Gary Parrish Show, Monday, May 21, 2018, Hour 2 (w/Geoff Calkins in Seg 1)

The Gary Parrish Show
Monday, May 21st
...4 stories continued, then Seg 1:  Geoff Calkins and GP discuss the Commercial Appeal and Geoff leaving Seg 2:  GP talks about the NBA Playoffs and Lebron Seg 3:  Dinner to Go

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They calculate such things now nobody ever hit that number before and what you can reasonably say. Is that that at bats yeah bloody Pereira bat was the. But that didn't consecutive pitches out like one of four here's a number 04105104105103. We think that like that now in a row like Royce jet maker like pop up and get you down but like we won gold boom. Foam fire balls and go won the movement on the ball at the catcher to get like if I even apostle crazy it's so detectors cannot. Sometimes catches balls out I don't understand how you can catch the ball I would like move better qualified to movement you can have met a fair. Fans and give people mastered all of and say we won't give you a thousand dollars if you could just catch this all. And they do a good note chants like even people play baseball and we put me back I would not be able to catch that ball and 05 whitbeck kind of movement it's ridiculous. What about this stuff and a. Right down there or 236. Pitchers. In the major leagues. Who have pitched at least forty innings this season to 36. He likes to 35. Out of 236. In strikeout rate. He took all consistently won all 310410 pipes. Now. He's two innings pitch he's always struck out nine hitters he's walked sixteen out ERA is 2.0 five which is kind of amazing given that. He can't make people miss any you'd walk people all the time right but still ERE 2.0 five but he's only averaging three point 68 strikeouts per nine innings so that tells you like you hear all the talk like just throwing hard is it good enough. This is proof of that at that level because even when he's hitting 105104. Consistently. Can't strike anybody out. Again how he rates to 35 but then estimate the guy goes harder than anybody else in the major leagues. Rakes to 35 at 236. In strikeout rate for pitchers who have thrown at least forty innings but he had become a story. In this Major League season and everything we go to Busch Stadium I guess your hoping he comes out of the the bullpen just so you can see the the numbers palpable in the school board could have popped up 105 yesterday and folks seem to get excited story number three okay. The businessman from Colorado. Decides he gonna go to Charleston, South Carolina to reconnect this past weekend. With an old girlfriend OK if we gets on a plane from from Denver to Charleston, South Carolina. And he's seated in a middle seat between two went back and he'd been drinking a little bit he's had a double vodka tonics all the players know okay. Any gets a little touchy. Where if one of the women. She's wearing a tank top and shorts. Which I'm not sure that's the weight carried him right moment manage term but he looks better and says. On the I'm physically excited and likes like sort it all now like I bowled down to his being area like what in the world. You can't do that and creepy you can't do that for bidding starts touching the other woman just on her leg but like steal you can't touch can't touch people on the airplane can't touch him you know you can. It's so close to so what anyway I actually make an effort to not talk to anybody you you've leaned away you don't reach over and now. Some woman's legs no strangers like so at this point he's he's doing this also draw so it's like lobbying or wrong creep O so at this point the ladylike says eight. You know I need some help that I care do we get and attended back here. It both women like testify to the same bank this guy isn't right in between as he's being a creep he's talking about a direction he touch a mile leg we got to get remote village OK we've got to move it. They moved this critical tobacco plays and literally on the last Ohio. He just sitting there. He. That is tingling in the home and you're paid for the singer confident. And own. And very elite and I can tell that it's happened only because I've read the Fed every flag is the guy okay you others a federal. The whole document in tracing federal drug you can. The point you're dealing I don't know. You gotta be in a bathroom if you're gonna do that if you're I don't have to do that. Those upon which our. Do it'll grow you would think. We would break in there anywhere on the plane you could do it I would imagine that might be on the back row and I like you know still federal charges they point out they took a picture of it. Alia dangling footage. I'm looking at the main urinating you can see. I'll I mean he's got a strong streak to get together is stronger street giants like we got a strong string. But he got a strength strong straight he was arrested upon our landing in Charleston. But eventually got out one way or another because those FaceBook page which everybody is following them elect a you know updated like he checked in some you know boutique hotel jobs that like I look at urinating on a plane a few hours ago this is a normal. Personally I mean and at some Lola demon held a job Marie has some money needed to do it this title accommodation I get that money or jab to urinate on the plane and a boutique hotel the gear that was my boy that's a fair point. You know as I lying on a plane yet have enough money get on the plane what he'd whip in and out for those weird deal that's the thing like I think that my saying imperfect when I dreamed that my home but probably nag and just start urinating on a plane you're. The how many drinks would it take for you don't whip out your dangling. I really don't there's not enough now I just falls in line up before you dangling thing I would go to sleep or vomiting and there's not a mountain I had enough restraint that I don't do that yeah like I. I will slur my words not done now yeah I'm a woman dealing out now all now I got on a plane all I'm just gonna go to sleep I'm big. I'm really get in my head too many drinks a matter pretend that I and a celebrity and I'm gonna watch a movie on my iPad. And I'm gonna go animal wake up and I'm going to be where. All time shore like during the postings like. You know that you sir I don't sleep you don't have to agree to employ your dangling out now. Schilling put it away. But really battle it up like they're a place for you to do that but it's not like actually on the airplane right it's got Michael hard. Gotta get a hold of himself but that laid out Sullivan's uncaring even the whole blessed himself I guess we'll have put it away not hold that what a mess they got O'Neal story number four oh from one person who might have the substance abuse problems and another. John and I don't know playing Johnny he has not that I know a giant man outside with the Hamilton tiger cats and he is in camp right now. And if he's got to start for that Hamilton tiger gets you know I know we have to be isn't it that guy used to play for Ole miss one album. Solely. The old Horry and Katie king better bargain that happened to a decade that Oregon and ended up an old man is. And now that he's got a good long kid in the Dorman C album that was another promise quarterback out there Hamilton tiger asked for yet either though you're thinking that other dude who led the bong grinder or the edited pot grinder in this dorm room that was denied any border I think that's an almost every dorm adds I have slack Kelly I think that caught on camera baby smoking and admired him and they also threaten like shoot up a club with a machine behind. The that if they gotta yeah. The machine gun Kelly who got -- Kelly and that dude who yardage on the play to go to got together and seriously he knew he'd have a dangling out flags they seemed could be why did he get these people under control I read that got to beat out on a ma'am you're climate sold nine and there's no guarantee can do that although I can't imagine you bring in Jenny Mae and they'll do you see FL club and you're not expected to be your starting global you know they head coach help and what I don't get that whose I had so much whether tiger get told you about the tiger can't coach this time on Friday I knew nothing about Hamilton tiger asked is that normal or somebody is not Warren Moon but did somebody. Jones. The old Hawaii coat the whole SMU coach is now go to the Hamilton. Former Ole miss rebels and Jon Heyman tells gonna be pampered Jerry Jones and possibly replacing. But I am solely you know they should put those games on ESPN it might get some ratings for nine I used to watch you win now that. Rocket Ismail was he a big CFL player. They may be appeared in the CFM and it might be true. Ever put some of these games are I'm sure they will be available via some thing I'll let you know when I know I Brad. Jeff Carter is that next. The official who. Today it was a weather is here in Germantown hardware campaign has all the equipment and tools you need to complete any warm weather project plus a small engine repair and don't forget after all the hard work is done. Germantown hardware Payne has all your grill. Largest selection of Weber grills in the mid south in the Green Day for all you egg heads accessories to stop by Germantown are okay on the corner of Germantown parkway and popular and that one of their knowledgeable staff members helped fuel you can visit in Germantown hardware dot com. Carrie pairs and I can tell you that Cooper systems for years the amazing work that really long. Cooper have been doing tackle persistent over the mound while office park in fact for eight plus years because took persistence and they've been a sponsor of the Jerry parishes since. Day one and they never left that's a testament then it's a testament to you when you've heard me tell you about the great work they're doing it Cooper systems for home. A long long time now it's time to hear from you guys. Got a great deal on an Apple Mac from Harvard pilgrim literally have deprived of the big box stores values certainly before a darn about Covert support for the Ottawa and one day I love coming up yeah. If we're serious doubt Zach viola. All my files overheard from would be able to retrieve everything all he had a feldenkrais. My computer faster and better than ever I want OJ Rosario is referred to is still got stuff you're not supposed to be guys that I hear very basic. If you are good good good good here you know my dad says they won't judge you. Persistent column 369679. On the way out did you manage to persistent back yeah. Always over promise. In place you're likely to get from someone who. The only U 2019 ram 15100. Always living up to extra. For instance when your buddies for Justin mentioned that he's for unity TV. Please portable and easy to crack smoker in your camping trip no sweat. You know 2300. Surf curry knows fury and do you look for great deals on the most capable ram 15100. Tour rumors of light duty trucks financing get 10100750. In total values and it will eat you ram 15100. It's like Tesla. We'll we'll my most aggressive. It's. Fly over is 531. Ran the registered trademark of SC USOC. Back to the retailer show. And ESPN we've just got kids on today's show. You've got the virgin by Michael that are not your traditional magic didn't burn before the fight is always good good good day 80% off retail stores every day of the week. They are that sales. What day including the one coming up on Memorial Day yard golf community feel all the television here and all of a radio. One after another tell me how much money you're gonna say that Memorial Day there. All but the truth is that most of retail stores but they do a bit more hardball. And then they market back down. And and get back where they probably should have been the beginning where. Always get a got to deal with that it would be easy to get eight plus ready Better Business Bureau. They carry Californians including sort of didn't do red figures designed badly furniture and didn't crash and they won the commercial. Record for each of the past three years we have the most is taking nominations for that. Right now you can do that meant the most dot com you should let the smoke back on their plate that united coach wooden bar that corner somewhere having that the Hollywood big mentioned your about a on the very very show you get 10% off divergences freaking league by Michael that are 696. 200 on the web they be thinking he had that job. Had that commercial this. But he still the host the Jeff guard Joseph weekdays from 9/11 and he joins been out major garden garden. We can't look but the loud buildings are still the yeah. So Tamara my last day tomorrow and I have a comment about paperless online right now. Chill out area. So what's it like to just work one job now. All so I'll enjoy this sure a little sure a little bit well is just one job and always. I don't know appreciation of maybe I'll enjoy this for a little bit like she should always thank you seek out those short lived event. She writes about that America which broke the hello. What are most satisfying. About the reaction. Among readers of the commercial appeal more specifically. Geoff Calkins readers what's been most satisfied about the reaction to your news that you were leaving the commercial bill. After 22. Long years. How I mean it's a little. Over the top it's lovely and sweetened. And flat and it is field a little bit like us so as subtle as a breath. A year you're. Scholar of art plane. Was it complicated or counselor who watched his own computer I don't wanna watch you don't you're right they had a funeral for that sort of feasible but like conviction. Well gentler. The camaraderie uploaded the but it could take you to do that Hitler's. So I think you're a better rider I don't know. I hate people sick that is one of my many pet peeve when people say. So those are great so I know I'm well aware like you did even better person because here's the truth never and I want everybody I want everybody that to listen appeared I think this is important. If you are great at something. Like if you're a great writer or you're great lawyer like oh you're great. Radio host television personality you're great CPA. I like it whatever your profession is you are so good at it that people call you great yeah you're probably not a better person. Did you wore a better what ever. The odds of that being true are miniscule. Like when you hear about it in BA coach he's a great coach but it even better person I don't know if that's that's almost impossible because he's probably. Keller let's take top like pop secret code people say pop too great but coach it better person eclipsed the large right because socially engaged. You know particularly you know we have. And they had the go ahead and blow this out of the water quickly. Did you watch the regarding the top five basketball coach of the plane you think he's one of the five best people on the planet. Not know that we got the play we get the Pope said Dean Smith was. I said. Open at go to Pope is he would be the better deal but are you that you just could argue. Well we're real. With his or someone else tough. I remember the dean's when you're not this should be great yeah net net net I think it yet. I just I just refuse to believe that popped that great public one of the five best humans on the planet. But he is definitely one of the five best basketball coach is on the planet so Gregg Popovich is a great coach you can say this. Bob there's a great coach and also a great person but even better person does not apply there's no way Greg pub which is an even better person and his coach. And I would say this to you you're you're not you're I would say it's a list to describe your car it's a great columnists. In a decent person. But definitely I definitely don't doubt they had that felt like the rest of this kind. But definitely. Not as good of impersonation he would call it has more credibility of the cult that's been done about the ability of the a little. The best part has there. If so wireless the kid I said I want to be a portal so that's true but yeah that would have that I would be worked out but there's also a time. Or you go to at least we urban air but I ground where you want direction were illustrated but that would create an extra day. And Sports Illustrated and two commander. Eight beta figured out that I would rather be a local sports column past. It's. It's wonderful writer Sports Illustrated but you don't have to eat what I believe like best about this. And it's what you get from being in a radio host which you don't get from being in. A national college basketball but CBS sports nut come. It is I like the country right and so I have heard from so many people today. With me. You know my mom and I used to read these stories to each other what do we got to do now that this week is totally different outlook quick break this story each other forever. I've read his stories on my debt my dad and I would read it complicate the well it helped me blah blah blah I wouldn't be at or try to it was by example like. Like it's it's. It's away that a Egypt local columnist. Can. Connect with the community it has always been the best part of this job. And so to be flooded when that ebitda does he seem a little like not. Gonna take a few months what I can be riding and Adam Kennedy writing again Edgar at age so. But it is it's different. Then there'd be at the flight should paper what it used to look at this as a slight shift paper that was or and let's go to here like. That's what is all those people who are basically sort of aware that there are people out there reading my column. But this year from those people today and preach FaceBook posts outlets. It's humbling and gratifying and it'll put a I doubt that I have a day like today again but it will be out I'll never be a twelve attempts. As I am today again because they're old ever be. In this market. A a media. Enterprise. That is as. Significant as the old commercial appeal was whether it was significant ice and so that it that it that commercial till doesn't exist anymore. That's how I sort of became relevant and how connected to people could walk upon a time there was a big deal to be become a commercial deal. And so that gave me the opportunity. To tell stories. For twenty years twenty years tell stories. And it's nice because resonated with some people. Talking to Geoff Calkins who by his own admission voluntarily has made himself a less relevant here on manage them. Yes behalf. I don't think that the truth is that the commercial appeal. That may. You who does that exist anymore for instance when I was a teenager. You could walk outside at 6:30 every morning and every single driveway at the commercial deal and every what. Like it and your face isn't there every you know every ten red column which is 34 times a week whatever lot in Seoul. And also that this is free social media. It's free FAM. Talk radio. So I'm just speaking here not as your friend or colleague but just as a a a kid who grew up loving sports. Is. If I wanted to know what somebody besides meet fought about. Larry saints in the mid nineties. I couldn't jump on FaceBook and like to see what my friends were posting. They're well I couldn't go to a message board and see what tiger fans are posting. I couldn't jump on Twitter and see what people are saying you there was really and this is true in Memphis in most places there were 88 couple. Of voices that matter. And and sometimes even what I guess I would argue in this market it would have been at that time have been used via friend George lapidus on radio. And then I do blow them with a bigger deal back then too when there was so there what the court quite as many. Channels you know eight I don't. Awesome people like rolled their eyes at local though I enjoy it when I watch it I just had rarely on one of those channels I myself every year. Like around NBA finals or won't see Kris. I end up watching more local news could they come on immediately after the game though and I'm like. They got itself but. He gets elected if I wanted to to no wait what is that I think about that and that's why don't wait to tell to see what you thought about it and now. We've all there's some everybody has an opinion everybody can write a column. It is that a column that gets thrown in the driveway but it's at at what amounts to a college football on FaceBook Twitter it's a grim message or wherever. And what else chains which makes debt position let's do what used to. Yes and good content bill will hire under certain of this problem surpluses. And and that helped could be great cop asked out of and I. That like to be just great to get my. Umpire tell us what that person could be tremendous shock but there's no possible way for that caliber at the beach I'm acutely aware of that like. I thought I did a pretty good up to 22 years putt. It was a position that enabled me and it was the fact people respected that Thomas whether it was torture or whether it was. Out bunny or what if people people. More in a position where hey call this the partial deal under attack and the and this in a way that out slid. It's a 400 plus getting more about that. It's not just a commercial deal let's basically everywhere it quietly talked about the spotlighted at the other steps being acquired a decline I don't like all the legitimately good. It's because it's just not the same date that it won't want to side. I think it's actually probably easier to connect. Via as successful radio station and radio show. Did indeed Sarah. Then it is. Via a French product in other words I'd bet you'd they're probably numbers to back this up more people hear you talk over the past two years. From nine to eleven that actually read the column because subscriptions or like because it's not what I want them to go to the newspaper industry and round like I. It's it's one that. Like I guess on the time like what so you don't do you ever wonder hosts. A radio show like a national radios because I mean obviously I've been offered I could pose a different deal I could host the national radio show right now if I wanted to and down now and what you find out because I have guest hosted national shows. There's about five that resonate you know it's damn Levitt hard it's. DN panic graduate. It's the top power it's the Mike couldn't trade wing go show. And like it's a bad and we invited is that right. And everything everybody else is talking to it feels like nobody. And when I host those shows. It is so different than hosting this show because for better or worse and maybe it will always some day but I know that people are here were. For this Gary Paris show I know that their people who. Who are they get core clock that's what they're doing and maybe they're just doing it could they got nothing else to the drive home but it's what they're doing. Whereas when the lights go on for is that like the nationals other post I don't know who's there I don't know why they would be there. I'd I'd I know that out there for me because now my show on discussed what you feel like you're talking to nobody. You're not actually talking to nobody but you feel that way where at every time I sit down. In that in this chair I know I'm talking to an audience that is they are and in cares for whatever reason about what it is I'm saying my applauding this. Obviously national television bigger than local television I think national. Writing is bigger than local writing for it with few exceptions local radio has more of an impact. Then. Then national radio. I bet you from 46. And really all of our shows a picture from nine until six. Whether it's huge Jason John Eric or hear from Puerto six. I bet you we have more listeners. In this market. In most national shows have the entire nation. Well any intention that I think it. Let me radioed quintessentially local they just let radio's local. It. And it should matter is is that. Once upon a time. Newspapers are passionate passionate it was it was your local columnists that's why that. I had that same sort of wired right for the commercial appeal for me was out of the right but Sports Illustrated. I could be ready to more people to be obeyed the national Sports Illustrated. But it wouldn't tell me they wouldn't care about me they would like to sort the good they'd be the story. But amateur Rick Riley on the back page or some people didn't really connect whereas you're local columnists. Matter and that local columnists Saturday the way to the local columnists just does not. It is this true this does not matter anymore and so that's really he. The only reason I laughter breeze I laughed but. But. I was I am glad I got to do it. At a time it may be different data debt situation companion now. Now I can avoid it I'm glad I got to do a little time at it it didn't matter and hand as it doesn't. And so I really do feel lucky it's done that and how all saw. And we'll move on ever at this but I do I do think people are wondering how that people tweet me all righty. I think most people have a basic understanding of of what's next it's gonna be a a web site that covers Memphis in Belgrade you know win in instant feature writers who. I assume in some cases might be new but largely if not entirely gonna feature. Writers who have been covering Memphis already either at the commercial deal or somewhere else do you have a 64 win people can expect. To arrest so read that website someday. Our outlook so out of sight of what's been reported a lot of a little bit liberty so what's been reported elsewhere. Is that. I think this is true it's been reported elsewhere I think you read it to me that you're worse you you will who wasn't who said hey look why. An expanded. Or ambitious or something version of the daily news that Canada. The regain or whatever it is going to do that so that's where just called concurrent consent agenda. And Jennifer baker going I think that's what the wire reporter and I'll describe your that I think. For me. One of the frustrating things about the last few years years debt. Is the last couple years really the last year is that. The newspaper had an Iraq and everywhere and that's simply true and it's not anybody's fault just the fact of the advertising and relax. They newspapers that having a concrete had a time congress. It is run out special and that's certainly don't click at any mistake about that that's gone on a national let the the Tennessee. Model is there's oil and the coaching network. And and the sports editors of national. And what he's a really good guy who. Would lose out work hard and honestly like he wouldn't say this Alley you ought to be speed exports that are also the amount of paper like that would connect push. Did admit this or get a good look at paper the actual go to the national paper the technical paper and so increasingly I think there has been an eight. Real lack of connection between the community of a partial bill I think one of the particular. And so. What does it matter ties will be that I about it and the liberty cannot articulate will be it will be a enterprise could tries to beat. And a local. Journalistic enterprise written by local people for local people and be a bit back and try to tell you that. To tighten matter as much as potentially or attack. You know and PSU matters is what you has and how reliable are already of that and it will be today. It'll be a local journalistic enterprise and what I think about all the stories but I got a problem. Sort of obscure little column. I could have written about a cut open cannot see Tiger Woods at the masters and I've been L eight Olympics Super Bowl whoever else. But the most meaningful story to the Tories the regretting when I think came to appreciate it hit a dead. The Detroit I would rather just people who took it over a double just lots of lots of them just people. I don't think that is important in this community I think it's that important in every community. And I don't think any if you mistake that this international or national church auction will have taken Mitch wants our attention at all or try to bash shell. I think it made I think that was a serious mistake circuit and I didn't order the reason that terrorism first four. Good local those guys. Should the social media cal being run at a Nashville as well. Oh well it's funny like and so yes that's exactly to what happens we get so much. It's the loud one rate credit market out of confusion and look at where it all the time all kinds of ways but he's so he gets actually. People would actually the other guy bigger Carlos Philippine. Like so lookup whatever commercial kill web site or between staff about a false all the time right. And it regaining infuriates them percent to so big it is just security actually they wanted to follow commercial appeal. Web site and it is it's tweet and took all the subtle but also actually an unhealthy interest involved in this. Communities are not simply shoot board at all. A bit issued besides the one ball tigers inventors who just irritates people people and so. That's exactly what exactly it symptomatic of kind of thing that I don't think. They necessarily understand or understood and so but I feel that all the time particularly good that's a good example. The rig every bit of due to reasons like last week week before there was a tweaked it in there was something about like. You know win a trip to like the best place on the planet and it was Nashville and so you you you see all my guy you know how Memphis. Well Phil about fashion that would like hold up the commercial bills. Telling us Nashville the best plays on the planet and I'm paraphrasing that sense of what was and it earlier today this bananas I eventually some footage of the lead up. Did you see you do you know out of our government is never certain which I which way you talk about okay commercial Phillips. I mean Twitter account. So seven hours ago you the looks so hot still I thought it was like Denise on story or some netted a nest on headline on the website I was just weird is the Twitter account. I think they tweet that picture. With the words Stone Temple Pilots I'd say this is just this afternoon just all randomly Stone Temple Pilots. It's just a picture of don't double putt but it's not like Stone Temple Pilots with Scott Y islanders don't provides a Chester betting that put him a look right and that might appointed there's literally no reason to be tweeting about pledged that if Alex don't have a budget coming to Memphis. Still until I was released throughout all. Still temple pilots. Are coming or cards are you know like inducted into the rock and roll hall they yeah they just randomly tweeted a picture rushed to the public in just that nothing else about it. I would have led Jeff do farewell column and that's the selfish like editor in me I and that that I thought was crazy I'm glad they did for your sake Jeff and it's wonderful but it it isn't. People to go look at this enix the white there tweeting Stone Temple Pilots and a picturesque don't make. In the middle about that my dad did the connection to the other parts of Tennessee you can't get around when you follow this stuff now or piling on yes. I've I've I've been to better than not. And I don't mean to be piling on the domestic they've been very gracious to me to quit my accident I don't in my column I didn't if not I don't intend to speech. Wasn't piling on I look like written demand an email I I just think it's tricky what they're doing and what they're trying to do and and I think it's hard. So back to pull off. The couple told people that let people get so mad. They open a newspaper critical newspaper there's all these stories are predators or about the Israel strikes. And a bit date if it would be better off writing stories about why all the in the paper clips about Hillary's kind of say in terms of how they're received here. And extra period strictly true. I don't know I kernel panic that like I. Also live like I still had get data out this sport and that he does each eat a great job wait a thankless job. And another people back to the commercial deal Abu. Who are as you stated that there is is that he could possibly imagine what it's. But it's Jiabao lowered job by for us or are there are guys on our list and and so I don't wish anybody I don't wish that but having looked at bats and you there's been a lot of people who left their paper. Either voluntarily or involuntarily just go to lists and Michael -- you bushels to Goteborg. Lou Graham gave William a you know what would go to church. Tech analyst people who blast. And pay it I'll get cupcake separate click on get them so I feel a little ball not get extra courage. OK so update a lot of people are comments but that still the odds are actually play in the new daisy on Wednesday which is fine yeah you know here's my binary only does it hasn't. Bet you got to connect that it just says don't pilot and that's the picture of Chester bidding could go by the way is dead so he's definitely not playing. The new daisy edit. Up front feet out at a vehicle bring back the debt item level clinical linked ought to get politicians don't apply as you go okay what does about if you click on the link here's what it says. Chester Bennington laughed and dean taleo of the rock and Stone Temple Pilots on stage jetBlue park in Fort Myers on Saturday September 21. It doesn't say they'll be playing in Memphis they're at the new days either come and attack. Think it just went on my luck matter here yeah and a select OK the players and they'll let that there is nothing and it's one that says that like if you wanna say. Ftp coming in the new. Very small but it likes it I noticed that. If you wanna think ftp is playing new day the only thing that's like something that may be all right come from that account. But just the words Stone Temple Pilots in the picture but got to edit ill onstage in fort Meyer last September. Against small but I just noticed that there. So much I could grow back so I. It's. Running to me it's now effectively that's a lot of luck and I'll get back into night you know Al Ali you can go you could spend a lot of time. Talking about various blunders that are appear that it 'cause there's a copy editors again a lot of newspapers are good luck or skill lately. That's got really good point and it's really now while. I'm happy to be embarked on a new enterprise. And I wish them the vast. If god is always the best approach tomorrow. I've. Just to reapply it on Derek and I had like I have that don't umpire is playing the new daisy. On Wednesday now I know what you're talking about just randomly Stone Temple Pilots on Monday afternoon and no idea whether. The same interest on deposits these days we haven't answered I don't even know that when I look that we need to know what Brad and I lived in New Jersey of Philadelphia and the New York marketer really close to New Jersey as we will now. Some one of the things that a radio stations started saying and broadcasting in doing was they said not not Philadelphia. Not New York proud to be New Jersey and I've always thought about that when I moved to Memphis because I realized as this Memphis sting. But like people that mean something to them of not the Nashville it just does that mean you that you understand that after you live here a little bit and I do think that. You've got to sort of understand that if you're running a media enterprise and it's got to sort of super served as a big market and it's a good sized city. He got a super serve the folks around here and you can't put up Stone Temple Pilots pictures without suggesting. Are telling people that they're playing at that new daisy got explaining why between about the comfortable I'll tell me why this is up. All you do the Twitter pictures told. I I had the same people Pena on FaceBook delight which you don't understand is it to see your point earlier. What you don't understand Brad is the Stone Temple Pilots are coming to the new daisy how could he not know that because this does its and it is just the pictures don't oppose adding I will be a picture of White Zombie. Although it probably that might have been an. Auto populates story like it. That comes up if there's something on you know like on pole star something it says well the story is popular it's on your website not gonna speculate just you gonna tweet a picture of a dead man singing for don't let's don't double pilots. At least explain to me why your tweets I sit up front with that early and hasn't what is this about I clicked on it said nothing I clicked already get it said not think again. If you want to actually get a lot of talk about larceny show to go to Doug twittered the commercial filled Twitter account. And just see that we all just go to but if you click on it all it is the pictures don't have about. There's no reference whatsoever to a show this week or any other week in Memphis. Or any of the surrounding areas that's what went out just confused because it was gonna you know because it was confused him. Arcane and savior. I know who you're talking about. LeBron Janet Jesus Christ now are can't figure is LeBron. I believe Jesus our lord and savior is Lawrence. LeBron is are keen insights here. And his back on the court tonight trying to even the series with the Boston Celtics we'll discuss next. There's savings and then there's big savings in the kind of things you can always find at your neighborhood Kroger and was low prices and delicious choice. Plus personalized coupons. To help you shop and save it anytime from anywhere and so you get more for less. 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So they just tweeted this game at 539. Today now 2015 Houston high school boys soccer team when state title. It is 2018. On all but of course if you thought that Chester Bennington was still the front man responsible piloting those dead. Perhaps it's not. So crazy to think that maybe you think the 2015 Houston high school boys soccer team just won the state title now even though it's 2018 got to get it together over their commercial Phil. A Twitter account shouts at eight and here's the thing now now let's try to be made that nobody Ayers got to get it together here 'cause the less than the one way it's never too late to celebrate the 2015 championship Gary be one way that a out of media outlet not in one way but perhaps the it the biggest way that a media Allah can actually connect with its readers write is through social media out and when you social media can this really makes no sense. Like tweeting that just wrote just a whiners you're right the tweeting the words Stone Temple Pilots without any reference to Memphis or show their about the play in Memphis is just confusing. Tweeting a picture of Stone Temple Pilots with a front man who is dead. Also confusing to have a social media a person like a point person on that the CA now I don't think they do now. Think there's not a person seems pretty clear they don't and if you don't think this is important it's why NBA franchises. Ira. If you literally that's their job all the due to handle. Our Twitter account right but that's right best bet somebody's real job a camera might do that that's a real career now and so for commercial appeal just we had ever. The commercial pill just be having like I don't know what's going on over there but tweeting a picture of Stone Temple Pilots without any reference to Memphis with a new daily appeared. Celebrating the 2015 Houston high soccer champion she's just a 2015 he says Jack. The fifth gave Houston I get they'd probably like juniors in college now so you know even if you don't like the rest of us. You know everyone's like get together you look back and announce your favorite moment here high school now and so. Our mom yeah just the two dozen fifteen years' time the cowboys socket if if I didn't say back in 2015 let me say now we don't easily cover local high school I'm karate guy. Kind of 2015 coming go without mention that I apologize and a proud you guys in 2015 state champions. From Houston high school. Shouts. Our senior saver LeBron James back on the court tonight and I am hoping for good game and I'm not I just working and saving LeBron James the ball well to murder the Celtics like they did. On Saturday night the BM by thirty. And it wasn't just as LeBron was also Lemond was the they made shots they guarded and really most of the improvement. Was on the defensive end in to the court like they're committed to liked playing the lead into the court. In ways that made a difference in the basketball game and so I don't think you're gonna get another thirty point victory and maybe got even another. Double digit victory but the cavs are favored tonight by seven points after being favored by only six and a half points. In the game to this one of course is that Quicken Loans Arena took us a little after 730. You do watch it on ESPN blood. It is wild that we were looking forward. To the I'll speak for my own perspective. The Western Conference finals because it feels like the finals yes the two best teams in the NBA happen to be in the Western Conference to play against each other right now and then I think looking forward to the Eastern Conference finals because it was. I'm barking and saving LeBron James against Bret Stephens to go tragedy and we're like OK LeBron impressed even if that's all some now. Because you'll LeBron is somebody who can do more with less. You've seen it throughout these playoffs Bret Stephens also somebody who can do more with less loses two best players. Still got a 2:1 lead in the Eastern Conference finals so we get LeBron vs Brad Bryant we get the rockets and warriors. This is going to be awesome and it hasn't and also now at all. We've had three games as Western Conference finals. 3 games in the Eastern Conference files. None of them have been single digit games now. The closest margin of victory is thirteen. In order. The gains of run off like this a 25 point game thirteen point gained thirteen point game Tony two point game and then this weekend. We got a thirty point gain on Saturday night. And a 41 point game. Last night the average margin of victory so far in the Eastern Conference and Western Conference finals and a missed 44 points per game and here's where this is a problem for the NBA. We think the finals is probably going to be a mismatch. Because it's going to be Golden State. Against either a Celtics team without its two best players under man or casting that's got LeBron and a bunch of guys now. So if they Eastern Conference finals in just one blowout after another guy in the Western Conference finals just one born after another. We can be found going to be it's get a whoever gets that game against the west is get they're gonna get run off the court I think like eating and it's LeBron or the Celtics led Golden State. At home in game one or game two out. Against the Celtics cavs is going to be a double digit say no question. What the point spread is gonna suggest is we are in for a routes one after another in the NBA finals. And what we were hoping is that we wouldn't get them in the Eastern Conference finals or Western Conference finals but we got nothing bought pride blowouts in the past two games. They basically over from the jump it I mean I I know. Wanna hit it one in a Cleveland certainly was this game was over Alla I turned it on and I want what the hell off its game and Boston never run usually the other team Jamaica rum balls and never really matter right game was over and a the last I game I Houston cut it for like thirteen or something at one point but they Golden State ran off on jumped up and it was just delicate that those of the second half of ball the last two games have been total like you don't even have to watch a little bit of your basketball pick unless you're just watching for the great so LeBron or last night for the greatness of specialist. So maybe tonight we will block that random we'll get a competitive gallon cell. Book more than anything I just hope I Cleveland went so that we get a Tutu. Going back to Boston we're looking in favor LeBron James having an opportunity to go with eight straight. NBA finals we'd academic. 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We'll have our youngest son Louis we met their doctors and were revised to deliver ever regional one health because. He was going to be a Dicey delivery was a Dicey pregnancy and he was going to be. Prematurely and having eight weeks premature and we had the delivery at regional wine and it would brilliantly have been telling you about that her. A little over a year now and newly published study in the journal global pediatric health shows that my story is not really unique that I intensifying the care given to very low birth weight babies. At regional one helped calm regional while I was able to significantly contribute to the overall decline an infant mortality in Shelby county won't get too deep into it but. I'm for years and years and years decades and decades and decades Shelby county was one of the worst in the country. On the way came to infant mortality rate. And a lot of that was just because of the approach that was being taken at various hospitals in the area. 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On the breadwinner for my fans I realized last year that the job and salary look great to me after high school wasn't sufficient for a family of I need a college degree and flexible schedule. Christian Brothers University I not only found lots of options I got personal attention from supported the advisory tenth asks if you're working adult that needs to go back to school check out CB you online at CDU dot edu and org slash C AP asp or call 9013213291. It's the Smart choice guess superior fielder smile. Sooner or not lying now this is getting better show. The issue is line he would look restaurants words studios 829 SO ME SPN's. The golfing yelled at struggles of ordinary and up to get the TPC's album perfect state to clap their did you import through June 10 this year. And yet it's a great event for kids you let him enjoy food borne gains in more or won't they airplane and have a great time you can watch. For the best golfers in the world including once again Phil Mickelson that was confirmed today. Phil Mickelson one of the legends of the sport is going to be back in Memphis at the FedEx saint Jude classic. Already know Daniel Berger is going to be your home for three 2016 and seventeen. John Daly has confirmed to more big names are on the way to go get tickets sings you classic dot com. That saint Jude classic dot com and remember on Friday June 8. There's going to be a night of one of the trucks and fire works. A presented by southern security federal credit union the way it works is if you're already out there you're already out there just wait to a good start bigger food trucks and inflatable for the kids to play on and wanted to start convivial fireworks show but even if you could make it up for round two of the FedEx saint Jude classic. You can come admission after 5 o'clock is free. If you load the kids in the car and drive up the south went. And they don't cost and out of the park so yeah either fireworks show a TV she felt when bridge embarks. It's been a fun night I plan on B and then hope you're there as well again all the information saint Jude classic dot com they think you classy guy comes to dinner to. New Joe's presented by Humphries prime cut shop of folks folly a regional teams didn't. What did we learn today and a whole lot of stuff including that it they federal crime. Eight crime. What you're bailing out and urinate on an airplane allegedly in the bathroom that it's fine but if you do it on what Warren wrote 31 or any role in between. That'd say no no a man from Denver finest. Charleston, South Carolina Brett Gardner. Look at the hard way this weekend what's the biggest game tonight. I think the report it to come for finals quick all the credit. Now we've evolved Phillies series 21 but critical one game bring about 31 thing struck king and say look. I'm game got one of them once while the 551038. Led him I think Kevin double figures Cleveland seven point favorite tonight. At 730. We'll watch it on his feet what you don't want you on TV interview after the boy thought they'd be fitted care about that 7 o'clock gave with the star athletes on ABC hit Kevin. NFL network is doing especially top 100 players. Not 2018 down at 7 o'clock you can check that out if you want up late. I don't know a little reminder we'll set it is he's on you like her. Straight to break. Is there anything I need to make sure I really deep throat then there is the mother of a teenager who survived last week's mass shooting at sabotage what head. She wrote only these FaceBook post. If you can chronicle would have commission republished on its website just explaining what his her doctor and her daughter went broke out. These things happens so regularly now.