Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, August 10, 2017, Hour 1 (w/John Martin in Seg 2)

The Gary Parrish Show
Thursday, August 10th

Seg 1:  Gary Parrish talks about Zach Randolph weed story

Seg 2:  John Martin, 929 Host/Columnist, live to discuss ZBo weed story

Seg 3:  4 stories at 444 with more on the Cardinals rally cat, Jay Bruce trade, wild poop robbery story, and PGA Championship 


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Or JD power award information visit JD power dot com call for cost information and conditions equal housing lender licensed and offered to stage an analyst consumer says dot org number 3030. He 92 million SN ESP. Sergio. You'll assesses enemies do. Assessments this 99 FM ESPN presents the area's only national columnist who spends his afternoon. New unique perspective of Memphis radio and they didn't. Sometimes make you change the station these children are around. Replied let's get a new us this is the Mary Carey show. Are back to us in studio producer of the program glad. He's would be glad to win they'll be into the I would no obstacles. No that's for. Randolph tonight at the top. We have appliances. Apply. Sorry man but the drop took all of wave he had to go to jail bad. Like toys were. Now he's facing a felony charges. Not a good a good one to four hours and then. Randolph wouldn't get to the baggage cart that it doesn't that there is scheduled. Yeah up 1 morning John Mark debate here I'm okay. Cast doubt it was a good. People do this old time. Like. The way when I realize that at fort what we have Austin Nichols. That is also ironic that everybody was like what they Austin neighborhood and they limited bulletin that is never on ATF the original it's never wanted more money just enough time lump them. I will continue to do them UK. Just wanted to like I appreciate you pointing in the united you never making an island know that because you're not slider cliched or any of that stuff like that fourth what did you shouldn't have a phone never fun. And now Jamal fast guys anyway at the body. Do you feel overtime. We didn't smoke lonely John you know Americans won't get a JJ. But we will talk with John Mark about that Randolph weighed down by going to be here. That's what he met up with respect that rugged portable stores to pull 44 with one out discuss what previously undisclosed storage among them the Condo. You're a St. Louis Cardinals cowboys guard. Think that weird story hey. You don't know professional baseball filthy. We want it taught about as a baseball Billy how do you lose it speaks for the hell out of that kid though in fairness like he was rationing quantum byte. Have a water bowl bonanza that we'll look into trouble jacket that Randolph were as why don't if you think seven that can't. I still had a backpack full week. Material would get into the rally here it will borders for the Cleveland. Then the big bad for the lineup last night be a great got Dave rose for the Mets for a nonprofit that did not name felt like porn star good thing. It's frustrating for the Mac begged to get in that little later on this hour hey man. California burglarized a home took a duped didn't flush the toilet now we can jail this morning. The cops found is due to and they were able to get a DNA from is due to unknown. The true story yet another reason always plus we're gonna discuss that just won't 5 o'clock in the end championship is under way at CBS takes graduate in the top thirty we'll talk about it. During portable storage at 444. A goddamn dog agility like doubtless we'll talk about these golden week and then at five point five time to talk about the beltway give why wouldn't do that. It ended so. It's good I got out. Was smiling as he walked out of jail that's always smiling yeah. I smile and there was a minute ago after we talk about the beliefs about. But I don't know hours 45 minutes and then we'll get out his left to run down we got a lot to get to but I want to start with what else. Zach Randolph. And marijuana and a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department arrested Sacramento Kings towards that Randolph on a felony charge of marijuana possession with intent to sell. According to police reports the arrest was part of a Wednesday night discovered that resulted in damage to five LAPD vehicles. And once sheriff's vehicle according to ABC seven in Los Angeles is all from police recovered two guns and pounded two vehicles seized narcotics. What hey officer told the Associated Press so here's the according to the police report Zack Randolph was arrested around 11 PM. Pacific for about 1 AM central he's up late last night it was booked it for 43 AM released this morning as bell was set at 40000 dollars next court date scheduled for August 31. A Randolph agent great Raymond Brothers has said that the charges are false and misleading in that they they are looking at out and options. To resolve the matter so. Aired today. Zach Randolph with the housing project. I was apparently if we are to trust the police report caught with a backpack. That had two pounds of weed inside of it. Now I don't know how much you dabbled in weed or how much know about weed but that is a lot. Of week that ain't. What you carry around wait the if you just have a party for the night. That ain't really what to buy if you're just having a party for the weekend brought that's a whole bunch of wheat and how much would that last us. I let me along Tom little smoke we've known airtight glass this forever like yeah I mean I would like what's the street value of two pounds of marijuana I don't know somebody could probably tweet that I would say prodding and totally guessing here but maybe about 34 grand. I mean like if you wanted to go by two pounds of weed tonight like good weed to balance tonight. Maybe get it for about four grand I don't know so after a grand yet if you are to believe. It if you are to believe the police report Zack Randolph was called a backpack to browns week. Beyond that we don't know when they assert in. So let's just start there and start playing a hypothetical right Zach Randolph and housing project in LA. Two pounds a week. Why there's only two options here mom what was happening yeah out either way. He was taking too proud of the way to a housing project itself to somebody. And snow or Betty. He just bought too proud that we need from somebody. The project I think that's the likely I think that seems more likely that seems and I wouldn't rule anything out because we are talking about the bow right. But it seems more likely that that was. Just trying to buy a blog to we'd like they and it. More likely then that was trying to sell a bunch a week. Either way. I don't matter I'm not a lawyer I don't know how to argue that's. But they might if he was like genuinely call with a backpack like it's on him or he's caring and has got to town the week inmates. Now I am they might be reduced to just saying yes he had two pounds we might get bodies man bites. He wasn't intending to sell any thing this was for his own personal use at his home you can say it success of we acknowledge it seems that way. Buddy this a situation where a man was carrying around two pounds of weed. So that he could sell it and make a profit this is a multi millionaire what it won't. What are we admire two pounds that we would get their effect. I think that's probably the most likely scenario. That he was. Com. Purchasing. Purchasing two pounds a week camp. To just keep it at your house from the same reasons that. You'll when you have a little bit of disposable income and in his case it's a lot of disposable income yet. You know you might go to a liquor stores not by one bottle of wine you might buy. Whose cases are not Coppola just stock up yeah you don't when I go to the liquor store I'm gonna buy new Amsterdam by this is those smooth you can drink exhilarated I honestly got to do you know. Abide by the case I had my wife and I by one by the case right I don't go by I'll buy a box of militia are and yes six large bottles in it to run about 120 we get a box Simeone old time net and you answered embarked and the reason is because like come. I'm just gonna like like I had a pretty I have a little bit of disposable income don't like it's not like it will stop drinking tomorrow now so it just does things mile trip absolutely like if you can. Understand that basic logic I give for the same reasons. You don't go to the gas station unless you really operate in dollar the dollar and I I understand some people are. Sure lets you operating dollar the dollar you don't just go winning get five dollars worth of Exxon right you say you put it carded and you feel. Why because you don't have to come back to Exxon again tomorrow right. If you could apply that same logic that Randolph. It kind of makes it's like I ain't gonna stop smoking weed tomorrow we got a long offseason ahead of us. Tomorrow's my anniversary blighted by the way today is Zach Randolph anniversary. Or good news or use it as a gift maybe it was his wife's anniversary gift like to pound hit some what what do you get a woman who's who's married to a multimillionaire what are the woman who at all does everything have any baby open. Here's some. Plays into that we can. Happy anniversary package it up and show it off so if you got the same logic of why when you. Go to the gas station. To. AA do we go to the gas station just fill up rather than get two dollars worth the gas yeah you go to a liquor store to get a case of blindness that just a bottle wine for the night. Com if you shot a sign that same logic to that Randolph it makes sense that maybe just maybe. He was actually just like trying to buy a bunch of weed out around the house because like let's just get all this knocked yeah I bet you that's what will fumbles for. Which isn't offensive. To me. If I'm not offended by people who use marijuana. I I don't clear it's not what I do but it can't be what you do it doesn't bother me at all. I'm I don't. Have some moral high ground when it comes to this type of stuff. So it's offensive in the way other headlines might be offensive Zach Randolph caught. Drinking and driving Zach Randolph caught in a domestic dispute Zach Randolph accused of abusing a child. Zach Randolph called with kiddie porn on his computer. Liked the whole bunch of things that would be offensive like like I don't know how to about Zach Randolph anymore your reaction would be different of course that brand of the whole bunch of we don't Eric Duffy and me and anyway but also doesn't surprise me and anyway because. If it weren't ark a harder drugs wooded changing your thoughts on that. I have no moral high ground I don't care but like certainly though the wait for the average person do marijuana. Is differently than the average person used cocaine or heroin or whatever. So. I am much more if I don't I'm not offended by Zach Randolph having observed we ignore my surprise LII environment and it takes you back to win the grizzlies announced they're gonna retire his number. And the reaction was pretty predictable grizzlies fans loved it everybody else was mocking it. And so it took a minute to ride a few paragraphs about. Why this makes sense from. From the grizzlies perspective why this makes sense in Memphis for a while recognizing if you don't live here or you're not familiar with the relationship between Zack and Memphis. I you you don't you wouldn't get it he's got a ten time all star he's not a world champion. Com you know he's just to die in the leak for a long time but he has been incredibly important Memphis pulled on the court and off. And in the context of that I made the comment like. Zach is. He is is it different is older version of himself but he still legal. And it is true that he might on a Tuesday morning. Pay a bunch of people's Immelt GAW bills out of the kindness of his heart. It is also true that on Tuesday night he could be in a Dicey game in south Memphis or beat up a weed dealer who tried to shorted on back. And I got a little bit pushed back on that from some people and they said you wore stereo typing because you're talking about a black athlete. So you throwing dice game or marijuana. And I didn't push back on it at all because. I just wasn't arguing right these people on Twitter and that's that's where mostly was. Arm I don't buy that but I what stereotyping now I was writing about that Randolph attempt that's who he hit the set. And as doesn't do with his color if you would have told me. Three months ago that Zack Randolph was blasted it with a bag of weed in a Dicey game in south Memphis that would not a surprise me know any more than this surprises me. Incredibly stupid and reckless. Because as you point out. There are ways to get a bunch of weed that don't put yourself in this position if you're a multi millionaire and honestly you don't even have to be a multimillionaire. Like no let's say that I wanted to get two pounds of weed for the summer right. I've got that Randolph but I do have jobs that I would lose if I got Boston was that great like we did tell the week right. It would mean being the lead story on ESPN but I would suffer. Both personally and professionally if I got a call with two pounds a week you know I would him. I would call one of mind low life friends I got plenty. And I would say hey I did you do me a favor now. I'm by the 4000 dollars with a week. I'm hang you 5000 dollars cash. You'd drive twenty minutes for me pick it up bring it back to my house dropping off you can keep the X 2000. You down. And a if he said Nelson miles and say yes eventually so might be like I can drive for you can get you're right twenty minutes while white forty minutes back him a thousand bucks deal. Why that Randolph doesn't do something similar I have no idea. Other than he is attracted to that scene. And that is something we've known about him for ever. It is the root of me making a comment about the dice game why does he need to be rolling dice gambling. In south Memphis he does and he's multi 1000850. Million dollars in his career he likes the scene. And he might not like it is much at 36 or they liked it 26. But he still likes the scene. Which is obviously a problem when you have the job that he hats. Because. Good this is the problem let's be clear any time anybody it's possible to found a weakness adding you're facing a felony charges probably anybody your. But it's especially a problem for somebody like him because it will be a national story and because it does put into jeopardy. A contract or 24 million dollars it puts a franchise that just gave you 24 million dollar contract. Based I'm assuming at least in part on the recommendation. Of your former head coaches now they're curry hit coach now and you just really really put them and your own. Situation in a bad bad spot because. According to the collective bargaining agreement with the NBA in the NBA if you are convicted of what Zach Randolph has been charged with. You were dismissed from the NBA right it's not a five game suspension ten game suspension you heard dismissed from the MBS. So yes put his career very much in jeopardy. And no matter how much like the same. No matter how real do you keep an act. You can't you can't put yourself. In that situation. When you have a job like he hats and I do think the job that he has matters in the same way that everybody's job matters. For instance. Kill Mike can jump on mr. Graham right now. Like a joint start smoking. Talk for two minutes. Stick and get 50000 likes on he's a rapper. Nobody cares for rapper smoking weed on video. If I did the exact same thing. I would probably lose my jobs because people don't care about sports writer or television analyst smoking weed on its program. The job matters. Killer might can do something. Perfectly cold nobody cares. I do the same thing I'd lose my job. They think it. It's that Randolph for a rapper. Or a star. For all things he'd still be facing a felony charge but it would necessarily. Right in his career at this could possibly end his career. And so you'd just got to be smarter than that. Any obvious question is why are you smarter than that. But that's something we've talked about forever about countless people now you can spin and all afternoon in the rest tonight. Asking why did that person do that. And you always get to the exact same answer it doesn't matter whether it's. Q freeze. Jeopardizing a fifty million dollar contract that it'll mess. Or Zach Randolph jeopardizing its 44 million dollar contract with the Sacramento Kings won over women. Another oval we. Different cases. Always same reason. Why. People do stupid stuff every day. Famous people do stupid stuff every day important people do stupid stuff every day. Sometimes may sometimes as you sometimes is that Randolph this time it's that Randolph. And that's really what it boils down to. If we were capable as humans and some of us are most of us are some of the czar if we boring if we're capable as humans are just like avoiding stupid situations. The entire world would be different on most of us can't avoid stupid situations. Zach Randolph. Seems there I guess he's always been a part of that list but. He certainly cemented his place on it late last night in California. It how the project in LA. And I think that's been lost over a little well yes like this like Zach Randolph in his old who would back in Indiana. I understand sometimes players get trapped in math like you know like I just went back my old neighborhood I've run a mile boys and you know never forgot where I came from. Yeah if ally. How the project into LA what are backpack and took down the week well like most NBA player they make money what they do. I can't apart and makes money no he does the Beverly Hills sure job wall. I get the Huntley about contract mansion. Welcome Malibu that's right. Waiting it out and watch. A go to guy for the 130 million dollars just. Right around and watch while on our on Wednesday night what a backpack full we look at just reckless behavior but why they don't because people direct with things all the time it's insane. It's insane. Talked to John Mark about this next. Wake up America. Still a lot of work to be done it won't be easy to assume that's something most people. Determination. To green yeah can we even added a 125. Years that means together. Nothing we can't stay. 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Yeah right out of we've had you a bit of a room with two pounds of wheat. Tired. Not as I gotta I never act like hey how much we've been here. But I'm certain that there is yes. What's the most we get the ball in one purchase Zach Randolph probably might might be too bad but we know what the very least he seems to have at least been in possession at one time. In a backpack too proud that we. Sorry you are away and you are asking me do incriminate myself on a radio so that my mother listen better. Statue limitations and all that like you probably in the clear I don't filed charges against gender and try to have a conversation. Jerry Kelly Kelly legally like can we legally discussed this Brett. Listen I you your critics answer his questions honestly I don't know that there's any sort of law all forbidding us from discussing new marijuana I worry around marijuana I might say long long time ago I you know maybe there was two pounds I would talk about me buying an. War. I. I know we knew we don't we don't drug test intercom otherwise have you along where she just say I know I know we consider important each sale. Do you think would fail a drug test great question as for our radio station if we do that besides no I don't know let us. No I'm John John I failed one what the drug test right now don't answer that. I'm your counsel don't answer that. You couldn't pass the dreaded edit in my edit the dawned on its not a list just a hair the lord's name in vain. I have David duke a governor here isn't quite. Something your work are light years. Yes I think so I can stay in their longtime idol eight years. They're just no chance they'd like get a leg Europe I've yet. What all things do you think you test positive for. I don't answer that I think. I would have positive bird just you know just. You know any day any day you've done. What do you use drugs John who is the question Brad Garrett there's got to be careful don't have. Do you think who else do you think weighted test positive. If if we had mandatory drug testing here at the ready Internet. I am doing and I know I have. Have a look I have a lift but there's no way I'd do it. Do you think Jason Smith who test positive. Well so what about what about did it. And who is no way he did you haven't people it's big bill at Nevada also. It's 35054. I think I said they'll talk I think I remember taking a drug test was I think two when I got out of commercial tells CBS never drug tested. But at the commercial till we did have to take it out there as I passed with flying colors. Why yeah. I'm would be lag I'm a drug test different he never did. Have a onetime paramour was at bill urban legend low ball it Ichiro got a great pick what you. A lot of pick what you can and I'm. You know you're back. Is disgusting I don't like it is a lot of it had a run like vinegar instead of my bad I did a leg up on an area got it struck. They also have the little things like that we used to try to teach you to get away with stuff like it would be what I got to always hurt I can't imagine this is true I had no idea is to tell me here this. They said if you ever get pulled over and you've been drinking take like a Guinea. And your tong and put it on your tongue like sucker campaigning here tonight it's impossible to that helps at all. Who had a penny light ever hear each chain never. A my ashtray is filled with tension. I had a really do you have any change in my certain. Kessel just these record there's always want that they go out of town by you know like when you've got to hit it it's sacred to dictate on. I did they did the wind they say event and yeah. Do you say RIPs. We had a bunch I'd. Aren't how how old were you the last time you had to hit he scored. Probably I was fifteen or sixteen I don't know dude like girl like to do get a Mark Kirk Eric. Girls like to give us. Through many yes I had a girl say to me the one thing I wanna do is do you think he's. They don't like nobody said that like nobody talks like that but it happened. White station made you allies to back QB Ricky Brown who could put on like big cookie cookie yeah it did try it probably. Oh. Growth all right let's talk about that legislation that I I white dude. Why it right now. OK Jack let's let's start stop talking about you would talk about seatbelt here's what we appear to know for certain at this point. Zach Randolph wasn't gonna help you project in LA. And yet a backpack with two pounds of weed in it. If we can agree for the sake of the conversation that that part is true. Now reduced trying to figure out what is he doing what two pounds a week. It's the seems to be two options too obvious options again or speaking. Two with a whip not all of the information but that it's talk radio messages both and I expect you're good so. There's two options best I can tell what is he was taken to the grounds wade into the project Celek or he would just bought two pounds of weed. In the projects what do you think more likely. I think he would be if I can listen anything is possible. But can be even more likely scenario is that he brought he bought two pounds of wheat in the project. Coach to take into tried to pound the let me tell you something. If it in this wire rolled to an area that Zach Randolph is like fifteen game like drug dealer. What are you what he's not doing it felt that in itself. Like PA tip his hand on. Plus his hand well clearly on I'd like that's the part of that has. I am like I know but I fail like if he'd like out. If differently church delegated to go on the project that's delegate at a podium jaded in terms. Oh I I think you and I agree I think he was buying a whole bunch of weed for himself and his friends and his family and. They did I mean and and that's why like I think it does take the conversation did you date yet the description here. Do I think you hit distributor. Community you don't know these people you know so out of work they got big gave a possible but it. I I think what I read this story like Randolph first of all. I look at Dave Williams you know the former Libya what to do you think 80% of NBA players so we. Like. Yet 80%. And so I what I hate watching this story if it's with it's not even like to be played him but bad news and get it all we alike. This goes aren't you know but if they ever every NBA players. Best debate so we change what I did not around me that much on that's an emotional like in shock and all about it and I'm not you know. Now the only thing that makes this like a big headline grabbing story is because it's a felony charge because it was two rounds of we'd. And he is charged with intent to sell. And that actually puts his NBA career very much in jeopardy because if you are convicted of that or plead no contest that. According to the CBA you are dismissed from the NBA so this like a very serious thing. Let's get serious thing because he had to. Pounds of wheat not because he had weed because to your point. I don't know that 80% or 70% or 90% but a lot of NBA players smoke weed and I'll take it it a step further just so it didn't sound like word generalize and here. A lot of law your smoke weed. A lot of television personality smoke weed a lot of accountants smoke weed a lot of business men smoked weed. A lot of truck drivers smoke weed a lot of people who you work at car lot smoke weed like we live in the United States a lot of people smoke waited. So so this isn't unique to basketball players dot. Bomb. If you'd take it so it felt bad because he didn't intend to sell. At least suggests on the surface. My god Zach Randolph selling weed in the project I don't think we're gonna find out that's what this was I think we're gonna find out that Zach Randolph is somebody who made a 150 million dollars in his career. So buying whether it's 4005006000. Dollars were the we'd. Ain't that big of a building him it's like it's any more than buying up to 1000 dollar watching that big of a deal for him and in other words out. You know I'll I'll I'll put it in. Contacts from my perspective. An and while recognizing the scales are obviously different I think the point makes cents. When I was younger. And living paycheck to paycheck. Arm if I went to the liquor store and I wanted to buy a bottle I would buy a bottle one model. And I might also go to the gas station and put twenty dollars in my car as opposed to fill just fill up every time. Now. Because I worked three jobs I should have ruled it a disposable income IE whether it liquor store I've. About vodka like I'm here about a case of Barca. I by case the new Amsterdam by time to steal for compare the smoothness that's what you can drink it straight give it a viable eggs are because like. 'cause I'm going to I'm not a step drinking tomorrow I might just get it wallet here. And so ball just giving you all the vodka I just give me all the while the US and I'll buy it right now what difference does it make of the whole thing I'm doing by doing this here is saving many times that I could come back next week or next month or whenever. So they would gas attack him over the last time I walked inside his in my ten dollar bill and said. Yet just need to embarks on pump seven to fill out and then they'd pay that part of the the end of the month and what ever. If so. Just apply that on a much bigger level to a guy who just signed a 24 million dollar contract. Yeah oh I love weed my wife loves we'd. My friends come over we smoke by the pool I just told by a whole bunch of weeks it would be set up for the next few weeks. And and that's how you end up with a backpack was two pounds a week and if you if we. Just for the sake of the conversation go okay that seems like the most likely scenario here. Then really what we're talking about being offended. If you but I would ask would you be offended if you heard. John Wall got busted with a couple of joints no okay so the answer is no big your only offended by the volume of weed here. Would you defend okay so what's the difference between me going in the liquor store and I am one bottle or meet buying six bottles or B buy into what he bottles. Out of convenience nothing you wouldn't think any differently on me except maybe you suggest that going to promise some yeah. So this is it's itself too bad because a felony charge any bikes facing some serious stuff. I just multi millionaire I don't want to we are really do think that's probably that's the most likely story here. Well I mean think about it you're exactly right leg I mean if you if you're you don't wanna be make him like. You know ten trips every time you need about a ounce. The Snickers and home that they let go and just like not get out of it by two talented you can look like auto vice. I advise your towns like normal can they can't afford a polite crowd can't like not like Allen now. And that you never have become back for like you know for our slug it out you know. I totally agree would that lodge. The problem becomes why are you doing. Because if you are a multimillionaire. Like. They're deadly improper you described Zach Randolph millionaire is like they did you get two million dollars. As Randolph has made a 150 million dollars just cited 24 million dollar contract. Let's say for the sake of this conversation that though it costs six Gloria. To buy two pounds a week. Don't you just roll a thousand dollars in the what are your idiot friends. Hands and say. Hey I need you to go get picked up two towns away bring back the house it take Q and our back and forth and he gave up 8000 dollars to do. Somebody willing to do that to you it's so why don't you. So why don't you have somebody do that for you. I think which I think Jason Schmidt knows what I think it's a really good one and national debt. You know expelled a lot of it was the last. 667 years in that sense. And when you hear that went off in that this. You can't get away with a whole bunch of stuff man 'cause you that right now. You know like you to vote like everybody loves you and just like it's a big city but it's a small town that we all know that. I think it back up. Had gotten used to it adjusted to the fact that like it would be a big your workout at about building a statue quote in good fit. Like you know if push came to shove it up and and the police are certain noticed she was going to open. More likely than not late trying to leg out rebound the it would be careful growth that. You're I don't know this court did I hear about that Randolph going to jail and got dependency. MI and an engagement Floyd is. You know when you urge you to get lot of that lifestyle and then you're not a reliable anymore you go out to the West Coast like. They don't have that they don't what did you like that is not a small town. And and so he might have gotten used to do it and don't do that. Small town could get out to a big city like logic goes if it's he did it get afforded the same kind of luxuries I think that probably the best explanation. There isn't possible truth to that it because I would say Zach arm has had several. Run ins with the long since he's when he was a member of the Memphis Grizzlies I don't believe any of them happened hero. Lot of them they're on life is bad you know back home in Indiana or somewhere around and absolutely like. They get what you blow it out here it's an important and he's obviously had I think multiple incidents now LA. But you know it it's like Zach Randolph gets out of Memphis in the wild felt like he's wild around Memphis to its just that. Absolutely it's possible that again you get away with some things here that you. Maybe the LAPD. Are willing to let you get away wed themselves. Now you. What a multimillion dollar drug greenback he just said it stated that dog. Swear swear swear I'll see you later they don't and many till for them. I am and I doubt I love my wife. That's good then that is good you Mantilla and that's John Martin. In back in studio tomorrow at eleven we come back commanding California. Not Zach Randolph these stories and related I want to make okay about that gap a bit in California broke into a home you get a broad goal that home love that were burned all the verb Google. You know that's where I aides learned something a burglar you go to burglar does verbal steep hurdles. You know that love that word burden at all so ma'am broken don't home in California the burglar his plan was to borrow gold. Yeah why was there Agassi had to go to you we. Now I get a drop the kids off the full story takes the number two now. Forgot to flush. All that's the problem and we. And hey elderly forgot to it's all about that next. My kids my kids. 9 AM broadcasting on 68080 am this is now 829 FM RE SPN's. That's hardly care isn't going to be excellent challenge we are talking to real people about the occurrence in home Wi-Fi experience appears they had to say that we have reported by saw. And we showed them that it's going to be delivers all. Whole new Wi-Fi experience for your home that's pretty excited to get the speed and most reliable coverage your family needs to do everything they love to do online. Oh it's way faster. 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Man accused of burglarizing a Southern California home to the bathroom break and let DNA evidence of the toll that led to his arrest and that's the story from the Associated Press wrecked cars going around. So here's this all right. I can't even I mean this is weird it's weird. So a guy name Andrew Jensen. Aren't the burglar kernel colonel steal stuff steal stuff right yet they decided he woke up one day summed up the bubble all right go get it brought so he was in Thousand Oaks which oblique and a nice nice play yet either go to or gold that's probably the place to do it got nice places them. High end it is Italian right Islamabad do some bum and almond almond moment in my mobile all right and thousand of the brakes and how everything's going well so far right he's in and then at some point like he's like you know one. I gotta do number -- of scorn on while he's burglarizing. You when you gotta go Brady gotta go I heard that I mean usually I mean I'd I'd been in that situation when you gotta go you gotta go it's it is time when it's time it's time time ago Kagan be moral and house note turtle had metal think you know molecular like blood things yet I mean you wanna tidy you are trying to do to try to get a house with a TVY eternal I didn't I shall I don't I think you might be giving us a story that would suggest we probably should dump and so what you what you do hear him if you're under David Jensen you said listen. Com I was just coming here to do some man who just wanted to burn a little bit and now I gotta do number two and I can't risk turtle heading. While I'm trying to bore hole. I'm just go ahead and David duke and I'm going to drop kids off pull and so because of the bathroom up there and find at this point Natalie Dylan good tolerated a job and either refuses to flush or forgets to flush the offshore couldn't say for sure. Either were you want their lunch or. Forgets to flush this. But they leave and the burglary is complete. Everything is fine. He nobody saw him there's no security cameras. He's probably eight okay. This lovely family comes home to their home in Thousand Oaks. They called police because that's what you do win when you've you've been robbed and a police comedy. Notice in the told that there's don't do a boy they've got evidence of an assay. This your new groove and the family says they argued oh boy somebody else's doom did somebody else did they conclude perhaps it is that. Burglars due to global way so they. Do because you can get DNA from do do sure and it's got its almost like fingerprints as a work. It even the fingerprints. Better than fingerprint in the year 2017. I grabbed the note to say well yeah like going that wiped the prints all memo also don't leave you do I don't think you crap but not fly yeah I don't either duke and again we can do. Yeah leaving. So they. They test. Do crack what kind of contraction I don't. I think you and I had an answer I don't know I have to do it I don't know he didn't know duke inspector like the magic are pleased of their own you know what's your ways or specific and it's like okay we have to pull something out of the toilet and what's your specialty Dylan that and I think the title. Johnny over here and like the taught they we argue over and be like now know what amazed at the duke you're gonna be detest her not be Abdullah the report you to do that is dirty work you get the duke and you know that Mike Rose show like dirty jobs that's the dirty it still it's got to be on the list going to be way up there's got to be analysts are saying why they test the test due crap can't they get the DNA and can run the DNA sample against the database and they have a match all it is and David Janssen hit DNA within the database for something else OK and so now he's facing right. First degree residential burglary a felony in the only really got caught is because he left his dude do. In at all it inside. House that he and what are what are squabble Howell in the world you forget to. You know what the stakes are dip that duke flashed. Take care of business and clean up. Have do you don't just watch him walk out yet applause and like staring down and make sure goats no doubt you know why you have to have that night and that is like you know you you don't you don't wanna go oh you get the flush twice it's a no dude it's time ago it closed like Gary criminal question for you. Which of these scenarios is more irresponsible Zach Randolph not having a marijuana purchase certain war. The guy who didn't flushes duke when he was Robin house I could honestly go with that Randolph and having marijuana and here's the reason. Everybody everybody understands what happens if you're famous person you give Boston a two pounds a week Ryan you know what you know what the stakes are. Possible that this they've producing character didn't quite understand that like my DNA is in my do you look at it and if I happen to be either for reckless and whatever data I could get caught because it's possible he was just ignorant to. The C comes into the system. Ignorant to the DNA that you do and but would that it's not like there's an all harmonic rapper. I don't know anyway I play both Mora was a lesson was the lesson if you're gonna rob a house flushed the toilet and then clean up that the seeded Gary is the pride get prey on your behind to. The last of the stuff always flushed no matter whether you're robbing a house. We're just hanging out your own house edit the old nasty it's all the time by the way. Lee do do the tornado like all my my my nine year old sometimes forgets the flush this defensive I know it's grossly Chica flush the toilet toilet I. Ice just stayed walked into the bedroom opened up the toilet and it's like image of afloat or there you're like Paul I paid flawed who did the snow and my parents. This year but parents don't my dad like peace throughout the night in and I'll go to the bathroom I'm staying in his house and like. That I don't think they believe in flushing and slice my dad's got it it's like. A a night of urine and there yeah that toilet I should toilet flush their toilets your toilet what you told me because the right thing to do. Many but could you go to jail if you don't. Story number two because got a rally can't last night we like size. Although the the cat racing around and then a guy who had again hit the play the royals this is good character runs out of jail I don't know. Know our can't its own little bit and it didn't look like a wild cat though it was really fears in like it had funny hair all the slugged him like a bobcat in look like a will be baby miniature mountain look like a little bobcat campus craze crazy cat why. Look at rhetoric like hit a go ahead and and I know over the catcher in the Gamal feel they've got. Molina hit a Grand Slam. Well. Fund so the person who gets the cat outfit that works for thing Louis cardinal has caddie is like that is caddies not try to be changed. Or collected all in either. We scratch and bite I had gone bananas. God puts the cat down and invite all bags got bit I try to do that again he's trying to get treatment and it takes off. A woman than find the cat outside she grads get scorn on the police like what do you do with the cash that this is my calf they're like whatever distinct cameraman. Well didn't get a jump better on this cat is but in and other look into the rally cap in downtown Saint Louis we can't find it to this. All but let's. Getting it. Why are there wild animals in downtown Saint Louis like this I can't beat it out like they've had squirrels they had a rally squirrel a few years ago squirrel run around Busch Stadium and health care and now we got cats and now do you think this signals cardinals' season the success up there is contingent on finding this relegate it. No listen they were well I will say they were down when he hit that Grand Slam but I will stick it on a terror Gary they're playing great baseball. They are playing great baseball I hope that by the cat down. So make him name Gotti and given a nice home yen helps a team we go back to the initial story quickly Brad got a question on Twitter you know we try to serve the people Mario ask you tweeted the following knee Siskel. I'm a black guy from the hood. What the hell is turtle heading to and explain it to them. I'd like you do I'd like to hear you do execute well everybody in the country knows that eternal handing his many years you're. Fixing to take a crap and it's coming out and it's it's if they don't know but it's like it's like like when. That is why you'll start headed out of the shell the end of hey everybody knew that the end is a poking as it or eat. That. I thought that was universal to Mario I really no disrespect in. If you've been around awhile you should know this you should know I totally teach this in school long they'll still like it teaches school almost think. You know I know would turtle and noticed it and I appreciate losing pitcher get educated and that's crazy man with ghost or a story number three. It acquired veteran project for us from the New York Mets last night issue with the Mets traded Jay Bruce I get no issue would Jay Bruce last year was terribly awful. But he had this season he seems like a decent guy which are Maya. Of the Mets are out of contention so it's time to start moving veterans who had expired contract prospects so what do you Jay Bruce got traded if the to any of them like hey what Lisa got. Beck I can't wait to find out who would split and it with a guy named. Who is it why. Volume sell the report star rider Ryan is that his real name is real famous writer Ryan. That is unfortunate they go to port hub dot com right now I can writer Ryan and get in fact I'm gonna do that let's act like I could get a return on responsible parenting to give him a porn name why would you name your son Ryder Ryan Ryan writer is a bad first name and I don't mean to disrespect people name rider but that's never a good start okay on on. Porn hub there is no right around and there's a Haley writer Dylan Ryder. A white wine writers Sheen arrive at a lot of arise Shia on port huh that's the writer probably searching for some of them aren't. And anyway not a writer. Rider Ryan but like writer Ryan but it was there wouldn't be surprised if Doug OK who's right around he about it this round pick from last year. Once a crack each trade so if the Mets would have just hope meantime the Yankees have offered actual prospects. And and and they'll they'll they'll they'll take Jay Bruce to give you two prospects that the Mets requested. And get to do it to the match is paid like a million bucks of his salary I whereas Indians agreed to pay all of his salary right so the match ended up saving about five million.