Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins) THE NAME HOUR

The Gary Parrish Show
Friday, August 17th
Gary Parrish Show, Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins) THE NAME HOUR

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Seventy to 81 for your chance to win a thousand dollars right now text first. At via RS TD seventy anyone EF 59 minutes to text first seventy youth stating one. The 65 is our sport is. And my hardest team news and. Perish you know. If fans EST yeah. On today's show. And over again very show what I do not have been Vietnam joined now. Thank you want my god daily that. Franklin in the previous segment just briefly and I mentioned that she's one of the people on this planet. Who you don't even have to you know you know the last name to know exactly who you talk about what people say a wreath that. Like say the same person. Pops into everybody's head like there is no other a wreath. You would go Aretha Aretha who or what you re it's a wreath of Franklin everybody knows that an attempt to throw it. Oh I figured out is you wanna be a one name celebrity 01 name I can't it's not just enough. To be. Also am an unbelievable what you do you also have to kinda have a unique name otherwise you can't quite get there which might be a reason. When you have children to name all of your children something unique so that they at least have a shot to BA. A 1 name celebrity someday am I not something you. Well let's look at Rehman. Bruce. Bruce is not an eight so rare name and yet bruises burns you've got to do it by Bruce that Bruce Springsteen the. I don't want brutally I don't know what else about it a political at all well we have got my copy aren't saying how well frank. I don't think you think works so I think people upright and what did you think frankly once did. Not trust of course Frederick and actually one of the Franken there's an audience. There is a unit L and I thought a first for entire office Palestinian Israelis it's OK but my point if it's like well I don't I don't upload contracted know Bruce trip in buffalo they totally ludicrous the ones but. Yeah brutal Bruce hornsby. But I doubt that Rosie wins or losses are about like if you approach it like. I like family feud when there's a when there's a hundred a different where there's a hundred answers and area and it is the lower as the FAA there's a hundred dancers and and and like there's six different ones and I'm talking about one where it's like 99%. The aunt that person every no matter who you ask they answered the same way. Who is a wreath at. Let's not and you wouldn't even big candidates think of it would be a 100% everybody would say every Gregory right right I I think it would be close to that would bruise. About Dan I don't. You know there's not a does that make it there are a little one isn't and that's what are now I don't know no download that doesn't work yes. Stumble on her I think her yeah I was actually are yeah I don't think yes I got just a bit there don't. I don't want that out of your jacket I took it beat beat beat 08 and the LeBron and the opposite of whatever they have they're a great and they got they got. Geographically different shapes and so we're looking for people who are one million people. And relax but they don't have a beyoncé and Elvis or a LeBron there. I don't how about Michael go to Michael. My dad Michael Jackson Michael Jackson a Michael Jordan better why am I don't want it. That's what would you always hear of the LeBron James Michael Jordan debate is the LaMont Jordan debate it's not the James Jordan right and it's not the LeBron Michael. It's LeBron and Jordan because Jordan is like everybody knows in order is Jordan but Michael is my Michael could deputy Michael Jackson yeah. And take that only Peyton that's not my little doubt how much did he didn't want to become anybody can beat top but it's clearly Peyton has made this statement and I don't want other I don't get a like OJ Google it. I would. You know dog and yeah oh yeah and oh yeah. Is this you're a fan I got to do all this group because they can't do age but it regular name. It is also a limited out of okay well that's what. Paul. Surplus we'll call. I'm going to go to book disciple. Are you really biblical. See I think called pretty close I think all pretty close her pulse pretty close all The Beatles first it without John even jog and just get it done if they're together though he's not nearly enough John did not get a good view many Japanese. Community can be John Kennedy yeah I can figure out all of the ball a little like us really weird really really. That ring goes real large nuclear theory you don't need rain goes last and now how about that Ringo can be a one name celebrity but John campuses. I articulates its pockets but that. George George certainly can't go towards the I don't know I'd be digital books. That. All that mechanism that gets a typically one democratically led I smell like economic Jagger you all Flozell. I'm I don't let it feel weird that I could echoed a little weird name category and I gave you a bit more than one regular people say other attracting people might try to throw Mickey Mantle and there. Oh don't match yet the minute it yeah the manicure there's a mid east. Our addiction I. I think hey listen if it was fairly good Mick Jagger would be the number one answer Burke who is Mick staying. Or staying obviously anesthesia. Share. Where I'm Larry let me go on and I can't even wrap and rap right now there's Kendrick. Yeah one kid that's it that's him this time yea that him. Now I don't know who else when. We're we're looking at live quotable they opposites and her normally the and that normal people okay blue norm anymore you only have culminated only one person and a closer than you have. Is. Bruce okay and ask you this. Taylor that's what does it does Taylor Arnold. Donald I think you on alert yeah there were icing dominant and a big but their stock. There's Donald doctors Donald Glover. And a but I still think Donald everybody associated right. Totally and right now Ali here's yet hello hello Randy no I don't want normal name and it's one person. Hillary. Hillary for sure. Well that's certainly there's only one Hillary that would normally now Hillary's and the whoever heard of another Hillary knew that Hillary had that it anyway. As quick as whereas beyond that I had never met Helen Thomas well Brandon Wright admitted it's clearly a it's it's it's. Totally okay what Hillary would look at Hillary would get Hilary Swank now an aggregate Hillary in the current. I guess. OK mark go. Now that we're in politics a little Marco will mark felt that the a couple of I don't think Paul you hit it appeared that little lonely and I think Margo you think a lot about half a OK. What did let me let me get your verdict and that's what Taylor. Yeah I do it's pretty you know the weird thing is give us what is that even though this Taylor. You don't they don't tell us what. Yes if you cannot Otis Taylor to go to killer left. OK okay she never even go to one man I don't believe I don't pitch count loudly she does well what it I ever heard the name Taylor a bump because other than ever that. I think if I were going to a Taylor Swift show I would say. You can't. I would say yeah I think about them go to see Taylor so where does he take that prop resemble what is retailer's web. Yeah things go together how'd Regis our people and OK clearly we got a break that's easy. LA ULOK. I'm there's a lot of people on Twitter is penny that's obvious and easy yeah yeah. Now that but it's gone by to talk a little and one of those Alan I thought Elena was actually interest and all of a very cabinet literally one out and it's. Balance it's now element is and how long followed every little outlet is but it got a good I think what I think Alan. Alan Alan yeah. Oprah is certainly open so probably will lift its registry at you know embezzlement that's great but Allen is a lot Ella oral and yet only one hour. Allen and brutally closest Allen Bruce and Hillary had a closely come. Mightily and my thought ma oh here's an oh I got it a bit and ended it I wanna give credit to the person who put it out there senator find them. This is actually I think it. I drew. Tweeted it I think this is the most common name but it's one person. Brittany. Yeah that's it. Cuts completely common name. They're all they want to let me and it's working. No I think the I misheard you went to all apparently. Whitney the technique. What is with Houston and Britney Spears are both clearly that's the only person you know I know those both work. We can't let it be we don't. It definitely a problem like a true I can't fight back theories OK what about bear so it doesn't really work fairly quiet one very it illegally. That Barack Obama. Yeah and I would think Barry Bonds but it got to get it done about all the good and what about what this would. Feel. Yeah Mickelson where it would ultimately would work under yeah weird and yes a little bit the other unique yes wanted to kill. Yeah gel works maybe this helps them social medical Serb side so not as tiger certainly of course I'll direct this but those who. Somebody says Jesus I think he's dead or he is such a bad definitely. Very sort it out you know. It does somebody says Dolly that's clearly but yeah unique name unique name and opinion once assistant. Actually I think as agreed to pay again Peyton has clearly paid man I've got Leo reading Leo. And I could be messy it could be DiCaprio hunt and I don't think that works. Somebody says cam. And I think that away Hernandez and it's not him I don't Reggie Holmes carried regular camp beat her this year yeah I don't think our Stevie. Wonder. DP if you make it either probably one Stevie that's very clear that other erratic probably pushed even Steven Jobs you know for example so. So particular CD dvd Expedia or most of our unique name Hezbollah apparently at least QB do you now. Rectangles that Kobe that's clearly Kobe. They had actually indicated category I can take your serious right all aftershock you're your body kick your buddy Charles this man has a good one. Oh Maryland. And wrong. Clearly Marilyn Monroe Maryland at Maryland tomorrow now. I think Maryland is there's only one barrel I think there's a barrel complement our legal administration category. Mean I've never hurt another barrel but now looks pretty off its angle that. Maryland is a common name in it is very clearly only one hell Errol is a unique and it goes under the unique and critical. Wade asked does Blake work. Almost does Griffin. Blake if they get some people to say Blake Shelton. I don't like would work you do if you accidentally as a means US backed her sentence if US basketball fans to get playground if you asked and it Shelton a legal question you know on the NASDAQ adding more people don't let children a boy grips. Is the TV show there's no question of Ravi I don't think war Charles. I think it would look punishment. Yeah I don't think that one yeah I mean here's 110 Q on the Prince Charles and there's one Caitlin. Jenner at this point that's Kalin Jenna dazzling she owns it. Other than. That we are neighbors count and I think it's a bootstrap at the track tapes. This is a fairly common name and it's more it's a new name. Which makes it weird that a seventy something year old has that name she was being progressive because. If you were born in the year that. Bruce Jenner was born us and you were a woman did not indicate that I would indicate Null and around later date David Fay brought this up on our star and he was like if Bruce Jenner should not feel how the changes name to Caitlin recently named Marge something. I hope all of you. He hit a good. Serena clearly. There's clearly aren't senator. Yes but that goes in the unique name yes OK I used to be a lot of so I was very pleased that they haven't played a really only one large. Yeah it's Simpson Marge Simpson through our that your body on March shots and out of I don't know. Only about a model I don't our shot gets emotional is why Denzel. Only one Betsy nature and does Justin work. It pretty close now there's Justin Rose and Justin Thomas just like a Justin Bieber. Yeah you're right to adjust to the task and to the rim just unleash Willie works. Early Nelson. I've gone out Willy that would make. Boom. It's generational as well I'm feeling better constantly said Marge Schott and Gary Campbell said marsh from the Simpsons. That's generation line oh here's one. Bo. Jackson that could be Bo Derek at building that works yeah what were you thinking in your head day and we. Look I think a ball ball ball ball out of all I can do got to get out to vote I'd just you know there's just Leary's work that we are you asked that. We Larry. Bird yeah now their alleged it. An impediment Larry I mean the way of bird you know like you need is Larry Larry Larry legend but you also run in the Larry Holmes. Men and thank him in Larry Nasser. At jackass there's a lot of doesn't workers like a process senators good boxer probably more at all who has won this might work Arnold. How are things Schwarzenegger. That worked then and I don't know maybe they way it's gonna be ready allocated to our era let's think of different thing might not reading. I don't think it worked out just go to Jack. Nicholas. I think Jack Kennedy. Their future direct but as Jack Dempsey and restarted due to reject and you Jack Daniels. Veterans get the river. Project go and look at us in other words wilt. Chamberlain what will certainly work yes but let's go to Munich they object. Here's another one Garth Brooks yeah fields cars he'll aren't aren't owners they're anyway here are my world got her. Yeah add to that would have and that's very segmented though I I don't own cars yet to guard channel photos X does Janet work Jackson. Yes I would Torino that saved them work Janet Reno what the heck is wrong when I got out in arena throughout this world. I thought as to how would you I sure clearly usher saucer that there is no lesser know like I really don't Ozzie there's only one housing. Now I know Larry Ozzy album abbey the ad or Ozzie Smith I was I was at you know doesn't want him I don't know and a Sulu on Stevie we run into so many points out Stevie Wonder and Stevie knicks got a problem there. Yeah he's got a dish that I don't I guess what I have and I don't see it off yeah I Ashton. Kutcher is very that's him and he owns and that's weird category of passion is asked in there are no other rations are a matter. So let us to review the one that we agree our common name but oh skill our Bruce. Whitney Brittany step back and we had another one there are split and a lot of them. That there was there's errors well what if Hillary Hillary Hillary and Hillary wit and how about real. About why. Dale ballistic Dale Junior Dale Senior and Donald gods and dale Murphy. And and Donald and Donald are gonna Hillary. Hillary Donald Whitney with a brick and old Bruce. What about little Mario. If you got a little fish good eagle yeah Mario could be Mario Brothers smaller Chalmers and doing Mario Chalmers Mario. The character from though the Mario Kart it doesn't work known and and you say show that Marco might now we say polo with mark mark Motorola. We'll have let this nice a guy when Roseanne. Barr as Roseanne Barr yeah that's that's one big catch a hollered that we sorry start. You got guess it doesn't work what about Brad. It I think Brad Pitt is well you know who else it's Brad is Brad Pitt. Fred might be Brad Pitt I think Brad Pitt owns Brad. Bradley Cooper. And is not indices not and that combo you know but I can't Brantley can go to yankees he leaned back in fact you only get opera so that Brad was not even Israel limb. Monica. Lansky yeah OK okay now not to sell now yet but that I think if you say Monica. I think if you were a conversation with somebody said what happened to Monica you think of all those she might walk out France. Do you relish my dad got up and we can't accept. There are a lot of try to we're gonna hit it out red and I. Only now are we could yeah. All except mark okay here's one now it detested you gotta give me the first person that pops in your head content Pamela Anderson. Think I think it is Pamela Anderson. I'm so I'll. Era probably Campbell edition I thought Darryl brown but I could it did occur to us. I. Full proof like what I would thought Crawford along that doesn't work then and it now. Nicky and I wish our eye on the demonized and Charlotte though Rickie that old Italian here at right. Nikki had led it says there's another Becky. Yeah there's talk there's got to be other than you can that netease swell the Fleetwood Mac but they give Obama. Since Motley crew there's Niki six. Yeah keep. Angelina. Jolie. So the question and that's as she always wanted to Brad and Angelina might be Brad and Angelina Motorola yes they and then they and they and and and it gradually and it also all I am humbled to and then and then now there Garnett and other argued over child support let's bring they have so many kids that's a tough deal it's a real tough to Hugh. Hafner. I don't know I fury there's there's a bit goofy and pushed it. You grant. Hugh Jackman. Euphoria. I was out. There. Lot of use for people are wondering what on earth are we anyway let's do a recap I I and I'm ready to Franklin died earlier today if a recipe or her down. Possible hurdles irons I don't think so now. We and so. Can I write him and so aren't. Cheese spread you always have to. I have a low cost you only had a that you always have a terribly Carson and undoubtedly shape it or you so. I imagine that I read today is you know of one name celebrity we have a bunch of in this country his own Brothers kind yea there's. I'm so on and so forth whether they're Barack but usually they are. You eight names that belong to people who are super famous. So we were in search of common names that steel arts so closely connected to just one person like. Only we want particularly to work yet so we expect that leg but did not get ready on day yeah beyoncé Elvis Madonna don't do not work. And what we found so far is that I'm Whitney is a common name. And it's an adult one is Whitney Houston although. Whitney Cummings keeps popping into my head that like that's silly it's what you had an associate who is Whitney Cummings the comedian. They're OK they're Britney Spears it's pretty scares there's no weather bridge that matter Britney is Britney Spears pretty common name Britney Britney Spears now. Bruce we've decided is dominated by his Bruce Springsteen yes. Donald we think we've reached the point where that is that's Donald Ross you've there's a whole bunch of Donald's but Donald Trump Donald Trump Hillary Hillary. Is a common name and that's Hillary Clinton there is no weather and a. I don't add an Olazabal Maryland. The only one now there's only one marijuana although I don't think I don't know America and less I mean Marilyn Manson did pop in my hand really well we can't get a kick it out barely got to get rid us. Well I think you could actually save Maryland's kind of led. Not common name right now like Hammond mayor Lindsay be brought in his world every day nominee yeah. When the last time you heard what the last time but now without you don't know when you have that on your and you miss seven year old Maryland right. I have my the last three minutes seven year old Nina here and scratch and now yeah that we should I mean I'd sure all of. Short list. I think Google also I think we've basically taken this as far as we can take it now called. Just sent home yeah I somebody mentioned Serena we got Serena let's say that you go to battle dole show yeah I was little daughter somebody does Hilary Duff I don't think you owe us now people know. Yeah I don't know if they don't know meaningless story. It's a bit but it does happen quite slight bit and other Hillary just like their right to the Bruce hornsby but that nobody thinks about the ride Bruce. Bruce Steve Bruce of Springsteen Arab or ownership of the rules even though they're on the that's somebody once almighty. Somebody mentions brittney griner nobody thinks melded griner boxes right now in the leasing about her if you said to anybody on this planet I'm going to see Britney this weekend they wouldn't go all sort of that's. It figured Vegas scene Britney Spears they always think you're going to see Bernie spears oh this forgot what I think it's a unique name but it does belong to one person now stormy. I had that at the hook up a girl with try. You did it. Does yes. Does Bruce Willis knockout Bruce. Boom. Now nobody thinks about him and we'll somebody I don't mean tonight Bruce's story got us pretty. Good and there's Bruce Wayne. Now all Bruce Springsteen has an outlet and Bruce channel exists Bruce Pearl. Now now I still I don't think and is I don't want that would act would be well he has a Broadway Show it there's only one Bruce. Hello Charles got another go when Amoroso. There's only one well Charles this and urinate at this gas. A lot of that is also you'd and Maurice Morris that's uniting brands clearly doesn't work lord all lord tweets that she's been thinking about Bruce Jenner. The whole time came out and it had a decent. Tonight liberal groups are really upset or brown wonder those funds have been removed from the list but he's no longer bruise you can't call him that that's Caitlin and did not what is the only way I'm. That's not what does the back. Yet you got to leave emotion out there hi I. I reject this whole thing that I love Bruce Springsteen and should be only one there's also Bruce Lee. Nobody I don't think so well that I know many great things about him too many if the per share all we asked the roles Brad if you say name and different people unthinkable but it I didn't defend this under no people are you guys are all they do about it well read and now I am a Bruins and removed from. Brick stays on the list she's stays on. I think Whitney. Whatever at a barrel guys reared its bread and Whitney Hillary. And are not Brit. They are good start writing these down and we need a lot of Britain and Whitney Hillary Adonal Brit wit the Hillary and Donald V they only read your own little in common everyday and it I don't Taiwan. There really effectively out. You can't. That they OK I don't know anyone who could start arguing against her brain against bruise some of these other examples like Hilary Swank Hilary Duff like I can hear that. Now Hillary is Hillary Clinton they just is US adds to your lover you left a hundred people too because you both also named somebody I don't know Hillary. I did I don't love about you say the Hillary who use the Democrat Hillary swipe at Hillary all of you that we're the only one yeah that's why I play a more. If we went outside right now and we asked a hundred people I'm gonna say a name you tell me the first first about your head hang a hundred out of a hundred would be Hillary Clinton it just what. A lot of power and not a lot of people are now ready alms admitting Kim. Now. There's other I think you're gonna get other aces and card as she's out she won't be the leading vote getter but you'll get other hand here is part. Kim Cottrell. Kim there's not a whole lot of great cams. Kim might. A hundred more Kim and Kim might be under consideration the weird thing as just Kim Kardashian joy killers slash she goes by boat may yet really gold like. I color Timmy can Jimmy K as well you're here are a bunch Jimmy Jack yeah I think Timmy can't. Christina. Angular. I thought of regular is well just probably doesn't even know Christina Aguilera now Dino I don't personally know Dan what do you think when we said Christina. Christina. Do you think. It doesn't usually an optical you know what do you think of the last night Wimbledon and at that yeah well that's OK okay you got a bit although no doubt him one what about this. But I don't I don't issued early cabinet I'll talk to your whereabouts. She's club we get to the outlet is Chloe a common name yes. Well I think there's all thought there's one close do you win. And Jeff. Police account and slowly it's very Tom and I are well employees. I don't know how common it is I don't know to begin gathering in the bottom of the barrel. I. And Kevin Everett at whatever their many competent Kardashian was hurt us. So it's no wonder all those are big baby who has now murdered completely retired around OK what about this when there. Kendall. Jenner can dinner. I leaked. There's only one I mean no administrator also noted that I don't know there's not scandalous about is yes. Jordan Jordan I we have this on the list and forgot about it Jordan asked that we could we forget about Ellen. The generous I said I don't doubt I doubt anyone out Ellen common name in Hollywood talent market but people aren't. Now known Ellen is Ellen Helen Mirren Elin how's Elin Elin Elin Carlo is yet to show I don't Linford Johnson yes yes the show in LA and and everybody knows who show horse. First. I I think most of British and work and I don't know. They're not very common or uncommon maybe there's not a lot of can hold out there can go about Allah that shape sector goes back to your Whitney. I've never about a couple of well I partly out with but bicycle Campbell along. So it's it's it's as unusual as album today Lamar maybe not able to go cattle cattle come on but. Like there's no there's not many good out there there's. There's big catalyst that groups in terms of its. Can bitter. I learned an entirely to do that I would think that you've got to her husband and I count mounts you will not you -- you would get a -- I would tell I would count to do the very dominant. As you wanna include cam. And yet you say that no other can come to mind that I I'll give you can't gobble to you Campbell or tie plus death. Yeah pretty good staff. Is that carry out curry there's only one staff. Could get in a Steffi Graf. Man. It's pretty good at yeah Lydia. Others definitely other start if you tell Japanese there's other steps that would step on grass yet there's no question about stuff. But it just say you go to rattled by giving a guy got to get a hold outs. You can take yes that's. We don't take on this job now we gonna do it all the amid all the other topic that fast enough according to people call it literally say names. OK so many well that yes we'll resume asked about LeBron of course LeBron. I got another although we we got I'll be unusual names that aren't allowed. Full of proud to be a sacred college that would be usually in Italy we want first. Stacey says Jeff they've added touch Kindle is 100% a common name we're gonna turn out. I put this is exactly right Jeff I think he's right Jermaine got a daughter named Kendall if we don't. I Beckett might wonder how old event Kendall how old's your daughter get a it's. It can go left and it doesn't count habit did a couple of screening you don't just want to be famous yet I don't know if she would definitely support what she could be favorite yet so it's the. People are insisting that Kindle with a common name. Then Kim told the name doesn't belong to Kendall Jenner. It accommodated for adults. I don't I don't really like do you ever have yet to catch those overly ages sixty Garrett. I can't think of one off the top my head brand about Brad be about a scandal over the age of sixteen. I can't think of why I'm sorry say that my point is okay what are good guys got Brett branded from Germantown joins the conversation brand India want. But that and are lit but sealock. We've been through the eighth inning on I got everything come we think this is what's gonna. Imagine trying to. Did I Eli. Painted a different name is that we are confident and you either don't want it literally like. It is only one Eli. It's only line I think Eli is Eli and I think Peyton Peyton yeah absolutely and I know he's the forgotten about our lives Archie had that. Archie now earlier I thought Archie Bunker there's people Rana even fictional person but actually it should but you landed about count somebody asked about clips. Well let's go to genetic want to truly put country seeing it at least good there's certain death could compel law. It's just yeah equivalent of a law. Is somebody says he's got a good buddy whose daughter is at thirty and named Kendall. We'll go look at at are you excited that I talked at Bruce's. See what I'll try to have a standard I tried that game should know didn't look that Bible studies just yeah. Everybody and I couldn't count give everybody a statistic based developer base our. There Stacey says he has five friends named Kendall of the world or is she 31 years old yeah. Could get away Gary. Okay look. Now. If some people say they Kindle deal exactly in mind yeah and it you know yeah lying Illini don't recognize any doesn't seem that far right. A day desolate B free hard dashes. That the artwork apart like you have to make something in life period. Now and the year 2018 Kindle deal that has no ownership of the name and all show when its Kindle and people how about Sylvester. Chrome. Jesus has. Got its effect Stallone is a lower. I'll fly. Ball was don't get Sylvester from ansari and soon and Sylvester the cat effort on his release investors. Barbara Douglas or it Barbara Streisand. Them too many. Bush as the Barbara Bush. Ronald. Reagan. I think about to do to get hit that's ever braced. And I think we got it is Brit wit and Donald L and and I think Kendall probably belongs on a list even go to what I Arnold and we got Arnold Arnold is not where we could've had no I don't another us. Schwerner none of your residence on the other is doing all right you're right all right I think probably solve that I think we figure this out tonight. We believe we regret those in another few hours later on this line. All right guys out later got the Kindle go OK Jeff Jeff well. I just gaga today today on Tinder get a Kendall there. Now now that's in relation sorry about that danger what I want Jeff to do is go on FaceBook. In fact or all of all the searches don't FaceBook friends I want I wanna go look at they had thought about it a little lift this of that let's see if we can do this right now it ever got any friend thing Kindle I hope it's not somebody actually inference that ignited jedi careful in like a second ago I was I don't really the only animals you know and oh and don't assert my friends is that something I did then I'm searching adoptive Kendall space. I don't think I have any friends named Kendall you don't have any friends candle. Kindle can't no no I do have one candle Capps worked a deck fitness I'm pretty you can look at ticker Dell Kenneth gaps. University of Arkansas hey shut out the general gas you know one against your kid cameo. In the pride of us Springdale. If Democrats he had fanciful. That's my friend can go and you go down into. Back I now have any other ones and that that's it for me to we our Campbell's I think so like there's that apparently all these kettle run around out there we don't even know. He got I think can announce all we got cute look at. This. Week we initiation of personal fitness instructor. Well. And I miss and go work out with earned Larson's interest and well. Back what effect. Academy sports and outdoors destroy your college football kick off on Saturday August 25 from 11 AM to 3 PM enjoy food high heels yeah. Plus gift card giveaways and more c.'s Saturday academy sports and outdoors 7926. G because of place at Walt chase. 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New car store right next to the cougars on stage and part simple. The hard and you've got to get to Robert when you lose all four locations are celebrating savings have been 70% off plus free financing party. I'd just been part. Locations surprises. Discounts and giveaways celebration ends on Saturday. Guests of fear feels a smile center hotline now that's the very best in show. Bears show is live from the bluff restaurants towards more studio ninety to nine FM RE SPN and. Let's finalized clearly. I actually until things are good Americans do not what we're doing that added yeah we're not looking forward. Unique names. That all one star that are one name celebrity like beyoncé night listening to right now. Beyoncé the unique name yeah. Beyoncé Rihanna. Kind yea Iraq or rebook a wreath at that how we got into that those are all one name celebrities. Because there. Super famous yes and also what they do but also because if you need to date on what we were looking for kids. Names that are common names but also associated with just one person now. Does she work. Jay Wright. They've got to work and Tbilisi is JC it doesn't work if you if we're ever taken different things it doesn't work out OK so here's what we got the list so far get. Again the criteria criteria is this now. Common name. But when you hear raped you the everybody thinks of the same person right. The wreath Ambrose doesn't work it's good we had the buckets then Bruce Springsteen Bruce Lee it doesn't work in different thinking different people I just outlined or. Here's what I think the list it's okay it's Brittany. Common name yes Britney Spears every time she owns it it's Whitney. Common named Houston and is Whitney Houston every time she owns it it's Hillary. And don't don't come at me would you Hilary Duff Hillary common name and it's Hillary Clinton our top. Donald yes common name is Donald Trump every time. LN yes common name is Ellen DeGeneres every time that you think. Kendall we have established that Kindle with a common name yeah we won that battle Kendall the people of spoken out of people and they can't. How can feel quite good but can nobody thinks about you your 2018 can gear doesn't know there was no I love Cambodia but they don't think about you if you if you say. Hey I'm did you hear about Kindle now people people think what what do whatever we can Jenner consulate and a common name belongs to Kendall yes there. Angelina. Only one that is in its Angelina Jolie her percent it's her common name into Angelina Jolie yet. Do we decided Brad also whereas Leo we we think Brad Pitt owns Brad Pitt yes there is only one. The breath you say the name Greg you say hey did you hear what happened to Biggio Brad died. And everybody says is total say that other person that Bono Brad Pitt and not do you think Brad Pitt yes or did to people think come. Brad Cooper nobody's thinking about Bradley Cooper visits a Bradley he has he had Bradley made even fake name to just to get around Brad Pitt Brad we're gonna get bread the bread that you give it to Brad Pitt epic patent patent common name is I think yes if if we look at and Eli Eli thing else India I think that's a neat little thing I got there a date date although I think Eli owns Eli yes. And are we willing to go with Kim. I think she's the leading vote getter easily if you say hey did you hear what happened to cam I did the people would assume Kim Kardashian. But would anybody think of anybody other than cat donors are and here's the days I just. Did a Google search for just cams straight up bomb this computer here and there's nothing else but Kim Kardashian references to pop up and out of the six the pop up. Only Kim Kardashian people are arguing. That Brad. Could also lead you to Brad Stevens. Nobody thinks about Brad Stevens says sports fans no disrespect to the non sports fans out there's an that they he's known in a world outside a sports nobody thinks the breast even know they love I might it might wife doesn't even know Brad Stevens is okay arm people arguing Donald doesn't work because you might think of Donald dot com. Fair or unfair. I'm I'm I'm I'm iffy on Donald I guess you know it's there it's a great point. You know because we did talk about Marge Simpson owns Marty I I think I you can't think about Donald like if you duet of a pull perceptual Polonia said. Donald what do you think of next there were beatable and said Donald so I think we do have to eliminate Donald. I think Donald has been removed. We just that yeah it's gone I'm gonna remove Donald from the list on yet yet to our own because of the perceptual test people are. Oh we we never discuss this when you know Tina. Turner or Tina Fey doesn't work because and I and I and I could secondarily think of Tina Fey as well Tina termite of work Abbott not a not a novelty ice lounge now I would Tina Fey out there why else. Shall we got to take it off Lance Stephenson. Land has been that he's a darn dark. Lance Armstrong who got Lance Armstrong Lance Stephenson that there's got to be another Lance and I think you know that's yeah I would take it off okay somebody suggested this and to me. On first we have to establish is that a common name and Mariah. Pretty common name pretty common visits I know way more Mariah has unite Ryan I know Mariah as I know a lot memorize. OK I've got HM friends with at least seven different life a little variety I think she owns it. I think mobile Mariah Carey clearly all she I have yet but it is common is what we're trying to establish. I am friends with so many Mariah has a or are I don't know if I am not. Like I should help planet should I don't know if you are but you're not I bet you and I. You are you unless you like Mariah Carey's page I need to get some more moron if I don't get any Mariah fat friends jacket let me check my. I'll take every right as Ryan and a Y un effort for the no there's no Mariah some analyst now the shocking too because I actually do know is though that there's on the job up front of them so now. When there's a whole lot of German French and me about for sure why is not a common name. If you're riots if her request out to be friends Amar I don't. Got nine a well FaceBook I've. Fifteen years and Edmund I don't know common enough to considered the common name I think Mariah the common name look at Mariah and when you talk to Mariah unfazed but for the million up. Okay how much I guess we'll get into your Mariah will make the list there and then Mariah Carey's I think Mariah Carey is LSI I so god would bump and we keep. I am keeping Kim I say we keep him on the list. We keep Kim and we add Mariah so the list of about why that's not a number I'm common that's on how many networks. So the lifted now Britain ready Hillary. Ellen Kindle Angelina Brad. Peyton and Eli Kim and Mariah that is the list of common names better. Will be right back. Academy sports and outdoors is going to college football kick off on Saturday August 25. From 11 AM to 3 PM thirty at this location located at 726. G a cousin plays and won't chase he enjoyed them samples from the Indy charcoal. Hi deals on tailgating items plus gift cards for the first fifty customers supporting their college colors and more coming college football hall of Famer Johnny Roland from twelve to 1 PM academy sports and outdoors. 7926. G-8 as a place that was chased for all college football fans for less come see you Saturday. I love my community and as a doting day. Yeah home page devoted son. Yeah yeah any good neighbors. 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You can monitor is Bradley after James king exam mining the Arab members may provide expert legal representation and away but it's gonna make it Coppola because he's gonna be ever trust somebody that aside by the explosions of the problems you face this every got a problem they can probably had little boy this lets you have too many drinks get behind it will give pulled overnight got a problem. I'll ask the king of money they can navigate their process boy it simple possession judge. They can handle that for you if you dealt with sexual misconduct sexual harassment at work. It gives them a call they can handle that for you. 5288888. The number. 901252828880. Years ago with the again they're here in Memphis they can help you if you are was it enduring. No legal issues I hope you never Needham. Put. When you do if you do with make sure Rimmer ST seeking a Marty five to 808888901528. 8888 race gender or address Georgia got to the mix up your second kingdom Marty on the web. As contain that dot com Major League Baseball has announced that the arena could be suspended six games for hitting Iran a lot of Grunow last night this week six is for pitchers one start now. English should not be allowed at all and I meet somebody at mount Arafat thoughts in my old ball. Simply because the person's been awesome for like a three game stretch and only missed one started his Major League Baseball messing up again let's do dinner to go. Senator Joseph was presented by Humphries prime cut shop folks folly of original piece didn't go. What did we learn today a bunch of stuff mostly with focus the second hour all I'm trying to identify. This is all its radio show ever common name. That are completely owned by one purse I got like Rihanna or bowl off or con game. A lead which is how we got into this those are unique games. That are attached to super star celebrities. People who are brilliant at what they do are famous for whatever reason. I'm but that's their there they're rare name so like whatever. Madonna that's that we were looking for common names. That are also just associated with one person if you asked if you told a hundred people yeah did you hear about Britney they would say pretty scarce and there was some retarded reverend spears yes here's the list. Yeah Brittany. Whitney Hillary. Roland Kendall Angelina. Peyton and Eli cam I think all right as well we're getting a lot of push back a brand. We are because people say Brad pace. Add Brad pales Paisley is a mega star I knew I actually forgot about Brad but you're right that we're gonna remove breath would I am going to head down I got two more before we get at night. Dion. Sanders. Think that might be close full EL more like. Whole budget to an ideal world would probably hold budget Dion and Deion Sanders is the guy we are meant to put that into consideration. Rosie. O'Donnell is the common name them. Rosie. Coming on the road you know and I don't know any other pros and friends with a anymore I don't know yet or not. Not look at your dad is the most surprising thing to being in this world that when I went to try to identify Mariah is not there I don't have. That is singled prior friend requests on me a lot easier today but not. Reported on FaceBook with somebody named Mariah all I want for the rest of the day I'll be happy what's the biggest game tonight he called patent breaching the football football rematch Gillette Stadium box or. Matthews Tom Brady age 41 to get them. Preceded actually picked up at 630 New England three and a half point favorite what she's done watch on TV about that. At one of our common one name celebrity. And I know it gave up. My game into the place you haven't seen it happen I don't know good family show I know. They love it if I got everything did not edited your leg. Are at a grounded going to be a Jimmy Fallon except rocky going to be on Jimmy Kimmel Jessica deal to be very nearly. They're beyond that in mind is there anything I need to make sure I read. That interest story about HBO where. Yes it's been profitable and successful for a long time but they're really gonna have to. Start building around their Sunday night schedule and get more original programming or else Netflix and Hulu are just gonna pass them by Philip that interest you don't maybe. But it you can find it you're done. What's on tap for tomorrow I think that all of the first hour just guarded in the second but I took off. This is my life of political figure would you I have to bomb. Enjoy. Coming enjoyed Beckham are fortunate to have become and be good grip new. Prices plunged right. This applies. 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