarterback for a series or two. You'll see Anthony Miller for. The series or two. And these games. Deteriorate. For lack of a better word. In two contests featuring people you don't know you don't need to now what you do at least one moments and and that's a lot of them tonight. What we're gonna take a mayfield. Don't know if he'll throw his first pass that they professional. Sic on Barkley you'll take it first hand off as they professional. The return of Andrew Luck the return from injury the return to show Watson from injury so whereas the games are meaningless. And the scores don't matter. Unless you're gambling on him and by the fourth quarter you won't recognize anybody we will have a handful of these little moments. Better. Better at least work putting your eyeballs on if you care about the NFL at all. Exactly and having especially you know forgot it being minority now played all against and get a bank. There are going to get some rest and I mean like this will actually be his first really FL action and you know he's been the talker charity came up back up there and got a look at per you know local readers to carry shared. Italy is one albums out now they figured it out about it gigabyte for twelve games without a goal and contact so. Get a chance to look at and see what Anthony Miller still at the type of play and we'll start another player Mario that are not yet another good other year for sure. Did you say the quote from the Chicago Bears wide receivers coach about Anthony. Yeah Maurice a case they'll listen it Miller by all accounts has been the star of the bears' training camp like. Like if there's if there's that one guy that makes everybody gold war would might got something here it has been aimed at Miller it's not always the secular realm baker the third round pick but. But it is a three Miller in Chicago. And it's among the reasons he did not dress for the hall of fame game it's like let's that we don't need to see what you can do we know what you can do well to get to there's some board but you need to get in there right now. But on subsequent to that I think it was after practice. On Monday so few days ago. I might throw Mike Furrey who is or for ray I don't know whose guys is the receivers coach of the Chicago guys for patients to furries and a funny to me. So it says you've got it is asked about the bear he's asked about sort of how his receivers are doing he's talking about I'm. You know. However he has and he says quote you've got Anthony Miller and he says and did you get a that he Miller out there. Who's like a Jack rabbit running around I don't know I don't even know where he's going half the town. And you gotta be patient. If your him. You have to understand concepts get to understand the speech. Yet to understand what you're supposed to do understand why the big picture of why we're doing what we're doing and that's been a struggle for him. So that is undeniable criticism even edit but it's it's it's it's with context it's like hey listen he's amazing. What works hard runs hard. Fights hard catches everything makes plays after he catches the ball. Blood like he doesn't know where to be he doesn't know what he's doing what you just right now relying on. Physical ability and just that tenacious attitude but he did have any idea where he's supposed to be was that ever part of his reputation in Memphis. Such are they know they are ever heard out of the wood bat like that dude was always just so motivated. And all worked so hard you like you're part of anybody else you know I don't remember don't ever recall hearing. Anything about this sort of mental aspect of it I mean I remember hearing from mental aspect I would per accident for example that. I think and that's why you know that's why is this preceded it got to be insanely important to act and you out. Because he's there in Denver trying to solidify. Why did quite even I think if anybody even a competition for the starting job and then that's how bad it is it just Katie people roster spot but I remember right. You know it doesn't quite they'd only begs base way back when you don't win when pact that would declare for the draft can't have a lot of the same thing and it away. And like from a talent perspective from a social perspective. They're really not big on a football field he can't do. Besides maybe greeted defects. Would the big part of it you're if you're a quarterback and enable the battle like. You know if you eat at the end goal the government out it in the Lieberman are the big if you work hard up that it takes for the sake get. Seriously enough and dog you know that might be it got our desperate and that's probably why. You look up until years later they're their name Miller got actually let them out good Ole miss game. Why keep getting rave reviews and traded at that actually let's just fight to keep on backup quarterback job. Yeah I think I come dime of pac lands I just assumed that it like it if it hasn't clicked yet exist it's there you may have hit me how many examples of the first few years of somebody's career have unfolded in this way. And then like boom it clicks and somehow he's he's worthy of where he was selected so many years ago like it just doesn't happen that often. Cage you know they've actually won out. Like it and he'd be getting actually a good. You know look I think he dealt with a lot of change that a lot of sort of you know there's a lot of tradition he wasn't it will be a guy like Gary Kubiak with the coach. When they drafted in the turn of the draft them. John Elway was sort of the match Marmara that. Kubiak did it like I'm new coach got all of don't believe it's it's dial so that he had the big lump of some sort of bad there but yeah noted it looks it looks very bleak for him there's no question about. It's once situation where and you are this deep into your career and you haven't played if you haven't. Being given a realistic opportunity to life like you're Aaron Rodgers backing up Brett Favre. Or your anybody backing up Aaron Rodgers or your Jimmy go Rob Lowe in New England play behind Tom Brady. Like you can be deep in your career have never done anything this like it you don't know who I am because. It doesn't matter who can't live from Tom Brady I can't play airliner but like the glitch almost from the jolt has been told go get the job. I don't like we want you to take the job and he can't he can't take it. Yeah I can't beat cancer center in can be out. You know brought while having not made it was they're huge be opposed to do the right. I'm not sure you're gonna have a very long and a broker. It doesn't look that way I'm Tommy John Mark here and 99 PM ESPN into that circle back to eighty Miller. Like I'm not gonna pretend to know the ins and outs of running routes as a wide receiver I've never covered that sport fill time and I've certainly never played it. Two with any sort of success. Oh or often at played one year of middle school football that's the extent of my football career. And I was are good at it. So I won't figure surprised that it. I'm really shocked I mean I don't I didn't say what are paranoid really venting their dollar to the store before. I was a running back because I was about his little bitty stocky little Fella. I was not a skinny little Paula you're you're looking at me now. The market and assuming out of a stocky little Fella I was projecting a daughter I don't know if that is actually the skinny little ROK I was fast. But that's all I was I was I was fast so they said well you can maybe play running back and so I was a running back and I got my first play called former coach McCauley. Call the play forming it was heavily seventh grade or eighth grade football and it was like I don't know 27 sweep it could not be more of a basic play. The idea that I still remember this and I know the playing is weird. I from my childhood. Like at this is weird as well if you really ask me about my childhood her I only remember bad things. Let's kind of like I don't remember good thing for my childhood kind of like today. Meaning what the choices remember the bad times. I eat I focus on those more. I certainly focus on bad more than I focus on good morning. Like you know if they're 39 things in my life that are good but one thing that's bad I won't I little pad I'll consume myself with the back that said that's a that's a not a great way to be. I'm working on and I guessed but for my Jetta like I realize. A million great sports moments from my shuttered I don't really remember a lot of them like I've got newspaper clippings that early in like. Videos of the men pictured them but I only have like these vivid memories of them and yet I can remember a bad things as a this is a bad thing is like 47 sweet and it's basically. The quarterback gets the boys are supposed to toss it to me like around the right to announce that the kitchen just run as fast as they can run that's that's basically what seven point oh list. And instead of going right I threw it I judges were left for some reason I ran low lick of it was a busted play I guess. The fifth and I would never had a play called ring in my bunker. So anyway I don't know anything about football in that way but my bike in this was about anything though the point I'm trying to make. I imagine if you are its physically dominated into Miller like you your you run like that you work like that you push like that you fight like that. You kind of don't need it nowhere to be like it's just like don't pay eight pay just trust I'll be open in a minute. Hey OK let's and snell pitched the ball. So like OK okay. Snapped a tenth quarterback. Quarterback look at me. I'll be opened it a minute throw what anywhere near me and I'll go get it like any of safety medal at the film so I don't got to the read a focus on knowing where to be like hey no. Don't even know where to beat you need to know where I Yale and uploaded that general direction that it can most help repair. I did ask and led forgettable like Antonio Brown why did he understand why he's going where he's going to get open. Yeah like that the big Bogut open. Like you really like Reggie malls way back when I feel like hey. Old range you need to know where you're going I don't know the court just ease the winds were I'm going to talk what that Joseph glad that will be far. Exactly it and let it be that great route runner so lets you understand why would like what the routes are what you know which angles to take so I'm not worried about that likes I think you got your career. And Yahoo! argued that I needed that big question are going to be. Is it took that's equally didn't quarterback all joy that that would determine for the most part I've got a career it you have their Chicago's south. I guess I guess are bamboo about double. And I you know I think that works both ways sometimes. You know the this incredible receiver can determine whether you're good quarterback or not. I don't I don't think it's an accident that Eli Manning got better when no deal Beckham. Or arrived and win or go Beckham gets hurt like somehow did Eli Manning gets bitch like those two things are not. Not connected and say yeah we'll see anyway that game kicks off 6 o'clock at night it's bearers. And that's the Cincinnati Bengals would be anti Miller making his professional debut thanks for being there I'm glad you're you're doing okay telco gets that what's up just sent to. I'll see you when we come back Tiger Woods. Started round of golf today. Like I ought to talk rarely I'll be bogey hole number one he double bogeyed number two was three over after two played the subsequent sixteen holes. Three under par finished even par Rickie Fowler finished five under 65 so he is your PGA championship leader at least last time I checked. We'll get into that plus an update on the in Ohio State investigation plus Lindsay Owen. That some great victims' doors speak up in the meat to movement are quote we in that didn't go over well and Hollywood are pretty much anywhere else. Portable storage that next. And this area do you want us to our whole selling properties for cash. 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Where it's at master dot com slash sale for details offer available participating locations on the gas superior fielder smile center hotline now. They give you better ratio. Spears show is live from the restaurant is poised for a studio 99 FM RE SP. And amp time. Then out. It took him. He's dead men Obama. Well let's send them out. I need. And a great example it is food. His good ideas. Shocking to hear what what do Helen Daly Mendieta is gonna join me a little after 5 o'clock grizzlies assistant. Jerry Stackhouse. College basketball star high school. We'll star two time NBA all surgeon beer right around 530 so right now I got fourth story that like to discuss more stories presented by the bluff restaurant. Tends to lose. Start telling stories. And forget what he wanted to talk about a certain points every afternoon. So we've developed a device that ensures Hilton's not so important things you need to know each day at this time. This is a key piece or notable stories S or forty floor yeah. Number one. Real quick some breaking news this sort of surprised or get into the actual stuff I should have done it before we hit that button and it usually sent him he's he's the assistant. Benjamin Jones. Coaches at Wake Forest. Has been charged. Wit. Assault. And that calls the death. Of eight tourists. In New York City this has been a big story. Torsten was punched and hit his head on a car. And was rushed to the hospital and subsequently died but nobody had we had ever been held. Responsible for it and it turns out the person that did it at least according to police. I'm Isabel Jones an assistant coach on game remaining staff. At Wake Forest we're talking about a guy. Who you know is is if found guilty gonna we're gonna serve time for not murder but for. A causing the death and a of another human and in New York City so what a wild story that is and done it's just now breaking news via the New York Post if you wanted to check that out. I just I just tweet can we do number one number line on the death of Tiger Woods and every other good golf in the world opened the PGA championship at today yeah. And he got off to a terrible start like I said he. A bogey number one double bogeyed number two when he was three over after her two holes that's like come. It together Randy Parker come. We need you in this this weekend all the way through so we have something going on it's a major. I don't know and I know what I'm doing tomorrow host radio show an afternoon that I got hosed in this radio ocean and 46. And then up I take the family to dinner Eagles meet some friends for dinner and then on Saturday like yup I just kicking around the house because that's what I liked dogs. A Sunday like I'm kind of free and I don't know what I'm gonna do but what I would like the do. Is what's Tiger Woods compete. For a major championship and any bogeys number one in double bogeyed number two and I'm like come on time and please you're ruining my weekend. This is the plan tiger come on get it together. It together and together to ruining my we keep the ball on the course and any played the final sixteen holes of the course. The course is to saint Louis Missouri at three under par to get back to even so he's even par seventy after one round. He has five strokes back of your leader right now it's Rickie Fowler who was obviously 500. A 65 today Dustin Johnson. Four under. Through fourteen. Jason Day three under 67 he's done. On this some big names and near the top of the leaderboard Bubba Watson two under through fourteen. At Justin Rose two under through eleven sag Johnson 200 Rutan and again Tiger Woods even par seventy. After one round so he did not blow himself all up on Thursday of a major and really. I think that's. That's bad enough now IK you know like I said earlier today ideally you'd like him to be eleven under par with a seven stroke lead you know heading into round two but that's not realistic. But like not being out of it after one round is pretty good particularly when you look at. His track record this year has been Saturdays when he gets a go up so leg take just you know go go through 300 tomorrow now paying around. And then they'll be big bad Tiger Woods on Saturday and Sunday give me some to do this we don't Romo week in story number two sax Mickey of higher state receivers coach former Ohio State receivers coach who was. Fired last month after Brittany Murphy exposed him as animal. His lawyer spoke today with media and said that. Nobody from Ohio State. Com. Has contacted. His client Zack Smith yet and that's led to like a big. Staying on social media remove like what is Ohio State Dillard right and I just assume. That these are serious people who've been hired to do this people who have handled similar investigations before. And I'm just assume that they're not. Dull because there's nothing in their past that suggest that they are so. When I see some get like Alec what is Ohio State do it like they're probably doing this the way that it if I was at Ohio State it's it's a lot of states in it as higher AFP Iran an independent investigation. So it's like what are those people don't. Probably their job that in a way that they. Know how to do it I'd never investigated. Domestic violence allegations I wouldn't pretend to be an expert in that field but the people who have been hired to do it all are experts in this field. And if they haven't talked is expect yet. I would just assume that there's a reason for that. You know sometimes in in in cases I've watched enough movies to know they ask you don't go straight to the person at first like maybe you wanna talk to everybody else first. And then come talk to. And he called talk to you right in fact reporting stories the investigative stories is is often similar like what I'm going to. When I'm investigating something that could get somebody fired or that could lead to problems for somebody that literally the last person farmer. I had to bring this up because I don't. Did against it the so tired of the story. But like when I did that Georgia Tech story investigative. Dueled Josh pastors. Good friend and had committed major rules violations. Within the Georgia basketball program and a the most of the forties done before I ever talk on the phone just pastor I am because it having done this for a long time. There. No later. You'll are getting to that person. The less time they have. To start trying to cover some basis and so they might just gold is extent that they talked everybody else in sync delay investigations go like this as well. You know you've and a I've had I've talked enough coaches and lawyers who represented coaches who say. If you have if you ever sit down with the NCAA investigator. And they start asking you very specific questions they already know the answers they've already got elected but they're not really asking you to us to try to. Find out if you've done something. They're asking you because they are you know you've done it they wanna see what you're gonna say in response you if it's not too serious escalating copped to what they know the answer before they ever get to you they talked to everybody they need to talk to before they ever get to you I would assume there's xmas situations similar. I'm but Woolsey. We're about halfway through what was com. Projected to be a two week investigation so around this time next week we should have. If if we don't have the clarity we should be weighed close to getting it on the future of Urban Meyer. Gene Smith and several other people connected to Ohio State University. Story number three lives lawyers apparently so launching another. MTV reality series going to be based in Greece and you can watch if you Warrenton ignored if you want but is the key is the case any time these types of things happen there's like a press tour in you know sheriff and and you know do your pop on the talk shows or you're grant interviews to newspapers are. Whomever and so she gave an interview. That is just gone public today. And she's talking about a variety of things. And at one of the things she says is when asked about the meat to boot what is this. Quote everyone goes through their own experiences in the wrong ways if it happens at that moment. You discuss it at that moment. You make it real thing by making it a police report. And then she continues and she says I'm going to really hate myself for saying this and let me just stop there and and provide a lesson for you. Any time you're speaking to a reporter. And these words are going to be. Delivered to the world. Particularly if you are famous. If you it's already in your head. I'm going to really hate myself for saying this just don't see it put the brakes on as you're probably about to get yourself in trouble. Arm I won't pretend that I never sent a tweet that I don't regret. Because sometimes I'm I'm I'm drinking sweetened. But one of my rules is. If I am hesitant like houses gonna go over I just obviously Milan is that it's already in my head that's a stopper it's a stopper and I get to this. Smart politics I'm thinking about it. Before I've even done it I'm going to end up regretting it may be in five minute major and fifteen minutes maybe by tomorrow morning now again that doesn't stop me every time 'cause like it's. Balance between the new Amsterdam market and my ability to act. Two controlled senate buttons are police myself sharp and sometimes they'd do if you have outweighs the ability to a police biceps but in sober times I'm. And I that's my role like if I'm already thinking about this just like delete it removal same thing when they're masked by the way right and so she starts by saying I'm going to really hate myself for saying this. But I think by women speaking it's all these things it makes them look week when they are very strong women. You have these girls who come out who don't even know who they are who do it for the attention that is taking away from the fact that it happened in quote I'm not sure exactly what that means but I think she's got it. Actually completely backwards now I'm a little hesitant to speak on behalf of women but because I'm not one. But I've read enough about this topic to know that. Com. It doesn't take away from any thing these women even young women speaking up even years after it happened. Oh which is something influence as you shouldn't do she's if you wanna talk about it talk about it real time info please Portland move on. Well I mean Jesus we know exactly why women don't talk about it in real time all the time why they don't filed police reports all the time blurred a line. Because people usually don't believe them that's right they call them whores and liars it even happened to Courtney Smith expects Smith's wife she's posting pictures via Brittany Murphy of her injuries. You know people are saying those are real injuries right now that's fate looks like catch up not blood. People don't we have spent decades not believing women. When they say. I'd been abused I've been assaulted we look for any reason to not believe them. So what did you always like. All in a way if it happens just pick up there well that's that shows this whole lack of understanding of why people don't speak up there right it's because you don't hit it eight. You do what happens when you actually go file a police report on some money you owe them a break now you are asked incredibly. In a base so much less questions yeah you have to go through an incredible process. Then it the charges or even filed. You gotta be asked it to talk about these things. In court sometimes it's a never ending process they usually doesn't even end with the verdict you were asked there. And sole woman after woman it. For completely understandable reasons just says you know what if any war and any war and to do it is hard to put ourselves OK they work it for me to go through this process now. Boy when one woman after another start speaking up regardless of how many years later it is yeah and says hey this happened to me to. Hey this happened to me to pay this man did this to me to what it actually does it doesn't take away from may think it empowers other women. It empowers other women to speak up on the same issue. That is what the meat to movement is so it doesn't make anybody weak in actually makes them stronger than they've ever banned and in some cases 88. Remove it to relieve them of this thing that they've been carrying around forever and so living well instead exactly once more Spain. When she was talking to this newspaper she.